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expensive homes as well as large monthly payments shuggie was killed six months ago nine hundred thousand doses of cholera vaccine will rely on. in a city in mozambique devastated by its cycle and last month the world health organization is starting a major vaccination program in the port city of bear on wednesday contaminated water supplies a worsening the spread of corridor with about two hundred people infected every day brit prime minister alexis tsipras is on an historic visit to newly named north macedonia it's happening ten months after both countries ended a dispute over the name macedonia north macedonia as prime minister says he's looking forward to more cooperation between the two those are the headlines the stream is next. week you're just back to yemen what was the glimpse of the country to go we listen
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to the children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter which is there on. the screen today how off a few communities healing and the aftermath of white nationalist violence could be larger we host an interfaith panel of survivors from three of these communities to learn how their congregations are fairing after her epic attacks. fifty muslims in christchurch new zealand were killed last month when a white supremacist opened fire jane congregational press at two mosque the instant once again highlighted the threat of white nationalist violence on minority faith communities in the west similar attacks also happened a places of worship in canada is québec city in twenty seventeen and in pittsburgh
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pennsylvania in twenty eighteen but these communities refuse to give in to hate and fear standing together worldwide and sharing lessons in the aftermath of tragedy here now to tell us about how their communities have been doing since these attacks in montreal serves a spokeswoman for the national council of canadian muslims rabbi chuck diamond is the former rabbi of the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh pennsylvania and in hamilton new zealand is the spokeswoman for the islamic women's council of new zealand welcome all of you to the stream thank you hello everybody very much i want to show you something that caught our eye as we were just following what was happening in new zealand new zealand is not in the headlines right now international headlines but we got this on twitter as an update from the scene out saturday he's the father who was shot multiple times along feast daughter in the new zealand mosque terrorist attack this sentence has stands out to me don't forget
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us from your prayers and then was seem like she doesn't update this often listen to part of the update from his hospital bed now yes i am. here thank you very much guys for the prayers that i have. i'm slightly getting very perturbed. by going. after. shootings i have in my body and in my my head. stomach get better dice so on. because so. last one or tyler god help me out with water and strength i have from you guys so the world may not be following quite as closely anymore but there's a little healing still happening in new zealand not just in terms of physical healing but also a mental healing can you describe what that's like for us. but you're being
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honest or very fresh for us. in our national memorial service on friday and i went down to a team there and met with some of the families and the grief was still very fresh. you can tell that because the families that are devastated at the community that still in shock. has been so much work to do it in the aftermath with the funerals look at cleaning up the mosque it's only need visitors across the country to musts around the country we've just had streams of new zealanders coming to pay their respects into show solidarity and support and there's technology energy from the community which means that i feel like we haven't yet had time to process the trade today and i think there will still be coming for a lot of those there malays and also for the rest of us as a community is you say when news is down and died down and we start getting back to
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our regular routines. yeah. you mentioned the solidarity and the support there and it brings into this week that we got from community members and several people had this same thought the same wavelength here hendy says this is the real tragedy was the news it was eleven terrorist attack but the management of the whole situation is top notch by the country and its prime minister very commendable and a template on crisis management rabbi i'm actually going to get this one to you because when you look at this tragedy and how it was responded to by authorities and by other community members what did that evoke for you yeah well first of all i want to say to want to solve this jewish kid through pittsburgh is with you my father with you and my prayers are with you for what we call the refuse a complete full recovery as far as your question goes yes it's
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a model and i wish our leadership here in the united states it's could have set the standard but i think they felt a little bit short you know it was very precise the zealot prime minister came out right away and seemed to say the right things and they took action and gun control right away and just oh how mean are high and i stand in awe of that i have to say let me just show you a little tape of just the prime minister and a day off that attack happened have a look. because human is united in grief and we are united and hungry. and so i've been very very me of love and of course on the half a billion and at you all of you this is not you. only pal of the incident and action we have seen are the path. pretty cool really thinks
