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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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more than a week. he is the director of the tripoli based think tank sadek institute he joins us now live via skype from london good to have you with us. how long before this isn't all out assault on the libyan capital. well i think that that's the you know that's the root cause there are most likely to you know that he in terms of his ground forces early in the active force and so the to answer to a war of attrition that you know this us can take on it is that in reality takes years not was the case and what was. unsettling to be out there are times that it is his primary military doctors that you egypt. promise. planning and services gathering and the u.a.e. really opens the file have power and. that gave him that kind of strategic and some advantages. which allowed him years the city but i think to be left in ruins now
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and that's the concern that in tripoli where two thirds of the population of libya live many a hundred thousand others the tens of thousands from the other you know effectively displaced residents that city in the last wars that before and dozens of and seventy so you know looking at almost three million people towards western libya now it's almost two thirds of the population of libya and that could be a massive massive and of you know how tragic to go with displacement and that's just they are going to tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people to be displaced so that's the main concern but then in the absence of the city and whether the west into once it's a national of the owner of the national apple and so the entrances and exits of the city it's the kind of witnessing major mention abbey fire of reinforcements that come from the city of misrata that the government of national the u.n. but government that is funding it's the libyan national we hope this was still in
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this and i think that what you had a skirmish with libyan a lot warranty you mentioned early on in iran france ally as of relief after among saudi arabia and the o.e. the european union has urged the libyan national army those are the forces of general. to stop its. pensive on tripoli there are reports in the italian press that after his men may have gone to paris on the day that his assault began to what extent is this causing a rift between allies in the european union france and italy. roy has been going on three years now and it kind of shifts its arms it's a confrontation over who owns. the branch and times it's a plot against a group of us all in one month or so i think in one sense i think it's really over influence amongst many european states i don't think it's like emotional position i think for example france isn't as logically married to horror or trying to find
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some reason in that region as a whole the religious reason but i would say that the u.a.e. was going to talk to the french over the last couple of years they joined and conducted joint military exercises in libya sort of majorities in the view that was the egyptians are conducting joint military exercises the french just next door in egypt so there is this idea of having an advantage i think for the u.a.e. they use enough from triggers the french have crucial votes in the common and accounts of the security the people of members of the security council so that when they have just the abilities of the u.n. for music it's crap and we should remember that was it doesn't leaven that the u.n. let the french lead the attention just look. at these advances buzz's that was a responsibility to protect un resolution ninety seventy three and it was the french that led announcing the incident was a defense attorney and that's offensive in what many did it was a saying that the u.s.
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about legislate sanction condemn people is the purpose of this war and is an unknown but also to ensure the protection of civilian lives because the vast majority of that is like us that live in western libya in tripoli and unfortunately as the french that come around. from our they started it doesn't matter where they are today as muncie and i would say the real onset of a couple of years. and asked to talk to us or to many thanks indeed let's bring in our serious buckled up the one had his life in tripoli as we said before we spoke to asked that forces fighting for control of libya's capital of lawn. you airstrikes both sides that is i'm awkward what's the latest. will. who are just getting reports from the frontline saying that according to a government military sources saying that warplanes. have to have just targeted it look ations in tripoli namely in
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a neighborhood called juror it targeted a facility that belongs to the state security apparatus branch there are no reports about casualties so far you know and have to as warplanes have been targeting civil locations in and around tripoli over the last week and yesterday a location was targeted by have to or planes in the course of the city of is why are now regarding the military confrontations on the ground it seemed that the government the government forces are gaining the momentum again especially the gaining ground the recapturing the locations that were taken control of by have to forces during the last three days now yesterday administration demonstrations were. in
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a couple of cities in the west of libya especially in the city of misrata and here in the capital tripoli thousands of protesters took to the streets and main squares to condemn what they say the aggression of have to his forces on the capital tripoli they say that they are totally against military and all that is have that have to have to his forces want to impose their worst of libya adrian brody thanks dude of the words of the law had to live in tripoli. for the first time in four years yemen has held a parliamentary session with president hadi in attendance more than one hundred thirty government officials participated in the meeting held in the city of sultan alba conny the head of yemen's general people's congress was elected as speaker president hadi has called on others to attend the meeting in the port city of. at
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least three soldiers have been injured in an airstrike on a military academy in central syria israel is being blamed several buildings were destroyed in the town of najaf in hama province local media say that syrian air defenses shot down some of the missiles israel has admitted hitting iranian targets in syria in recent months but it's yet to comment on this latest strike. ministers in lebanon are campaigning to persuade neighboring syria to reduce its trade tariffs lebanese farmers and business owners say that high transit taxes on imported goods a damaging their livelihoods al-jazeera say the harder reports now from baca in eastern lebanon. traffic border crossing between syria. cross border trade has not recovered to the level before syria's war began. by the syrian government are affecting businesses.
