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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 107  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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biggest problems were in west papua where ballot papers and boxes failed to write and voting has been delayed until thursday so provoked is not conceding yet and claims the problem showed the election may have been stolen. but take the full folk by supporting safeguards to ballot boxes so we can fight all of the likes but the irregularities don't seem great enough to put the overall result in doubt if when it reports in may the electoral commission confirms the informal results would have beaten proposal this year by great when they last competed in twenty fourteen what's actually in this election result will represent a big victory without i. want to india's biggest airlines jet airways is halting all operations after bankers refused to lend more money last year and carry twenty seven million passengers but
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the company's founder was forced out in march and the government has asked state lenders to help avert thousands of job losses creditors are in the process of appointing a new management board spoke to us by skype from new delhi. jet airways had about a twenty two and a half percent market share in india now at down to roughly twelve percent it's had financial difficulty for years twenty thirteen the airline came close to collapsing but thanks to a government rule change allowing some foreign investment into indian airlines it was saved when the hot air waves bought a twenty four percent stake in the airline but new domestic players especially low cost carriers kept eating into jet airways market share and profits since late last year they have problems paying back loans and paying employees now what this will mean for consumers and aviation expert has told al jazeera that the short term for domestic indian passengers prices will go up but indian flyers are very price conscious so they can only go up to
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a certain amount before people stop flying and india with the having such a growth in the area of aviation industry it's believed that other competitors will fill the market share now internationally is a bit different jet airways had many agreements and co-chairs with other international players particularly k.l. and their friends and getting competitors to take over those routes will take time as they have to negotiate with the airlines and airports and countries to fly those routes now it's not over for jet airways just yet particularly hundreds of employees are still striking to get the airline back into the skies and the investors the ones who own the debts the banks particularly are trying to get a new buyer interested in resurrecting the airline pakistan's prime minister amman kahn has unveiled a billion dollar investment program to improve infrastructure in the country's most important port city karate is an economic hub and handles more than half of imported goods come ahead to reports. dogs may get mad
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a dime linked to the outright war and hundred go with keep with their guns the country at war and all it works at all if it's a ball as we travel by board under tight security trudeau. waters that looks more gray then blue because of the toxic mix of sewage in industrial after growing produced by city now but staying at the scene there are fewer ships in port and most of the bush reserve carriers are empty as we go past the oyster we can see the ports new or south wall built by a chinese company or reclaimed from the sea the northwest china port this section and there are thousands of pertain thank you for the nine hundred meters going to stay and especially when you can suffer from up to going down a diamond on a yacht a couple of burning the largest container ships for cars you want to survive although the poor get her one hundred fifty billion tons of cargo e r eight no
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herders just sixty million tonnes and that is due to all forging economy and a drop in export many blame the decline in grab and corruption and why pakistan has the capacity its systems need to go to. the government that makes of public money and private interests make we pay forty improvement. once upon a time just to be maybe trying to. do most of these you know which are independent individual computer hundreds of the groups of the children marketers for this i mean don't go to any industry we are coming into existence we were told this is this is a lot of this is not a lot it's our intelligence is going to know why she should. do this is the funds we've made the chairman of the karate board trust or taught or k. . that they're already getting fighters. i didn't do it cleaning up the board with
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a water treatment plant and there are other plants too i don't need to leave being one four and half billion u.s. dollars every year on account of freight. and this on good speed in exchange now we can see him on this if he have. fled to years and there are plans for more ships will be inducted in the piano sea fleet. they say you are for trade and steps are underway to improve going to give me by building pipelines to get the gas annoyed out of the bog and build a bridge to connect. with garage board and the rest of the country. or nord only. growing need my dollars why did john and sean shipman for extended day for landlocked country love the tender late date and of running the
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future of baseball in the mid nineteenth century depends on the performance of their brand current fledgling government and its stated desire to push back this started industry. right up this country. and i'll keep. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour the sports news in manchester city put full focus on the champions league as they look to stay in the hunt for four major trophies this season more right after the break. me of.
