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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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should be calling out the congresswoman for her not only one time but history of anti-semitic comments the bigger question is why are democrats doing the same thing it's absolutely important the comments that she continues to make and has made and they look the other way find it was her comments to be absolutely disgraceful and unbefitting of a member of congress and i think that it's a good thing that the president is calling her out for those comments and just to remind viewers what those comments that sanders is referring to is omar had made a speech before the council on american islamic relations it was about civil rights the speech but there were four of her words that were selectively quoted by the president in which she said something i will paraphrase she said that nine eleven was something that someone did know she said that in contrast to saying that all u.s. muslims were then discriminated against as
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a result but because of that selective quoting and trump tweeted a video only featuring those four words from her speech contrasts sting with with a very disturbing images from nine eleven and that's why people have come to congresswoman omar's defense saying that this type of rhetoric is untruth full it's not taking into the full context of her remarks and it is dangerous to a congress person who has already been the target of mass of assassination threats . thank you for that update from washington. still ahead on al-jazeera a warning from deep underwater the president of an island nation talks about the perils of global warming.
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and we've got more wet weather on the cards for many of us in the southeast and parts of china we've already seen some in the past twelve hours also here's the latest satellite pitching see these bright white areas of cloud here that's where we've seen our heaviest outbreaks of rain this system is now clearing but behind it there's going to be yet more rain beginning to form say a few showers still lingering in the south there for monday but you can see more cloud in the northern parts of our map and also some rain and that will gradually push its way southwards thickening up as it does say so if you choose day some of us are looking at a very wet day and this system will continue southwards as we head through choose day night and into wednesday out towards the west it's pretty hot for many of us here now and in the western parts of india there's also a shortage of water and that combined with the heat is causing quite a few problems no change for us really as we head through the next few days instead what you'll notice is more cloud over parts of pakistan at the moment that will work its way up towards the north so more cloud
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a few outbreaks of rain here and we could see some cloud in the northwestern parts of india as well further south though it's just getting hot for many of us now that poor forty one will be our maximum and for the south colombo will be a thirty two no changes really force across sri lanka as we head through tuesday just a few will showers perhaps at times. methamphetamines from being. plugging into countries across asia. one i want to use to ask why all forces cots. to stop the myth.
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the top stories on al-jazeera sudan's main protest group is demanding an immediate and over power by the military to a civilian government very representatives are meeting army leaders in the capital khartoum to reach a consensus on a transitional government algerians living in paris and london have gathered in large numbers demanding the resignation of the interim government they want the new leader. to step down along with the entire political elite. place. who resigned earlier this month after weeks of protests. a fighter jet belonging to a libyan warlord has been shot down it happened in the south of tripoli in the area
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of. half the us forces launched an offensive earlier this month to capture a. head from tripoli what else do we know about the jet that was shot down. well daryn it's been confirmed by both or even factions the government of national accord that its forces managed to show down. warplanes belonging to the world have to. it says that the forces are in search of the pilot and apparently. there was planes was shot down in an area near their disused international airport in an area a neighborhood named. betty and that's between swanny neighborhood and the disused international airport now helped us forces have confirmed that they have confirmed
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this. this news saying that they confirmed that the pilot managed to escape with a parachute also sources and which is under the control of forces loyal to that in a gaijin of have and i went to two hundred fifty kilometers to the west from tripoli say that they have lost a plane near what they will be on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital as you know dead in that have to as warplanes have been targeting several locations in and around tripoli over the past week and on the other hand planes with the government of national accord have been also targeting have to look ations south of tripoli the latest is a location that belongs to have to us forces near the town of again as you know. is there is the military bases for a operating about tiller's of the offensive line should by have to as forces move
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on the capital tripoli in the military confrontations on the ground it's a very tense despite the fact that clashes have decreased a relatively compared to their past few days and would have been a head with an update from tripoli thank you. egypt's parliament is debating proposed amendments to the constitution that would extend the presidential term limits from four to six years it would also allow. it to run again after his two terms potentially extending his rule to twenty thirty for a clause in the amendments could permit the army to support one politician at the cost of another if approved by parliament the changes will be put to the votes in a referendum same by you me is an egypt or a search for it and if the international he thinks there's been no public debate on the proposed amendments. we received the constitutional amendments that are being debated at the moment is that they are very dangerous. not only change
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the term limit for prison but. interest z r c would actually a number of measures that would force or we consider. as you would for. a military truck civilians would first of the lower executive control over such different. gummidge and what. due process use of twitter very very long time what would happen is that this would not be would not happen under fear. because what we are seeing you get is. amendments are being arrested people are being arrested for absolutely no reason this is the worst time in recent decades expression and freedom of assembly in egypt are being arrested for just whistling in the street people being arrested for serious opinions on social media or. even even initiatives to collect so to talk about seven minutes are being blocked out as
