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tv   Dreaming Of Vincent  Al Jazeera  April 10, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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remain united dumb old i hope but i mean what the about the police national security and intelligence forces are supported by the army we needed to consider certain things before moving the enthusiastic protesters outside the area very well prepared plan has helped us to control the situation in a peaceful way. the protest as a calling on the army to withdraw their support for the government and opposition leaders say they are seeking talks with the army to plan a transitional administration and they now have the support of the u.s. u.k. and norway the three countries said in the statement so dani's authorities must now respond and deliver a credible plan for this political transition. refusing to step down president al bashir recently chaired a meeting of the country's supreme commission for national dialogue he's long been accused of human rights abuses and corruption. anti-government protests started last december fueled by food shortages and rising prices human rights watch
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says since then more than fifty people have been killed in violence four of the how to the party in february the government brought in a state of emergency but it's fails to contain these protests the biggest challenge yet to thirty year rule. as sudan appears to be heading to a political breaking point protesters say they'll continue to take to the streets until their demands are met. for him mohammed al jazeera still ahead on al-jazeera from a galaxy far far away scientists shed light on a rafa naaman on off the universe the first images of a black hole. we
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got a fair bit of wet weather pushing across central parts of china at the moment you see this long a lot of cloud of rain comes right out of china right up towards central areas of china and it's sinking its way further south the system heavy downpours for thursday could see possibly some localized flooding that will shanghai for thursday will continue to drift further southwards in these was as we go through friday hong kong question thirty celsius down to around twenty six increase in humid weather pushing its way through that everyone will just continue to push its way down across the far south of the country brought a cooler weather does come back in behind some decent spells of sunshine is still plenty of sunshine of course across much of in there you can see that little crofter's shall. as there are around bangladesh known as the cowboys shockey they're pushing up it was the fall northeast of india as well down into the southern sections of the the by a bingo we may just see want to two showers creep in the way towards eastern and southern postle schleicher but essentially it does look a lot she tried
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a similar picture as we go on into friday further north and here's our hot weather we're still getting up into the forty's the early heat continues across central parts of india but the recent clouds and rain to the north. they joined one of the world's most notorious groups. but found a way out rebuild. and help us. attain of course for crew and child soldiers and to have refit exploitation of women door to . have been radicalized. tunnel design or.
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my top stories on algis there i've been in except for a fifth term as israel's prime minister despite the body of his main rival winning as many see seen election but next now is expected to get the support of small the right wing parties to form a coalition government also foreign is now his main live all benny gantz is not can feel conceded defeat and says what he achieved in tuesday's election is historic the former military chief and leader of the blue and white coalition says he is still waiting for the final results british prime minister to resign me is heading to brussels for an emergency meeting to find out whether she can get another extension on breck's it she wants to postpone the date the u.k. leaves d.e.u. beyond this friday and till the thirtieth of june but with no sign of
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a compromise may is warning of the choice for the u.k. maybe even to accept clashing out of the e.u. with no deal or revoking article fifty excepting no exit at all in a moment we'll speak to join a hole in london but first to david chaytor in brussels where leaders have begun arriving for they imagine see summit david so it looks like to reset may we'll get an extension but it may be more than she bargained for. fully that's a very good way of putting it yes the june thirtieth idea is not going to work it's too short a time courting to the e.u. leaders here the e.u. twenty seven for her to have any hope whatsoever of getting a deal through the house of commons so what they're suggesting are two separate dates december thirty first all march twenty twenty and the point is that both of those extensions whichever is chosen are going to come with some pretty serious
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conditions now as the the french of course the french president emmanuel mackerel who taking a hard line here how much is spent how much is fact we don't yet know we'll see as the discussions go on that this evening but what it's been suggested reports coming out spin from the least say if you like is that the the british commissioner might lose his position of the top table that might be one condition that essentially would leave the united kingdom without a veto for any of the decisions taken by the european union also that they will not take part in any of the major debates on the the budget for the european union and also for who will replace. the commission and on top of that something called. a good behavior clause if you like that if they do take part in the the may twenty third twenty six european elections which looks likely if they have this
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long long extension that they will be on their very best behavior now this is essential e what looks like an attempt by the french to hold all this period this long extension period to hobble the united kingdom and its role within the e.u. to limit its powers now we don't know how much that will survive the discussions anglo merkel the german chancellor of course is being the good cop on this and the french president emmanuel mackerel. being a bad call now in the end it doesn't look like they need that there will be some severe conditions for any extension of a much longer. to resume a wants and that might have very serious political implications and repercussions for her if she takes it back and agrees to it to london let's find out more about that and speak to john hall in london now david thank you very much jonah what will the e.u. decision mean for to me so me at home.
