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tv   Asias Meth Boom  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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you've got to you've got to give a cuba i know you cannot find that they are marked i'm going to pop up you've got grandmother you're going to get your name on the way. when i you know i mean how do you manage. to find me go out and say something to me and i you know. go. to our. business school. now and his neighbors now go several crops all year round. not just the standard old rice clock they've more than doubled their income an extra two dollars a day each on more. the message such as picking up here and drop a dish is that some small scale farmers are coming up with fresh ideas and
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initiatives. too often other farmers just don't hear about them but there are people trying to change that. some touches with the c n s a women self-help group in rom. she runs that organic pest control store. she spreads the word using very basic technology. and she's using a pictorial way of helping villages remember new farming ideas about getting on tap . for the monday months of study like with a pick up and i got someone to tell me it's not a full plate at that will cost item and i'm obviously there are a lot of money and a lot of the fun of her work under her that she essentially said quote this aspirational order thank you so i want to ask her if she has given away form her and she can pay me for all those forty have been telling us say to most of the boys you know they're going to be happy of all good because she has better knowledge of
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you know their confidence money and one of the northern arm or one nouveau gross and foreign low i'll get to know you start there when i'm on a reform the modern art of the missile response i want tried opposition and government are these stood on top on a model out of them one hundred one the monday mail on monday q four that are not going to mark so much on a hardline rule under memory stunned. by the monday. monday we did with egypt w.b. also angry in general she's saying yes if the global storytelling is part of the cultural landscape of india so such a needs to know if santos shall. will be happy using text. or money for an wired up or two or no model are going to stop part of thought i would assume mr bumford i'm just a part of the on going in model are going to support them both on character and i'm going to speak. jill we want to do something for them if you want to
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bring something for them can i go again yeah and sure what bank and we're. going to foster a little star. thank you thank. you such and heading back to hyderabad to assess everything he's learned it's becoming clear that a mobile phone app could help if you collect and disseminate stories of better farming practices like those he's been hearing about here in under pradesh i see you know all those mobile application which we are thinking well you could really do something of him back if you could back is their stories in a way that they do not struggle you know in learning technology instead you know being what they are good act which is you know telling their own case studies in
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the way they are comfortable with. such an wants to play to the farm the strengths of storytelling in state capital hyderabad stories travel fast people cross-pollinate ideas and experiences could form a share ideas in the same way for inspiration such as calling on the honey bee network thank you. for twenty five years honey bee has been gathering up ideas and inventions from farmers entrepreneurs and scholars across the world. to know. they help with peyton's funding and spreading ideas on the internet so such as calling on the networks brigade diego nation to see how honeybee works in under a pradesh google a real pleasure sitting here because i have read a lot about honey when it was there is tremendous hidden knowledge in the villages are the grass roots level and they have the ability to solve their problems to
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great extent and that's because they have a harmony with the nature solution identified by a farmer for his own problem he is required by many says farmers in this country more than the board. now all of them are not through a blister like this farmer who fall is probably right but if they get this technology this innovation the order to defeat all of them millions of them will slightly go at no cost. i'm so excited today after meeting they're going to going to. do stories of. really innovators so amazing that i'm dying to meet them tomorrow. so such as of to meet one of the farmers tend inventor whose ideas honeybee is backing off to a nine hour drive he meets side that button. with electricity as sporadic as the
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range power for irrigating farms is vital. ciders on his four hundred dollar windmill. murdered an apartment and i don't know i like that he had no. problems with all that. body sniper and damn well that when i got here my thought was because i. was not really a novice and then as i am a muslim i really really have an idea when you go explore the attic idea years so that i'm got a couple of them. here there actually i guess i will progress. first school i want to go back sort of wired to. see other they were danish and like i don't mind if they were danish unlike a saudia right by going to. nearby
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. women with beautiful. but. in this family of farmers and. so to help he invented the awesome machine he wanted to save women weave is the tedium and pain of repeating a single motion nine thousand times a day just to make one sorry. for you find very find your one out name which one article can keep going on there thank you for a lot of help in the man a predator mug on his can or a mug on your skin that oughta amika on your own talent has to have been a model in a mechanical army prepared i'm taliban deep in the front of all those hundreds of moon we are so weird a millionth of
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a pretty good tree but the word only of the how do you also were done here than a long monotone mongrel fun just it is one to one another nigga one hundred now given that the accordion into all of us he didn't share nicky and not just our nation. you. who. made. such an snout travelled over two thousand kilometers learning about the innovative ways india's funds are improving their own lives he's convinced mobile phones can help people share ideas so everyone can benefit. so two of my big buddies you know where the people will have mobile phones and connectivity so that is already there whether they can afford the mobile phone that is already there what does not there is a very simple line into defoliation for them so that they can use these gadgets
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to tell their stories share their questions. dowd's anything where they are stuck. back in delhi such instill in work with one. who've offered to help build his story sharing life. and. the idea is to use picture. instead of. the us system which is.
