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accepted and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london a man in cairo a. and interim president is named say in algeria but the choice springs protest is back on to the streets across the country. i'm hala my he is in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iran slams the u.s. for labeling it something force a terrorist group and threatens to upgrade its nuclear program. another seven people killed and sudanese security forces try to break up and see government protests some soldiers are siding with the crowds. and aforetime prime minister
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takes on a retired military chief in what's expected to be a very close israeli election race. i am. now a jury has parliament's has appointed upper house chairman of the carbon sala as insulin president's after unrelenting protests forced to think that to resign open sala who's seventy seven will take over the reins until new elections are held within ninety days he's been chosen in accordance with the constitution but is part of the former president's inner circle and the political establishment that people want to remove will face and being back on its own the streets voicing their anger about it's been solace appointments and also big questions about how algeria is
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paraffin military will reacts. to syria's. house covered this story extensively and is with me on. i should just give us a sense of why the people are so unhappy tell us more about their reaction to that and nine summons a few hours ago i think the concern is basically the following they say that they have been on the streets for almost. two months to see a radical change in algeria what happens is announcement president as it was a was forced to resign however the parliament is appointing an acolyte a member of the same inner circle with a vehicle always on the other will sala the government still in place was appointed by of by beautifully run by nordin better way of the constitutional council is run by the ladies who is member of the same elite for them this is more of a cosmetic change not a genuine one they were hoping to see something different a national unity government formed by independent people widely respected and
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trusted by the algerians to take over the army would say that they've been acting in accordance with the constitution and the constitution simply doesn't wear a path for the sort of change that the recess is a calling for is that the case they know that they cannot meet all those demands by the people because some of them seem pretty much realistic for the army because they're concerned about any move that could just lead to a power vacuum in a country like and syria something that no one would like to see put in place i think or one hand going for article one two which is now paving the way for a new interim president but at the same time they might create something parallel. and that's where they can meet some of the demands of the people particularly council forming a national unity government that can take over ok they know we understand that. one of the army chiefs is expected to make some kind of a name is meant just give us a sense of how. their role is in this situation he's now undoubtedly the most
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powerful man in those area general a month ago he played a crucial role in the past few weeks when he stepped in saying that he thinks it's about time for president his will to flee to resign the moment when he pulled out support this far this wind started to crumble and then he came out a few days later saying that if the president does not resign we will trigger article seventy eight which means of the ultimate power lies in the hands of the people who precipitated the collapse of the old establishment today when he talks most likely he's going to try to tell the people that the army is standing by their side listening to their concerns hoping to be able to implement some of those concerns but i think he will reiterate the need for the jury to maintain an orderly transition to democracy instead of jumping into the unknown ok well we'll have to wait and see what that announcement brings but for now. thank you so much for bringing us up to date iran's president sounds come out for the strong response
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some threats after the u.s. decision to label its elite revolutionary guards a terrorist organization has some rouhani called trump's unprecedented move a mistake and has warned that his country could have elop more advanced nuclear technology if washington continues to exert pressure but all of them are your shoes she was. today we inaugurated twenty i are six centrifuges and if you continue your oppression in the near future you will see i r eight centrifuges if your intention was reducing iran's military power through these sanctions you yourselves know that we produce missiles and weapons that are far beyond your imagination. same day has more from. what we have yet to see how the designation of the islamic revolutionary guard corps as a terrorist organization by the united states will play out in the long run experts here into her own do you see this as an incremental step yet another incremental
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step in american efforts to push for regime change in iran that's been the stated policy of the white house of u.s. president donald trump and many experts here see this as a symbolic gesture since iran is already struggling with so many sanctions you see this is an important incremental step in that stated u.s. policy but experts here also say that donald trump has done the i.r.g.c. a favor and this is something that is likely to help them gain support domestically and we are seeing senior leaders of the government have closed ranks behind the r.g.c. with with with public displays of support and with condemnation for this u.s. move we saw it play out in parliament on tuesday when lawmakers proposed a bill to carry out ressa procul steps against the united states as well as continue to strengthen support for the i.r.g.c. even more and in a show of public support many of those lawmakers who were chanting death to america in parliament once again attended that session of parliament in r.g.c.