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what will assuming it's for the long extension that david suggests it will be in all signs point in that direction i think the immediate response will be a furious one particularly on the part of her conservative party m.p.'s will be furious that brick city's once again being delayed and this time by a long period furious that this country will be dragged into having to contest e.u. parliamentary elections a democratic indignity they will see that as furious at this country's behavior being censured in the way that david describes the problem is that jump up and down as they might they really haven't got the mechanisms to do very much about it they can't even get rid of to resume a if they want to though many of them do want to and so i think there is already a sort of resignation within the party that this is all likely to happen the conservatives have already put out a call for m.e.p. candidates people who will stand for possible seats in the european parliament and people on the right of the party have already stood up and warned the e.u. that look if you do this to us we're going to do everything we can to frustrate and
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obstruct the business of the european union and be as difficult as we can possibly be i think the moment of tension will come in what happens during that extension period what is achieved with it because if what is achieved is a compromise soft brigs it deal and worse one down with the labor party will that is the point potentially when the party will snap a majority will find it very difficult to support that they could be mass resignations all of that piling more. more pressure on a prime minister with really only the most tenuous grasp of the moment. john i thank you very much for us in london. algeria as interim leader says free and fair elections will be held within three months. says he has no political ambitions of his own and will set up an independent committee to oversee the poll but protesters want a more immediate overhaul of the political establishment within the last few hours
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the government has issued licenses for ten new political parties jarius army chief says the military rose support a transition period but that requires the people spacious and some countries are trying to push people to the forefront and impose them as representatives of the people with the hope of leading the transitional period and implementing their plans to hit the stability of algeria and create a rift among algerians through slogans that are impossible to be implemented so pushed the country towards a constitutional vacuum and towards the destruction of our institutions it is not logical at all to have a transitional period without institutions to organize and supervise that process without these institutions will consequences will occur and the result will be the collapse of all achievements made in this country since independence the u.n. security council is due to have another imagine see meeting on the continuing fighting in libya forces the oil to warlords i mean for half tom among dozens of
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people killed in the past few days on the outskirts of the capital tripoli a un's envoy to libya has postponed a nationally conservation conference planned for next week. has more from tripoli. the situation is still a very tense in the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli following get yesterday's clashes between forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar and others loyal to the end of baghdad police based government of national accord have to us forces manager to open and you'll front in the southern eastern outskirts of tripoli namely in a neighborhood old call that aims are and eyewitnesses that say that hundreds of families would leaving the area because of the clashes and meanwhile the government of national accord accuses have to us forces of targeting civilian areas with heavy with heavy weapons or random shelling or have random shootings have been landing in
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that civilian areas and also have a force has been targeting get the government to force us locations in the outskirts of the libyan capital meanwhile the government of national poll says that its air force has conducted civil air strikes targeting have to forces locations around the city of again around one hundred kilometers to the to the south from the libyan capital tripoli government sources say that they have been recaptured sixteen. fighters and also military vehicles the situation remains very tense and it seems that despite the fact that civil international institutions have been calling for called including the united nations and the european union but it seems that neither one of the evil factions on the ground is listening to the international calls but generally speaking this situation is collation it seems to be dealing with the peace talks need their
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general national conference which was due to be held on the fifteenth of this month in the city of a dumbass. the u.n. says there's been at alarming rise in civilian casualties in syria's last remaining rebel held province the bombardment of it intensified hours after russia's president hinted it would that amir porton is a main backer of syria and what its government calls the elimination of a terrorist threat zain harder reports from. the book board mint is intense and indiscriminate opposition controlled towns and villages in the northwestern province of idlib are under fire from syrian government forces and their allies who say they are responding to rebel attacks. there is supposed to be a ceasefire in it live the warring sides blame each other for the provocations. they scarlets the terrorists of higher than continue to launch attacks against the
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positions of syrian government forces but syrian government forces have been hitting markets residential neighborhoods civilians are dying in some of the heaviest shelling since turkey and russia reached a cease fire deal in september. the syrian government says it lib is a legitimate target because it is controlled by how to have a sham and other groups many in the international community link to al qaida. we are waiting for the implementation of the such agreement but our patience has limits we must liberate the slams of our friends the russians can feel our patients whining they are trying to solve the issue with the turkish leadership. russian president vladimir putin discussed at liberty his turkish counterpart or dawn in moscow this week putin said their efforts will lead to the elimination of what he called the terrorist threat. by.
