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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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eleven when the whole establishment was dismantled and they created something called a constituent assembly that took over for a transitional period the draft of the new constitution paved the way for parliamentary and presidential elections and the international community was really impressed with the process and it was described as the most orderly smooth transition to democracy since the arab spring of two thousand and eleven algeria could be a different case because the biggest concern as i said is the power vacuum they don't want to try and uncharted territory they would say let's go for the options that we have which is article one to the only problem they will face now. how to convince people to trust of the government as the man who will take over for mighty days and the ninety days could be the most critical moment in algeria's modern history in particular since its independence in the ninety's sixty so what are we likely to see in these ninety days because we understand. the has been named as the
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choice for the interim president will he make some kind of will he reach out to the protesters because that protest movement is still strong it still is still cares a lot of momentum indeed and the key opposition figures like like ben a flea's for example like with the publisher she are saying that we're not going to do politics with this man and we reject his presence as an umbrella to worse whatever happens during this transitional period and now i think it will put more pressure on the military establishment to try to build bridges between other been saleh who is now officially the interim president of algeria between the key opposition figures and the protesters that we see now on the streets dissatisfied with the outcome of the decision why was this individual choice and why was look at have been so or why was he nominated because the consideration says in the case of a vacancy then the constitutional council convenes and then the parliament's with
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two terms with two thirds of the votes the elects the chair the president of the senate. the upper house in the parliament who happens to be. in this and i'm the government somehow over the last few years particular when. it was beautifully became frail he was the man greeting presidents guests coming over to algeria and representing in many events of the last was basically the arab league summit which took place in tunisia so he is widely seen by the establishment as the. normal outcome of this transition to words democracy but i have to say that algerians over the last few weeks since the start of the pro-democracy movement of the twenty second of february. they were not only singling out with a they were saying we want who the regime to go who would like all the institutions
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to go the ruling elite of a has governed algeria for twenty years do you think this signals. the potential future for our gerry of the fact that it's been solid has been named as the interim president is this an indication of where the army wants to go to keep the establishment in place i think that this is one of the biggest concerns that because they've tried that's during the civil war in the ninety's to the point where sometimes they had to. beg literally speaking candidates to come and take over because they had a huge issue of a power vacuum they don't want to go through that period now and this why they are saying that the safest bet could be to go through trigger in article one of the i have to say of the manhunt continues of the people who reject the announcement today i think the army will definitely have to along with the opposition they will have to trigger article seven and eight which could be looking for a new a new alternative the alternative as voiced by the opposition as we speak is
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a national council a council made up of technocrats independent figures people why they trusted by the algerians to take over because the biggest problem now in of syria is starting from today they will have to craft a new path towards vibrant democracy. they would have to draft a new constitution you cannot just come and say i'll draft a new constitution and the installer hosed his digital as is contested by the people you cannot draft new parliamentary and presidential rules and and to him and as we speak by the way there is still a government that was appointed by president bush to flick i wish is which is going to run the country which is going to oversee the elections ok until official results are announced ok and which is something which is really rejected by the people. just in terms of elections with elections not be a solution is playing devil's advocate almost you have the interim president for
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ninety days you bring in the fresh establishments after this ninety days through elections why are the protesters calling for that path because they basically say that. that as long as those institutions stay in power we won't guarantee the outcome of any elections people are saying basically that most of the elections that took place in algeria over the last fifteen years or particular sister thousand and thirteen when i was a bit of a has suffered a stroke were either rigged or manipulated by the establishment to continue his grip on power which of little has not been running the country for the last seven years it was his brother say the beautiful who is calling the final shots now people are saying will we would like to see a difference in the difference in how you would be to build a new structure that would pave the way for genuine democracy to do that you have to have the protesters that we see right now on the streets across of syria the key opposition figures those who are respected by the people along with the military establishment which has tried to maintain
