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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 104  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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we also. came out with a request to all the parties and all the other. entities that are nonpartizan that are existing includes the youth organizations and women's organizations and we started by. issuing a written decisions. and made sure that as secretary at has been formed so that the written decisions are to be disseminated to those the from the plant meant through the military council and we will issue a document that. states clearly. such a relationship. we would have you know sure.
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also people that all the provisions and the petrol products will be made available to people and also particularly oil gusher lean and. will will be particularly the. bread. flour and the wheat. is for the year two thousand and nineteen we have achieved that promise is that this would be supported and we are. sure reassured to a great extent that this will be supplied to meet the needs. and just. before this oh reading to the.
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general. attitude it's got to go general. courses in the country and there is. optimism. as far as the military council is concerned there is optimism in regards to take in the country out of this situation that we. some of the council members were also. happy. we also noticed. from our communication with the youth and some of the political entities. and the civil. society we notice that many.
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for getting on with their business and given an opportunity to those entities not the will be created to the good there are some. negative features on the street unfortunately and to be honest with you this threatens the the general. security and therefore i call upon everybody to help in. bringing in life back to normality so that things. mean some of the negative features that is broken the barricade in some of the roads with of course the slogan is
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a freedom. and justice. we all want clear in the roads and clean in the roads and the. discount of activity is not acceptable freedom actually got auntie's demonstration and very guarantee in many things but it does not encourage. destruction and. so please we call upon everyone to adhere to it the justice and freedom and i think that this is enough for our meeting today. and we apologize. of coming to this conference and i apologize for. any.
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people that has been. subjected to but will probably see you in the next conference should be in a different. word it is easily accessible and. will be cooperating with you through our office. that we will supply you with every. means possible thank you very much. the military council spokesman giving a statement from heart to this of course after the military council met with some of the opposition groups because protest organizers in sudan had been calling for an immediate transition to a civilian government let me just tell you some of the most important points that were made by the military council spokesman he did say. first of all they have appointed a new intelligence chief and also that the national intelligence and security
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services being restructured as well as the military council says they will be forming committee to take over former ruling parties assets let's bring in more again joining us from khartoum and the military council spokesman also also did say that the reason one of the reasons that is that meeting was taking place is this side the nature of the relationship between the council as well as the civilian institutions was he any clearer on that relationship and what was the key message for you. while there in he did not say what the other political parties said about the meetings we're going to have to wait for the other political parties who were in the meeting to know what they thought of it but what we heard from the spokesperson of the military council was that he was very optimistic that the military council thought the meeting between the two sides went quite well we've seen some concessions from their sides one of the top demands from the political parties was
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a reform to the national intelligence and security agency the head of the national intelligence committee services had resigned yesterday they've appointed a new chief but the spokesperson said that there will be reforms and their laws will be reviewed obviously that is that is less than what some people wanted on the streets which is a complete abolishing of that body but that there will be reforms has also spoken about accountability that is one of the reasons why there are still thousands of people in front of the army headquarters he said that those who are from the former regime will be held to account especially in terms of corruption and that is one thing we heard from him so apparently those meetings did come out with some concessions for the political parties of course we're going to have to wait for the political parties point of view to know what they thought of it but at the moment it seems like the military council has given in to some of the points that the political parties want but that was not the main issue that was standing between the two sides the main issue was how will the military council operate under the
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transitional government there were concerns from the political parties that the military council will be the one overseeing the government and that's something they don't want so they want an independent government which in which the military council serves only as a protection and the military council wanted to be don't want supervising the day to day operations of that government the spokesperson of the military council has not said where they reached in terms of how the military council operates and how the transitional government will operate but he did say he was very optimistic with the outcome of that meeting that went on for hours staring. ok and how about going into this meeting though the opposition parties themselves were in a bit of a disagreement of what they wanted from it. yes some want to the national security intelligence services to be completely abolished others wanted the body to be reformed obviously the military council settled for reforming it
