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i don't know whether the home yet on the scene that the only way to see that. what the he'll be. giving me. the nancy i'm in. a month and the only way to see that in rome. then say they look pretty metal and find that. if they meant they like that they don't play. but i hate the mathematical but. then right the only good yeah i mean michael moore they are the human rights violations committed by paramilitary forces in the protests are not part of the ongoing negotiations with the opposition . yet they were at the core of the political crisis the former revolutionary we begin with mitt. took us to see a church close to the one university. for the scars of conflict.
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this is this is this is there let them if they open up a side. look as if it doesn't need to but. you know boy that just on the front can hope it will be a few days old frank is that only as young as in the local nobody got out a seven year old to get a gun or given them all up and go to work for you because if you listen to or you. got. nothing out of. the priest of this parish has since taken refuge in court that week the damage caused by the tree assault had been left untouched. as a memory to the. two students were fatally wounded during detached. leadership. and i. am not saying him martin will be accepted
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by nothing. like you've written from the audience. but the minute the market continues. on live the will begin to be done in style. and. right you remember me. jane rector and you know you're a fraction of the money. no more. might not have seen and this impulse in. the government's refusal to acknowledge these and other crimes as ham puts its attempts to negotiate an end to this crisis. this city of masaya thirty kilometers south of the capital was the last protest stronghold for. on july eighteenth two thousand and eighteen
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is brutally retaking the economy she foresees fifty six people were killed many more such refuge in local churches. will be him before they'll be enough for you. and you or toward us all. mighty. but i believe that it will. be a. member of the local government quit after witnessing the horrors of the takeover. we will go. there it will be a. because for most of the new year new when the google group a new chemical long enough people will recall for whom they will get the full of it will be in both so you ought. to go get a. look at what. incredible. i want me calling.
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the growing of the book but the minute we. can look at us when we. think we're going to more time that would be a good move for me baby going to. move me you needn't go before but if you need to . maybe not only me to repeat you're in the but you're in your view if. you look i'm going to label you on the look of. the work force. it's already before you moved from hotel to him to a place where you look pretty good to me because look on you when they're going to have a boy go anywhere for me morsel but in your book you just look at where are you most of it uniform. after with film keys to symmetry to i was away from my. government minders began monitoring our movements until now the authorities had
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left us alone with even been hoping for an interview with any luck there but from now on would be under constant surveillance. after the protests were horsed the roads to any kind i was border with the top leka were crocked with refugees many of them on the run from the authorities. so as a world cup because of the money imo. this is what the meet us at the paper sort of . to study at all it was something like that. even today here after the protests the acts of this continues we cannot once even formally faithful sandinistas fleeing from government repression. is one of them he lost a leg fighting us to something nice to souldier against the us funded by guerrillas in the one thousand nine hundred last year he was working as
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a teacher in messiah when his son was killed by the government spy militaries with a single shot to the heart. of his band i don't know. you know that. i don't have. a loss. they are not only showing you know i know. what i want so no i'm not watching. the throne he was saying yes employee i want. this you're going to. get it there's a. alvarado is one of many kind i want exiles who now regularly demonstrate outside their embassy in costa rica protesting against human rights abuses taking place back.
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down square expressions of dissent are going be young but peaceful these men belong to a new armed insurgency group calling itself the guerrilla. thing able to look at. yes guerilla began two thousand and nineteen with the killing of four policemen three hundred personnel. person in.
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the guerillas told us that they would continue looking for financial backers for seeing a failure of the negotiations between north they gonna positionally this that was set to take place in my now while the following day and then came back news. to. the news trying. to get to work in costa rica. he. millis that if. they appoint the ministers who. are going to decide so. they are going to war. over the border some eight hundred miles from when i was we were taken to meet a group of young refugee activists huddled in the grounds of an abandoned branch.
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that i meant. to be your. home i found. a. letter. by letter but you have not said i'm going to but for good. but it's what a book. being peddled for not. so you know i'm not. one of the refugees was a student of medicine who was badly beaten during her detention. but a formal reward. they said.
