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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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good ratchet up pressure an increased. attention on the border which is what obviously what he wants to turn everyone's attention to right now the weather is next but still ahead on al-jazeera the struggle to get refugee children living in squalid camps a proper education increased. and frame supposes of a former brazilian president to mount his winnings from jail. hello again welcome back we're here cross united states it has been very messy in terms of severe weather down expression across much of the south you can see all the clouds right there on our satellite image well we do have some very warm air across that region a lot of humidity as well that is what is helping to fuel those thunderstorms and we're going to be seeing a lot of that action make its way towards the east of the next few days so for
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atlanta we could be seeing some airport delays at hartsfield airport up here towards washington we do expect to see a warm day at twenty six but it is going to be stormy as well new york on monday twenty degrees but once this front begins to push through we're going to be seeing some of those cities get a little bit cooler so for new york you tempt you will be coming down to about fifteen degrees washing will stay nice but the active weather is still going to remain down here across much of the southeast well here across the caribbean as well as into mexico expect to see some rain showers over the next few days particularly towards the northern part of central america making its way towards mexico for guatemala it is going to be a rainy day there the showers do increase in intensity over the next few days and we are going to see havana see a mostly cloudy day few with temperatures of about thirty one degrees and then very quickly across parts of argentina things looking quite nice when one is out as of the next few days it is going to be about twenty five with asuncion see high temperature of twenty seven.
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for the nomadic jocko tries survival is about reaching their destination if we don't hurry and never be able to get the focus of the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration on another country dangerous to the ice of them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of marking little sometimes luser chats with the local group because of the storm risking you don't go on al-jazeera. hello again i'm just. a reminder of the news this hour fighting around libya's
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capital is intensifying with strikes launched by the un backed government and war khalifa haftar us forces calls for a pause in violence have been ignored and the u.s. says there can be no military solution. thousands of protesters are continuing to defy a curfew in sudan's capital khartoum demanding the president resigns at least eleven people have been killed in demonstrations across sudan and saturday. kirsten nielsen is leaving her position as secretary of the u.s. department of homeland security she oversaw some of president obama's most controversial policies including the proposed border war and the separation of migrant families. the u.k. has condemned israel over plans for new settlements in the occupied west bank and turkey's also criticized israel's prime minister for an election promise to annex
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illegal settlements in the region benjamin netanyahu says he extend israeli sovereignty if he wins tuesday's election turkey's foreign minister and other charges show you called the comments irresponsible but palestinian leaders say they are surprised by the promise but it set to be a tight race between netanyahu and his main rival former army chief benny gantz how a force that has more on the campaign from western. four years ago benjamin netanyahu pushed the raisman who don't boo boo's in a facebook video on polling day he used fears of the palestinian israeli vote to mobilize his own core support. for that but in this campaign israel's prime minister has deployed race as an issue unapologetically and much earlier in the piece his most controversial move drink criticism from moderates at home and jewish organizations in the u.s. has been to engineer a coalition of smaller right wing parties that includes the supremacist jewish
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power one of whose candidates has been barred from standing for inciting racism against palestinians from all parties incitement racism against the palestinians in general and the palestinian minority in particular against the leadership of the pristina minority. clear statements that they are not part of the political the critic game in israel. one of the him you know his lines of attack against his main rival blue and white party has been that they would need the support of palestinian israeli parties to block him from forming a coalition that was taken up by israeli model lawyer and t.v. presenter returned seller who used her instagram page to ask and what's the problem with the arabs calling on the government to tell people they lived in a country of all its citizens and all people of boston. an equal israel's prime minister engaged telling his own six million strong social media following an important correction israel is not a country of all its citizens adding israel is the nation state of the jewish
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nation and its alone israeli jews are concerned and in some cases with good reason about the attitudes to israel of the duly elected arab leadership and therefore he's tapping into something that you know has some that exists and has some basis i would say for lots of israelis but he's taking it into. very disharmonious directions netanyahu denies that he's a few division insisting his likud party has served the interests of palestinian israelis benjamin netanyahu is throwing everything you can at this campaign as he battles to stay in office face down corruption charges and cement his legacy but his opponents say that legacy will be permanently tainted by the way he's chosen to fight this election are a force of al-jazeera westerners. turkey's ruling ak party is demanding a full recount of votes cast in istanbul during last month's may or all race and a major upset president russia party narrowly lost control of turkey's biggest city
