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tv   21 Up South Africa P2  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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plus an american with the go of that isolates of the venezuelan president. of the united states will continue to utilize every economic and political means at our disposal to help the venezuelan people. using sanctions bisa revocations and other means we pledge to hold the regime and those propping up accountable for their corruption and their repression of democracy. we are deeply aware of the recent intimidation tactics used by the madeira regime this past thursday a dodo should know we are watching and our support will not waver. meanwhile venezuela's political and economic crisis continues to deepen water shortages and rising inflation and making life even harder for many but as shall ripples from the capital caracas communities are working together to try to kill it. for decades many working class venezuelans have had to collect water from points like these at the bottom of the mountains that surround the valley that is correct the country's
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infrastructure has forever been underdeveloped however in recent weeks the number of those queuing up to gather water has noticeably increased several electricity blackouts has meant that water plants haven't been pumping to homes across the capital was bilis nearest comes here once a week with her two children despite being economically secure if they wait for more than an hour with their buckets and containers. i've been coming more often in recent weeks because there's no water when we have water in our building it's not drinkable we use it for other areas but we can't drink it. what's confounded the problem even more is that caracas has witnessed an unusually dry period with no rain reservoirs like this have dried up. but the government sees the main reasons for the water crisis are subject to yours and the u.s. imposed sanctions aimed at turning the people against president nicolas maduro.
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they want people to explode and turn against the government to justify a possible military intervention the us government spokesperson has openly stated that the purpose of these sanctions is to make people suffer. to offset this and more importantly seemingly to win people's hearts the government is providing heavily subsidized goods and services to poor venezuelans in a room on the second floor of one of the hundreds of thousands of buildings that sprawl the many favelas scattered across venezuela a group of pro-government activists old school uniforms children's clothes and other garments as part of an initiative set up under former presidents who. chavez similar uniforms are sold in the shops for around twenty seven dollars these are offered for a mere thirty cents their work orders have increased drastically since the u.s. sanctions kicked in. these activists also run a control center where they receive requests for help from local residents and monitor things like water shortages. we monitor and listen to be both needs with
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the help of the government we then provide for them it's not surprising that giovanni is a loyal supporter of the government were not for hugo chavez in his socialist revolution he would never have been able to get a university degree he tells me. the american sanctions are not headed to a government that are hurting or people if america wanted to help the people they wouldn't impose those sanctions. for a country with the largest oil reserves in the world you'd expect living standards here to be high but the reality is the basic things like water aren't always available now opponents of president maduro put that down through mismanagement and corruption by a socialist government that's been in power for years but there's no denying that u.s. sanctions have played their part and devastating the venezuelan economy and preventing the country from developing. caracas. still to come here at al-jazeera french weapons used to target yemeni civilians
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a new claim by an investigation using secret intelligence stuff. and i bet we're seeing quite a lot of rain make its way across parts of china for take a look at the satellite picture we can see it all working its way eastwards you can see the bright white cloud here and it's still going to be with us as we had three cheese day so still more outbreaks of rain likely here but then as we head into wednesday that system pulls away and there's just a scattering of showers towards the west where they still should be fine and dry and getting pretty hot now in shanghai our temperatures should make it to around twenty six degrees for pakistan as being quite different hey we've got a lot of cloud with us and that's feeding up into afghanistan as well under that cloud we are seeing some wet weather but for some of us we're also seeing some strong winds and a lot of dust as well that was the problem in karate you can see really murky
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conditions here and the strong winds did cause a little bit of damage down a few trees at times today now that system is working its way northward there as we head through into choose stay safe a karate thing should come down but force in afghanistan in the northern parts of india is still going to be a lot of clouds and a few outbreaks of wet weather at times too and in fact that cloud also bends all the way down towards nagpur as well too in the south of that those fine and dry. just a few showers perhaps for us in sri lanka want to two of them actually on wednesday likely to be a little bit heavy particularly in the south we could catch the odd one and colombo to.