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only in time for the sports hall thank you very much the last of the european champions league quarter finals kick off in a few minutes time ola leads his manchester city team into the second leg against tottenham hotspur knowing they are in a must win situation guardiola has yet to reach the semifinals in his time with city who are running the gauntlet of elimination having gone one nil down in london last week. liverpool go into that much in portugal as heavy favorites last year's beats and finally saw defending a tuna lead at the study. against two thousand and four champions paul. well i axes up sets of events on tuesday was an example of how events on the pitch can affect things off it as well the three to aggregate win ensuring was the first time in more than twenty years that i have made it into the semifinals and in this
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age of clubs being listed on the stock market proved to be a win for the shareholders as well or i axes market price surge to a record high but it was more bad news for eventis their shares plunged more than twenty percent at the start of trading in milan that wiped more than four hundred and fifty three million dollars off the value of the club event has had hoped the hundred thirty million dollars they spent on christiane would be their ticket to success getting all the way to the champions league final could have shot their broadcast revenues up to two hundred ninety eight million dollars instead of two hundred thirty million are staying with football on perry sound have blown their third chance in a row to claim the french championship a three two loss to a lowly north team a few minutes ago comes on the back of a draw to strasbourg on their worst defeat in almost two decades five one against
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lille but p.s.g. still have six games left to get the one point they need to claim their eighth league title. and basketball the oklahoma city thunder living dangerously in the n.b.a. playoffs they're now trail to nothing in their series against the portland trailblazers the league's former m.v.p. russell westbrook helped the thunder into a ten point lead in the second quarter on tuesday but portland were oklahoma's superiors in the regular season and they tied it up at half time they mean little c.j. mcmullen combining for sixty two points portland one on home court hundred fourteen to ninety four very much overshadowing westbrook who has a big task ahead as the series switches now to oklahoma for game three. play was no one except a born. so now we're. job is to make sure to come on in. you know we're in the our guys make sure we have a chance to win
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a game the columbus blue jackets have won their first n.h.l. playoff series in history and it's come at the expense of the best team in the regular season the tampa bay lightning out of the stanley cup playoffs after being swept four games to none by columbus this is also the first time in league history that the team with the most points in the regular season failed to win a game in the opening round of the playoffs comes after tampa bay had tied the record for the most regular season wins in the hundred two year history of the league. a tennis player who exposed match fixing among his fellow professionals says he's received no backing from the sports authorities and has been alienated by other players on the tour marco trango let's see has moved to dora from his native argentina after angering the tennis community in his homeland he says the tennis integrity unit that he reported to has done nothing to help him with the backlash some of his fellow pros are now bound after
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he revealed approaches made to him by much fixes offering tens of thousands of dollars to throw contests. if you are weak mentally then you go in you are a lean for sure because it is easy money you have to them i mean if you think about it like one hour working for one hundred thousand dollars you're never going to get money in an easier way in easier weather this well rafael nadal has started the clay court season in ominous fashion he was up against fellow spaniard. goods in the second round of the monte carlo masters on wednesday it took just an hour and sixteen minutes to get past his countryman six one six one the dart has won this tournament a record eleven times already. well i did i think what they had to do it today. was a day that had been the first much on. almost
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a year so i just tried to play so that the whole is this so so special from it so just enjoying the the fact that i have one more time the chance to be playing in this amazing club in baseball the new york yankees were too strong for the old fives the boston red sox on tuesday pitcher james paxton struck twelve red sox batters to help the yankees to victory in this game since that employer monday the new york players all of the number forty two on their backs as the league commemorated jackie robinson day this home runs from clint frazier helping you your twenty eight to nothing when. australian rugby union star israel folau is set to challenge his sacking by the national team which came after he made homophobic comments on instagram for allow an ultra conservative christian said in his post homosexuals would go to hell if they didn't repent led to the announcing they would tell his four million dollar contract matters now due to go before a tribunal. all right i saw
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a sport during paul thank you very much for that update thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera that's it for myself and the team here in doha but we hand you over to lauren taylor in our london news center she'll be with you in just a moment and much more off the day's news right here on al-jazeera but i. went on line. with the didn't you for them not only for joining us on all of us have been calling. this is a dialogue talking about. you have seen what it can do to somebody.
