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tv   21 Up South Africa P1  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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liberated as a journalist but i'm. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job. i'm hallam he did in doha the top stories on al-jazeera algeria's parliament's has appointed double carbon seller as interim president following weeks of protests that led to the resignation of abilities beautifully and salah is a close ally with a fleta and protesters have already called for his removal he's to serve for up to ninety days during which time a presidential election must be organized rather we spoke to. who's an algerian activist she says the parliament's decision to appoint a book kind of insult is not welcomed by most of unions. it's no surprise after the resignation of defeat and the application of article two of the constitution so
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really what is worrisome is that the ninety days ahead of us maximum duration of ninety days where this interim president will have to organize presidential elections and these presidential elections are not the people with the twenty million million syrians have been calling for ninety days is nearly enough time for the system as we call it here in algeria the regime to maintain itself in give itself in you figure in new facade. what we want is a democracy huge reforms institutional reforms and i highly doubt that mr been silent who is the product of the system that he would be able to steer us towards that what we need is a transitional government what we need is
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a transition phase to put us on the right track the real republic of the democracy where all parties. would participate as real if they did then well you cannot change the system with someone from the system and also he has only one part of the equation we have gained it has proven that his word it has a strong impact. on algeria what happens in algeria no one is convinced by the ability of change of deep radical change from within and iran's president has issued a strong response. to the u.s. decision to label its elites revolutionary guards a terrorist organization some rouhani called trump's unprecedented made a mistake and has warned that his country to develop more advanced nuclear technology if washington continues to exert pressure. but all of them are.
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today we inaugurated twenty i asked six centrifuges and if you continue your oppression in the near future you will see i are right centrifuges if your intention was reducing iran's military power through these sanctions you yourselves know that we produce missiles and weapons that are far beyond your imagination forces loyal to libyan warlord khalifa haftar have carried out another airstrike this time targeting the disused airports on the southern outskirts of tripoli another air strike hit the operational airports in another part of the capsule on monday fighting continues for soon after soldiers and the un backed government forces despite an appeal to stop by the un secretary general. in sudan there's been more gunfire in the capital khartoum the soldiers stepped in to protect the crowds and exchanged gunfire with government security forces for more than two hours security forces have been trying to break up
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a mass system that's been going on for four days as say the army headquarters israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has cast his ballots in an election that will decide if he remains in power his main challenger benny gantz floated earlier urging the country to embrace a new dawn. and hong kong pro-democracy campaigners are facing up to seven years in prison nine leading campaigners have been found guilty for their role in the umbrella process which paralyzed the city center five years ago they demanded more freedoms from chinese government's rule but those are the headlines the news continues here knowledge of syria after twenty one up south africa. thanks
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. fourteen years ago we filmed seven year old children all over south africa. there were black and whites rich and poor they came from very different communities kept separate by apartheid. they were growing up in a country that was bruce lee divided on the brink of historic social change. seven years later we met them again. there were fourteen teenagers in a new south africa. and
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now we've been back to find them a twenty one. year on. the political struggle has given them opportunities that their parents were denied. their own on dallas' children. since they were seven the country has changed dramatically. how much of they changed with it. at seven vellum loved his life growing up in the hearts of an afrikaans farming belt north of johannesburg. but the people are. yeah.
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it's rock under don't worry. about marking a thong near a week of wrong without good ok can you see it was a quirk of us as i do these late on a hunt of a gander but. with the. foods we thank you did also. correct me if i don't spill the right because spirit. races he lives out that sort. it is a very good place on the feet to raise up. my feet oh sure. hundreds of my youth and there's hope but. i didn't. soon after seven for them is life changed. from when you love me do
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all the drugs you do with me we need they need us i don't try and finally got a doc into my family to gradually pressure. the us a little hint. is that. to call me a man or not an instance of the human thought of uncertainty certainty do. all theaters in three feet of means at all and see literatures meet insanity yamana latest. school of us looked on and them over the skin just. as you found your use of could pretty junk yes. a blown look at it full of election we didn't have any million of any of only school tommy. fully feel.
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proud now what. i wish my role modelling. it was all the dossier he had a hearty meal ticket and. if. so there's overboard with it that was a black i don't think there's a live game. in for. my give us really have a lot as i gave us what i thought of myself years. at twenty one he lives in a residence at the university of johannesburg where he's studying sports management he's on a rugby scholarship his talent was a radio evident at fourteen. was enough. but it was. up. there with the.
