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tv   Canadas Dark Secret  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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waters in sudan's capital hard to thousands gathered around a podium there waiting for the coalition of the declaration of freedom and change to announce names for civilian transitional council the coalition made a different announcement. that will continue with the sit in and have suspended talks with the military council will escalate the revolution on the streets through protest schedules tell all demands are implemented we'll start forming a complete transitional authority that will announce in a few days. the military council took over when it ousted president bashir on the eleventh of april ending his thirty year rule it had hoped that forcing out bashir would end the sit in that started nearly a week before after months of protests. since taking over the military council has been in talks with political parties to form a transitional government but many at the sit in say the army isn't keen to hand over power to civilian government a key demand for them to end the protests and return home. as it would have most
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likely in a in my opinion where with the declaration of freedom and change because they got is this far i will be with them till the end since the council is part of the old regime and is behaving like the old regime will continue with protest till it's gone we do this with music because so many years. government ruling it was not good and now we want to change this is there were citizens from the government to the city of us because it is a ruling just doesn't have anything. the military council has repeatedly said that it will hand over power if political parties in sudan are ready to form an inclusive government of consensus will not because you mean we're hoping that we and the political parties and other stakeholders will get over our differences so we can speed up with what is needed at this time the military council reference that it isn't against any party and abides by the. slogans of the revolution for
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freedom peace and democracy. but not all parties are in agreement on how to form the government and what it should look like. what does it mean professional association announcing that it has suspended talks with the military council it seems that the dead in front of bomb headquarters is not coming to an end anytime soon and more than a week after al thing president bashir of sudan is nowhere near forming a transitional government. what comes next will largely depend on how much pressure the protesters can put on the military council and how long it takes for the divided parties to come together to start a new face for the country. even more going on to zero. of fighting in libya has killed at least two hundred fifty people in the last three weeks that's according to new figures from the world health organization says thousands of people have been injured troops loyal to walter khalifa after trying to take the capital from the un recognized government. still ahead on al jazeera the spotlight
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is on this year's paging international film festival but some of china's biggest stars are notably absent from the red carpet. the kite enthusiastic in mexico taking to the sky to connect with their ancestors. how the rains had enough of a child of the time being it's not entirely finished now but the last of the fairly big showers dissipate eastwood's take in the flight with and they tend to generate the end of the day you still want sun to come on monday hong kong looks probably safe but it's there in london grungy for example and up towards who shanghai looks fine on shore breeze it does bring showers all right in just to your north and
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junkers also back in the sunshine fact most to sichuan is however to tell you from monday to tuesday there's going to be some change not changes to drift everything in that general direction yangtze valley stuff again with hong kong looking fine but the cloud does hinted that it's not to last back towards vietnam occasional chandon through two tours cambodia as well but they are only occasionally moving the wind direction is wrong for you the same is true for southern philippines occasional showers here come on time it's much drier than of late so the way c. still covered in showers with a big mass of white is to the west of the sumatra and back over the southern indian ocean and that will be reflected in the forecast as well big showers around sumatra possibly shushing singapore yet parts of borneo to lesser java but still a ways is still wet. whether sponsored by cats owning. their dreams have turned out to be disappointing and. if anyone called me to
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say he'd leave each. other by cell phone to call three young north africans tell the story of how europe is not all they hoped it would be. al-jazeera world welcome to italy. hello again you're watching it is it a reminder of up top stories there's another one i curfew is in place in sri lanka police are on high alert after the worst attacks to hit the island in twenty years
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at least two hundred seventy people were killed and more than four hundred fifty injured in a blast the attacks targeted three churches for hotels and a guest house. damien's as one ukraine's presidential election by a landslide comedian and political novice took seventy two percent of the vote but he doesn't have a political party and is expected to go to parliament to meet m.p.'s to form a coalition. protest leaders in sudan say they no longer recognize the military transitional council accusing it of not taking them seriously demonstrators are demanding civilian rule or they'll continue their street protests. mali's army says eleven soldiers have been killed in an attack on a checkpoint it happened in the town of good a north of the capital bamako military says it's dispatched air and ground reinforcements there's been no claim of responsibility. and the attack happened days after mali's government resigned it was criticised for its handling of