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as well as the capital ankara the opposition's mayoral candidate in istanbul is urging the act party to accept defeat the iranian red president says u.s. sanctions are preventing any foreign of financial aid from assisting flood victims around special forces chief visited the flood hit southwestern christan province on sunday the government has promised that all flood victims will be fully compensated at least seventy people have died and more than eighty thousand have been moved to imagine shelters since the heavy rains began last month. the foreman essentially if he's fighting financial misconduct charges is expected to be sacked from the comic his board in the coming al is carlos cohen was removed as chen and after his arrest in an event that shareholders amazing japan's capital torture to discuss the next move against the sixty five year old cohen and his wife have both been protesting his innocence and in a video appeal gore has called for help from the french government thirty selema
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has more from tokyo this is a very important step partially in the case because if you distance lauren lord gone from. the center for shows on his influence would be almost zero in any on any officials there actually. were going to the press conference why is lawyers they're going to they're going to show us show the media actually a video video message recorded by sam just before he was that was the point thursday is lawyers are saying that they don't want him to say that truth and that's what the treated before do you want us to just one day before he was arrested so more and more of the case is going to get is getting indicated today would be also the end of this news not easy growth is not easy that's going on. in the company for for almost to get to the gate so it's very important day for to go
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forth and sometimes when american airlines says it won't fly boeing seven three seven max planes for another two months the aircraft remains grounded by u.s. regulators and other countries following crashes in ethiopia and indonesia american airlines has canceled about ninety flights a day since mid march. thousands of supporters a former brazilian president who was near led to sell that had rallied outside his present a year after he was jailed there insisting he's a victim of political persecution others there are celebrating a crackdown on the political elite reports. i lula still has support across brazil and around the world he was credited with lifting millions of brazilians out of poverty while president from two thousand and three to two thousand and ten and left office with sky high approval ratings. but then came the lover shot or car wash corruption scandal which implicated
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hundreds of brazilian politicians and business leaders lula was caught in his web convicted of accepting bribes from construction companies in return for contracts i he's always denied the charges saying they were a political vendetta to keep him from running in last october's presidential elections elections many believe he would have won he went to prison defiant do you feel i'm doing a very conscious thing i told my comrades that if it depended on me i would not go to prison but i will go i will go because they will say tomorrow that lula is out of the way that is hiding but no i am not hiding i will show them that i am not afraid that i am not going to run and they will know that i'm going to prove my innocence they need to know that. the seventy three year old was sentenced to twelve years than earlier this year a further thirteen so. that his legal team continues to fight for his release on
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legal and technical grounds his left wing workers' party on political grounds the united nations human rights committee is looking at his case. but the political mood in brazil has changed president. who swept to office on promises to fight corruption said he hopes his predecessor rots in jail. the prosecutors said joe morell who first put behind bars is now the justice minister man. of the many however continue to demonstrate that his release they remember brazil when the economy was healthier when the government was promoting poor indigenous and black communities but his new languishes in jail that for many brazilians seems like a long time ago. that al-jazeera now there's growing frustration in haiti over a prolonged fuel shortage a ship loaded with oil is sitting off the coast but it went dark until the country
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pays most of the sixty million dollars it owes for previous ten every s. alan fischer reports. it's become part of daily life in haiti codes gathering your own fuel stations hoping this will be the day they'll be a delivery on this because i have money to look for petrol but unfortunately i can't find any in a country with no fuel people will die if someone is sick and needs to be transported to the emergency hospital what will happen is he will die because of the gas crisis they bring any container they can find even a small amount of fuel might post all of the car or bike operate for a couple of days venezuela used to provide the island with cheap oil but it stopped a year ago because of its own internal issues now the country's government has to buy fuel supplies on the open market. the company which ships oil to haiti has had a tanker ready to dorchen port au prince since february but says there will be no delivery until
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a huge chunk of it standing sixty million dollar bill is paid. for the gas crisis is causing the people to suffer greatly especially those who share transport it's causing a lack of electricity in the country and there are plenty of places that spend days without electricity it's a serious crisis and will lower the production of the country and the economy and will cause a considerable impact on all growth for this year some of those who fuel have been selling it but jacking up the price we say there is no government in the country because people are spending the night in misery to get petrol the contract should have been respected and paid on time to deliver the oil those who are in elected positions should be ashamed of themselves. many have been told deliveries will resume tomorrow but in haiti to morrow is always another day away alan fischer al-jazeera a british man whose girlfriend was poisoned by the nerve agent novacek says amazing with russia's u.k. ambassador has failed to provide any says charlie rally fell ill after touching