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off with particular how to forgive him and your family as the brutal my boy it's all to. the children good book while my folks as well because. there's a spell about the i'm not out of what a thrill is gone here's luck. to you. thank you. thank you thank you thank million. i'm no money because of the form of c.n.n. i see a doctor show almost and look at the board. i . was promoted to vote does it over the course only. look
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as if he bought this what i feel i please him to stop and so i let it stop. that. was a political meeting also explore also painfully and it could i need on one of the fun that's why since it is almost like me swap also forget it also so any of you i haven't replied yet rugby is under pressure to change it's all my profile you know . dos what comes from your school. you know sisters. was clearly ready for school. school and and school they don't just oppose it so sort of does not use the bozos on nokes who. do it so. the muslim school his. was only finitely many amok in a school go no reason with me in sydney was stupid good me. go back a little. do it in
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a school as it is and look at this by her means i could be nice to give it a shot for the me was the answer is one of the first schools to be integrated in a compulsory directive across the country. that does not do vos in the disease vulnerability to solve us and i passed it myself yes vassell but out in your luck. i was was was. a little bit. i think my view is what. i hear just once caught and vibe not sure but it was fun for. me only. six so that it but then me so do you
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think you said you used in maple insoles. in the snow was a cafe can i say to solve the scene so scene. seats at the buffet even. and i'm going to get it just like at this late date by a train vested interest and yes. i have both losses. in my time i take yes but damn i'm going. to do you looking forward to. supplying. lawson's. for them still dreams of having his own farm. sort of
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civet the can just the bloke risky and robo can do a flop for good. and fun to offer as a slam at the luck with that i'll go for it when the luck is still but he has a lock i don't know whom is need he took you off the so called the stall and. went through one of the local look below. the book of. the. new one will. be in. just the complete this it is a complete the scene i live in you missed a very good. at seven we found him busy living with her grandmother in soweto in
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a squatter camp. a bloody power struggle had devastated the area. the girl. who will be. on g.w. injured. from a long life. event gambling lying upper level. bank bank. of ireland. back. to embassy there was living with her grandmother because her mother was working six days a week in a fast food restaurant in the city. for looking on the money to pick among all marketable my mcclellan wasn't a bit more personal than the. plan but again our own money in my mortgage.
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must start. almost one in obama. but i am not a boy i'm going to be long. at fourteen tempus year was still you running for a happy family. memento my term and your looting was all my mom number one member. and eventually in london. in one thousand nine hundred nine she had returned to see where it off to some years living with family and rural cars and in the tell. she was living in a true toss and going to school and. at first she felt uneasy about the area.
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being a trainer run too but i have my own i j legend i learned some i mean some. so i meant poorly such a line cuts as a long. way and i was. sure. that everyone was. being. very unfair. but. the idea of cutting those seven that's really bad weather making is when i knew what the was own risk so scary how one usual lonnie told us all when it's just. so it played nice so when at last the most i could have called i'm telling telent and i love being in the loop then off we go though never. played back from blue
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million money back. lucia dance no middle no no. i couldn't call my own people. a twenty one temper silly lives on the next street in a similar house. she had employment in a restaurant for a year or to close down with one and three women unemployed it's very difficult to find work. so she takes care of her aunt's baby and keeps house. her mother is still the only person in the family that is permanently employed so money is tight . like a pillow in are. too close yet. you would almost call but they are no longer with us. but me mad is a little mild when i want. to tell you it
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was only right that they have been having we live in our middle class some of the day. there is a. bomb squad you see. i was. in there miles good to see the nuns in my well. know my city says i'm not in and going to see the self when. i'm going to the exam you know full well ok as it is i when i recall who i am leads or it's interesting my luck with these i don't know so even things that would mean that no one biggest i would spank would. and also really don't need to smell a man using unless it is very likely she will bambi in my filing. so there is a clue what is the bins i saw in the open so they saw that three. they're married maybe have a lot i mean i don't care. if it's also. our
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magic. watch. so. many levels will pull. out you know what will not come along and won't do our bundle even as other frequent i'm used to. being on the new cuckoo coming up to. get. one too long or you know alice i must. get a bank loan but they can't be beat the market like. i would put. it
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on. a mandella. activities was like kill isn't doing as a kid but there. is a core not god learner between i didn't i wonder. if we had an avatar like. the past you know they're coming on and realize their ass and our. it turned out ok yeah now which is why she. wasn't so engineers or anything else
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and you know enjoy. peace they never have a. time there is about a good fish. now that's why you have a major way to daytona stuff now there was a series. called out yes there is a james they went all over fill in only when you look at i want. longer was an exceptional seven year old he lived with his mother in a black township and spoke perfect english with an accent from merican television. when he phoned him his grandmother had just died. what do you think happens people when they die this must seem. the reason.
