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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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on al-jazeera. algeria's parliament appoint. as the country's new president antigovernment protesters continue. their ally from a headquarters and. also ahead iran u.s. labeling elite force a terrorist group and threaten to upgrade its nuclear program will the white house complicate regional relations. gunfire with government militia. government protesters. a fourth time
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prime minister and the retired military chief is really vote in what's expected to be a very close election race. hello algeria's parliament has appointed. the interim president he will be in charge for the next ninety days until new elections are held. as a close ally of beautifully the former president's protesters have already called for his removal his appointment follows the resignation of. that happened last week . has been covering the story for us joining us here on set and there's been immediate reaction which is rejection by some of the opposition parties as well as the protesters on the ground all disappointment indeed some of the peace and some political parties walked out of the of the parliament session saying this is a travesty should happen and should not be appointed as president of syria and on
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the streets you can see the mountain which is building across the country thousands . people are saying this is not what we wanted the outcome from protesters perspective was basically a national unity government not been silent because for the consider him to be just part of the same political elite the has been in power for the last twenty years and it was on the other himself who said in the past few weeks that he will staunchly support president arbors with a vehicle to go for a fifth term something that people still remember so the protesters clearly haven't gotten what they wanted what is it that they do next and how does the army fit into all of this how does it convince the protesters to trust them over the next ninety days they will not be the one who will have the up the ultimate say i mean the protesters but they made this become a reality this is what we've seen over the last few weeks is unprecedented in algeria's modern history and i think they have discovered a new voice a new power which with the will they will use and if the continue to make it to the
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streets for the coming days that we put more pressure on the mystery establishment and we've seen a hint made by the army of the last few weeks that they could trigger article seven eight seven eight say that the ultimate power lies into the hands of the people of algeria and therefore you could be conducive to a new option which is basically to form a national unity government i don't know what all the behind the scenes negotiations in the army could be now favoring this option which is of color on saturday kovar for ninety days and then there would be a new presidential elections but the people are saying this is not a problem with and probably is not someone to take over for ninety days the problem is that you need to fire the government you need to dissolve the institution of the state you need to have a draft a new constitution change the election law before we can trust any political. reform in syria and someone like on the other the son who comes against a backdrop of this massive rejection and really suffer in the coming weeks to try to reinvent himself how big a task is it for
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a country to dismantle its ruling elite i mean we see this happening in algeria now but this is. a story that we've seen before in other countries that have gone through the air indeed and it seems that the military establishment is really concerned about that because they don't want to go through uncharted territory and so that it was having a power vacuum because of the try that in the ninety's and never want to go back to that phase so they are looking for something that could be seen or sort of the people are smooth and orderly which is to the article one o. two problem is how to convince the people that they can go vote in the upcoming elections and choose the new president when the government which is now in place when the constitutional council in place when the parliament is in place with the interim president for the people are just part of the same elite that they accuse of being responsible for impoverishing algeria which is one of the richest nations in the world ok thank you
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iran's president has come out with a strong response and threats after the u.s. this isn't a label it's elite revolutionary guard a terrorist organization hasan rowhani unprecedented move a mistake has warned that his country could develop more advanced nuclear technology if washington continues to exert pressure. today we inaugurated twenty six centrifuges and if you continue your oppression in the near future you will see centrifuges if your intention was reducing iran's military power through these sanctions since last year until now you yourself know that we produce missiles and weapons that are far from your targets they must ave joining us france iran so there we have it a reaction from iran and even a hint that iran may restart its nuclear program according to what rouhani had to
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say. absolutely during this is the this is the thing that we hear from iranian leadership over and over again every time the united states carries out some sort of new action against iran in this way and this is really a signal to iran's allies in europe to iran's friends like russia and china signatories to the nuclear deal that have stuck around since the twenty fifteen agreement was sort of scuttled by this administration in the united states so this is really a signal to them to say that any time the united states carries out some kind of diplomatic or or actual aggression against us we're going to maintain our position that we can return to the nuclear program at any point in time and this is really a way to show its partners that it will not stand back and simply take the united states targeting it in this way and that it will use its option to return to the nuclear to to return to its nuclear program if it sees that it is being it has been