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a very neutral delicate position over the last few we few weeks by ensuring that they are siding with the people they're not trying to interfere with the internal politics if they can come together and build the biggest challenge now is how to build bridges with it between the key players in algeria now the pictures we are showing and are showing considerable numbers of people who have gathered intelligence and this news just breaking minutes ago or does that give you some kind of indication of which way the balance of power will shift of course it is difficult definitely an indication that the people reject the outcome of the announcement made by the by the parliament to elect has an interim president for the interior and that the protesters will continue to build more momentum towards what they describe on what they want to see as a dramatic change in politics in on syria and by that they mean a new national unity government that would that would take over of course the and
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the another ones who will call the final shots the mr establishment is the most organized powerful organization illyria and the think it will ultimately boil down to. what the negotiations between all those key players will boil down to workers because that could be conducive to any final political settlement talks about just how finely balanced the army finally bounce a rule the army plays in this because we've seen these process for a long time they haven't descended on the violence that you. have seen in other circumstances but that could change. you know i mean has been shaped by the military in four different ways because the those who fought for the independence of the country. basically the other ones who took over after the independence. even after the independence the freedom fighters fought against each
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other about who should have the ultimate say and the army had to intervene nineteen sixty five to pave the way for a while to take over and to evict the first democratically elected president. in the ninety's where the islamists took over created a shock in the country the army interfered and told president sadly then you have to cancel the elections or would step in he said i'm not counting the elections and they stepped in but the moment they stepped in they discover there is really a painful political process the army is not supposed to be meddling with local internal politics or country they learnt a lesson from the ninety's now. i have a beginning issue a few statements saying that he doesn't want to see a protest movement evolve into acts of instability but ever since he became very cautious saying that of got the message of the people i'm siding with the people
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and the moment he. the interfere to force our lives what if we have got to go by suggesting to trigger article seven and eight which basically say that well it's the right of the people of the year to decide who should be the leader it was a moment that galvanize some sense of national sentiment supportive of the mr establishment and i think there will definitely try to. maintain that momentum because they don't want to be seen as interfering against the wishes of the will of the syrian people do you think the protesters can kill their faith in the army then in this regards because that's where it seems the protesters are they're putting their faith entirely in the army to help steer this process in a way that will work out in their favor i think they also understand that if they keep the momentum continuing for the coming weeks they will definitely have their voices. their message heard by the minister establishment i mean you cannot afford to have in a country like algeria a disconnect between a political elite which is much more and more isolated and on the other hand
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a growing momentum a problem ocracy movement which you say. the and the results that we've seen so far for short of our expectations which are genuine radical reform. in your reality this is why there are zillions of talking about and you're republican basically saying that we would like to see new institutions be shaped by this podium ocracy movement but that's a big ask is it not that's an enormous us one can understand why there is this caution in assuring him gradual change because it seems the protesters are asking for a composer over a whole just how realistic demand is that well that's one of the biggest challenges they would have to deal with because even the a position itself is really fragmented it has been weakened over the last twenty five years and on their own they won't be able to put together a new structure that could can take us here towards
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a new era ultimately you have to have the backing of a ministry establishment because it's the one which under the constitution is is mandated to secure the basic tenets of the algerian republics and they made it quite clear that they won't allow any attempt to destabilize algeria i think they would take that as. a constitutional prerogatives that would give them more legitimacy particularly when it comes to trying to narrow the differences between all of the key components of the society however i have to say if they get strong assurances particularly the opposition and the protesters that within the next ninety days of the women in some sort of a silly morning will roll and that the opposition along with the protestors and the army will be the ones carving a new algeria that could send some reassurances to the people but what we see right now with the people now hosting the flags of algeria taking to the streets
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denouncing the announcement. and saying that they are adamant to continue their protest movement i think this is something which is going to put more pressure on the army and all the and all the political elite. where we are bringing you live pictures from our jeers spent taney is processed breaking out it's on the news that the algerian parliament has appointed. as interim president that news has sparked. an instantaneous reaction we are seeing huge numbers of people flooding the streets of our jeers there you are watching our zero pretty special breaking news all of these recent developments and. joins us on set by hashem or he has and you have been covering this story for us for quite some time this reaction this spontaneous reaction just give us a sense of where you think this will push the needs or will it change what do you