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rather than completely dismantling its there was also the issue of the transitional period how long should that be some political parties talked about for years others said that it should be less than two years which is what the military council had announced so we didn't hear from the spokesperson of the military council what they agreed on so far but that was one of the difference between the political parties the terms of the of the the of the of the transitional council and how long we should go one there's also concerns about. what will happen to the former regime members they wanted to see them being tried publicly some of them wanted to see president bashir and those who are wanted by the international criminal court to be handed over and so we're yet to hear from the political parties to see if they manage to reach an agreement as well not just with them not just with the military council but with themselves ok i got to have a morgan giving us the update from khartoum have a thank you now to a very big sports story with leo yet to put it lightly top trend in the world it's all about tiger woods he just won his first major title in more than
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a decade the forty three year old came from behind to win the masters by one shot would started the day two shots off the pace and made early bogeys in the front nine but there was an outpouring of emotion from woods after his two under par final round of seventy was enough to see him claim the famed green jacket for a fifth time the winners his fifteenth major title would last won at augusta back in two thousand and five while his lax last success at the major was in two thousand and eight. all right the fierce battle continues for the english premier league title with liverpool regaining top spot back from manchester city liverpool claimed the important to nil victory over chelsea to leapfrog the defending champions as they seek their first title since one thousand nine hundred the wind came on an emotional day for the club the day before the thirtieth anniversary of the hillsborough disaster when ninety six liverpool fans were crushed to death the
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game was also managed was also manager jurgen klopp two hundredth in charge of the club manchester city had gone top of the table prior to the liverpool game after beating crystal palace three one but the defending champs now trail over pool by two points however they still have a game in hand. lewis hamilton leads the formula one championship after winning the one thousand race hamilton started from second in shanghai but he passes mercedes teammate of bell terry both us off the start and never looked back we need all the way to the checkered flag to win the race for a sixth time but us finished second with ferrari sebastian vettel back in third. after it's all right that's all our sport now back to you directly i think you very much was hong kong's equivalent of the oscars showcasing chinese blockbusters as well as works that challenge censorship and this year a film on the hardships faced by migrant workers was in the spotlight sarah clarke
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reports. it's considered the most prestigious of asia's red carpet events the big names of the chinese film industry here so two other you come it's this year the majority of nominations went to films by first time directors. that includes the film still human nominated for woods including best screenplay all the little things in it explores the relationship between a power wise man and a filipino who gives up being a photographer to look after him like god and inspiration on the screen i saw someone excited me by my to catch a bus and i felt very touched and impressed by their relationship and i thought i must share this to the world the film offers a glimpse of the challenges facing migrant workers serving is domestic copas the home calls wealthier residents it also sheds light on an often overlooked yet vital community in asia we don't really get a chance to share the stories from
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a filipino perspective i think. unless we hear the voices of the people who actually go through this. in this life we would never really be able to get an authentic response three hundred ninety two missing workers here in the uk that's how most of the planes. and in a monthly average white around five hundred seventy dollars that's about a fifth of the city's monthly average salary besides working six days a week the government requires them to leave with their employer goods on a day off they gather with their fellow filipinos and indonesian colleagues in public places in hong kong domestic workers are making undeniable contributions but what we've also seen is that they are not getting from this economy as much as leaping into it these awards have a history of recognizing social issues and challenging the growing self-censorship in the city. and twenty sixteen an independent film any is which criticize china's
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influence on hong kong won best film it was light a band on the mainland but earned more than ten times its budget at the hong kong box office. sarah clarke al-jazeera home called. thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera that's it for myself and the team here and we hand you over to our teams in london where you have it in just a moment but much more news. russian military advisors in africa they're not officially representing the kremlin but working for a private security company russia claims they're helping bring peace but critics
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say it's a disc eyes for the expansion of russia's military influence talk to al-jazeera gains exclusive access to a russian military training camp in the central african republic. al-jazeera. where every. to me it was clear it's an intelligence gathering exercise my god buck huddled over the head off into this interrogation talked by one and he said if you speak again i'll cut your throat muslim bag tells his life story and his life changing experience at guantanamo bay. it was.