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turkey was supposed to create a demilitarized zone around it live free of weapons and fighters but instead. consolidated its control. russia and iran gave priority to ties with turkey over regaining control of adlib turkey had warned an offensive in the province would cause a humanitarian disaster and be a breaking point in their alliance now the turkish government doesn't have as many cards following its strained if not ruptured relationship with the united states. the focus of the near daily syrian government bombardment has been to recapture two international highways that pass through it so far there has been no ground offensive partly to avoid confrontation with turkish troops in the area that may
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change. russia will be careful not to risk its relationship with turkey but it has the upper hand how it uses that leverage will determine what comes next and it led . beirut. as scientists have unveiled a highly anticipated first image of a black hole i never believed that this black hole was as big as people said until we saw that. it's an event so significant astronomers released it at six similar pena's news conferences around the globe and here it is the super massive black hole at the center of the giant elliptical galaxy m eighty seven more than fifty three million light years away the gravitational monsters have been so far away they've been impossible to see the debate now begins into whether it supports or shatters what we know about space and physics including albert einstein's one hundred year old theory of general
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relativity or de head says the chief astronomer at the franklin institute of science museum he says even better images to come. what's really impressive here actually is the collaboration that went into creating the instrument that allowed us to gather such highly resolved data so what was done is eight radio telescopes around the world spread across the globe had their images synthesize together time wise so that we could create a centrally a telescope that is not only the size of earth remember this is a synthesis zation we're taking the signals from a different telescopes and blending them together and doing this makes it seem as if the telescope was the size of the earth and then what was done was they took images as the earth rotated around the sun and as it rotated on its axis and what that does is it fills in gaps that would be in this data because there are only eight telescopes so doing this actually gives us the resolution of
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a much bigger instrument the images that will come after this will be images that provide more information so this isn't a ray of telescopes if more telescopes are added or more data points are taken this is going to fill in the gaps of clarity and resolution that we need to help us give us an even better image of what we see so this instrument can be used to observe other black holes and other locations and subsequent observations will provide more data that will improve the image we have already and to help us to confirm even further these ideas about gravity that proposed. again i'm fully back with the top stories on al jazeera benyamin netanyahu looks set for a rare fifth time as israel's prime minister is by the body of his main rival winning as many seats in the election that netanyahu is expected to get the support
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of smaller right wing parties to form a coalition government in the last hour u.s. president donald trump has reacted to these very lean actions is us. the fact that he was i think will do some pretty good acts in the germs of peace that everyone said and i never made the promise. but everybody said you can't have peace in the middle east with israel and the palestinians i think we have it here and i think we have now a better with bibi having won sudan's president is under increasing pressure as western nations and their voices to calls for political change protests is continued as sitting outside the compound housing the army headquarters in khartoum overnight at least twenty people have been killed since saturday police say they will not confront peaceful demonstrators the u.s. britain and norway have issued a joint statement urging authorities to deliver a credible plan for a political transition. algeria's army chief says foreign parties are trying to
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undermine stability in the country guide sana has also called on people to be patient is comments come amid ongoing protests calling for a complete overhaul of the political establishment on tuesday interim president. has said an election will take place in three months he says he has no political ambitions of his own and will set up an independent committee to oversee the poll. the u.n. security council is due to have another emergency meeting on the continuing fighting in libya forces loyal to wall otani for half talk among dozens of people killed in the past few days on the outskirts of the capital tripoli the un's envoy to libya has will spawn a national reconciliation conference planned for next week and british prime minister theresa may is heading to brussels for an emergency uniting to find out whether she can get another extension on breaks it she wants to postpone the date the u.k. leaves the european union to the thirtieth of june currently the deadline is friday
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to do it with headlines on al-jazeera the stream starts right now. they're a. good person one of the main beneficiaries is that the case listen if you want to. that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter just zero. and here in the stream today is canadian prime minister justin trudeau it's a political future in jeopardy we discuss how a rift in his liberal party could threaten his bid for reelection are you in canada or want to share your thoughts your comments in the chat or tweet us and i'll do my best to bring in as many of your thoughts as i can.
