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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 22, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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the military council took over when it ousted president bashir on the eleventh of april ending his thirty year rule it had hoped that forcing out bashir would end the sit in that started nearly a week before after months of protests. since taking over the military council has been in talks with political parties to form a transitional government but many at the sit in say the army isn't keen to hand over power to civilian government a key demand for them to end the protests and return home. as i would have most likely in a in my opinion where with the declaration of freedom and change because they got is this far i will be with them till the end since the council is part of the old regime and is behaving like the old regime and will continue with protest till it's gone we do this we refuse it because so many years. government ruling it was not good and now we want to change this is the citizens from the government to the citizens because it is
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a ruling just doesn't have anything. the military council has repeatedly said that it will hand over power if political parties in sudan are ready to form an inclusive government of consensus because here. we are hoping that we on the political parties and other stakeholders will get over our differences so we can speed up with what is needed at this time the military council rare firm that it isn't against any party and abides by the slogans of the revolution for freedom peace and democracy. but not all parties are in agreement on how to form the government and what it should look like. what the setting is professional association had its coalition and nothing but it has suspended talks with the military council it seems at this stage in front of bombing headquarters is not coming to an end anytime soon and more than a week after al thing president bashir of sudan is nowhere near forming a transitional government. what comes next will largely depend. and how much
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pressure the protesters can put on the military council and how long it takes for the divided parties to come together to start a new face for the country. even more going on to their own. spoke with eric reeves a research of focusing on sudan and the editor of sudan reaves dot org he says the military council in sudan is hoping the uprising will die down but signs suggest it is far from over the military council is not really transitional it's trying to figure out a way to keep power and he's doing so with statements as those chair of the council. general burnham today in which he claims that this is not a coup that the military just happens to be in power well it's nothing other than a crew and the civilians are quite aware of this and they are demanding a transition to civilian governance and there is no evidence that this council is
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prepared to move that way one reason is that a number of men on the council would without the protection of a military council be subject to indictment by the international criminal court for war crimes crimes against humanity and genocide this is particularly true when the vice chair of the military council general ham actually who heads the rapid support forces which have been the primary instrument of genocidal destruction in dark war since two thousand and thirteen. so how do you expect the military leadership to respond to this then because as as some will will point out perhaps ominously they are the ones with the guns they are the ones with the guns and radio to banga reports today that obvious fear was prepared to kill thirty to fifty
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percent of the demonstrators in front of the general command headquarters. general mehta he is a man equally ruthless and they are the ones with the guns and they are prepared to use them as we've seen more than one hundred people have been killed over the last four months. probably the majority by either rogue militias or. the national intelligence security services. snipers belonging to either the police or the end i assess. military council is hoping that the uprising will simply die down will have less leverage less power a voice it's not so loud there's no evidence that i see and i spend hours every day looking at sydney social media there's no evidence whatsoever that the decision today to reject essentially
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a transition to civilian governance there's no sign that i see that this movement is dying down in any way i expected to get much more robust in the days ahead and that puts a lot of pressure on the african union which has said that. in less than two weeks if civilian governance isn't a cheat then sudan will no longer be part of the african union egypt for its part always an ally of the other sure regime and itself a military junta wants to see. the military council prevail in sudan they don't want an example just on their southern border of a successful. nonviolent democratic civilian transition that's the last thing i'll see she wants to see so you and the u.s. today apparently has invited the military council to washington if so that would be
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disastrous that would be giving. prominence and credibility to account. so which is nothing more than generals who think gauged in a palace coup and how how united is the military right now because we have we have seen a certain amount of division within their leadership how do you think that will play out the longer this goes on and the implications that all that will have for the whole protest movement in sudan right now. that's a very good question and i think we can't know until things again become violent if they do we can hope that there is a nonviolent transition to civilian governance but i can tell you the civilians know and this goes right across the country right across class ethnic lines professional they know this is their one chance for democracy they will not get another chance in their lifetimes so they're willing to go all out if at
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a certain point the military uses violence against civilians those in the army especially in the middle ranks and lower ranks. might very well abandon the army leadership and side with the people that would be a disastrous state of affairs but it's the military council that is driving this they are the ones who are not making any good faith efforts. to move towards civilian governance despite claims that they are those are simply not true and will bear up under any scrutiny. plenty more ahead on this news hour how iraq is planning to improve facilities for millions of tourists visiting one of the biggest religious sites have a look at what cost of oil is bringing back home to relatives of people who went off to fight for i saw in syria. later in sport a crucial win for liverpool in the premier league as they regained control of the title race that's all ahead.