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a mass killing in march the president is now in talks with the opposition to form a new government reports from. a prayer for a peaceful future from those celebrating easter in bamako is cathedral mali is without a government after its prime minister and cabinet were forced to step down on thursday following unprecedented demonstration on the streets of the capital in march a militia group that had received backing from prime minister micah tactful on the villagers killing one hundred sixty seven people the un peacekeeping operation in mali has more than seventeen thousand soldiers including french british and canadian troops despite that security forces were not deployed until seven hours after the attack and did this shocked the nation. among the demonstrators who chanted out with foreign forces and down with the government is law student. and
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her daughter i said to me it's been a one seat one it's not of course where and why i'm frustrated life is getting worse for us and what happened to the money people but you'd like goats it has to stop it hurts us and there's no chance we will keep demonstrating. change and security is what president promised when he was re-elected for a second term in disputed elections last august so far his critics say he's failing to deliver his prime minister a former intelligence chief relied on militia men instead of the mali an army to bring back stability but what started out in two thousand and twelve as an armed rebellion in northern mali is now turning into ethnic violence edging closer to the capital. kita is facing mounting political pressure he's holding emergency talks at the presidential palace but the challenge for president he brought you back mark is not only to find a new prime minister that will resurrect mali's government but one the hope is that
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by the opposition the ruling party and the people who are increasingly taking to the streets to get their voices heard. that the opposition rejects any possibility for unity government and is asking peter to step down that. he stole the election from a city given the circumstances we should be running the country we are not going to take part in any government run by somebody who robbed us it is an uphill battle for kate and for the million people. with the violence spreading it seems there is no miracle solution in this search for peace some pay the ultimate sacrifice. while others pray for their country to rise again. because hawk al jazeera bamako. the protesters in the bangladeshi capital are demanding justice for a young woman who was burned to death our report after reporting sexual abuse
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rights groups in organized a human chain from nineteen year old. rafi she was set on fire earlier this month for refusing to drop a sexual harassment case against her school teacher a death sparked outrage across the country. police in georgia have used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up protests against the construction of a hydro power plant around three hundred people took part in the demonstration they say the development in the mountainous region will destroy the environment and their homes. miraki city of karbala is planning to expand an important religious site to cope with the growing number of pilgrims that will and thirty million people visit the shrines of a man his sane and best each year dosage of body reform. this is why millions come here each year to see the shrine of the most revered and mom and shia history in the same. with more than thirteen thousand employees some say it's
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a city and it's growing every year. with the current stable security situation in general the foundation is contributing to establish more expansion projects at the school to observe more visitors to the holy sites the house and this is in order to maintain a momentum of great services and come. at the friday prayer service and approved a representative of the highest shia authority in the country grand ayatollah ali sistani delivers a sermon. after mecca and saudi arabia this shrine is considered the second most important place of worship for shias among hussein is buried in the shrine behind me and next to him lies the body of his eldest son along with seventy seven others who died in the battle of karbala in six eighty a.d. now that's believed to be the starting point of the divide between shias and sunnis
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that continues fourteen centuries later. this area will be added to the shrines already extensive grounds within the next two years. completing an ambitious six year project. it is being built to accommodate another ten million visitors. annually. the imaam hussein foundation has also opened a hospital here where cancer patients from around the world are treated for free there is a long wait list for perspective patients but the foundation hopes with increased revenues it can also be expanded. motors are a sham use one of the business owners within the grounds of the shrines who has witnessed the rapid expansion he has been renting the store for the past twenty years. for. the more expansion is done around the shrine the more visitors it will attract and that will also mean our businesses can expand it will generate more money for the whole city. people from around the world come
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to see these holy grounds in their millions each year for the iraqi government religious tourism is the second highest source of income after all while. the number of visitors is increasing each year because many believe iraq security is improving that means the country's revenue is to door such a party al jazeera karbala. a chinese movie industry has grown rapidly over the last decade to become the second biggest in the world this week's beijing film festival showcases its best but with several scandals and local censorship stifling creativity the event is facing challenges katrina new reports from beijing. the journey of the chinese musician in one nine hundred forty s. cover opened this year's beijing film festival the lady the composer wasn't chosen because of its acting or special effects but because it aligns with china's political and economic priorities the film was produced as
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a part of its belt and road initiative. titles from other participant countries iran and hungry also featured. as chinese celebrities took to the red carpet he called with being absent the capitals possible seen as more of a homage to communist party leadership rather than the art of filmmaking. beijing has intensified its crackdown on films which don't align with socialist values. the censorship is an obviously a hurdle for the film industries development but filmmakers have gotten used to it is like dangling in handcuffs you can still does well with your hands tied. movie celebrating seventy years since the founding of modern china was spotlighted while canadian film in god i trust was suddenly disinvited due to political reasons many have claimed chinese tensions with canada over the detention of errors one. oscar