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think this will change when the people of the jury over the last few days we were there were talking about potential candidates who will take over they were talking for example about former president lee i mean. this is someone who is really respected by actions of the algerian ceasar society they were talking about. the one of the key figures of the praja moccasin movement they were talking about when they to order they were voicing potential candidates and they were saying that. worst comes to worst let's bring together. a national unity government formed with people but there was no provision under the constitution or bring those individuals but when you have the momentum building towards that direction you have to you have to hear the call of the people and when they saw the announcement today and they were expecting this outcome basically they are trivial the article on two and announcing on the other comes as some sort of worms. he was disappointment for the people who would say. his part of the legacy that has been governed in algeria and
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to put some perspective on this particular and why people. in this in chanted with the whole thing is because they say in twenty years as one of the richest nations in in africa it has massive oil and gas reserves and it's a key player in the african continent and they say we would. come should be something different we need to have a strong rich country the problem is that in an area you have an economy which is in tatters you have unemployment which has been getting over the last few years and because of the declining oil and gas prices worldwide the government's had to slash many social development programs which have created a backlash among the people the young protesters that you see on the streets of. could be mostly now unemployed. or concerned about their future and this exactly why they're saying we've given a president with
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a twenty years and he had massive cash reserves in the budget of the country because we're talking about one thousand nine hundred ten eleven twelve from ninety nine and when the oil price of oil which one hundred and twenty dollars that was that was that was that was phenomenal and still of syria is suffering and i think this is why. those cries of the people will continue on to reverberate across the streets of algeria for really days to come it's certain they will just remind fears he may just be joining us now hashem i am credible he is he is an individual named as the president of argyria but he is a politician with close ties to the care and protest or are dropping the the if stablish millions. because it was a journalist to serve as a diplomat ambassador to saudi arabia then he became a member of the of the parliament and then he climbed the political ladder until he
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was appointed as the president of the upper chamber of the parliament which is the senate's wish pave the way for him to be elected now as interim president of the jury or the most important political job now in and the only problem that he faces is the that this is going to be. a challenge for him and the political elite in assyria to steer the country out of trouble and to weather the storm we'll be able to do that we'll be able to send is he going to be able to reinvent himself in the coming days send reassurances to the people tell them you know what i've learned the lesson i'm here for ninety days i'm not here permanently and i give you assurances that will serve you for ninety days and then after ninety days i'll say farewell to well depends to be seen it does remain to be see. if you would mind staying with us for just a moment let's just take a look at what has happened in algeria and what potentially happens next as we've
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said the speaker of the upper house seventy seven year old a book rather than seller is a step in as the insulin leader of gerry advance in accordance with the constitution and seller has three months to organize an election once a date is set candidates have forty five days to submit their bids and sela is barred from running according to law he's to hand over power to see whoever wins the election but officials who regulate the polls are seen as belonging to the establishment and election process is often perceived as favoring the political elites for this reason civil society groups have called on protesters to maintain the pressure until all members of the regime are removed well let's talk to an algerian activist i mean
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a. joins us now live via skype from paris thank you so much for speaking to us here today but it just gave us here in this show reaction to the news that a bill could have been someone has been appointed interim president. well it's no surprise after the resignation of defeat and the application of article one zero two of the constitution so really what is worrisome is that the ninety days ahead of us maximum duration of ninety days where this interim president will have to organize presidential elections and these presidential elections are not people with the twenty million million durance have been calling for ninety days is nearly enough time for the system as we call it here not to read the regime to maintain itself and give itself a new figure in new facade what we want is
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a democracy huge reforms institutional reforms and i highly doubt that mr been silent was the product of the system that he would be able to steer us towards that what we need is a transitional government what we need is a transition phase to put us on the right track the real republican the democracy where all parties were all insurance would participate as really fit. do you not think the n seven presidents he would be able to help with the groundwork for these changes to take place. well you cannot change the system with someone from the system and also he has only one part of the equation we have gained it has proven that his word it has
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a strong impact. on algeria what happens nigeria we have other actors who are weighing in and he is only one part among others and no one is convinced by the ability of change of deep radical change from within what's the next step for the protesters that already we've been seeing pictures coming into us from sears about process do you think these protests service will be able to keep up the momentum. yes everyone i know everyone i meet in the images are strong that everyone is determined to mend team this pressure this popular pressure until demands are heard and it's very important to continue that however it is not sufficient the population the civil society has to organize and to have it has to find mechanisms of representatives that would
