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and i'd say. i like this personality but it seems even he isn't sure if you can be president or not we don't know either we just want to believe that he's a better option previous presidents with businessmen politicians and lawyers maybe a comedian can make a difference for ukraine many feel the political zelinsky could hardly do worse than the current president petro poroshenko he came to power after russia's annexation of crimea vowing to end the war in the east and sweep away corruption the billionaire confectionery king here immortalized in bullet casings and his own sweet and chocolate wrappers has bowed to pressure from the international monetary fund raising utility prices that hurt the poor and he's in a circle is implicated in allegedly corrupt weapons purchases. corruption i think we should talk about this that's why the reason. painting
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this is a conversation president. and if he will be elected for the second time i. make. of all what kind of place in the history to get. also in the running after two decades in politics and three years in prison is former prime minister yulia timoshenko many of her supporters at a final rally in central kiev were bussed in from the countryside drawn by a pledge to consume a gas prices the focus of this election is the economy with promises being made about the war that's the toxic question for all the candidates no one has also on the lot has. to take responsibility for five years of war after a people's rebellion against russian influence and corruption and ukraine is a country that seems stuck sure now which way to turn you don't know how.
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the weather is next and a new twist in the battle between the world's richest man and a u.s. tabloid magazine and how brazil's president is facing a backlash after trying to. hello again and welcome back we're here cross china we are still speaking of those spots of heavy rain across much of the area particularly here on monday we're going to be seeing the very heavy rain across parts of the southern and southwestern part of china as well into the northern vietnam so annoy it is going to be a rainy day for you there clouds out here towards the southeast but getting better as we go towards tuesday clearing conditions there plenty of sun with hong kong see a temperature of about twenty three degrees well cross india we're still seeing some problems out here towards the east that's been affecting parts of the hall as
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well as into bangladesh with very heavy rain across the region things are slowly getting better there tempers are rising going to be single carette about thirty five degrees there nagpur at forty and as we go towards tuesday well new delhi is going to be a warm day as well with a temperature of thirty five degrees and then here in the gulf we are seeing our tempers rise as well ahead of a frontal boundary that is pushing through on monday we do expect to see temperatures here in doha reaching to maybe thirty five to thirty six degrees but by the time we get to tuesday that front starts to push through tempers come back to about normal but we're not to be seen too much in terms of sun it's going to be about twenty nine degrees there over here towards dobby it is going to be a cloudy day for you with a temperature of twenty eight but it may stay in the sky with a temperature of thirty. in twenty sixty one the one used to reveal that girls from me and some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as mates it's illegal and costing
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lives so why does it still continue with law abiding singapore one the one east. where every. good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories voting has ended in turkey's municipal elections president of edwin's party is fighting to hold on to major cities as the country faces recession leaders at the arab league summit
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and to have made a new unified push for the creation of a palestinian state they are divided though the conflicts in yemen syria and libya and ukrainians are voting in presidential elections comedian a lot of as a lenski has led opinion polls despite having no political experience. saudi arabia is being accused of hacking the phone of jeff bezos the owner of the online shopping giant amazon and the washington post has also hired private investigators after his phone messages were leaked to the national enquirer tabloid newspaper and has detectives have lent the hack to the washington post extensive coverage of the murder of saudi journalist jamal kushal she. is a human rights activist and he tweeted to confirm yes i was a direct source for bezels investigation team over the past six weeks my team. not all working overtime on the story but held off on publishing anything there was still a lot we can't publish but we continue to work on this well with spark to add and
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back that the area and he told us that the image tacking is all sidling to base office businesses it is directly. linked to what happened was enough i should say as you can imagine jeff bezos is a man who owns the washington post but he's also a man who is a businessman who was doing a lot of business insider a down planning to do even more business and so did rick it's also the angle of the saudis being not very disciplined about their use and of of this kind of technology which is actually threatening it's not only threatening to you know it's basically really effectively it could start a cyber war where we're you know even companies and if this is legal then it is a big problem but also it's a problem i should mention for the technology companies that actually provide these kind of services such as an assault on others and you might notice that for about a week now before i head off gavin de becker article in the daily beast in which he
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exposed this there had been there has been a number of reports which i can only explain a check on a can only describe as p r it's like there are actually anticipating though they're probably they're anticipating something like this and they want to to kind of say that you know we're not that insidious company that that appropriates with with dictators but we're also saving lives somehow of course you know whether you believe them or not is another question. facebook chief mark zuckerberg wants new rules to govern the internet and says governments should share responsibility for policing what we click on in a newspaper article he wrote that it's not for companies alone to define and monitor harmful content he's pushing for a common global framework to police privacy and data as well as rules to stop the spread of hate speech facebook has been criticized over privacy breaches and for failing to stop the live streaming of the new zealand mosque attacks. now the