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they always became more. at fourteen ran to find him longer was in hospital. i had no eccentric with me. yesterday last night. was. about five to eight. had an argument of this kind is easy to be me up and that's hard to come. in while i was talking to one of his old friends who was like behind
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me hit with a little. that was consciousness and when i came when i woke up i was here. in the hospital. this is going back to fourteen. remember that you had been hit of the head with a bottle a kid i forget yeah and my sense of that was that it had to do. with jealousies that was over chick but that's fucked up it went further than that i don't include thing about another guy. day i don't know what he looks like. he could laugh about in the end but i guess maybe a window into the never. just it happening with. the why the before.
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when he was seven longer got the opportunity to go to a mostly quiet state school in the suburbs. if i can school. actually my first time or if. you know what's shot he was shy yet why. this deal couldn't speak. and. everyone you know nothing at me. like thought it was going to be the only day. at. and you're scared of being one good amongst all white flea here.
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in pa pens monkeys could have gone to the kind of schools as them that's when they were going to school with what people think. they can have. and i mean i've never been to unpick school. i'm good wherever i go because i'm still the same guy i was that you rich. we've all grown up a new some have kids now so you know a lot of things the fact that when we have the matter what language it must. be. like. at twenty one lives in johannesburg. his views about race have always been complex. you see if black a new one mammy told. you let us ask you sure it's why.
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or she's a white kid like the for the like you see. i wonder the challenge like you and the stand i speak. that's. so you think you interfering a white person who may be. but you don't. know he's at a university which is mostly black and a studying human resources or black economic empowerment. is on the creature i don't know what it will be does i know you still. be visiting somebody over what you just described there is this. has been.
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are you engaging with your course. at university. like. the day i walked in the class and they talked for an hour and i walked out of there feeling nothing i will quit and change course. so in that sense i'm more right the walk and then go i needed to know that. april on al-jazeera faultlines is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories it's the world's third largest democracy heads to its presidential and legislative elections a documentary explores how the united states and the european union a turning a blind eye to egypt's violations of human rights prime minister modi is seeking a second time with a campaign dominated by talk of a cash man pakistan will he succeed an exclusive look at the goals behind russia's
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current foreign policy explained by some of the inside is to help shape the kremlin's ideology a pro on al-jazeera. to . cut. its the fost day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades a multitude of nearby falsus. most helpful than what it is like to be in school up to three years whole war. six year old solid. like his home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the public destroyed house with his father and grandfather. solace for the past his son for the first
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day in school is hopeful new friends would hope is that a company. i'm how i'm hittin in doha the top stories on al-jazeera algeria's parliament has appointed. as interim president following weeks a process that led to the resignation of that lizzie's beautifully and so is a course ally of the former president on protest as have already called for his removal and sather is to serve for up to ninety days during which time a presidential election must be organized iran's president has issued a strong response on threats after the u.s. decision to label its elite's revolutionary guards a terrorist organization hassan rouhani called drums on precedented move a mistake and has warned that his country could develop more advanced nuclear
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technology if washington continues to exert pressure on all of them are shish was done today we inaugurated twenty i.r. six centrifuges and if you continue your oppression in the near future you will see i r eight centrifuges if your intention was reducing iran's military power through these sanctions you yourselves know that we produce missiles and weapons that are far beyond your imagination in sudan there's been more gunfire in the capital khartoum seoul just stepped in to protect the crowds and exchanged gunfire with government security forces for more than two hours security forces have been trying to break up a mass sits and that's been going on for four days outside the army headquarters forces loyal to libyan warlord how they feel have to have carried out another airstrike this time targeting the disused airport on the southern outskirts of tripoli another air strike hit the operational airports in another part of the capital on monday. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has cast his ballot
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in an election that will decide if he remains in power as a yahoo is seeking a fifth term in office his main challenger any guns forces are there urging the country to embrace a new dawn. nine hong kong pro-democracy campaigners are facing up to seven years in jail they've been found guilty for their role in this in the umbrella process which paralyze parts of the city for more than two months back twenty four seen hundreds of thousands ticks in the streets demanding open elections for the city leadership. or those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after twenty one up so they're for.
