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and there and back the government is accusing have those forces of targeting civilian areas with heavy weapons mohammed says he saw dead bodies near his house and one of his neighbors was killed by a random bullet he and his family hardly had any chance to collect their blooming so. we don't know where we should go life has been destroyed in our area it's caves there and we're left everything behind including our livestock. there being provided with food and blankets by aid organizations but municipal council members say they don't have enough shelters to accommodate the groomed number of displaced people. have heard that five hundred families have registered only in the center we are getting more people but the problem we face now is that we don't have enough shelters we have even used state hotels and hospitals to lodge them some of these people have been provided to the houses by local do nurse others hostage by their
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relatives but has it own neighborhoods have turned it into a battle soon they're worried the houses they've lived to be behind could be destroyed in the fighting. more the engines iraq tripoli. the u.s. secretary of state has met venezuelan refugees in a colombian border town and he once again called on president. to step down my pump ailsa's the u.s. will use all the economic and political pressure to hold to account he was in the city of. four nation tour latin america with the goal of further isolating i listened around here he has the latest from. this was the opportunity for the secretary of state mike pale to address the humanitarian crisis inside when this will directly he had the opportunity here to meet with venezuelan migrants and others who crossed into colombia almost on
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a daily basis in search of basic medicine and food that they can find back home and it was the opportunity to call on the president nicolas maduro directly to lead there was sent by the united states here at the border in venice where. to paraphrase a president who faced similar circumstances. open these bridges open these borders you can enlist today what mike didn't mention though is the fact that the standoff has changed in the last couple of weeks with president nicolas maduro recognizing that there is a humanitarian crisis inside. and he has reached a deal with the international committee of the red cross to begin a huge relief effort inside the country in coming weeks what did insist on
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is that the u.s. will continue to pressure president nicolas maduro to push for a transition inside the country also issuing a stern warning. the united states will continue to utilize every economic and political means at our disposal to help the venezuelan people. using sanctions bisa revocations and other means we pledge to hold the regime and those propping up accountable for their corruption and their repression of democracy. we are deeply aware of the recent intimidation tactics used by the madeira regime this past thursday. but there all should know we are watching and our support will not waver for the united states this trip was the opportunity to keep the momentum against president nicolas maduro any support of the leader of the opposition inside been a swell. and also a possibility to show
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a unity of purpose among the allies in the chemistry or the question of course is this trip will do anything to change this still meet inside venezuela. still ahead on the bulletin we take a closer look at some of the social issues facing people in finland after the recent general election and american airlines extends its ground on the ball and seven three seven max a. hello there were plenty of cloud across many parts of europe at the moment in the southeast about where we've got all funded storms you see all of that spiraling away here and then we've also got another great lump of cloud making its way in from the atlantic so for some of us in spain and up through ireland it's pretty wet
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and windy at the moment that system will gradually edge its way eastwards as we head through chews day bringing some setting miserable conditions with it but behind it it'll turn a lot warmer say for madrid we should be up to twenty one degrees by the time we get to choose day for they some parts of europe well things all clearing for some of us here looks like for greece it should be a lot brighter by tuesday but you can see that system still swirls around and there's a little developing area of low pressure around ukraine that's going to make things increasingly a wet and windy day for the northern parts of africa a lot of cloud with us at the moment particularly over parts of libya and into egypt there are some wet weather out of this and also a fair amount of lifted dust as well so a pretty murky his system will clear away from egypt really as we head. to choose day but it will still be working its way up the eastern coastline of the mediterranean and up through turkey is well behind it it should be a lot drier brighter though so for cairo it will be up at twenty seven degrees further towards the west generally quite quiet weather wise at the moment we're bought at twenty five. as
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a sponsor you can't tolerate. people having to wait your record on this troubling for a few years ago there is place only for one state on the land of israel all you do not believe in a two state solution the official story is that there are no i'm not sure you don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling you now the world isn't black and white there's a lot to graze if you join me near the hot sun on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories are the big issues are. going to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories sudanese