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winning film the favorite was pulled over its betrayal of lesbian relationships as i will not do china's movie industry has exploded in recent years over nine thousand your sort of schools were erected twenty alone but in recent months production studios have practically power lies all thanks to a tax evasion scandal involving one of the country's biggest. last july actress finally being disappeared from public view following up a nation of false contracts and types of asian a crippling sweep of the thai industry followed. suit thomas many in the industry have complained some went bankrupt and had to retreat from the industry is a double edged sward it's punished those who should be and those who shouldn't be it and it was very next impact on the industry. but it's not all bad news for chinese cinema goers the slowdown in domestic production has led to
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a quiet loosening of restrictions on foreign films and at the closing of the festival it was foreign films which dominated the temple of heaven awards danish maybe a fortunate man took on best picture the wandering earth china's second highest grossing film of all time received the award for best visual effects katrina al-jazeera painting. hundreds of cartoon series yes some gathered in one of mexico's famous archaeological pocs artists and drawing on the mysticism of the area to inspire their creations and. went along to the event near mexico city. in southwestern mexico an annual kite festival is underway. and some people like you. take the art of kite flying very seriously. at this year's festival showing off more than
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a dozen of his creations. some stand out more than others like this forty meter long depiction of look an ancient aspect religious icon. this represents the god thought look god of the rain it's the dragon of as we like to call it it's blue and it has a few bells in the back but you can hear when it's in the air the kite festival takes place in one of mexico's most iconic and mysterious park. illogical site guilty walk on there's a mysticism behind this location. a fourth generation artisan shows us some of his handmade. ceramic whistles used by ancient people to mimic the sounds of animals found in the region. everything from birds. to jaguars. other sounds are a bit more unsettling. before heading to
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war. with the sense commence and use them to intimidate the enemy is doing. for those less skilled at flying kites there are workshops where a couple of sticks some string and a sheet of paper is all you need to get your personalized artwork off the ground or fly one of the biggest kites at the festival right now and i have to admit this is actually quite relaxing which is after all the point of it to enjoy the good weather and have a bit of fun part cultural showcase part carnival the festival is ultimately about families spending time together and letting loose under a canopy of hundreds of high flying works of art. with the work on mexico. this is al jazeera let's go to round up now of our top stories an overnight curfew
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is in place in sri lanka and police are on high alert after the worst attacks to hit the island in years at least two hundred seven people were killed and more than four hundred fifty were injured in eight blasts the attacks targeted three christian churches celebrating easter for hotels and a guest house. police have arrested several people in connection with the blasts but no group has claimed responsibility the prime minister. said they received warnings about possible attacks he's urging patience while investigators carry out their work start there but i am requesting all the people of sri lanka to be calm and help the abuse to go shop process without falling prey to the tourists if any group to risk group is trying to break the stability of the country in this moment we are going to coop those attempts by taking international support ukraine's president petro poroshenko has conceded defeat in the presidential election losing
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a runoff to comedian and political newcomer volunteer mirrors zelinsky won by a landslide where voters focused on the struggling economy zelinsky has promoted talks with russia to settle the conflict in eastern ukraine shanker said he would not be leaving politics some promise to fight on. their own. we did it together thanks to everyone now there will be no pathetic speeches i just want to say thank you. protests leaders in sudan say they no longer recognize the military transitional council accusing it of not taking the crisis in the country seriously protesters are calling for an immediate transition to civilian government and are stepping up their protests against the army. fighting in libya has killed at least two hundred fifty people in the last three weeks that's according to the world health organization troops loyal to warlord holly for half an hour trying to
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take the capital from the u.n. recognize government foes are the headlines we're back with more after inside story . sri lanka under attack hundreds killed and injured in north nader's attacks on churches and hotels what does it mean for this country that is still recovering from a long civil war this is inside story. hello
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and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey easter sunday turned into a cena death and destruction churches and luxury hotels were targeted in at least eight coordinated blasts hundreds of people were killed many as they attended christian services the police say the first six explosions happened in one way to war came hours later they took place in the heart of the capital colombo and city seven a combo and but he colona a curfew has been imposed in major social media networks blocked the attacks are the worst since the south asian countries civil war ended in two thousand and nine as prime minister has vowed to take severe action against those responsible and the fernandes reports from one of the churches attacked and colombo. tragic scenes outside the locations hit by multiple explosions here on easter sunday in sri lanka just behind me this in anthony's church which had been packed with believers during