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we used to pay three hundred dollars per truck now syria is charging one thousand two hundred fifty dollars per truck to transit syria and that's only for one way thousands of people are suffering from this. syria only traditionally friendly neighbor syria vital trade instead of the high cost of air cargo or shipping by sea traders hope to benefit from there. a few months ago but lebanese politicians ok. as to the syrian government believe a political price will have to be paid. work. again and again pressures on the lebanese at the time when we witness some lebanese parties requesting normalization of the syrian regime and this is. at the start of syria's civil war eight years ago didn't cut diplomatic ties but
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hasn't had official links. the syrian government wants to end its isolation the west however is refusing to recognize president bashar assad's government until it implements political reforms it has also pressured its allies in the arab world to put on hold we integrating syria into the arab fold. syria's decision to reopen the border crossing with jordan late last year to jordan softening its stance towards assad but it seems jordan's moves to normalize relations haven't been enough jordan's exports to syria are down by seventy percent. of the syrian jordanian technical committee reached agreements one of them is related to the fees that trucks need to pay jordan is abiding by the agreements but syria is not syria is not facilitating the entry of jordanian products syria has regained control of
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land crossings restoring its pre-war status as a crucial transit corridor in the region it is leverage that some believe the syrian government is using to open the door to legitimizing its rule. because. it's previously known as revolution city but day side a city is one of the poorest and most the glick the districts of iraq's capital nearly half of baghdad eight million people live there. most of them share. reports they blame politicians for failing to improve their lives. fatima and our ten year old twins they were just four when their father died from a stroke their mother mona is left to provide for them and three siblings. they rent their home which was built illegally for about ninety dollars a month that we do it doesn't have a job and barely leaves her home because of her conservative religious beliefs she
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receives no help from the government so she relies on charity handouts. i only ask for help to buy me a house to live in i live in rental i have no income and i can't leave my neighborhood and live away i depend on charity from other people in the neighborhood. because she was widowed she should receive government benefits but doesn't following the fall of president saddam hussein saw their city was renamed in honor of the former prominent shia cleric mohammed saw that all saw other it's long been predominantly a shia neighborhood and home to the southers movement now a political party it's led by most other all souther the son of the late cleric the city was a launch pad for attacks against american forces after their invasion in two thousand and three since then infrastructure has crumbled further one hundred fifty thousand people live here in tahrir neighborhood within saw that are city but there are no security forces to guard them there's only one clinic for doctors and
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schools are so overcrowded children attend in shifts. this is what an average classroom here looks like with more than forty students crammed in for english lessons teachers say they're overwhelmed they want the government to listen to their appeal for help and pay more attention to these along the galactic areas. officials say they're doing their best to deal with all the shortcomings here but years of war have taken their toll. people have been forced to move on after gangs and desperate about their miserable situation across the growing slums every election politicians approach the poor and promise improved services and then they do nothing but it has become a state of limbo fatima wants to become a lawyer and her sister a police officer they make their way to school with their older sister through a policy of rubbish and sewage with signs of neglect all around many here rely on
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their religious beliefs to help them survive. souther city back that. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied nationwide in algeria for the eighth consecutive week calling for the removal of the ruling elite more than one hundred people were arrested in the capital cheers on friday after confrontations with security forces police say that eighty officers were injured matheson reports. clad in traditional roles as this woman cries out to crowds of young protesters said you my children are the algerian you just something like flowers in the spring you are the future i'm with you algeria will be cherishing. in response the crowd cheers long live the demonstrations again on all jarius streets despite increasing efforts by security forces to reduce the size of the crowds there was
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a roadblock ings there was. that impeded people from joining the capital. years and there was also the use of what can and against a student a few days ago there was also the use of sound. so i think this is also the military is sending signals that the message is we heard you indeed we gave you a few concessions about do not ask for too much it's been ten days since he's beautifully has stepped down after two decades as president following weeks of public demands for him to go but the protesters say everyone linked to both of leaders government needs to be removed that includes ben sana a long time beautifully ally and the man appointed under the constitution to act as interim leader and who's announced presidential elections for july the fourth protesters are also calling on some of the military's top leaders to resign