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right let's have a look at the top stories here about his era in sudan hundreds of people are still outside the army headquarters demanding civilian rule witnesses say the military's been forced to crack down and they try to break the city. almost one hundred fifty people have been killed in the battle for libya's capital tripoli that's according to the latest numbers released by the world health organization more than eighteen
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thousand people have been displaced in fighting between forces loyal to the wall the tally for half and the u.n. backed government. the former prime minister of sweden carl bildt has called on e.u. leaders to stand firm on the rights of palestinians and the principles of international law two dozen senior international figures have signed an open letter urging nations reject any u.s. middle east peace plan that's unfair to the palestinians. are we can talk more about that now with our senior political analyst. he joining us live from london i'm not sure whether you have heard cold built on but and there was a real sense of apprehension i guess with regard to the unveiling of this new trump policy for the middle east the so-called deal of the century. yes i did hear it an excellent interview and yes it's important to hear from the former prime minister
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on from other european. former leaders because my sense is this has not come as a surprise or an embarrassment to present european leaders i'm sure before more foreign ministers and prime ministers within europe have been coordinating talking debating with present and former leaders and i think everyone. is worried about what comes out of washington and if washington's attempt today is simply to re brand the israeli occupation as the deal of the century then i think i would have huge problems with that the question is what can you do about it that was a question i put to cow bill to actually mao on and he basically said that it was a matter of recommitting to existing u.n. resolutions i mean i mean for all of that good intentions it seems pretty
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ineffective if you like in the face of a trump presidency that seems to be steamrolling over any opposition or any negotiation when it comes to israel palestine. absolutely and i think look seriously speaking this is where the left that has felt as for the short now that the administration is walking away from international law and you on security council resolutions and traditional western policy if you will towards israel palestine i think it's time for europe to take its own separate way and the left that does say or does suggest recommend that you're a bus tickets or separately you know what the what might that be i think a signal for sure also earlier today on al-jazeera have expressed what this could be and i think that is really long to do for europe to recognize. the palestinian state with kept its capital jerusalem. they have been asked to do that for several years they never did because they were worried that the americans you know might
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put pressure on that more and i'd sideline well and that this process i think sweden has hasn't i think sweden is in the e.u. country that has recognized palestine as a state that waiting obviously for the others to follow suit. yes no i'm talking about the european union in the sense of france england germany europe is as a continent a power as a world power a sum as an entity that has weights that has diplomatic. weight in the middle east and when it does recognize that a city and state then it sets the tone and it in fact might prevent the administration to take a number of measures like recognizing israel's acquisition of land by force something that as you also stated earlier it did in east jerusalem and on the golan heights by trump's proclamation that these have become israeli territory so you
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know pat as a whole to play your little pads for has fallen short in the past and it chide away from taking up its responsibility aside from bankrolling american initiatives it's time for europe to step up it's time for europe to really work hard because it's it's the closest power if you will to the middle east and tasered by the side and it has strategic interest there so yes why don't they just do that and i think it's about time well one base our ally from london thanks very much. but meanwhile the israeli president is meeting the political parties to decide on who will full new government rivlin rivlin will choose one member of parliament who then has twenty eight days to prove that he's got the best chance of filmic a coalition and becoming prime minister benjamin netanyahu his likud party won thirty six at the one hundred twenty seats in the parliament that puts him in
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perhaps prime position to form the next government. an investigation by french media organizations has revealed the use of french weapons by the saudi emma rotty coalition in yemen leaked documents from france's military intelligence show that french battle tanks helicopters fighter jets and caesar artillery pieces have been deployed on the battlefield and in civilian areas the investigation found that since twenty ten france sold one hundred thirty two cs and guns to rehab and between march twenty sixth seen in december last year thirty five civilians including children were killed in areas that were within range of those weapons or the french government responded saying that as far as they know the weapons possessed by coalition forces and not used on the front line the trash about the
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risk has more now from paris well this report certainly seems to damage the credibility of the french government now investigators from two frauds is because media organizations radio france and media parts say that they received a leak top secret defense documents which shows that saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are using french made weapons in yemen but not only for defense purposes now the french government has always maintained that the weapons that they have sold to these come. over to khartoum where as you can see a press conference has just been started by the sudan professionals association of course this is the group that has been spearheading the demonstrations in sudan so let's listen to what they're saying. we will live up to the event.