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the easter sunday mass and now many of them lying in body bags basically stretched out outside the church there have been some heart wrenching scenes as loved ones tried to find out where missing family members are there were at least two women who came clutching their mobile phones with pictures giving them to workers who are bringing the bodies out to try and say please can you see if this person is among the dead because we can't find them anywhere else these kind of scenes repeated in the two other churches also hit by the explosions here in sri lanka and also the hotel was the scene of the carnage all the three explosions in the top colombo targeting the restaurants obviously busy on easter sunday at brunch where many of the guests ended up getting injured and there were quite
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a few feet tallit is now the government has imposed an immediate police curfew island wide that curfew initially was due to kick in for six pm to six am but given the situation where we heard more explosions being reported the government brought in that curfew brought it with immediate effect we're also hearing that in the columbus of of of demo to go to there was an explosion in a housing complex details still very sketchy but apparently law enforcement authorities were checking out a tip off from one of the flats when there had been an explosion a report of a possible shootout and reports that three police personnel were killed in that explosion so the authorities still trying to get a handle on the situation try. and find out what is going on still very much uncertainty going on we're hearing from the education ministry that schools which were on break and due to reopen on monday will remove inclosed for
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a further two days we're hearing that universities it will be likewise the main international airport urging passengers to basically leave at least four hours before their flights so as far as we've heard the authorities trying to find out what has happened what has transpired who's behind it been a finance inside story. on our panel now joining us from colombo on skype shihan pereira executive director of the national peace council a sherry longa from london charulata hogg associate fellow of the asia pacific program at chatham house and visiting michael de palma a fellow at the brilliant institute i'm from oxford going to tellico researcher at the on of our institute of human rights and legal director of verity research in sri lanka welcome to all of you to the program and sorry it's under these these
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circumstances this is the worst violence that sri lanka has seen since going through a torrid terrible civil war so having said that. how do you think sri lankans are process and what is happening i think we are doing things with this sense of this believe this is totally unexpected for ten years experience no weiland no wireless of this no terrorism of this here are terrorism in any sense you know we. have been to this country has been so free you can go into a hotel without any check are you even then you going to the airport there is hardly any. of course i think that we were to relax perhaps but that you know we reflect the lack of social tension and anger of community that against each other
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because we have you know we opt in to the war has been a comedy and a sense of freedom and goodwill which is now completely being shattered by what has happened. to your your take on this as well how how shocking will this be to sherlock and. i think i think john is absolutely right he's got his finger on the pulse it's come as a massive shock to both people within and outside completely unexpected it's also interesting that you know it seems almost disconnected from the narrative in sri lanka and the discourse in sri lanka there has been tension around religion certainly and the muslim minority have have come under attack a lot since two thousand and twelve they have been attacks on the christian
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community as well but an attack a very coordinated attack of this scale including on tourism so sort of a double pronged attack on two institutions the incisions of the state which don't get foreign nationals as well in terms of the tourism because it's going to have a massive impact on the economy and the second in terms of religious sites is is quite unexpected and unprecedented you brought up a lot of good points that we're going to come back to in this discussion the first i just want to start with behind as well how how shocking to the system is this this happening on on a on a christian holiday how shocking to the system will this be to share long and. i think it's going to be very shocking because and it is shocking because it is unprecedented in terms of the scale of the violence and the sheer geographic
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nature of the violence that would happen across the island all the way in batticaloa in the eastern province and also in colombo and places like new goma so the sheer scale of sophistication of the coordinated attacks i think is going to be very shocking having said that i agree that there has been a lot of religious tension and conflict in the last six or seven years particularly targeting the muslim community christian churches have been under attack from a long time but nothing really compares to this particular spate of attacks and i do agree that it seems disconnected to the tensions that exist in the country this seems to be something entirely different an entirely new so you both brought up that point i want jay's take on that jay what do you think are there local tensions and there's always you know local tensions that find their way into our country
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what does this feel like to you. both said that the scenes disconnected to to the the atmosphere in sherlock and what way because you know that in terror and interreligious tension in the days that has been but it is largely to look at those look at those small scale incidents with the muslims that have been a little larger but not this is just diabolical. and now. the influences in sri lanka that made the international. terror has come to sri lanka and also that the government has been remiss in permitting this by relaxing security by not giving the media and the police the powers they need and that therefore the government is to blame for these international terror to come in to shoot out but what i find hard to figure out is