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fatigues a symbolic show of support by the body in iran that represents public sentiment which were also likely to see close ranks behind the islamic revolutionary guard corps as we move forward following this designation of the group as a terrorist organization by the united states. seven percent says have been killed on the fourth day of a mass and i had signs the army had courses in sudan's capital the crowd same cartoon have been demanding the removal of president omar al bashir police commanders have ordered officers not to confront peaceful demonstrators victoria case in the reports. standing firm outside ami headhunters in the capital khartoum protesters chant down with the regime. hours earlier security force personnel opened fire on demonstrators in an attempt to break up their food
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a long mass sit in soldiers who saw the attack intervene to protect protest is letting them into the headquarters and shooting at the government security forces. on the dance defense minister insists there is no split in the armed forces and security forces remain united despite some offices openly siding with protesters. was never going to make it to all of you let me say that we're here now because we're taking the side of the people we're standing with the people nobody else. protesters and the opposition sudanese congress party a calling on president obama al bashir to resign they want the military's help in forming a transitional government the leadership of the army if they. disposed to the name of the people that live there it's balls to the. the whole of the opposition they are in there and getting the unity of god yourself on this will
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lead the country for chaos so i think they have no other option but to this ball positively to the demands of the people sidney's from different religious backgrounds have joined for months of protests to demand change in scenes reminiscent of the arab spring demonstrations eight years ago in sudan. and neighbor egypt the governments imposed a state of emergency since february after their crackdown failed to stop the largest outcry during al bashir thirty year rule the. he's asked the ruling national congress party to help restore stability. but. the government says change can come through the ballot box but protesters on the streets insist they want change now victoria gate and bay al jazeera. several people have been injured after a car bombing in northern syria it happens in rocka which is controlled by the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces which person i saw fighters outs in twenty
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seventeen. of waters in israel are casting their ballots in the elections that will determine if benjamin the senior who will remain in office for a fifth term he says in the west jerusalem his main challenger benny gantz forces earlier urging the country to embrace a new dawn opinion polls put dances blue and white alliance just ahead of messenia likud party whoever the prime minister appears to have the best chance of forming another governments. i must tell you i had no major dollars but this is a sacred act this is truly the essence of democracy and we should be blessed with it but you need to choose well i cannot say what i can but i don't want to not hear so let's not make the i'm happy to place myself at the service of the state of israel in the citizens of israel i'm happy to stand for the good of the citizens on a new powerful we call for
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a respectful and quiet day from all sides well let's get more on this from a stephanie decker who joins us from occupied east jerusalem stephanie you've been there talking with the voices are all did you get a sense of what we're expecting when the the exit polls are release. i think it's very difficult to call because even though we are in a right wing polling station safe to say that everyone voting here is a right wing political inclinations when it comes to netanyahu and whether they want him to continue as a fifth term as prime minister it is not clear what is clear is that he certainly seems to be feeling the heat the israeli prime minister has hit the beach in a suit telling people to get off the beach and to go vote he's just issued a statement in the last hour or so saying that he's had dramatic news that voter turnout is low in likud areas his party areas and the left is coming out in power it's not a new tactic but it shows that he is concerned i think i think going forward there's a few questions ten o'clock to under five hours the polls are going to close you
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will get exit polls very soon after that even if he doesn't win in the sense that gets the most seats he still seems to be the man as you mentioned their best place to form a government it will be a very right wing government but the question is this with the corruption charges hanging over him will he survive the next coming year the attorney general has said that he faces indictments he's got one chance at a hearing where he can put forward his case many people will tell you political analysts that perhaps the pressure will simply be too much on him and he won't but at the same time he is called a political houdini he is a man with intense experience intense charm he knows how to play the political game so i think everything still seems to be up in there when i have to wait and see how the next few hours play out how the polls do and how he's going to play those numbers to his advantage recently where oh thank you so much stephanie zakhar joining us there from occupied east jerusalem what's more so to come on al-jazeera