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over the floor to the first speaker. in the name of allah the almighty long response may god's peace be with you. i will give you a brief introduction on the sudanese professional. society to begin with we must honor the memories of the fallen martyrs we also salad this is a nice women all their courting to all the sudanese people of all walks of life who have strongly took part in the glorious. revolution and we all will continue to work on my wall our objectives are. very. you know this society is
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a form of alliance including those under and corporation it is also based on the professional send the kids and the indian and normal role standing to military dictatorship and also the. developmental role in society. we have been working towards forming this alliance sensed twenty thirty. it was of a shilling and it led the charge of the society was declared in total i twenty eighteen yes do. our alliance aims at achieving a number of goals including. the restoration of independence. many transparency and democracy and send it operations of recovery of all the professional rights guaranteed under international laws including the
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rights. to which professionals are entitled also to stand up to. better enos employment. when friends also address shortcomings of employment in various professional domains and above all standing in solidarity with the people in the revolution. this was a brief introduction of the society its formation and goals to reveal. so blowing out of illusion. and. prayed to god almighty to accept in his mercy the fall in. the source of. the.
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object of the revolution cannot be achieved totally and completely in the face of the backstage manic relations by the remnants of the regime the key demand is the formation of a civil. cancel to guarantee that their pollution is reserved guarded and all the goals are achieved within a year at technocrat provisional government being formed with the prince census of the people and also being granted with the executive. powers. when i think there are also for your. matters that should be addressed at chivas namely in order to restore confidence with the this council.
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first with the national congress the former ruling body or be disbanded totally and completely its assets be put under administration to the head of the judiciary and his deputies being. sat the one with the had a placement be appointed in absolute transparency and honestly. third the public prosecutor us attorney general be also sacked and the replacement of the but when you saw from among the qualified professionals be appointed of them in the open all the relevant regular sessions be addressed including the national security act of. the security. national security apparatus to be disbanded and its role be limited to the.
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intelligence information gathering and analysis related to the national security of the country. may god's peace be with you. once again we pray to god almighty to examine the fallen into his mercy and bestow speedy recovery then should. i would like to reiterate the same demands you know some of which are urgent and must be addressed immediately the first. and some for in civil take a look at the council before. this council will have a limited. powers under the supervision of the military this can so we'll have limited military representation. and this
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council should address certain immediate demands number one the that. form a ruling party be disbanded its assets be realized and put under the administration of the relevant ministry in order to put an end to the former regime dictatorship. also the head of the judiciary his deputies be sacked the placement be appointed in order to ensure then dependents and take thirty of the system. an attorney general also be appointed in place of the current one. so that the attorney general will be able to receive an address and the act. there are complaints and report so that the transitional justice be established all laws and regulations restricting
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freedoms be scrapped including the national intelligence the public order act of. the district inc syndicates and civil society organizations all of which should be scrapped. the civil and military. suffering council where the military has very limited representation. of or see the formation of a totally civil technocrat government. this civil in turn in government will undertake an. excuse the items of the agenda included in the freedom and change commune. ok which are detailed in the following . and how the war and the cease cease fire
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observed. the displaced and if you g.'s be allowed to return home and the affected parties be offered compensation for the whole of the deteriorating economic conditions be addressed and improve the living condition of the citizens be improved certain and final security measures be put in place in order to establish a comprehensive and lasting peace the entire arrangements and measure of the transitional period will be agreed upon whereby. they various. multiple. system is established social justice equality the principles of freedoms justice or. social justice and equality been sure these traditionally court. believe.