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including general ahmed going to whom protesters accuse of not doing enough to rid the country. what they call. the power a group which they say has been secretly running algeria in the shadow of former president bush to flicka if you go to judge algeria has its men algeria doesn't need you there are plenty of people that can rule geria we want them all to leave. all the god they all need to go we want to tell. they need to know that the people have empowered you to get rid of the gangs. it's not needed speaking it's forty million algerians women men old people young people are on the streets all of these people are asking you in the name of everything that's holy to leave the country alone to leave its people be algeria is a great nation it's greater than any of you. the interim government may be hoping that electing
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a new president will be enough to satisfy the protesters but the economy is struggling unemployment is high and demonstrators like these say they'll stay on the streets until all those they blame it all g.b.'s problems are forced to go rob matheson i'll just. make sure i just wrote mckelway has a weather update for us next on the news half then. the u.s. president wants to send undocumented migrants to cities controlled by his political opponents will tell you more. but examine the consequences for the international criminal court outright rejected a request to investigate possible war crimes in afghanistan. and later in sport the record breaking man winks rides into history with a final race last friday. and
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again china's spring rains are coming to life stuttering to life and this is the case every year becoming heavier and therefore more dangerous potentially and actually the most recent heavy dam falls just north of hong kong and change in full fell unfortunately to mountains therefore channels the rain and the city itself and i got some video to show you the rain was falling fairly heavily we measured at one point seventy eight minutes that is really to ensure stuff so it causes some problem in time of course that you can deal with the that's just heavy rain unfortunately these are searching of all those who did not make it that was a raging river and the last twenty four hours the rains a bit further down the coast hundred one millimeters in twenty four hours and you can see the streaming not wind direction now we expect of course more of the same
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don't necessarily in the same place the feed of moisture is with us that's what gives you the real potential and of course this time of the year you expect the sun to be in the bill big thunderstorms that dark green element there is where the next heavy rains like to be so it's further north than the past and that little yellow center just forming there that's about one hundred fifty millimeters. sponsored by cats already it's. up to local. partners. egypt strongman is ruling with an ally and faced in the silence from his allies is
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deafening the us was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders is turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london man in cairo a on al-jazeera. hello again it's good to have you with us avery and from going to here with the news are from out of the headlines the head of sudan's military transitional council to step
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down he's now been replaced by another general a bullfight a book on the military removed president obama al bashir on thursday many on the streets have welcomes the move protests in sudan appear to be quieting down for now people who are staging a sit in outside the military headquarters have begun to dispose of the first time in four years yemen has held. parliamentary session president of drawbar month so hard he was in attendance more than one hundred thirty government officials participated in the meeting held in the city of say who. for e.u. countries have agreed to take sixty four refugees migrants rescued off the coast of libya ten days ago they've been stranded on a rescue vessel the a multi with conditions getting worse by the day they've now been taken to pools and will eventually be really relocated to germany france portugal and like some let's speak to francois gunmen who is a professor of environmental geopolitics and migration dynamics at the paris
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institute of political studies he's with us via skype from paris this latest episode shows yet again there's no long term plan in place to solve this migration crisis. absolutely what i mean what does that shows again and we know getting accustomed to it is just like this is that there is no europeans deletion diddy's issue of being stranded in the mediterranean and every time this happens there is some by getting between you have been member states to avert yet another you have been but he got it right is as long as there is no consideration that you have been leveled disgraces will continue. at a few months ago almost a year ago last june each was decided to experiment many theory and these evacuation of bluff but these platforms never seem to daylight and therefore this means that these we continue and if we're going to need your so exploited by but
