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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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in a huge relief effort inside the country in the coming weeks what did insist on is that the u.s. will continue to pressure president nicolas maduro to push for a transition inside the country also issuing a stern warning the united states will continue to utilize every economic and political means at our disposal to help the venezuelan people. using sanctions vsa revocations and other means we pledge to hold the regime and those propping up accountable for their corruption and their repression of democracy. we are deeply aware of the recent intimidation tactics used by the majority regime this past thursday but those should know we are watching and our support will not waver for the united states this trip was the opportunity to keep the momentum against president nicolas maduro new support of the leader of the opposition inside
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venezuela. and also possibly to show a unity of purpose among the allies in the amis fear the question of course is this trip will do anything to change this stalemate inside venezuela well eric fons with his vice president of the council of the americas and a former white house official he says the u.s. can do even more to pressure. the current sanctions can be applied more tightly and i think that's one thing mr pompei i was trying to do is to get the allies in latin america themselves to step up their own application of sanctions in a more coordinated way to come alongside with the united states has already done been doing secondly yes there are additional things that can be done but at the end of the day if the economy doesn't encourage improve if the health situation doesn't get better if food continues to be scarce and i think all of those are probably going to happen then the venezuelan people are the ones who ultimately have to pay
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the price and they can decide to stay or leave already more than ten percent of other whales population is outside the country so it is a very desperate and dire situation already by everybody from president trump to his most senior advisers have said all options are on the table so i think that's probably you have to take them at their word but having said that i think you also have to take them at their word that they have several more steps that they are intending to implement before they get to any sort of use of force or anything like that meanwhile continuing to try to turn up the pressure on mr maduro to cause him to leave of his own decision of his own volition if they can do that then indeed there is an opportunity for the interim government of one weibo to come in to take power and to begin the reconstruction process of venezuela where the next step ahead on al-jazeera. kind of at a loss for true tiger woods winds back to talk and does what many thought would never happen again and all the glitz and glam as we bring the winds from hong kong
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film awards. have it still raining in iran you can see the clouds quite clearly that decent downpour. further south in the course is circulating so it's two regenerating itself and to get to one hundred bases likely that's flash flood territory still in iran these at least around a monday and running into afghanistan and a few showers are likely in pakistan now west of all this is fine is what we have said it in the sunshine in baghdad the clouds coming up from egypt crossed jordan more or less is certainly towards lebanon and syria that has already showed itself pick up sand and dust so you might get briefly a sandstorm and there were showers embedded in that as well which show themselves more of a c. on tuesday by which time iran is probably looking fine now the rains concentrating
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was snow high ground in afghanistan to the north and to the east as well now as it has been decent right from the tail end of cloud but he's gone by monday as can always for iran and even the strength of the twenty four hours has dropped so is war in dar thirty two samaria up to forty in macular in the sunshine not for a little while and looks fine also for tuesday showers further south maybe surprise this time the end of the showing themselves every now and again in malawi. methamphetamines for me and my a flooding into countries across asia. one o one east asks why all horses can't fade to stop the men. on al-jazeera.
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hello again i am the star and a reminder of the news this hour certainly is protesters are continuing to surround on the headquarters in khartoum that's despite concessions from the ruling military transitional council generals insist they will allow the civilian to leave the administration. libya's u.n. backed government forces say they have shot down a fighter jet belonging to ward off to both sides are conducting air raids to
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support troops on the ground outside tripoli. the u.s. secretary of state has met venezuelan refugees on the border with colombia and reiterated his call for president nicolas maduro to go my compare says the u.s. will use all the tools that can to hold the venezuelan leader accountable. while the challenger to become indonesia's president says the country needs an economic change of direction to be on toes up against incumbent joko widodo who is overseeing solid economic growth within his first term but his rival in wednesday's election says many indonesians are seeing the benefits al-jazeera as wayne hate reports. indonesia's capital jakarta drivers of three will taxis have more time than they used to to talk politics the president joko widodo has encouraged other modes of transport that can be ordered online meaning business has reduced dramatically for these were. because they say they'll vote for change in wednesday's election in the hope it will improve their economic situation. these
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days it's so difficult for me to make a living we don't have enough money for tomorrow's food if we don't work today. to three dollars a day. the economy has been one of the main points of debate during this six month election campaign it's growing at around five percent which is short of what the president was aiming for body enough he says to earn a second term in office. we want to continue efforts to develop the economic independence of indonesia jacoby's main focus has been on infrastructure development like the opening of an underground train line in jakarta which was first proposed more than thirty years ago. on the campaign trail joko widodo has spent much of his time trying to sell voters on the economic achievements of his government over the past five years which he says have led to the lowest unemployment rate in twenty years his opponent has opted for