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why issued an international terror group want to strike three not god what is the benefit in it for them so. i say this because several of the attackers that have been identified appear to be so we said bombs suicide bombers i can't i'm going to let me stop you for just a moment just to be clear with our viewers we know at the time of this conversation this is a rapidly developing story at the time of this conversation and we do know that there have been some arrests but we don't have a lot of details on those people for now just to be clear with our viewers we don't have a full picture now but but to your point you're saying that if this was some sort of international attack you're saying that that just seems odd to you to inflict on sharia law as that we're saying exactly what is the motivation detection on car because we can assure that the tension between sudan cut the tension between. us is
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not of that level to warrant some international attention from international terrorist groups on distraction. and that's what i can understand so therefore my thinking is more already into two words. the sri lankan system itself of that something between sri lanka is what has brought forth this monster. sharon do you what are the questions you're asking yourself about about who and why in the aftermath of this absolutely i think i would agree with michael panelists that this is such a sort of punch in the got and goes against all our. you know understanding of of what what was and what is happening in sri lanka i think for me the most. they did many issues one this attack has happened a month before of
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a momentous event in the issue lankan history which is on the eighteenth of me twenty nine hundred next month will be ten years which marks the end of a very. bloody conflict and my question is does an event like this come in the we of. preventing a people from a collective grieving that they are very much they have a right to you know already there are tensions in the north and east in the north particularly is extreme be militarized and there's a lot of pressure on the tamil community the root causes which actually lead to this sort of decade long insurgency and civil war have not been fully resolved will this add another layer to to the state responses and with the state then be justified in adopting its previous and ongoing authoritarian
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approach in terms of using emergency legislation and rather draconian practices to to get to the bottom of this and that's one of the questions that i'm nervous about what does it mean for people in sri lanka to have something so horrible happen to them in terms of their civil liberties in terms of their political rights and their rights to expression and assembly and and a collective mourning that needs to happen so that's my first question and also what it means in terms of into community relationships ok i want to pick up on the point you said about civil liberties and that's actually something i wanted to discuss in the in the aftermath of horrible things like this it is not uncommon for some governments some countries to. take a really hard line. with people's civil liberties they say in the interest of getting to the bottom of what happened because people obviously want to know what
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happened they want there to be justice but do you have similar concerns about. people retaining their civil liberties and maybe the government going too far. i do have those concerns particularly because we have a legacy of a very strong emergency powers being exercised by the government and also counter-terrorism legislation that has been used not only to target criminal elements but also those who oppose the state political voices particularly but i think it is too soon to speculate as to really what the government's response is going to be beyond really focusing on the perpetrators that have been apprehended right now i think there's going to be a lot of fear and paranoia that envelops the country and you can expect the government to respond to that in some some fashion i think civil liberties are certainly at risk particularly freedom of expression and freedom of political
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opinion that is critical of the state we already have a situation where curfew has been declared and there's also some news that social media channels have been blocked however i want to emphasize that these are responses that may also be necessary in the short term and i don't want to speculate as to whether they'll be long term implications for civil liberties in general ok having said that i do think that the community that might be associated with this particular attack will face prejudice and we need to be careful as a society as we move forward that we don't let that prejudice really take control of the narrative in the aftermath of this violence. you make some good point so ok i want to i want to come back to you and saying you know we can't really read too much right now into the government's response it's literally just happened
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a few hours ago but nevertheless that this government has been in conflict for october or november or december of last year serious conflict do you have confidence that politicians can work together in the best interests of sharia law against it to figure this out on to deal with it or do you see that this could descend into politics and and appealing to people's worst instincts. yes you have your courage for the last several months the government has been facing conflicts within it. was a coalition government and in fact it is because the president has gone from one party and from another party to work together as a result of this government to seen as somewhat weak government. in which there are many voices but that is also a reason why this government has been good for our democracy and for a sense of freedom might be that is that this government. is the evil of this
