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tv   Up Front 2019 Ep 4  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2019 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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nationalist pins policy which has been running a close second is proposing tougher limits on immigration who want to reduce to us laws possible. the kind of human gratian that is in our opinion damaging to the public finances of the whole country and to the safety and security of people that he's mostly so-called humanitarian immigration from the third world the themes party has had an effect on the way that we speak about immigration and other parties are being very cautious about their stand in the immigration issues because they are fearing the things party or their support will leak into the things party another issue on many minds especially in cities like the capital helsinki is climate change and the environment in finland like same politics all parties like year after year. you know we have the software here
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we have the respect back to the mother nature i wish that there would be. parties elected government that are like wanting to. take care of climate and are. more social environments which have a policy gets the most votes it will almost certainly have to form a coalition to govern but finland could be about to get its first left wing prime minister in two decades. al-jazeera. following ukraine a televised debates at the national stadium ahead so of next sunday's presidential runoff election descended into farce when one of the participants failed star not become a president petro poroshenko was left to take questions alone his rival for the mayor is alinsky a comedian with no political experience wanted the debates held closer to sunday's votes. well the u.s. presidential election doesn't happen and so on the vendor off next year but the
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battle for the money to fund the political campaigns is well underway in the first quarter of this year president trump has raised more than thirty million dollars for his re-election bid democratic frontrunner bernie sanders has raised eighteen point two million dollars well senator come our harris is not far behind with twelve million dollars but a new candidates has entered the u.s. presidential race for next year what could be an a storage first for the white house think that is just the latest in a series of hopefuls aiming to get the democratic democratic party's nomination he's a christian and military veteran who is also openly gay the thirty seven year old would be the youngest ever presidents if elected and the first in a same sex marriage. it is time to walk away from the politics of the past and toward something totally different.
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i'm here to join you to make a little news. was my neighbors did go to church was it homey near the. crowds on the south and. running for president was. all meanwhile the for white house says standing by donald trump's tweets about a muslim congresswoman despite accusations they're praising her life at risk press secretary sarah sanders says democrats she joined trump and criticized in milan omar trump selectively cause it omar making it look like she was done playing the nine eleven attacks. certainly the president is wishing no ill will and certainly not violence towards anyone but the president is absolutely and should be calling out the congresswoman for her not only one time but history of anti-semitic
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comments the bigger question is why aren't democrats doing the same thing it's absolutely important the comments that she continues to make and has made and they look the other way i find what her comments to be absolutely disgraceful and unbefitting of a member of congress and i think that it's a good thing that the president is calling her out for those comments. across the gripper sense of illinois has issued a statement in response to president trump's misleading nine eleven video about her on friday and she says since the president's tweets. i have experienced an increase in direct threats all my life many directly referencing all replying to the president's fifty you. another hong kong's equivalent over the oscars showcasing the latest chinese book busters as well as works that challenge censorship sarah clarke reports from hong kong. it's considered the most
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prestigious of asia's red carpet events the big nines of the chinese film industry here so two other you come it's this year the majority of nominations went to films by first time directors. that includes the film still human nominated for two wards including best screenplay of the little things in it explores the relationship between a power wise man and a filipino who gives up being a photographer to look after him like god and inspiration in the spring i saw someone excitedly lie much you can tell us i'm not albert pashtun impressed by their relationship and i thought i might share this to the world the film offers a glimpse of the challenges facing migrant workers serving as domestic copas the hong kong's wealthier residents it also sheds light on an often overlooked yet vital community in asia we don't really get it chance to share the stories from
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a filipino perspective i think. unless we hear the voices of the people who actually go through this. in this life we would never really be able to get an authentic response there are three hundred ninety two missing workers here in the search let's hope i'm i said the pain and the monthly average white around five hundred seventy dollars that's about a quarter of the city's monthly average salary besides working six days a week the government requires them to live with their employers on a day off i gather with their fellow filipinos and indonesian colleagues in public places in hong kong the domestic workers are making undeniable contribution to what we've also seen is that they are not getting from this economy as much as leaping into it these awards have a history. recognizing social issues and challenging the growing self-censorship in the city. in twenty sixteen an independent film is which criticize china's
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influence on hong kong one based film it was light abandoned on the mainland but more than in times its budget at the hong kong box office. al-jazeera hong kong. so it's come. out on top form the on board census photos and suites.