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they come up with a working model. it's an app that helps form as share stories and ideas i'm can be developed into a fully fledged smartphone app. oh i want to go show you this application then it would save big football most in india so with the help of a few leagues i may be able to do this and was already you know good recreated from a neat moment of the been. moved. back in under a pradesh suchan wants to field test his mobile harvest up. sun tosha.
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many to system but not the man i thought it will it is about but. the human and believe it system with it. also will define it if you go to step one the user logs into the mobile hobbyist app system mechanic at the school that's getting. the way. politics. gotta go step to record the idea. got i got told that it wasn't a. shallow getting it back and say oh good now fold up you bought a quad go to gaze for a listen i could be sick of. you george w. big if we need to be in some crucial. step three select this you to bill image. step for all share your idea with the whole community
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via the app. never got in there saying i'm sick of language and they don't cook advocate or that's who think. just as he had the langage go home and so neither of us. is that he gets a. chance a fool out of me but so not so. well but for you system gas i love the oddest sell off either hoboken me any meal you pull in a mirror mr said not visible in the limited scrunch and out of the chip on a loop that mean i was reading a chip in a sound mother who were not going to let the talented live and young man in mississippi add to that i hadn't gotten that tip been a month to book a book good i didn't i'm not even a little bit you wouldn't want to have been doing. so what does organic promise make of such in small ball harvest up or down fired up when the little your god was
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it going to grow and grow bridges we grew quickly because we're not that good a beautiful same tourney its opposite the border with such and like up using sound images you don't have to be fully literate to use it. so what does mr ray do who helped plan such ins jannie think of the prototype i pleasure having a lot of this valuable input from you little interest in your. application. i think it was a really exciting opportunity and i hope that you're going to launch a pilot with us then i can give you a little bit of feedback up for we're going to the point now that i've shown the application to a few six people and they're all in the prison different stakeholders so right now i am very happy with the book which has happened with the feedback which i have and there's a lot of detailed feedback which i brought. on which i want to work on so from here
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i want to develop this application make it more robust and they could through the pilots those trials and make it something you know which can be adopted nation like . so long way to go it's just the beginning of the project. when live in a digital well it's where even the remotest communities have access to mobile phones. but look in this technology bring to a nomadic existence life apps travels to the media and gives the software designer the ultimate challenge design an app to help to him the tried in their daily lives can usually be done. fly facts one from nomad on now to syria. when we live in a time of war and tragedies crimes against humanity. activist
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repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat and punitive and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner for european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions.