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our didn't need humans. comportment thing. but nothing that lead up to it is who we are all is living in. the artist yes that's what if i get our does it say that art is a get up. and directly as a man it is yes so this is not us it's not of us. that i wish to get as you see it sort of touches a sore point with me that our national leaders could do the same thing. and i think it's very helpful to the feeling of the community involved let me just remind our audience that that asked me guessing three different parts of the well you in canada and of course the complexity. was it was horrific and you remember it very clearly leadership in this situation how does that help with recovery. it's an
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essential component of healing and we saw that in. canada from our premier and our government at the federal level premier trudeau in in their initial response i still would agree with rabbi checked that new zealand really paved the way of what leadership looks like in that crisis and the gestures and outpouring of like just him and compassion that really is essential so starting that healing so we saw that in canada we saw then come back and certainly wasn't long lived because of the political dynamic that we had here in quebec so we made progress on some fronts but we still have a lot of work to do to start that healing process i think many of the muslim community members here and kept back are still processing that trauma and i would don't think that healing process has been where we'd like it to be because of the slum of the will be in the climate that continues to lee is very present and come
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back. when you talk about this idea of processing trauma. you share what you feel you are comfortable sharing what does that actually mean for those of us who have not been in a tragedy where something has come in to our place of worship at a friend's so i do want to just let the listeners and viewers know that is so i haven't i wasn't there in quebec city but i was in montreal and i did attend the funeral of the three men that were killed immediately so but i think the shock was also real for us and to be so close in proximity to that and you know what's really interesting or unfortunate for people who go through that term magic experience is that you're you know there's a part of the brain that just goes off that alert you and really sets you in panic mode and i have to be honest i feel like a lot of us have not been able to get out of that panic mode because very soon after very islamophobia and team muslim bills were introduced so i don't think the
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community really got to you know have those conversations that would allow us to never to say that we will never see this again or that this is not welcome back stands for i think unfortunately the rhetoric that we're seeing is really showing us that this is a global problem just a couple days ago the foreign minister of canada was at the u.n. and i just want to read her statement she said that she called for global efforts to combat white supremacy and i think just seeing what happened in new zealand it's quite clear that this is it was meant to have a global reaction and i think we're going to get our. you know i think we took some comfort from. for us the people that died or matters that they. guaranteed heaven and dying is always a terrible thing but they died in that mix of worship and a place where ship that even so. they actually last people
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as huge an end they were a lot of community leaders with an christ church that were part of their he being and so he's also this work around building up the leadership again building up the leadership team obviously these a lot of the streets in trauma around going back to the mosque that was the same of such a horrific incident so we know that there's a lot of work to do but all in and the fact that we've had such widespread support the jewels all across the country. my inbox just flooded with messages and i know that those country at the same. it really helps to know that our country is beside us but of course and time goes on those are the voices of dissent and negativity stet come up and we have been saying to our country that we need you the if the i'm tim we love that you've been
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here with us straight in the aftermath and it's our port and but we need you here for the long term to make some significant changes. the i'm embarrassed in a way because when i wrote you don't go back i remember reading something that the paper but since we were i think experienced it in home my reaction was you were there's so much there for i feel like i was there. in the mosques and the attack on the mosque was an attack once again on on the os on all of us and we have to be sensitive to it i have to say the local leadership your district has been fantastic and you're right it's a long term process you know prayers and thoughts are good in the short term perhaps so many politicians send their prayers and thoughts but it's time for
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action with unites us three of us sitting here is that our communities have been the victims of hate crimes and i think there's more that unites us the vibes us and i really hope that in general we. i hope that we can move into the future and that we can make a difference and maybe address that a little later is how we can make it if it will grab i actually want to play a comment from someone who is a victim of a similar attack who talks about just that so let's head right there because this is a comment we got from her deep think kelly guy who is that a survivor of the wisconsin sikh temple shooting and his father was one of the victims who died in that attack here's what he told to stay. so if your goal and greetings were an august fifth two thousand and twelve it was a fantasist gunman walked into a place of prayer and took the lives of six beautiful souls bungee cord progressing do you think you can sing so they sing and my father said one thing and that day