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well as opposition leader high dough is in the oil rich state of sunni are where there have been demonstrations against power outages why though who is recognized by the u.s. and fifty other countries an interim leader is trying to organize a nationwide protest against president nicolas maduro on saturday by dura called on more than two million militia members to defend his government lets say or no matter reports from caracas. a show of bravado on the tenth anniversary of the nist wayland's bolivarian militia very bad like we are ready for the americans if they come let there be no mistake if they and they want to make it out. this is an emblematic anniversary for the bolivarian revolution able thirteenth two thousand and two was the data that its leader although travis was able to overturn a korg. instead they briefly ousted him and installed an opposition leader. as the news whalers transitional president now his successor you classify bhutto is here
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surrounded by the militia and the military to send the message that any attempts to oust him will meet the same fate. model is under unprecedented domestic and international pressure to step down and allow a transition government to hold new elections. they are dissing right wingers who for the last seventeen years and now more recently continued to tear the country apart they want to install our government over our wealth to the imperialists. as he spoke opposition leader why dog was rallying support in the oil rich western state of. it's been the worst hit by power and water shortages with more than a month of almost round the clock blackouts and the temperatures that surpass forty degrees. after visiting su just patron saint why don't predicted that the people of monaco and israel
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a second largest city would be the ones to lead what he called the final insurrection against mother. we're here not to rise up because it is going to rise up that will show its pride and of course you have the national assembly and me to accompany this process of reconstruction of venezuela. while power has been restored to most of the capital it's been at the expense of other states like. the government is saying very little about plans to restructure the electrical system which it claims is being sabotaged. instead by looted the cleared all of next week a public holiday to commemorate easter reminding the militia that after their break they will be expected to return to their posts to defend the revolution. you see in human got access it's been five heroes since two hundred seventy six schoolgirls were abducted in northeastern nigeria by boko haram fighters the international
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outcry sparked the bring back our girls movement which continues to this day since over one hundred girls are still missing. has more. zainab doesn't know if her daughter is alive ever so often she sorts through the books in homework who wants her to school on the day she was abducted five years ago over the years her daughter's absence has weighed on the entire family. she's the only female of our family my other five children are all boys i hope the government has pity on us. her daughter is among the two hundred seventy six schoolgirls who were kidnapped by boko haram fighters on april twenty fourth team. the military has rescued or found one hundred seven of the kidnapped girls some were freed in exchange for fighters in negotiations between book are wrong and the government others escaped it's estimated that about one hundred girls
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are still unaccounted for. in nigeria's capital there are a new cost for the search to continue security and welfare of the primary responsibility of the government has promised to destroy her arm but its attacks have continued more than twenty thousand people most of them civilians have been killed since two thousand and nine this family like others in the neighborhood hopes their missing daughter is not one of those victims. we've heard that some parents have been reunited with their daughters hasn't come back home yet we are losing hope but we're calling on the government to invest more resources to bring back our girls. despite the pain this mother still hopes she will once again see her daughter alive. so the young al jazeera it was an unusual scene in ukraine president petro poroshenko debated an empty podium ahead of next week's
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presidential runoff election front runner and professional comedian of all of the lenski the not agreeing to the event choosing a debate on friday instead for a shank it was seeking a second term but many ukrainians are unhappy with the economy and corruption it's the first round of voting is a lenski secure at thirty percent of the votes ahead of the president sixteen percent and polls are predicting a win for the political novice voting is about to close in finland's general election where climate change is one of the main issues it's the first time the global warming dominated an election campaign the anti immigrant friend party and opposition social democratic party are some of the parties in that race. the president of the seychelles has delivered a plea to save the oceans from deep underwater drone five hundred and twenty four meters. below the ocean sufis. it is
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a privilege to address you from the beating of brouhaha over the whole planet danny pharo was on a submarine under the indian ocean as part of a british led research expedition the seychelles is one of the many island nations threatened by global warming firey says decisive international action is needed for the survival of humanity from this. i can see the credible wide life that needs our protection but we have my nature to seriously impact this vast environment through climate change. ocean acidification overfishing plastics and of the pollution we have created these problems. we can solve them. we can solve them together prescription drug prices in the united states are among the highest in the world
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and members of the u.s. congress are under increasing pressure to lower the costs there as kristen salumi spoke to one family struggling to pay for lifesaving medication. hunter sego went off to college to study biochemistry and play football but he put it all the risk due to his worries about his family's finances a family sacrificed so much to keep me alive it was costing them fourteen hundred dollars a month for to pay for the insulin he needed to treat his diabetes even with health insurance i used. to suffer for it so he cut back as treatments and ended up in the hospital. al-jazeera caught up with his mother a schoolteacher in rural indiana via skype and she talked about the choices her family had to make. sure. i just have to.