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that with. act of this refer basement. so then so for in. foreign policy be. rectified and be built on mutual respect steering away from proxy wars namely our brill aisha's with our preserve in the southern sudan. ensuring the social development including health care education housing vironment and future generations. ninth an all inclusive national congress be convened whereby an all inclusive dialogue be conducted among all the people of sudan. and this alliance call. the military council led by. martial law professor. to heed the demands
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of the people the people of so that of all walks of life have been united with behind the communique issued by the freedom. and change and will similarly reiterated it here to the same demands and will continue to peacefully. packed including staging sit. and protests all across the country. the safe passage to words civil government be made whole the revolutions objectives to be achieved we also. call on a. provincial council and societies and political parties professional sendek it's unions to continue to exert efforts until all the demands of the
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people are achieved we also and this alliance will continue to work hand in hand with our political allies partners including the forces of freedom and change we are all. singing in the same hymn then will continue to do so. up in the floor to questions. all right so we've been hearing from members of the sudan professional association of course that's the grouping of as the name implies many young professional sudanese they're the ones who've been mainly responsible for organizing this protest this uprising that began in earnest in mid december last year in khartoum
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we have we've got our correspondent who can't speak to him just yet we will assume is he's connected up technically but this is the this is the situation that we have just been listening to where these. these members of the professional association seem to be outlining what their demands are none of them seem particularly new but they did make reference and i thought this is quite interesting they did make reference to back stage manipulation by more remnants of the regime now we are learning bit by bit we are learning that in many ways the military and the remnants of the old regime as they describe it are. basically coordinating efforts so that they can very calmly greet tain elements of power now i'm told that we can speak to mohammed valor correspondent in
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khartoum mohammed i don't know if you are hearing me but i was particularly taken by the fact that one of the members of the professional association talked about the backstays manipulation by remnants of the regime we have been led to believe almost by the military that they're giving up concession after concession after concession but it doesn't seem to really be the case does it. well it's somehow it's the case they are giving concession after concession but remember that we are here talking about as you know that has been deep rooted in power for thirty years so the association of these professionals and the other powers behind this protest they know well know that it's not going to be an overnight process that it's going to take time and also they know that the military the top ranks of the military those who have stage this coup they will not easily give up the power that
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the military used to have in sudan they are some of them are very close to the former regime and they want to make sure the protesters want to make sure that anyone who has links with the former regime with the islamists who have been ruling so than with the former national congress party have to go away and leave. and that the new powers the new sudan should emerge so we have been listening to this list of demands actually we've been expecting. sudanese professionals association to talk about the results of the last couple of days of talks with the military council but what we have witnessed today is just a utilization of that is there a large of us and that explains and that explains going no mommy i was i was just going to suggest that we actually highlight some of the key demands of me because what they're saying is not only do they want the ruling party or the party of omar
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bashir to be completely disbanded and freeze assets to be impounded they want the judiciary sacked they want the public prosecutor the attorney general sacked they want a council of technocrats to work alongside with the military it seems i mean how is that talent are they aimed visits that working at a council a council of civilians working alongside the military or being supervised by the military. exactly they want a council of civilians that want civilians to have the priority of this council to have the upper hand that they want the military to be holding only positions like defense and things that are related to their to their specialty they don't want the military to rule they don't want the military role if in for like two or three days they want immediate transfer of power to civilians but they don't want to oust the military completely from the picture talking about the judiciary everyone here during the last few days have been chanting in those in those protests and sit ins
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but. as long as the four men judiciary is in place we cannot hope of any change because i mean the judiciary is what moves thinks it well it is what it is the body that can bring justice and we have thirty years of injustice we have thirty years of this person and we need justice to to be brought to people who have been killed so their families to people who have been detained and that's a part of an entire process of you know of bringing about a new so than a new sudan that is ruled with justice with clarity and transparency and they think that without the change in in the system the country will not move ahead because we have the same figures who have been ruling and omar bashir they the protesters think that these figures are very much linked to the former regime and that moving them removing them and and bringing in new figures is the key is
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a key measure to make this revolution succeed or this change succeed and that's that's exactly what they have been chanting during the last few days and they think there is no going ahead without this particular step being taken all right mohamed val reporting live from khartoum following on from that press conference being given by the sudan professional cessation thanks for now mohamed. new zealand is appealing for the whereabouts of a nurse kidnapped along with two drivers in syria almost six years ago louisa carvey was working for the red cross delivering aid to italy when she was taken it's believed she's being held captive by ice along with the two syrian drivers a car his kidnapping was kept secret for fear her life may be at risk. our number one priority all along has been safety and as you say decisions have been taken always with caution in mind one of those decisions from ation as far. as possible
