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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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libya's political deadlock improve transitional government and chart a path towards credible and peaceful elections so an important statement coming there from those governments from the key western members of nato that also have seats at the u.n. security council and the united arab emirates i suspect there is a possibility now of something happening in the u.n. security council because among the key members of the security council france was the one that i think was more sympathetic than anyone else to general have to van now telling him to stop and that i think means it's quite possible that the u.n. security council in the coming hours may also follow this call that has come from these key countries here at the nato summit day two of their discussions james what else did they work their way through today well with a little listening to a readout of that right now as i speak yen stoltenberg the secretary general of
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nato is giving a news conference he may wolf well refer to libya as well because of course the problems or the problems as we see it now in libya in part stem back to the so-called arab spring a nato was directly involved there with the bombing and we're also going to hear in the next half hour or so from the secular state might pompei o but among the other issues are tensions within this alliance on the seventieth birthday and the key one there is between the u.s. and turkey over turkey's plans to buy a russian missile defense system it's a subject that mr stoltenberg addressed earlier. it is a national decision. and for each other to decide on her current capabilities but at the same time we see that this is not an issue which creates. which has created this agreement between allies and need to provides a platform for our allies to address issues like to this the s s four hundred issue
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is not on the agenda of the meeting today but i expect of course is to be or to be addressed on the margins of the meeting because nato is the platform for our laws to discuss issues like these need to provide support to turkey and we augment the air defense. the air defense whole turkey with the bottom and top. nato part to buttress well that was mr stoltenberg answering a question for me earlier on he's actually speaking as i say now about some of the things that have been discussed in the last couple of hours here one of those is afghanistan he said it's too early to tell whether the talks between the u.s. and the taliban will come to a situation where we'll have peace in afghanistan if those talks have been taking place in doha been taking place very much with the u.s.
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in the lead and the rest of the nato partners kept in the dark so i'm sure barring the scenes here at this meeting of all the nato countries they've been asking for a few more details of exactly what's been going on in those talks clearly james i mean just looking at future because that's kind of what they're discussing as well there is a kind of a nato stress test going on in different locations to do with different aspects of its relationship with its member states and with other countries is need to kind of thinking to yourself well before what's the purpose of us and how do we reinvent ourselves and not play a game of catch up i'm thinking particularly about you know that talking about cyber conflicts as well. yes absolutely nato seventy years ago we were in the air lift west berlijn was being blockaded by the soviet union and the other countries in the warsaw pact and so the threat from
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moscow was why this alliance was set up now that disappeared during the cold war the end of the cold war and the fall of the berlin wall it sort of reemerge but it's not the only direction nato needs to look clearly there's this row over turkey's gauge with russia but there's also concern about italy getting close to china so concerns and tensions within the alliance but as you say there's also the new threats and it's not the threat of conventional war war of tanks coming across the plains of europe there's also as you say new technology and the fear of cyber war as well so they're looking at all sorts of different directions about what to do with this alliance on its seventieth birthday james good to talk to as ever many thanks. ok there we are here we go
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let's bring in my colleague lauren taylor in our european broadcast center with the ladies news on brick sits and the other top stories in europe thanks so much peter german chancellor angela merkel says the e.u. will work until the very last hour to avoid a no deal breck's it the u.k. is due to leave the bloc in just eight days but no agreed deal is in place another extension to britain's withdrawal date must be approved by e.u. leaders at a summit next week and the mom has more. i hope i can complete my speech before the rain stuff fly i'm going to suspend the sittings thursday and breaks it lands and it was a wet one at least in the commons where a water leak ended proceedings early so the sitting is no suspended and no fall to grabs leaves. off of the house passed legislation forcing the prime minister to avoid a no deal breaks it by seeking a delay the opposition is trying to rush the bill through the lords parliament's upper chamber not much by way of leaks though from closed door talks between to
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resume a's government and labor's shadow cabinet we've had further discussions with the government and discussed for now going to continue thank you very much on the question of whether to insist on any brics it deal being put to a referendum is dividing labor that on wednesday emily thornberry the shadow foreign secretary wrote to colleagues insisting a failure to do so would breach party policy now twenty five labor m.p.'s almost all from leave voting areas have won jeremy corbyn not to seek a new referendum in a letter they called the talks an opportunity for a deal including a customs union and protecting workers' rights saying at the general election we were clear about respecting the twenty sixteen vote and about securing those labor goals therefore we feel it compromises necessary to achieve this deal and avoid fighting the european elections we should go the extra step to secure this with the government also split on the way forward it fell to the chancellor to make clear to resume a would need to make concessions some kind of customs arrangement is clearly going to be a part of the future structure but look when you when you enter into