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rationing medication is increasingly common according to the american diabetes association the price of insulin has nearly tripled uninsured families are facing the families that may have insurance are also facing the high cost of insulin recent congressional hearings have pointed fingers at so-called pharmacy benefit managers middlemen who negotiate discounts on drugs for insurance companies and my experience that kind of negotiation rarely results in an act of charity for consumers but ultimately it's pharmaceutical companies that set their own prices a cost that isn't fully covered by many americans health insurance policy if a company raises the price of a product by twenty percent and then another company comes in and says that we're giving you a twenty percent discount you know have they really save you money lawmakers have indicated that they're working towards legislation that will limit how these
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middlemen make money and provide more transparency to the process kathy sego tells us something has to be done and quickly. so i know what. i want everything she's become an advocate for reform knowing other families have even the last with which to make ends meet and it won't be long before hunter graduates will need to find a way to pay for his own health care christian salumi al jazeera. the headlines on al-jazeera saddam's main protest group is demanding an immediate handover of power by the military to a civilian government their representatives are meeting army leaders in the capital harts whom to reach a consensus on a transitional government have morgan has this update from hard to. the military council and the political parties are meeting for the second time they are trying
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to figure out the shape of a transitional government that will be formed now and one of the general speaking at the beginning of the meeting today said that the military council is coming with a blank page meaning they have no intention to rule forever and that most of the way most of the plans that they would have for the transitional government has to come from the political parties themselves he even went so far as to say that they want an independent prime minister from none of the political parties present but one which they all agree on to leave the country during the transitional period and that they the military council only want two positions which is the defense ministry and interior ministry that's because according to his words those are the ministries that could maintain security and order in the country now the political parties themselves are divided some of them want it to your transitional period others want to for your transitional period there's also disagreement over how to deal with the national intelligence and security services libya's u.n. by government forces have shot down a fighter jet belonging to warlords. it happened in the south of tripoli in the
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area of. forces launched an offensive earlier this month to capture the capital algerians living in paris and london have gathered in large numbers demanding the resignation of the interim government led by a father he had replaced thought that pfleger who resigned earlier this month after weeks of protests the white house is standing by donald trump's tweet about a muslim congresswoman despite accusations they were putting her life at risk trump selectively coded a speech by. making it look like she was downplaying the nine eleven attacks press secretary sarah sanders said omar deserved the criticism that democrats should join in. voting is about to close in finland's general election where climate change is one of the main issues this is the first time global warming has dominated an election campaign the anti immigrant phin party and off position social democratic party are some in the race those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera one
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is coming up next they with us. record breaking amounts of methamphetamines are being seized across asia. massive calls of pills and crystal meth are flooding the region. some of it reaching as far north as japan and as far south as a stray aliya in new zealand. where does it all come from me and maher the biggest meth producer in the world. the little. old world has lost the war against
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drugs. one the one east travels to the borderlands of me and mark twain vesta gate what's driving asians meth and why authorities are powerless to stop it. this is the so-called golden trying a border region known for its beauty and the tories for drugs. behind these mountains is myanmar we're standing in thailand and over there is a highway making it really easy for traffickers to bring drugs over the border and straight to the cities of thailand it's a perfect combination of geography infrastructure supply and demand.