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government when i heard of the of these mass violence and atrocities taking place. that quick and that was there were several such incidents then the deal was with someone wanted to go to someone else on the table but this is happened recently where our prime minister was sent by the president. so there is a precedent for this i would have i would hope not because but we are i'm also mindful that we are heading towards elections the elections that you presidential elections in six months so what's happening now will have a bearing on those elections and already people are talking i hear voices saying that if the government because this government has been too soft on security this government has been on that one too hard on the military and on the security forces looking for accountability and looking for accountability because of international pressure is listening too much to the international community is looking too much
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into human rights is looking too much into possible war crimes it has demoralized the military and police and therefore what we need is a stronger government so i'm i'm concerned about the survival of this government i would i would hope that this government can overcome this problem that they will do enough fact finding find out who is behind this city and take the necessary action according to the rule of law ok. let's talk about the christian community which was clearly targeted the christian community and in sri lanka is made up of multiple ethnic groups can you tell us what their place is and and as you have said i think at the same think they have been increasingly coming under attack in the last couple of years. yes i mean i think in some it's important to also keep in mind the unique place the christian community has played all through the years of the civil
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war and in a way they've been this sort of a diesel which is near. the different ethnic groups together so you have time and hindus in time and christians and the christian community has sort of in each of this the province's affected by the conflict they have believed very positive rudy in terms of. you know bringing being being a source of comfort for affected communities in bringing humanitarian intervention in plain view of a useful rule of interlocutors in the very sort of fumbling transitional justice process so there is a very special pleas that the christian community does or keep and whilst as we've discussed before that there have been attacks on christian sites and individuals
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prominent leaders have also come under attack it doesn't mean that there is the tension as a group you know they're not demonized as a group either politically or socially so it's really quite bizarre on some level and almost you know something that's in comprehensible to understand why such a. such an attack would be perpetrated against this community and on their sides so yes. it adds to the mystery of making sense of these attacks on is. laid out a really nice picture of the role that the christian community has i'm sure iraq and the pings that they do for other people do you see the rest of the country rallying behind them now that there's this. horrible thing is happen to their churches on the holiest day of the year for christians. i think there will be
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solidarity behind the christian community i think it's already been shown from what i've gathered on social media to some extent i do think that the christian community has been targeted in a sort of unprecedented manner in these attacks it begs the question as to why any attacker would be motivated to pick on this particular minority group because christians as you will know it is a minority group in sri lanka. so i think nor local narrative can actually explain the motivation behind these attacks and i also mention it's hard to imagine a global narrative or global behind these attacks so i think we need to explore other alternatives and try to make sense of this particular attack and ask the question as to where the christians intrude in some way instrumental in a sort of regional context and i think that is what i would like to explore in
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terms of some of the reasons as to why here and now we're seeing christians intrude longer attacked at this level. john i i asked i've been asked this last question and i asked it last for a reason because a loss of life is clearly the most important thing but this was brought up in the conversation because it matters as well tourism people love to go to sherlock it's a beautiful beautiful country and it seems clear that hitting the hotels has to be some sort of a met at the tourism and the economy what would you say to someone who now feels scared. well i told my children who are very boring them so then go on to go to school i said that this problem will not and that it is it is an event it is and you saw it when it is being done for a purpose but that is not within our country there is nothing to sustain this
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the people don't want this are our elites don't want this someone wants it it's true but that can be put to us that can be stopped because the society as a whole doesn't want is there not in this continent. charro de agree with that. yes absolutely i think this ocean fabric and the many forward lines in sri lanka which which cause simmering tensions through the country but i often sort of living through decades of civil war and. equally i mean to a degree of course this is unprecedented but they have been brutal attacks in the past and i think for those of us who who have been to see associated with sri lanka the central bank attack the many assassinations you know did they they will live in public memory and nobody wants
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a repeat of that i think people have said no to violence so i think something like this is not likely to find support or all have resonance with people if anything i think it could become a binding force the the issues to guard against that it is not when you plead to it against a particular community and the government also does it is on when you plead to it to ensure a change in the political system and all the fears that there do exist about the current government didn't come true all right that will be the final word on this discussion thank you to all of you for joining me appreciate it very much to him pereira. hog and going to tell a thank you and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time visit our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion on our facebook page facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j.
