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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join the colobus conversation. this is. watching the news hour live from doha it's good to have your company coming up in the next sixty minutes. and an unprecedented move the u.s. formally labeled iran's revolutionary guards a terrorist organization. the u.s. bars and sixteen saudis over the killing of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi. forces loyal to libyan warlord pretty far have tried to launch air strikes on tripoli the only operational airport. and
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a key day in court for leaders of hong kong's pro-democracy movement. and then on president said move u.s. president donald trump has designated iran's revolutionary guard to a foreign terrorist organization it is the first time washington's taken such a step against another country's military also in jordan has more from washington d.c. . iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps i r g c one hundred twenty five thousand troops strong is joining sixty seven others on the u.s. is a foreign terrorist organization list the secretary of state says the i.r.g.c. is a fundamental threat to u.s. national security the masquerade as a legitimate military organization but none of us should be formed. it regularly violates the laws of armed conflict it plans organize and executes terror campaigns
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all around the world the i.r.g.c. is already a specially designated global terrorist organization but this is the first time the us has put a government agency on its foreign terrorist organization list the top administration says the i.r.g.c. actively destabilizes other middle eastern countries from supporting the syrian government in its civil war to helping hezbollah undermine lebanon's government to sending advisors guns and money to who the fighters in yemen the question for the trumpet ministration why do this now we're taking an entirely new approach to this of significant sort of sustained maximum economic pressure to deny the i.r.g.c. and the iranian regime of the revenue that it needs to conduct its foreign policy the trumpet ministration says there are other reasons to put the i.r.g.c. on the list it plots attacks on opponents and other countries and uses money from
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both state run and private businesses to fund its operations and give safe haven to al qaeda operatives a former u.s. official says targeting the i.r.g.c. is understandable but could backfire on the trumpet ministration iran is is not doing well. and there is significant unrest within the country you know but the ayatollah and his government can make a credible claim that that this hardship is the fault of the united states and the early reaction from town it's now declaring the u.s. military in the middle east a terrorist organization and the iranian foreign minister says donald trump is trying to throw tuesday's parliamentary elections in israel quote another misguided election eve gift to netanyahu another dangerous u.s. misadventure in the region u.s. officials say it's important to hold onto a key. held for its human rights abuses at home and its disruptive behavior abroad
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but it's not clear that other countries are going to join in with the u.s. as it steps up its efforts to isolate iran. jordan al-jazeera the state department the u.s. state department is blocking sixteen saudi citizens from entering the u.s. over the merger of journalist. they include tiny he's accused of organizing killing on the orders of the crown prince mohammed bin sol mon because i was a columnist for the washington post and had been critical of the crown prince. is professor of law and director of the center on security and civil rights at rutgers university and joins me now from on skype from new york new jersey thank you very much for coming on the program. the people listed the sixteen people who had already been identified as being behind bars are suspects what difference does it make now that they're barred from the u.s.
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. well it's just one more task are one more action of the government is taking against them to signal that at least the trumpet ministration is trying to respond to the international significant international pressure particularly by the press to punish saudi arabia and more specifically to punish been so men haven't been sent men and in fact in december two thousand and eighteen the senate unanimously issued a resolution. stating that they believe have been sent men was responsible for the more murder of a showing which is quite significant that all the republican signed on notwithstanding that trump has defended been sent men to contrary to international opinion international press does this signal any kind of change in the troubling ministrations stance against saudi arabia where the president had
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clearly said that saudi was essential for their economic ties so would this make any difference. no i think he is doing exactly what been sent man is doing which is looking for scapegoats so the real issue is did been send men order the assassination and its members meant. and the cia has high confidence that he did the senate clearly believes that he did the international press believes that he did and the only person who refuses to acknowledge it or to even take it seriously is donald trump so i think all of these steps are just marginal steps to try to appease this international pressure and i think trump is probably not going to waver because one i think he thinks that saudi arabia is a key ally in the so-called deal of the century that he's trying to make on the arab israeli conflict and also because he needs saudi arabia to remain.