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a much more populist approach. like the last election in two thousand and fourteen the other choice for president is former army general. he says he'll lower the cost of living and he has also promised create more jobs through a boost in the manufacturing sector. didn't get our nation has long been running in the wrong direction if this direction is continued it will not provide welfare for the indonesian people. there is concern among some economists that indonesia can't afford many of the measures proposed is promising but they agree there should be a greater focus on manufacturing in the last thirteen years. experiencing. premature industrialisation switch means that the growth of the manufacturing sector is. below or lower than the. g.d.p. growth campaigning for the election has come to an end now many indonesians will be asking themselves if their lives have improved over the last five years or that
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they and their country need a new economic direction wayne hay al jazeera jakarta. rescue efforts in rio de janeiro are continuing after two buildings collapsed on friday nine people are known to have died in the museum a neighborhood sarah higher it has the details. while the search goes on for the missing people who live nearby are growing increasingly concerned that their homes could be next heavy rain continues to fall in the surrounding buildings all vulnerable and they say they've been left to clear up off to the disaster with little help or should change their swing afraid the debris left by the rain the furniture everything is still here and it's raining again what are the authorities waiting for for the rain and rubbish to bury in kilis my six year old son is scared he's inside the house saying he doesn't want to be here for veliz or shanty towns like often beyond the gangs control the streets and profit takes priority over
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building standards the buildings that came down had already been condemned residents say the government could and should do more to and corruption the civil defense comes in inspects last year the condemned building stone here but a few days after that you had people building new ones that's how it happens this is not about suffering it's about being abandoned a state of emergency in rio de janeiro was announced a week ago when the floods and mudslides began to say the worst of the rain is over but fear in the food remains fear that most homes will be reduced to rubble. well the u.s. presidential election doesn't happen until november of next year but the battle for the money to fund the political campaigns is well underway in the first quarter of this year president trump has raised more than thirty million dollars for his re-election bid democratic frontrunner bernie sanders has raised eighteen point two
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million dollars and senator kamler harris is not far behind with twelve million dollars and on sunday a new candidate formally entered the race people the mayor of the city of south bend in indiana he's the latest in a growing list of democratic party hopefuls he's also a christian and a military veteran who's openly gay the thirty seven year old would be the youngest ever president if elected and the first in a same sex marriage. it is time to walk away from the politics of the past and toward something totally different. or to join you to make a little loose to it. well you go to church. we're told me lou. i'm a proud show to show. that i am running for president. of the white
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house is standing by donald trump's tweets about a muslim congresswoman just bite accusations they're pushing her life at risk press secretary sacked sarah saunders says democrats should join trump in criticizing the . selectively quoted omar making it look like she was downplaying the nine eleven attacks. certainly the president is wishing no ill will and certainly not violence towards anyone but the president is absolutely and should be calling out the congress mullen for her not only one time but history of anti-semitic comments the bigger question is why are democrats doing the same thing it's absolutely a poor of the comments that she continues to make and has made and they look the other way are find out what her comments to be absolutely disgraceful and unbefitting of a member of congress and i think that it's a good thing that the president is calling her out for those comments and
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congresswoman has issued a statement in response in it she says i have experienced an increase in direct threats on my life many referencing replying to the president's video violent crimes and other acts of hate by right wing extremists and white nationalists are on the rise in this country and around the wilds we can no longer ignore they are being encouraged by the occupant of the highest office in the land american airlines says it is extending the cancellation of all flights aboard boeing seven three seven max aircraft until august the airline c.e.o. told employees he believes the aircraft will be reset to fide within the next three months cancellations will affect about one point five percent of the airline's daily flights the u.s. and a number of other countries grounded the seven three seven model in mid lunch to deadly crashes in ethiopia and indonesia. while its hong kong's equivalent of
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the oscars showcasing the latest chinese blockbusters as well as what's the challenge censorship this year a film on the hardships faced by migrant workers was in the spotlight winning three awards sarah cup reports from hong kong. it's considered the most prestigious of asia's red carpet events the big names of the chinese film industry here so to other you comments this year the majority of nominations went to films by first time directors. that includes the film still human nominated for. including best screenplay all the little things in it explores the relationship between a power wise man and a filipina caregiver who gives up being a photographer to look after him like god and inspiration in the spring i saw someone excited me like my two keratitis and i felt it touched and impressed by their relationship and i thought i might share this to the world the film offers a glimpse of the challenges facing migrant workers serving is domestic copas the
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home calls wealthier residents it also sheds light on an often overlooked yet vital community in asia we don't really get it chance to share the stories from a filipino perspective i think. unless we hear the voices of the people who actually go through this. in this life we would never really be able to get an authentic response there are three hundred ninety two missing workers here in the uk that's how most of the planes landed in the monthly average white around five hundred seventy dollars that's about a fifth of the city's monthly average salary besides working six days a week the government requires them to live with their employer goods on a day off they gather with their fellow filipinos and indonesian colleagues in public places in hong kong the domestic workers are making undeniable contribution to what we're also seeing is that they are not. being from this economy as much as