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a negotiation like this to find a compromise way forward both parties have to give something up there's going to be pain on both sides minimising islands pain was part of angular merkel's trip to dublin before the german chancellor is meeting with her counterpart leo veronica the pair heard directly from people from northern ireland and the border area however no deal scenario could impact of that we have to prepare ourselves for all that comes. with that in my. and we discussed planning at european and domestic level for no deal including how we can work together to meet our twin objectives of protecting the good friday agreement on which peace in our it is based and also protecting the integrity of the european single market in the course of the union. how this is to tempt us and we want to do everything we can until the last hour to prevent a disorderly breaks it will put every if it into the head that we have to do this together with the person so plenty of worries about no deal despite parliament's
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latest moves and today you summit next week where leaders will want to know what britain intends to do more uncertainty is the only certainty that the barber al-jazeera. brennan is live outside the british parliament in central london for a message still emerging from the america over at competing at the u.k. will need to have to have a good reason for any further delay. well that's a reiteration of the existing european union position on this you know an extension is not a foregone conclusion of course the european union would certainly not like to see a disorderly breck's it because it has economic impacts for them too but the european heads of state i would think the french president is the primary among them and one will knock on and said well you know this is creating problems for us it's a real headache economic uncertainty we're looking at the elections coming up in may why don't we cut them loose and he hasn't you know found a huge amount of support for that view but it's there to the meeting between the
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german chancellor and the hours t. shirt it was important to reiterate europe's worries that we're now less than a week from that european council meeting that heads of state emergency summit in brussels on wednesday of next weekend to make sure that the pressure is kept on britain on theresa may and on jeremy called in to try to find some cohesive and coherent plan to present to those european heads of state and settle things happening on this today what can you tell us about the house of lords process and also anything emerging from main corben second meeting. yes i mean that so many plates spinning in the air at the same time it's difficult to keep up sometimes the cooper left when bill which was still steamrollered stampeded through the lower house the commons on wednesday has made its way to the lords today the upper house it is being fought tooth and nail by brick city peers these are lords and ladies in
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the upper house they're trying at every turn to try to block its and filibuster they're being voted down each time it is progressing it's not expected now to have to sit through till three o'clock in the morning it looks now they will take a sensible course of action adjourn at a reasonable hour and resume on monday with the expectation that that bill goes through early next week the intention to make sure that to rescind a is forced by legislation to go back and ask for an extension and not come out with a no deal in relation to the may and colvin talks they broke up after a second round of talks and there have been briefings that have taken place after that mainly from a cabinet meeting of teresa mayes ministers which has just finished in the last hour and it appears that the information coming out of that is that a second referendum or people's votes will be one of several options which will be put before m.p.'s now that looks like it's that may incorporate haven't come up
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with a mutually agreed plan just of themselves it looks like they're leaning towards putting a few options before m.p.'s next week have to say though time is extremely tight you know they're supposed to put in front of the european council which meets on wednesday what they want to talk about by tuesday this post send a letter to resubmit is and. britain is supposed to come out of the european union on friday timetables extraordinarily tight all right and i even watch indeed. the french president's so-called big national debate comes to an end on thursday or watched a series of town hall meetings in january in response to demands from yellow vest protesters who want a greater say in politics he's promising to use new measures to stem the on rest it has not talked about he reports from northern france support the movement is still strong. since november it's a weekly ritual yellow fest protests in france that at times turned violent the demonstrations began over plans for a fuel tax that spiraled into
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a movement against social inequality and the political elite up to three hundred thousand people took part in the first marches now it's just a few thousand but opinion polls suggest most french people support them so it's enough to keep up pressure on the government should i can think of another social movement in recent times that has been so very fired by those in power and why only because people are there to us to make more money president emanuel mccall has tried to end the crisis by boosting public spending and in january he launched a national citizens' debate to give people more say in politics insurance it was at the launch that we first met retiree robert f. how he complained that the government failed to help people in poor rural areas when we meet him again more than two months on he's not changed his mind at his home in normandy he says people like him have lost faith in politics. politicians don't represent our concerns we vote for m.p.'s who make laws but never ask your