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longer lives near the center of johannesburg in an area called you. go with a. cloud a scope of people anybody from everywhere from anywhere you're fine. i think all of those are always in the barbershops i well i had my account in the second one. and that one. that i got not that much from is i'm going there. and they have a z. here people all haitian. i mean this is really people who honestly going to miss i was. and people saying sort of think they get there are you not going to happen to that shouldn't. and michelle coming. ok i mean you know that he should show us. i mean you know with an issue that.
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in two thousand and four longer spent a year in germany as an exchange student where he became very close to his host family. it was really living with a man like having a father in the house. but he was really really cool and what do you mean we had on the lives of my mother my whole life you know i'm twenty one so what is. being so first two weeks i'd wake up in the morning open the door and scouts could log and you get a low number still keeps in close touch with him all he. would not likely. would you know. and subsystem. says this mom an e-mail clicked. yeah this is. from another friend she can have was and. i mean this.
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i'll tell you about the last time i had to go. come along now and i do want how do you define a woman that you'd be interested in to me left a lot tolerate my nonsense coolabah lots and my propensity to not call it once noah was that you. know. the little girl was your love you know. she was mean as well as you comes around the corner that's pretty much it. and we're going to be together. to try. to get. you either like i know everything or nothing like. if you were to describe yourself portrait first come to life abductions. nationals eccentric
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sometimes loud always talking never at a loss for words and this is involved women. and i lay people that's pretty well. actually pay attention to it my friends say. to three jews. in all of this is the same type of music he likes and the movies always names excludes. being part of a group is important sort of. mislaid since of belonging name which. belongs these people. i. grew up with. so at this moment i mean
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do you feel like the world is a trophy. i mean yeah i guess you know what i want. all along that makes me happy and i enjoy doing it and i can do it in london standing in to me and doing what i want to do so i just know that since it's all up to me if i don't do what i want to do i would want to blame but myself i'm just. not since it is. at its peak. at seven lives it lived in petersburg a town in the north of the country interviewed her with her boyfriend to need. something. to some. law.
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but the chicken a case. shoot film for oh my show my dog. who committed the car keys. in the chain with this. thing here like. that like that. yeah it was at fourteen they went to the same high school in the same town. their relationship seemed to be in trouble. he's live in years time. so we pump them up but. i do think things might have been resolved between you. but you together. oh not in town and. playful. seem
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a bit strange together your lack of practice what. i nearly enough time i got through it all. so you should think of marriage. this girl thing. called the onus inside me you know twenty twenty one. i mean i'm fourteen what the heck would i want to get married for. a twenty one visit has moved to cape town at the southern tip of the country. she's married to greg and they're expecting a baby. that is craig quiting for me patiently while he doesn't look so passionate because i was like because i was finished and everybody else was running around trying to get finished. their off on me i arrived at seven and. i said oh mary i don't know how i don't know when but i will marry
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you someday in the not too distant future this is the very very first night forty five minutes into the discussion those just something we just clicked it was just something between the two of us and she joked about it and said we'll talk about it when you bring a ring. we dated for. about three months. and you are in the ring to see my parents that's right you're. very cutting it as well as. my dad he was kind of shocked because he was the only person in the hospital know what was going on and my dad just looked at him and he said well if you think you can handle it and that was pretty much
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a good fit if you think you can. also give me some advice that you know this is the advice was vile old twenty five need to draw more calming bolts. if you that will get you through it do it for myself. that you know history and you know it seems. strange enough to family except to me from the minute we arrived it's going to you. know that's bigger than the mother and i never going to get the ones that would really mean anything if. they simply can we fly to. speak with. the two kind of richly agree that to have a child and seeing was a lie when you both wanted. it was something we wanted but it wasn't something we
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want to drive know. your it just sort of a happened. it's the little it's. getting a big challenge just. as. always. we only found out that it happened off the cuff or was up eight weeks. on line weeks to be the right to be sick and i feel like i'm going to die and eventually greg says ok i'll stuff this we going to the doctor. get to the doctor he says mrs yesterday you not pregnant you very pregnant. that's not us sir your it wasn't exactly planned as such but just that you swallow this talk about what a load of bull. right now i would say