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and. everyone has a voice. or twitter and you could be on the street join the conversation. until now the coverage of latin america most of the world was a cover including todd's tragedies. and that was it but not how people feel how they how they think and that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months of demanding a good education system that was introduced. in latin america al-jazeera has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. in syria citizens are collecting evidence your daughter has shot of crimes committed against civilians moved out of syria six hundred thousand pages of terror so that one
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day they can bring the assad regime to justice. she will face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a few tricks syria witnesses for the prosecution on al-jazeera. i. think. saddam's doctors join protesters in the chant for freedom peace and justice as deposed president omar bashir is reportedly taken to prison. on their entire lives is out jazeera live from london also coming up peru's former
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president alan garcia dies in hospital after shooting himself to avoid arrest. funerals are held in tripoli to shell slam into the libyan capital overnight killing at least five people. i want to india's largest airline suspends all operations after it runs out of money to stay in the skies. will begin in sudan where former president omar al bashir has reportedly been taken to the country's most notorious jail. had been kept at the presidential residence since being forced from power by the army last week has now been moved to the maximum security cobar prison last week's coup was prompted by months of protests against his often brutal twenty nine year rule but actually it is arrested dozens of former officials who were part of his government including some of his brothers . despite russia's rule ending the
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protesters of kept up their demands for change they say they will not leave the streets until the military has handed over power to a civilian government or the army wants that to be a two year transition period of doctors took part in wednesday's protest demanding a better health care system. i'm about has more from khartoum. sider sources told our dizzy other former president tomorrow house and bashir has been moved to the jail of cold in the north of khartoum that's the district of battery former president omar bashir has been held in house arrest since the coup that took place last week and there have been demands by protesters and the by the various components of the sudanese opposition for and bashir to be tried as soon as possible there is a lot of criticism among the opposition and the protesters with regards to the way
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in which the military council is handling the situation of amal bashir and the top leaders of the former regime particularly the fact that they're being very secure about what's going on and what is happening to them until now there is no official statement from the military council confirming or denying that bashir has been moved to this jail and we know that over the last several days the i.c.c. has asked for him to be handed for trial for crimes against humanity in darfur the military council has said that that's not an option sudan will not hand on bashir but if he's going to be tried he will be tried inside sudan itself meanwhile the protesters are continuing their sit ins in front of the military headquarters and they are insisting that they will not move from that place until the complete list of the months which they have submitted to the military council is fulfilled or so we have seen huge rallies taking place today by various professional organizations
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particularly the unions of doctors sights of the asking for the same demands and tomorrow more rallies are expected in the streets of khartoum and that's because protesters say that their only strength and their only power of negotiation with the military council is for them to maintain this high visibility in the streets. one of sudan's armed groups the sudan people's liberation movement north says it ceasing all hostilities in areas under its control until the end of july currently the group controls there is in the southern states of blue nile and south kordofan says the move as a goodwill gesture to help a smooth and immediate handover of power to civilians the s.p.l. m.n. had sought to topple former president omar bashir and more autonomy for southern states.