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the i.c.r.c. has taken the lead and we've worked collectively together around. when is the reason all right or wrong time. assessment is made with the. risk we need to see by calling for action whether we can find any more information or. more now from a chorus of correspondent who's in beirut. the i.c.r.c. ending its silence appealing for any information on the whereabouts of its members of the syrian nationals their fate is not known but the i.c.r.c. believes that the member. is possibly alive and they have information that she was seen alive just a few weeks ago there is no doubt that the i.c.r.c. is gathering information from those who used to live under the rule was defeated a few weeks ago. and are now thousands of them are now in
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a camp in northeast syria so it is trying to gather information. members are not the only ones who. remain missing. you have the british journalist who appeared in the video. camera. all missing believed to have been taken hostage by. whereabouts are. hundreds if not thousands of people who went missing under rule three thousand for example mass graves. in areas that were once under rule. it's a painstaking process to determine. appeals are now being made all its territory but this. armed group still poses a threat purcell's in both syria and iraq and it is believed to be taking shelter in the desert in eastern syria as well as in some areas across iraq the leader of
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finland social democratic party has declared victory in sunday's general election and the one with a small majority will now have to form a governing coalition if he said he could be the country's first leftist prime minister in twenty years. in indonesia the presidential challenger is promising to take the country's economy in a new direction. is running against the incumbent. who's overseen solid growth in his first term but is rival in wednesday's elections says many indonesians are not gaining from its benefits when a ripple. in indonesia's capital jakarta drivers of three wheeled taxis have more time than they used to to talk politics the president joko widodo has encouraged other modes of transport that can be ordered online meaning business has reduced dramatically for these workers they say they'll vote for change in wednesday's
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election in the hope it will improve the economic situation that is so good these days it's so difficult for me to make a living we don't have enough money for tomorrow's food if we don't work today i need two to three dollars a day for the economy has been one of the main points of debate during the six month election campaign it's growing at around five percent which is short of what the president was aiming for body enough he says to earn a second term in office. to continue efforts to develop the economic independence of indonesia jacoby's main focus has been on infrastructure development like the opening of an underground train line in jakarta which was first proposed more than thirty years ago. on the campaign trail joko widodo has spent much of his time trying to sell voters on the second. months of his government over the past five years which he says have led to the lowest unemployment rate in twenty years his opponent has opted for
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a much more populist approach. like the last election in two thousand and fourteen the other choice for president is former army general. he says he'll lower the cost of living and he has also promised create more jobs through a boost in the manufacturing sector. didn't come our nation has long been running in the wrong direction if this direction is continued it will not provide welfare for the indonesian people. there is concern among some economists indonesia can't afford many of the measures prabhu is promising but they agree there should be a greater focus on manufacturing in the last thirteen years. experiencing. premature deindustrialization switch means that the growth of the manufacturing sector is. below or lower than the. g.d.p. growth campaigning for the election has come to an end now many indonesians will be asking themselves if their lives have improved over the last five years or that
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they and their country need a new economic direction wayne hay al jazeera jakarta nigeria is africa's largest oil producer but more than half of its population lives in extreme province poverty and in this recent election campaign president mohammed bihari promised to diversify the economy away from oil busters hiraman tasso reports from ogun state nigeria still struggles to feed itself. first the cause is cleaned the machine also peels off the skin removing any soil live from the plant. in its ground into a sticky pulp the water is squeezed out after a few more processes but becomes a flower a staple food for nigerians the government's trying to increase food production for local consumption as well as to sell a broad it says agriculture could help reduce nigeria's dependence on crude oil to flood. exports
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imports. and exports. exports in. nigeria is a largest producer of casaba in the world to encourage more farmers to grow the crop commercially the government says it will improve access to finance and will try to attract more private investment in the sector nigeria imports a lot of the breed which is the fourth using money earned from selling its oil now farmers will be encouraged to grow more stable and over has some progress if there were not enough to feed the country. cooking with has been a way of life for generations but much of it is of systems farming not commercial these women grow just enough for their families the little left over is sold for a few dollars. sirrah does everything by hand she can afford machines to grind into
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flour she says she barely makes enough to feed her six children. you know sir. i want to know now. why we cannot sleep with children so that they need our children need to mourn the life you have been around and there are money can be found inside leave. so. what. economists say diversifying nigeria's economy after decades of lying maybe an oil won't be easy it needs more political will and more input from locals but there are signs some people are starting to see farming as a viable business one delivery at a time. al-jazeera ogun state nigeria. a new candidate has entered next year's u.s. presidential campaign in what could be an historic first for the white house. just the latest in a series of hopefuls aiming to get the democratic party's nomination is