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a discarded perfume bottle in the english town of ns free his girlfriend just died after coming into contact with the nerve agent police believe the bottle was used by assassins from moscow who were trying to measure a former russian double agents. of the rileys tried to figure out what happened and because i have a feeling that they also have a lot of questions and after i voiced our issues our questions those which we have put to the british foreign office for a year and none of which have been observed it was a revelation for them as well well britain's prime minister says there needs to be a compromise on all sides in order to find a solution to the brics that deadlock to resume has released a video message explaining why she's entered into talks with the opposition labor party head deal to leave the e.u. has been rejected by parliament three times. when you think about it people didn't vote on party lines when it came to the bricks at referendum and you know i think often that members of the public want to see their politicians working together
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more often now there's lots of things on which i disagree with the labor party on policy issues but on bret's it i think there are some things we agree on ending free movement ensuring we leave with a good deal protecting jobs protecting security and so we're talking can we find a way through this that ensures that we can get a good deal and a deal agreed through parliament it will mean compromise home pay sites but i believe that delivering breck's it is the most important thing for us the greek government is trying to offer an education to young refugees on the aegean islands but getting children into school is proving difficult locals say already thin resources are being stretched too far johnson has more from the island of solace. navi muddy is a fifteen year old afghan who dreams of becoming a civil engineer he missed a year of school while his family made its way from iran to greece something he can
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ill afford if he has to and to university now he has enrolled in a high school on summers but some local parents don't want refugees like interviewed mingling with their children one reason appears to be that refugees live in squalor four thousand of them packed in and around a camp meant for six hundred fifty naveed is lucky to live in a mobile home for most there is no proper sewage no electricity and no washing facilities we try to have the same life as we have. but it's. this is our situations don't we can't do anything is the canvas. and the game is very lives we don't. and we can't do anything many refugees opt for informal education offered by private charities that also gives them a break from the difficulties of camp life formal education for refugees and asylum seekers is a recent development here or them. when
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a representative from the great center for disease control came to talk to parents he said we're looking at a public health timebomb to shop basically vaccinated they get a single shot for measles mumps and rubella that doesn't mean it's going moment requirements refugees who arrive on the aegean islands are kept here for much of their asylum process in case they have to be deported back to neighboring turkey so they've been seen by many as a temporary population when the government offered education to asylum seekers and twenty sixteen refugees living on the islands were left out but the asylum process is so slow they are now stuck here for years last september the government extended education to island refugees about thirty haven't rolled so far here on some us but as many as a thousand a logical that's equal to two thirds of the local greek school population many of the people of south most and other reste adjourn islands consider that an unfair
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burden on the school system some of the ceiling some of us have shouldered all the refugee burden for europe's sake we've been left to our fate and people are worn out we don't have a problem with refugees we've got a problem with those who are responsible for the situation. greece and dispersal of the islands of the east of. europe's buffer against irregular migration from turkey most seem resigned to that fate but here they want to europe to do a better job of demonstrating its humanitarian values jump. hello i'm a star see attained doha with the headlines on al-jazeera fighting around libya's capital is intensifying with air strikes launched by the un backed government and world khalifa haftar forces calls for a pause in violence have been ignored and the u.s. says there can be no military solution thousands of protesters are continuing to
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defy a curfew in sudan's capital khartoum demanding the president resigns at least eleven people have been killed in demonstrations across three don since saturday kirsten nielsen is leaving her position as secretary of the u.s. department of homeland security she oversaw some of president donald trump's most controversial policies and trading the proposed border wall and the separation of migrant families and has more from washington d.c. . in the next couple of days people are asked the parlor game did she really resign or did she get fired because the president often tweets out that people have resigned and we later find out that he in fact sent them out the door where does she go because she has been so controversial issue going to be able to land a job any company to want to put her on let's say their board which is usually what happens to cabinet secretaries fearing a public backlash because she has become the face of this policy it's not just the
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president the u.k. has condemned israel over plans for new settlements in the occupied west bank turkey's also criticized israel's prime minister for an election promise to annex illegal settlements in the region benjamin netanyahu says he'd extend israeli sovereignty if he wins choose days election palestinian leaders say they are surprised by the promise turkey's ruling ak party is demanding a full recount of votes cast in istanbul during last month's may oral race president on this party narrowly lost control of takis biggest city as well as the capital ankara the foreman essentially if he's fighting financial misconduct charges is expected to be sacked from the carmaker's board in the coming hours cut off scorn was removed as chairman to his arrest in november shareholders meeting in japan's capital took your to discuss the next move against him well those are the
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headlines join me here for more news risking your soul to stay with us. armed vehicles transporting planes riots planes with guns one on one east explains why indonesian soccer fans fight and die for the sports analogy zero zero. zero. zero. zero zero. zero. zero zero.