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really been extreme east in europe why were france and germany in particular. so hesitant about about taking this latest batch of refugees and where does all of this leave italy and malta. well clearly italian. that they wanted to close their barbs and that they would not let the migrants and refugees about unless there was a solution to relook at them and clearly france and germany are also a fred of the coming year been elections but they're also the wiki or so on the voting and you european crazies just before the elections is the reason why in the end of the day they agree to think a moment but this is doomed to continue in the future especially know that strain is coming and that bush can be mobile boards will continue to christening last we do un secretary general antonio the terrorist was in libya and was again do you know a bowling condition of the jails and sent to us was that. clearly
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libya right now is not a safe place for migrants and as that is he goes and therefore they will continue to attend to cross thing so what needs to happen to solve this once and for all. i think what needs to happen is the creation of a humanitarian agency for insight into. this by gaining ouster stuff clearly did deplane regulations does not walk this issue of us and them needs to be dealt at the european level so that we don't have these relations issues apne going to both with people stranded in appalling conditions to me do first thing to do is to create safer legal routes agro the media and so that people don't have to risk their lives on boards anymore and to to create european jency for a site on the so that the people can be relocated you know long term fashion icons you have been going to an ant and it gave this appeaser the industry it's
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practically white ball was simply going through its european approach to as i needed professor good to talk to many thanks to you for being with us foss welcome and that thanks for being me. u.s. president donald trump is considering a plan that would punish political rivals for what he says is that in action over the next a co board up he's proposing to send undocumented immigrants to cities that say that they'll protect them regardless of their legal status reports from washington . president donald trump says he's considering releasing migrants detained at the border into so-called sanctuary cities across the u.s. will bring them to sanctuary city areas and let that particular area take care of it if it becomes a reality the controversy will plan would be aimed at mostly democratic mayors in cities where police and local authorities declined to enforce u.s. immigration laws except in cases where the federal government has specifically requested help california certainly is always saying oh we want more people and
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they want more people in this sanctuary cities well we'll give them more people we can give a lot we can give them an unlimited supply and let's see if they're so happy that the president cited california cities such as san francisco home to the speaker of the house nancy pelosi who fired back at the president just another. notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states and disrespectful of the challenges that we face as a country as a people to address who we are a nation of immigrants the mayor of another sanctuary city oakland california expressed outrage these are human beings families told her and to use them as political pawns in a game of then dick deafness just takes this administration to a whole new low level mayors say without the designation many undocumented immigrants declined to cooperate with police and other city officials for fear of being deported national security experts describe the idea floated by the president
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is clearly illegal he might be acting out of frustration he has been repeatedly stymied on immigration whether it's his travel ban funding for a border wall or in his case the opposition of democratic mayors his own department of homeland security described this idea is floated and rejected but it's appointed reminder that he is adept at using the considerable resources of his office to strike back at critics. trump's statement came amid an unusually early start to the two thousand and twenty presidential election one in which he is expected to again make immigration his signature issue john hendren al-jazeera washington north korea's leader says that he's open to more talks with the u.s. president can jawbone says that he's willing to meet donald trump for a third time if washington comes to the table with quote the right attitude he said he would give trump until the end of the year to decide on another missing the
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second summit on ending pyongyang's nuclear program broke down in february with both sides blaming each other for the deadlock robert kelley is professor of political science diplomacy a pusan national university he says the u.s. may be making unrealistic to months of north korea. actually the north koreans have been saying this for a long time their own standard expression here is that the u.s. pursues a hostile policy towards north korea and only when the united states stops treating north korea as an enemy state to be eliminated would it be possible of them to denuclearize and have normalization stuff like that so we've heard this kind of language from north korea for a while it's new to have a deadline right the sort of idea that if this doesn't have by the end of the year you know who knows what is i mean is i mean i start launching missiles again or are testing nuclear weapons that's kind of new the idea of an ultimatum from doesn't respond to that kind of thing particularly well so i imagine the american administration will simply blow that off but you know they have been meeting now for what you know to a year and a half now eighteen months and not a whole lot is come of it i mean at some point we're going to keep doing these summits something the debate on north korea we called the sequencing right sort of
