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tv   Circle of Poison  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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all the media have named the iraqis as looters this is the worst word you can use for someone stealing. from onion believe iraq is one of the ugliest. two thousand and four i came back again. and i see something of course different than what i have seen in the media. to enter. iraq is not just a country full of war and killing and massacres slothful of terrorism full of people that love life and they love the peace was the memo. i want to reflect a new image over a different image not the made up form an existing one. but to do that they have to make something that makes an impact. and then the idea just clicked in my mind. the long.
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run of. songs on the young would not. be allowed as other. you know. look at a boss a concert with. a dot com hard to get the facts here. buddy difficult action in iraq. first of all that it is a war in iraq problems are full of terrorists so maybe the soldier or people should. well what is that.
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maybe. i'm going to feel small and i in my mind of enjoying who likes this freedom. i have never in the streets to go for a new boss in my life and. if you're going to go there. i'd soon fresh holes all of those so for yeah for about three feet three and a half thousand flights. in about thirty countries have ever been i don't know were checked out. ok everybody somebody in iraq and his name is more. also it's all three are able to organize a balloon meeting in iraq so we had joe do you think that something in the year
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especially balloons would be fairly peaceful to show the world ta da all those things possible in iraq. oh great everybody who is reeling to join me here and to go to him when you think of iraq you think of bombs son this things but i know that it's a very beautiful landscape you know iraq for me i'm not you know i'm going to i've never been there and just the old codger seems interesting to me i would love to go there and i would really love to go. so let's. say and most of us on the edge of the list and as happy as this town. and to them is that we have when i was. on the sonnets and i'm there with them. it was then for the last thing that my done stuff from ash to something that he wanted just. with
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a phone you know that. i find not enough but even i said he could but he would then why screamo point out that. you have to post to cover and we need some budget to cover all the costs like the cost of the hotels meals transportation is and the reasons for everybody. the stuff you see and they need to leave. as possible she looks. awesome just. not looking we don't miss a good credit card account i guess. tell us.
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how you want to invest all my time so that's why instead of snipping god's homo on sleeping on the train and wake up in the morning the night before meeting mr. hale i'm not right and i have nothing but i wanted now. the man i thought jean i love and need to see him and i me on the idea well and i see i knew him and still love me on the most so. if you say it was think. i'm going to do that then we have many of them seem. like much of. a die michael harley and for that other connect on china doesn't need more folks like manju was it enough. theme. song ship an outcome of this and what i did was a whole lot and the way i felt i was giving up i didn't. offer. so much just selling yourself to me totally on that before you feel i'm a beast of
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a. in. my side. a mage on the north. thought of the mahdi was eaten up in. a minute and then. so i. won't does it to keep. yes. yeah.
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gov call them in some sunspots and the list of transport from most into the two will be them. and this is what i'm waiting for you know as plain hotels would this things would be easier for me so it's a big deal so they believe it can be done. that it doesn't add this or that stuff. that was on. his. own but because of our city the cost of the road up so couldn't support a bus or. excellent. ok the older the copenhagen their books so tony and the others ready to go running just.
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stuck to. what mr latest situation. in the digital been planning to leave the feeling. was that he did not look at. my sister's rapidly morphed into the world's most dangerous jihad as organization its methods so extreme al qaeda itself has disavowed any relationship with. me i just receiving information we didn't get before.
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but. when you see balloons and you have a lot of press over there you can make your party. we've become a target in a way that each of you fly the. most minute song we are known conjuring who's coming not only for. the woman oh my own restore like oh golly my own wrist i know it's inside of five minutes or i want to think that. we have to think about. you as the good thing only you don't come to his eyes. all swedish being and all the american values have constructed trips. and it is very very
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sad. that's it. over. with all. these balloons should have been flying over the drama at its rating that just to go to iraq. for. going happens. search through. the run. like. i says iraq's the aim is to be able to speak.