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. these awards have a history of recognizing social issues and challenging the growing self-censorship in the city. twenty sixteen an independent film in years which criticize china's influence on hong kong one based film it was later banned on the mainland but more than ten times its budget at the hong kong box office sarah clarke al-jazeera. facebook instagram and whatsapp have largely restored services after going down across the wild earlier on sunday down detected dot com a site that monitors outages so there were reports of problems in the us europe and parts of asia facebook which owns instagram and whatsapp had another major outage a month ago while tiger woods has won a golfing major for the first time in more than a decade his one shot victory at the masters is his fifth green jacket but to get there the forty three year old has had to overcome back surgery and doubts that he
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could ever even compete again left alone when paul van dyk after ports. the emotion was clear for you to see. the final part was the culmination of the live in you come back from multiple back surgeries as well as a number of scandals that led to the breakup of this marriage and his risk the lives of the woman and i think it's because of what has transpired and. last year i was very lucky to be playing playing again. woods went into the final round as well just the two shots behind francesco molinari and a fifth green jacket was looking unlikely until the italian double bogeyed the twelfth and fifteenth holmes eventually finishing tied for. the top there against one of the hardest i think i have ever had that when just because of what has transpired the last couple years of trying to come back and play and. i was close
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flush a couple times the chance i lost two major championships and then i applied what i learned from those two and i was able to seal a deal today. this is tiger's fifteenth major title his last coming by back in two thousand and eight at the u.s. open. on time. but it's on unreal for me to experience this and my mom was here she was there and in ninety seven as well and so i just couldn't be more happy and more excited and you know i'm kind of at a loss for charlie. is now just three shy of jack nicklaus's all time record and with the years there were doubts as to whether he could match the golden bear now the possibility is again been renewed vender with al-jazeera. how i missed out with the headlines on al-jazeera sudanese protest has continued to
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surround on the headquarters in khartoum on sunday night. that's despite concessions from the ruling military transitional council generals insists they will allow a civilian to need the administration. we do not call for the removal of demonstrators by force in fact the reason we intervened in the first place was because force was used by the ousted regime but our call to everyone who is organizing the protests to bring life back to normalcy still stands having said that if we find people with weapons of course we have to bear the responsibility as get into wars of the state we can't allow that to take place in order to protect the protesters outside the army headquarters or anywhere in the land of sudan as long as the protesters are allowed to demonstrate we bear the responsibility of protecting that and won't allow any third party to do so libya's u.n. backed government says it's shot down a rival war plane these pictures appear to show the aftermath in southern tripoli
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the jet belong to hell of a softer his forces launched an offensive earlier this month to take control of the capital the u.s. secretary of state has met with venezuelan refugees on the border with colombia as he reiterated his call for president nicolas maduro to go mike pompei or says the u.s. will use all the economic and political tools that can to hold the venezuelan leader accountable hey i was in the colombian city of kuta to wrap up a four nation tour of latin america aimed at pressuring the entire. us democratic representative omar has responded to president trump's misleading video linking her to nine eleven she says there's been an increase in death threats against her with many referencing or replying to the president's video. a new candidate has entered the u.s. presidential election race for next year pete person is the mayor of the city of south bend indiana he's the latest in a growing sense
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a growing list of democratic party hopefuls the thirty seven year old would be the youngest ever president if elected and the fast in a same sex marriage well those are the headlines the news continues here at one o one east. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we didn't get the event to from the government to just shoot you soon turned into a battle from the my jury and government tried earlier why. the tours for abducting two hundred schoolgirls the killing the displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins of bloody rise of a rub on al-jazeera. record breaking amounts of methamphetamines are being seized across asia. massive hauls of pills and crystal meth are flooding the region. some of it reaching as far north as
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japan and as far south as a stray leo in new zealand. where does it all come from me and maher the biggest meth producer in the world. a world has lost before it constructs. one on one east travels to the borderlands of me and mark twain vesta gate what's driving asians mess through and why authorities are powerless to stop it. this is the so-called golden trying a border region known for its beauty and the tories for drugs. behind these
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mountains is myanmar we're standing in thailand and over there is a highway making it really easy for traffickers to bring drugs over the border and straight to the cities of thailand it's a perfect combination of geography infrastructure supply and demand. we're on the front line of the drug war joining a thai military patrol trying to stop the massive flow of methamphetamines coming across the border. colonel three saying one tom is the leader of the unit on patrol . and he's been on the job for less than a year but he's overseeing some of thailand's biggest. most violent busts. we have to make them realize. can't come into our country. you will face tough enforcement here.
