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and spent four years in prison as you know as i said there was this uproar created by the president has reopened the debate we have two opposing forces one is the force of resistance those who resist during those days but also researchers and historians that understand history on the other hand we have retrograde forces who want to celebrate a past that in fact should be a poured previous commemoration branded by former president jimmy to say these governments in two thousand and thirteen ordered a truth commission into abuses carried out during military rule she has self as a one time marxist rebel was imprisoned until it should. brazil never prosecuted members of its military who enjoyed an amnesty implemented before they left office that's a marked contrast to neighboring countries such as argentina where last sunday hundreds of thousands took to the streets on the anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy six military coup to cry never again. he will lead individual commanders to carry out what he called appropriate commemorations
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to mark sunday's anniversary opponents will hold their own protests including a silent march in. the debate storage is in brazil of with to celebrate or to condemn its military past. al-jazeera. the international monetary fund expects the philippines to become the fastest growing economy in southeast asia but many filipinos dot whether they'll benefit millions of affordable homes are needed to cope with a growing population and alleviate extreme poverty jimmy linda can be forced from manila. married rowsley passau has been living here with her husband and four children this small room serves as the kitchen living room dining area and bathroom at night they all sleep in this less than ten square meter bedroom upstairs they can house us really small and we can barely stretch our legs here it's hot and crompton but that's better than nothing according to the philippine government
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almost six million homes need to be built for impoverished filipinos and that backlog is expected to reach almost eight million by twenty twenty two which means thousands of homes need to be built every day in order to meet that demand but that's not happening because government says it hasn't enough money we are producing less than the need for housing since this is also the example when there are calamities of course we fall short of the target to meet the housing because the priorities and education on health we compete with the basic sectors. every year this lack of housing is made worse by thousands of families being displaced by typhoons and earthquakes and the decades long conflict in many places like the mindanao region displaces thousands more experts say the poor are most
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likely to be homeless and that's worsened by a growing population more than twenty two million filipinos are now living in extreme poverty the government says it's taking action we hope programs projects. of all government agencies local government units. in the country as most of the unemployed to have no proof of home ownership the government has classified them as illegal settlers people like there is c.t.e. mary rose's mother she moved here in one thousand nine hundred eighty three after her husband died and raised her children on her own more than thirty five years later she is still classed as an illegal settler. in what you would like is to be relocated to an affordable housing who can finally own
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a home so we can pay for it little by little there are many shanties like this one in the capital manila people live in small areas without adequate sanitation yet filipinos continue to come here looking for jobs and many like there is he to you say living without a permanent home makes them feel they're lost and drifting. in doug and al jazeera manila. still ahead in sports sankyo teeth into this a boxer is disqualified after biting his opponent the i'll have that story coming up next to stay with us. isn't the problem for your town that they really don't have a hell of a question mark over him but he does have a corruption question mark over really doesn't look good for the image below a ticker as mayberry i'm going to do it we will put you have known about this or you say that he really do get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.s.
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across the globe to follow that it's called for all of the breaks doesn't build confidence a great school to join me may the hot sun on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here on al-jazeera. a prominent saudi journalist committed to freedom of expression silenced in turkey by his own government in the most horrific way. al-jazeera world investigates the death of jamal. which resonates to the highest levels of the saudi government with startling evidence about the disposal of his body. jamal khashoggi the silencing of a journalist on al-jazeera. bought
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them back whether it's shakespeare it was worth kipling or something far more hip we all have our favorite poets and instagram is boosting the popularity of poetry meeting in london jessica bolton expats. well. lowly wanderers which. was wrapped in open mike poetry night in trendy east london. is just this is this. is love is that. nowhere to be seen a tweed jacket or sheaf of paper that's tripped over she wished her well i carried her. years but it's time to let go. so many poets not enough time to accommodate them all this so many. many of the new
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fans have found poetry right here on their phones instagram poems designed to be read on a single screen canadian poet ruby core has three point six million followers millennialists trying to make sense of a mixed up fast paced world one day they said she was old enough to learn some shame she found it came quite naturally but there was a kind of safety the body finds a place to hide the cost fans out against the skin much like the earth that follows on coffins after they put the dead men imtiaz starkers poems are required reading part of the curriculum for any british teenager studying english literature but i think in this world today there is so much confusion so much noise from the world that poetry is needed more than ever and people are turning in to it more than ever for that kind of still point in an absolutely chaotic world writer ben also
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believes we seek meaning from poets as distrust grows for political leaders to turn to people who use language to speak to our hearts to speak. to speak to a greater sense of of the possibilities of the world and of humanity. he was compelled to write a poem about the grunfeld tower fire. it was like a matchbox in the sky. it was black. and back in the sky sometimes it takes an image to wake up a nation from a secret shame if you want to see how the poor die. see the. world changing dream. jessica baldwin al-jazeera london time now for sports his thank you following well there will be no fourth match play
