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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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is following up on what it started just about six months ago which is to try to create a worldwide embargo on the purchase of iranian oil as you noted five countries still had permission or a waiver to purchase that oil but that waiver expires a week from friday on may second and it is widely assumed that given current market conditions that the trumpet ministration is not going to allow these countries including some of its treaty allies japan south korea and turkey notably to a purchase any more oil from iran again it's trying to get iran to give up its political ambitions its military ambitions and to try to convince it to negotiate a new deal on its nuclear weapons program this is something that was widely expected and so of course the language coming from the secretary of state is in that vein right and clearly being cool to nation with some of the united states key
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allies in the middle east. and saudi arabia but also he's being applauded this me this being applauded by benjamin netanyahu. well it is being applauded because of course israel is considered to be the enemy number one of iran and so any steps that the united states takes to go after the iranian government is welcomed in jerusalem because the israelis do you consider the iranian government and existential threat certainly you know one of the key factors in all of this is that if the iranian government can't sell its oil then it does not have hard currency in order to as the trump ministration argues to. support organizations such as hamas and hezbollah to support who the fighters in the yemeni
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civil war basically cutting off its key ability to influence operations and circumstances in other nearby countries thereby undercutting its political influence in those countries and so when you consider that the trumpet ministration pretty much has been sticking to script it really isn't a surprise and of course it is a step which the israeli prime minister mr netanyahu would welcome very much all right roslyn jordan live in washington thanks very much indeed now let's go to the iranian capital tehran and same as ravi and zain i would expect fully expect that the origins in tehran will come out with something pretty defiant sounding but how long do you think it will take full it rain in oil to be reduced to absolute zero when it comes to exports. well if the oil ministry is to be believed that will never happen and in anticipation of pompei was
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announcement all day we've heard a statement from the oil ministry earlier today and unnamed source in the oil ministry said that the united states has been unable to reduce runs all exports to zero and will be unable to down. well into the future defiant rhetoric we've heard from the oil ministry more or less for most of the day in the last hour we heard a statement from the foreign ministry let me read a piece of it to you the new foreign ministry spokesman. said in a statement considering the basic u.s. sanctions were illegal the aslambek republic of iran did not and does not attach any importance to these waivers yet regarding the possible negative impacts and the increased impacts on iran the government the foreign ministry will be working with domestic and international partners and crew including the european union to try to come up with solutions and the statement goes on to say that that will be fed back to the supreme authorities and a decision an appropriate decision will be passed and made public now bear with me i'm going to try to explain why this very bureaucratic government speech style
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statement does give us a sense of what iran is going through most of these predecessor was often known to respond to u.s. accusations and statements and comments of decisions by saying it's not worth it to respond to those statements were accusations or decisions this is really just another way of the foreign ministry saying the same thing even with their new spokesman and what's interesting is here it gives you a sense of the fact that iran is truly cornered by the united states that many people would say expertly cornered and there's not much else they can do other than keep calm and carry on so really what we're likely to see is iranian people and leaders just gritting their teeth and bear and hoping that this all changes when donald trump u.s. president donald trump is finally out of the white house they spun it live in toronto. we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including it's the final day of voting in egypt's referendum which could extend president since his term in office
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twenty thirty. the role of a lifetime what next for ukraine now the basis of elected or not as the president. and the n.b.a. champions are when the way for the second round of the. flails lear will have the details in. sudan's military council is a lot of people to stop blocking roads and to let police do their job and this warning came after protests is suspended talks with the council a coalition of opposition parties is demanding an immediate end to military rule and the establishment of a civilian government let's go live now to the sudanese capital khartoum and speak to our correspondent there morgan and his first of all it sounds very much as though the tone of exchanges between the military on the one hand of the protests
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is on the other has changed it's sharpened somewhat. well yes martin that's because the protesters on the ground and the coalition of freedom and change which includes the sudanese professionals association the body that has been spearheading calls for protests over the past four months have been saying that the military council which also president bashir is not keen is not eager to hand over power to a civilian government they're saying that the military council is trying to delay is using delay tactics is trying to put the political parties against each other some political parties have said that they don't mind the military council supervising the transitional government that will be formed and others are saying that they don't mind the military council being part of that government so the people at the protesters and it's organizers are saying that they feel that the military council is not keen to hand over power to independent civilian transitional government which is why they've suspended the talks yesterday now we've heard from protesters there saying that they're ok with the decision that they are there organizes the coalition have made and they're ok with the tone but