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we even watch trying on what will happen in the next few months. i mean a half hour of say yeah joining us from paris thank you very much for your initial reactions to that announcements and of course these demonstrations that are taking place in our jeers let's return to our visitors. he's been covering this story for us in the opposition activists they seem very displeased about recent conversation very displeased by these developments indeed because as i mean it was basically saying this is not about elections the whole pro-democracy movement was about the need to fix many problems to reinvent syria to give you what it deserves as a leading key player by the way when you ask a serious about the histories so proud about the sixty's of the fifty's the
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president passion they had for their country they say that more than a million people were killed for the war of independence against the french and when the when they got the independence they said for the sake of those who died for the sake of our nation we will build one of the most democratic transparent political systems. in the continent of the african continent there were real leaders when it comes to allied countries they were shaping politics in the world they were shaping politics in the african continent in the sixty's in the seventy's then came the ninety's the civil war where hundreds of thousands of people were killed and then i did as a bit of the i came to power in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and people will remember him particularly for. we conciliation process he started which paved the way to end the civil war but ever since then the country was completely crippled by political problems and basically by corruption and inefficiency the
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algerians you see now on the streets consider their political elites completely disconnected from reality and this is why they are adamant it's not just about a person of color and style his part of an elite but tomorrow when he goes and if he goes we want people who will tell us that to morrow we will see a different syria and this explains the anger and the passion that you can see of the same time and i mean i was talking about. the powerful army commander has now represent himself as a key player in the area now you have three key players the mr establishment the. the elite was growing by a little bit of lead. and you have the opposition the elite seems to be no more isolated than ever will the army along with the opposition and the protesters come together and chart a new road map for a. vast could be. the biggest most delicate task
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that god will have to deal with in the coming days and certainly roe we'll leave it there for now but thank you so much. for talking us through this we're going to keep across the story for you but just for viewers who may be joining us now we're bringing you live pictures from the street several cheers where spontaneous protests have broken i only news that the algerian parliament's has appointed a dual carbon seller as the interim president this follows of course weeks of protests process which is since the loan term president of lizzie's beautifully however the appointment of. other than solar as interim president has not managed to quell the anger of the protesters who as you can see are out in force on the streets of syria we're going to keep across this story for you here on al-jazeera and see the latest developments as they unfold this is very much the
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instance and energetic reaction from those protesters the numbers are growing the longer we cover this story streets have been filled we've been hearing from activists telling us how displeased they are these developments the fact that someone they consider to be part of the establishment sabbat of beautifully has now been instituting it's the protesters are calling for wholesale change and they feel they are ninety. ment's or the carbon seller as interim president of algeria stops well shorts or of that change to stay where there is on al-jazeera for all the latest but for now we are going to see move on to more of the rest of the day's news. now runs president has come out it's with
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a strong response and threats to the u.s. decision to label its a leitz revolutionary guards a terrorist organization or some rouhani told trump's unprecedented move a mistake and he's warns that his country could develop more advanced nuclear technology if washington continues to exert pressure brought them on your shish laws and today we inaugurated twenty six centrifuges and if you continue your oppression in the near future you will see centrifuges if your intention was reducing iran's military through these sanctions since last year until now you yourself know that we produce missiles and weapons that are far from your thoughts . will shortly will get the reaction from doors. in baghdad for rockets also both remembers over iran's regime the revolutionary guards and u.s. troops first though let's speak in the who is in tehran for a says
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a furious reaction one might say from iran so far ahead there. may restart its nuclear program what should we make of that. well any time this tit for tat between iran and the united states on the political stage escalates in this way then iranian leaders always bring up the idea of restarting the nuclear program and it really is their sort of trump card if you will and a very strong signal to its allies its partners the remaining signatories to the twenty fifteen nuclear deal its partners in europe russia and china to signal to them that if they don't support iran if they don't continue to back iran up in the face of the stated policy of this trump donald trump's white house then they will pivot back towards restarting their nuclear programs and that really is
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a signal to the international community that it will not sit idly by iran will not sit idly by while the united states continues to isolate it both financially and on the international political stage now the reaction as you say did come almost immediately after the united states designated this logic revolutionary guard corps as a terrorist organization the national security council of iran the supreme national security council did the same by declaring american forces as terrorist organizations in the region saying that the central command headquarters was a terrorist organization that american troops in the region were part of a terrorist group and the government even called the united states a state sponsor of terror earlier today we've heard from president hassan rouhani who said that iranian people are now more united than ever against the united states and that the i.r.g.c. has been. an important and integrity part of iran security apparatus for many years and then that would not change we also heard from the supreme leader who said that the i.r.g.c. has been at the forefront of combat in terror groups in the region reference to