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opinion once elected politicians only care about their careers in the past two decades this village has lost many of its services many of the faults in this village have closed down and jobs are scarce there's no public transport so you have to take a car if you want to go anywhere and feel is expensive and that's very typical of many villages of small towns like this across from us which is why support for the universe movement is so strong in rural areas. mike ross promised some new policies at the end of the national debate he hopes will appeal to yellow vests supporters and end the unrest but some analysts say it won't be easy that's the big danger is that you you have a minority movement that has the support of a small majority so. well that's the biggest challenge because not everybody among the universe want the same thing some people talk about spending power increase in income more or less taxes and so on and others talk about. democracy mike ross says
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that the weekly protests have damage the economy and france's image but grow business fellow yellow vests say they won't give up their battle until the government improves the lives of people in the countryside like them who feel abandoned natasha butler al-jazeera own france. the san fernando chippy turned out lauren thanks very much his government has released the national report into last month's fatal plane crash one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew died when the ethiopian airlines flight went six minutes after it took off from a regular moment of story. it's been almost a month since the boeing seven three seven took off from ethiopia's capital addus ababa bound for nairobi it crashed six minutes later near the town of the shaft to killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board it appears transport minister has now released the first official findings of the investigation into the crash
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with says the pilots did everything that was recommended by boeing that major objective of this investigation is to make sure that there is safety in that patients that it's not to blame someone it's not to get some sort of there are some things that we are going to do which. is something very normal for in the procedures but of all the things the president of this report is going to have to ensure safety in the nation say. the pilots reportedly struggle to control the plane's automatic anti stalling system which is meant to push the nose of the aircraft downwards if it detects a stall or loss of a speed analysts believe this issue may have led to the crash the true reacted. quite correctly by carrying out a drill that has been present for bribes if this occurs and isolated
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this system which was trying to push the nose down but having done that. they then found that one of the control systems that they have for pulling those back up again simply wouldn't perform for them this was the second crash to involve the boeing seven three seven max within five months in indonesia last october a lion f. light went down shortly after takeoff from jakarta killing all one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew the lawyers representing the families of the victims of the line f. light say the united states should do more to hold boeing accountable you know what the united states. is there to say it's. more. it's a it's more of those who work. just as for the wires for the united states and it's
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a major setback for the company boeing really has to work very fast to recover its trust because its brand name is so strong and its products for a long time have been so good the boeing seven three seven max has been grounded worldwide pending a review into the software of its flight control system investigators in the p.s.a. a full report into what happened could take up to a year to complete for he mohammed al jazeera. plenty more still to come here on the news hour for you including the u.s. house passes a resolution that could affect the relationship with saudi arabia. the conflict with us and syria may be over but thousands of people are still facing hardship. and the sportsman's buying unit survive a big scare in the german companies the ship nothing goes with a second division club.
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however the weather remains very unsettled across many parts of the middle east at the moment unusually wet we've got the spring showers still plenty of them around lousy dry at the moment across a good part of iran in place to say but the wet weather is not too far away we are going to see for the flooding concern as we go on through the next day or so toronto twenty one celsius in the sunshine for friday. twenty one celsius in the rain for couple pushing up towards many star was pakistan showers long spells of rain over the high ground wet weather that will come back a behind through the levant rather basis out of the mediterranean southern areas of turkey northern parts of syria lebanon seeing some wet weather and that all makes its way further east which as we go through saturday and so this is when i can start to kick him once again lot supply out across a good parts of iran sunday doesn't look like an even wetter day something to watch
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out for over the next few days flooding will continue here one of two showers further south across the raven peninsula you must see a sponsor to rain here in doha over the next day to pick up to thirty celsius on saturday warming up getting warmer as we go on through the week ahead. continue across eastern parts of south africa with further heavy downpours this weekend. i made of it every week a news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera april on al-jazeera plugs is back with more investigative journalism an in-depth story of the world's third largest democracy heads to its presidential and legislative elections
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a documentary explores how the united states and the european union a turning a blind eye to egypt's violations of human rights prime minister modi is seeking a second time with a campaign dominated by talk of a cash man pakistan will he succeed an exclusive look at the goals behind russia's current foreign policy explained by some of the insiders who helped shape the kremlin's ideology april on al-jazeera. you're watching the al-jazeera news from london these are the headlines. after he