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they are concerned that it might escalate that the military may eventually for the protesters to end their sit in front of the army has been going on for three weeks now right they already heard from the military council here but let me let me just interrupt because i'd like to get a little bit more of a sense about what it's like on the streets we've got the military saying altering people to stop blocking the roads and to let the police do their job we're hearing about barricades being removed and these being removed by soldiers by police how is this actually happening what's the dynamic on the street. what might seem the protesters are not giving a chance for anyone to move those barricades for them it's a symbol of the resistance that they've started more than two weeks ago they're saying that they will not let anybody remove those barbaric aids where their civil unions are with security or whether it's military so at the moment martino barricade is being removed the protesters are there they're guarding their barricades day and night this search people who enter into the city area there are
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actually several checkpoints which is. aided by some stones sometimes it's just metal bars and sometimes it's just a wall of people so they're very keen on trying to preserve all barricades that they have in their other thing that if that goes away makes it very easy for the military and security forces to disperse the protesters from the city and even though the military council said that there is something they're not going to do right because if we do get to that stage with this increasingly sharp tone between the two sides i mean obviously there is the prospect of there being some sort of confrontation which could be violent world marty let's not get ahead of ourselves because at the moment the military council said that it is not going to use violence protesters themselves since this since the protests started in december they've been saying that they wanted to be peaceful they do not want to use force and they saying that this is one of the reasons why they have the checkpoints and the barricades to begin with they're trying to make sure that there are no there's nobody armed coming in whether it's
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a gun or is that they are basically trying to make sure that nobody says that their movement or their revolution as they call it is violent so for us to see that this is escalating to violence hasn't happened we've already seen soldiers at the beginning of the sit in siding with the protesters protecting them where security forces attacked so we're not sure if violence would happen but at the moment they're saying that the only thing that stands between them and the military council from ending the sit in is the barricades and they're eager to keep it all right here thanks for that people morgan live from khartoum. the third and final day of voting in egypt's constitutional referendum which could extend president abdul fattah el-sisi term in office until twenty thirty nine the official results are due on tuesday but so many human rights groups are already saying the referee random is not free nor is it fair if approved the constitutional changes could allow for the president to appoint top judges and expand the role of the already
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powerful military there's heavy security across the country. right let's speak now to somewhere she had to who is in the se c. a professor of middle eastern politics at the university of oklahoma he's joining us live from norman oklahoma thanks for joining us why is so many people concerned then about the way this referendum is being conducted and basically writing it off saying it's not going to be free nor will it be fair yes it's the neither free nor fair and they have very good reason to be concerned because this referendum and the constitutional changes that are underway and that will most certainly be approved in this mark referendum are really the final assault on what's left of the uprising in its achievements that have been battered away somewhere in two thousand and let yes let me let me just jump in and ask you why is it a mock referendum this is this is what i really want to get to it seems as though people are voting in large numbers why do you say that their vote is not going to
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be a free and fair reflection of their well. sure well one i we don't know that people are voting in large numbers that's what the state media is reporting to it's a mock referendum because this is not been something that has been discussed widely by society by civil society by political parties by opposition political parties and in fact there has been quite extensive efforts by the state to prevent discussion of these proposed constitutional amendments people have been to detained others have been intimidated there have been thousands of websites some. asking people to vote no to vote no on the referendum that have been blocked so no this is not a free and fair vote by any stretch of the imagination and as i was saying the outcome is known ahead of time the amendments to pass and it's going to extend presidency she's rule until two thousand and thirty and i think you are alluding to the
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analysis that with the constitutional changes now taking effect with a referendum that we know will pos them effectively this is sweeping away all of the gains now made by the uprising in egypt known as the arab spring. that's right well many of the gains unfortunately were done away with over the last four or five years since the coup against president morsi but the idea that there are term limits the idea that presidents cannot last for a life that was one of the major drivers of the arab uprisings in two thousand and eleven as they are in two thousand and nineteen in algeria and sudan and the constitutional amendments that extended the presidential terms to six years and that allow the current president to run again after serving a six year term now he was elected to a four year term really allow him to stay in power until twenty thirty and they