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targeted for too much aggression now having said that it does this bring iran closer to a nuclear weapon no it's still generations away from anything like that and that's been verified by experts that's been verified by the the u.n. agency the u.n. watchdog agency that oversees the tenets of the nuclear agreement but again this is a diplomatic move that iran makes regularly to illustrate to the world that it will not tolerate being constantly pushed around and bullied by the united states on the international stage now we've seen in reaction coming from a chorus of senior leaders in iran today and immediately after the designation of the islamic revolutionary guard corps as a terrorist organization the iranian government retaliated and labeled american forces in the region with the same label as a terrorist organization today we've heard from the president hassan rouhani who said that iranians are now more united than ever in support of the i.r.g.c. and in opposition to the united states we've also heard from the speaker of parliament ali larijani who said that this move clearly indicates that the united
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states is holding on to old grudges and he called the decision stupid since he said . the i.r.g.c. is actually at the forefront of combat ing terrors terror groups or arm fighters in the region a reference to iran helping iraq and syria to root out the islamic state in those countries we've also seen that parliament has passed or has proposed a bill to carry out a recipe measures against the united states and to strengthen the r.g.c. so we may see a domestic agenda to try to increase funding for the i.r.g.c. in the face of this kind of aggressive tactics by the united states are i got in with an update from to iran thank you. don whether it's been more gunfire in the capital hearts whom soldiers stepped in to protect the crowds and exchanged gunfire with government security forces for more than two hours security forces have been trying to break up a mass sit in that's been going on for four days outside the army headquarters victoria getting the reports that i'm getting my legs are safe and now protesters
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shelter in a military headquarters in the capital khartoum soldiers opened the gates after witnessing this. city's security forces are firing on protesters. in another part of the capital protesters carry the body of a man wrapped in a sudanese flag he was reportedly killed by the security forces. overnight thousands of sudanese once again gathered outside the army's headquarters in khartoum they're calling on president obama al bashir to resign and want the military's help in forming a transitional government the leadership of the army if they. are disposed to the demands of the people that live there it's balls to the. the call of the opposition they are in there and getting the unity of god yourself on this we lead the country for chaos so i think they have no other option but to what is both positively to
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the demands of the people. during the last four days of demonstrations security forces have fired shots in the air until gas the demonstrators in an attempt to disperse them. some sudanese soldiers have shielded protesters from harm others have handed out water. all over the building. of sydney's from different religious backgrounds have joined for months of protests to demand change in scene. is reminiscent of the arab spring demonstrations eight years ago in sudan's neighbor egypt the government some fools to state of emergency since february after that crackdown failed to stop the largest outcry during al bashir has thirty year of the. us he's asked the ruling national congress party to help restore stability. but. the government says change can come through the ballot
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box but protest is on the streets insist they want change now victoria gates and there are forces loyal to libyan warlords a half that have carried out another airstrike this time targeting the disused airport on the southern outskirts of tripoli another air strike had operational airport in another part of the capital on monday fighting continues between have to soldiers and the u.n. bad governments forces despite an appeal to stop by the un secretary general. has more from tripoli. warplanes loyal to the warlord holy for have to targeted tripoli international airport again this morning tripoli international airport. has not been operational since two thousand and fourteen clashes erupted again between forces loyal to have turned and others loyal to the government of national accord in new france and around the airport area in the southern outskirts of
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the libyan capital we know that the other operational airport in may to get airport was also targeted by have to warplanes yesterday and a state of panic. among civilians because i'm eighty get it is located in. a civilian area in the eastern side of the libyan capital military sources on the ground say that have to us forces have been getting new deployments and it seems that they are getting greedy for a new offensive we know that the government of national accord has lunch account of the offensive called the volcano of wrath to defend as they say to defend the capital against have to have his forces government or military sources say that the
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volcano of ras is not going to only defend the tripoli city against have to his forces but it also it's also planned to chase have to his forces. move to the south to the city of the and the city of the who are the major cities that support have to and the worst of the country the humanitarian situation is getting worse in the areas around the fighting areas as civilians there have been calling for her. they say that the random shelling a random rockets have been landing in civilian areas still ahead on al jazeera hong kong activists face seven years in prison after being convicted over their leading role in pro-democracy demonstrations.