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you know when i think what have they done this morning to get a handle on well. they're not criminals and not killers but why do they get came and. doing this is against peace and the country and the world as it is threatening the whole world knows that not just us. but the whole thing is on iraq. had the businessman that would not come on a. mug that i'm not. from him that i had none one hundred of them a few hundred more would. explain the tradition. don't
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have to try to. just. listen to it well we will start first of all to do it in areas that's more secure so we could be starting in cities like the south. this. should not make much money. mind you my. child. shall not even honeymoon chabi on even. thing she's just so maybe not even funny and i've been fishing. licenses not all of them about. you don't hear any terrorist activities from about
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me down. so it was sort of you to secure. for the reason. i go because i think it's ok. i'm aware of that a kid could be the problem book you can all the shit crazy people and. i'm relaxed. this happens sometimes.
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i am not that by our governments i am not led by i need party and i don't walk on that any political agenda in iraq but there has to be a change in my country and just like any one of you. i would like to see is going to be one of the best countries in the world so mike i want to do that and surely i cannot do it alone we would have to show the world yes we can do it together send the message of peace and love from iraq to all the world all of us we can fight terrorism and then destroy them and then we'll do the event and we show to the world we done it's ok. but brings them out. and vote on.
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this is streaming red or. now on this moment in the morning tomorrow morning would be very nice to be flying with been winning because it's a program before five nights of birth for to morrow evening flying perfect so the next morning for certain evening for. the film and have it. first of all. just received it. tony was mr nothing from the gaza strip and even ten month. old stuff ok because of the way things were rusts him to the airports copenhagen airport to the cargo first and not
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put a name or just a home so for security reasons they said no you guys are not going to have six witnesses. and not be paid for. talks and the other thing here on the whole thing what box not going to operate a body count of how. to balloons got stargardt's the. obviously everybody there's a set so i have to be in close them again. this look like i'm telling them give them promises made honor their lives in them don't have to stand sometimes they did everything to. be your. ability. to. come to hate are a. a a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby you've been employing it was me and you got to really. reveal secrets see what messaging out there
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will be people outraged you know man and connection some don't want exponents many in legacy media. mass shooting. duck mess with my al-jazeera investigations how to sell a massacre on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in your ear you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when he come off air on things seem pinned to realize even witness history in the making. or to. put you in a cheery. lived here all still. be
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. yours and be. a rich and diverse culture explored through its music istanbul songs of the city on al-jazeera. aliza the problem and the headlines on al-jazeera the un security council has told libyan warlord khalifa haftar and his forces to stop their advance on the capital tripoli secretary general antonio tears has met both the u.n. recognize government and half staff to try and deescalate the situation for the security council fears that the fighting will threaten talks to rebuild libya's
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fractured political system. we are very concerned about the events of the last two or three days in libya specifically the military activity we see in the. tripoli and we are very clear today in calling for. georgia previously held positions and to cease military activity there is no military solution in libya and we need to see everybody getting back into the political process besides. by a sense allowing him to resume don't. hundreds of thousands of algerians have rallied in the capital for the seventh week they demanded more changes despite the resignation of longtime president of the law these with a frica the country's intelligence chief is a close ally off with the flicka was reportedly fired on friday demonstrators in mali have demanded the president's resignation for failing to curb ethnic violence the protests was triggered by the killing of one hundred sixty villages from the
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ethnic for landing from fighters from a rival community suspected of carrying out last month's attack the u.s. state department is expected to name a round the revolutionary guard a foreign terrorist organization it would be the first time that washington designates another country's military as a terrorist group cholera is surging in yemen with the number of suspected cases doubling in the past month at least three hundred people have died and more than seventy thousand cases have been recorded the democrat controlled lower house of the u.s. congress is suing president trump's administration over has a merge and see declaration to get funds for has proposed wall along the mexico border but also says the president acted unconstitutionally trump has visited the southern border and says the country is full. germany has asked the e.u. to find a safe port for a migrant rescue ship stranded in the mediterranean sea sixty four migrants were rescued off the libyan coast on wednesday by the german charity c.i.
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the ship was refused entry into malta and italy to witness balloons of a babylon continues next. the equipment is enough. as they did forty eight hours without sleep in. the government. he promised to help and it's. just just a few it's not that anymore.
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making a change in iraq is something really complicated. one scene force one obstacle begets another one. so you could have of me getting shot on and getting other problems come into my hands. i'm expecting the. slice to me that really. hard problem her. up no problem and walk the holy city of god about i played a piece ten dogs and leaving over two dozen others injured. but. it was all research. about five hundred meters away from still very straight.
