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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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because. dixon leads one nation in the use trillian state of queensland and is a candidate for the senate in the upcoming federal election. he has played a key role in helping reshape one nation's firearms policy. we have a policy and why it's what he wants what plan to make things better for registered shooters want to. sound fence vote on said. we're on your side we want you to be all the shooting the best that you can. in an interview for the gun rights astray your website the one nation party leader said today's gun laws make the innocent whole phone rable only just take natalie dancing the fat engine pave open or actually allowing for most to actually have the firearms. for years pauline hanson has been pushing a populist anti immigration agenda. i believe we are in danger of being swamped by
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asians and with all the. good publicity stunts including wearing a burka to poem that have led to accusations of racism because this is not. what should be alone in this comment. everyone male and female should have some knowledge of have a handle a firearm have to protect themselves because i don't trust our governments fail to do for us. what can we say here it would probably actually there we say that the right to protect and defend yourself is a god given right. the one nation visitors a being schooled in public relations by the n.r.a. his media liaison team. just for him mortenson of his an argument for gun ownership that can be used beyond the united states the right to protect and defend yourself exactly now despite
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a hostage really doesn't come from the constitutes deterrence just guarantees us but it can to god. if you're it person or so you see it as a lie it's a god given right. one of the p.r. team's biggest challenges is how to respond to a mass killing. the biggest one in recent years was the newtown shooting where the little children that shot at an elementary school. there's somebody shooting in here and you know. i had like seven loud booms and jim he just told us to go in the corner. where your her. children are pronounced dead at the school there were two they were transported to area hospitals were pronounced dead at area hospitals. where people are now asking
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when there will be a debate about america's gun laws. the press was how he and how he this organization are somehow fit make a statement like come and make me come in who for right that's what the end and the organisation what they'll be debate they'll be delayed the n.r.a. will say this is not the time to talk about it of the twenty six promoted at the sandy hook elementary school twenty with children aged six and seven. the gunman used and fifteen assault rifle near the chechen anybody who went on the ground mr martin has closed the door and he went to the corner first graders. and no time. every time i think about those kids he gets me mad. and then decisions like responding on this kind of shooting are happening at the very highest level and they were not responding not responding. last some of tried to
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exploit tragedy for political gain. we have remained respectively silent. and then when you are here held a news conference in which he basically said we're holding pla we're not going to cave dan. now we must speak. for the safety of our nation's children. allah titian's passed laws for gun free school zones they post signs advertising. and in doing so. they tell every insane killer in america. that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum am with minimum risk. however nation's priorities got so far out of order. our
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society is popular. aided. by an unknown number of genuine monsters. people that are so doraine so evil so possessed by voices and driven by demons that no sane person can ever possibly comprehend. when we're not here to the press conference i thought they're going to come out and say this is a mental health problem and the n.r.a. recognizes that and we're going to put in a hundred million dollars into mental health research and supporting mental health services to the wrong people don't get guns. we need to have every single school in america a media lawyer protection program for going to war and by that. i mean armed security more guns more guns more guns ching ching ching ching ching say you can say it's not it's so sick. because people die.
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and already reacts to criticism by trying to generate positive stories about come under should it till one nation that the first step is to co-opt willing reporter. you know somebody who maybe least year or so i worked at a newspaper maybe was over at city hall or prior were. lost oh sod it fuzzes feeding reporters information they need to run down friendly stories. you'll hear not stories about people who were robbed at or be beat whatever might be that good bit of how they got a gun is going to be able to words and that's where his daughter is going to go to buy a loop. to make sure you set up let's carry a pro-gun message. to ghostwrite articles for the. full
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picture and yes columns in the local papers a lot of times we'll write down for like a local sheriff in wisconsin or whatever anyway he'll drafted or she will help us draft it we'll do a lot of the late work because these people are busy and this is our job so we'll help them and they'll submit it with their name on it so that it looks organic you know that it's coming from that community that we will have a role behind the scene. yet again it will be fine it's been validated to me this is for many years is the arms innocence stories these are are our members might send this to news but from their local t.v. station where a student uses a firearm protect themselves or someone else. please are crediting a vigilant gun owner with saving the life of an upper darby cop and if it wasn't for the good samaritan stepping forward he'd have been dead meat. these are little
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storage and there's certain little. sure one cashier at a local convenience store i was fired like retire in style. these stories happen every single week and you'll never hear about them from going grabbers when you see these stories sheriff. those are good because they're short and they kind of get you outraged calling it outrage of the week. exploring. we're back again there are. two astronomers coming into the house i suppose that's. every time there's a story there. are games coming up with baseball this thing which you put out there maybe a tweet or facebook voters or whatever are not allowed to own their home to defend their. guns save lives gun control does not that's
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despicable in the same way to back going to street told you you're not going to get cancer if you smoke my cigarettes they lied to you and we know they lied to you. and you want to put messaging out there will be people out of nat easy to understand the n.r.a. tildes one nation to engage members with a simple message exploit anger and fear when you start talking about issues that get too complicated and think too hard i lost their lives and if they can get to like the american flag on my thoughts we all get out but that's easy. this threat is real our leaders are either in chief or unwilling to protect there is no better fire on the from their homes against realistic threats than a ar fifteen semiautomatic it's easy to learn and easy to use it's accurate and true why. why can someone and they are fifty.