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title for tiger woods this year the american was up and down at the w.j.c. event in texas on saturday he was expecting a tough match against his old friend roy mcelroy but ultimately it was a first timer who ended his run joint gosh reports. tiger woods against rui macrorie was the marquee match ups that go funs had waited a long time to see. the to form a number once had never played each other in a match play full months. actually mounted a flight back over his longtime friend midway through the back nine but woods competitive nature helped him close out the match on the seventeenth. and it was on to the course of finals for the american on paper his last sixteen match against lukas be a good should have been elementary. the dames making his debut at the tournament and woods provided finishing lessons. for the fourteen time major champion learn
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the hard way not to underestimate his opponent would be a good song this equal parts on the sixteenth to go all square. the pressure to gets told on the eighteenth. he then had this punt to have the hole and force a playoff. with that miss b. a good moved into the semifinals and woods was out of the tournament getting old timer called out i want to play more. of silva miscasting for a few days and i'll go back after after that. will now face might could chain sunday semi but the favorite to win is open champion francesco molinari. he'll play kevin kisner after a huge six and five win over kevin now in saturday's play. joining us from austin texas a. tough way to lose one tennis australia's ashley barty will break into the top
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ten of the world rankings come monday after the biggest win of her career the twelfth seeded australian overwhelmed carolyn uplifts hitting a career high fifteen aces along the way to a seven six six three went on saturday it's her fourth w.e.t.a. title and all the more remarkable considering she quit tennis three years ago to take up professional cricket before returning back to port. for is charles leclerc will start from pole position for the first time in his career later on he edged out teammate sebastian vettel in qualifying for the bahamian grand prix. yet. hopeful about the c.v. the twenty one year old from monaco the youngest man to take pole sense that will burst onto the scene in two thousand and eight leclerc also set a new track record in behind sunday's race will see the ferrari pair start a head of reigning world champion in the west hamilton. i can't say that i don't think about the first win it's a dream speech i like it was the first goal and i knew i would give it everything.
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for as have been incredibly quick. shows in the credible gold city that's the agency i'm very close between me and sebastian the last lap is a little bit time there but that's the fun of this whole you know the whole game so to mars the most important day going to be interesting to see how we do but we're going to have a good fight reigning moto g.p. champion mark marquez took pole position at the argentina grand prix at a qualifying shootout on saturday maverick i've been out of to look to set him for four after he shot to the top of the timings but marquez responded on his by not finding a time. one minute thirty seven seconds was enough to secure his fifth and sixth attempt in argentina. celtic have all but secured an eight straight scottish premiership title they were up against rangers who went down to ten men in sunday's old firm diary despite that rain and equalized for rangers with just before full time james forrest secured the two one win for celtic it puts them thirteen points
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ahead of rangers in the standings with seven games left to play. real madrid managers and indians a don has fueled speculation about paul pub joining the club. manchester united but recently said real madrid is the dream for every player that on seems open to working with a fellow french world cup winner. he's always said if there's any chance he would like to come to roma dritte if you please manchester he said real madrid is a club that he's very interested in that's what he said and after his experience at united why don't you and we have just enough time to sink our teeth into this last story a british boxers been disqualified after biting his opponent during a heavyweight fight cashel he left teeth marks and david price a stomach forcing the competition to stop in the fifth round fans at the venue threw drinks at ollie as he was led away you could say he ended the night
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a somewhat of a champion. was pretty bad wasn't it well that's all your sport for now had you back over to folly thank you very much for that me and that's it for this and i'm just here to stay with it so we've got plenty more well news coming up including the latest from taking local elections will be life any stumble with germany and china to save the sun i'll just. rewind continues a care brainier be able back to life or start with updates on the best of all jews here is documentaries the struggle continues from positive to no use distance revisiting the silver phase we're going back to a poor south african neighborhood when using and tradition come together in an annual competition but looking forward to only a reward on al-jazeera april on al-jazeera nato leaders will gather
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to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the alliance in washington d.c. madam husain engages in rigorous debates cutting through the headlines on up front twenty five years on from the genocide that killed nearly a million people rwanda has rebuilt but how far of its people have been reconciled the emmy award winning show phone lines is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories israel is to hold an early election on the ninth of april but with a corruption scandal looming will benjamin netanyahu extend his ten years as prime minister april on al-jazeera. across europe immigration is hardly on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue we didn't have immigrants at zero immigration but this is the one political topic anybody and everybody is discussing the far right is preparing for
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battle and their opponents or anyone who is different. prejudice some pride in hungary on al-jazeera. that's. where every. a test of strength for turkey's president won the election set to give a sign of his national standing. there watching al-jazeera live from doha fully back to bill also ahead israel
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reopens to main crossings into gaza following the death of a four palestinians during mass protest a renewed push for a palestinian state by leaders at the arab league summit as israel reopens two main crossings into gaza and ukraine's president hopes to retain power in sunday's election by fighting off the challenges of a former prime minister and a comedian. so the first polls are closing in turkey's local elections that are being seen as a major test for president. already the act party has dominated turkish politics for nearly two decades but an economic recession. has led to rising food prices and high unemployment and that could see the party lose control of may or seize in the capital ankara and other big cities like a stumble they speak to. any some before as the act party has won every