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through those doors for the evil show profiling and therefore be sure studios are grouped together all the drama isn't meant to be for the t.v. was meant to be forced to marry me and go to. the overall security situation in new office troubling deteriorate in. each time i go in there he goes you know you're going to we really open his eyes for everything given you guys and since once we when we there we're coming always in time and with missing us always the team are there relaxed somewhere and having
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breakfast so this is a kind of respect that we we all feel like sheeps and. that's just us very but we really open his eyes for everything. it's given you guys and. it's the first time this is happening in iraq so definitely there would be mistakes biggest surprises you know something's not calculate these counts got too late and that's messes up our organizing i be patient for all this by i see these things this is not nothing to do with the government or the school team so i decided that yesterday and i almost felt the evidence of the breakfast on the cloth will have a life filled by you i know rick so briefly breathed in the preaching at ten o'clock i don't have a feeling to promise he made a promise you have to do it it's a story how do you know this he is to say sure that's what i go for it makes no sense i don't know this kind of he's going to make new friends it'll please respect great great great great i like to know i like to tell you first the next day we're
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most remembered reality and iraq and we are not in the next conquering who it's going to leave you different. works really who's ass off and he tried wheatley's best looks me to hard ok we don't want this person to cause this problem we don't want to split with one of the i. was all scarred. by. the missing the ship dissipating. totally saw i think. yeah everybody has that to realize that. we never would fly balloon here. this. has to be much better organized hard work.
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goes to throw school sound. after neck and this is. just don't want to keep everyone waiting. they will be so annoyed with me i don't blame them cause they don't know
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things are done here. and always go what i'm going so. long because i know i should be the one that takes that just this is. a. the to.
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the time not the time. just need to move splaying zero. three three chasing the guys in the dark you know what is in their forms. on to good. news they need some time to be getting them up on it if we stay one more day in this hotel the team will follow bots. so we are moving everybody it's about being on. something in the moment.
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right. now not only in any. form. i don't get i'm sorry we're going to meet the governor now it's going to meet all of us so let's say i am question where is the flowers. i. don't need these tents and very nice governor's welcome and everybody is thanking everybody for coming here as well. we know all about the famous gardens from
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murdoch and we brought in a small parcel of from any form i'm sure i'm visiting to start and going to give to you future to do for bob the longest so this is the years i've gone through the games i've been here starring our daughter my love coffee bob gardens you because it would mean one hundred d.m. and i'd never appear to have those and i just thank you very much something he wrote from this little known can i have got a lot of people in and out and then i'm up and i'm in the woods and i'll say often what i said in the house my dad told me i'll say i'm up out of it. what if i don't . monkey and you don't house this minute. another jeff was going to use it i said it was shot loud because it was you know somebody's going to start. doing something about. what was going to be sort of our laws are going to honor george w.
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my son as you heard the story it was we have the governor of bob dylan and we have the device minister of kosovo and they are really upset so what was happening and they want to solve the problem had to hand me it's a hundred metre hundreds of us. until. we waiting for the balloon and there should be coming i want to see them. and then i really. needed us truck coming to things. i don't believe anymore you know i so want to see it's my stuff. there.
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yes make you. a star it's probably. not going to. look at least you will be a good listener. and it will. all and you are. the last. like a child is born i'm sorry. i'm having but what i have it may be tomorrow that i am having a moment anything like a very amazing because. now we miss her.