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or in the street. justin trudeau came to power in two thousand and fifteen promising a new standard of government transparency and inclusion but a corruption scandal involving the engineering firm essence and the resignation of two female cabinet members is called into question his reputation as a left wing darling check out this report filed in march by al-jazeera correspondent daniel lack. one of canada's largest engineering companies is charged with paying bribes worth tens of millions of dollars to the government of the late libyan dictator moammar gadhafi if found guilty the company faces being blocked from bidding for lucrative canadian government contracts in extraordinary testimony to a parliamentary committee the attorney general said trudeau and his advisors tried to make or accept a plea deal in his inside circle have said they did nothing wrong they were acting to save a company employing nearly ten thousand canadians opinion polls indicate the scandal
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is hurting the prime minister's popularity with an election later this year his party will have to take urgent steps to save itself from defeat both the cabinet ministers who resigned say they still support the government possible hint they'd serve another leader someone other than justin trudeau the promise of a few years ago has long gone as canada's prime minister attempts to weather the worst political crisis he's ever faced. well here now to help us explore whether the controversy will prove to be a referendum on both trudeau and the liberal party chris elie is a columnist for the national post he joins us from toronto also in serato many is a shaikh is a lawyer and liberal party supporter and in winnipeg me gun sinclair is a professor of native studies at the university of manitoba welcome everyone to the stream i want to start with the headline and a new poll just out on tuesday have a look here this is from reuters canada's golden boy trudeau sinks in polls a scandal takes
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a toll some going to scroll down here after that kind of explosive headline there and show you this the ruling liberals have lost six percentage points since the start of the year ceding the lead to the rival conservatives and if an election was held now which it isn't it's in october the conservatives would win thirty four point nine percent of the vote liberals thirty two point eight percent chris explain the situation for us in our international audience how big of a deal is this quote unquote scandal. well it depends what the scandal is in your mind you know the root of this is as that report explained. an allegation from former attorney general jody wilson grable that the prime minister's office put undue pressure on her to arrange what's called a deferred prosecution agreement for s. and c. level on which is a huge contract based engineering firm with excellent political connections. and which had been lobbying the government hard to get that agreement and she says he crossed the line. or his office crossed the line or has his underlings crossed the
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line on his behalf in trying to strong arm or strong arm her into interfering when she had already decided that she wouldn't that's the precipitating event but what's happened since is that essentially it's called a whole bunch of elements of trudeau's brand. into question. you know you suppose to be a very different kind of prime minister pro-feminist pro indigenous he said he wanted ministers who would think an active dependently and do what was right and now he's ended up kicking out of caucus canada's first indigenous female justice minister and jody wilson raybold and another very impressive female minister jane felt odd for basically standing on the same principle that will spray will that what was standing on so it's a very sort of old style politics look very sort of strong arm my way or the highway kind of approach which is totally antithetical to the brand that he that he . ran on in twenty fifteen and that attracted
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a lot of younger idealistic left leaning voters so it depends what you think the scandal is as i say but i think that certainly he has done a lot of damage to that brand which was very effective in twenty fifteen in bringing out a certain chunk of the canadian electorate and that might explain why we're seeing tweets like that that tweeted the three of them days he said he had been spinning a different tale about the elavil and since this story broke at no time in the speaking of the prime minister here as he admitted. even an error in judgment not the openness and honesty he had promised but rather the politics as usual canada had known before duplicitous really to plessis these are strong words here what's your take on this i take issue with the word duplicitous and i actually take issue with the word scandal as well so i do my best to avoid it when i can with respect to what's happening here you know we have the better part of six or seven months before the king federal election and i really hope that the local government is
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going to use this opportunity to you know educate canadians on essentially what has happened here and i do agree i mean some criticism here i do agree that perhaps their messaging from the outset when this issue with respect to s. and c. arose wasn't as transparent and i could tell you from a legal from a legal perspective and sadly it seems that there is little concern for what legally untoward and the court of public opinion is more concerned about brand damage but nothing illegally untoward happened when looking at a different prosecution agreement or a remediation agreement which is essentially what the liberal government had asked our asked our previous attorney general to consider you know the perception unfortunately is that it is some sort of slap on the wrist yes you are avoiding criminal prosecution but i think it's really important for your viewers to understand that while you are avoiding criminal trial there is a discouragement of any profits that you would have made as
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a result of any of the port unlawful behavior and there's also the pain of an extremely have to find and clearly demonstrating to the government through some very close monitoring that could last two years that you've cleaned house and all of the perpetrators or even the alleged perpetrators are no longer there so this view that you know there is something in a sneaky happening in there trying to get them to agree to this underhanded agreement i think that's where most and that's where most of the problems and. fortunately has arisen so much to say on this but i thought it was hard to give that back on the remediation agreement and that makes sense of the the idea of something sneaky happening though is something that people online are raising and at issue part of this issue is a secret recording i want our audience to have a listen to this tony wilson raybold while still attorney general drew fire from the liberal party for secretly recording another member in aid to justin
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trudeau and here's what that sounded like. oh i know i know i have a. lot of the prosecution act that i can use i do not believe it is appropriate to use that in this case. i mean. does he understand the gravity of what this potentially could mean this is not just about saving jobs this is about interfering with one of our fundamental institutions this is like a constitutional principle of prosecutorial independence so we cannot because you know that nobody's explained that to him michael so this is the season this is the
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seventeen minute audio recording i just wanted to share their audience that this is just a clip but go ahead. yes so i guess there's a number of things that i want to say about this recording first and foremost you know what she did what our previous attorney general did as far as i'm concerned as a lawyer and reaches her obligations from a law society perspective so to be very clear in my view what she has done is grossly on ethical she was the attorney general at the time that conversation took place which means michael is her client and the rules quite clearly no board had any bearing on it's your client you know so that's the first issue that night and they say that's true say that's all true but if you're going to strut the question is what's on the tape not the circumstance of it recording i mean we're not trying to we're not nominating you're looking rebuild for sainthood here the question is i think a lot of people are not many who have seen what it is really good job of eroding the narrative around her as a whistle blower and a martyr so i think you know the fact that it's not