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election since coming to power in two thousand and two how much of a threat is it facing this time around what results are we watching in particular. well for you what we usually see in elections when we're covering them around the world obviously is the competition between you know at least two or three strong parties here the ak party essentially is competing against itself and what i mean by that is that it has been in power for so long and is achieved so much in terms of economic growth and in terms of building the country's infrastructure and military expansions and so forth that it is that's high standard that people are expecting that they are now judging them again so when you suddenly saw g.d.p. increase more than one hundred percent over the initial ten years of that party's rule if you saw for example free education being rolled out and all of these things when there is suddenly a cutback in terms of public spending or that the economy has. shrunk or has
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staggered that's what people then suddenly gets angry about on the contrary they haven't seen anything significantly different from the opposition parties and that's why the anger that is being expressed by some more discontent is more so through protest votes than actual convictions wards of the other political parties and that's where we will see maybe a reduction in the act party supports as an expression of that's not necessarily the coming to power of another party they're still far from being able to actually win in national votes be it local elections or parliament sure presidential when we've seen political party alliances on both sides the opposition strategy could this coordinated strategy by opposition parties who don't necessarily support each other change the outcome. it's based on on on not exactly what i was saying in the sense that maybe not each of them on their
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own know that they're not strong enough to take on rejects a virtue and have the charisma he represents an essentially the might of the party which has grown tremendously over the past fifteen years especially through the supports aligning itself with big business men and other kind of influential limits of the states and because those political parties the opposition on the wrong view themselves as the unable to or essentially defeats him in the polls they are uniting and as you mentioned you have left to right from liberals or maybe not so that are coming together they did try this approach before in presidential elections where the mh p.c. h.p. and others rallied behind one of the in a subtle glue again sort of taper on but failed at that point most likely this approach will resonates in some parts of turkey maybe where we call marginal seats where the parties in doing so well however if we're looking at the country as
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a whole what where. most likely based on the polls that we've been monitoring and i were reading of the situation is that you'll see a reduction possibly of the parties supports but that the votes that have been taken away from it will either be divided amongst different parties and difference areas not necessarily concentrated on one significance a block that will then make it more of a threat or could also even lead to some sort of voter apathy but bear in mind on that last point there for you when we talk about the top of the psyche is a country that has on average more than eighty percent of vulture turnout it's had up for four decades now so even in terms of people maybe refraining from going to the polls if it is less than eighty percent whilst that would be hugely impressive if it was to take place for example in the u.k. where you have an average of maybe sixty percent of voter turnout here will be seen as a sign of voter apathy. thank you for that jamal and shi'ah live for us in istanbul
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turkey in other world news the two main border crossings into gaza are open again for the first time in six days israel lifted restrictions on sunday morning after a weekend of mass protests along the fence dividing gaza and israel for palestinian spro testers were killed and two hundred forty others injured during the demonstrations mohammed john june has more from gaza. the fact that the mobile salamon areas crossings have been reopened clearly an indication that those egyptian led mediation efforts between hamas other palestinian factions and israel are on a positive track there is a mood of cautious optimism in gaza just days ago people were concerned that gaza might be on the verge of an all out war once more with israel now things have really calmed down so much so that many in gaza believe there will be an announcement in the in the coming hours that a final deal has been reached many people expect that later in the day fishermen in
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gaza will once again be able to go back into the sea and resume fishing that they will be able to the coast of gaza and resume fishing among other things the situation here far less tense as i mentioned than it was just days ago and one of the reasons for that is because of what happened on saturday that was the first anniversary of the great march of return protests on saturday there were indeed flare ups but the situation remained far less chaotic than people had feared it might become so much so that in fact there was a remarkable statement issued by the spokesman for israel's army in which he actually praised how much for the restraint that was shown on saturday how mas islamic jihad and other groups actually had volunteers out at those protest site to try to defuse the situation and to try to ensure that demonstrators did not approach the fence with israel. well arab leaders say stability in the middle east
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hainje is on the creation of a palestinian state they have been attending the thirtieth big summit in tenacious capital tunis the summit is being held against a backdrop of division war and unrest across the region with conflicts in yemen syria and libya also on the agenda to misha's president keda sepsis said arab leaders must ensure the global community understands the importance of the palestinian cause one of these. we reiterate how attitude that this arab land is occupied land in palestine with the rich ignition of the international community we need to consecrate the policy and we are against the violation of the land therefore we need to do everything we can to put into the occupation and reach peace and stability regional and international levels imran khan is in tunis for us where the summit is being held in iran some strong language on the palestinian issue the question though is whether it will be followed by action.
