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tv   Boko Haram  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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for the congolese the journey to was at all of our means unimaginable hardship i prefer to lie down because to enter my get up into the johnson of life and limb on
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a dangerous journey through the jungle back onto the rails with a nearly died. back of our children to go to school and live because of a prank risking it all on the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks well this is the training of the dangers that are real because. it's what we did. with detailed coverage and this is donald tough to raise them a makes it clear that the current political impasse simply can't go on from around the world aid agencies are warning people of the dangers of cholera and distributing vaccines many are still using levels for thing and cleaning. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we don't intend to from become one to just shoot soon turned into
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a battle front for the mind jury and government tried out yet why. the torrijos for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins of bloody rise of iraq on al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera the head of sudan's military transitional council has stepped down and been replaced by another general the opposition welcome the move continues to demand a civilian led administration also wants accountability for the deaths of protesters police say sixteen people were killed in the last two days even more but as more. people are saying that they don't want him to be not only leading
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a counter but they do not want him to participate they did not want military personnel anybody who had anything to do with president bashir is regime involved in leading the country transition now that's one thing that sets apart lieutenant general abdel fattah one hand from his to create is that is at this point both from the president. and former leader of the military council. algerian protesters also want more change demonstrations were largely peaceful but police did make one hundred arrests on friday protesters want interim president carter then solid to quit that's despite the promise of an election in the next three months. the international criminal court has rejected a request to open an investigation into possible war crimes in afghanistan judges the lack of evidence and state corporation prosecutors had wanted to examine the role of afghan security forces the taliban and u.s. troops during eighteen years of conflict. ethiopia says it's prevented attacks
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planned by the somali armed group al-shabaab attorney general says the plotters were targeting the public understands been arrested separately announced fifty nine officials including some members of the armed forces have been detained on suspicion of corruption it's the second wave of the arrests since the prime minister to power last year. north korea's leader says a breakdown in talks with the u.s. could revive tensions getting done and called for the u.s. to show the right attitude kim says he's open to a third meeting with u.s. president donald trump but he wants the u.s. them if sanctions before dialogue and resume. and it's the last day of campaigning for indonesia's election president yokoi dodo on his rival for by was to be on top of both due to hold large rallies in the capital jakarta more than one hundred ninety million people are on the table to vote on april seventeenth presidential and legislative elections will be held together for the first time. well those with
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head lives the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness stated that some watching. news on the end of the regime and the what you said that. got to use a little evidence of their god but like maybe it was a day on the situation in the buddha and somehow not just wasn't having peace and
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love about your kind of the moment what it third was that i did paul was a kind i want which i'm always out motorway have been and i will buy. bobby on. ok. ok and then when i move when i want to sound it i don't have to be in the country bit where you can see about watch travel both wildwood and i see it all come out of the show the green lights of the kind of something to. say to going to the. senate high and what if i see even a little white you know not. being being susie's in this hot you. just kind of video thing down there that kind of stuff you know that of that young woman since as you come to town was when young that whole wanted and then to begin with or. on yourself up on the other you know hala i was and i love the ok. you know may you. you may you it's as if it's all talking about
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a yacht and i think when we does it and what's the usual summer talk you know maybe it was that you said that even with this it hadn't been. done with this. easy money so we've got to feel as though you go you know you go find john white said tell you he was a lot churches using the fame and some were doing with it and it was his own. yeah possibly the biggest turn in the manner that he she was with us on this we all live good to know she was a good thing with football did you meet him when you was up so what do you make your subordinates so that is he's on to you know seeing the kids in a suit the mechanical and it's the nice suits and that's it she thought some might see the outline and thirty it done and juggling and got. a couple fun got going don't bounce to the mayor says it's all what do you get me out somebody and i hand them a male and female can do male talks are you i mean can the male who can and i mean
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by to go out a little bit of the time would you to go hot with just using what i did with the simpler me oh yeah no you wouldn't know what happened at fort hood can you feel safe so safe that puts up. with. this show yeah yeah yeah and that's the solution is it and as a citizen message i. think should do it. without counting on you know they've got to. let us up a little bit look at the laws that we went to that where you doubt that we are a good employee that i know you that yelled on us a mildly please don't come out here i want you to show you all of their little movement. and want you to. show you. my.
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boy says the boy you know boy you did a lot. done. shots hold your tongue tell myself while you're hot out at all because that has been the so it's no. fun got nothing like telling. her she met him you move to the ship. and so on the. whole holiday sympathy if you teach. couples and i don't use it madea goes a young girl about hot. challenges and they are all of those i don't really and on about. the sunday this is where the local youth was the go vote but it sort of evolved off. to those who go there and it's harder to do what.