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loyal to him in terms of what he wants to do in selling billions of dollars of aid to the saudis and having them agree to all of his foreign policy actions including yes yuron and syria cetera and do you think this is as far as the u.s. will go by barring these sixteen saudi citizens or do you think if there is more pressure at the u.s. could take for further steps against saudi arabia. i doubt that he is going to take further steps trom there may be some individuals particularly international lawyers maybe through the fiance of her show here the two file suits in international tribunals if that's possible there may be other countries that may sanction bin sandman and so there i think that many of the supporters of shogi may try to find alternative ways to pressure been some man and
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to punish him through other countries but in the meantime trump sees this entire process as an opportunity for him to control bits and then because now he's in a position of weakness so i think trump is going to play it as long as he can to get as many concessions out of saudi arabia as again sorry from rutgers university great to get your insight thank you thank you. our relations with saudi arabia are also in the spotlight in britain where billions of dollars were the weapons sales will come under the spotlight again on tuesday and a london courtroom lawyers for human rights groups will argue that the sales of violate the u.k. sex part policies here is not a more. the war in yemen has unquestionably punished the civilian population beyond belief now a group of campaigning organizations is trying on appeal to prevent the british government from supplying weapons to a key player in the conflict i. since the war started four years ago the u.k.'s
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licensed around six point five billion dollars worth of arms sales to saudi arabia . as well as precision guided bombs and initial it sold typhoon a tornado fighter jets made in supplied by british firm systems but most importantly it supplies personnel to maintain and train saudi personnel to operate them and just last week the dispatches program into the form of the personnel he said that if if they weren't there in saudi arabia the air force would stop flying british planes within seven to fourteen days at the most in two thousand and seventeen the u.k. high court ruled the government could keep licensing arms sales to riyadh but last year after saudi journalist was murdered by saudi agents in the country's culture lesson istanbul germany suspended arm sales to saudi arabia it recently extended that ban and now campaigners say it's time for britain to take similar steps at the
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heart of the case is the arms trade treaty which says the government cannot license home sales if there's a clear risk the items involved might be used for a serious violation of international humanitarian law now the u.k. government has told our jazeera we operate one of the most robust export control regimes in the world and keep our defense exports to saudi arabia under careful and continual review all at. license applications are assessed on a case by case basis against the consolidated e.u. or national export licensing criteria taking account of all relevant factors at the time of the application we will not grant a license if to do so would be inconsistent with these criteria for the main group bringing the appeal the u.k. is simply ignoring the facts on the ground time and again we've heard from the safety regime that it supposedly taking every precaution to ensure it's not killing civilians and yet the bombings of funerals continue the bombings of weddings continue the bombing of school buses continue we have seen should have been days of
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celebration turns into massacres we've seen family homes destroyed trouble and yet all the while the arm sales of continues as the deadly airstrikes continue in yemen with millions facing desperate poverty largely because of the ongoing fighting a win for the campaigners could create an important precedent. london. the un's libya and boy has condemned an attack on the country's main airport. says it calls it a serious violation of humanitarian law after warlord how half hearted defied calls for a truce with an airstrike on lighty the airport that's in tripoli's the eastern suburbs flights have been suspended and there's also been fighting on the former international airport which hasn't been used since it was damaged and attacks in twenty fourteen mom with a head has this report from tripoli. is trying explain libya's main
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airport. in the east of the city attacked by warplanes on the orders of the warlords only for have to international passengers are being evacuated. libya's hold is put on this sort of an edge of the capital tripoli is also under attack forces allied to the u.s. and the government have relate to repeal have to visit vance. well now. we can't accept military rule in libya that's why we've come to tripoli to defend the city. here in the city's disused airport the forces loyal to the backed government say that they are in full control and have to as forces have pulled back but as they clash as are still ongoing the fear is rising that civil other neighborhoods will be affected the u.n. is repeating calls for a truce it says thousands of civilians have fled the area i think the first message we need to pass united states is the full implementation of the my italian troops
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to allow the civilians and the wounded to be evacuated from. the city and to avoid any further military action and then a further military escalation and then return to the political negotiations and the political track airstrikes were launched by both the us and back to government and have to his forces at the weekend the u.s. has joined demands from other g seven countries for hafter to hold his office. but analysts doubt the u.s. demand this statement from the secretary of state where we. try to see the capital we call and how to strength and. action behind this statement if you will drew of u.s. forces already location of us also from tripoli to go elsewhere this does not look like an administration that is committed to the protection of searches government.
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libya has been divided between two competing governments for the past five years the administration in tripoli is bad by the united nations the other in the eastern city of tobruk by have to end them in miami usually at the store one of the libyan army's task is to protect libyan constitution which guarantees and protects the nation's institutions on the citizens the libyan army is moving towards tripoli with one goal which is to free it from the armed militias. have to his forces. the fighting continues to groups in the capital but the offensive is also about money and who controls libya's central bank and its oil companies based in the capital. tripoli. but plenty more still coming up this news hour including more resignations at the top of the u.s. department of homeland security. and just days away from the world's largest election we'll look at the main issues for indian voters.