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a military veteran who's openly gay if elected the thirty seven year old will be the youngest president and the first in the same sex marriage american airlines says it's extending a cancellation of all flights using boeing's seven three seven max aircraft until august the airline c.e.o. says told employees he believes the plane will be recertified within the next three months the u.s. and a number of other countries grounded the seven three seven model amid march of the two fatal crashes in five months. rescue workers in rio de janeiro still on the size of two buildings that collapsed on friday nine people in and have died in the museum a neighborhood so high rat has the details. while the search goes on for the missing people who live nearby are growing increasingly concerned that their homes could be next heavy rain continues to fall in the surrounding buildings all
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vulnerable and they say they've been left to clear up off to the disaster with little help always change the scene afraid the debris left by the rain the furniture everything is still here and it's raining again what are the authorities waiting for for the rain of rubbish to bury in kilis my six year old son is scared he's inside the house saying he doesn't want to be here for velez or shanty towns like often beyond the gangs control the streets and profit takes priority over building standards the buildings that came down had already been condemned residents say the government could and should do more to and corruption the civil defense comes in inspects last year they condemned buildings down here but a few days after that you have people building new ones that's how it happens this is not about suffering it's about being abandoned a state of emergency in rio de janeiro was announced a week ago when the floods and mudslides began to say the worst of the rain is over
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but fear in the fidel is remains fear that most homes will be reduced to rubble. just. protests are happening across the world to put the issues of global warming and climate change center stage in london environmental activists mash windows and block some of london's busiest roads and bridges many of the organizers a part of a group called extinction rebellion in the smith was at that protest and sent us this report. this is marble arch in central london would normally be packed with traffic at this time of the day but here are four of the sites been taken over by protesters from extinction rebellion who are using with all the new type of civil disobedience to get the message of climate change across they have for a while apparently we haven't set up solar panels over that over there because their intention is to come out here at least for the next three days but as long as
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a couple of weeks and they're doing they say because of really the frustration over decades of warnings of climate change being ignored i'm only way they can get people to pay attention to take notice is to do this sort of civil disobedience is not just here eighty cities more than eighty cities thirty three countries worldwide are taking part in these protests and certainly here in london a very low level policing allowing it to go ahead of. those hong kong's equivalent of the oscars showcasing the latest chinese blockbusters as well as works that challenge censorship this share a film on the hardships faced by migrant workers won three awards sarah clarke reports from hong kong. it's considered the most prestigious of asia's red carpet events the big names of the chinese film industry here so two other you come it's this year the majority of nominations went to films by first time directors. that
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includes the film still human nominated for a few boards including best screenplay all the little things you know it explores the relationship between a power wise man and a filipino he gives up being a photographer to look after him like god an inspiration on the screen i saw someone excitedly lie much you can tell he's a knockout which impressed by their relationship i thought i might share this to the world the film offers a glimpse of the challenges facing migrant workers serving is domestic copas the whole. the residents it also sheds light on an often overlooked yet vital community in asia we don't really get it chance to share the stories from a filipino perspective i think. unless we hear the voices of the people who actually go through this. in this life we would never really be able to get an authentic response there are three hundred ninety two missing workers here in hong kong look at m i six the plane landed
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a monthly average white around five hundred seventy dollars that's about a quarter of the city's monthly average salary besides working six days a week the government requires them to leave with their employer goods on a day off i gather with their fellow filipinos and indonesian colleagues in public places in hong kong the domestic workers are making undeniable contributions but what we've also seen is that they are not getting from this economy as much as leaping into it these awards have a history of recognizing social issues and challenging the growing self-censorship in the city. and twenty sixteen an independent film any is which criticize china's influence on hong kong one based film it was light a ban on the mainland but more than ten times its budget at the hong kong box office sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. tiger woods has won his first major title a mole in
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a decade the forty three year old won by one shot to claim the masses for a fifth time. or gusts up back in two thousand and five while his previous success was a major that was in two thousand and eight all right that's all for me for majesté with us sir. hello there we're still got plenty of showers over many parts of south america at the moment some particularly heavy ones over brazil at the moment both in the northeast and stretching down towards rio once more some very heavy rains here or so to the south of all of that we're seeing some bright white clouds develop now and it looks like some of us are going to see some pretty violent thunderstorms during the day today very heavy showers here and those gradually will ease as we head into chews day no particularly warm in what is always at the moment their