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the confession a witness documentary on al-jazeera. of friends can tell a story without uttering a single word. conventionality of life. witnessed through the lens of the human eye. on al-jazeera. sudanese protesters keep the pressure on the military demanding an immediate transition to a civilian government meanwhile sudan's military council has just announced a major change in of the god of the country's defense ministry and intelligence service.
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a low i maryam namazie this is al jazeera live from london also coming up libya's u.n. backed government says its forces of shot down a fighter jet belonging to the warlord twenty five to. five years after they were abducted the parents of one hundred chip bot girls make a plea to the nigerian government to do more to bring back their door says and he's young christian a military veteran and gay the indiana mayor who is poised to officially enter the race for the white house. becomes the program our top story protesters in sudan are not backing down on their call for an immediate transition to a civilian government activists are still out on the streets as they have been holding a vigil in front of the main army compound in hard to this is opposition groups
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hold talks with the military which deposed a long time leader a model to share the military council wants to hold all men to the interior and defense ministries in any transitional. arment and says that political parties can decide on a civilian prime minister morgan joins us live now from part of two so we had another round of talks taking place today appear to be perhaps looking into the future of these two bodies forming with the military council and the civilian government but the key thing for the opposition is whether the civilian government we will be truly independent have. yes mary m. we heard from the spokesperson of the military council just a few minutes ago and he came out of the talks and he said that the military council was optimistic those were the words he used this seems to be some conflict concessions offered by the military council one of the things that the political parties wanted was a reform in the national intelligence and security services institute which are
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protesters and sudanese are saying has been behind the targeting of dissidents and trying to clamp down on the protests so the military council said that there will be reforms they also said that members of the former regime will be held accountable for crimes especially for corruptions committed during the time they were in office that this is something that was also asked by by the political parties who were in the meeting but the military council did not see where they reached in terms of whole will be running the country because the political parties wanted an independent transitional government for a period of four years the military council on the other hand wanted it to your transitional period with this front with a civilian government but under the support of the supervision of the military council and that was one of the sticking points between the two sides we don't know if they've agreed on that or not at the minute the spokesperson for the military council has not said anything about that we don't know if there will be more talks
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where yet to hear from the political parties who were in the meeting but we also do know that protesters are still out on the streets saying that whatever has happened inside there is not enough for them to ask you thousands of protesters over say we've been seeing images of them for some time now they remain camped outside the military headquarters in her chair and they are likely to stay in place what needs to happen now what more do they want to see from the military council. well really marian they don't want to see much from the really military council they want to hear from the sudanese professional association the body that has been spearheading the calls for protests for the past four months they're saying that the list of demands offered by the sudanese professional association and the declaration of freedom and change which is. an umbrella of several political parties there saying that this body is the body that has been put in the demands forward which includes obviously the complete abolishing of the national intelligence and security services so for them the fact that many many generals and
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former spy chiefs being ports. to resignation and there but the body still existing the that's not a complete victory they're saying that when this admits professional association comes out and says there's a complete abolishing of the national intelligence and security services a certain laws are being reformed there's a reform to the judiciary system in sudan that's when they know that they have a true will be complete but until then they will be up in the streets waiting for more talks between the two sides until solution is reached and the their demands have not changed have they thank you very much about morgan and her to him or now to libya where the u.n. backed government say their military has shot down a fighter jet long into the wall awfully fast are these forces have been advancing on the capital tripoli these pictures appear to show the art of life in the south of tripoli in the area of why do we have to his forces say that the plane crashed after backs arrival government that controls much of eastern libya and north his