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three hong kong democracy campaigners are waiting to hear if they face jail time for their involvement in mass protests of twenty fourteen there among nine activists facing colonial era charges of conspiring crossing and instigating public nuisance the twenty fourteen umbrella movement brought hong kong to a standstill the thousands of people calling for free elections for the city's leader. and no matter what happened today. i have the confidence many people today. will be together we'll continue to strive for folks to oversee and will persist on doing not give up. and sarah clarke now joins me live from hong kong so sara what do we expect in port today.
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well as you just heard that the nine people have been charged with include the three occupy founders betty thai he was just on camera then i did number of activists lawmakers and student leaders they were right here and spoke to the media before they went in they said it sounded like they expecting appearing to go to giles as you mentioned the very tight chord on others to continue their support so right of freedom of expression and right of political democracy in hong kong to spot when they go to trial or not. you mentioned the charges these charges through connected to the twenty four chain protests one of particulars and starving people to hold public nuisance and the prosecution has been arguing over this twenty day trial that this group of students it is quite a box of supporters and the occupy founders were trying to put pressure on beijing and the hong kong government to get into that mindset today will be to the sentence and the. court just been adjourned for an hour or so but we hope to hear they fight
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at some stage today and i wonder how does this bode for the future of hong kong's pro-democracy movement if you can use kulu know there are laws to bring people to court for protesting. well there has been accusations that certainly by using his intervening and destructive goading the judicial independence of hong kong but over the last couple of years the fallout from these products and protests has been ongoing we've had a number of student leaders have served time in jail clothes night for more joshua long and we've also had five hundred national party to push for independence the leader of that and in china he's now gone to jail he's also been banned from standing so the fallout from the pro-democracy protests in twenty fourteen continues and there's a huge interest in what will happen today sarkar can hong kong for us thank you. the head of the u.s. secret service is leaving his job randolph alice is one of several leadership
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changes at the department of homeland security the secret service provides protection for the president and other top u.s. officials and alice departure follows the resignation of homeland security secretary kiersten nelson our correspondent patty culhane joins us live from washington patty you know we're speaking about this turmoil in the homeland security but before that we've heard that a court has ruled against some of trump's key immigration policies can you set us off by speaking about that first. of course you know this is going to infuriate the president he often rails against the judiciary if you think about it every controversial new move he has made on the southern border some judge somewhere in the federal system says you can't do that and stops him so yet again we're seeing a judge a federal judge in california say the president's new plan on amnesty seekers is
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unconstitutional and he's giving them to friday to stop the practice so basically the way it is was before trump made these moves is that if you made it on says u.s. soil you could legally claim amnesty the president likes to say there are legal but there's nothing illegal about it they're legally allowed to ask for amnesty then the practice had been they can move into the united states while they await their period to find out if they can be granted amnesty well recently the president changed that he said no you can declare ask for amnesty but then you have to go back to mexico to wait for your asylum hearing and the judges are so backed up this could take months or even years and the migrants there had said this is an unsafe circumstance they felt like they were being targeted in mexico so the american civil liberties union sued as it has been doing in the truck administration saying this is unconstitutional and now we have a judge in california say yes it is unconstitutional so for the people who brought the suit the judge says let them into the country to await their amnesty trial for
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everyone going forward from friday the government has to let them enter the united states so this is going to be seen as yet again another huge blow to president trump and his immigration policies on the southern border and patty going back to these resignations present and future where we're going to have acting had said the top part of every part of the government dealing with immigration and the border how much of a problem is that going to be. well it is going to be a problem in the sense that there is a reason that these agencies have directors have cabinet secretaries they set policy so now there's a sort of void and especially the way he's gotten rid of the homeland security secretary and five past her deputy in order to name this new person it's not at all clear that they're going to be able to get confirmation and the real question is the president has said he was unhappy with his team because they weren't tough enough he was basically reportedly say ok even though a judge said you can't separate families anymore take children from their parents
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of the border i want to do it anyway so the people who were around him were say mr president you can't break the law the judge has ruled so he's made it clear that he wants to see their replacements be as in his words tougher on immigration so does that mean they're these people are going to be willing to break the law and lead to a constitutional crisis like when we really haven't seen before remains to be seen we know that that's what the president wants the other question is can they get through the senate because remember they can be acting but eventually he has to put up a nominee for the actual position and the senate has to confirm them so this could potentially could be a really big deal especially in the southern border of the united states had to go hand in washington for us thank you. israelis who will begin voting in a few hours and they'll be deciding if benjamin netanyahu wins another term as prime minister has main challenger benny gantz is just slightly ahead in the polls harry fawcett has this report from west jerusalem on the campaign strategy and the promises made by the candidates. on the last day of campaigning benjamin netanyahu