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sudan's military deposes president omar al bashir after widespread protests but uncertainty remains over what happens next. hello and welcome i'm peter w watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up i've just been with mr sanchez in the police cells he wants
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to thank all of his supporters for their ongoing wars and he said i told you so. the wiki leaks founder julian assange was arrested in london and faces a battle against extradition to the u.s. up to seventy years inside the ecuadorian embassy. restarting talks to denuclearize north korea as topic number one at the white house with donald trump and the south korean president move in plus. i don't know the situation. a warning for u.k. m.p.'s as the european union gives the u.k. six more months to sort out its departure. to begin this half hour of al-jazeera world news with a breaking story out of sudan. where the president omar al bashir has thirty year rule is over after months of protests calling on him to quit the military announced
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today bashir has been detained the country is now under a three month state of emergency has been replaced by the vice president and army general ahmed. if he'll lead a military transitional council for two years after which elections will follow i've said all political prisoners will be released immediately tens of thousands of people are on the streets of the capital khartoum they've been celebrating however the sudanese professionals' association which has been leading the protest movement has rejected bushie has ousting as a military coup and plans to hold more demonstrations but morgan has the latest from the capital khartoum. people have been waiting for this announcement for hours at five o'clock local time army officials went to the local radio stations and the national television saying that they have an announcement to make all programs were interrupted and people were waiting for that announcement people had to wait for six hours before finally the defense minister of me off came out and said that
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president obama to be here is no longer the head of the country and he's under arrest in a safe place according to him he said that the military council under his leadership will be steering the country for the next two years and to elections are held now since that announcement was made at around two o'clock local time more and more people have been venting out their frustration they've been voicing out their demands saying that we have been protesting for four months because we want a change from military rule and they've been saying that. the defense minister and now effectively the leader of sudan is very much part and parcel of the old regime and that not much change has actually resulted on the ground so there's thing that they will continue to protest they will continue with their steps and thousands and thousands of people have been flowing to the army headquarters from the early hours of the day and they continue to do so earlier it was because they wanted to celebrate the end of the nearly thirty year rule but right now they are very frustrated they say they will continue to sit there and tell the government tell the military's effectively that this is not what they were and they've been
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protesting for this is not what they've been demanding what they want to see is power being handed over to an independent interim transitional council that has nothing to do with the army that has nothing to do with the former government and that they believe can be the government independent elections that matter how long that take the army has announced that there will be a curfew starting to twenty three o'clock local time or twenty one g.m.t. and people will have to go home and leave the streets it's not clear if people will actually follow that or not so we're going to have to wait and see what that result will be and if people are angry enough to continue protesting or if they will wait and see if this transitional council led by the military led by me of why. result in what they want. so who exactly is the defense minister of he's long been a significant figure in the sudanese military establishment he served in the city's armed forces until taking command of the artillery division he went on to work in a number of high level posts from head of foreign the military intelligence
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services to joint chiefs of staff he was dismissed in twenty ten as part of a major military shake up after retiring of came back into the political scene working in diplomatic posts in egypt and oman he then became defense minister in twenty fifteen and in the wake of the mass protest in february he was appointed his first vice president while maintaining his defense duties. is a sudan research at yale he says what will happen in the next twenty four to forty eight hours is crucial. the demonstrators in the position of media clear that they are not happy with what happened today that this announcement that the military will be in power for for two years is really not what what they've hoped for now we can expect demonstrators to stay on the street tonight in the question will be will in the tree to try to implement the curfew what demonstrators were
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hoping that there would be some form of civilian transitional council but as far as we can tell there's been no consultation of any opposition group. in these negotiations that have led to the nomination of of the military council these negotiations i've been purely we've been the regime and both the sudanese professionals association and the city put it opposition parties that are signatories to the declaration for freedom of change of denounce these transitional council i think any kind of serious. solution to these crises will require the regime to make a earnest effort to open this transition to civilian figures and to really put the reins of this transition in the hands of civilian figures and this is not what we're seeing so far the founder of wiki leaks was arrested in london today and