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decision by brazil's president to reinstate commemorations of the military fifty five years ago controversy. says honoring history will unite the country but survivors of the killing and torture campaign say what happened back then should be condemned and not celebrated. its. president. has never hidden his admiration for the military he served in as a young army captain before entering politics while still a congressman he said it's mistake while in power from one nine hundred sixty four to nine hundred eighty five was not to kill more moderated his language. about celebrating remembering or looking back to see what went wrong or right it's about how we can use this for the good of brazil in the future. however some of his supporters have been more direct. i think it's fantastic i think brazil
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has to celebrate march thirty first it's a day when brazil almost became a communist country we could have become a venezuela or north korea this museum in the only place in brazil dedicated to victims of the military government that building a former peace headquarters where opponents of the regime what detained always thought the sickest on this place preserves memories through the testimonies of survivors and a collection of documents that all combined with the importance of this building all together they helped to recreate a period of our history. was twenty one years old when he was detained in one thousand nine hundred seventy four years in prison. were created by the president has reopened the debate we have two opposing forces one is the force of resistance those who resist during those days but also researchers and historians that understand history on the other hand we have retrograde forces who want to celebrate a past that in fact should be abhorred previous commemorations were ended by former
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president jimmy to say these governments in two thousand and thirteen ordered a truth commission into abuses carried out during military rule she has self as a one time marxist rebel was imprisoned and tortured. brazil never prosecuted members of its military who enjoyed an amnesty implemented before they left office that's a marked contrast to neighboring countries such as argentina where last sunday hundreds of thousands took to the streets on the anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy six military coup to cry never again. lead individual commanders to carry out what he called appropriate commemorations to mark sunday's anniversary opponents will hold their own protests including a silent march. for the debate store rages in brazil of whether to celebrate or to condemn its military past. al-jazeera a u.s. court has blocked the president's push to allow offshore oil drilling and to
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question the judge described donald trump's executive order as unlawful and invalid the ruling reinstates a drilling ban and much of the arctic ocean rob reynolds has more from washington d.c. . federal judge sharon gleason says president donald trump exceeded his constitutional authority when he issued an executive order back in april of two thousand and seventeen that essentially stripped away all protections against explore ation and oil drilling from above five hundred thousand square kilometers of waters all in the arctic and north atlantic oceans trump has tried repeatedly to roll back environmental protections that were made during the emboss obama administration but he has been unsuccessful in large part because environmentalists as in this case keep taking the administration to court and they keep winning the judge in this
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case said that once a president applies the designation of a national monument or a protected area under laws that date in some cases back well over a hundred years no future president can reverse those decisions by themselves it has to be done by an act of congress not simply by an executive order as the president did in this case so the affected areas which are principally off the coast of alaska which will now be protected at least for several years as this case works its way through the court system our home to a number of endangered species including bowhead whales and polar bears. now the international monetary fund expects the for the pains to become the fastest growing economy and southeast asia many filipinos doubt they'll benefit millions of affordable huns in the to deviate extreme poverty i mean undergone reports from
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mina. mary joseph apostle has been living here with her husband and four children this small room serves as the kitchen living room dining in. area and bathroom at night they all sleep in this less than ten square meter bedroom upstairs because it helps us really small we can barely stretch our legs here it's hot and crompton but that's better than nothing according to the philippine government almost six million homes need to be built for impoverished filipinos and that backlog is expected to reach almost eight million by twenty twenty two which means thousands of homes need to be built every day in order to meet that demand but that's not happening because government says it hasn't enough money we are producing less than the need for housing since this is also
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a budget exam when there are these of course we fall short of the target to meet the housing backlog because the priorities and education have compete with the basic sectors. every year this lack of housing is made worse by thousands of families being displaced by typhoons and earthquakes and the decades long conflict in many places like the mindanao region displaces thousands more experts say the poor are most likely to be homeless and that's worsened by growing population more than twenty two million filipinos are now living in extreme poverty the government says it's taking action we hope programs projects are. all government agencies local government units we contribute to really iraq the public in the country. as most of the unemployed to have no proof of home ownership
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the government has classified them as illegal settlers people like there is a huge mary rose's mother she moved here in one thousand nine hundred eighty three after her husband died and raised her children on her own more than thirty five years later she is still classed as an illegal settler. if what you would like is to be relocated affordable housing so we can finally own a home so we can pay for it little by little there are many shanties like this one in the capital manila people who live in small areas without adequate sanitation yet filipinos continue to come here looking for jobs and many like there is he to ye say living without a permanent home makes them feel they're lost and drifting. dogon al-jazeera manila now moviegoers as saying what the longest war and u.s.