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also allow the military to really be above the peep. all as the defenders supposedly of the constitution and the state and that really is incredibly worrying and does away completely with the idea of popular sovereignty right where would you hope in an ideal world where would you hope pressure would come from in order to perhaps put the brakes on these constitutional changes because clearly they're not going to come from within egypt given the current situation what about friends and allies outside the country yes i disagree with you more it seems slightly you know clearly there is no pressure coming from outside as we saw president sisi was in washington d.c. last week it got the approval of president trump but there are pressures inside all of the efforts that the state has made to suppress conversation to suppress political activity to block websites to intimidate civil society activists and
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political. players really is an indication that this is not over and it's really quite you know absurd to think that president c.c. and others have not learned any of the lessons of the arab uprisings but quite specifically to your question it really will most likely be as it was in sudan and throughout the arab world economic factors rising prices unemployment that is not solvable and so on crony capitalism and corruption that spark uprisings that then take shape or protests that then taken in compass political demands and so that's i think what will be inevitably the result of this ride somewhere good to get always happy to have you disagree with me thanks for joining us here at al-jazeera thank you thank you. they have arrested five billionaires as part of an anti corruption investigation those arrested as said to
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be close to the former president sees beautifully the former prime minister and the current finance minister they've also been ordered to appear in court in connection with an investigation into the misuse of public money meanwhile there were more protests demanding change. now to libya where they've been explosions overnight around the capital tripoli as troops aligned to the un recognized government targeted the warlords. forces the world health organization is reporting two hundred fifty four people have now been killed thousands more have been injured within the last three weeks alone mahmud up to what it is our correspondent in tripoli. forces loyal to the government to start a new move this morning to or does have his forces locations in and around the tripoli in active international airport on the southern western part of the capital
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tripoli military sources with the government say that they launch rockets targeting have to his forces locations and even a city of the international airport they used heavy of today the artillery rockets targeting have to his forces and of in a city of the tripoli international airport they say that they are trying to maintain their defense lines and they are trying to push have to back have the forces back out of the ministry of the tripoli international airport on another front line in why there would be an area around thirty kilometers to the cells from from the capital city center government forces are also trying to maintain a defense called on to push have forces back beyond the administrative borders of the capital tripoli and meanwhile they're trying to cut the supporting line for half that its forces coming from the city of the holder and the city of the south
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of the of tripoli here in tripoli overnight. artillery fire was heard clearly and the government sources say that they were using heavy weapons to target have to its forces in the veneer city of the tripoli international airport also a warplanes. was heard. overnight but no strikes reported overnight we know that have that its forces have been losing ground on the southern part of tripoli and the government forces say that they are trying to push have to his forces back on the highway linking to tripoli to the city lots more to come in this al-jazeera news hour including mexico's oldest city hits a milestone but a diplomatic dispute casts a shadow over the celebrations. are going to go occur in the valley of the gods in utah or a place that soon could be open to oil and gas exploration but there are those here
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who are fighting back. and why this moment has been thirty two years in the making for taiwan clear we'll explain all. hello again we're here across the area we have been watching one particular storm you can see here on the satellite image making its way across parts of northern iraq also bring some weather across parts of turkey now in the high elevations it has been snow across that region you can see the temptress here on tuesday making it into the mid teens higher elevations just across the caspian could be seeing some snow as well tehran a day for you a fourteen degrees it is going to be a mixed bag particularly in the overnight hours not really getting too much warmer as we go towards wednesday but the majority of that system is going to make its way towards the east we could even see some significant snow in the higher elevations of afghanistan as well here across the gulf it is going to be the winds over the
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next couple days and at times we could be seeing the visibility come down because of those gusty winds down here towards much of a central amman temperatures are rising into the mid thirty's from ascott it is going to be a thirty two degree day few staying about that but maybe coming down to about twenty nine degrees by the time we get towards mid week and then very quickly down here across parts of south africa very heavy rain expected particularly down here along the coast that is going to be a problem as we go towards tuesday you can see durban with the rain in your forecast down here towards cape town as well which could be a problem as well but we do expect to see much of that rain start to ease as we go towards wednesday would durban at twenty seven. their dreams have turned out to be disappointed. if anyone called me to say he'd leave egypt i'd advise him to come three young north africans tell the
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story of how europe is not alone they hoped it would be. al-jazeera wild welcome to italy.