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is now facing an extradition warrant from the united states for computer hacking police tracked julian songs from ecuador's embassy where he spent the last seventy s. sonia gago reports from london. this was the departure julian a son she had feared a humiliating and to a near seven years stay in the embassy until the ecuadorian government revoked his right to asylum. and british police moved in to take him into custody on thursday afternoon a british court found a saw and guilty of skipping bail in twenty twelve his lawyer said that he would fight a us request for his extradition i've just been with mr sanchez in the police cells he wants to thank all of his supporters for their ongoing wars and he said i told you so the ecuadorian government said the wiki leaks founder had breached the terms of his stay and had attempted to destabilize foreign governments for. the patients
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of ecuador has breached its limits on the behavior of mr song he installed electronic and distortion equipment that was not allowed he blocked the security cameras of the ecuadorian mission in london he has confronted and mistreated guards he had access to security files of our embassy without permission to be isolated and rejected the internet connection offered by the embassy and yet he had a mobile phone which he communicated with the outside world. the british government welcomed the move and said that his future would be decided by the british courts. for seven years a sancia taken refuge at the embassy to avoid extradition to sweden over a rape allegation he had denied the charge and it was later dropped but he remained cooped up with no apparent way out and fear that the charge of failing to surrender to bail would lead him to be extradited to the us where he is wanted for publishing state secrets on the wiki leaks website supporters of a song said that he became
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a scapegoat for the u.s. government after a week he takes published footage of u.s. soldiers killing civilians in iraq by the whistleblower chelsea manning the u.s. maintains that the hot documents published by the secrecy site posed a grave security risk. the detention of a song nevertheless remains a contentious issue whistleblower edward snowden who exposed the extent to which the us was spying on its own citizens reminded that the united nations formally ruled his detention to be arbitrary a violation of human rights a sanch clearly remains a divisive figure and investigations into the part wiki leaks played in the twenty sixteen us elections by publishing e-mails hatch from the democratic party have only intensified the pressure around him if indicted could be taken to the u.s. to face charges but he may also provide an opportunity for congress to further
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examine president trump's actions during his presidential campaign and the part we may have played in it senate i i go. to washington my colleagues. have according to british law it's a minimum of twenty one days for extradition so it'll probably be a month or so at least from before we see this possible extradition actually taking place. rice and the u.s. prosecutors are trying their hardest to make a case to that they wasn't. a criminal act that isn't connected to the publishing of the information that was gleaned from from chelsea manning's leaks from u.s. sources which showed evidence of war crimes about by the us because that would have such a chilling effect all just as it would mean that all journalists can be prosecuted next to the u.s. for publishing and dealing with it with cut costs about information from the u.s. and maybe any other government around the world if they so if they wanted even if
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it's in the public interest so the department of justice and prosecutors on the president obama tried and failed they decided to do this without setting such a precedent clearly the trouble prosecutors don't feel that they're creating a precedent by charging judith with one count of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion that is hacking they're contending the doing the songs actively helped chelsea manning hack into department of defense computers both by encouragement and by helping by helping crack a possible when you look at you the specifics it does get a bit thin this is a lot of it not being at one point having already given tens of thousands of documents to julian assange and said look after this upload that's all i really have got left to which i replied curious eyes never run dry in my experience so encouraging his souls to give more i mean is i part of a conspiracy as a journalist is to gardenias tools to give more information in the public interest but this is the key part is it all relies on four words indicated that he had been trying to crack pots were supplied by bradley manning up
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a partial pos would by stating that he had no luck so far so the only quote there is from showing no luck so far and that's the d.o.j. his characterization to the public just as characterization is referring to his attempts to crack a password or partial policy given to him by chelsea manning that giving us all the information that we have to take their word for it that those four words mean he was trying to crack a pos what it's pretty. and then clearly there's no evidence that he succeeded to actually help bradley manning anyway but it is a conspiracy charge and the other part of the conspiracy charges that assad was trying to protect chelsea landings identity that is protect his source which is something that any journalist would do so even though the government is trying to say look this is nothing to do with a journalist's right to publish information even to buy their own died but there are some real questions there about what this means for all of us if we do deal in classified information in the public interest chelsea manning was pardoned granted a different president did the pardoning i would think here that julian assange has .


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