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to all of it you will be with you for good as i want you to meet such a harsh because. for you good on you to live by you go once a month he says i want to show you decided to go wash. your friends change off your but you're saying that it will wash. to the you know when to have to get up. to go for the ball just just what to get with your. god the use of that deadly drug and how they do that to violence and what it was it of any kind. would still live on they could do what i felt i was on the way to the beginning. to the. class that assembled an accounting for the. made in the us to tap on data. that has a young audience. he was going to have an idea how it would be hong kong.
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going to sing for just about an issue it's all just still just a moment since that moment yes with you but if it's a goal to go through a whole new seventy season the. difference in the one i want is a watch it is a lot of pushing to minister. then don't listen it's a whole event is a want was a day just a little more just how i started it she's a little. to me it was clear it's an intelligence gathering exercise my hands were shackled god got back at a hood over the head off into this interrogation technique one by one and he said if you speak cut your throat muslim bag tells his life story and his life changing experience at guantanamo bay. it was.
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the confession or witness documentary on al-jazeera. again i do want to update you on what is happening here across parts of iran because the flooding situation is ongoing it will not end until probably the next several weeks to i'm. month but until then we're still dealing with off and on showers across much of the area and of course that is going to hinder much of that water to be going down and as you can see here on saturday the rain is going to be a big problem across southern iran and as we go towards sunday much of that rain does increase and does push over here towards the east up here towards the north though tehran will finally get out of the rain probably by sunday evening and over here towards baghdad it is going to be a very hot day for you at about thirty two degrees well that same area of rain will cause a problem here in doha over the next few days it is going to get quite heavy on saturday particularly into saturday night where we do expect to see thunderstorms
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by sunday that rain heads over towards us as well as into oman we could be even seen some localized flooding across that region we will be watching that very carefully down across the coast from and we do expect to see. clouds and possibly rain showers for slaughter with a temperature of thirty one degrees and then very quickly across to him it is going to be a nice day for you with a temperature of twenty two degrees in durban partly cloudy to mostly cloudy with a temperature of twenty eight degrees there. on counting the cost big on symbolism big on rhetoric but what has brazil's president got to show for a country struggling to recover from a recession and as india's prime minister seeks another term we're asking has he actually kept his election promises counting the cost on al-jazeera. we live in a digital weld where even the remotest communities have access to mobile phones.
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but look in this technology bring to a nomadic existence my facts travels to the media and gives the software designer the ultimate challenge design an app to help to him the tribe in their daily lives can you really be done. life facts one from nomad amount is in. sudan's interim leader resigns less than forty eight hours after the military forced out the president. hello i'm sorry say that this is al jazeera live from down also coming up.
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algeria as new leader called them and saw the under-pressure seen as an ally of the former president. lebanese farmers one syria to lower trade tabs which are putting a squeeze on their livelihoods and dumond's for justice and reparations to make amends for america's past. the head of sudan's murderee transitional council has stepped down and been replaced by another general the council will rule for up to two years after the military force president i'm going to shear to resign protesters welcome the move demanding a civilian led administration ever morgan reports from call to. the power of protests to cure a second victory in as many days on thursday the demonstrators were celebrating the removal of president obama and bashir by friday his replacement the general who had
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orchestrated the end of the shoes thanks to your rule had also gone. this is for the benefit of the nation without having to look at special interests big or small that may preclude its progress i'm honored to say that this country has great people and a great many i would like to recommend you work together and hope that you would reach a solution very speedily i would also hope that this decision is not misinterpreted . i wish my brother success in what is beneficial to our country long lives today a peaceful and honorable country. is seen by many as part of the old regime and could not represent them the military council he had it appears to have lessened. thank you know miles was i think there's no weak tree like the one we've seen today and the way the military stood with doesn't listen to our demands is something that
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has never happened before we will be talking about this victory to the future generations. the new leader abdul fatah what han is the inspector general of the military and like former president bashir and his predecessor of north who are both accused of war crimes in the western region of darfur he doesn't seem to have a tainted past raising hopes that he may be able to appease the thousands who have been protesting for months the protests began in december over a steep hike in bread prices and the deteriorating economy since last saturday thousands have been demonstrating in front of the military headquarters in her town demanding this year's resignation. according to the central committee of sudanese doctors dozens have been killed in violence with security forces which have repeatedly tried to disperse the sit in by force while the decision of opting for one hundred seems largely welcome some say a civilian council is the only option for a transitional government. but to. be able to be on the street until
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we see a handover of a to a civil government. we want to see is serial number one taking over for the transitional period. of a. government but the leaders ship of the government should be coming from the city of the country is there to hear what's plan to happen for to hunt has for the military council and now the us and the transitional period ahead but for now the people of sudan seem to be for. just on to liberate and the fact that they were able to meet two leaders. in less than forty eight hours people morgan are just there. well had huge kooker is a member of good if not a resistance movement that is helping organize the protests in sudan he joins us on skype from kenya good to have you with us. for you is this the situation which you have been aiming for you've got not only on the bashir out of