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now ukrainian comedian. lansky has won the presidential election by a landslide the political novice thought to have taken around seventy five percent of the vote his rival petro poroshenko who is backed by the west conceded defeat robin foresty a walker reports from kiev. having played the role of president in a t.v. show below to meet zelinsky is now on course to make that role a reality winning an overwhelming majority of votes cost on sunday. thank you to my parents for their support and for living through all of this thanks to my team for their strength and stamina has my wife heard all of the things that was said about me in this campaign and perhaps she would never have married me faced with defeat president petro poroshenko was magnanimous but he will continue to play
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a role in ukrainian politics the ukrainians dear ukrainians i want to underline that the new president will face strong opposition very strong but i want to say that the country our ukraine which is the best in the world well only benefit from it. poroshenko painted zelinsky as naive and did experienced dangerous for a country at war with russia with questionable links to an unsavory oligarch. but zelinsky patrice himself as a simple guy who had come to break the oligarchic system a corrupt system many ukrainians believe poroshenko as a wealthy businessman belonged to it was either a protest vote or a genuine belief that a comedian might make a worthy commander in chief a martyr just maybe it is time maybe those who think differently i majority.
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joyce's very simple either or either hope or a like with zelinsky is hope but you must mean we want change. flood to meet zelinsky i fictional president now it seems the president elect. fiction has become fact. zillion ski and his team consider break this election victory but defeating corruption. and then the war with russia is going to prove. it would in english. only the ukrainians have showed little patience the president's been able to deliver for steelworker al-jazeera. andre doubly as key is the director of communications and media for the ukrainian congress committee of america he says there are concerns that lenski does not have the experience to negotiate an end to the war in eastern ukraine with
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russia you have to understand that a lot of his campaign promises were just that very short sentences he proposed doing a major restructuring of the. military structure in ukraine without any explanation about how to how getting that passed in parliament a similarly he's proposed restarting the minsk agreement talks the normal process is inviting the united states and the u.k. into that however that doesn't take into account that russia as the other party in mediation needs to agree to that russia is the party in the means process that has violated it according to the international observers so to say that he will restart it doesn't take into account that he needs to be dealing with russia and does that mean this is what people have been asking during the campaign does that mean he will then travel to russia and try to do a tete a tete with putin as putin's advisor mr peskov announced on friday that putin is
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ready to meet with any future ukrainian leader who is willing to concede on terms. fighting in libya has killed at least two hundred fifty four people in the last three weeks that's according to figures from the world health organization says thousands of people have been injured troops loyal to the warlords are trying to take the capital from the un recognized government. mali's army says eleven soldiers have been killed in an attack on a checkpoint there and happened in the town of good a north of the capital bamako the military says it dispatched air and ground reinforcements there's been no claim of responsibility but the attack happened days after mali's government resigned it was criticized for its handling of a mass killing in march the president is now in talks with the opposition to form a new government nicholas hoch reports from. a prayer for a peaceful future from those celebrating easter in bamako as cathedral mali is
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without a government after its prime minister and cabinet were forced to step down on thursday following unprecedented demonstration on the streets of the capital in march a militia group that had received backing from prime minister micah tactful on the villagers killing one hundred sixty seven people the un peacekeeping operation in mali has more than seventeen thousand soldiers including french british and canadian troops despite that security forces were not deployed until seven hours after the attack and did this shocked the nation. among the demonstrators who chanted out with foreign forces and down with the government is law student. and her daughter i said to. the no one cheek when you talk of course we are angry i know you are frustrated life is getting worse for us and what happened to the people but. it has to stop it hurts us if there's no chance we will keep demonstrating. change and security is what president promised when he was reelected