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a good or not i want to go oh it was back up at the time when you that you had i not be a lot as a lawyer i can tell you that in listening to that tape and this is a criticism that has come down the pipeline and you know that and it's been posed to her by number of journalists it sounds extremely scripted so that sounds like the perfect you know some of the you know some of the little you know things that she says i'm a little snippets they sound precisely like the type of things you would want to say when you are almost certain that the tape is going to be produced in some public forum so i essentially that's so i don't know and is that your. question here we are talking from i want to bring in the gun though because we haven't heard his voice in a minute ahead. i just point out that i mean we are in a situation in which we will rebuild this feeling a question of her safety and also in her career i'm after having for three and a half four years back the true government she had been basically the defacto indigenous affairs minister without the name of course had presented the liberal
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agenda on it it is issues to indigenous peoples now she is saying i want to do my job i want to. employ my position and my position is that there is no other ways i don't need a third opinion i understand the prosecution agreement i mean i'm expecting that the prosecution that will be held is innocent of objective position she says made the decision but then continue to experience the same pressure and in that situation i had felt as though her safety was at risk so in that situation this is an egregious circumstance and teeth in conversation is not an ethical one it's one of safety it's a one of making a choice in a difficult situation in which it is it did republic which she had no interest in doing until much later until she was thrown under the bus then she brought it out to the public but in a situation if it had reached the public then she would be the one that would lose and so we have to think of this in the long history of the treatment of indigenous peoples and it was all fine and good when jodie wilson raybold was presenting the liberal agenda but suddenly when she's doing her job and also bringing her ethics
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into the into the situation suddenly now she's broke and so i just really don't think i mean i actually want to pick up on that just a little bit when you got inside because for our audience that doesn't know jenny wilson raybold was the first indigenous attorney general of the country in canadian history so here is what our audience think and also one of the very first eugenics cabinet ministers ever right here is what one person online thinks about that whisper here says that the prime minister kicked them out of the liberal party and goes on to say he continues to hurt my people first nations he's a coward a fake a liar i could go on. sadly all subtler government leaders are just like him no i actually want you to hear the prime minister in his own words because a number of liberal party m.p.'s have stood by him as this is unfolded in the press and in parliament so here's what the prime minister trudeau said last week about why it wilson ramos and jane felt pot were expelled from office civil
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wars within parties are incredibly damaging because they signal to canadians that we care more about ourselves and we do about them that's why i made the difficult decision to remove ms wilson rebuilt and dr phil part from the liberal caucus we've taken every effort to address their concerns but ultimately if they can't honestly say that they have confidence in this team despite weeks of testimony face to face conversations and phone calls with myself and other members of caucus and they cannot be part of this team. so chris you started this off saying the word still will war what's your take on the reasoning behind this because it says it's about trust or at the very canadian civil war i mean no other country in the world that i'm aware of where a party cannot tolerate. this little dissent you had to.
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form a cabinet ministers who had resigned from cabinet but were still in caucus and were singing to anyone who would have the full support of the government we feel supported trudeau's agenda broadly speaking they just had one problem with this one issue and the idea that that would in effect kicking out. be through very accomplished people i just i don't understand. why do you understand it but how can it involve the sort of work but again turned over supposed to be able to do politics differently and here he was again saying you know that this party cannot tolerate what is really not that much internal dissent at the end of the day when he is that i disagree with that entirely ultimately the way you have to look at it is even though it's not a common law workplace and i am an employment lawyer so excuse the employment spent shell we're talking about two federal cabinet ministers you know their boss is the prime minister they're reporting into the cabinet and ultimately if you start
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making disparaging remarks and let's talk a little bit we're not i would disparaging remarks on one core issue where you're he say that well i support the entire you know liberal party and it's what are going to mark this one issue well i'm going to get their rest and so what i spent doing is you're questioning the ethics and the integrity of the entire federal party as far as it relates to a very serious issue around s. and c. so it's not just a we have a difference of opinion you know they asked me to do something unethical they asked me to do something quickly on tories and if you're making defamatory and if sparing remarks about your employer and myself and number of other canadians do you feel that in fact these were on some are extremely hurtful to the liberal party. then guess what you're no longer standing in solidarity with your employer you're causing significant grant damage and i think the decision to terminate their employment was a wise one pretty killer league given the fact that we're dealing with this in a federal election year it was not just one core issue we can see by the staggering
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numbers that you presented at the outset of this interview that this one issue this one issue that they're dissenting on has caused significant amount of damage to the liberal party such that if there was an election today we're not sure we would see a win at all so yes it's a huge i think an issue yes they are flooded with their judgments were flying in the face of our he was time to go and i'm glad you know very telling to hear you don't know what would have turned these numbers are empty but there is one of you in that that's a very i mean honestly don't lawyer i'm an employment lawyer ok so there's a lot of i would i don't they were here and kristen what i mean don i'm going to jump in here because there is someone on twitter who i think would agree with what you were just saying there. shannon says this is not about feminism do you understand the meaning of heaven isms little tongue and every schizoid issue there shannon says equality and not special treatment is the actual meaning behind it and the prime minister lifted up these two women and in the long run they kept pushing an issue that was harming the party man or woman they would have to go so that's one side of the argument but the gun i want to play for you