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tartarus take a look at the top stories here on the al-jazeera news anchors president says he'll ask for foreign assistance to track international links to sunday's bomb attacks the government also declaring a nationwide emergency to give police and the military extensive powers to detain and interrogate anyone at least two hundred ninety people were killed in the attacks. the u.s. has announced it will no longer allow any country to buy a new no oil secretary of state might compare said waivers that made it possible for some countries to buy oil from iran or no longer be issued. to dion's military council is a lot of people to stop blocking roads and let police do their jobs the warning comes as protesters say they'll suspend talks with the council that deposed president bashir earlier this month. all right let's go back to another of
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stories the news of the waivers from the u.s. for eight specific well seven countries in the territory with regard to the buying of a reign in all those waivers now been suspended we can speak to eric ham he's a political analyst and he's joining us live from washington d.c. thanks very much indeed i don't know if you heard my pompei is speech when he announced that these waivers were being lifted but what did you make of the overall tone. well i think what we're seeing here is what could be a domino effect because many of the countries that will be affected are countries that the united states is currently in negotiations with particularly with china on trade talks or with south korea on trying to find a nuclear solution to north korea and of course others are allies like turkey so this is not just an issue that addresses or impacts iran but it's an issue that
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also impacts u.s. relations with key ally that across the globe but my pump a was really keen to point out the any shortfall in the market is going to be filled already by a combination of the u.s. itself the united arab emirates and saudi arabia well yes and i think that actually feeds into this narrative of this very close relationship that the president trump has with the saudi royal family and of course the united states is again this is the president who looks at issues from a transactional standpoint and so he sees this as a way to somehow bring relations or business to the united states in terms of buying or purchasing oil from the united states the president will see that as a win win for the united states but again it could be very trouble problematic for those countries that have relationships and that are currently purchasing oil from iran now when president trump came into office i mean he made
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a point didn't even really trying to back on virtually everything that had been established by his predecessor president obama but this this this holy rumpole a sea of maximum pressure it seems to be more than about undoing the bomb his legacy. well actually i think it is but again because the united states is the only signatory that has actually pulled out of the iran nuclear deal it is actually the united states that again like like like we are in many other issues is actually on the outside looking in and so the president is attempting to box iran in but the question is what is the president's end game on this issue because iran is still a signature to that deal along with the other countries and so the question is where does the united states attempt to go and because the iran nuclear deal was a floor and not a ceiling i think what we're saying is that the ceiling on the president's ability to negotiate
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a long term deal that would have included issues like but with the midst of and so now again i think the united states and iran are at loggerheads over where to go next on this issue what do you think is the objective and all of the u.s. administration's policy to have well again unfortunately we simply don't know because i think many of the facts undergirding the policies of the trump administration on dealing with iran simply just don't bear out ron it will show that many of its on a u.s. allies already show that the united states i'm sorry that iran was in compliance with the deal and so where the united. were the united states goes on this issue simply just doesn't bear out at this point and again where the where the this issue on a waiver saying again is an issue where i think the president is courting more trouble
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than i think is warranted at this point eric can. live from washington. ukrainian actor and comedian volodymyr zelinsky has won the presidential election by a landslide he's estimated to have received around seventy five percent of the vent his rival petra put a shank a conceded defeat but says he won't believe in politics robyn for us reports now from the capital kiev. we've had some international reaction to the news of the law to me as an election as ukraine's new president from the european union which says it's giving its continued support to ukraine and interesting enough from russia from prime minister dimitri made the idea who said that now there was a chance a possibility of progress in terms of talks negotiations perhaps over what to do
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about the ongoing conflict between ukraine and russian backed separatists and russian forces in the east of the country and also of course the question over crimea which was an extent by vladimir putin back in twenty four teams so this is perhaps one of the key challenges now facing the president elect and of course one of his key missions is to tackle corruption in the country and to improve economic prospects for ukraine to stop the brain drain of ukrainians leaving the country he is expected to flesh out those policies in the coming days and will of course be announcing figures individuals that he wants to have in his government as president he will have the portfolio to choose his foreign minister and his minister of defense and he also will now have to think about parliamentary elections in the country and that will require getting in or great see it and then
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. organizing. exceptional parliamentary elections. with his own new political party which at the moment only exists on paper it's named after his television show servant of the people so somehow he has to build a political party from scratch these are the kind of significant challenges facing the new president of ukraine. mollies president his name to say is the new prime minister after the entire government resigned on thursday say will now be in charge of forming a cabinet the announcement comes after weeks of mass protests and recent violence nicolas sarkozy in the mali capital bamako. he's at the age of forty one and younger he is not from any political party and he is of ethnic pull on the origin from the region where there were three weeks ago the mass killing of one hundred
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sixty seven polani villagers by militia groups so it seems that the decision taken by president mubarak or to nominate this young man as the prime minister is he's kind of the candidate of appeasement he was the former. finance minister under the previous government building in important posts with a portfolio of five billion dollars for this country and so he. essentially is supposed to be the man that will. really resurrect the government of mali because over the weekend a bribe of arcade to has been consulting various actors from civil society to the opposition to members of the ruling party to appoint someone who could lead a new government. the vein leader mary lou mcdonald has called for an end to violent rioting in northern ireland following the murder of journalist lyra mckee the head of the irish republican policy made the comments during easter rising