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including hong kong activists face up to seven years in prison after being convicted over their role in pro-democracy demonstrations plus. i'm nicholas hawke at the tunisian libyan border find out next how libyans are now trying to leave their country as the fighting in ten. the fires in tripoli. hello there we've got plenty more wet weather to come for us in the southeastern parts of china the latest system well that's moving away towards the east now working its way towards japan but as that system moves away this is going to be plenty of cloud with us as we head through wednesday that cloud will be giving a few pockets of rain but it really tense heavy as we head into thursday thursday a very wet day then that rain stretching all the way up towards shanghai shanghai there for seeing quite
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a few showers at times so the south of it there is home kong here it should be fine enjoy maximum temperature getting to around twenty nine degrees out towards the west so that's a very lively downpours here they've been working their way of a person to poor to say through parts of bangladesh as well very heavy rains out of this system that will gradually push away those we head into wednesday and behind it it will be a lot quieter so for kolkata we should get to around thirty seven degrees temperatures for many of us though are on the rise at the moment with many places seem to temperatures over forty now hydrabad getting to forty the not poor up to forty one for the fall south i think they could be just one or two showers here but most of them will be over parts of sri lanka we're also see the cloud begin to increase for the northern areas as we head to sri thursday said that will work its way through parts of iran also through pakistan with some showers there of a posse of afghanistan.
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fly qatar airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. you were going on to zero a quick reminder of the top stories this hour algeria's parliaments has appointed a dork other been souther as the interim president to replace these beautifully but
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protesters who demanded the thinker step daryn are still not happy they're demanding a complete overhaul of algeria's political establishment. seven protests have been killed on the fourth day of a mass set in outside on the headquarters in the sudanese capital the crowds in khartoum have been saying the resignation of president omar al bashir. and israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu has cast his ballot in an election that will decide if he remains in power netanyahu is seeking a fifth term in office his main challenger benny gantz forces are there urging the country to embrace a new tone. of forces loyal to libyan warlord who before have to have carried out it's another airstrike this time targeting the dead. used airports on the southern
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outskirts of tripoli another airstrike hit the functioning airports in another part of the capital on monday fighting continues between her sorters and the un by its government's forces despite an appeal to stop made by the un secretary general intentionally targeting civilians or civilian objects as well as indiscriminate attacks may amount to war crimes. commission has highlighted in particular the need to ensure protection of extremely vulnerable civilians including refugees and migrants many of whom are already held in horrific conditions in ad hoc detention facilities by armed groups and they may be fleeced under significant peril high commissioner michele bashfully appeals to all sides to come together to avoid further senseless violence and bloodshed. of the world has more for us from tripoli . warplanes loyal to the war lord holy for have targeted the tripoli
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international airport again this morning tripoli international airport. has not been operational since two thousand and fourteen clashes erupted again between forces loyal to have turned and others loyal to the government of national accord in new france and around the airport area in the southern outskirts of the libyan capital we know that the other operational airport and airport was also targeted by have to us warplanes yesterday and a state of panic. among civilians because i'm eighty get that is located in. a civilian area in the eastern side of the libyan capital military sources on the ground say that have to us forces have been getting new deployments and it seems that they are getting giddy for
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a new offensive we know that the government of national accord has lunch account to the offensive called the volcano of wrath to defend as they say to defend the capital against have to have his forces government or military sources say that the volcano of ras is not going to only defend the tripoli city against have to his forces but it also it's also planned to chase have to his forces. move to the south to the city of the year and the city of the who are the major cities that support have to end the worst of the country the humanitarian situation is getting worse in the areas around the fighting areas as civilians there have been calling for help they say that the random shelling.