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turned to a familiar closing argument the mortal danger facing his likud party's right wing government oh cool the hour is very late at the moment we are behind a few seats ganser leading the only way to close the gap and ensure with certainty about the could will form the next government that have a big we could bring all the people doesn't you know says israel needs him but only he could have won victories such as last month's u.s. endorsement that israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights. he's also made a last minute promise to impose sovereignty over in other words an exterior israel to every illegal settlement in the occupied west bank all but killing off any still lingering hopes of a two state solution. he's gone back on similar pre-election pledges before so this time does he mean it seems like this is a lection ploy but. we're in uncharted territory in this election with the indictments likely to come soon after the election it's possible that in the
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coalition to go afterwards he may be held to those calls by saw the right wing party the attorney general's decision to indict the prime minister pending hearings on three corruption cases has had little impact on opinion polls but ultra right nationalists could seek a high price for supporting a prime minister who wants to stay in office while fighting a criminal case a price such as settlement annexation his main opponent wants to make such questions academic by beating netanyahu at the ballot box benny gantz made his own final appeal for votes on monday. we're going to serve them the voters from the right and the left and all the citizens of israel we are going to win this. the former army chief has been attacking netanyahu on security policy criticizing his attempts to pacify the crisis in gaza by making deals with hamas. dance supports the trump decision on the occupied golan heights but he has denounced netanyahu
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settlement annexation plan as irresponsible in the midst of an election campaign his own blue and white party advocates a continued israeli military presence in the occupied west bank itself a red line for palestinian leaders along with preserving large illegal settlements at the same time the party argues for a regionally and globally supported peace agreement without specifically endorsing a two state solution but there is more to this election than its main players netanyahu and dance there are thirty nine parties taking part with several hovering just above or just below the three point two five percent share of the vote required for a place in the israeli parliament the knesset that means a relatively small number of votes could radically reshape the policies and the makeup of israel's next government israeli soldiers have been among the first to vote but their ballots will be among the last to be counted and not jus in until thursday this election is so finely poised that everyone might have to wait until then for a clear cut final result are a force that al-jazeera westerners. saddam's defense minister says he won't allow
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a breakdown in security as a sit in protest outside the president's compound enters the fourth day demonstrators are calling for talks with saddam's army to oust omar al bashir and form a transitional government earlier soldier was killed the security forces attempted to break up the sit in in the capital khartoum at least twelve people have died since saturday and the largest demonstrations since the protests began and november and december. there have lost suits against banks in luxembourg saudi arabia and the united arab emirates accusing them of currency manipulation cutter's government says that three banks caused billions of dollars of damage to its economy by weakening its currency the cases filed in london new york accuse the banks of devising the plan following a boycott against cutter and june twenty seventeen saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt imposed an economic blockade on qatar. georgiou
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coffee arrow is the chief executive of gulf state analytics that's a d.c. based geo political risk consulting firm and he joins us from washington d.c. so thank you very much for coming on the program could you first explain what these lawsuits are what is underpinning these lawsuits and how that relates to the blockade against cutter yes what we learned back in twenty seventeen as you said which was the your that the g.c.c. crisis erupted the qatari is alleged that the saudis in iraq engaged in what they called financial warfare against cuts or this was through certain banks that are closely linked to both countries. to banks that are in the gulf in riyadh and in one b. one bank in luxembourg that's been historically linked to all be according to these
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accusations these banks provided fraudulent quotes with the intention of undermining confidence in the qatari economy this was part of an alleged scheme to take cuts or as economy at the time of the boycotts. claims that the country's actions were designed to destabilize qatar's currency and financial markets and undermine confidence in qatar's economy hasn't had much of an impact. well right now in these courts in london and in new york they cut the trees are seeking billions of dollars there is a certain amount of damage that they've calculated was a result of the actions taken by these three banks did this quote unquote financial warfare or result in qatar capitulating in the
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blockading states like riyadh and i would be wanted no obviously not this alleged campaign if it took place this financial warfare did not achieve its objective but it did hurt the qatari economy and there's no doubt that costs are paid a big price and we're talking billions of dollars as a consequence of the siege that was implemented almost two years ago and what do you think that there is likely to achieve with this lawsuit well you know this is not just about the billions of dollars that qatar is seeking this is also about sort of settling a score in the arena of international opinion setting the record straight as to what it was that actually took place in twenty seventeen it's part of an effort to expose the different ways in which the leadership in saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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went after qatar back in twenty seventeen when they were trying to pressure the emirate into capitulating to a set of demands that would have ultimately amounted to qatar handing over its sovereignty to these two gulf states. states analytics thank you very much great to get your insight. and still ahead an al-jazeera a major defeat for colombia's president and his push to alter a twenty six thousand peace treaty. and with the bag the deadline only days away the e.u. urges britain's politicians to find common ground. and a swell feeling as surfing gets equal pay peter will be here with the details.