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and there were very heavy rain over the northern parts of asia at the moment on the satellite picture you can see the clouds air as it made its way out of parts of china and then across the korean peninsula heavy downpours out of this and that will continue its journey eastwards as we head into wednesday so it's going to be the southern half of japan really where we see the wettest of the weather on wednesday i don't thursday the system will begin to pull away behind it it will get a bit warmer certainly brighter force in tokyo on maximum temperature up to sixteen degrees towards the west the sunshine should also be back in beijing with our maximum up to around twenty for the south we're also seeing some of that wet weather here so we'll see some of that cloud of rain stretching across towards the coast there and then that system sticks around even as we head through the day on thursday so thursday fed if they are looking like a wet a day shanghai seeing some of that rain and a maximum temperature just to fifteen phone going they should be dry for us and all
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maximums getting to twenty nine of a further towards the south plenty of showers here lots of them over parts of the philippines also over borneo and java towards the west will also see one or two rather heavy showers i've posted some macia for the north there is a better chance of a dry a day but even here there's a good deal of cloud at times and those showers will be pushing their way eastwards towards parts of vietnam as we head into this day.
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hello again you're watching algis zero here is a reminder of the top stories this hour on the jury as parliament was appointed. on the has an interim president following weeks of protests led to the resignation of that ozzy's beautifully. as a close ally a beautifully protesters have already called for his removal he's to serve for up to ninety days during which a presidential election must be organized. iran's president has threatened to develop a more advanced nuclear technology offer the u.s. decision to label its revolutionary guard a terrorist organization has a respond he says it's a mistake and it will unite the iranian people. ensued on
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a number of antigovernment protesters were injured in confrontations with president obama security forces they've been trying to break up a mass sit in against all modern bashir in front of the army headquarters that's been continuing for four days. more now on one of our top stories let's take a look at what's just happened in algeria and what happens next so as we've said the speaker of the upper house seventy seven year old. has to step in as the interim leader that's in accordance with the constitution ben saleh has three months to organize an election once a dataset the candidates have forty five days to submit their bids been saleh has barred from running according to law he's to hand over power to whoever wins the election but officials who regulate the polls are seen as belonging to the establishment and the election process is often perceived as favoring the political elite so for this reason civil society groups have called on protesters to maintain
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the pressure until all members of the regime are removed let's speak to in the same machete he's an algerian journalist at lowe's or an independent are his joining us live from algiers itself thanks very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera sounds were saying what's just happened the appointment of been saleh is in line with the constitution yet the protests don't seem to be happy with this move why not protest so i'm not happy and they are in the streets now. i was of students are out today contest in this nomination of the other been silent as the interim president of the jury and he's been in the region for more than twenty years moment more than twenty years in that region so he's one part of the. people want. that story to go ahead he's one of you is one of the
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leaders of the region if that's what people want new faces to lead the country to a new new regime new constitution new. new era. but what about the fact that he's just in this appointment for three months and within these three months he's going to organize an election. yes but he will organize elections for the next election so people don't trust someone who's been with us because we are due to. election. out in the election will be falsified like the previous ones ok well we know what the protesters demands are and they are that first it was were beautifully got to go and now it's for the entire political ruling elite to go so those are the demands but the protestors know how to go about achieving them yet people people want new faces
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like they want. a. new council that will lead the country to a new. way to go with people from from from new the new side new parties from. from association but not before from the. region. i think people are saying now with the on from the old g eight so it just seems to be then somewhat of a standoff at the moment what happens next or what do the protesters want to see happen next in terms of any concrete moves taken by the army because the army could be key the army clearly but they are they are silent right now the last time this guy had a stroke was well the day that we. resign now now people are wanting a new counted but. the transition period we don't want to to to move