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around them rockets have been landing in civilian areas. well while many libyans in tripoli are trapped by the fighting others are crossing the border. nicholas huck reports from sources near the border. safe but still terrified. we dare suffered a stroke when the gunfire began and the mortars and airstrikes began falling in tripoli her sister got her out they traveled three hundred kilometers to the nearest functioning hospital here in tunisia. i mean pain i'm heartbroken for my country and seeing my people ripping themselves apart. the u.n. has called for a truce to let others escape tripoli the main route leads to tunisia where security forces are on high alert this behind me is the road that leads to libya now
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security forces were not allow us to film any further they say as a precautionary measure because just a few days ago general have tried to take control of this road from the libyan side but failed this is a strategic importance not just for the libyans but also for tunisia. tunisian security forces tell al jazeera they've counted of five hundred libyan vehicles crossing the border in rest year since warlord khalifa haftar began his offensive. it's not just civilian sleeping members from rival groups have come for medical treatment sometimes sharing the same doctors in the same ward you know to become more and more into their lechmere listen they like health care workers they like blood banks they're in shortage of pretty much everything so they come here for help. the unfolding crisis in libya has brought an unexpected increase in trade for some tunisian businesses and many here have opened their doors their country could
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become a lifeline to many more libyans if the conflict worsens nicholas hong al-jazeera zs of the tunisian libyan border was taking banks or coverage over israel's general election where prime minister benjamin netanyahu is seeking a fifth term in office we were chewed to speak to west jerusalem but for now it just reminds or even this in yahoo is up against a strong challenge from benny gantz who leads the blue whites coalition. let's we understand the race to be very very tight in. however there is so unclear at this stage who may edge a heads of course israeli elections very much to penzance on smaller parsis as well so even once we get those exit polls for you we may not have a clear indication immediately of how this race is likely to go we do you hope to
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bring you some more coverage from israel throughout the day sorry for these technical difficulties let's see if we can move on to another story which is ongoing as we speak the u.s. attorney general he is currently facing members of congress for the first time since he published a summary of the miller reports william barr is being pressured to publish that reports info which of course dealt with russian collusion in the election of president donald trump the bar has said that that will happen within weeks but some information will be blacks i. staying late to britain rather and the prime minister of the u.k. is seeking support from france for another delay to break after talks with germany's angela merkel she hopes emmanuel mccrone will be on board as she tries to
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convince leaders a further delay is needed for brakes it that's the u. case departure from the european union of course natasha butler is in paris with all the latest. well to reason may know that if she is to persuade the e.u. leaders to support her request for an extension of article fifty delaying bragg's it's all the end of june something she's going to be asking for officially at that special e.u. summit of wednesday then she must win over the french president emanuel my call because it might or might call has been the e.u. leader that's perhaps taken the toughest line when it comes to the whole process break that process and has made it very clear to the reason may that he's also not a good for giving extensions without any clear reason in fact and i don't my all just told you politicians recently that he was a bit fed up that the u.k. seemed to be holding the e.u. hostage no matter what color is likely to say to reason they come up show me your
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plan and that is what she will have to do if i'm out of our core believes that she has a credible plan that justifies an extension but he may choose to support that but whether or not to reserve may's cross party talks with the opposition labor party in westminster would be enough to convince the french president remains unclear. at least five members of afghanistan's security forces have died and seven injured so after an attack in sorry poor province three american service members and a u.s. contractor have also been killed by a roadside bomb near by air base north of kabul the taliban claimed responsibility for both of the attacks intense fighting between iceland's groups and taliban fighters has resulted in more than twenty one thousand people being displaced in the last two weeks afghan at special forces are preparing an offensive in our province against the taliban and i saw the armed groups have been fighting for two
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weeks in the province displacing again more than twenty one photos and people charlotte bellus is and can our files this report for us. we are in choking district in kunar province syria is a supporter area for both the taliban and i so the two groups have been fighting for some time up in the mountains around us but about two weeks ago our hippie clashes broke out between the two and since then they have been reinforcing their positions and more of the lies ing that is mean that about twenty thousand people have been displaced from their homes they have fled the fighting this is a health clinic that we're coming to this is one of the few places that is safe for people to come and wait until the fighting subsides and there is some concern now that there will be another bout of clashes we understand that the taliban or the senior commander here on monday in preparation for further offensive the u.s. state department says blocking sixteen saudi arabian citizens from entering the country over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi includes sorrow katon the who