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a comment that we got from a former stream gas and also an assistant professor at a university in canada and pompom letter she explains that this is about dissent and what you do to voices that go against what she calls the old boys' club have a listen. his removal of jody wilson raybold and jane still pot shows very clearly that he is not a feminist because he was the one who breached the trust by trying to pressure jodie wilson raybold and when she stood up to the inappropriate political pressure instead of embracing the fact that he had a strong cabinet member who wanted to call out wrongdoing and really make his own party much better and better for all canadians he decided to go with the old boys option of blaming jane fill pot and jody wilson raybold for not being trustworthy and booting them out of the party he could have and should have done so much better
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. you got and i would add that that would have turned the numbers around you want to turn the numbers around his humility. generosity commitment i wrote this in one of my columns for the olympic free press i said imagine that he had committed to them and he had committed to them in such a way that he had indicated that that dissenting opinions was of a crucial part of the liberal party instead which you come off looking at is that you're only committed like you only really want to join us people's women as long as they follow the party line but as soon as they begin to show like for jodi was labeled particularly by talking about she talked about being a member of the quite a people and jews are in the digits people out in british columbia and she said this is very much an ethic of standing up against oppression standing up against a company s.n.c. level and that only bribed officials but also did things like funded escapades for people from libya to prostitutes in canada and so on and so forth this is all
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reported by much or all the press. with all of these things are present there is an ethical question and by her bringing the question of what would i do as an indigenous woman facing this situation of course i'm going to bring ethics and me equation and therefore this is very much an issue about indigenous people very much an issue about women and also when women stand up when it is just people stand up and have opinions about how they are treated. that way as well i might point is with respect to you know some of your comments and gone around you know what that remediation premier a different prosecution agreement means and there seems to be this perception and i think that's really what has spearheaded the amount of outrage against a liberal party around us is that somehow it is nothing more than a slap on the wrist and i can't reiterate enough that in fact it isn't the only benefit that the complete interview the only benefit that the company would be able to glean from being able to secure an agreement of this nature is they are still
11:41 pm
lodged have federal. and essentially people don't lose their jobs one quick point i want to make you know with respect to removing these two women from little caucus this is something that the canadian government has seen before back in two thousand and twelve i minister harper at the time also and unfortunately after i forgot the name of the m.p. there was an m.p. and again there were some ethical concerns with respect to some comments that she had made some offshore accounts also that she had had some comments she had made in relation to her husband event and prime minister harper at the time had forced a resignation so this isn't some anomaly situation that is never going to do it in our period ok so i hear you want to hear what you're saying there and i want to share with you two tweets from people giving us a little perspective on what is next pushing the sport beach ways fan says this scandal is insurmountable for justin trudeau will never overcome it he's plummeting in the polls irreversibly the only election hope remaining for the liberal party is to remove him another person writes in saying that he has no political future the
11:42 pm
sooner the liberal party accepts this the sooner a new leader can be installed canada is paying a massive price for his actions waiting for the election will only cause more damage so pretty strongly worded tweets there chris in your view i mean we haven't talked tobar and so much can change and happen in these next few months do you agree with these people who say he has no political future. no it is not going anywhere as you will leave the liberals in to the next election and he could well win another majority. you know. the little seem to be doing their best to keep this in the news as much as possible and i don't know why but i know he certainly has a political future this is this this is an eminently survivable problem he has here and he could have done a much better job from the start trying to survive it but no he's not done i mean canadians do not. do not change horses. on
11:43 pm
a whim and i would i would add to that that you know trudeau's. has a track record beyond this issue of course there are many aspects within trudeau's legacy here for the past three and half years in which. his relationships in the digital people have been good intentioned but have followed the same violent depressing power of the power however that being said you know indigenous peoples came out and supported trudeau to be elected within this framework i really doubt that electorate is going to continue however there are many different blocks of support that he has been able to shore up throughout the country you know what i would say is that his bread is irreconcilably damaged and he has built a brand on doing politics in a different way reaching out to indigenous peoples wanting a different relationship bringing women into the party all of that has been damaged all of that and i would say that that has been irrevocably damaged and i don't believe that the relationship is unsalvageable i do agree with both my panel
11:44 pm
members that there has been a significant amount of damage i think it would be foolish not to admit otherwise but i think those who truly support the local party will do a lot of investigating between now and the federal election because they do have a desire to support the platform that they've consistently supported for the better part of the four years now i do think some of the transparency from the local party that we've. scene as far as an explanation as to what exactly happened should have come down the pipeline a little bit earlier and so i do agree with the comments around humility because i think you know the public perception wise it's just a blanket denial and you know it impeach meetings and like it comedians you know they understand the issues so i think we see the local party now the federal government now coming forward with some more clear and cogent explanations as to whether or not this was you know lawful or lawful or near i'm not and i do think it's an important point because what chris had mentioned earlier when i met bob brought the issue of ethics and forgive me chris if it wasn't you and i'm mistaken
11:45 pm
and i'm mistaken you know it's it is an ethics issue so with respect to our previous attorney general we can't say oh you know well she taped the conversation with her nick and you know was about her protecting her job or with respect to you know i'm worrying about whether this issue is going to go public when and if what she's saying rests on this idea of the rule of law you cannot have it both ways and say it only you know and applies to the liberal party as far as prosecutor real misconduct but when it comes to behavior that i've taken part in it's not you know the rule of law wouldn't apply so i think that's a serious issue and i think the narrative around you know our previous attorney general is starting to change and i think that's going to help me in saudi money as i have to pause you there it's a perfect place to end this conversation because so much can happen and we will be looking forward to what happens and all the time we have for this part of the conversation though so you can follow the latest on this issue by visiting al-jazeera dot com and you can continue this conversation online by following us on
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al-jazeera. where every you. teach it strongman is ruling within a file and faced in the silence from his allies is deafening the us was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have forgotten victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london and in cairo on al-jazeera.