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a little the old constitution people don't want to be in the old constitution because the us constitution says the old regime is this regeneration of the old all right seem very we thank you for speaking to us from algiers thank you so much. voters in israel are casting ballots in elections that will determine if benjamin netanyahu will remain in office for a fifth term he's cast his ballot in west jerusalem his main challenger benny gantz voted earlier urging the country to embrace a new dawn opinion polls put guns blue and white alliance just ahead of netanyahu party however the prime minister appears to have the best chance of forming another governing coalition to stephanie decker in occupied east jerusalem you've been monitoring the election
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a couple of hours and stephanie talk us through what you've seen. or at a polling station where it's fair to say that most of the voters are very right wing that something they do agree on what they don't agree on is the position of benjamin netanyahu and that's really what these elections seem to be all about whether those corruption charges there's that looming indictment and three corruption cases against the prime minister whether that has dented his support base not some people telling us it's time for him to go he's been prime minister for ten years three years before that and there needs to be a new man at the top others saying that he is the only man to be able to lead this country as you were mentioning it's complicated when it comes to how the political process works here even if benny gantz does win in the sense of his party getting the most seats as you said they're. still seems set to be able to form a coalition government and it looks like it will be even more right wing government than you have in place now the concern here is at this country the politics of it
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its rhetoric and its policies are moving more and more to the right whether it comes to the palestinian issues whether it comes to palestinian israeli citizens when it comes to minorities all these issues that a lot of people we speak to who are left wing so to speak will tell you they believe is completely absent from the political narrative benny gantz is being presented as a left wing candidate by netanyahu and others but really if you look at his policies he is center right his policies towards the palestinians is very different from benjamin netanyahu so again i think let's wait and see it's being called one of the hardest to call elections in twenty three years but it does look initially that benjamin netanyahu regardless of what happens may be able to form that government the big question again is whether he'll be able to last because of the pressure of this corruption charges for palestinian is really as some have been leaving calls for them to boycott the selection what have you seen in terms or or heard in terms of coming out to vote. yes well there is
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a vote she goes on there's some controversy happening up north to reno with accusations that's right wing activists have been given hidden cameras going into polling stations there you think she had the israeli prime minister react to that you also had a statement by the israeli electoral commission saying that is illegal to use hidden cameras inside polling stations benjamin netanyahu was pressed about this just in the last hour where he said he did admit to it but he said that it was needed to have a fair vote so this is sort of a narrative that is going on on the sidelines going back to your question is that most probably seen israeli seal that whatever they do whoever they vote for a they're disappointed in the palestinian israeli leadership that's running be they don't think that anything is going to change because the right when the wreck rhetoric that is happening in this country not just rhetoric but the things that have been passed into law the nation state bill just briefly identifying israel as a state for the jewish people alone so this is something that people will tell you
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they are extremely concerned about the direction that this country is going its policies and that potentially we're going to see a right wing government even more right wing than the one in power now ok stephanie decker thank you british prime minister of tourism is in berlin to meet the german chancellor she wants to get engler merkel on board as she tries to convince leaders a further delay is needed for breakfasts the parser from the european union may is later heading to paris to meet french president in my new home with only three days left until the new brics that headline deadline that is john hall brings us the latest from westminster. well i think it's less about the message she will be delivering and more about the message she will get from them in her meetings this afternoon we're three days away now from the latest deal or no deal crunch deadline there is no sight of any chance of a deal at the moment the house of commons behind me is opposed by
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a massive majority to the idea of a no deal breaks it indeed legislating against it for the first time in living memory m.p.'s passing legislation normally the right of course of the government forcing to reserve may now compelling her to pursue at all costs an extension with the european union now later she meets chancellor merkel considered one of the u.k.'s biggest allies in europe and president micrometer france increasingly one of britain's biggest obstacles she will seek to justify to them her request for a fairly short extension until june the thirtieth which may include britain taking part in e.u. parliamentary elections but all of that based on what she will point to as progress in consensus compromise talks with the opposition labor party in point of fact there is at this point no real sign of progress there afghan special forces are preparing an offensive and cruel in our province against both the taliban and i saw the armed groups have been fighting for two weeks in the province displacing more than twenty one thousand people charla bellus is in court aren't filed this reports