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history looks like from the front line u.s. marines in afghanistan their documentary of battles against the taliban gives a more realistic view that hollywood christensen only reports from new york. and it's billed as the documentary the us military did not want the public to see marines doing drugs making mistakes does the road building. and potentially making new enemies while deployed in afghanistan you know the film combat obscura offers little in the way of commentary or big picture analysis that provides a rarely seen look at the more from the perspective of american troops on the ground i just haven't seen. our warlike reflected. as brutally honest as as i had experienced it miles lego's each shot the footage as a u.s. marine working in a public affairs unit and decided to turn it into a film after returning home to new york here he's found americans quick to praise
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the military. doing a great service for the country yet uninformed about the eighteen year long war on a killing not anyone's really thinking about it but honestly the gritty realism of the film is not in line with the more sanitized image of the military that most americans are used to seeing nor is it an image that the military wants to promote the marine corps has condemned the behavior on display telling al-jazeera it is not in line with their high standards while the marine corps and says that at least some of the footage is the property of the military but chose not to pursue legal action to halt its release after defenders of the u.s. constitution's first amendment got involved this is not just miles as own free speech rights but the rights of the public to get this unique perspective of what it was like to be a soldier on the ground in afghanistan. home right that perspective
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includes attempts to save a fellow marine mortally wounded in combat his mother permitted the footage to be used in the film we do want to have an honest discussion about the war that doesn't you know hero worship and kind of sugarcoat the whole experience goes he estimates twenty fellow marines died during his eight month tour of duty. he himself was wounded all before coming to that yes there's no discussion of the tens of thousands of afghan civilians killed in the war but the filmmaker hopes to give american viewers a better understanding of what they and the u.s. military are up against kristen salumi al jazeera new york. hello again elizabeth problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera voting has ended after turkey's municipal elections and president. party is fighting to hold
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on to major cities as the country faces recession these elections are the first since everyone assumed sweeping new powers last year on the constitutional reforms approved in a referendum. and other news leaders at the arab league summit and to have made a new unified push for the creation of a palestinian state the summit took place against a backdrop of division war and unrest across the region with conflicts and yemen syria and libya are also on the agenda. we reiterate how attitude that this arab land is occupied land in palestine with the rich ignition of the international community we need to consecrate the policy and we are against the violation of the land therefore we need to do everything we can to put into the occupation and reach peace and stability a regional and international level. the first round of the presidential election and ukraine is under way and comedian a lot of as a lenski is leading opinion polls he's voting to prevent the re-election of
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president petro poroshenko another of his rivals his former prime minister yulia timoshenko a runoff will be held on april the second one of the thirty nine candidates when's more than fifty percent of the vote. saudi arabia is being accused of hacking the phone of jeff bezos the owner of the online shopping giant amazon and the washington post hired a private investigator has fallen messages were leaked to the national enquirer tabloid newspaper has detectives have linked the hack to the washington post extensive coverage of the murder of some of the journalists. saudi ministers have previously denied any length to the national enquirer leak facebook. wants new rules to govern the internet and says government should share responsibility for policing what we click on and a newspaper article he wrote that is not for companies to define and monitor harmful content he's pushing for common global framework to police privacy and.
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to stop the spread of hate speech well those are the headlines on our to zero one zero one is coming up next. they are young vulnerable girls from rural villages desperately poor they sold a vision of money and adventure all they have to do is sign up to become maids in singapore but for many the reality is badaracco. one o one east investigates why girls who are too young to work continue to be trafficked to asia's most prosperous nation.
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in may two thousand and seventeen a young domestic worker from miramar had a terrifying fall from the night floor of this block of flats in singapore. her employer whom we will call john can still remember that day. a bounce that touches ona lesson she told told us how low us some thoughts on to. sunlight a soul of what you call biscuit households not touch a book i sing. and book i sing about how to how to tell white just as i see i see our. own children. the girl who john knows s. ten ten was severely injured and is lucky to be alive. full was broken
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by a covered walkway two stories down john says he was initially very angry about what she'd done but then he found out something shocking from the myanmar embassy tintin was just fifteen years old. what's and. you know it didn't. type in the two and clearly and it assumes that it sounds cool i see. no harm in this is what's in the soul so it's great doubts and doubts and so on when pete foss and. john and his wife hired tintin through a singapore an employment agency asset recruitment according to this information sheet prepared by the company she was twenty three years old. asset recruitment the client of repeated requests for comment. on them.