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well that's absolutely right we are expecting to hear about a final communique that will come out towards the end of the summit where we're expecting palestine to be right at the top of the agenda now all of the keynote speakers have mentioned palestine in their speeches including king abdullah. the president of egypt sisi and king solomon of saudi arabia all saying that it was the key issue facing the arab summit and it's the one more than one problem that could derail the region completely now we're also hearing and we also heard very strong words from the palestinian president mahmoud abbas he actually said israel's continuation of its racist policy and the act of being a state above the law would not have been possible without the support of the american administration israel's occupation exists first and last because of the u.s. administration recognition of jerusalem as the capital of this look it removed the
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issue of settlements refugees and which is the refugee agency off the table it also slammed the fact that washington had shut down the palestinian office in d.c. itself now this was a very strong words everybody else has been talking about the fact that there needs to be a palestinian state well palestinian president mahmoud abbas took it one step further and said the reason there is a palestinian state currently is because of the americans now this is likely to anger some in washington is also likely to anger quite a lot of the people who are in the summit itself who are pushing for the u.s. led deal of this century now we don't know what the details of this deal of the century is but it's already been rejected out of hand by the palestinians of themselves and now we're also hearing as well that the final communique is going to be a separate statement about the occupied golan heights now it's likely that this statement will say that the language that the arab league uses when it comes to the occupied
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golan heights is that it is occupied territory and it's not so for an israeli territory as the us has decided thank you find that a man can live for us in tennis. i want to algeria as richest man and i kill spiker frezza tend to fake a has been arrested at the tunisian border he had died resigned as head of the algerian business leaders for a month there is say had been awarded large public works contracts by the government and helped fund election campaigns meanwhile gerry and living in france a gathering for a seventh week of anti-government protests against president bush to flee they are rallying in support of the millions of ontarians demanding regime change algeria zomby chief is pushing for eighty two year old what if to be declared unfit for office i mean an activist with the it to car citizen movement she says the protests continue to remain strong calling for the removal of the corrupt regime. protests
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have been going on for seven weeks in france and i'm currently knowledge here is where it's been going on for six weeks in a row. the protests are not have not depend diminished over time and the message in the diaspora as well as unknowns here is the same we are sovereign we want radical change we want the corrupt regime out and we do not want the same corrupt figures to lead the transition and you can see that it's a new democratic way of expression that the people are using to make themselves heard the protest have a certain limitation they are very efficient at maintaining pressure and accelerating time however the limit is that they're still confusion about the means by which to achieve that effectively that democratic transition that is claimed. let us give context the algerian government is nonexistent prime minister has failed to constitute one there is no faith in the constitutional council which is
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violent and it has always been a tool for a few to seek or just to misty and it has said nothing in the face of constitutional violations. still ahead on al-jazeera mox says he wants to start a global conversation about regulating hate speech on social media grass no drilling for oil in the oc take a u.s. judge rules donald trump executive order on an awful and invalidates. hello again and welcome back we're here cross china we are still speaking of those spots of heavy rain across much of the area particularly here on monday we're going to be seeing the very heavy rain across parts of the southern and southwestern part of china as well into the northern vietnam so annoyed it is going to be a rainy day if you there are clouds over here.


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