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put me. right through. the unit covers more than thirty kilometers of the border. many encounters and gun fights. and this team killed five traffickers during a bust a few months ago but there are always more willing to take their chances. traffickers with backpacks full of meth can run across the border in just a few minutes. how much they bring in depends on the size of the backpack a. small one can carry one hundred thousand a large one can carry a two hundred thousand. but backpacks are just one way to traffic mess
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and the staggering amount is coming in authorities estimate that they're only catching about twenty percent of it. seven million pills just in this province alone this year. in the past three months we've seized sixty percent of the entire amount we seized last year. another way they try and stop the flow of drugs is at checkpoints along these border provinces. time military and police search buses and trucks where large stashes could be hidden. the checkpoints are designed to catch traffickers by surprise and today the authorities have had a big win. this is what three hundred kilograms of the crystal meth looks like the soldiers carry out bundle after bundle for the camera. known on the streets as this high purity form of the drug is the most expensive
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kind if it reached australia these drugs would be worth one hundred eighty million dollars. that's got a long look at you know isn't. going to call. me by the. by but look on. the top of the new i. phone. and a number i want. to wind. up. with a you know for money it's with thailand's narcotics control board he tracks the patterns of trafficking. he says in more than thirty years on the job he's never
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seen a time when so much crystal meth is being seized this year there has been on average a bust every week so. if you include. the two thousand two hundred. it's a big just in the past four months and yes just so how does that compare to last year is that an increase. by a lot. well. and for the producers seizing this amount is that a big hit for them. a lot of money. to push more and more. bring twenty. the drugs the do make it across the border get distributed among dealers. the trade is so lucrative it outweighs the threat of life sentences. this former dealer agreed to meet with us if we disguised his voice
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and appearance. crap out of the bottle i would buy the pills for two dollars fifty and then i sell it for nearly four dollars. for five years he sold thousands of these red pills a day they're known locally as wy. just seeing. him they delivered the drugs to me and back. at first they gave me small bags of two hundred pills but like often thought it was two dollars bills a bag sympathy for him and then four dollars and and then up to ten balls and they . would draw does it take you so. it doesn't take long. just a day. his profit on ten thousand pills could be as much as thirteen thousand dollars did you ever think that what you were doing was hurting other people and if you did
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why did you continue. the legacy of her first i thought this was wrong. but after a while i was making money so i didn't think too hard about it i'm going to make it . the demand for meth across asia has never been higher. growing economies are being fueled by workers grinding away at menial jobs. many laborers used which means crazy medicine to help them work long hours while those who can afford it use the pricier crystal meth or ice to party hard. stories about meth addiction are regularly in the. i do or don't call one p.n. by now was all. but all. that was happy.
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and it all mom's on. what a weapon and my wow yeah. oh yeah by a wide angle bro i babson it. but i thought i. but the majority of users are everyday people tip is a single mother who works several jobs to support her two children who live with her parents. she says she regularly uses the stimulating combination of methamphetamine and caffeine to help her concentrate at work. it's like i've become super focused on what's in front of me i stay on task until another day or night i'll just sit there and do it but then i thought you know. and yeah it's easy to get a bath for that have to go to the dealer twice first to place my order and then i'd
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have to wait hours if not dance to go pick it up and now i can pick it up right away. no opponent of each pill costs three dollars tip says many people she knows have become users. in some cases users can work in exchange for their pills they have one here some people just work it off by doing manual labor they don't have to pay for it. uses almost every day but denies she's the nat act. even though i use i never let my kids never let them have it never even seen it. in myanmar meth production. cheap and large scale estimates vary between two one six billion pills. that's more than the number of coffees starbucks serves.
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most of it. which has ready access to precursor chemicals from china. into thailand where the finished product is then trafficked to other countries. for meth labs thanks to decades of civil wars. in the state controlled by armed groups both rebels and government forces. but drug trade is a huge moneymaker for all sides. the most powerful of the rebel groups is the united states army they used to be famous for their heroin smuggling. and thailand think they're now in the meth business. journalists are rarely given access. but they have
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recently appointed a spokesperson. hi my name is kind words al i am quarter from al-jazeera and you have time to answer a couple of questions. he's surprisingly upfront about drugs being produced in wa territory but insists that it's all in the past. don't you go dark. dark it a lot of chill. out there are do you think there are any labs and your territory right now there are currently a. partner. a whole bottle o. . make a big show drug efforts with sporadic raids and televised drug burnings their
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true involvement in the meth training is difficult to prove. the only one allowing us to see for ourselves.


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