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on the human juice all on food is good so i. see it's a red so i. will. but tintin's is not an isolated case thirty. in two thousand and sixteen in an exclusive investigation one of one east reveals that teenage girls were being trafficked from me and mocked to singapore for domestic work do you also think that . this was despite laws in myanmar banning all female citizens from seeking such jobs overseas following reports of abuse. as well less laws in singapore stipulating that all foreign domestic workers have to be at least twenty three years old now we're discovering that the illegal trafficking of vulnerable young girls continues.
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would be. quite a twenty three. and it says. that's a conservative estimate. and reporting. back. to me and age old i don't. think. that this is what you're. looking. for any domestic worker who has been abused seeking help can be a daunting prospect many agents hefty recruitment fees of up to eight months salary and would rather an ill treatment than risk being sent home and debt. also be
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underage. trapped in households and do not know how to seek help so that's also net effect. of such cases. some cases end in tragedy. just four weeks off the arriving here domestic worker white wine allegedly jumped out of the window of her employer's eighteenth floor flat. at a funeral we meet her oldest sister choctaw who also came to singapore as a domestic worker. of volunteer from a migrant workers ngo helps to translate. and. this is from. a new person. but we don't get to speak further as churchill is led away by officials from the myanmar embassy and the army on monday night.
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to find out the truth about wine wine we travel to the mandalay region in central min ma. it's a world away from singapore. down a dirt track off the main road is in dorji village. this is where wine wine and her sister church all grew up and where their mother and family still live. their brother. has been unwell for months unable to work after a mine the wound became infected because he couldn't afford to get it treated. he and his wife have just had a baby. but he only wants to talk about his sister. and. what. it. near.
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warning i will leave it yet. you give me your whole why nothing of. what we. keep wasn't home when a recruitment agent from a neighboring village showed up one day and it was their mother who agreed to let wine wine go to. the movie might have been a way to adam. and eve and the. game was only to late you know. as we suspected wine wine was under-age family records show she was only seventeen were told the same agent has recruited at least sixty goals from this village to go to singapore one of them has recently returned and come to visit
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white wines family kensho is twenty years old unable to cope with being away from home she quit only a month off the leaving myanmar. mother tells us another of her daughters is still working in singapore to mobile that her that cannot be allowed the lab may even like to model them if you don't run out quality live and hold up a member you are a little mad. and they're the rule yami you know yadi you have you know a lot of not been able or not going wrong i mean. for the better part of the interview kinch will leave the talking to her mother but she does try to interrupt wants. one thousand in my leg little teeny little madeleine the bank leave i want to hire now who now might let you know about all i know by now of my boom of
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a moment. for wine wines grieving family these are clearly difficult words to hear but the neighbor doesn't stop and she wants us to know that she believes the agent is the villages benefactor to lao whole a little to my legally of a say yeah me now miserable me bad yeah yeah he will yeah eighty g.b. . the level would i get. as with little mikey. day's drive south takes us to the region. we're hoping to see momo. we lost better on this rooftop in singapore as part of our two thousand and sixteen investigation. she was just seventeen when she went there as a domestic worker she told us months of sexual abuse by her employer
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to appear want to be all into it should not be out in. russia not to be not to be near me too if you want to but i don't want you know waddell who don't want to hear what i know and she. she fled as soon as the eight months were up but had to remain at a shelter in singapore for another two years to assist police investigations. they finally allowed her to come home even though the case remains unresolved. not getting the baronet the rules honey united them and blow up almost paid leave. and let them yeah. she's now five months pregnant. husband doesn't have a regular job. at all and he and his al goodman if up here do not have been out of
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any and sky and that you know it had a car led them and quietly. dog. at the waist high and. with so few opportunities it's no wonder girls from this village are still leaving for singapore. momo says despite what happened to her she doesn't try to stop them but out of the media who. called out what the mere thought of the man will they meet. him you know we need. the me as the woman to be a good hiding. and. the wily. tintin is one domestic worker who didn't need help. she's the fifteen year old who accidentally fell from her employers apartment
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building she is still recovering from her injuries. she shows us the possible she used to get a job in singapore almost all the information in it is false. at home she's known as ins in and she was born in two thousand and two not one thousand nine hundred ninety three she confirms what happened to her in singapore and me out there they have all of them in their faith. that i had that i sing a lot i mean. i want to. have that i think we're going to tell our and if it ever they are good you know that a look at that. she'd gone to work in singapore hoping to help support her impoverished family but because of the money she owed to her recruitment agents she came home with nothing now her mother has to take care of her instead.


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