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time for the sport here's lia thank you so much will tiger woods has won a golfing major for the first time in more than
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a decade his one shot victory at the masters is his fifth green jacket but to get there the forty three year old has had to overcome back surgery and doubts that he could ever compete again let alone when paul vander worth reports. the emotion was clear for you to see. the final part was the culmination of the mill even you come back from multiple back surgeries as well as a number of scandals that lead to the breakup of this marriage and as a race. it's overwhelming and i think it's because of what has transpired and. last year i was very lucky to be playing in the plane again. woods went on to the final round as well gus the two shots behind francesco molinari and a fifth green jacket was looking unlikely until the italian double bogey the twelfth and fifteen dollars each and finishing time. will be up there against one of the hardest i think i've ever had than when just because of what has transpired
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the last couple years of trying to get him to come back and play and. i was called slash a couple times the chance i lost two major championships and then i played what i learned from those two and was able to seal a deal today. this is tiger's fifteenth major title his last coming back in two thousand and eight at the u.s. open. title. but it's on unreal for me to experience this year my mom was here she was there in ninety seven as well and so i just couldn't be more happy and more excited and you know i'm kind of at a loss for charlie now he's now just three shy of jack nicklaus's all time record and with the year is there would downs as to whether he could match the golden bear now the possibility is again being renewed vender with al-jazeera while the fierce battle continues for the english premier league title with liberal regaining top
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spot back from manchester city liverpool claimed a very important to nil victory over chelsea to leapfrog the defending champions as they seek their first title since one nine hundred ninety the wind came on an emotional day for the club it's a day before the thirtieth anniversary of the hillsborough disaster when ninety six liverpool fans were crushed to death the game was also manager your pops two hundred in charge of the club. what we want to do is to collect as many points as possible really i don't know what is now eighty five forgives simply means nine hundred good let's try let's try that if that's enough perfect and if not eternal change it manchester city had gone top of the table prior to the liverpool game after beating crystal palace three one but the defending champs now trail liverpool by two points however they still have a game in hand. liverpool is able to win all the games the premier league position
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is in our hands and you have to know the games of the game so there's no other chance of things you want to make back to but. but the players show me that they want to do it i didn't have any doubts of a diet and. one point and games in a difficult place to do to win lewis hamilton to leave the formula one championship after winning the one thousand three hamilton started from second in shanghai but he passed his mercedes team mate bill terry both us off at the start and he never looked back leading all the way to the checkered flag to win the race for a fixed time otis finish second with ferrari sebastian vettel back in third. but if you think we can we can we do the great job today and to have a one two together i think is is really special on the on the one thousand three after the latest round of the superbike world championship was delayed by snow and hail spanish writer alberto stole the show to claim a record eleventh went from eleven races in the netherlands.
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south africa have won the latest leg of the rugby sevens world series in singapore they did it the hard way though against fiji who were the champions a week ago in hong kong the fijians established in one thousand mil halftime meet but the south africans came storming back to win the match twenty nineteen the united states we had the series with two rounds to play. veteran cyclist felipe zubair proves he's still got it in him for the race after six hours of riding across the famed cobblestone sections strategically placed himself behind the twenty four year old pullet before winning by allowing the thirty six year old who was a former world road race champion has won all but one of cycling's five high profile one day classics. the world cliff diving championships has returned with the first stop in the philippines it's a new season but a familiar result britain's reigning world champion gary hunt picked up where he
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left off last year to take the victory once again making jumping from twenty seven meters look really easy next up it's a much colder waters in dublin ireland next month. well that's it for me here with your sport will have more if you later. i'm upset for this news are going to stay with us on al-jazeera the stasi is up next with more from latest book these. al-jazeera is on board winning investigative documentary program people are funny a large irony to women going with him or being murdered what's the reason fault lines goes beyond the headlines holding the powerful to account have you heard of the story not involved in that examining the u.s. and its role in the bombs someone has to get the gun i'm shooting people right now . back with a new series that's the reality that we live in coming soon on al-jazeera.