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i don't know how. the. sun today will say. it. or any. way. on second day of the government's talks with the opposition the police announced the release of one hundred political prisoners back to their homes. on our way back into any kind arwa we met our contact with the refugees began in the brain of. a god on their name only lease that the dollar is
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a political event and. we headed to one of the addresses on the list. a bit in the summer a month to take your phone. to the prison and to listen. but i thought i'd write write write write down but i meet that stop all boy that will slow. the whole deal get it. right. there in the big. shop keep us elizabeth and her husband danny had been detained for months when their children stayed with elizabeth's mom the couple had been accused of stockpiling weapons. to present. day and i mean. you michel men know. and see
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only a male i don't but i suspect you know where the in. i don't know that in the. us at all and that appear tonight is. right on three. of the hit. format that are now you put them on anymore sent. by force. jonathan will mark up us will miss it that. will not be. at this junction with us i'm getting the oh. so to. be learned. if think it will most don't watch out of the shuttle of what the. police honestly getting ahead in the. form. of
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a part of the name old age our nothing new to the limit of us you are you know what if i like us being a supporter. is a lonely but i kill it he done me an monda you know the a mass. back of the hotel mind this while waiting for us once again denied the opportunity to interview the president it was time to secure footage and leave the country. to weeks later on march the sixteenth thousands of people marched for the release of all political prisoners and one small government react to force one of the students with meth while making this film managed to send us basically out of a seventeen year old student being detained by the police trite you can't i was supposed to stay. in late march twenty ninth the. and agreed to release political
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prisoners and restore protest rights other opposition to moms including of course for an early general election aside from being rejected. fake news is a global virus but in indian context it's becoming a cancer one of the up on stopping enemies and manipulate them into whatever the party just based on emotions can skew that but step tional free under diva specification if you don't bargain with feet that does start to flow to you as the world's largest democracy goes to the polls how vulnerable are expenses to militias disinformation. people and power investigates india fake news and agitprop on al-jazeera. we live in a time of war and tragedies crimes against humanity. and activist
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repression. enforced disappearance arbitrary arrests. extrajudicial executions brutal torture the list goes on. who investigates who judges the criminals. who compensates the victims the international conference on national regional and international mechanisms to combat in kenya and ensure accountability under international law. organized by the national human rights committee. united nations human rights office of the high commissioner. european parliament. and global alliance of national human rights institutions.
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a cease fire will be enforced across the country and we invite those carrying arms to lay them down sudan's new military ruler reaches out to protest by offering some concessions. welcome on peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up
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palestine's new government has been sworn into office as the first party member in a decade becomes prime minister. there is outrage in the u.s. over donald trump's condemnation of a muslim member of congress over the nine eleven attacks. also ahead dealing with the nearly nine hundred percent price rise lebanese farmers face huge tariff increases to bring goods into syria. the party of the ousted sudanese president omar al bashir is demanding his release and it's also condemned the coup as a constitutional violation this comes as the head of the military led political transition made new concessions to the opposition abdel fattah border hunt is sudan's third leader in three days in a televised address. just a complete restructuring of the government the release of detained protesters and
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the end of the curfew and. human rights will be reinforced in line with international laws the provincial rulers will be relieved of duty and an invitation will be given to all the people political parties and organizations to engage in dialogue a ceasefire will be enforced across the country and we invite those carrying arms to lay them down sit at the negotiation table and agree to peaceful coexistence months of protests led to the military removal of president omar al bashir and his national congress party from government on thursday and since then the head of the military's transitional council and intelligence chief have resigned the sudanese professionals association is calling for a civilian government while protesters say they'll continue their sit in in the capital khartoum until that is achieved. together with the people have been victims to those people cloaked as good virtuous men it is the judy and responsibility of the armed forces to protect the people and enforce the rule of
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law the armed forces men who have fallen have done their best in al sting dictatorship and establishing a civil state we and all the opposition parties refused to hand over power to the military we want a totally civil leadership al-jazeera morgan has more now from khartoum. three days and three different meters for sudan at the latest one. hand has just addressed the nation a few hours ago and he has struck a very conciliatory tone and said that he is open for dialogue but the military council does not want to take over sudan permanently but it's there to keep the security and order of affairs while political parties come together with the military council and discuss a way forward the military council said that the transitional period will be two years state of emergency has been abolished and that there will be no curfew but the political parties are asking at least most of them are asking for a four year transitional period and a transitional council that is made up of completely military free and that is made
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up of civilians so at the moment the military council is on one side saying that it's going to offer two years transitional council with members of the military and the political parties saying that they don't want military members especially those who are allied to the former regime and the former ruling party to be part of the council but in the middle of the political parties and the military council are the people who have been protesting for the past four months they have listed their demands that they do not want anybody to be part of who was part of the regime to be part of the council but at the same time they don't want people they have been seeing over the past thirty years in the political arena they wanted new fresh faces at the moment there are still people in front of the army headquarters where they've been staging a sit in for the past six days they're still angry they're saying that the statement that has been read out by the leader of the military council have been for example hand does not satisfy them and that they wanted to hear more from him they wanted to hear a tone basically that those who were ruling the country for the past thirty years