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commemorations in belfast. twenty nine year old mckinney was shot while subserving rioting in london there is christian estates on thursday night mcdonald says no progress can be made through oh and action. is cast time now for these groups that masquerades as republicans to pack up and pack it in check and stare activities and should let the people get on with the work of building a new united giant that's right and that we all wants an army and that will be a tribute to our patriot day and to all who died the islands in which leave ret nicky should have lived. mexico is marking five hundred years since the first europeans arrived to settle on the america mainland excuse me the events have been overshadowed by a diplomatic spat between the mexican president andres manuel lopez obrador and the
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king of spain man lopez obrador has refused to attend after demanding an apology from spain a color and eyes in his country man mode apollo reports now from the city of veracruz. it's been five hundred years since spanish conquistadores arrived in what is now modern day bit of news. and the residence of one of mexico's most valuable port cities the studios are in order to commemorate the even. more so when we've seen a lot of participation from our community which understands the difference between commemoration at celebration here and this context the city has prepared a serious of activity has. been a truce was founded by the spanish conquistadores it and i'm sure that his arrival signaled the downfall of a thriving empire by way of european diseases and the enslavement of native peoples . officially the first township on the american continent modeled after european
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customers he's been a cruise became an invaluable port city to the vice royalty of new spain over the centuries the city has maintained its economic and cultural importance. so you don't have a favorite cruise deserves a starring role in history because the city has been a gateway in every sense of the word a gateway for peak with the trends in fashion and vera cruz became a door to the rest of the world. the founding of it it also marks the birth of a new nation but not all ceremonies commemorating the event are the same we were at an archeological site just outside of it our crews that was once home to the total lack of people it's been said that it was from this mountainside five hundred years ago that eleven large ships were first spotted. a board where more than six hundred soldiers and sailors all under the command of it and then called this. at the ruins of yell we saw the members of various indigenous groups from across mexico are
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holding a ceremony of their own. here indigenous activists are hoping to shine a light on a different version of the historical narratives this is kinda signed us today to commemorate those five hundred years with an on going to distance to not let our traditions die remembering our ancestors who gave their lives to keep ancient ways alive for many the spanish conquest is five hundred years in the past but for a culture born of a mix between the new world and the old reconciling the history of the city could be the key to bridging a cultural divide that still exists today or let's go live now to man the well known who's that invent a craze and how seriously is this issue of spanish colonialism and the apology is that a perceived to be needed to be made how serious is this being taken this year and the house is playing out politically. oh.
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well from our vantage point it really does seem that the people here in bed at cruise are looking at this from a very critical lens they see this as a commemoration ceremony not a celebration it doesn't mean that festivities were not in order last night there were fireworks in fact mexican president. is here invade a cruise his hotel is just across the street from where the ceremony took place but ironically he did not participate in any of the commemoration ceremony events instead he continued to call for the king of spain to issue a formal apology for what became a policy of of of extermination and genocide of of native peoples here in mexico by way of the conquest that began effectively five hundred years ago this week but again it's not a celebrate torrie mood it's not a festive mood but people here do commemorate the event in several different ways people here in the city are looking at this once again three critical eye and if you go to the outskirts a researcher monye says you could see in our report by people who were wanting to
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highlight a different narrative of the conquest highlight the fact that these traditions of the native peoples are still very much alive so we're not a political point that is president lopez obrador making by not attending the commemorations. well it seems that it seems as though president love is over there really wants spain to issue that apology really wants to make two points very clear one that the european conquest was one that was not peaceful that was not about conquering was about invading and on in the on a separate point is that mexico itself after its own independence owes an apology to the native peoples for policies that perpetuated discrimination and then to some extent an extermination of traditions that people held very dear and it's something that i believe is still very much on the minds of people all across mexico given
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that this is a society a culture that is a combination of the older old in the new martine manual the doppler thank you very much. now in the u.s. five native american tribes are joining together to fight plans to reduce wilderness areas in the state of utah now the government's proposals could see and said and opened up for mining environmentalist say it's a dangerous land grab that threatens the very idea of conservation and gallagher reports. few landscapes in the western united states or is dramatic as those in utah are walking through the geological masterpiece known as the valley of the gods is simply or inspiring this state is famed for its parks trails and wide wild places it's also where past lives are on it and ancient history is accessible to all whole areas dotted with a lot of ancestral say it's angelo bucket can trace his roots to both the navajo and hoopy tribes and says places like the bears is national monument
12:37 am
a vital it's about healing not just ourselves but the historical trauma that we've experienced how can we heal that from our indigenous peoples here with you the visitors of our land how do we heal that divide and that's what we're trying to do with this landscape for the protections given to both bears is a. grand staircase escalante monuments would drastically reduced by president trump more than a year ago both areas are now open to mining and mineral extraction with the action i'm taking today we will not only give back your voice over the use of this land we will also reste or your access and your enjoyment public lands will once again be for public use conservationists fear it's just a massive line grab with grave consequences republicans say they're simply correcting government overreach so look at the beautiful color everywhere.