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and there are a few showers showing themselves in the satellite picture spreading out from vietnam into southern china but these are sort of irrelevant the proper rains developing once again further north from shanghai along the yangtze those warts sure that that system is quite active and spreads fairly quickly eastwards towards japan on tuesday night and it will spread some of the largest some of the rain further south in china it will tend to die as i think in hong kong for example they will stay dry but it will hon the showers or even the rain not far away it's not from a spring rain set again yet but it's certainly more of an indication that we've got a bit of activity in west papua once more huge amounts of rain but generally speaking this shows a pretty well spread notice of the philippines through born here and back towards sumatra even trying to show themselves up as far north as bangkok which is not dry and quiet area the moment majority cloud in the forecast is for the size of
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singapore and cayle could get a shower or two mostly we're talking about sumatra still going to be involved jakarta and a good part a similar ways in borneo but still most places are drawing not to wet it's not a season to watch not just rising temperatures but pretty big thunderstorms rolling through northern india and bangladesh repeatable daily. who was sponsored by qatar at. twenty one the teenage years are left behind still trying to find a place trying to fit in to the whole picture and adult hood begins to take form i did cook occasionally but doesn't really want me do you want me to stay off my feet in two thousand and six south africa revisits the children of apartheid for the third time and much has changed over the past fourteen years twenty one up south africa announces iraq. egypt strongman is ruling with an ally and faced on the
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sidelines from his allies is deafening us was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have for them victim to his repression executions torture censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera. is there and here's her line of her main stories this hour the u.s. has added iran's revolutionary guard to its so-called terrorist list the first time
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washington's such a label to another country's armed forces iran's responded by giving the u.s. military the same designation. and the state department is blocking sixteen saudi citizens from entering the u.s. over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi thank ludes patani who's accused of organizing killing on the or. others of the crown prince mohammed bin solomon. and the main airports in the libyan capital tripoli have shut down up to airstrikes by the war. forces the un's envoy for libya says the attack violates international law and as called on have turned to pull back from civil war. let's get more now on our top story and that's the u.s. is decision to label iran's revolutionary guard a terrorist organization these lawmakers revolutionary guard corps is iran's most powerful security organization it's and as it has an estimated one hundred twenty five thousand personnel between its army navy and air force it was formed off to
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the one nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution then to the clerical regime it has a huge influence in the political system and controls large sectors of iran's economy it's also in charge of the ballistic missile and nuclear programs and ons is directly to the supreme leader ayatollah ali how many it's elites wing it is the could force which supports regional allies including syrian president bashar al assad and lebanon's hezbollah. is a republican strategist and former adviser to the late senator john mccain and joins us from washington d.c. good to have you on the show mr frank oh thank you very much i'd first like to ask you what was the logic what is the logic with labeling the revolutionary guards as terrorists now at this point in time. i think there are two or three factors first it is consistent with the trumpet ministrations hard line on iran course the u.s.