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again. i. am. the last on the phone. you know what button to get out of always good morning. look at the sky. and they do it several times a day. of the oh. yeah . plus all. three sixty this one time at least one time before we flew. then it would show to
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everybody that this can happen. nothing not too much stuff. happening. my son. yes they're starting. to plan for tonight fish that we're going to do a show in trying to frame is bobbing on great. goods will be golf last hour for science of course there's a very beautiful moment sun is sinking over wagner north and then the moon stayed
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off so that should be a magic shot and it should go wrong to girls that's what are you hope to go for does it go to. school and cannot come out on t.v. most economical today. monte you can include holly and. no kind of quantity of money and he. cannot account of the time of the end to any as i am going to. find out and i think i know how. i was going wrong for some of the people his new film is a crass and creating decision official site and then suddenly. i'm off auction i don't know i don't think i have i thought i was just i don't like the way i don't get my head around. i think that just because it's the job nobody wanted to
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go take a certain piece of luggage if you go under if you still have all your real still most are just looking for good friends ok and i don't know your goals if you want to supply just came from the tall grass to gas or that i should look for growth or want to still whole day obviously john i'll be going to blow my mind the height of time on that by the way it was not what. you say we filled to the gospels but i just don't know debts and ten day did they are both her and not just on top of the selling. i could be up to five gold who is just chief moose and most importantly guy you. know out running along so many that i don't know not anymore in schools. ok we know we know the bottom end ministry not sure we john humphrys or cost there will be no one who reads this across beast as we want our time there must be everything here otherwise there is no show i told him no one thought i do. and
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that's really serious that i deal. with have a quite a number of people here who have nothing to so. this is going to try to spare look. there's no. i don't know because these i'll be gone tomorrow doesn't involve my mother was a lot of love finally. got the title for it i don't want to visit to the gas to shoot the three. i. look at its football muslim hour before dark. just one thing very. sure that the sun is on time so. the sun played a. little. a little. contesting the looking out of course
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she'd lost a mobile phone wasn't he on and who was to sell. the mom image of the number tell him i'm bowling pin and if i was unlucky i'd need to start them from the top of the no other than the ministers the bank and i would also suspect in the giant monument i think mcconnell said connect on something and i'm going to be up until i was tony out of on a in the media in my mind and the can easily be lifted and i thought no high risk a slim. actually. i'm not surprised by anything so. i'm still fine. such a signing and. the food just tastes. and pasting up the gases coming they filled it all here. if feel that old yes.
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ok people to. play all the time in the last moment and it's gotten from the fire this. battle is one of your fashion how to dismiss it will. lead to lead a lead. lair. play.
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luck. yes. this. sickness. upon them the sad. to hear.
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the beautiful to see. so many people in. the office and let me let let me live. a family glad that we can give this new impression off iraq. a. that you didn't actually see the. lot of it i think that i should live it and then let it.
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go. and i see the people as well the smiling the faces ever was just why you look at them because then. even the ones that was against it they couldn't help themselves white. people who got those really look at the people and be good to make something together and i hope to be something good out of it that's my spirit.
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as us collishaw our journey. good. donna had a dream and i tried to realize his dream. and at last recent scenes it was not to be turned so long as we expected good and hell we did it and a lot of people said before you can't arrange that there induct continuity change or you're all wrong and that was nice. was. i think go to bed. i think go to south africa. i think whatever. came to my country. from my home. that's about seeing something wrong and trying
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to correct. making good relations and good friends work the girl. and then they can understand. is what i'm hoping for. for the love hundred like the one just but those are worth more than that sea of other knowledge on a door near the floor. and then reduce the burden the need the other mobile of your car we see of sonoita. i serve her by the idea but yeah but. there but so i have done now for over half of us for guys that give our good little us the take that. during .
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a lifetime of emulation struck by stroke copying the master selling reproductions can pay the bills but frustrate the artist. a pilgrimage to discover his hero inspires an awakening that it's more rewarding to create than to imitate. dreaming of vincent a witness documentary on al-jazeera. benjamin netanyahu is fighting for a fifth term as prime minister of israel using his friendship with donald trump fears over security and race but he faces corruption charges and a trio of film on the chiefs trying to get a two one seat at the podium so it's a chance in the upcoming israeli elections get the latest on al-jazeera.