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for a second term in disputed elections last august so far his critics say he's failing to deliver his prime minister a former intelligence chief relied on militia men instead of the mali an army to bring back stability but what started out in two thousand and twelve as an armed rebellion in northern mali is now turning into i think violence edging closer to the capital. is facing mounting political pressure he's holding emergency talks at the presidential palace but the challenge for president he brought you back mark is not only to find a new prime minister that will resurrect mali's government but one that will mean that even by the opposition the ruling party and the people who are increasingly taking to the streets to get their voices heard. the opposition rejects any possibility for unity government and is asking peter to step down. you stole the
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election from given the circumstances we should be running the country we're not going to take any government run by somebody who robbed us it is an uphill battle for kate and for the people. with the violence spreading it seems there is no miracle solution in this search for peace some millions pay the ultimate sacrifice . while others pray for their country to rise again. because hawk. polls have closed in north macedonia where people have been voting in the first presidential election since the country changed its name the governing social democratic party candidate has campaigned on nato and e.u. membership analysts say the turnout is expected to be low because of disillusionment at the government's failure to tackle high unemployment. other debates among some year appear nations over what to do with women and children
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who've lived on the eisel in syria but in cost of all of the government has decided to bring back more than one hundred of its citizens and it reports. far away from battlefields and refugee camps in syria dozens of women are being given a second chance to be part of a nation they chose to leave along with them more than seventy children who had no say in the matter. as most european nations stall in repatriating their citizens who went off to fight for i sold or at least support myself fighters the semi autonomous region of kosovo has brought back the largest group so far though he regarded as an important uncensored the rope aeration was organized in which the government of course with the help of the united states has returned a hundred and ten of its citizens who were in war zones in syria four of whom were fighters thirty two women and seventy four children including a nine lost their parents in the war. the us led coalition says kosovo has set an
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important example to follow that's after making a name for itself in other ways. with a population under two million the tiny balkan territory produced more i saw fighters per capita than any western country ethnic albanians played some big roles and i saw recruitment efforts the most notorious of them laughed at him who had jedi was likely killed in a u.s. drone strike in twenty seventeen. dozens of others he inspired have since been jailed or indicted as part of the government's efforts to stamp out support for the group but european countries worry that evidence obtained on the battlefield may not stand up in court and the families of isis fighters could be a security risk. mused that. our aim was clear not only to make sure that our citizens are not part of foreign conflicts but to take concrete measures that the ones who already are in those zones come back to their homes we have worked for months to make this happen. these children are innocent according to kosovo's
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government and may have a chance at a normal childhood after all but other european governments will now face greater pressure to take back their children still stuck at camps in syria and schapelle. all right still ahead when we come back the spotlight is on this year's beijing international film festival but find out why some of china's biggest stars are absent from the red carpet. yes in mexico taking to the sky to connect with their ancestors. and in sport a day off to upset the king of clay this italian player becomes the new monte carlo last.
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how the rains had enough of china's the time being it's not entirely finished now but the last of the fairly big showers to dissipate eastwards taking the flight with and they tend to generate the end of the day you still want some to come on monday hong kong looks probably safe but it's there in london grungy for example and up towards hoo ha shanghai looks fine on shore breeze it does bring showers all right in just to your north and junkers also back in the sunshine fact most to sichuan is however to tell you from monday to tuesday there's going to be some change not changes to drift everything in that general direction yangtze valley stuff again with hong kong looking fine but the cloud does hinted that it's not true last back towards vietnam occasional chandon through two tours cambodia as well but they are only occasionally moving the wind direction is wrong for you the same is true for southern philippines occasional showers here come on time it's much drier than of late so the way i see still covered in showers with
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a big mass of white is to the west of the sumatra and back over the southern indian ocean and that will be reflected in the forecast as well big showers around sumatra possibly shushing singapore yet parts of borneo to lesser java but still a ways is still wet. whether sponsored by katherine is. the fascist anti establishment and pro violence. despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing of basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of a build files stadia. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform and ideology would follow football hooligans. read old death on al-jazeera.