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moving forward we had a choice to make how do we respond to he when he attacks of and most vulnerable. we chose to respond with love and compassion and stay true to our ideals as six now live now just because they are by and he said about up a lot meaning we shall be relentlessly optimistic for the peace and prosperity of all mankind and i'm sure in a new future where love is the ideal. the streaker. so razia he explained to her how his community responds to hate but he mentions white supremacy and the white supremacist who was the gunman behind that how do you take that on what is your community in the communities and about doing what are they doing so. like i mentioned and just for the viewers who are not to me or send combat great now there's a bill being proposed to ban religious symbols specially targeting muslim women so
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they would be banned from positions of authority like teachers judges and police officers and just yesterday we had a town hall that members from the jewish community from the catholic community and the muslim community has to browse so my message there in which i continue to give is a message of hope i firmly believe that you know this is happening for a reason and that it's up to our generation to finally put a stop to this in the muslim tradition there's a saying by the prophet muhammad peace be upon him where he says you know how beautiful is the affair of the believe for everything for him it's good and i truly believe that you know it's after us to rise up to this occasion and finally you know come up with this long term strategies set up. see this is an opportunity to set up advocacy centers and build those bridges and we've been seeing that it's created this sense of urgency that i haven't seen in this community and i've been here for the last ten years so you know you have activists you have a lawyers you have
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a religious congregation and leadership coming together on their own time and just really working around the clock to make sure that you know that support is there that our voices are united and loud and that's been so hopeful and i'm you know i do think this is a new wave that we're going to see here in the back row by the truly live synagogue has been so proactive in terms of how they deal with this situation what services are available to people how can we stop this from happening again can you take us through that because that is absolutely action after a tragedy. right well there's different in the short term i think that the focus has to be on the families of the victims and the survivors and they have to go through their mourning period. yes it's still fresh but i have to tell you five plus months down the road it's still fresh for us here and it's for. i like the term we let mostly optimistic i like that a lot that we we want hope is the message and we have what's called give you the
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a mass of loving kindness and i think that's been a focus here in pittsburgh to help us to help all aspects of our community who have come together the islamic center raise hundreds of thousands of dollars here in pittsburgh for the tree of life tree a life congregation has is that racing thousands of tens of thousands of dollars to help our brothers in new zealand so we have to use the community resources that are available and there are many available we can't be afraid to go for help if we need help and we have to be vigilant it are keeping an eye on our friends and neighbors we have to have their back and we have to realize we have to raise above the rise above their hatred and we have to work together to make a better world again it's optimistic and i'd like again we have to be relentless there's our own ism because i feel that then we can make it then that's really
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important i think often now communities. sometimes it is this notion that faith should help us get through it but sometimes it doesn't mean up and that national that you see it about asking for help and getting specialist support i mean these families a big interest something extraordinary and extraordinary really tremendous and so we need to create that environment where it's ok to say seek spiritual comfort and seek spiritual guidance but get professional help when you need it the other thing that i do want to say around this conversation is that song poured out that the full burden of dealing with racism and bigotry doesn't put on the communities that are the target but our family the least resourced in. you know the various marginalization is make it that much harder and yes we do and we will reach out as much as we can but we need the wider community to be stepping up here and that's
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something that i have been saying to new c.e.o. media is actually racism is your problem to solve and you need to be stepping up you need to be putting in the resources we need to be dealing with some structural issues. fans like algorithms that are designed for profit wealthier people that are being developed. without any democratic process because they're being developed by want to now these social media companies that would giants that have huge power we need to start putting some of these fundamental on structural bones that requires that well result in really widespread support throughout the community and many and i just like it in there because you're a so many interesting points there and one of your earlier points was that people should seek help if they need it because we had a lot of community members say they rely on their strength to get through these times and they know that if they do die in prayer then that is a blessed death for them and yet there is fear there's this tweet from nor who says