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zero zero zero zero. zero. zero. zero. zero zero for. her was. her. name. until recently there was an infernal racket all around this lake the clank of pickaxes punctuated by explosions. but the noise stopped.
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it's an unwelcome silence. he and thousands of other golden jade hunters had to lay down their tools when the authorities closed down the mines. lawgiver gets by on odd jobs until he can find a buyer for the gems he hopes will change his destiny. and it doesn't have some of the nickel dishes in it or. so i took after being sorted there are many what i. could. as he waits for a buyer for his precious jade he makes extra money renting his small truck to nomadic herdsman whose seasonal migration takes place several times
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a year. who to meet the nomads lug for usually drives across the lake but this year the thought has come several months early. to intervene are these are the muscle myself a lot of acute all myself and all but. all we are doing in that we can definitely last into the early mild spell has affected the thick eighty centimeter layer of ice which could give way at any moment it. seems determined to try his luck. with one of the bottle that i've cut it to. the descendants of the great mongol conqueror again gift cards are
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a proud people. their courage never fails them. many hmong goalie ans a nomads and often live in inhospitable regions as winter ends the families drive their livestock to fresh pastures a four day journey at an altitude of two thousand meters in the icy mountains the temperature can reach minus forty degrees celsius. here are the. legs doesn't like the look of the gray eyes
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a sure sign that it's full of water. slowly the van sinks deeper. if the ice reaches halfway up the doors he'll be trapped his truck will become a metal coffin he needs to find a way out of. an issue and then all of the puzzle side of the who can do in. this. dialogue all to do more there's a job to that idea going to sit down. at
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a hotel loaded to do. his worst fears confirmed loud by heads back to shore. after a considerable detour the van arrives at the tribe's camp. in mongolian means craftsman. that have all. i know as i would you. know have made it through again you know how i didn't know that i didn't have us out that. are going to get good.
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they planned to leave the following morning. the ritual is always the same before each migration everyone gathers in the family. elders recount tales as a warning to the young things and i thought that that's where sixty year old men still has a good memory that's where. they want. to do the month old original show of my own for a while they told us you know you're going to. be out and about a one hundred but i do not only do a quarter we have to think and i want to. know what to do with all of that you know shoulder. and we've. got more to smile about. for the team q. .
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early in the morning all menace cracking sounds coming from the lake. there i. find i can tell you. how to get cheap shots at you just to show. us. his interest if he too. thought he'd be one of the toss up that high but he can direct us to the thing as a test or something. these
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members of the dog tribe will migrate with almost two hundred fifty animals cheap goats horses yaks and all their belongings. apart from the year that all their possessions fit into two trunks. where you. are never going out though not that often although i have yet to. get a courtesy to tell her talkative a key. border to i'm sure to one of the ones that have a critter tell. you where the degree of him and then going through the phone i don't think it's about. time is not a factor for the nomads they advance at their own pace.
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the van leads the way. the yaks are the fastest. the sheep and goats follow close behind. find a hopeful home for. both old uncle and both of them was the one. of . the total. if you do. it's a long four day ride to the new pastures. twenty
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year old brings up the rear. lug of a small russian van is almost thirty five years old but he wouldn't swap it for the world he has absolute trust in his vehicle. traffic to. move all the more. cogito up to the part that the bad that we could cut that part of the combat is the. part of the old i was up with but if not you know don't want to find out that.
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a few kilometers back by out the clan chief is smiling he's just had some good news . oslo before we talk about how they plan. to cut. the path narrows on some of the animals panic. in. the long climb up to the two thousand meter high gauge lake pass will be no easy task. but the vans are down below and taking an ice bound route boeing knew all good dude in danger it was a. guy who got tons of london.


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