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bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera is corresponding stephen bringing the stories they tell me and if you can't have this why does not look in the book nothing unless you. were at the bridge of the rajini camp for palestinian refugees older syria fluent in world news. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes with just over forty eight hours before another deadline the european union holds an emergency meeting to hear to resume his plea for yet another
11:49 pm
extension. benjamin netanyahu is set to become israel's longest running prime minister after his party secures a tie in the country's elections also ahead. of the blackout hits venezuela as the white house makes an appeal to the united nations about the growing humanitarian crisis plus. i never believed that this black hole was as big as people said until we saw. that. the world's first images of a black hole scientists unveiled one of the mysteries of outer space and in sport the second night of the champions league quarter finals take off later on wednesday . european champions barcelona two time winner is manchester united. britain's prime minister has arrived in brussels for an emergency meeting with e.u.
11:50 pm
leaders to plead her case for an extension to resume a wants to delay the u.k.'s exit from the block until june the thirtieth with the possibility of an earlier departure if her withdrawal deal is ratified but the european council president is proposing a far longer extension that would avoid more breaks at summits while the u.k. parliament in london tries to come up with a deal after rejecting mrs. mase agreement three times if she fails to get this extension the u.k. faces crashing out of the e.u. in just over forty eight hours time minus a deal where mrs may has gone from london to brussels she was doorstep by waiting reporters just going into her initial round of discussions here's what she had to say many people beatrice straight to the summit is taking place are told because the u.k. should have left the news by now and i greatly regret the fact the parliament has not been able to pass a deal that would enable us to be in a smooth motion the way that i and the government continue to find
11:51 pm
a way forward we've been talking with the opposition to be serious constructive tools they will continue tomorrow the purpose of this summit these two into three an extension which gives us more time to agree a deal to enable us to leave the e.u. in that smooth and orderly way and well we'll speak to journal in london in just a moment first let's go to david chase in brussels so clearly david everyone wants to needs to know how long this flecks tension is going to be. well that was an extraordinary statement from the british prime minister to reserve may she seem cheerful and determined she still thinks there can be a smooth and orderly bricks of cheese talking about talks continuing with the opposition labor party about how to get the whole deal ratified but i've been here in the european council all day and what we're hearing is something very different we're hearing that they don't think june the thirtieth will be enough time thrash
11:52 pm
out some sort of consensus some sort of new deal that will be passed by the house of commons so it's turning to long extensions now two dates have been mentioned that is the end of the of december thirty first of december and march twenty twenty and the problem with that is that it be could be an extension too long for treason maybe because they come with conditions attached now we've been hearing from the french president and then your macro rather is spin doctors about possible conditions that might be attached and that is something like maybe the the united kingdom loses its e.u. commission or maybe they lose their veto they've got to have a good behavior clause if they then take part in the e.u. elections on may twenty third to the twenty sixth and all of these conditions could be very hard to handle for two reasons may she is still talking about being able to
11:53 pm
come up with a deal by june the thirtieth but nobody believes her anyway she's going to go in talk to the twenty seven and try and convince them in some way that she has more than a hope in hell of doing that and will be followed by a question and answer session which is posed to be pretty long and hard for her and then they will discuss the what she's raised for a few minutes after that and then go on for dinner she will take part in. none of that and she will await their decision but it does seem that a longer extension with some pretty difficult conditions attached will be the result of this summit david have to convince them that she's been having positive production discussions productive discussions with the labor party opposition leader jeremy corbyn back in london because that's basically not what labor has been saying for the past five days. peter absolutely not
11:54 pm
there saying that she hasn't moved from any of her red lines she's not really making an attempt to compromise and if the e.u. twenty seven just watch the news listen to what's happening in the house of commons there will realize that she seems to be out of touch with the reality and a smooth and orderly exit doesn't seem to be on the cards with the labor party because there is no compromise there there is no hope it appears that she will come to a deal anywhere near june the thirtieth with the labor party and with other m.p.'s in the house of commons they would choose to live in brussels thanks very much joe and a whole whole joins us from london so journal she heard her usual sparring match with labor's jeremy corbyn who we were just talking about the how did that go down. i mean the v.m. queues today video was rigged relatively uneventful both parties it seemed was