12:38 am
fantastic places many visiting buress national monuments it's a betrayal of native american culture they have seen their vision of the way life is best lived essentially trampled on and this is just one more boot on the neck you know no it's wrong who does the park belong to and it belongs to us the american people and she says and you need to be protecting at five tribes in the region of now joined together to fight the changes many say they're still living with the harmful legacy of previous mining operations poisoning the air the water the soil and they're affecting us and these are places right next to a lot of our communities and that's environmental racism we can't allow that to happen in this day and age a scholar once wrote that national parks and monuments with the best idea this
12:39 am
country ever had but at the moment there's is a grand staircase escalante stand at a vital crossroads what could follow is years of legal wrangling but the stakes couldn't be higher not only for the native tribes that call this place home but also for wilderness areas across the united states and gallica al-jazeera needles ovl of utah. still to come on this. day in the saddle. has the details.
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some of the schools use now with leah thank you martino the n.b.a. champions golden state warriors they're one win away from reaching the second round of the playoffs they took the game four against the los angeles clippers on sunday to lead their series three one kevin durant scored thirty three points and clay thompson added thirty two as a one one thirteen to one zero five game five is in oakland on wednesday when the two time defending champions could clinch the series didn't want to be noticed to play poise patience and play together to do those three things. or almost unstoppable especially locked in mentally there's some drama in the stanley cup playoffs on sunday as the san jose sharks forced their first round series with the vegas gold knights to a deciding game seven sunday's encounter went to double overtime before thomas' turtles scored a short handed goal to give the sharks a two one win the deciding game seven will be on tuesday in san jose. hundreds of
12:42 am
thousands of american football fans are expected to flock to nashville tennessee this week for the twenty nineteen n.f.l. draft country music star tim mcgraw is part of the organizing team and will perform free concerts in the music city as part of all the festivities the best young footballing talent will be selected over three days with nashville looking to put on a party for their fans. so we have the opportunity to sort of set the mark of what these event should be like i think we have a sort of opportunity to really plant a flag and say this is this is the way it's supposed to be done and i think we've got the. right people here in nashville i think for the right set up the right if there is as i'm. in the right sort of combination of people to make this thing really something special something big and sort of be that the watermark for for drastic. the cricket world cup is a little over a month away and one thousand nine hundred two champions pakistan will face england in a short series as a warm up the pakistanis open their world cup campaign on may thirty first against
12:43 am
the west indies but a five match one day series against the english will help them get used to the conditions that they'll face during the tournament the last time the world cup was hosted in england pakistan finished as the runner up. we lead as well paid as we possibly could and we leave the team that i believe. in both in talent and achieve and believe that we have the skills to be really successful operation size has been outstanding paper rights and now leading into this will comp is brilliant with the series against the world's number one ranked side in the conditions that will give us an opportunity to really test ourselves that will give us an opportunity to test out combinations. it's been a long time coming for a greek football team that just won its first super league title in thirty four years. five nil to wrap up the championship and start a real party they even brought on their injured captain virginia just
12:44 am
a week after he suffered a ruptured ligament just so he could be on the pitch to celebrate the title. and after that when the team took their trophy in an open top bus around the greek port city of that so many thousands of fans joined in the celebrations players and fireworks that lit up the night sky. quite a party and for the first time in thirty two years taiwan is celebrating a winner on golf's p.g.a. tour. one hundred thirteenth in the world and he won the r.b.c. heritage title in south carolina on sunday by a single shot for america's matt koocher as well as the one point two million dollars first prize then also qualifies for the p.g.a. championship and next year's masters. something when i was younger i always dream of you know watch tiger plane or you know. i mean that's it just means a lot to me and to to win to have a top you be sure to experience everything in that world to me and that's that's
12:45 am
what came to us that's why i went to college to go through all those necessary steps to be here. i'm just really really trying to do. well to tennis australia will host a france and november's final of the fed cup the french team won their tie three two against romania and the deciding doubles rubber on sunday they'll be going for a third fed cup title. and finally to a painful but rewarding day in the saddle this is america's hannah roberts in action at the international extreme sports festival in japan her first run in the b.m.x. finals didn't quite go to plan and ended up in a nasty fall but she recovered to produce a terrific second run and topped the score ian roberts is just seventeen years old and with b.m.x. freestyle being added to the program at the tokyo olympics next summer could a gold medal be coming her way as well well that's our sport for now hand back to