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says he's ordered his forces to march to tripoli that's where the u.n. backed internationally recognized government is based france italy the u.a.e. the u.k. and the u.s. joint statement calling for calm. ethiopian investigators say the pilots of an aircraft that crashed last month recommended procedures to regain control of the jet as part of a preliminary report into the accident that killed one hundred fifty seven people. the german chancellor angela merkel is in dublin today she's been holding talks with the ship. they're preparing emergency steps if the u.k. does crash of the e.u. on april the twelfth. the u.s. house of representatives has today approved a resolution to end u.s. fought for the. war in yemen the resolution has been approved by a vote of two hundred forty seven to one hundred seventy five the bill will now go to president donald trump who has already announced he plans to veto it he made that announcement last month she have
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a chance he joins us live from washington she have the facts of this vote does this mean that the billions of dollars worth of arms sales to saudi arabia by the united states does that now stop. no it doesn't it is in many ways a very symbolic vote as you say the president is expected to veto this bill this resolution has been passed in both chambers of congress both the senate and the house now with bipartisan majorities in favor of this resolution we have asked the white house whether the president will now veto this resolution they're not being committed but they are saying that senior advisers will recommend that the president vetoes the resolution number less no matter what the president does it's still significant firstly because in the abstract of the relationship between congress and the executive congress and the president this is the first time that the nine hundred seventy three war powers act has been successfully invoked by
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congress that is an assertion of congressional power if the president wants to wage war get involved in conflict that president must have the consent of congress the congress is now asserting this that rights that privilege and is saying that they will look at this is just the first of many they'll have much more scrutiny now over the president's war making powers which is which is a big deal given especially since nine eleven president seem to be waging war all over the world without much transparency but secondly as regards the relationship with saudi arabia going to affect. going to affect the u.s. as cooperation with the war in yemen if the president does veto this actually to be honest they're looking at the small print in the bill there quite a few loopholes in here that the president could use to continue intelligence sharing and things like that with the saudis but it is it is significant just as a sign of the relationship between congress and saudi arabia just how bad it's become and this is where that the murder of jamal khashoggi comes in it really seems that the murder of that saudi journalist as catalyze congress as other events
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have never before as far as the relations between the u.s. and saudi arabia is concerned after the yemen war began under president obama's watch obama gave the green light for this but now things have changed here and congress says it's going to examine every facet of the relationship with saudi arabia which bernie sanders one of the co-sponsors of the bill called an undemocratic lying despotic regime she had thanks very much. saudi arabia is said to be in talks with firms from five countries to build two nuclear power reactors according to the reuters news agency is planning to launch a bidding process for the projects in the year twenty twenty a former nuclear inspector said the kingdom's first reactor could be operational within a year you know don't fire the sites in riyadh using these satellite images crown prince mohammed bin some man has indicated that saudi arabia is interested in nuclear technology to counter what he calls a threat from iran robert kelly is a former inspector and associate fellow with the stockholm international peace research institute he says the development of saudi arabia's nuclear program goes
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against its international commitments. sunnie arabia has been very slow to embrace the rules and standards that the i.a.e.a. demands they signed a nonproliferation treaty to not get nuclear weapons about thirty years ago they promised not to do that and they still don't have a real agreement in place for inspections and how to handle safeguards they've managed to do that because they've simply said we don't have any nuclear facilities or material so you don't need to come the fact that the crown prince has said that he would be willing to make nuclear weapons despite the fact he signed a nonproliferation treaty makes you very uncomfortable finding the reactor was just an interest of mine to to fill in some holes in my knowledge but now you see that the previous history of michael flynn trying to sell lots of reactors to saudi arabia and then the department of energy stonewalling on what it is they've allowed to be sent to saudi arabia makes you think that this this event is not over yet i
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think in this case there are major powers that have been struggling with each other in the middle east i tend to believe that the agreement that we have made with iran to not produce nuclear weapons is a good agreement and it's working when saudi arabia comes along and says if i think iran is doing it i'm going to make nuclear weapons too on what basis will larry intelligence be when we have really good evidence from the i.a.e.a. to iran has is sitting this one now that the. syrian government forces have shelled rebel held areas in the south of england province killing at least fifteen people one missile at a market in the town of the phone mobile killing and wounding civilians it labe is the last remaining rebel held territory in syria and it's designates its as a deescalation zone the agreement negotiated between russia and turkey. the final battle against syria last month left thousands of people homeless. in the northeast