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iran's help in iraq and syria to root out root out fighters for the islamic state we also heard from the speaker of parliament who said that this is an explicit sign of the united states holding an old grudge and he even called the move stupid especially since there were at. and has been on the forefront of not only being attacked by terror organizations or armed fighters but also being an important part of the holding groups in the region back from from moving forward in again countries like iraq and syria and. in tehran thanks very much for bringing us up says eight so as head across the board in our dosage of joining us live from baghdad also what's been the iraqi government's reaction so far as postman rather difficult position doesn't yes absolutely and for that very specific reason we have not had an official response from anybody in the government where expecting to hear from the iraqi prime minister at his weekly press briefing later on today but there
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hasn't been any reaction from the foreign minister as one might have expected we reached out to them they said they are not making any comments at the moment this puts them in a very difficult position yes because there are currently just over fifty two hundred u.s. troops on the ground in iraq and there are many iranian revolutionary guard forces here helping at the request of the iraqi government their military as well this is also something that also expands not just the military aspect with iraq but also iran's economic relationship with iraq they have joint up recently they've pledged many many endeavors one including a railway track that will link iran to iraq as well as many many other business ventures they've pledged between the two sides this of course means that the revolutionary guard is very active in other aspects of iran's economy not just the military so this puts an iraq in
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a very precarious position and they're going to have to find a balance between their relationship with iran and the relationship with the united states. bringing us from iraq thank you very much. otis's are now where there's been more gunfire in the capital khartoum soldiers stepped in to protect the crowds in exchanged gunfire with government security forces for more than two hours the security forces have been trying to break up a mass that's been going on for four days are inside the army headquarters victoria gate and they has this reports if you don't get in malaysia say for now protesters shelter in a military headquarters in the capital khartoum soldiers opened the gates after witnessing this. city's
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security forces are firing on protesters. in another part of the capital protesters carry the body of a man wrapped in a sudanese flag he was reportedly killed by the security forces. overnight thousands of sudanese once again gathered outside the army's headquarters in khartoum they're calling on president obama alba share to resign and want the military's help in forming a transitional government the leadership of the army if they. are disposed to the demands of the people the leather responds to the. the call of the opposition they are in the entering the unity of god yourself and this will lead the country for chaos so i think they have no other option but to this ball positively to the demands of the people. during the last four days of demonstrations security forces
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have fired shots in the air until gas the demonstrators in an attempt to disperse them. some sudanese soldiers have shielded protesters from harm others have handed out. it was. all the way up because of the sydney's from different religious backgrounds have joined for months of protests to demand change in scenes reminiscent of the arab spring demonstrations eight years ago in sudan's neighbor egypt the government's impulse to state of emergency since february after their crackdown failed to stop the largest outcry during al bashir has thirty year rule the. us he's asked the ruling national congress party to help restore stability. but. the government says change can come through the ballot box but protest is on the streets insist they want change now victoria gate and bay al jazeera one hundred solomon is
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a researcher at the africa program at chatham house and joins us now live from london thanks very much ahmed soliman for being with us we are seeing tension start to ramp up but so sail mason away hard to explain this. i think what you have is is a really significant moment in the four months protests because the protesters now have a focal point they are sat outside in khartoum outside the army headquarters they account there and as your piece is demonstrated they they are reaching out they are calling for the army to support them in their protest and that the moans for a transition to a democratic government and and and i think we're in a situation now where you have the security forces and the armed forces
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saying that they're singing from the same hymn sheet the first vice president and defense minister said that the national intelligence forces and that the armed forces were working together in coordinating the their elements trying to disrupt them and what we clearly see is that the middle ranking soldiers in the army have been shooting protesters protecting them inside the bases and firing against security forces who are trying to disperse them so this is this is become very attritional and the demands are likely to increase better also. as you say it's running up in the possibilities for violence and the increasing casualties of on on civilians increases at the same time ok at night so they are and i'm afraid that is all we have time for but thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and analysis with this.