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off got pretty much in my opinion a perfect lot of got a great husband we've got food it not we've got patron in the claw bat i'm bored out of my brackets at home. we can't have it we're going to treat. the kid now don't you think everyone's going to look in a lot of our hospitals and i know house my house a lot. harder you cope with boredom hot tub was born and i've learned to read i used to hate reading and i have learned that reading next time go by very quickly so i'm not left to read i read a lot. sleepless night get up have breakfast watch some television read
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eat some more eat some more and then some. i did cook occasionally but doesn't really want me to you wants me to stay off my feet as much as possible so that's still like my eyes and sees the staff eat. my foot seven was so much less complicated. craigan results have bought a house in cape town. that average age in the series from about thirty on woods. i'm good economic growth for the house of the forty fifth are. very very good friendly kind never always there to lend a hand when i told him. what he did for fun. fun
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fun fun fun guy across the road that's not a fun tends not to be very interesting sometimes you learn new things. i mean the movie you drink the capering you get. to kind of thing too you know a lot of things that you normally wouldn't know. that i was. right down to no it's just sometimes our conversations really go very deep. for some reason sometimes we'll start a conversation it'll just really get you thinking you'd be lucky to see but well. that's what we do for fun and i read for fun. we have on. the inside of us. as rare as snow in africa
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the twenty one is something of a special case. it's. just that now you know that. when he was seven he went to private school for boys. his dad was a football superstar and wanted the best for us. i really had my mind i just think he's such a good person. he's gone from no ages living in the streets as a way to just playing soccer. just on the streets to all the way just living. with every start in life. was expecting more is always going to medically sacrifice quite a bit for me to go to school good school not just any school so he's always
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kind of on a like to sort of remind me about it you know it's now and then when i step out of line is like hey remember i did this for you. and at least return the favor and some sort of. culture has dropped out of university and instead is working at a joinery company the basically the guy sort of off the rails kind of image aside if it's really just here i thought everyone has best friend from school is matthew the boss is. it was the most expensive school in johannesburg and was steeped in european culture are saying which is do you speak. so but i don't really want. to generating the space of. course only time. i only speak english that's i don't need the money. and i wish for police how do you
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feel about. the right. with the move from so where it's got their home made a new set of white school friends. at twenty one it's this circle of friends that is screwed and has given here that you can follow my lead. yeah you know i've been around a lot and i have. been i would leave it at that and they have been living my dream and right in. the car. journey or pretty much the same core friends that i've had since i think i started seven. probably of my closest friends who i trusted as often as possible. and all
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these people that were at school but all of them pretty much from school. i mean even math i went to school with matthew and you just kind of brought stuart to know the guys that i know. you know but still back into that we're still in the core always beat probably my best friend that it was hotter. oh really well read it. do you have a girlfriend and would you like to have one to me. that you. don't have a go for at the moment so that's what you're asking. yeah that's that's it three that is the story george you get married when you grow up. say ok i want to
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spot up a. well i think. for the rest of my life shame he said. it'll happen. all sort of wife which is why she. has to be short. this short go fish craze thing you know i know that's a first in a puff and to mine it just seems us ishall can i just well you know. with or without a degree his prospects have soared under black economic empowerment a drive that propels black people into management if you can see that. and how. my dad is to be a representative and in this but at the mall at every day. just to name. three people come and ask who is that guy my dad is now he's our be and then they
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want to deal with that. it's not a business deal but. didn't really do anything for the first month didn't know what i was posted to. but no part of project management really. helping on production so it's very cool. it's very weird young guy not really knowing the industry and having to go in and start telling them what to do because this needs to be done and that needs to be done. so it's very weird into the heart to talk to them because you know whole respect elders thing. so it's not what i say to them but hah say it. is having sort of authority in the first i'd like to think so yeah i like to think of some authority. got free. got you from. the from the marketing department. they sort of shit in my backside to
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get to the head of the department very very cold to hide. what do you think the difference is between what. do. the same skin. think it's all that good stuff. but. now before i. think there's a value in the network oh definitely it's all about networking actually you know i mean sony always got into the war and just. because partly or whatever or just whatever sort of the feel that they do they usually excel through that just network