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protested so there's been an attempt to break opposite and outside the army's headquarters in the capital kabul meanwhile minutes really doesn't surface that they will allow civilians to leave the transition. thousands of civilians have been forced off their homes on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli un backed government forces and those loyal to warlord khalifa have been conducting air raids. and the u.s. secretary of state has met venezuelan refugees in a colombian border town and once again called on president nicolas maduro to step down my pompei also the u.s. will use over its tools to hold to account. israel's president as consulting with the various political parties on forming a new government often listening to recommendations for the revilla which is a knesset member who will head up the tasco presenting a new government and twenty eight days last week promise to benjamin netanyahu look at party one thirty six of one hundred twenty seats in parliament putting him in a position to form a coalition about the harm it has this update for us from western person of. these
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consultations are happening at the residence of president rivlin for the first time they will be aired live on t.v. the office of the president saying that it's in the sake of transparency but also there has been many speculations that president rivlin preferred. to have to work with benny gantz that's one of the two co-chairs of the blue and white list rather than benjamin netanyahu now he started the day by meeting a delegation of the likud no surprises there they put forward the name of benjamin netanyahu to become the next prime minister of israel then he met with this second party that won the most seats in knesset the israeli parliament and that's the one blue and white list of benny gantz and you're left pete now the president did ask the members of the list if they would consider and national unity government and
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they flatly answered no. stances and then you have to remember that throughout the electoral campaign the blue and white list really positioned themselves as attacking benjamin netanyahu as a person as they say his divisive policies his racial policies and also attacking him on these corruption charges and the looming in that come july now these consultations will continue for the next forty eight hours end of that process then president ridley will call in the person that was most recommended to form this coalition government and no surprises there it will be benjamin netanyahu because he does have the numbers on paper then at that stage that person benjamin netanyahu will have twenty eight days to form a government new zealand is appealing for information on the whereabouts of an escape maps in syria along with to drive as nearly six years ago we saw
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a car he was working for the red cross delivering aid to when she was taken as believe she's being held captive by alongside two syrian drivers authorities kidnapping was kept secret she had her life might be at risk but recent sightings have led to a public appeal. our number one priority all along has been safety and as you say decisions have been taken always with. those decisions. as far. as possible the i.c.r.c. has taken the lead and we've worked collectively together around. when is the reason the right or wrong time. assessment is made with the. risk we need to see by calling for action whether we can find any more information at this point saying holder has. the i.c.r.c. ending its silence appealing for any information on the whereabouts of its members
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of the syrian nationals their fate is not known but the i.c.r.c. believes that the member. is possibly alive and they have information that she was alive just a few weeks ago there is no doubt that the i.c.r.c. information from those who used to live under the rule was defeated a few weeks ago. thousands of them are now in a camp in northeast syria so it is trying to gather information. members are not the only ones who. remain missing. you have the british journalist who appeared in the video. camera all missing believed to have been taken hostage by. hundreds if not thousands of people who went missing under rule three thousand for example mass graves.
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in areas. under rule. it's a painstaking process to determine. appeals are now being made all its territory. both syria and iraq and it is believed to be taking shelter in the desert in eastern syria as well as in some areas across iraq . to fight in the well with a leader of the social democratic party has declared victory in sunday's general election on tehran i won with a razor thin majority he could be the first left wing prime minister and two decades the elections have been watched closely in brussels where finland is expected to take over the rotating a you presidency that name bob and lots of the issues that dominated the campaign. it's a nation of five and a half million people which tops the united nations world happiness rankings but voters in finland do have their worries they've all played into the uncertainty
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surrounding sunday's parliamentary elections four years of austerity cuts have helped push the social democrats the center left opposition into the lead ahead of the vote there promising to increase taxes to fight inequality the big question is how to reform education reform. system how to care for older people and those are very big questions for us. you know part of. last month the government of prime minister you have resigned after it failed to achieve a key policy goal on social welfare and health care reform how finland which only emerged from recession three years ago continues to fund its generous welfare state is one dividing line another is immigration the social democrats favor a work related immigration policy to compensate for the aging population and declining birth rates but the nationalist party which has been running a close second is proposing tougher limits on immigration we want to reduce to as
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low as possible. the kind of immigration that is in our opinion damaging to the public finances of the fall country and to the safety and security of people that he is most. so-called humanitarian immigration from the third world defames party has had an effect on the way that we speak about immigration and other parties are being very cautious about their stand in the immigration issues because they are fearing doubt the things party or their their support will be into the things party another issue on many minds especially in cities like the capitol hill sink is climate change and the environment in finland like same political parties like year after year rick. you know we have the software here. we have the respect back to the mother nature and i wish that there would be.