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will be tried and that they will be arrested they want to know who is arrested who is going to go free and what is the fate of the president already we have the head of the national intelligence and security services who has resigned this morning he was regarded as the person who was behind the attention of dissidents and of their torture as well that was one of the. manse the abolishing of that and so far the new leader abdul fatah although he said that he is going to listen to demands he did not say and he did accept the resignation of mohamed abdullah he did not exactly say that that body would be abolished so even though the political parties are open for dialogue even though the military council does seem to want a dialogue we're going to have to wait and see because most of the things that are being moved at the moment is not by those two sides but rather by the people on the streets who have been protesting for the past four months ok let's take a closer look sudan's national intelligence and security services chief as we were saying resigned earlier in the day according to amnesty international the agency
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has held dissidents without charge while protesters have told human rights groups they've been tortured in unmarked buildings known as ghost houses the agency's mandate cuts across intelligence military and law enforcement spheres giving its leaders strong influence on the criminal justice system and its agents have immunity from civil and criminal liability. a spokesman for the democratic truth party he shared some of his experiences as a political prisoner. in the art of military during the first two days i was detained we were tortured they made us live tires face the wall and would come and beat us any officer passing by would beat us we got marks on our bodies they interrogated me twice the first two days and then moved me to the detention center at cheney station. the twenty some of them were there who are the movement is not over yet it's on the white to being completed but we're aware that after thirty
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years of a police state things won't change smoothly other nights but we think what's happening is an important step towards change there are indications that the movement is going to be inaugurated with the complete removal of the regime but we're realistic about the fact it won't happen immediately and they will be challenges. forces fighting for control of libya's capital of launched new air strikes planes from the forces of the warlords. attacked a government building on the outskirts of tripoli no reports of any casualties meanwhile forces loyal to the un backed government targeted positions forgot to be on the town is believed to be a base for half the us military operations fighting has been going on there for more than a week. protesters say they will return to central tripoli every week until after us forces withdraw more than a thousand people gathered on friday to denounce the offensive went up to what had was there. they chant again is to one man the world
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a lot of the whole affair have to. seen by his supporters in the east of libya as a hero but here in the west as a war criminal. have to is a replica of the former dictator. he has a message to the foreign powers supporting him we don't want to give him more dictatorship we have many years over dictatorship and i want to say to the international war to help us we will be as we were freedom lovers you know we we want to. we want to have democracy we want to. look at the government have to his forces started a military campaign sold of tripoli on april fourth since then forces allied with the u n backed government have been a striving to recapture a strategic locations including a disused airport. the protesters feel what would happen if have to his forces into
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tripoli you know. we want an army but not an army that kills civilians and destroys infrastructure all the protesters here in the square are normal civilians they're not i saw or part of any extremist organization dozens of people have been killed since forces loyal to the world a lot of the have to launch a military campaign a week ago to take control of the capital tripoli libyans here say they will continue their protest every friday until have to his forces move back to the east . after warplanes have been targeting several locations in around. pulley including the airport the only operational airport in the city the government accuses have to reserve forces of using heavy weapons in populated areas indiscriminate shelling has killed many civilians and forces to leave their
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homes the protesters oppose these went over another two tele turkey and reach. the worry that if have to takes control of tripoli they will be silenced without. tripoli palestine's new government has been sworn into office mohamad chatah has become the first fatter party member to take up the role of prime minister in a decade he was appointed to the role by the palestinian president. mahmoud abbas critics including factors rival a mass of accused us of a power grab. for us in ramallah with the latest where does this leave government efforts at reconciliation. so as the first official to be leading a government since the division between fatah and hamas it raises many questions about the future of that of conciliation specifically is that we've heard from have math officials in the gaza strip who said that this government i mean
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unconstitutional and that they but they would be waiting to see how it would be dealing from with the gaza strip we know that the palestinian authority has been imposing measures against hamas as rule in the gaza strip this friction has been obvious by one of the ministers the new minister the new culture minister who was seen as limping towards taking the oath now he was recently transferred from gaza to the west bank after being injured and reportedly by. in gaza the president himself has visited him and it's seen that appointing him was a message to hamas in gaza. does this mean for palestinians. know what but esteem is good mostly nowadays is their paycheck they have been getting half of their salaries for two months in a row due to a financial crisis that the palestinian authority has been living the u.s.
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aid has been cut off as well as israel's decision to withhold part of the taxes it collects on behalf of the palestinians so the palestinians reaction to that was to stop taking the money altogether so the financial crisis remains to be a big issue that the new government will be dealing with as well as the issue of palestinian prisoners in israeli jails hunger strikes four hundred of them have been hunger striking due to the worsening living conditions in israeli jails and this is an issue that also has been at the heart of the financial crisis because when israel decided to withhold part of the taxes it said that it was because this money has been going from the palestinian authority to the families of these prisoners know this is an issue that's very close to the hearts of many palestinians many of them have been in jail in and out and now currently we have around five thousand five hundred palestinian prisoners currently in jails thank you still to come here on al-jazeera.


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