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leak. out jews in iran. where i am free. and again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour sri lanka remains on high alert after the worst attacks to hit the island in years police have reportedly made more arrests taking the total number of suspects to thirteen at least two hundred seven people
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were killed and more than four hundred fifty injured in a last spring. protest leaders in sudan are no longer recognizing the military transitional council there accusing it of not taking the crisis seriously. ukrainian. comedian of love the lansky has won the presidential election by a landslide exit poll say he took around three quarters of the vote his rival president petro poroshenko has conceded defeat. the us president donald trump and his political supporters are again attacking the special counsel investigation led by robert mueller transpersonal attorney rudy giuliani says the report is in his words full of lies and distortion according to the special counsel's report russia interfered in the twenty six thousand election in a sweeping and systematic fashion document also details the president's attempts to try to shut down the investigation this report does not conclude that the president
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committed a crime it also does not exonerate as it relates to actually that's not really the job of a prosecutor the job of a prosecutors to gather evidence to decide whether to indict or to decline to indict they declined to indict the president is not going to jail is saying in the white house for five and a half more years. of the chairman of the house intelligence committee says he believes the president broke the law by obstructing justice and did so in a number of ways and i think that the more report points out how the elements of obstruction are met in several instances several courses of the president's conduct what bob mueller said and this is obviously directly contrary to what bill barr represented to the country is that he felt bound by the office of legal counsel opinion that he could not indict a sitting president now kellyanne conway points that out as proof of innocence but it's not made it abundantly clear he felt he could not indict the president christine palosi is an executive committee member of the democratic national
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committee she says there are grounds to investigate trump despite what the president called the full exoneration in the miller report. well i think the president should be investigated what we need to do is have before the american people public hearings with bob mahler and the underlying exhibits that he used to form his conclusions in the report said that the public can see as much as possible there are two tracks that were on the first track is to look at where i think republicans and democrats agree that russia had sweeping engagement in our elections and we need to improve cyber security we need to have people run campaigns where they pledge not to use stolen or hacked information and that people pledge that they are going to disclose their donors so we understand where the money's coming from where the message is coming from so on on the bipartisan front i should think that we would have some agreement there where you're going to see
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attention is on how important it is to investigate the president the attorney general and the people within donald trump's administration whom he directed not to answer questions there also fourteen active criminal investigations that bob moser referred to other u.s. attorney so we have a lot to get our arms around we don't know it yet but i would say as a former prosecutor you can't prejudge the case you need to slow down look at the evidence and it's really a stress test. for american democracy where we want that smoking gun we want that quick answer and we're going to have to take the long view but there are there are many democrats who. are getting the feeling among among the american public that the they're not really interested in in this they're more interested in the kind of bread and butter issues the income the health care.