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you are watching al-jazeera a reminder of the top stories this hour of syria's parliament's has appointed a book credible as the country's new president following weeks of protests that led to the resignation of these but a feature is a cool song lie or good for the care and protest as have already called for his removal he's to serve for up to ninety days during which a presidential election must be organized. iran's president has threatened to develop a more advanced nuclear technology after the us decision to label its revolutionary guards a terrorist organization hassan rouhani says it's a mistake and it will unite the iranian people. or forces loyal to libyan warlords her if i have to have carried out another airstrike this time
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targeting the disused airports on the southern outskirts of tripoli another airstrike hit the operational airports in another part of the capital on monday where fighting continues with rain have to us forces and say un backed government soldiers despite an appeal to stop by the u.n. secretary general well. heard so joins us now live from tripoli. has there been any developments on the ground what's the latest. the situation as a still a very tense between attacks and counterattacks that full on the airstrikes launch and by have to as warplanes and targeted the disused international airport in the southern solver tripoli on the other hand have to as forces positioned the capital accuse the government forces of launching
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airstrikes targeting have to forces locations in this southern outskirts of the village being capitan now their v.a. shen in the. airport made to get is the only operational airport in the capital city it was hit by it have done as warplanes yesterday end and was briefly suspended but today we're getting news from this civil aviation authorities in eighty eight say that they have they have resumed turner flights to may to get. departure flights are not allowed yet. on the field the developments on the ground field hospitals with the ministry of the government of national accord have reported that forty seven dead and one hundred
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eighty one wanted. on this side of the government forces also on the other hand have to his forces say that they have lost civil individuals since the beginning of the clashes. that there thanks very much for bringing us the very latest of the war had joining us from tripoli. forces in israel are casting their ballots in elections that will determine if benjamin netanyahu will remain in office for a fifth term he's cast his ballots in west jerusalem while his main challenger benny gantz forces earlier urging the country to embrace a new dawn well opinion polls put guns his blue and white alliance just ahead of netanyahu as the could party whoever the prime minister appears to have the best chance of forming another coalition governments well let's cross live to stephanie
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decker he's in occupied east jerusalem stephanie was six hours since votes in that house that they are unfolding so far. well there's been just the latest update on voter turnout five hours into that vote just under a quarter of those eligible to vote at the polling station whereat it's safe to say the voters are mostly right wing but one thing they can't agree on is benjamin netanyahu and that is really how people are viewing these elections as a litmus test for the prime minister he's been elected four times as prime minister this is his fifth term of course he is facing corruption charges three possible cases of indictment hanging over him and people will tell you that this is really a test of where people stand on that whether corruption is important and whether it is time for him to go people we've been speaking to here will tell you some of them say it is time for him to go it's been way too long there needs to be a fresh injection at the political scene others will tell you that he's the only man to lead but the bigger picture is this is
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a concern about the increasing right wing rhetoric that is happening here in israel even the talk about as you mentioned he's best placed to form a right wing government even if gans gets the most seats the narrative of that government the policies they will be implementing the language already of this campaign has been one of extreme racism it's concerning for those who will tell you that the left in this country is disappearing it's being used in this campaign as a dirty word is a four letter word literally it's being warned in his campaign that if people don't vote for him it's going to go left even though benny gantz cannot really be described as leftist he has said tryst he's the x. army chief who launched the war in gaza so this is the concern about where the direction of this country is going and that is also what a fifth of the population or a palestinian israelis will tell you that they are citizens of this country many of those are arguing that they will boycott this vote because of the concerns of the direction again it is a too close to call election we're being told probably the hardest call in twenty three years will have to wait and see how the day unfolds and how those early
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election. piers we have lost stephanie exactly we will of course be coming back to stephanie several times throughout the day but for now let's stay with stephanie was mentioning there the possibility of a boycott by is really palestinian forces let's bring in a yarra hawaii she's a palestinian policy fellow at barca joins us now live for malta. euro there have been calls for palestinian israelis to boycott this election do you think they will. i think that has been very strong campaign there see if by a group of palestinian citizens of israel calling for a boycott and i think because it is such an organized company i think the number of palestinians who we will both will certainly create and i think they do so in the
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understanding that no matter what the outcome of the election is where but where that bibi there is very likely is very grand likely that things will change. whether they live in israel proper whether they live in the uk. i think the only difference was. that the manifestations of oppression so under her regime that sent me that the manifestations of oppression the more violent and more crude and crass. but let's not forget that you know. mentioned he was he was the one responsible for bombing gaza in two thousand and fourteen and he used that in his campaign video to know who to vote for him and the whole election period over the last two months has been very pretty. lady politics it's been a disco of intense races. and exclusion and i think