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is accused of masterminding kushal g.'s killing on the orders of crime prince mohammed bin salman the president of brazil says he's working with the u.s. government dissents and fed as well as army. visited donald trump at the white house last month they were among the first to throw their support behind the venezuelan opposition leader one joe and his efforts to ice president nicolas with general orders call for the military's backing but the top brass remains loyal material. for democracy campaigners behind more than two months of mass protest in hong kong or facing up to seven years in jail they've been found guilty for their role in protests that bore sight hundreds of thousands of people who are demanding open elections for the city's leadership sarah clarke has reports. the the nine pro-democracy ladies lefcourt defiant despite being found guilty for their
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role in the umbrella movement protests in two thousand and fourteen. before the verdict was delivered they issued a message to the people of hong kong part unless we persist there will be no future thoughts about percy i think that's why we need to persist and get a flight out there what will happen in bright future democracy an hour later the court found the nine pro-democracy leaders guilty of inciting public nuisance they included a law professor and retired scola who founded a similar protest group called the occupy movement led the pro-democracy protests in twenty four to name calling for hong kong's chief executive to be elected by popular vote instead of being appointed by chinese government leaders in beijing the judge rejected the occupy lady's argument that the protest was an appropriate exercise of free speech instead judge johnny chan found that they impinged unreasonably on the rights of others when hundreds of thousands of people came out
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the main roads in central hong kong a blocked for more than two months this verdict is more bad news for the pro-democracy movement critics say the leaders in beijing a tightening a control over the semi autonomous city and similarities tonight in china now becoming forbidden here in hong kong the verdicts have been condemned by democracy activists human rights groups and politicians in the united states and britain it is worsening we have to admit physical safety is not yet an issue but in freezing prosecution. activists and protesters. the convicted leaders are waiting to hear their sentences as the lawyers appeal for leniency but they could face up to seven years in jail sirrah clark al-jazeera hong kong. a hollywood actress is one of fourteen parents who have pleaded guilty to use in bribery to get their children into prestigious u.s. universities for the state government has agreed to pay
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a twenty thousand dollar fine or securities recommends serving four to ten months in prison where dozens of wealthy americans are accused of involvement in the frauds to bribe coaches and brick exams to get their children into college. this is all to zero these are the top stories are the serious parliament's cheeriest parliament rather has appointed. as the interim president to replace of these bits of the butts protesters seats around it was a think a step down are still not happy they're demanding a complete overhaul of algeria as political establishment seven protesters have been killed on the fourth day of a mass sit in outside army headquarters in the sudanese capital the crowds in
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costume have been demanding the resignation of president omar al bashir. israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu has cast his ballots in an election that will decide if he remains in power as anyone who is seeking a fifth term in office his main challenger benny gantz forces earlier urging the country to embrace a new dawn. iran's president has threatened to develop more advanced nuclear technology after the u.s. decisions a label is revolutionary guards a terrorist organization or some rouhani says it's a mistake and it will unite the iranian people but all of them are your shoes she was and today we inaugurated twenty i os six centrifuges and if you continue your oppression in the near future you will see i are right centrifuges if your intention was reducing iran's military power through these sanctions you yourselves know that we produce missiles and weapons that are far beyond your imagination
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forces loyal to libyan warlord holly for have their carries out another airstrike this time targeting the disused airports on the southern outskirts of tripoli another air strike hit the functioning airports in another part of the council on monday i think continues we're seeing her soldiers and the u.n. backs government's forces. in hong kong pro-democracy campaigners are facing up to seven years in jail they've been found guilty for their role leading the umbrella protests which paralyzed part of the city for more than two months back in twenty fourteen hundreds of thousands took to the streets demanding open elections for the city leadership well those are the headlines news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream just coming up next. zero. you're just back to yemen what was the glimpse of the country that go we listen the children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global news makers and
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talk about the stories that matter just zero. i am really could be and i had to have a dream today why do women footballers make less money than a group of female athletes joins us to discuss how to even the score and we want to hear your thoughts so talk to us in our live chat and you too can be in the stream . but football pitch is the latest battleground for gender equality as women players prove they are not just playing to win and back they want the same quid pro quo that the men get but what will it take to even the playing field joining us to discuss this trondheim norway lauren silver a midfielder for a norwegian club ask a trying times urn.


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