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maximum temperature just of twenty two degrees now further north and across the central americas there's a good deal of sunshine at the moment but there are a few showers around mostly thanks to this little weather system here that's giving some of us some rather heavy rain a fish out as it might be over the bahamas again as we had three cheese day perhaps into the northern parts of cuba but of that system is really fizzled out a few showers there are likely around pos of jamaica but towards the west it's looking law actually following a dry unsettled further north and there's been some more violent outbreaks of weather here mostly from this system here that's the one that has given us all very strong winds the notch hail and a few traders as well in the north that's where we're seeing a lot of snow from this too and all of that will gradually pull away during monday and tuesday to. my main cities every week brings
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a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welsh journalist that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the in aisle ation of israel that is not what that phrase from the oh they're listening convinced as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they recruit on the stories that matter the most embed is a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters in doha i'm coming up in the next sixty minutes. the demand for immediate civilian rule grows louder in sudan but protesters fear
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a security forces may break their sit in outside the army headquarters. here in the spare groups thousands of libyans this place by the fierce fighting for control of the capital tripoli. seven afghan children killed in the latest reminder of the threat from unexploded munitions. those children for the most of those killed by unexploded bombs the rockets eighty percent of children who think they have playing with a toy. and i'm leah harding here with all of your sport australian rugby officials sacked one of their biggest stars just a few months before the world cup. hello sudan's protest leaders have laid out their demands including an immediate transition to civilian rule they've just held a press conference on the cop is
11:50 pm
a hard to hear is what they had to say. you know we're going about it we're going to learn about you're going to be objective that the revolution cannot be achieved completely in the face of the backstage manipulations of the remnants of the regime are key demand that the formation of a civil council to guarantee the revolution is safeguarded and its goals achieved with a technocratic provisional government with executive powers must be formed with the consensus of the people first the national congress must be disbanded and put under administration to the head of the judiciary must be sacked and the replacement be appointed third the attorney general must be sacked and replaced by a qualified professional the national security apparatus must also be disbanded. while thousands of demonstrators are keeping up their a sit in outside the military headquarters in hard to despite president saleh and bashir being deposed last week they now fear security forces are planning to break up their camps earlier the ruling military council political parties to agree on an independent civilian figure to be interim prime minister best shearers party is
11:51 pm
banned from joining any transitional government. let's get some analysis speak to him he's a research associate at the school of oriental and african studies is joining us here in the city oh thanks for speaking to us on al-jazeera says we're saying we just heard from representatives from the sudanese professionals association once again calling for immediate civilian rule what we know that the military is saying this can take up to two years this transition period. can they meet in the middle what happens with this that's just happened to be doing this is it because people across the country. united you know behind you know having a million civilian in a frisbee and kind of some sort of other because actually revolt and i should have a struggle straight actually told the minister to begin to clean how difficult is that to implement when the country has been under military rule for decades no use is difficult but the thing is possible because i think that you know the those who
11:52 pm
are on the streets right now with the use of sacrifice the people you know civil society organizations political organization who have been actually struggling for decades or for sure or something that actually they are determined to actually take the country back to reclaim their country and the only one of them actually to claim their country is to have a form. of king meaningful can bring in a civilian you know a civilian government you know to do to you know to power the emotional it's not an easy thing rather than anything but i think he's right the only way out actually or to to be because it would begin to side to you know kind of a demand that the military says that the onus is on them to choose a civilian prime minister is that going to be an easy task for someone who is acceptable so it's not going to be an easy task and i think you know this is historic moment you know for all of the political but they have to assume they have stood responsibilities they have to unite them so they have to be up to the challenge because otherwise the military rule out you know that when it's approved
11:53 pm
their division to play that in action or something like that the supreme dissenter going to impose and that actually we don't you know make sure that descent into chaos and descend into some sort of total war or something like that so civilians i think the political parties and and the agents of change actually specially us and others they have to unite themselves and actually if you determine that you know to unite them safe and to have some sort of you know civilian government to take over that we've seen them so far they've managed the pressure of the military to lift the curfew that the military has fired the. defense minister they've said they were going to release political prisoners so to what extent can the professors keep up the pressure and. how do they do that you know this is the thing because these had deep mistrust actually between the protesters right now and this new military gunter and they shouldn't be given just you know but restored or something like that if they really have political will and they actually the they allying themselves to the people i'm not sure they took power because actually they said that the people and the protestors if they really that their intention they should actually you know be pressurized or not is kind of thing from the beginning i think
11:54 pm