12:46 am
martina thanks very much indeed and thank you very much indeed for watching the news that don't go anywhere they because i'll be back in just a moment with much more of the day's news and stay with us here at how does their. the shootist administration in spain's modern history has been fools to call a snap election by eight from twenty eight with polls suggesting a fragment of a vote on the rise of the far right populist movement box can the socialist alliance hold on to power stay with al-jazeera the latest on the spanish elections
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. in the heart of the amazon the believe in family has put their lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. but it's getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. a. risky new tool to believe me out. on al-jazeera. examining the headlines a collapsed economy means the very people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have a new two way i don't think you can look that way anymore sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the media's motivate and inspire. the world is watching
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on al-jazeera china's a problem has become famous for its large number of elderly many age one hundred years or older one i want to investigate see if the raging holds the secrets to a long and healthy long on al-jazeera. plates. police in sri lanka defuse a bomb just a day after a series of attacks killed almost three hundred people as the government announces a nationwide emergency. hello again i'm on team did a show without jazeera live from doha also coming up. we've made our demands very
12:49 am
clear to the ayatollah. historic. turning the screw on the u.s. announces it will no longer allow countries to buy a rainy an oil class was. a day after sudan protesters suspend talks with the military there warned against blocking the roads. mali has a new prime minister ending days of political and said. his government's announced a nationwide emergency starting at midnight this will give police and the military extensive powers to detain and interrogate its after at least two hundred ninety people were killed in attacks across the country on sunday and that fear brian reports. and not the glassed in colombo
12:50 am
outside st anthony's shrine the bomb squad had been working to defuse an explosive found in a van when it blew up one of the targets of the coordinated attacks on easter sunday. other explosives were found near the city's main bus station. sri lanka is a nation on edge after the worst violence since the end of its civil war teen years ago. outside this hospital in the capital by white and a heavily armed guard hoping for news of their family and friends to begin a divorce she went to church yesterday we kept calling her after we had of the incident but there was no response that is why we came here first thing in the morning. priests join the crowds gathering outside the morgue to identify the bodies these scenes are repeated across the country struggling to come to terms with not only the devastating bombings in churches and hotels but the news that
12:51 am
there was information that an attack was imminent. the chief of intelligence wrote a letter to the police officials where he mentioned many names of the members of the terrorist organization but those letters have not been copied to the prime minister and the president the prime minister has not been informed about the letters and these revelations this letter indicates that the leader of it has planned a series of attacks in this country the government says the breakdown in communications being investigated there's been a rift between the prime minister and the president since late last year. now rival factions are blaming each other for the attack that the health minister links to a little known local group called the national tower he jamaat the inquiry will look at where they were saved advice. from overseas security forces have been conducting raids and making arrests and the government says it will bring emergency
12:52 am
powers he investigations call the shattered remains of st sebastian church just outside the capital the walls of this house of prayer stained with shrapnel and the blood of the victims'. families are not really was there the government says tuesday will be a national day of mourning it's apologized to families of the victims and announced compensation but along with deep sadness there is also growing anger that these attacks may have been prevented. brian al jazeera. the u.s. has announced it will sanction any country buying a rain you know secretary of state said waivers that have made it possible for some countries to purchase all from iran will no longer be china japan and turkey they're among the countries affected. with the announcement today we've made clear our seriousness of purpose we are going to zero we how long we remain there
12:53 am