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you can't legally own a tank in america you can't legally own a r.p.g. you can't legally own a nuclear weapon why do we have restrictions on the. we can never say well it's ludicrous we never say it's a gun it's all right all. firearms keep this thing. weapons. it's dangerous but when you look at what they bought fires. for people drowning pool. and they are fifty is one of the most effective tools available to protect yourself and your family get trained and learn how to use it your safety is in your hands. but they are fifteen is the weapon of choice for a mass shooter and that weapon should not be on the streets of this country.
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the same weapon used next to pursue use next to a tank next to r.p.g. in war m sixteen a r fifteen the same weapon one can shoot faster with the trigger held down when you've got to pull one hundred times in a minute the bullet is the same the damage the same the brazed a blow out is the same the heart that explodes is the same the bullet it's it the organs that separate are the same. let's look at the gun felt. they were and don't. call him a minute ago and. dixon till's a salesman that semiautomatic weapons including the fifteen were confiscated in a strange year following the port arthur mexico. where they bought it all on our own trial
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a while before. that around on the floor of. the salesman had his own story about johns and politics what we've seen with getting elected into office jails if there has been a rise of nut jobs like there's a lot more scary people on the learning process not of people that think whether it's true or not they feel like they're in a much more than believe political climate so they're coming out of the woodwork staring a lot of. the holes threatened to. you feel by johns the whole day what comes. you're going to want more than buying guns for the first time or getting really you know buyers might already buyers you've got a lot more they'll be too cute. as all are recognizing that you're going to they're in more danger they. are exactly themselves. in. the action not. my gun for not my good.
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dixon meets a woman whose experience he believes will resonate to destroy you because it was actually ended that i can scoot. he later recounts his story which he thinks could be used to inspire women to themselves back on. she got one hundred by a documentary have to. be a little bit although i was just there to kill you. and. that's not on. there to protect them. like you were to tell me if they. were going to that. i'm going. out undercover roger
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discovers that the fear of being attacked even obsesses members of the n.r.a. . better be pretty damn. green and i think it's ok for the guy gets. very dark. brandy graham is a senior federal lobbyist for the n.r.a. . she fears her office will be still going to come in how difficult. they will think then you're the person if they don't have guns if you're unstable why would you want to harm has been a mistake if that would have to be the time. and really matter to throw out a man or woman on a team that you never. graham says she feels vulnerable wherever she goes when i get on a plane they're thinking it down one three and i meet again and we're now clear out
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. safely back but there are myriad i might know that i'm going to come and get it. put back out. the next distillation for the one nation team is an organization representing gun manufacturers in america. they discuss their constant battle against anti gun campaigners. to. ash. i doubt trench. larry keane is the senior vice president of the national shooting sports foundation were. you check your image. that. dixon says they need to work together to combat the rise of political correctness
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for throwing it out how. to kill the culture of islam knock you out of the cities. so the republic of. us or god at work block all of us troops that. the organization includes gun makers retailers and distributors. you can throw out for years even get those people to burn it just fits for your kids. the foundation sees women as a key to making guns more acceptable. it was ok with them. then they were with them if the vote was against you. that's just. it. just. about the user. yeah it's from our laws. in to one nation lays out
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a strategy for how to introduce soft a gun bill was in a stray you. didn't want it to be. that shows you how the law is or. used to the crime. and party leader pulling hanson talks about going to america herself to meet gun lobby contacts i'm sure that white. yeah got. a notorious symbol of the u.s. war on terror one said for closure guantanamo bay and its detainees going nowhere we have identified as a priority is the construction of a new high value detention center i'm afraid that we're sharing the conditions to return back to practice. in state sponsored torture as we did in the past rendition