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were on the frontline of the drug war. joining a thai military patrol trying to stop the massive flow of methamphetamines coming across the border. colonel. is the leader of this unit on patrol. he's been on the job for less than a year but he's overseeing some of thailand's biggest and most violent busts. we have to make them realize. can't come into our country. and force them. to put me. through. the unit covers more than thirty
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kilometers of the border. many encounters and the gun fights. killed five traffickers during a bust a few months ago but there are always more willing to take their chances. traffickers with backpacks full of meth can run across the border in just a few minutes. how much they bring in depends on the size of. a. small one can carry one hundred thousand. two hundred. but backpacks are just one way to traffic mess and the staggering amount is coming in authorities estimate that there are only catching about twenty percent of it. seven million pills just in this province alone this year. in the past three months
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seized sixty percent of the entire amount we seized last year. another way they try and stop the flow of drugs is at checkpoints along these border provinces. time military and police search buses and trucks where large stashes could be hit in. the checkpoints are designed to catch traffickers by surprise and today the authorities have had a big win. this is what three hundred kilograms of the crystal meth looks like. the soldiers carry out bundle after bundle for the camera . known on the streets as this high purity form of the drug is the most expensive kind if it reached australia these drugs would be worth one hundred and eighty million dollars. not that a lot. but you know if you. go to. me
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by. yourself i. mean yeah i. get. a number or more i'm going. to wind. up. with a you know the money that it's with thailand's narcotics control board he tracks the patterns of trafficking. he says in more than thirty years on the job he's never seen a time when so much crystal meth is being seized this year there has been on average a bust every week for. if you include the. two thousand two hundred. it's a become just in the past four months just. so how does that compare to
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last year is that an increase. by a lot. and for the producers seizing this amount is that a big hit for them. a lot of money. to push more and more you. bring twenty. the drugs the do make it across the border get distributed among dealers. the trade is so lucrative it outweighs the threat of life sentences. this former dealer agreed to meet with us if we disguised his voice and appearance. of the book. i would buy the pills for two dollars fifty and then i sell it for nearly four dollars. for five years he sold thousands of these red pills
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a day they're known locally as wy. just seeing. him they delivered the drugs to me and back. at first they gave me small bags of two hundred pills but like often then it was two dollars bills a bag with iraq and then four thousand and then up to ten balls in the. car how long does it take you so. it doesn't take long. just a day. his profit on ten thousand pills could be as much as thirteen thousand dollars did you ever think that what you were doing was hurting other people and if you did why did you continue. the legacy of their first i thought this was wrong. but after a while i was making money so i didn't think too hard about it i'm going to make it . the demand for meth across asia has never been higher.
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growing economies are being fueled by workers grinding away at menial jobs. many laborers used which means crazy medicine to help them work long hours while those who can afford it use the pricier crystal meth or ice to party hard. stories about meth addiction are regularly. the new guys. don't call one p.n. by now was on top. at all. times and what happened. and it all mounts on. the weapon on one occasion my wow yeah. oh yeah by a wide angle bro i perhaps i need you. but i thought i. put the majority of users are everyday people. is
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a single mother who works several jobs to support her two children who live with her parents. she says she regularly uses the stimulating combination of methamphetamine and caffeine to help her concentrate at work. it's like i become super focused on what's in front of me i stay on task until now on day or night i'll just sit there and do it but i don't go in and. easy to get a bath before i'd have to go to the dealer twice first to place my order and then i'd have to wait hours if not days to go pick it up and now i can pick it up right away. each pill costs three dollars tip says many people she knows have become users. in some cases users can work in exchange
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for their pills they have one here some people just work it off by doing manual labor they don't have to pay for it. uses almost every day but denies she's the nat act. even though i use i never let my kids never let them have it they've never even seen it. meth production is cheap and large scale estimates vary between two one six billion pills a year that's more than the number of coffees starbucks serves. most of it. which has ready access to precursor chemicals from china. it also has. to thailand where the finished product is then trafficked to other countries. become an ideal hiding place for meth labs thanks to decades of civil wars.
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vast areas of the state controlled by armed groups both rebels and government forces. but drug trade is a huge money maker for all sides. the most powerful of the rebel groups is the united states army they used to be famous for their heroin smuggling authorities in myanmar and thailand think they're now in the meth business. journalists are rarely given access. but they have recently appointed a spokesperson. hi my name is kind words al i am quarter from al-jazeera do you have time to answer a couple of questions. he's surprisingly upfront about drugs being produced in wa territory but insists that it's all in the past.
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are going to go dark. ok started a lot of chill. out there are do you think there are any labs in your territory right now there are currently a. part or. a whole bottle o. . make a big show drug efforts with sporadic raids and televised drug burnings their true involvement in the meth training is difficult to prove. the only one allowing us to see for ourselves is the shan state army south. it is shocking.


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