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. we are in choking district and can our province to syria is a supporter area for both the taliban and i so the two groups have been fighting for some time up in the mountains around us but about two weeks ago our heavy clashes broke out between with who and since then they have been reinforcing their positions and mobilizing that is maint that about twenty thousand people have been displaced from their homes they have fled the fighting this is a health clinic that we're coming to this is one of the few places that is safe for people to come and wait until the fighting subsides and there is some concern now that there will be another bout of clashes we understand that the taliban or the senior commander here on monday in preparation for further offensive. pro-democracy leaders in hong kong face seven years in prison nine leading campaigners have been found guilty for their role in the umbrella protest which paralyzed the city center five years ago they demanded increased freedoms from chinese government rule in
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beijing at the time sarah clarke reports. the nine activists arrived at hong kong's district court in good spirits greeted by pro-democracy groups on one side. and chinese government supporters on the other. before the verdict was delivered the leaders of the umbrella movement issued a message to the people of hong kong i do less we perceive that there will be no future thoughts about percy i think that's why we need to persist and clung to the fact that they hope that we'll have a bright future democracy an hour later the court found the nine pro-democracy leaders guilty even citing public nuisance they included a law professor and retired scholar who founded a similar protest group called the occupy movement that led the pro-democracy protests in twenty fourteen calling for hong kong's chief executive to be elected by popular vote instead of being appointed by chinese government leaders in beijing the judge rejected the occupy lady's argument that the protest was inappropriate at
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. a free speech instead judge johnny chan found that they impinged on reasonably on the rights of others when hundreds of thousands of people came out and main roads in central hong kong a block for more than two months this verdict is more bad news for the pro-democracy movement critics say the leaders in beijing talking they control over the semi autonomous city and civil liberties denied in china now becoming forbid here in hong kong the verdicts have been condemned by democracy activists human rights groups and politicians in the united states and britain it is worse than we have to admit physical safety is not yet an issue but in freezing prosecution. activists and protesters the convicted lead is awaiting to hear the sentences as a law is appealed for leniency but they all could face up to seventy is in jail
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sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong brazil's president says he's working with the u.s. government to sow dissent in van as well as army your boss a narrow visitor donald trump at the white house last month they were among the first to throw their support behind venezuelan opposition leader one of my dough and his efforts to oust president nicolas maduro. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera algeria's parliament has appointed. as interim president following weeks of protests that led to the resignation of these beautifully and has a close ally of with a flicka and professors have already called for his removal. to serve for up to ninety days during which a presidential election must be organized. iran's president has threatened to develop a more advanced nuclear technology after the us decision to label its revolutionary guard a terrorist organization has on rouhani says it's
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a mistake and it will unite the iranian people. today we know created twenty six centrifuges and if you continue your oppression in the near future you will see centrifuges if you intention was reducing iran's military through sanctions since last until now do yourself know that we produce messiahs and veterans that are far from your talks forces loyal to libyan warlords khalifa haftar have carried out another airstrike this time targeting the disused airport on the southern outskirts of tripoli another airstrike hit the operational airport in another. day fighting continues between half the soldiers and the un government's forces in sudan there's been more gunfire in the capital hard to him soldiers stepped in to protect the crowds and exchanged gunfire with government security forces for more than two hours security forces have been trying to break
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up a mass sit in that's been going on for four days outside the army headquarters israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has cast his ballot in an election that will decide if he remains in power now if anyone who is seeking a fifth term in office his main challenger benny gantz voted earlier urging the country to embrace a new dawn the british prime minister to resign mazen to meet the german chancellor she wants to get angle of merkel on board as she tries to convince leaders a further delay is needed for breck's a departure from the e.u. may is later heading to paris to meet with the french president in my new home those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next to stay with us.
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what's keeping sudan's president in power omar al bashir refuses to resign despite four months of mass protests and for the first time i soldiered is of intervened to protect protest and so his military support for the president waiver and this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on martine dennis those anger at the price of bread and field spots mass protests in sudan that was last december for months on the rallies have evolved into demolish.


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