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the environment and so on and that that is what matters to them more than what is kind of seen as as as this sort of washington beltway type of stuff we're how do you think. politicians should address all of that. i think you have to walk and chew gum at the same time i was a member of the electoral college we called ourselves the hamilton electors after alexander hamilton who said it should be a deliberative body we called on release of information and intelligence information before we met as an electoral college in the summer of two thousand and sixteen now we didn't get the briefing we wanted but we did get what became the moller investigation so we'd like to see the facts there but also while we delve into that and i think it's important to know whether or not the president obstructed justice obviously it's very important for us to know it's also important for us to take the steps that are necessary for the people if you are one of the first bill passed by the united states congress the biggest bill passed was one
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that would protect our election systems protect voting rights and ad campaign and ethics reforms so you can even get to the issues people care about like health care and the economy if you don't give them a seat at the table a police in georgia have used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up protests against the construction of a hydro power plants around three hundred people took part in the demonstration they say the developments in the mountainous region will destroy the environment and their homes. the iraqi city of karbala is planning to expand a religious site to cope with the growing number of pilgrims more than thirty million people visit the shrines of a man who is sane and ambassador years also just body has more from kabul. this is why millions come here each year to see the shrine of the most revered mom in shia history the same. with more than thirteen thousand employees some say it's
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a city and it's growing every year due to the future we saw. with the current stable security situation in general it's the foundation is contributing to establish. action projects of the school to observe more visitors to the holy sites the house and this is in order to maintain a momentum of great services and income. with. at the friday prayer service an approved representative of the highest shia authority in the country grand ayatollah ali sistani delivers a sermon after mecca in saudi arabia this shrine is considered the second most important place of worship for shias among hosain is buried in the shrine behind me and next to him lies the body of his eldest son along with seventy seven others who died in the battle of karbala in six eighty a.d. now that's believed to be the starting point of the divide between shias and sunnis
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that continues fourteen centuries later. this area will be added to the shrines already extensive grounds within the next two years. completing an ambitious six year project. it is being built to accommodate another ten million visitors annually. to mom hussein foundation has also opened a hospital here where cancer patients from around the world are treated for free there is a long wait list for perspective patients but the foundation hopes with increased revenues it can also be expanded. motto that our sammy is one of the business owners within the grounds of the shrines who has witnessed the rapid expansion he has been renting the store for the past twenty years. for work done it could muster up for those who are the more expansion is down around the shrine the more visitors it will attract and that will also mean our businesses can expand it will generate more money for the whole city. the people from around the world come to see these
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holy grounds in their millions each year for the iraqi government religious tourism is the second highest source of income after all while. the number of visitors is increasing each year because many believe iraq security is improving that means the country's revenue is to door such a party al jazeera karbala. protesters in the bangladeshi capital are demanding justice for a young woman who was burned to death after reporting sexual abuse rights groups in darker organized a human chain for nineteen year old just hand rafid she was set on fire earlier this month for refusing to drop a sexual harassment case against her school teacher a death sparked outrage across the country. we demand that the respective authorities so that all those who are responsible who are associated with it directly or indirectly particularly i would bring some i would defer to the law
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enforcement agencies and local administration and politically and other with the influence of people who have been found to be protecting and promoting this injustice to be brought to them brought to justice to cause them to be punished if their own responsible for wrong doing cleinias election commission has for spawned a screening of a biography of india's current prime minister pm raindrop modi was due to come out ahead of the first phase of india's general election but both the commission and many in the country are concerned about the effects of. takes on the world's largest film industry. by. pm the renderer movie is a glowing interpretation of the life of india's current prime minister it's not something everyone here would agree with and what's more producers tried to release the film just before the country seven days election began this month but the election commission has delayed the release over concerns it would unduly influence voters
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the film is the most prominent in a recent line of political films and series critics say favor the government or pan the opposition it's. almost every month specially in these months leading up to elections we are seeing more and more political films this film journalist says the political exploitation of films used to be rare in india but that's changed everything. is in some way. by the movies and so perhaps the powers that be have figured out that this is one way to get across earlier this year several bollywood heavyweights flew in a private jet to meet the prime minister many say this photo from that meeting shows the relationship between the government and some of the film industry that might be too cozy. and with influence working both ways. the government and yet have been produced in india for decades some more than others on the other side many in the film industry have used their fame is
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a platform to jump into politics. openly trading on her celebrity for votes in this north mumbai constituency for the opposition congress. after starring for years in several of the different language based film industries she's become famous that fame is a powerful tool in political campaigning that it is clear that it is that right just. activists all of those people are somewhere down the line affected this this kind of change in the last five years so i think they need to change then you don't want. this is your new running order with more political films and series expected to hit the screens in the future many people here hoping their influence can be contained no matter how politically popular they may or may not be.


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