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we live in a digital world where even the remotest communities have access to mobile phones. but look in this technology bring to a nomadic existence life apps travels to the media and gives the software designer the ultimate challenge design an app to help the him be tried in their daily lives can you really be done. fly facts one for nomad amount to see that. al-jazeera is swear every. this was wrong to take children away from their parents and herd them into
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a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put us in the big player and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names but i'll never forget that kind of a. dark secret on al-jazeera. they will not be moved protesters in sudan stand their ground despite concessions from the country's interim leader. hello i'm just on the attain this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up here and back to forces in libya say they have shot down
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a jet belonging to warlord khalifa haftar. the digital should know we are watching and our support will not waver the u.s. secretary of state warns of venezuela's president as he visits the colombian border city at the center of the a dispute plus. when hate cards are where indonesians are preparing to vote in an election that for many will be about the economy and trying to decide whether the current president has done enough to improve their lot. we begin in sudan where it's been another day of fast moving developments out even off the defense minister who led to this week's toppling of president time al bashir was forced to retire a new intelligence chief has also been appointed the military council running the country now says it will allow political parties to pick a new civilian prime minister ousted president i'm alba she has pause he will not
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be allowed to join that transitional government. we do not calling for the removal of demonstrators by force in fact the reason we intervened in the first place was because force was used by the ousted regime but our call to. the one who is organizing the protests to bring life back to normalcy still stands having said that if we find people with weapons of course we have to bear the responsibility as guarantors of the state we can't allow that to take place in order to protect the protesters outside the army headquarters or anywhere in the land of sudan as long as the protesters are allowed to demonstrate we bear the responsibility of protecting them and won't allow any third party to do so al-jazeera to the morgan has more from cutting. after the meeting between the political parties and the military council the military council said that it was optimistic but some political parties are saying that their list of demands have not been met now one
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point of course the contention between the two sides is how the transitional government would look like for the next two years the council wants a government that is made of civilians but where it has a certain degree of influence while the political parties want an independent government to wrote to rule the country during its transitional period a year to decide the way or the mandate or the method of to of picking up a prime minister something that the council says is up to the political parties but the parties have to agree on how they will decide on a prime minister and how they will decide on the makeup of the cabinet meanwhile the sudanese professional association the body that is spearheading the calls for protests are telling people to continue with this attempt for the ninth day in a row people are saying that their minute their list of demands is not met they don't want there is a nation they are not ok with the resignation of the former chief of intelligence. they want the complete abolishing of the national intelligence and security services they also want to see the former regime members being tried in the open
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they want to know who is being arrested what crimes they committed and if they will have a fair trial and be held accountable to all crimes that they've committed during their fifty years in power so at the moment it's not just the political parties in difference with the military council but there seems to be some kind of differences between the parties themselves and until they get together and find a way to form a transitional government many on the street say they will continue to protest corresponding mama deval is close to the army headquarters where demonstrators are still protesting. but this is the fourth. amount of pressure you understood what is happening once again in their cars and on the headquarters of the army they say they are here to show their own copy structure volatile. they have achieved what they call a complete revolution against one of the most despotic regimes in the middle east and off that there's a suffering and oppression and they are not going to go home until the complete
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list of the module to have committed to be rolling across are met and nothing good the dismantling of all the difficulties safe and. remove all of the elements of the film regime discussions have been going on between the neither side of the soft i.c. and the minutes at a cost of the last couple of days and the list of the months is being discussed they say every day that goes by and with the continuation of this momentum they get more concessions and they get closer and closer to the from achievement of the goals well actually we spoke to linda bashar i who is an international law and politics analyst she says the situation remains charged on the political level. i think that every day and every announcement give us a little bit more clarity but the situation remains very volatile and there are still many different ways it could resolve itself so i don't think we're really on