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revisited part two on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. and we shall carry in doha these are the top stories on al-jazeera forces loyal to libya's u.n. backed government are being deployed in and around the capital tripoli these are the latest pictures from the city which is under a state of emergency all this is in response to an advance on the city by troops loyal to warlord khalifa haftar who controls parts of eastern libya is called on
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his troops to liberate tripoli and security council will hold an emergency meeting on friday to discuss the latest developments after us forces are within seventy kilometers of the capital overnight on wednesday they took control of the town of garonne which is on the main highway south of tripoli al jazeera has spoken to the interior minister says is trying to invade tripoli at a time of unprecedented peace and calm. yeah i mean why use weepin as in force to to rise the people of libya to kill them and to force them to accept one thing only which is to be ruled by a military dictator what makes mr have to be decanted it then the other libyans if he's calling for a state with a strong army and police we are also calling for a state with a strong army and police and for the rule of law we will not be subdued by any use of force by any saw i do any person and if anyone is willing to use force to gives us we are ready to secure for us but we will not give up on democracy which is what
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we've always wanted from the beginning united states house of representatives has approved a resolution to end u.s. support for the saudi u.a.e. war and yemen bill will now go to the president on a trumpet he's already said though he will veto it and accused of attacking two mosques in new zealand has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment to see if he is fit to go on trial in britain terrine has made his second court appearance in christ church where he was charged fifty counts of murder and thirty nine counts of attempted murder. if the o.p.'s government has released its first report into last month's fatal plane crash it says the ethiopian airlines boeing seven thirty seven max eight jet was forced downwards by a faulty automatic anti stall system the pilots then tried to regain control but a crash just six minutes after takeoff from. a one hundred fifty seven people on board were killed those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera we're turning
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now to al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre. the one nation team is back at the national rifle association headquarters. after trying to break down the narratives with people's reaction to gun use in. the meeting blame caroline whose role is to galvanize the n.r.a. has five million members to vote for pro-gun politicians. so we're trying to identify that sweet spot of what a secular minute vote would look like so we can deliver a second member admission that specific an amendment to the constitution gives merican still a right to carry guns in many states the fifteen assault rifle for self-defense or grow up with
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a copy of her record. just prior to your. childish i think was naughty she just attacked him when you have scenario to make which come in and. those guns were banned under restraint his national firearms agreement following the port arthur massacre probably an unrealistic goal to wipe out a national gun ban overnight but if you can work around the market what it does it improve the lives down on a daily basis it does demonstrate and begin tonight in if you can start making a difference with the belts and tell. her simply that means we have the testicles of the government in our hand at every given thought i. have guns and scale of things sort of the end or will be able to take my children we still have to trade a bill for shit. caroline suggests to one nation that owning a gun should be presented as a matter of personal freedom. there is meatballs fresh women was coming and you don't have to iraq she just go with the government but you can't be that choice
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that no right now you really don't have a choice ever been legislated away. the n.r.a. and pfizer's to one nation's campaign should focus on getting this message to targeted sections of the population because he isn't so you get that masters of twenty five ninety pickiest give that to the right segment of occupation is going to create who will take that message and her act is trying to dominate or let's get it to ensure that a lot it takes a lot of we empowered next one technology so what a shock an approach where anything is when to everything a rifle shot so it sounds like i want to reach out first and foremost people identify themselves as supporters and activists then as i have time and resources i'll expand it to be. the one nation visit his plunder the advice they've received on how to sell
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a pro-gun message. something why you should have. functionalist don't trust you have lawyers who cares if it didn't used to the friday. it was still to come and get to. be let's hear all the men and women's shooting right there are lots of pitching worker and what i did i was the one taking stock we are women all people. if you really want to know her. and she would remind her of the folks. down.