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with their own os the rest the world so it's difficult about networking to have a view nobody factory where. you can have friends when ever you want by being just what you are done by them but the brother who begs you just to laugh then and. still try to find my place trying to see where i fit in the whole picture. we just come back inside and. i kept it. so i kept. it like yeah but i'm going to end it as we do so and then we are you we were inside you know when you should tell me this morning are we going to do it. you're going to get
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a disability. tell me your your loss what are you going to find your office. since he is how many minutes or so you're. eight months it is eight months x. the big. guys about the last say. science and that's first and spear. and you know crist sharing a disk at the moment because he's supposed to read designing office and he's hasn't done it yet i don't know the service in production but there is one set up for the past because very cool very relaxed wide area of laptops are just less there aren't working actually i should say you know they're working work in you mr rob we work. exactly. i mean do you have a plan for your future. like to think i like to think of a plan but there's always something else this comes and sidetracks me and it's like
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oh wait hold on if you do that as like a plan to get back off and focus without rosie's parents what is there for you or i daily for them i reckon they would love to find a really graduated already know with a degree working in muscle corporate company sort of i mean i think that's what they were like you know get your life together and i'm like no my last is getting together and you know a card to. me this is hard worked up. let's just leave it it's not like i'm saying you know screw university or whatever i still plan to get my degree stall i'm going to get my degree and i just i'm a own time. you know the most just accept that i have so make an effort to kind of do things the way that they would like and at the same time i'm kind of having fun longer way of doing it and. just sort of about the journey yeah it's all about the journey kind of
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a boring change you really have to make it fun. to go. right . maybe that's why they've brought me up that way now she's campaigning that is exactly like. dragon just trying to change. i went out with a few new people i liked and i just had the time dad died but i don't know exactly you. twenty one and i to assert your individuality it's ok to argue with people and it's ok to disagree with people but also a period when childhood dreams can clash with reality it's compromising i don't think i'm pretty good at compromise in two thousand and six south africa up
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revisits the children of apartheid for the third time and like that country much has changed over the past fourteen years. twenty one up south africa amount to zero . zero and i am. hello there we're seeing some very heavy rain in parts of brazil at the moment the satellite picture shows the showers all the way down through rio and rio has had some very heavy rain here we've had a bit of flooding as well from the system now all of the showers are going to stick
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around as we head through the next few days but they will be thinking a little bit further towards the south so they'll just be nudging into parts of northern bolivia there as we head through the day a wednesday fortunately for rio they're just creeping away from us so just moving up the coast a little bit to the south of all of that is pretty warm force in asuncion all temperatures up a thirty degrees when it's always a bit more cloud here on a maximum of twenty six now for the central america things are going to get a bit more unsettled over the next few days mostly thanks to this weather system here that will really is affecting north america but it's sinking south was just the tail end of it so we'll see more of that work its way over the yucatan peninsula and it's a pulse of cuba and then clear into southern cuba there as we head into wednesday so for havana will be back to the sunshine twenty eight degrees to be our maximum and it should also be fine force in mexico city with a maximum of twenty five as i said that was just the tail end of what's going on ivan north america and his the northern part of that it has given us some rather ferocious weather very large hail very heavy downpours and it's trying now to move away for tuesday and wednesday. the weather sponsored by qatar and.
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teach it strongman is ruling with an iron fist and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. is perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have forgotten victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london man in cairo on al-jazeera. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing the world fortunate to be able to continue to expand. to continue to have that passion and drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing to. uncover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our
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coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . this is al-jazeera. hello i'm hallam i hit him with the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. and interim president is names in zero g. area but the protesters he brought down the previous ruler are back out on the streets. iran slams the u.s. for labeling its elite elite force a terrorist group threatens to upgrade its nuclear program. another seven people killed as sudanese security forces try to break up.


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