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the clear path just yet i believe that the latest announcements are generally positive but it is still i would say concerning that. that there is a general ham out to who is known to have been very violent and brutal in daraa for and is in charge of the rapid support forces still considered part of the military council and some of the insistence by the military council that they will retain control of the military and the ministry of interior so i think it remains to be seen just just how many concessions they're willing to make there are many different disaggregated militias and security forces in sudan and it's not entirely always clear what their orders are and where they're coming from we still don't really know where omar al bashir is and under what conditions he has resigned and the same is true for the former head of the national intelligence service and. we
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are not sure how much freedom and influence these men still have as well as many others who would be unacceptable as as having any kind of power to those who have been organizing the protests and to the opposition parties. thousands of civilians have been forced out of their homes on the southern al set out scouts and the libyan capital tripoli and as the fighting continues between forces loyal to libyan war cliff the hafter and others allied with the internationally recognized government the humanitarian situation is worsening like what otherwise he had reports from tripoli. displaced in their own country this is one of the many offices in the libyan capital where people affected by the latest fighting have come to register their names they were promised food and shelter for hamad left his home in where the ruby area south of tripoli after random gunfire hit their house
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he says he and his family narrowly escaped death. our house was in the crossfire from three directions so i gathered my family and took shelter in one room five minutes later a rocket landed and exploded in the house it destroyed three rooms. fighting has intensified near civilians areas since the forces loyal to. their have to launch an offensive to take control of the capital tripoli on the fourth of april. and back to police the government has launched a counter or fence of to defend the capital the fighting soon currently extends to around one hundred sixty kilometers south of tripoli it includes the areas of gaza have been a cheer the disused international airport. so. where they will be here and ends are civil litigations in and around tripoli have been also hit by
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a restrikes the united nations says more than one thousand people have left their homes to escape the fighting on the southern outskirts of tripoli government officials here say that number continues to rise and there and back the government is accusing the health of the forces of targeting civilian areas. with heavy weapons mohammed says he saw dead bodies near his house and one of his neighbors was killed by a random bullet he and his family hardly had any chance to collect their blooming says one woman who would have we don't know where we should go has been destroyed in our area it's caves there and we left everything behind including our life stuck . they're being provided with food and blankets by aid organizations but municipal council members say they don't have enough shelters to accommodate the groomed number of displaced people. that five hundred families have registered
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only in the center we are getting more people but the problem we face is that we don't have enough shelters we have even used state hotels and hospitals to lodge them some of these people have been provided to the houses by due notice others hosted by their relatives but has it own neighborhoods have turned it into a better resume their water at the houses they've lived to be behind could be destroyed in the fighting. tripoli now libya's un backed government is warning egypt against meddling in its affairs. we hope that all countries including the republic of egypt are aligned with the will of the libyan people the stability of libya will be beneficial to egypt as for terrorism and those who play to the tune of terrorism and say if you don't agree with me you are a terrorist or a member of the muslim brotherhood this kind of talk is feeble and baseless egypt
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is totally free to conduct its own policy but the libyan people are absolutely free to choose what they want and what is in their best interest no country or group can impose their opinion on the choice of the libyan people the libyan people's voice will be strong in choosing what they see as in their interest well as the fighting goes on refugees and migrants in libya say they're terrified of what might happen to them most people trying to reach europe from other parts of africa duress or through libya and now many are going back to some of the countries along the transit routes. in neighboring. officials and locals are telling us dozens of people are crossing the border from the deck in to agonise every week that is the question right now in a not just in addition to the thousands of migrants who are still trapped here people who fled recently from libya into i get it trying to find refuge from the
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ongoing crisis in the country and there are more people by the way who are coming into i get is try to wait out the situation in libya waiting for the right moment to cross the border into libya as a transit point and then into europe now the whole to the end i get it including humanitarian workers like the united nations high commission for refugees and other non-governmental organizations are reaching out for a must in flow of refugees from the traffic of human humanity or people by crimes is now under the bus five people instead of going to media and are coming back to share hearing i get is why facilities i don't overstretch or for just yet are really concerned about health impact infrastructure a snort i think pretty enough to cope with a large influx as well as security so the united nations is telling al-jazeera that they are also making the necessary preparations they don't see it right now but they're making preparations in case there is a massive flow of refugees from across the border in tunisia here.


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