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this attack was something that brought the. we need to gather although i think people are quick to forget the long term impact i know of parents being afraid to send their children to friday prayers and a friend of mine had a panic attack when he went to go pray that friday this is in the muslim tradition she's speaking of and so but that in mind i want to direct our attention to another attack this is the buzz feed news headline california mosque was set on fire and graffitied with christ church mosque attack references we have a video comment from a member of that mosque who talks to us about the heightened sense of fear and tension his community is feeling helpless that i held a interfaith vigil. interfaith and secular collaboration in honor of the lives lost in new zealand one week later the following sunday someone tried to burn down one of our mosques here the brothers came outside and they put out the fire really fast and they noticed on the on the ground that there was
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a hate message and it was referencing the new zealand attack law enforcement was called they came in and determined it to be a hate crime and in the tempted arson as you can imagine the muslim community here was on age they were looking over their shoulder day where heightened alert in which they should be and which we should be everywhere given this growing spread of islamophobia so grazia he went on to tell the stream authorities have been outside of their mosque for trolling at an inn he really thinks mayors and local officials for giving that increased security for the community but. so your take on that is that necessary is that what what it's going to have to become the norm now. it's kind of like what rabbi chuck was saying that there's a long term strategy and there's a short term and so i was going to highlight just the point and jim made some of the immediate responses actually i'm going to say so media but i mean two years
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later we've seen from the government here in canada they just released a budget for this year where they're going to be providing there's going to be funds and resources for mosques dealing with security there's also funding that's being put into research more right groups online and we know that you know the trauma didn't begin on january twenty ninth when the shooting happened in the new zealand shouldn't happen when the senate god these were things that were already happening on a micro buyable on the dated these were extreme versions of what day to day racism in encounters that you know many visible minorities are dealing with so it's really important to research what are the patterns that we're seeing that lead to these such acts so it was commendable to see the government putting funds into that they're going to be researching and looking into the you know the radicalization of these individuals and what what components are feeding into that. have created our own little community here are a little community of people who are grieving and recovering at the same time what
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do you want to ask of a razia or the rabbi because of your situation in using them what can they help you with. it will be useful. measures. could you take to bring communities to give up a bit. picked and what changes we want to make. well then you will community think that meanly made a positive difference to those community rabbi hillel ok thank you well again i'm not sure long term five months of month or as a law firm is longer term than a month or two i think that. the community has come together and has seen the attack as i've mentioned that it's an impact on all those regardless of religion regardless of nationality we guard was of color and i think it becomes a part of the fabric of the community so that's what we do we get up the next day
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and we move forward but now our history is a little bit different and when somebody mentions pittsburgh as i mentioned christ church you know or come back city people will think of these horrific actions so it's a matter of the community coming together being there for each other there have been a number of community of events. in support raising money it's. acts of healing for the people who are suffering and will continue to suffer on the politicians in pittsburgh have the she hated my guns and the city i don't know if politically that's going to work or not but at least it's an action to say we hear you we want to be there for you and we want to take some action and i think you're right we can't forget about these things they have to be part of who we are i hate
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to see where our say should where he's taken away from us i've talked to people from different religions there's some who scared to go into church they go into church they're watching the door the scene everybody who comes in and it son. it's just a sad state of affairs however again i think the final message is we have to be optimistic we have. each other work together rabbi and. at the end of this program but we are not at the end of your judging to recovery thank you so much for sharing from your perspective from new zealand from the u.s. from canada three communities how they are recovering from a mash really appreciate your time. also your kind thank you so much we continue our conversation always online at strain on twitter nick and i will see you next.
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making a different life than for vela farm on al-jazeera. this is zero. hello i'm how am i he had seen this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. britain's prime minister summons government ministers for exhaustive talks on breaks it as the e.u.'s chief negotiator warns a north deal departure is ever more likely. six months after the killing of journalist jim after shoji reports say the saudi government paid his family millions of dollars in compensation.


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