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turned into a refugee camp. aid agencies weren't ready for what's being described as a humanitarian emergency in the past four months l. whole camp in northeast syria has gone from hosting ten thousand people to more than seventy thousand the camp was built to house just forty thousand many live in communal shelters they are the wives and children of i still fighters as well as civilians displaced by the fighting against the aren't a group ninety percent are women and children and we have over six hundred cases of documented malnourished children and hospitals in the area are overwhelmed to provide them. very specialized care that malnourished children need so health care is a challenge malnutrition is an increasing concern for us some have died of disease there is a lack of proper medical facilities and there is
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a need to improve sanitation to reduce the risks to health forty three percent of the cap's population are syrians they can't return home because their villages and towns have been flattened by the assault against eisel and littered with explosive devices so they won't be leaving whole soon the rest are foreign nationals mainly the wives and children of isis fighters their fate is also a talent hundreds of the children are orphans the international committee of the red cross says they should be immediately taken to their countries of origin. human rights groups have complained that governments are failing to tackle the problem of what to do with the relatives of i still fighters u.s. backed kurdish forces which control the camp say they don't have the authority or the capacity to prosecute detainees or hold them for long our immigration has been in countries that can provide process while these people should be taken back to
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their countries and be prosecuted. or you know if western countries and others don't want to and there has to be international response to find a way to provide para trials or in the region but the current status quo which basically leads to tension without any legal basis is unacceptable for now the international community's response to this crisis has been limited to providing emergency assistance to a few when there are many with nowhere to go that. route well the conflict in syria was on the agenda as the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu metz the russian president for talks in moscow two leaders are expected to focus on the latest developments and in hard security ties russia and its forces have been fighting in syria on behalf of the government stopped us and has more now from moscow. it was all about the timing of prime minister netanyahu his visit to moscow just five days before the elections in israel and while mitt and yahoo had
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announced that he was going to come and talk about syria the most important outcome of the meeting with putin seems to be the handover of a soldier israeli soldier who went missing thirty seven years ago after israel invaded lebanon with russian and syrian forces managed to retrieve his remains and they were handed over to nato in moscow today. we are very pleased that at home they can give him the necessary military honors what is most important in the question of humanitarian nature is his family and loved ones will have the possibility of bringing flowers to his to. the ceremony and the handover was of course a very important boost for nato just before the elections between russia and israel ran high in september last year after fifteen russian soldiers were killed when their plane was gunned down by friendly syrian fire after an israeli attack since that accident put and has urged me to limit these attacks on rainy and forces in
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syria and give a longer warning time and this on yahoo has urged them to help him to leave me remove your brain and force from syria all together on these points no progress seems to be made so far but for netanyahu this is enough for now a better election placidity could not have wished for revenge mission. i want to thank you my friends on behalf of myself and the people of israel for what you have done for a strong friendship which is very important to our country which is very important to our relations but there has promised that he will also help to retrieve two other israeli soldiers who have been missing since one thousand nine hundred eighty two. and the visit to russia comes just days ahead of a general election in israel has been a hotly contested campaign with many issues on the table people in west jerusalem
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what's important to them bibi isn't the only nickname the israeli prime minister goes by another term benjamin netanyahu has cultivated and banked on over the years is mr security to the people of israel that he is the only one who can make them feel safe and secure but now the strongest challenge to his position in a decade is coming from three former army chiefs of staff men who also know security here in west jerusalem most people are telling us that security has always been a priority for israelis but there are other issues just as important that need to be addressed in a simple that people here are barely living it's the economy we can have costs go up without salaries also increasing i hope this time netanyahu will have the strength to create a broadly focused government that will be able to address all of these issues not only emphasize security which is where we invest most of our money recent polls show that the main issues on voters' minds are security the economy and corruption
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netanyahu is facing corruption charges in three separate cases you turn to general has announced he intends to indict the prime minister pending a pretrial hearing. it's trying to size curity just like he's trying to emphasize the economy just like his trying to emphasize his roles of articulations but the election is not about any of those three things it's about corruption. and whether israelis care about. so far as occasions are that they don't. most predicted yes benjamin netanyahu will once again become prime minister but they also say that the corruption indictments hanging over him may ultimately defeat him it's finished he will go within ten months it will be prime minister. and. we will get him out of the political israel goes to the poll.


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