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the rulers former president alan garcia has died hours after shooting himself in the head to avoid arrest garcia was being investigated for bribery in what's become latin america's largest corruption scandal he turned the gun on himself as police arrived at his home in lima to arrest him because he was rushed to hospital and had emergency surgery died from his wounds to our left america editor you see in human so you see a very dramatic events that are. absolutely going this is it is a really shocking end to kill one of our rules the most important politicians of anger of the first took office when he was very very young back in one thousand eighty five he was an incredibly small and amazing all rater very very charismatic people were absolutely thrilled with him and he was he was really a member of the center left wing a pretty party back then he ended of course leaving parole in wrappers with the
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worst hyperinflation in the region and also with the violence from the left wing. that only not all shining path group. clearly destroying confidence in the country but then he was able to come back again in two thousand and six this time as a free market conservative lauren and then he actually became very popular he was praised for having an increased. investment in peru but he also according to prosecutors managed to improve his own personal standing by taking millions of dollars in bribes and that brings us to the present he has consistently denied that he had taken any money from all of the british the brazilian company the engineering company that has been a children actually has confessed to bribing nearly all most every country in latin america hundreds of millions of dollars in order to obtain contracts i don't see us always denied this but finally prosecutors did not believe him and the government
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will do why refuse to give him a refuge at the embassy when he requested it just a few months ago so clearly he decided that he was not going to face the courts and his life dramatically as you've just described and how close it is to read to kind of closing the case on this big case on corruption that this made much progress and . no country in the world has made as much progress as peru you know this is incredible five presidents all of the presidents and fact since i'm going to be entered into the ministration back in ninety ninety are in prison or in the case of one of them a hundred tornadoes he's escaping justice somewhere in the world there's an arrest warrant out for him and all of the finitude. corruption and or abuse of power as in the case of i was with the full team already so they have been in prison in fact a pic of the two ski he was in prison just a couple of weeks ago also accused of lidge to the all the british case so they've made a lot of advances and i think that's why a long time to see i felt that there was no way that he was going to get away with
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this even despite his denials and despite the fact that many people thought that he had become untouchable large in human thank you very much indeed. the troika's tyranny that's what the u.s. national security adviser has called cuba nicaragua and venezuela announcing new sanctions on all three countries john bolton made the announcement as president donald trump seeks to boost pressure. on venezuela leader nicholas my dura and the countries that support him bolton says five names linked to cuba's military and intelligence services will be blacklisted is also announced new sections on venezuela's central bank. in washington so what's the owner of this move well the key sanctions that he's going to put in place is that he's going to put more restrictions on non family travel for u.s. citizens to cuba and also he's going to limit the amount of remittances the amount
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of money that people can send from the u.s. into cuba that will severely restrict first of all the cuban economy because it restricts the money going in there he also believes that that will put pressure on the government and he said that the fed up making friends with america's enemies and they will not continue to do this it was a fairly fiery speech by john bolton he was addressing the veterans of the bay of pigs invasion fifty years ago a group of cuban americans launched an attack on cuba to try and overthrow castro every year they mark that anniversary john bolton has spoken to this group on numerous occasions in the past and this time he brought them to his feet brought them to their feet when he knows these new u.s. restrictions. the department of the treasury will implement further regulatory changes to restrict nonfamily travel to cuba or in other words.
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these new measures will help steer american dollars away from the cuban regime or its military and security services who control the tourism industry in cuba. and i were going to reaction as they've been to the measures. well it's still pretty early. to get some sort of reaction from itself certainly we know that there are democrats are saying that the whole measures that the u.s. are putting in place today including opening up the way to loan companies who based their business is a property that was seized by fidel castro that was formerly owned by americans to be sued in the u.s. courts well that's drawn a lot of criticism from the e.u. from spain who've invested billions of dollars companies of it from their vested billions of dollars into cuba over the last few years say that this is
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a bad idea and a number of democrats in washington as well and the chamber of commerce which would normally be an ally of a republican president saying this is bad for trade this is a bad idea that we've tried for sixty years to change cuba and going back to the old methods aren't going to help this of course is a throwback to barack obama donald trump a son picking a lot of his foreign policy legacies you remember that back in july twenty fifteen the u.s. reopened its embassy in havana that was because barack obama wanted to change the dynamic between cuba and the u.s. and said that it was going to open up trade going to travel going to open up investment additionally john bolton also announced that there were a number of entities that are linked to the nicaraguan regime and also the venezuelan government that those two would face economic sanctions including the bank of venezuela and by doing that during this fiery speech he said he hoped that that was going to be
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a message to russia to not get involved in what's going on in the western hemisphere. thank you very much. you're watching i'm just here live from london still ahead egypt showed you was a referendum on sweeping course additional changes that could keep president c.c. it until twenty thirty. days surges ahead in early results for a. it is year's presidential election possibly winning a second term beating up one of the world's largest democracy. and i bet so looking rather wait for some of us in spain and portugal over the next few days for the satellite picture we can see the clouds it streaming its way across us and then it'll stay very gray there as we head through the next few days at least so lots of clouds loss of wet weather around it really doesn't.


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