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i think that shows very well what israeli establishment politics is all about but the power a city that's really represent one in five. what will that what will a boycott a chief vision surely if they join together this helps to send more represents to send food can i say and have more of an impact rather than by just saying a whole. so. to use an example. we were not going to say in citizens of this row who was a case of girl boy often use the example of a south african have oxide this is the system of a possible edge of ethnic hierarchy now when the south africans were fighting for their liberation they did not seek inclusion within the apartheid structure they actually sought to create spaces a political organization outside of that structure and to come together outside and
1:45 pm
i think that's the important point of this campaign is that historical precedent shows that palestinians have been able to achieve very little was in its writings just politics and so now is the time to organize outside to come together to look to our brothers and sisters in the west bank and gaza and form a leadership that is true the representation one that really put palestinian rights and sovereignty that's because if you if you look at the state of israel on the foundation of the state of israel there is no possibility for palestinians to achieve equal rights in a state that the credits of jewish and foremost and we saw this with the announcement of the victory ration of the nations they know which said that israel is a jewish state and that for non jews and not since i said the same rights and i think it made it very clear and i think that a sunni systems of israel need to take
1:46 pm
a good look at their history they need to take a good look. at the foundation of israel and they need to come together organize outside and to to put over their leadership that. truly adults nonces of liberation ok. we've run out of time but thank you so much you are already there joining of from malta. it the british prime minister to reason may is in berlin so meet the german chancellor she wants to get anglo-american on board as she tries to convince leaders a further delay is needed for rex its you case departure from the european union me is later heading to paris beats the french president emmanuel mack home well joe and a whole is live for us in westminster with the very latest surge jonah
1:47 pm
. treason is going to be moving around the continent quite a bit at the moment sir but what has been happening in westminster. at this stage the action frankly is not in westminster he's as you point out inside the european union on the continent. to reason may's off meeting key allies and indeed known allies if you like. ahead of that big summit on wednesday night the emergency summit and it's less about what she's going to tell them and rather more about what they're going to tell her i think that matters at the moment we're three days away from the new deal or no deal breaker deadline on friday there is no sight of a deal whatsoever the house of commons behind me is massively opposed to a no deal exit indeed they have legislated against it on monday night for the first
1:48 pm
time in living memory taking that power away from the government so she is compelled mrs may to pursue an extension at all costs meeting angela merkel the closest ally meeting emanuel macron creasing britain's biggest obstacle she will seek to justify to them why they should grant a short extension request to june the thirtieth which might include britain taking part in e.u. parliamentary elections based on progress she will point to suppose it progress in compromise talks with the opposition labor party in point of fact there is very little real progress to point to and an hour or so ago e.u. foreign ministers broke up a big meeting ahead of that wednesday summit offering a flavor of the sort of response she's likely to get some of those ministers saying not enough progress has been made not enough has changed to warrant a short extension others pushing for a much longer extension which is angela merkel's view as well and indeed that opens
1:49 pm
an entire new set of problems for tourism a because much of her own party is outraged at the thought of that some m.p.'s saying if britain is forced to stay in for a long period of time when it should become a belligerent and obstructionist member of the e.u. standing in the way of e.u. business that of course will force e.u. leaders to really drill down on wednesday night into the detail of what sort of extension they offer and what sort of potentially very tough conditions they attach to it q. and a how with the very latest on brake set from westminster thank you. i mean hong kong nine pro-democracy campaigners something found guilty for their parts in mass process back in twenty fourteen they were charged separately under kono era laws of conspiring causing and instigating nuisance three of them are facing seven years in prison the twenty fourteen umbrella movement so hundreds of thousands of people protest may roads in the central business district were booked for two months with
1:50 pm
calls for elections for the open elections in the city's leader and sarah clarke has more details on how varitek from home. all nine people before the court today who are associated with the occupy hong kong movement back in twenty four to have been found guilty of one of the charges at least one of the charges for their role in these protests the most high profile of three founders of the occupied hong kong movement have been found guilty of one charge conspiracy to commit public nuisance now where yet to hear the sentence of the court resume again this afternoon for the prosecution has long argued that this group played a key role in committee or inciting public he says by creating the strict blockade would shut down parts of central hong kong up around seventy nine days a back in twenty fourteen through twenty fifteen it's certainly not good news for the pro-democracy movement we've had a number of other student leaders who associated with the demonstrations they've already served jail time including joshua one night in law and alex child we've
1:51 pm
also had a number of pro-democracy lawmakers have been disqualified for their association with discrete wishing tougher penalties imposed on activists and this will certainly incite or trigger accusations that this is yet another step by beijing encroaching on hong kong's simular thomas status and certainly restricting hong kong to civil liberties and freedom of expression. what's more still to come on al-jazeera cubans are banned from playing in major league baseball joe will tell you why in sports after the short break. we live in a time of war and tragedies crimes against humanity. activist repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests.
1:52 pm
extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions.