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how i once again we've still got some rather lively showers moving across parts of the middle east that does mean that we are going to see further flooding concerns into that western side of iran a lot of cloud still showing up here it's making its way across iraq so there will be some wet weather around as we go on through saturday those showers sliding over towards the caspian sea now the area cloud just rolls into wars the levant will see some damn weather from time to time just pushing across syria lebanon jordan more than pass' serious on turkey seeing the heaviest of the rainfall and hopeful by the time we come to sunday will turn somewhat drawn into that western side of iran the cloud makes its way down across the gulf is still in with the possibility of a few spots of right in this region too i think that we find in july and the temperatures they are starting to ramp up thirty one celsius on saturday similar values you go on into sunday a possibility of the all spots of bright nothing much to speak of is then that of
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the last may well more than just your spots of writing to eastern parts of south africa has had some really big downpours here recently saturday looks a little dry showers just around the coastal fringes they move out of the way as we go on through sunday want to two of them coming in behind my make fun and try with some showers there the southern tanzania. by means of his every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's janet that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what the phrase. listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. a notorious symbol of the
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u.s. war on terror one said for close guantanamo bay and it's detainees going nowhere we have identified as a priority is the construction of a new high value detention center i'm afraid that we're setting the conditions to return back to practice. in state sponsored torture as we did a. rendition revisited part two on al jazeera. the u.n. chief the libyan warlord to stop advancing on tripoli as his forces reached. watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead. not
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satisfied yet another round of massive demonstrations in algeria despite the president's resignation. whether it's asylum whether it's anything new on illegal immigration. a warning from the mexico border donald trump says the u.s. . and their fields may be green and productive but. things have never been so bad we'll find out why. thank you for joining us libyan troops commanded by warlords highly for have to say they've advance into the southern outskirts of the capital of libya in a push against the internationally recognized government the u.n. and world powers demanding they halt the offensive fighting has been going on around tripoli is former international airport says he wants to in his words
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liberate the city but the government in tripoli has the u.n. support and soldiers loyal to it say they've captured more than one hundred of have ties men from turkey fully mahmoud apted one hundred force. the prime minister of libya's you and bad government meeting the troops thirty kilometers west of tripoli i was in earlier fighters loyal to the world khalifa haftar attempted to enter tripoli but eventually surrounded dozens of their vehicles you'll see used a setback for health or who has ordered his troops in his words to liberate tripoli it's raising fears of a major confrontation with the u. and recognized the government the united nations secretary general antonio arrived in tripoli this week he flew to eastern libya to meet hafter in an attempt to ease tensions he also visited tobruk whom to libya's parallel parliament which is backed by have to i still hope it will be possible that. they should
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and that tripoli. and united nations remain. available to facilitate a political solution able to uni fight the libyan institutions here in tripoli libyan officials say the capital remains calm and the reassuring people who live here that government forces are ready to repel any attack on the city now that. the situation is normal and there is no form of fighting prime minister fayyad satirized has given orders to the air defense to stand up to any possible threat to the lives of civilians. libya has been in turmoil since the need to bag the removal of its long time ruler annmarie get deaf in twenty eleven and since twenty fourteen it has had two competing governments have to do we need the east of libya leading
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to lose alliance of factions but his repeatedly except present his intention to marshawn tripoli beyond his military ambitions some analysts say. if there is a goal is a loud voice in diplomatic efforts to secure a peaceful future for the last several years general haftar has stalled every effort to get and. for real and processes it make errors last year which go of which it go away from assumes the purse would have to move towards tripoli and he did settlement to this crisis looks more difficult but the u.s. and other world leaders will apply more pressure to try to pull libya back from the brink. of tripoli while the u.n. security council has echoed calls for have to and his forces to halt their offensive mike hanna has more from the united nations in new york. the emergency
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meeting concluded and the german ambassador in his capacity as president of the council issued a short statement he said the security council was united in its call for all parties to withdraw all their forces in particular the rebel a he said the council called to one all parties to resume a process of dialogue the un was due to sponsor a conference of national reconciliation in libya later this month that was aimed at creating a road map through a political process leading to national elections that conference now in jeopardy because of this upsurge in conflict secretary general antonio good terrorists had been in libya to actually organize this conference it turned instead to a mission of shuttle diplomacy we held a series of meetings with senior figures including the prime minister in tripoli
3:54 pm
and rebel leaders in both to brooke and benghazi he held a meeting with. the warlords and sources say this did not go well after reportedly said that he was confident and defiant and the characterization of the meeting was that huffed insisted he was not going to back down the smell be accounting for the bleak tone of the secretary general statement when he left libya at the end of the day meanwhile human rights watch says any fighting in tripoli is likely to result in atrocities it's put out a statement part of which says fight is led by general highly for have to have a well documented record of indiscriminate attacks on civilians summary executions of captured fighters an arbitrary detentions human rights watch also warns that militias affiliated with the united nations backed government of national accord