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power but now also in our figure out the picture is that enough. no no it's not enough we are excited we're happy this is amazing we have won again and even i was definitely not accepted we were like fighting him out in the streets and with numbers and he represented. you it's one of the symbols of the whole treaty and he's out there were excited we're happy but we have we still have some way to go. is not untainted he was for it he he and him a deal his right hand man right now they both have one crack and on their hats so their hands are not lean and we have issues with them but right now after thirty years off this army almost everybody so we're ready to talk we're ready to talk to our hand and we're waiting for him to give it to a civilian so the real heroes of this this movement are the martyrs they're the
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point this is who are out in the street and they're the people from defeated him and change the curation are those are already and we're not going to stop until stability is they got the power and the horse of witnesses. who then you see should be taking over the transitional period. so that the. whole court as war is organized and there are the freedom and change declare regime so we're all working under that umbrella so that bella needs to take over and the leaders of them are l.r. are the expiate sudanese professional association so we want army to sit with the sudanese professional association and hand over power to them and then we have out and agreed upon way path into democracy that we have already. decided on southern pokus other area talks going on between the military transitional council
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and the s.b.a. . this is what we're expecting right now two days that's what's going to happen and that's the only move we expect from because right now we expect them to talk to us first before coming out with a statement we do not want to hear another statement we do not want to hear about the state of emergency we don't want to hear about their solutions or whether they want to put forward we want them to be communist like in. the army just be an institution that protects the people not not that rules the people we do not want a military rule we do not want to have as a leader we don't want him as a president not even one but they've already appointed. to lead the transitional period so effectively you are asking for him to step down and the country to have another transitional leader in forty eight hours a third one. he was appointed the leader of the council the council cannot lead the
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country so we're we're expecting him to sit with that decision with the sudanese professional association and to hand over power that's what he expected and that's when the markets are going to stop and that's when we're going to move to the next that. how confident are you though that people are going to remain calm tiles in the street to those same for at least some of the protests those very biggest issue was with almost a bashir. being appointed as the successor. it now yeah we were like though that was the biggest issue also that the guy. from the national security was still around in the second iteration of. the bashir so definitely we were and so now that anger subsided we're definitely not as angry we definitely told me and we've definitely expecting brad to do the right thing but people will stay in the street until we hear from him until we hear from the people
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of the city superficial sensation and we're organizing to keep that going also we definitely be expect after everything to settle down to have whoever committed crimes to be punished and that's going to be grilling everybody was part of this review is going to take a while it could be in different phases some of it has to be like we sit together and we say like it's ok you can stay whatever but we have to have justice and for people in the uk for people who are not new but mountains and people of the east and extreme north there's a lot of atrocities there where where that happened in this medium and we can't just ignore it so right now it's a phase where we have to stick together as people and we have to reach the phase where we are ok with each other and all that can only happen when the first steps are given all work out civilians and military rule is not accepted is. not going to happen again and we cannot definitely protect against that and that can only happen with creative institutions the armies you need to be totally changed in that and
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security's systems need to be told really change so they don't have a cultural war and that's going to take a while and that's going to take all of us sitting together but right now we're happy and we're waiting for brad to do the right thing or a call from kenya thanks so much for your thoughts on this. thank you well hundreds of thousands of algerian serve rallied nationwide for an eighth week calling for the removal of the ruling elite more than one hundred people were arrested in the capital on friday after confrontations with security forces police say eighty officers were injured the demonstrations were largely peaceful matheson explains. clad in traditional roles as this woman cries out to crowds of young protesters. the my children are the algerian you. like flowers in the spring you are the future i'm with you algeria will be cherishing. in
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response the crowd cheers long live all the demonstrations again on algeria streets despite increasing efforts by security forces to reduce the size of the crowds there was a road blocking there was. that impeded people from joining the capital. years and there was also the use of what can and against a student a few days ago there was also the use of sound. so i think this is also the military is sending signals that the message is we heard you indeed we gave you a few concessions about do not ask for too much it's been ten days since he's beautifully has stepped down after two decades as president following weeks of public demands for him to go but the protesters say everyone linked to both of
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leaders government needs to be removed that includes. a long time beautifully ally and the man appointed under the constitution to act as interim leader and who's in presidential elections for july the fourth protesters are also calling on some of the military's top leaders to resign including general are going to. whom protesters accuse of not doing enough to rid the country of what they call the or the power a group which they say has been secretly running algeria in the shadow of former president bush a flicker gesture if you had to judge algeria has its men algeria doesn't need you there are plenty of people that can rule geria we want them all to leave. all the garden they all need to go we want to tell guy they need to know that the people have empowered us to get rid of the gangs. it's not needed speaking it's forty million algerian.


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