11:55 pm
steering clear of the whole breaks it issue i think the house of commons collectively holding its breath now ahead of the decision that is made tonight and i think they can all see the writing on the wall they know that it's likely to be a long extension of the rule be muddling the sort of reaction they're going to have to that tomorrow injuries made up you know she wants to dish and he does makes a statement the house spelling out. the nuts and bolts of that extension and i think she got a pretty hostile reaction will be a furious reaction on her own benches from people who believe bracks it should have happened on march the twenty ninth now extended for a long time they'll be questions about whether she might resigned remember two weeks ago when she went to the e.u. the first time asking for an extension of june the thirtieth she said this prime minister she couldn't accept a stomach an extension any longer than that they'll be furious well at the likelihood now that britain will have to take part in european parliamentary elections all of that doesn't add up to
11:56 pm
a massive political problem because the conservative party has run out of mechanisms to get rid of her it can't really do anything about the situation the roof or detention will come during the course of this extension as they try to figure out what on earth they will do to get a deal will it be a fourth or fifth attempt to foster deal or will it be this soft break seat an option in conjunction with the labor party which maybe in her own party considered legally unthinkable at that point the party may well split apart they'll be open hostility towards a majority who may find it hard to vote for a deal and mass resignations all piling pressure on a prime minister already with just the most tenuous hold on power and orthorexic is there a reality here in terms of what we're seeing in brussels right now jonah and is this whatever she comes back from brussels with will anger and embarrass some on her own front benches and in her own party and indeed in her power base across the
11:57 pm
country. without a doubt. there is a majority in her party who appear now to favor exiting without a deal at all even while there is a big majority in parliament against that idea they are not interested in a long extension they aren't especially not interested in any sort of a break see deal that involves holding hands with the labor party leader jeremy corbyn at which they will see as an invitation essentially to him to enter downing street at the next general election so yes i think there could be something on the verge of insurrection within her party on her party's benches in parliament would that be enough to turn things around well quite possibly not if everybody else in part of this gets behind whatever deals he's arrived at but we're not there yet we don't even know what sort of deal they'll get and i wouldn't count out for a moment trying yet again to get their own deal across the line first jonna thanks
11:58 pm
very much ok let's get a sense of how divided britain is because a bracks it lawrence lee has been to two english towns which share the same name but want entirely different outcomes to the crisis. this elegant part of london is the epicenter of hostility to brics its rich powerful people live here the entire notion of brecht's it is regarded as balmy unhinged. economically speaking cook the u.k.'s goose. the centrist liberal democrats who have only a handful of seats in parliament dominate politics here have defiantly nailed their colors to the council mast and they say get rid of bricks at once and forever kill it stone dead it will have to be revoked because there simply isn't the time to put the legislation in place for a second reference or if if revoke is going to be cleaver let's just do it it wasn't possible still of a break that i think people will understand that we just have to be honest and say
11:59 pm
what you were solves in g. in the trades the trade sixteen was a frost it was a lot to be honest it was just something which couldn't be delivered it is absolutely impossible to overstate the sheer sense of loathing that people in places like this have towards brics it's their feeling of national betrayal towards those politicians who would take the u.k. out of the european union with no deal. becomes a vis richmond's and you're likely to get the opposite view here very many regard opposition to bracks it's as a form of treachery. this richmond is every bit as pretty as the other one it was voted the best place to live in britain yet the mood here can be venomous towards both the e.u. and the british governments they dismiss entirely the idea that bracks it is some kind of mythical creature as their opponents claim britain they say is being led like a lamb to the slaughter democracy is dying i think the longer it goes on the more
12:00 am
extensions the more of the power of the paper by parliament who are reminded and we will not get brecht's it is simple as that i think it's delaying tactics so i can reverse the decision of the people we had the people we don't need in our people we should leave on our roads and that's it. it goes without saying that series a may is now being pulled apart by both of these forces in parliament it will inevitably be her downfall abandon braxton revoke tell the u.k. where to go and just leave increasingly it looks like this will be the u.k.'s choice and gareth and jeffrey can both have their way in this disunited kingdom this green and pleasant lands now so full of uncertainty and anger enormous decisions are about sue have to be made.


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