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parties elected to the government that are like wanting to. take care of climate are. more socialist environments which have a policy gets the most votes it will almost certainly have to form a coalition government but finland could be about to get its first left wing prime minister in two decades the al-jazeera. america man says it's extending the cancellation of all flights using boeing's seven three seven max aircraft on to northwest the airline c.e.o. told employees he believes the fund will be recertified within the next three months and us and a number of other countries go out of the seventy seven model and launch off to two facial crashes in five months john hendren has more from washington d.c. . american airlines is extending its cancellation of the boeing seven thirty seven max planes until mid august this is due to a recognition that boeing and the federal aviation administration in the united
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states need more time to institute a software fix to recertify those planes so that they can fly safely after two deadly crashes killed more than three hundred people this is after southwest airlines on thursday said it too would cancel its flights of that plane through mid august that is one hundred and sixty eight canceled flights per day because southwest airlines has more of those planes than any other company this has been devastating for boeing which is now lost eleven percent of its stock value and they've cut production of the plane from fifty two a month to forty two that's due to some cancellations of orders but the biggest hit for the company has been to their reputation now finally this vote on tiger woods has won and golf a major for the first time in more than a decade has a one shot tray at the office as his fifth green jacket but to get there the forty three hole had to overcome many obstacles as vandeven reports. the
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emotion was clear for you to see. the final part was the culmination of the live in you come back from multiple back surgeries as well as a number of scandals that led to the breakup of this marriage and his risk the lives of the woman and i think it's just because of what has transpired and. last year i was very lucky to be playing playing again. woods went into the final round as well just the two shots behind francesco molinari and a fifth green jacket was looking unlikely until the italian double bogeyed the twelfth and fifteenth holmes eventually finishing tied for. the up there against one of the hardest i think i have ever had than when just because of what has transpired the last couple years of trying to come back and play and. i was called slash a couple times the chance i lost two major championships and then i applied what i
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learned from those two and i was able to seal a deal today. this is tiger's fifteenth major title his last coming by back in two thousand and eight at the u.s. open. some time. but it's on unreal for me to experience this and my mom was here she was there and in ninety seven as well and so i just couldn't be more happy and more excited and you know i'm kind of at a loss for charlie. is now just three shy of jack nicklaus's all time record and with the year is there were doubts as to whether he could match the golden bear now the possibility is again been renewed vender with al-jazeera. and again i don't have a problem and or how but the headlines on al-jazeera protesters and saddam said as
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they tend to break opposite advice security forces outside the army's headquarters . in the capitol through meanwhile more people have joined the protests calling for an immediate transition to a civilian government has been a major shake up of the military and political establishment since the removal of the sheet on thursday and libya some fighters door to warlord khalifa haftar have reportedly surrendered south tripoli handing in their weapons and army vehicles to forces loyal to the un backed government the two sides have been fighting for control of tripoli since earlier this month the u.s. secretary of state has met venezuelan refugees in a colombian border town as he once again called on president nicolas maduro to step down my pompei also as the u.s. will use all economic and political pressure to hold onto to account pompei i was in the city of cork with the to wrap up a four nation tour of latin america the united states will continue to utilize every economic and political means at our disposal to help the venezuelan people.