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also have a record of their pieces against civilians. whenever rival armed forces clash in libyan cities it's civilians who suffer the most or let's not speak to. the director of the tripoli based sadek institute a think tank that studies and analyzes libya he joins us from be able to lebanon thank you so much for being with us on al-jazeera and ask what is your view of the developments of the last few days can a full blown battle in tripoli be effected is there still room for deescalation you think well the escalation that window for dialogue and diplomacy is really forced the closing and it is because of the way in which you know huff has really kind of exposed how brittle and how broken her power law is the u.n. security council has been given one member of the u.n. security council's kind of diplomatic military and political support to have to answer from its has really kind of almost broken exposed badly the u.n. has been able to handle the situation we should remember the good service was
3:56 pm
unable to identify the name after in the twenty four hours that he was in tripoli and to brooke he was able to condemn hafter specifically or to penalize them or to threaten sanctions now eight months ago when there was a similar strike on the capital a member of that was a member of the armed groups that arrived to tripoli was sanctioned in seventy two hours for threatening the peace this is an all out battle and that when the plymouth requires an honest broker it was a broker that can condemn both sides and can buy a actively going to buy a trust with both sides so i think the answer however i don't hold is alan is how can you help us who are the talk about an honest broker should be the u.n. in theory what the u.n. we know has. been this crisis in libya for many years now and it hasn't worked what needs to happen then who's that honest broker. they need to turn away from tripoli and start focusing on up with obvious they are focusing on paris the two major military and political sponsors of hafter that have not only unable to after to
3:57 pm
start this war but we should remember half there was the first person in history to launch a coup on you tube in two thousand and fourteen he's a palpable idiot he wasn't able to he wasn't able to make any of the kind of gains that he has been able to make unless he had that kind of diplomatic and military political support for the last four years if you immunize him from any kind of form of condemnation or any form of sanction or any for penalty then what do you expect him to do he's right been for war he's not ripen for peace so you have to kind of close the doors that are a lot in him so it can be that it's very very specific there's been a massive massive violation of the arms embargo the u.a.e. has a massive massive air base now in eastern libya there is french special forces the military planners that have been a bit of a zipper three years how do you expect to have to try to turn towards a peaceful solution if it's being encouraged for so much war making sense so he has the external support but what about internally hafer have tired as has portrayed himself as the the solution to libya's problems how much support does he have
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within libya. well he's were a consensus figure i mean there but the very fact that he has to enter into these towns and cities militarily speaking shows that he's not a broker peace negotiation tactic is really about empowering local groups and i think this is why this in a libyan national army is almost a myth it's a narrative he attempts to go into different cities he finds local competitors and local groups are fighting one another and offer them a narrative your the army and your opponents in the terrorists and that's what he's been able to make these kind of sweeping gains because you know only offers them a narrative but he militarily empowers them for they actually empowers them and then gives them diplomatic and political immunity so i think in that respect it's very very difficult to understand how hafter is going to begin to make these sweeping gains with a conventional army number two there was a popularity we should remember that since the fighting ended but it was the first laws that were established were banning protests now that's the very kind of acid test that shows you how thin skinned off there is
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a number three if we're going to move towards elections which was the u.n. roadmap and how do you move toward elections in cities and towns that are now completely under their control who thought the ahead of half there would contest this power there who would be able to run against them it's it's mythical thank you so much for sharing your views with us and libya political analyst joining us there from beirut thank you for your time and other world news millions of algerians have rallied in the capital and elsewhere for the first time since the resignation of president abdelaziz bouteflika they are now demanding what if. follow his lead but has having what. algeria's military might be disappointed if it was hoping that the resignation of president abdulla's ease beautifully would dampen enthusiasm for anti-government protests millions of people came back on the streets for a seventh friday for them beautifully because resignation earlier this week is only a first gesture all of that we demand change is going to go
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all of them included and so. we cannot remain silent any more you are no longer afraid of you you have killed our children and started the whole nation to metallica and we have seen nothing from there you deem i am forty one years old and i can hardly make a living we are hoping for better. to sideline beautifully i lie is a continuing the intelligence chief bashir talked to has been fired and earlier this week eight businessmen had their passports seized as they were investigated for corruption state television showed a clearly frail eighty two year old beautifully handing in his resignation on tuesday and i think what's happened now is that certain grad schools are being settled the result is the target is no out of office and that begins to remove some of the infrastructure of the boot of the the regime but it will only be a beginning and whether it really blows a change in the institutions of the state or not that i die.


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