1:53 pm
time if the sport here is joe hallett thank you president trump has cancelled an agreement with cuba to allow its baseball players to sign for major league teams in the u.s. without defecting from the homeland the deal negotiated under former president obama would have allowed a number of players to compete in the lp and bring their families to us but then return to cuba in the offseason the white house has now declared the deal illegal. you know. i think it was an opportunity to continue to see talent in the major league with this a breaking of the agreement it sets us back like in other areas because of the blocky i think there's a lot of talent to call but that will never be because of this decision one of them going it's dashed many hopes for those guys who aspire to who want to play for money to be economically free donald trump is cut off that path a two day rugby referendum is underway in france all amateur clubs have been asked
1:54 pm
whether or not they'd be happy to see a foreign coach take charge of the national team they would stakes has the story. these amateur rugby players in paris can only dream of representing their country but they will have a big say in how the national team is coached after a string of dismal performances in the six nations championship french rugby chief bernard laporte wants to do something they've never done before hire a foreign coach but he's decided to put it up for a vote a rugby referendum across all amateur teams in the country asking them simply do they want a foreigner in charge. i don't care if the coach is french or foreign we need a coach who is capable of developing the team we need the right coach who can bring back the values of iraq be and make people want to come back and watch again because it's losing its way. it's not forbidden to have a foreign coach it would be a first i think the problem with the team is the players not with
1:55 pm
a coach hiring foreign coach is nothing new in world rugby currently four of the six northern hemisphere teams are coached by foreigners the wales boss warren gatland a new zealander is said to be in the ports preferred choice if the referendum goes his way but there has been some high profile opposition the former fronts captain fabien pollute was quick to condemn the idea saying once again we will try to copy others instead of being proud of who we are not everyone shares that view that for . and coach will be able to say ok forget about that double reza call to belong and we start from scratch that's the idea of banal approach somebody able to start from scratch foreign coach or not it's clear that something needs to change it's been nearly a decade since front's won the six nations and the port is determined to have a strong team in place for the twenty twenty three world cup which is in france. for now though the future of french rugby is in the hands of the amateurs voting
1:56 pm
will last for two days and the result is set to be announced on friday david stokes out zero former u.s. women's football player hope solo has told al jazeera that she was fired for fighting gender discrimination solo's contract was terminated in two thousand and sixteen by u.s. soccer of what they said was her conduct in a number of off field incidents but solo and her former teammates have since filed lawsuits against the sport's governing body alleging discrimination because in my fight for equal pay when i played in twenty sixteen in the olympics i got fired my voice was the strongest my voice was the loudest now this character all of the players that used me as an example they thought that they could dream will the loudest voice and that the fight would be over i played on the u.s. soccer federation for close to two decades and they never let us go to hear that with us they told us how much money they were going to give us and that was the end of it people power will not give up power if you have to heat it. well sticking
1:57 pm
with football and some terrible playing conditions at this game in brazil heavy rain caused damage to the pitch for the santa catarina state championship semifinal the game eventually got underway but was again interrupted by a four legged pitch invader. while that was happening in one brazilian state game another in going on or was halted by a mask roll with no signs of it stopping police moved in and pepper sprayed players coaches fans and the media of a choke rose also left with a sprained knee. well this keeper in mexico may wish for a speedy end to his match during a shootout the penalty take a hit the crossbar only for this to happen. it was an under seventeen match in mexico no surprise that the keepers team went on to lose to. the right that is a useful for now have will feel a to hell or very much show about it from me to stay with us here on al-jazeera
1:58 pm
diary will be with you after this very short break with all the latest on that developing story in algeria so quickly. twenty one the teenage years left behind still trying to find my place trying to see where i fit in the whole picture and adult hood begins to take form i did cook occasionally but the great doesn't really want me to he wants me to stay off my feet in two thousand and six south africa revisits the children of apartheid for the third time and much has changed over the past forty menas twenty one out south
1:59 pm
africa announces iraqi. border resort is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition with child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was buried for money just a few weeks ago generally for some missionaries who says she's proved by the marriages happen i couldn't reach it is a missionary or rescues goals their money goes for by outrightly a no go on a one big truck to gil before she is born they want if it takes fourteen years you get money guys they brought us constantly work to get us money wife. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we don't intend to from the government to just shoot him soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government that yet why. the tories for abducting
2:00 pm
more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins and bloody rise of iraq on al-jazeera. algeria. has the country's new president and government protesters continue. to watch al-jazeera life and i had. also ahead iran. labeling elite force a terrorist group and threatened to upgrade its nuclear program will the white house complicate regional relations.


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