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has had a very hard line on iran for decades and we do not have diplomatic relations with iran but obviously president trouble with the steps he has taken regarding the iran nuclear deal scuttling it and taking during the campaign a very determined view that the united states needed to do more to put pressure on iran that is first of all consistent secondly tomorrow there are actions in israel and it's really been lost on no one here in the united states that. president trump would like prime interest church netanyahu to win reelection and he has done everything possible to strengthen. the good parties stance in israel everything from the golan heights recognition of the golan heights as is really territory to now this hard line on an iran which is course he shares with prime minister netanyahu so i think the timing although secretary pompei o said it was
5:36 am
quite so gentle it is just twenty four hours before a very close election in israel the timing is certainly a boost to prime minister netanyahu lastly of course one of the port aliments here is both countries are now designated significant if you will military aspects of their or their operations as terrorist but the u.s. designation carries with it a special burden for european allies that do business as your program perfectly teed up with iran that they can no longer do business with both the united states and this entity that is so widespread and solomonic you had set up in certain individuals are now terrorists themselves that puts enormous economic pressure on iran so those are all the factors in. who will that i think influence the president's decision now there are those within the administration that have their
5:37 am
reservations to labeling them as terrorists particularly because it could put the u.s. and allies and their allies in danger because the rules of engagement would now change in conflict areas correct well that's true of course this is although consistent with what has happened with the iran nuclear deal that of course have put us at odds with european allies and this is certainly. a longer conversation but a very complicating factor for a number of our allies that do business with iran of course we do it very differently very indirectly if we do we do it at all so it complicates that relationship immensely that they now have to really be very careful about whether they continue to do business with iran and if they do that they're not in any way shape or form aiding this now terrorist organization under our law our does ignatius so that that's a complicating factor with the allies but president trump has said consistently and
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he has acted that he will put america's interest first of course when he ran for president that the enters the united states come first and that they allies of the united states need to understand that our our national interests are our interests and they're not a course consistent with iran's and lastly the administration has made it clear that iran is the number one culprit for instability in the region and is prepared to take this and further action if necessary but what is speech is placing more burden on the iranian people particularly those who don't particular who don't necessarily support iranian policies that that anger the u.s. the r.g.c. can our young men are drafted into the r.g.c. and so now we are labeling. number are part of the population as terrorists. well the organization is terrorist of course the leadership is terrorist and those
5:39 am
individuals will will not be able for example to have significant problems traveling of course. and doing a number of things that they would in the past not be able but be able to do more freely i think that's that's a fair point but we of course place will embargo on cuba and people have made the same arguments about this it is it is a choice and the president has made it clear that it's to the extent that we do business with iran to the extent that that we provide cash to iran he criticized even the part of the iranian deal as you know there was a cash payment that the arguably was due to iran that should never have been paid that we are aiding in a regime that is to tell a tarion and intolerant and frankly has promoted terrorism throughout the region so it is the hope that the iranian people can draw the distinction between entities that from the perspective of the united states are causing a great deal of instability and the iranian people with whom we stand and hope will
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move to democracy but also franco great to speak to you and get your insight thank you very much ok thank you thank you. the colombian president attempts to alter parts of a twenty six thousand peace treaty has been rejected by congress the move triggered by tree triggered protests in a number of cities he wanted changes to a special tribunal to hospital trying former far cratylus for crimes we cannot go tell us on that are on the joint says from so alison though is this a major defeat for those who opposed the peace deal. definitely d.v.m. probably the biggest defeat so far in the government of president. and the government officials knew that it would have been difficult for them to win this vote but they campaigned on changes to the deal the most radical part of his right wing coalition wanting to be changes because they considered the deal
5:41 am
that was signed with the five through lenient towards the next rebels among other things that they don't like so they pushed for at least changes but they simply didn't have the numbers that in congress or even the two main that a centrist or center right parties that had so far voted with the government turned their back on the president in this case saying that it is time for this government then for colombia to look at the future to think about the problems that affect colombians on a daily basis and not reopen i debate that most people consider that has already been settled now remember that the peace deal already went through a number of changes following a plebiscite thing wait which a slim majority of colombians voted against it the new deal was
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passed in congress and was ratified by the country's constitutional court so many among the oppositions are saying that the changes that the president took it was proposing go through is veto were unconstitutional all right so this is mean this is the end of the discussion over the peace deal or. president likely to push for other avenues. most likely that will not be the case now given the fact that congress voted against. this veto the senate could decide to pick it up but according to the colombian constitution life one of the two chambers of the colombian parliament votes against it has that has happened today here in colombia monday then the president is expected to sign. this law now this law was