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offensive on the capital ten days ago when it comes as have to has met egyptian president abdel fatah sisi in cairo she is a longtime supporter of have to some witnesses say they have seen members of the egyptian military inside libya well the u.n. backed government forces have targeted positions south of the capital and the town of her yun it's believed to be a base for half dozen military operations mom would argue why it has more on this now from tripoli. military commanders with a government of national accord in tripoli say that they have shut down. that fighter jet this has been also confirmed by half those forces who say the fighter or the pilot managed to escape with a parachute apparently the fighter jet was shut down near an area near the disused airport in and neighborhood called swanny which is fighting currently between the government forces and forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar we know that have
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to warplanes have been targeting several locations in and around tripoli including the only operational airport in the city airport on the other hand plays with a government of national accord targeted locations positioned controlled by have the forces near the city of the fighting on the ground we can say that sporadic fighting continues between the other two factions in civil as on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli and the ongoing fighting has forced thousands of civilians to leave the areas where europe's emergency response coordination center says the escalation in the fighting in libya has over the last ten days killed one hundred twenty one people and wounded more than five hundred sixty it estimates that thirteen and a half thousand have been displaced a figure it warns is rapidly rising it's also concerned for the welfare of some
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fifteen hundred asylum seekers refugees and migrants in libya to kill the those who are detained near the affected areas and share is a transit route for many migrants trying to get to europe via libya but now many are fleeing the fighting in libya and moving back to asia and address has this update for us in agadez. or who she is and locals here are telling us dozens of people are crossing the border from libya into our going to us every week that is the position right now you know that is in addition to the thousands of migrants who are still trapped there are people who fled recently from libya into are going to trying to find refuge from the ongoing crisis in that country and there are more people by the way who are coming into i get is trying to wait out the situation in libya waiting for the right moment to cross the border into libya as a transit point and then into europe now the horses here and i get is including humanitarian workers like the united nations high commission for refugees and other non-governmental organizations raising up for
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a massive inflow of refugees from libya the traffic of human humanity or more by grants is now going to people instead of going to libya are now coming back to hillary negatives where facilities are overstretched or thoughtlessly are really concerned about health impacts infrastructure is not adequate enough to cope with a large influx as well as security so the united nations is telling al-jazeera that they are also making the necessary preparations they don't see it right now but they're making preparations in case there's a massive flow of refugees from across the border in tunisia here and also concerns in tunisia about migrants and refugees who have come from libya trying to cross the mediterranean. over the past year hundreds from several african countries have ended up on tunisian sure as nicholas haq has this report now from. back in his boat tunisian fisherman was arrested last year for helping save
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fourteen african migrants at sea the telling because guards accused him of human trafficking he faced fifteen years in prison but was later released after months in detention. government security remember i didn't commit a crime and i would do it again we cannot abandon them or our faith cannot allow us to abandon them they are humans just like you and me. while most migrants set off from libya strong currents in bad weather often pushed their fragile boats towards neighboring tunisia authorities here say they are overwhelmed. tunisia similar challenges as european countries with migrants ending up on its shores except it doesn't have the resources to deal with them and with the fighting intensifying in neighboring libya it continues to be the gateway to europe for many african migrants. nearly four hundred people have drowned trying to cross the
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mediterranean so far this year. at first fishermen marzouk saw that babies women and men floating in the sea now he sees bodies and limbs washing up on tunisia's beaches moved by the sight of so many dead migrants. buried over four hundred of them. now no one can stop their journey maybe their souls made it to europe or even to america we may have buried their bodies but not their dreams. for these tunisian fishermen their action is an attempt to bring some human dignity to those who lost their lives in the mediterranean and they fear the fighting in libya will see even more tempting to make that dangerous journey nicholas hawk al-jazeera at the tunisian libyan border.
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now u.s. secretary of state has been in peru shoring up regional support for president trump's hard light stance against the venezuelan president nicolas maduro says he hopes there is change in venezuela soon so that migrants who fled into neighboring countries can return home brew is third leg of a latin american told that has already taken him to chile and park why he is expected to arrive in the colombian city of could tell soon. as he joins us live now from near the venezuelan border in alice under this is of course a city that has received a very significant number of migrants and refugees who have fled the situation in venezuela what's my wanting to do that. well merriam the us. highlight of. trip through luck and i go through.


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