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using sanctions vsa revocations and other means we pledge to hold the regime and those private up accountable for their corruption and their repression of democracy . we are deeply aware of the recent intimidation tactics used by the majority regime this past thursday the dodo should know we are watching and our support will not waver israel's president is consulting with the various political parties on forming a new government after listening to recommendations brogan rivlin which was a knesset member who head up the task of presenting a new government in twenty eight days last week prime minister benjamin netanyahu is liquid party won thirty six of one hundred twenty seats in parliament putting him in a position to form a coalition new zealand is appealing for the whereabouts of a nurse kidnapped along with the two drivers in syria nearly six years ago luis a was working for the red cross delivering aid to when she was taken as believe she's
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being held captive by some alongside two syrian drivers. well those are the headlines on ours is there i'll have another full news bulletin for you in just under thirty minutes coming up next though as up front with maybe half and thank you for watching. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. one of from today we'll debate the nearly fifty year old u.s. war on drugs was it all of big trillion dollar failure but first donald trump and the taliban are saying it's time for foreign troops to go home but the afghan government isn't ready will they ever be all of this week's headliner the chief executive of afghanistan.
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abdullah abdullah thank you for joining me up front the war in afghanistan is now the longest war in u.s. history eighteen years in president donald trump wants to pull u.s. troops out but you say they need to stay quote until the war is over and peace is restored so basically they should never leave. the point is it has been forty years since the world is growing government in afghanistan. eighteen years since the gauge would of the united this is. i don't need to use the afghan people who are more keen to see peace achieved in their story look. at the same time the diffuser for our partners as. we understand it the
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united this is has been an initiative which is for peace which is which has the support of the afghan people in the afghan government we hope that we will we will achieve peace through these if words in there before switch off. but just to be clear if donald trump says we're leaving this year and of the if he sets a date for withdrawal of all u.s. troops do you have an objection to that do you understand why there are starting at some stage. in it is for the present. to make that decision. to make that decision isn't it the case that if u.s. troops were to pull out of afghanistan it would be disastrous for your government your government wouldn't survive without u.s. troops protecting it if it happens will happen without conditions
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into account it will have consequences but that's why idea of intensified. in support of peace process with the taliban in their discussions and consultations with the afghans to get there as well as with the government of afghanistan although your government doesn't seem to have much faith in the u.s. government right now does it you've suggested that the u.s. envoy to afghanistan zalmay khalilzad who has been shuttling back and forth between the taliban and your government is quote selling out afghan security forces and has admissions to take over afghanistan himself and the americans are furious with your government now for saying that all day. remarks were not reflecting the views of the people of afghanistan as a whole it was so dramatic. it was unfortunate that it happened. so you don't agree with the national security advisor that the u.s.
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official. is trying to set up a caretaker government of which he will be the viceroy you don't agree with those remarks absolutely not the taliban which are. those groups which are of put a long war in afghanistan well let's talk about the taliban the u.s. and the taliban have now held five rounds of direct talks in october do you agree with the national security adviser when he says there's no point in talking to the taliban that the u.s. is simply legitimizing the taliban by sitting down with them do you agree with that view. which are fighting the taliban which are still having contacts with the terrorist organizations including al qaeda when you have a problem with the group you talk to them but at the same time when it comes to the decision or for our country in our nation it will be decided between the afghans if
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the taliban say we would like to be able to run in the next election we want to participate in the next round of afghan elections are you ok with that. yes of course absolutely if taliban give up the day give up the. violence. groups in turned into a political entity and fight for their cause politically join the political process and the transitional government. and the taliban because. we are not. even the first step which is opposed to the principle on two sides of the table i understand that majority of the idea in principle. in principle when do you have. a peace process which which is a good upon from. this part of that part.