5:43 am
a law that was governing that the functionality of the piece tribunals has been where investigating the worst crimes committed during the civil conflicts so probably the president will have to now sign it without asking families to the senate to also consider at the end in any case it seems quite clear that the constitutional court would again vote against any changes things they already ratified the deal as it as it was that says speaking to a number of politicians in the president's party the democratic center parcs as it is called that they have said that this is not the end of the thinking consider this as the battle that they have lost but that they will continue to find being for the changes they think are necessary for this to be a p.c. accepted by all colombians alexander graham bell at the in bogota for us thank you
5:44 am
. now the british parliament has approved a law forcing the prime minister to delay bragg's it to avoid a no egg no deal exit on friday so until state politicians will debate how long an extension to seek from the european union and progress in terrorism a travel to france and germany ahead of a crucial break that the e.u. but the bloc leaders could still refuse to grant a delay may once more time to agree a deal with the opposition labor party powerful leaders from westminster. talks to continue between the conservative government of the labor opposition to try and find some way the two sides can agree on a way forward with the braggs it is but the opposition leader jeremy corbyn has not been particularly forthcoming more confident about how those talks are progressing the problem is that the government isn't simply moving off the original red lines i've put the case forward for the customs union with the european union for market
5:45 am
access and particularly for protection of rights to consumers environment and those that work and those have to be dynamic and guaranteed in the future so far we haven't have those undertakings but on tuesday to resume a meets the german chancellor and the french president and other european leaders on wednesday and she needs to give them some sort of reason why they should grant the united kingdom an extension to bragg's it and to resume is hoping to be able to say look i'm going getting forward with these talks with the labor party we hope we can come to some sort of agreement although the indications so far from the labor party as we've heard are that those talks are not going that well but to reason may need to give something to those european leaders so they can give her the extension that she wants. so in his ruling party has announced its political manifesto just days before the
5:46 am
start of the world's large. election the b j p is promising improved national security and social programs are doing more to fight corruption it's also targeting women voters with promises of what it called female empowerment prime minister narendra modi's seeking reelection but faces opposition from raul gandhi of the congress party so let's take a look at the key issues ahead of the polls opening on thursday unemployment is a major concern that with india is suffering its worst way to nearly half a century or more than one billion people in the country and about half are under twenty five and out of work the needs of india's farmers are also a priority about a quarter of the population works in agriculture for the many facing low crop prices and mounting debt hate crimes are another issue that is going to be likely there have been more attacks against religious minorities and marginalized communities since the last election and then there is the question about regional security tensions between india and neighboring pakistan spiked after
5:47 am
a bomb attack in indian administered kashmir and set theory so raman has this report from new delhi. for decades india had a coalition government. put in twenty fourteen populous leader of the birth year to the party or the b.g.p. swept to victory with an absolute majority has got big problems to ease poverty improve the economy and rid the idea of corruption. but he's been seen by many as favoring the hindu majority population and that's led to political tensions and violence although india is the second largest exporter of be for the world council federated by hindus vigilantly attacks against people in the beef have left many dead another source of conflict is are you it's a religious site played by both hindus and muslims and has been fought over for decades india supreme court has intervened on the un human rights chief is what do
5:48 am
you delhi its actions are being monitored in a saab the b j p is demanding that minorities many muslims prove their indian or face deportation to bangladesh the government has a strategy is one of course was a government development but other was communism no major conflict right but small incidences of rights were on the agenda and that's what they have been doing for years and this has been strong fear in their management community of the economy the government was criticized are true took high value five hundred of thousands of repeat banknotes out of circulation in twenty six d. it had a devastating effect it grew areas which rely on cash not plastic even in towns and cities there were long queues at banks problem that demonization has created is very clear. that it has. it has ruined. informal
5:49 am
sector and it has also ruined the rural business in a big way and the. in the cities they had to go back they lost the their jobs so there's a lot of risk there in the economy. begin to national congress party and its allies that form the united progressive alliance are trying to claw back power it's led by forty eight year old rahul gandhi who's promising to bring india the prosperity and development it wants regional allies and smaller state based parties can make or break a government the banditry is the leader of the old india trinamool congress in west bengal and mayawati leads by who johnson march party in her pradesh there standing on independent platforms but may well become kingmakers in any coalition government there is a possibility that parties. water and or border sides. as the common sense board at the moment that none of them. so they will need. a government and that
5:50 am
you may have made it is not a party that's going make us. in recent weeks national security has been at the forefront of the political debates in february and i tackled paramilitary forces and paul walker it didn't administered kashmir killed forty indian troops the pakistan based rebel group claimed responsibility it dia's military attack to its bases in pakistan administered. a response that brought the to clear our neighbors close to another all out conflict all added to political divisions in the run up to india's seventeenth general election so he'll rob al jazeera new delhi.