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there who know you got a cookie cutter one hundred year might not consider getting up to you. the. issue. the obvious are going to go so. we're iran already worse. that's why we're there what we're driving to be out of there isn't. in the past want to change the rules on stations you've got children on when i'm on we're go to the mortuary which will have to do. identify your child. if you're coughing fit your child. rushing eulogy for your child to. attend a service for your child. and every child. because that's
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open to it and. that's my reality and that's what the general public. is concerned. they're not concerned raj says. i'm izing on that the n.r.i. museum in the united states to stop it from buff one of bill there is to run a knowledge weapons you've got to ride through this museum is really really incredible dixon is enthusiastic about guns but he knows it will be a hard sell for these train people to accept the dismantling of firearms laws. shootings not a bad thing into a right thing and to die in a struggle we use it in the olympics the commonwealth got and we should be in touch in young people to learn how to shoot it's quite simple.
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it's ok if we get through. what's so tough it's brilliant it's a taste of this far it's a great story dixon doesn't plan to till the is trillion public the one nation is considering the repeal of the national firearms agreement he suggests the low be whittled down to five be it want to go through the end of the journey or do you want to stop the best of you from the life or up with of it was it not it's not enough stuff sauce to take to get. these right now to the side if you do something with a name we can get another piece of bread and a blood. really even with roger claiming to support american style gun laws dixon in fine seem difficult shape one nation's firearms policy. you know or whole
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shit rob but guns are with a problem. where you can get a yeah. they are not. and if you fifteen hundred dollar ahead gathering dixon and ashby mixed with some of washington's most powerful gun lobbyists. and the honest if you know more people talk about god a lemon if you want to be done stand together we bought one tree yet you push. your man dixon is now clear on the language that cuts through in america's wealthy pro-gun community. and a better view that we don't have the second amendment an act not. with that but about letting. as they speak as selection is just months away.
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dixon tells roger that if one nation wins the balance of power it would be like the party holding a gun to the strain in government and. the need to understand about health care is the headline the no no to the back of it that's where it i want cheers i want something you get. to them that i get a much quieter the government would then be compelled to pass laws that one nation wants. the bottom one where we are we've got all the political right to my company . that we don't have that. i don't attach to time. members of the gun lobby offered to help stop it we've made sure that you never want to know. i'd never want you to go down you know if you never why you have to
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walk over here to somebody you know you know i'm merely for this it's my life you got to go. i'm still my event yeah yeah yeah. oh yeah. true and you believe that then we know. why he did no no no i don't speak personally when i have to write the check out it mother wants and you can wonder about the fact i don't know. dixon issues those around him that he will do what they want and change the strangest gun laws we're going to stop. we're going to fall off oh no we don't i don't care you're not. there yet without. dixon is given advice on how to pave the way for those changes here's what you need to do this doesn't go anywhere except up get help from us gun manufacturers. have you ever gone to america have you ever gone to your you know why if you need
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to sit down with these guys you know he suggests that one nation till gunmakers the amount of money they'll make if a stray use firearms laws are changed. next year they're going to stand literally your next door to one and a golf ball is what the father who thought so although we're really the first to go off they want. the truth if it got much in all those people we're going to give you fifteen for the brain and. to make gun laws present a bill he suggests a degree of deception. and at that point the lawyer and i have a two million dollars campaign to get money in here she writes not get right in never going to put gun rights do not ever touch gun rights on yours and then i moved out my year i say brought out in fishing rights we're going to get there. you're going to pass it and you go how could i want to go. along you know what you
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just said to me all my life. your goodness you go it's going to i read might. want to welcome here. absolutely got to one nation announces it has a meeting lined up that week with for interesting to observe the energy giant industries. i should go to about with good auto body builder group or the good god you can do. that with they discuss what industries might expect in return for a donation. who we don't think were easier to get through so they will well they don't want you to think about what you do. mean it's just about anything where you need. to be looked up to cut by others but i believe well that awfully allegedly. but of
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it i have a nice the shell of which come here five. thousand and six and then that put five hundred million dollars toward another career i mean if the series was to win the lottery and the gone from forty five people to each but if we get to the point where we can talk about figures what sort of number you seem to think it ten not all just one but ready to start. with and. inside the cook offices dixon and ashby suspect that he'd microphones may be used by their hosts to record the discussion they give raja a would if advice if you can share and if you're off to bring on the. next you don't.


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