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one it cannot happen without it but sometimes there are calls for an interim government for the sake of having an interim government understand. that your title is chief executive of the afghan government but it's an afghan government that controls according to one u.s. government study betting fifty five percent of the country's districts less than two thirds of the afghan population that's the devastating reality isn't it you caught wish the taliban away they control vast chunks of your country there is a serious challenge. out our people are given casualties in our people are suffering and. that should come to an end and taliban also understand that. if they want to continue the war forever that's their choice if they want to come in said in talk about the un it's an opportunity your country's elections were originally scheduled for this spring and i've twice been
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postponed until september you are running in the presidential election against the incumbent president ashraf ghani you've run twice before you've lost twice before what makes you think this is the time lucky. the conditions in the previous elections were different and i will not go back to describe. audience what happened didn't happen. has not to start it in we have to address at this stage piece crosses the top most. hold elections is equally important for us more transparent elections. fair elections is what the afghan people deserve and you've been endorsed by the current vice president abdul rashid dostum the former wall or dostum is also join your election team this is a man accused of a long list of war crimes in afghanistan and yet he's the vice president right now
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he may serve and again under you no wonder so many afghans and so many members of the international community are worried about the future of democracy and human rights in your country. in the country which we cannot ignore because. i am not talking about everything. against this individual or that individual but. has supported me my ticket. continue to have influence in the politics. vice president dostum has been accused not just of suffocating and massacring taliban prisoners and torturing people by tying them up to tanks but also more recently of raping and torturing his own chauffeur and having tortured and raped a political rival with an assault rifle doesn't shock you is not something that should disqualify you from high office in a democratic afghanistan. in
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a different ticket last time. he was the. result of elections in. public about. what had happened in the past in mistakes of the past. his party his son. and he himself has supported my ticket in. problems being indorsed by a man accused of rape by more than one person. the. process the. legal process. which was underway. that has not. conclusion as yourself described it but look at the situation in afghanistan today peace is a priority for us all of us have made mistakes we need to learn from our mistakes
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and we need. to be honest one final question. isn't the truth that whether or not you will ashraf ghani is elected president come september the problems of afghanistan war poverty corruption food insecurity regional meddling they're not going to be solved by just changing the guy who sits in the presidential palace are they they're pretty deep rooted. some of those some of those problems unfortunately. much more. it's the future administration including property including production the two or so the first two were security net critics. drug trafficking in so on and so forth and we hope that the elections in afghanistan good elections which in itself will be will be
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a probably this. will be an administration which will be able to address those challenges in a more effective manner abdullah abdullah thank you so much for joining me up front . you're welcome thank you. it's been nearly fifty years since the united states and the president nixon declared a war on drugs which the u.s. has never come close to winning under president obama there was an attempt to treat drugs as more of a public health issue and less of a criminal justice one but president trump now wants to build a wall to keep drugs out and has talked about designating mexican cartels as terrorist organizations and even executing drug dealers so is the u.s. war on drugs back with a vengeance what hasn't already been lost for good joining me to debate this our son who tree director of drug policy for the institute for policy studies in washington d.c. and derek former head of the special operations division at the u.s.
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drug enforcement administration the dea gentlemen thank you both for joining me in the arena during the war on drugs has been a massive one trillion dollar failure has it not for more than four decades all it's given us is more war and more drugs and help the u.s. produce i think the world's biggest prison population well first of all i'd never call that a war number one number two is that if you lost a loved one to this epidemic then you would be very happy that the d.a. and other law enforcement agencies are out there trying to enforce the law unfortunately this particular problem requires much more the. law enforcement and quite frankly it's been neglected for many years and hopefully we can get it back on track just in terms of the law enforcement the militarization us but when you look back on the last full five decades of u.s. policy from president president democrat to republican jeff any regrets about the militarization of this problem no i tell you i worked in the special operations division for ten years with thirty agencies three countries n.y.p.d.
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and d o d commands and not only is this a public health issue it's a national socratic security crisis not just for america for the world and you know why maybe because it's the terrorists are turning to criminal activities for their funding and drug trafficking is generating four hundred billion dollars a year around the world so it's becoming an easy funding mechanism for the terrorists so i also witnessed the politics in washington when they were hesitant about the clearing the fog and they you see is terrorist organizations and i've been to the proponent yeah the colombian groups i've been a big proponent suggesting that the mexican cartel should be declared terrorists and i can explain what will come but i will never let me bring inside the tree it's a national security crisis so of course it has to be treated as a war and especially if you've lost people to it you want the government to fight a war against people who've killed your kids this is primarily a public health issue first and the problem created by drug trafficking is rooted in economics so the idea of pitching a war on terror to the war on drugs i think conflates two very complex issues and
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gives you a one size fits all solution a bigger stick more kinetic policies to really you know kick kick butt just to be part of you is your job.


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