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inside story for me we shall carry an entire to me by. my. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for us as you know it's very challenging the butt of it but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are with the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth enemies and we
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don't feel in favor to the audience across the globe. this was wrong to teach children away from their parents and heard them into a school against their will there was no mother no father figures they put is a big player and we sort of looked after so i don't remember the children's names but i'll never forget the kind it is dark secret on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. in syria citizens are collecting
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evidence i know your particular shot of crimes committed against civilians we've moved out of syria six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice it puts a sure. face on the charges it's a dead human face by the security syria witnesses for the prosecution on al-jazeera . and has of. the top stories an overnight curfew is in place in sri lanka after the worst attacks to hit the island in years at least two hundred seven people were killed and more than four hundred fifty injured in eight blasts may now for now and
9:49 am
as reports from colombo. carnage in churches on one of the most important days of the christian calendar the blast so violent it blew off the roof of this church in the gumball an hour and a half outside the capital the floor covered in blood mangled use and belongings of hundreds of worshippers. this video posted online shows the moment the explosion happened. it was an entity's church is a revered catholic shrine popular among people of all feats in sri lanka. lined up in body bags the feet of dozens of worshippers who came to this sacred shrine to celebrate one of the catholic calendars most holy days easter sunday now the authorities have imposed an island wide curfew with immediate effect to find out what exactly happened and who is behind it but it was i heard the explosion and
9:50 am
then the roof fell on us we took the children and ran out from the rear door when i came to the hospital i saw my brother in law and son on the ground. three separate churches bombed on easter sunday witnesses say the explosion here was so powerful it shook the surrounding buildings but it wasn't just christians targeted so were many other people and tourists as part of a much wider operation they are the casualties we are going to improve that we transported them to the national hospital and then we have been advised to come to their shangrila in the heart of the capital and all close together are the shangri-la cinnamon grand and kingsbury hotels and the center anthony's church three churches since a bastions church in the gumbo and zion church in batticaloa were also targeted also the tropical in hotel in the suburb of they have. the eighth explosion was in
9:51 am
des moines to go to killing a number of police personnel. police have descended on an apartment block there looking for suspects several were taken away for questioning me if you do the math right i would like to express my condolences to the families of victims and those injured in attacks that took place we will take stern action against all those who are responsible regardless of their stature. social media was restricted for several hours to clamp down on rumors and panic hundreds of injured people are being treated in hospitals which was swarmed by relatives the prime minister says warnings of such an attack were received but nothing was done authorities must figure out why. when a fernandez just zero. a protest leaders in sudan are no longer recognizing the military transitional council there accusing it of not taking the crisis seriously protesters say they'll continue demonstrations until
9:52 am
a civilian government is in place. we reaffirm that we cannot go back to square one we cannot be intrigued by the military blocs we cannot allow the former regime to regain power the regime is attempting to reproduce itself we stood up to it ukrainian president petro poroshenko has conceded defeat in the election losing a runoff to a comedian and political newcomer zelinsky took about seventy two percent of the vote he's promising talks with russia to settle the conflict in eastern ukraine has said he would not be leaving politics and pledged to fight on. the world health organization says fighting in libya has killed at least two hundred fifty people in the last three weeks troops loyal towards khalifa haftar are trying to take the capital from the un to recognize government. mali's army says eleven soldiers have been killed in an attack on a checkpoint it happened in the town of guinea north of the capital bamako the
9:53 am
military has dispatched air and ground reinforcements. those are the headlines a world is next. place
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