they should you know put the country on the track and meaningful kalid the country for democratic transition but actually what for them what they see right now and playing tactics and that actually bang bang and this is dangerous not good and then good for these people they've been good for the intake and cons no. because because that means actually the end would continue to be to mr continued the mistress as she will be we've given and that actually this struggle is to continue to use groups are so bitter now and that's actually not you know to depart from the we give to a new kind of time to give us something that if there is any kind of you know playing practice actually from the military jets or something that means confrontation that you have to look at any look like it's not good for the future of this country and even for the shelves how do you think regional countries are looking into the situation in sudan unfortunately you know they don't have some sort of core here importance or something about all of them that actually they have
11:55 pm
very short sighted kind of again down tactics you know they want to not exclude the situation for their own you know agenda or something like that some of them that competing in that want to make they want to be. for their own protection are right there or something and that horse is dangerous or so i don't think that the regular countries are responsible enough actually to help disadvantaged people even the international community they don't they're not united they don't have them or you know forces out to help sudanese people to pave the way to prove their way for a meaningful kind of transition what about if the united states how significant is the u.s. the support towards this military council and does it get to give us some sort of idea of what the relationship is going to be like between the future of sudan and the united states in sudan going to. be relieved from some of the sanctions in the days to come to. him right now especially the relationship between not your you know sudan with course him mean that you know. democracy it might not be
11:56 pm
actually prior to actually report of the current administration and that is dangerous because we see right now that it's meeting between the on one of the american dream us action in khartoum and him eighty one of the you know you know the deed of the law to support force part of the can do it or some similar that will so for them my fear is that in sudan this fear that you know their consent to be just stability rather than democracy rather than desperation of freedom actually of course various people and the issue of human rights given to be seen but is still actually for you not they have to look you know for a long tim kind of you know rather than for the short game you know counter terrorism or in a kind of you know some sort of you know regular agenda here and there are some long term agenda should have to help the agent of change actually in the country to you know to transit this kind of you know discussion of very historic you know moment you know for a democracy in the country you know for democracy in our country ok thank you very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera thank you let's not cross over so hard to and
11:57 pm
speak to mohamed val he's joining us from there and we did hear from representatives from the sudanese professionals association who earlier on giving a press conference what were their key demands. yes a long list of demands and these are not a new demands these are demands that have been behind the uprising itself and what they called now that evolution against the former regime of america share and we were expecting today that they will tell us something about the results of the consultations and talks between them and the military council that have been going on for a couple of days now but instead they have just three eatery to those demands including the new a completely new judiciary the up routing of the former ruling party the congress party and the more full of all of all institutions belonging to that party including the militias there are there is a there are several militias in inside the society here in sudan including even in universities that belong to the former party they want to go they want
11:58 pm
a new judges they want a new faces they want a middle they want to see fully in council to rule the country so that the military council they want to civilian council but with a military and a presentation and the demands are so many they said there is a level of response and level of compliance by the military council but they say that their list of the down the demands that have still yet to be addressed are more weighty more than those that have been addressed there is a tremendous pressure on the military council from both from outside the country the african union and today they have announced that they have given fifteen days to the military council to cede power to the civilians. if they want to avoid suspension of sudan from the union or so we have the european union talking about it with the british ambassador here meeting with the deputy head of the of the military council but that the real pressure is that what comes from the street the streets are still full of protesters thousands and thousands and day by day the
11:59 pm
number increases. and the message there is that we're not going to accept that our revolution be stolen once again for the third time in sudan remember twice before so that sort of thinks like this popular people in the streets and the military responding by the moving the the rulers are but the military taking power and taking it for a long time we have seen the last thirty years as an example of that now they don't want that to be repeated they want this to remain vigilant and they want to the protesters to remain there in the streets until they see a complete change until they see sudan on a new path to words liberal democracy or there are reports mohamed though that the the sudanese professionalization was saying earlier that there had been in an attempt under way to break up that sit in taking place right now in front of the army headquarters is there an update on that situation yet
12:00 am
there are attempts by the way the support forces led by the departed chief of the military council they came in several vehicles today military vehicles and tried to disperse a crowd they said they're not coming to disperse a crowd they say they're coming to clear the debris of those you know road blocks that the protesters have been putting in this these to protect their citizens from infiltrators remember the militias that i have been talking about several of militia bodies in the country that are still armed to the teeth and very disgruntled very deep very bitter about what's going on because they belong to the former regime so the protesters have been putting barricades and and searching people who come in and there was a lot of you know. thinks there that you know half filled the streets they said we're here to clear this and the protesters according to my sources they told them no go clear that evidence of the former regime and we're going to clear the streets so it did not happen they did not say literally that they were coming to disperse the crowds.


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