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who's supposed to stop first and this is undercut negotiations with north korea for a while again if the idea is to have this huge step with north koreans give up everything they're just not going to do that first exchange for big promises that's why you go for smaller steps first where if one side feels it the other cheats it's not such a big loss or you get around the sequencing problem by having each deal be smaller and then grow into it but as long as you insist on sort of these massive all or nothing deals and you race huge trust problems like you just mentioned then you get a stalemate which is where we are now members of the minority house are a community in pakistan mourning after at least twenty people were killed in an almost tackled friday that happened in the southwestern city of cuenta dozens of people were injured and while police are calling the first sectarian attack in months the has a who is shia but the targeted by sunni groups in the past how serious kemal haida reports from. that deadly attack and. what dog the shia community they have already logged more than five hundred people
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to end up on five yeah now that oh how the million but i'm living it and. i do no good to have now a block there or didn't order the morning that. they. they were gatenby from the government that day will be no more attacks against their community it should be remembered that the bomb blog dog gated community although alludes in. broken l. we're all still rectum but these people are saying that they will not budge from their threat bipod on day to day to day and a commitment from the government that they thought of staying well not happen again the international criminal court has rejected a request to open an investigation into possible war crimes in afghanistan judges cited a lack of evidence and state cooperation prosecutors wanted to examine the role of
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afghan security forces the taliban and u.s. forces during eighteen years of conflict which dika from human rights watch says the i.c.c. is decision is in comprehensible. i don't believe it the it's about a failure of everything from my reading of the judge's decision they essentially turn justice on its head and say yes crimes were committed which in the i.c.c. is an beat it were no domestic trials addressing these alleged crimes and but nonetheless they are dismissing the prosecutor's request to me it's in concrete in civil by way of the judicial decision we've seen again and again that justice for poor crime is of
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mass slaughter in the use of rape as. a weapon of war bringing some justice to victims who endure those acts is essential to a meaningful and durable peace and that's what the i.c.c. prosecutor tempting to provide that judges in mrs since have turned her request to do so now but perhaps the ramifications extend beyond afghanistan and to the point where if you perpetrate these most terrific crimes but don't mess to situation is such that investigations may not be feasible then there will be no
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effort by the international criminal court whether it's in afghanistan or another country. saturday is the last day of campaigning ahead of indonesia's general election president joko widodo and his rival probably was so beyond hope are both due to hold large rallies in the capital jakarta more than one hundred ninety million people are eligible to eligible to vote on wednesday al-jazeera is way to have a report from jakarta. after six long months of campaigning this is when it all comes to an end saturday is the last day the campaign rallies can be held and then it is a waiting game before the election itself on wednesday this is the final election rally for the president the organizers of this event saying that mall that more than a million people here for this event we saw similar numbers last weekend for the final big campaign rally in the capital jakarta for the challenger to joko widodo
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his presidency. this is this a match up that we saw in two thousand and fourteen that time joko widodo won a very tight race to become president of indonesia are expecting it to be tight again this time even though the president has enjoyed a double digit lead in most of the pre-election holding that gap has started to narrow in recent weeks this is also a historic election the first time in indonesia that the presidential election will take place on the same day as legislative elections so it's going to be a very complex possibly confusing process on wednesday and in the days after which when those results are confirmed this the numbers are staggering more than one hundred ninety million eligible voters right around this country heading to around eight hundred thousand polling stations to come here on the news a demand for justice and reparations to the united states by some african americans who tell you. how to tackle on time.


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