5:51 am
5:52 am
hello there it is. thank you very much madge is the city's right him sterling says walking off the pitch will not solve the problem of racist abuse in football just weeks after he was abused playing for england sterling was speaking ahead of city's champions league quarter final against tottenham whose player danny rose says he can't wait to quit football because of racist abuse
5:53 am
a spate of incidents have occurred in matches across europe of late it's led to the idea of players walking off in protest but sterling says he'd rather stay on the pitch and score. my mom taught me how to love myself and how to love my skin color not to be comfortable my skin color i wouldn't personally agree with it because i fit in. try and go on when the game if it's going on in a moment after you know what i mean more trying to get you down you know and if you do walk of the pitch as a group makes the winter you know t.v. score a goal we wouldn't want to win a much affinity you know feeling that beats them well they're quarter final first leg on tuesday sees tottenham host city in london in their first quarter final since they lost the real madrid eight years ago they also the underdogs but can take hope from the fact that city were knocked out at this stage last year by another english out that liverpool and speaking of the reds they welcome f.c.
5:54 am
porto and feel that there will be porter five nil in the champions league last year but not taking anything for granted despite being on a run of form that has put them on top of the premier league standings beyond five euros that's how it is in training you can see that we are really in again and a good moment but other teams as well so we are playing for a lot and we will see tomorrow night pardew really wants to go through and. good so it will be a tough one but that's all how it should be. in two thousand and two the world watched and admire as brazilian forward ronald demeo looked up the world cup and help his country lift the trophy now his son is getting ready for professional football the fourteen year old gentleman that is signed a six year contract with cruzeiro in brazil impressed the club in a trial without revealing to them father is. the trump administration has cancelled an agreement with cuba to allow its baseball players to sign for major league teams
5:55 am
in the u.s. without defecting from their homeland the deal negotiated under former president obama would have allowed a number of players to compete in the n.l. b. and bring their families to the u.s. but returned to cuba in the offseason white house has now declared the deal illegal been coach of the french national rugby union team is generally stable job only one coaches have been sacked and it is now turned out to have cost the french federation one point one million dollars that's how much or labor tribunal has ordered them to pay this man the novice in compensation for wrongful dismissal he lost half of his forty matches in charge before being fired in december twenty seventh team it comes as the french are holding a referendum to decide if they can appoint a foreign coach for the first time ever. the golden state warriors have taken the western conference as top seed for the n.b.a. playoffs with a win in their final regular season game steph curry scored twenty seven points as
5:56 am
the worry is being the l.a. clippers one hundred thirty one one hundred four it's their first meeting in a row and they did wearing throwback to these honoring the two thousand and seven team that made the playoffs off to a twelve year drought. the brooklyn nets also into the playoffs having clinched their first post-season berth since twenty fifteen by beating the indiana pacers one hundred eight ninety six the playoffs begin next saturday. now in australia round one of the world surf league has seen men and women competitors receive the same prize money for the first time the season opening events was on australia's gold coast it was brazil's ferrera who took first place in the men's tournament with some great moves out on the waves and some pretty wild celebrations too. as for the women it was seventeen year old caroline marks from the united states who finished up she's the youngest surfer on the world tour and thanks to
5:57 am
a decision taken by the surfing lead back in september maiden victory earned one hundred thousand dollars. now it's not easy being a goalkeeper on the football team whenever the opposition score a goal you can pretty much be guaranteed the blame but this keeper probably thought some law could come its way when the penalty taker hit the crossbar only for this to happen oh boy it was an under seventeen match in mexico and no surprise then that the keeper's team would go on to lose the penalty shoot out to someone who started out as a goalkeeper myself i can relate to this one hundred percent. ok that's all we have. to remember you can always find more now website. dot com. went.
5:58 am
on counting the cost this week libya's wealth as. we take a look at the economy how it conflicts with brushing back. most important economic region of international investors. in india's elections counting the cost. it's a climb to one of the holiest sites in. the streets seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness what it became a democracy in two thousand and eight happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the u.n. to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow putin's example but how do you measure it. but by simply
5:59 am
turning its pursuit into policy. what no other country high. high tech revolution with over one billion. country where one in four. how can this technological. for the common good. challenges a digital entrepreneur to devise and. for a struggling. county find a way to bring the two worlds together. based on. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera. it was when i was on as opposed to. with the crowds in tahrir square too if you. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover it like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is
6:00 am
our strength. in an unprecedented move the u.s. formally enables yvonne's revolutionary guard a terrorist organization. welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me as with herat i'm also ahead israeli voters go to the polls and an hour i'll decide whether to give benjamin netanyahu a fifth to. challenge a ben accounts. the u.n. secretary general calls on libya as more and to stop the true operations and a verdict in the trial of three.


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