at zero depends soley on the islamic republic of iran senior leaders we've made our demands very clear to the ayatollah and his cronies and your pursuit of nuclear weapons stop testing and political ballistic missiles stop sponsoring and committing terrorism halt the arbitrary detention of us citizens our pressure is aimed at fulfilling these demands and others and i will continue to accelerate until iran is willing to address them at the negotiating table live now talkers want to wrestle in jordan who's that in washington interesting that the secretary of state talked about the possibility of of iranian leadership coming to the negotiating table is that a serious objective do you think for this policy of maximum pressure. well it's certainly something which the trumpet ministration has been stressing throughout this maximum pressure campaign as they are calling it but whether
12:54 am
officials in terre holland would be willing to return to the bargaining table and to try to negotiate a new version of the nuclear deal which was achieved just about forty years ago is anyone's guess certainly what the u.s. is doing in this case is organizing a global oil embargo of iran and basically saying to any country which also would include south korea and india that if they continue to purchase iranian oil that they will face sanctions usually the state department won't say what happens next if a country or person doesn't comply with its foreign policy objectives but in this case mike pompei a was quite adamant on monday that those entities and that does include governments that continue to buy oil from iran will face sanctions it's a very tough message whether or not it's going to be enough to induce terror han to
12:55 am
reenter some sort of talks on the nuclear weapons program is anyone's guess and russia and in order to address any shortfall that might emerge in the market it sounds as the trumpet ministration has made extensive plans already. that's right in fact they said that the reason why the u.s. was willing to issue these waivers to at first eight countries about six months ago was because supplies globally were tight that it was difficult to buy oil at a price that would not bankrupt a country and so they allowed these eight countries to continue purchasing oil and to complete. the purchase contracts you just don't wake up one day. and say ok i'm going to buy one hundred million barrels of oil from country x. you enter into contracts and these contracts have to play out over time but in that
12:56 am
time the trumpet ministration is arguing that global oil supplies have gone up that the u.s. itself is responsible for nearly twenty percent of the available oil supplies and so that these countries have other places where they can obtain their oil in order to run their economies they don't have to rely on iran and essentially because of this increase in the global supply the u.s. feels it has that leverage to say that there will be sanctions if people continue to buy from this one source this one source being a ron wilson julian live in washington thank you. as a correspondent in the iranian capital tehran. in anticipation of pompei was announcement all day we've heard a statement from the oil ministry earlier today. and unnamed source in the oil ministry said that the united states has been unable to reduce iran's oil exports to zero and will be unable to down the line well into the future defined rhetoric
12:57 am
we've heard from the oil ministry more or less for most of a day in the last hour we heard a statement from the foreign ministry let me read a piece of it to you the new foreign ministry spokesman abbas mousavi said in a statement considering the basic u.s. sanctions were illegal the aslambek republic of iran it did not and does not attach any importance to these waivers yet regarding the possible negative impacts and the increased impacts on iran the government the foreign ministry will be working with domestic and international partners and crew including the european union to try to come up with solutions and the statement goes on to say that that will be fed back to the supreme authorities and a decision an appropriate decision will be passed and made public now bear with me i'm going to try to explain why this very bureaucratic government speech style statement does give us a sense of what iran is going through most of these predecessor was often known to respond to u.s. accusations and statements and comments of decisions by saying it's not worth it to
12:58 am
respond to those statements or accusations or decisions this is really just another way of the foreign ministry saying the same thing even with their spokesman and what's interesting is here it gives you a sense of the fact that iran is truly cornered by the united states there are many people would say expertly cornered and there's not much else they can do other than keep calm and carry on. and china says it will continue buying uranium all despite threats of sanctions from the u.s. katrina you has more from beijing china's foreign ministry spokesperson conto to reporters today that china consistently are persons any unilateral sanctions from the u.s. on iran and that any trade that has or the run ins in accordance with the now beijing's ties attacker. are very strong while other countries across europe and asia have backed away from their relationship with the country china sea and so have only strengthened it iran is one of the major participants in its belton road initiative and oil is
12:59 am
a very big part of this relationship china is the biggest buyer of a rainy and for oil now china along with a few other countries received a waiver from the u.s. to continue buying oil until the beginning of may but unlike other countries such as italy or greece china has not significantly reduced its own purchase of a reigning oral and every year it's estimated to buy about fifty billion dollars worth of rain in order now china has a huge energy demands and it really this oil its own supplies of oil have been drilling in recent years and because of this it's unlikely that they will heed any warnings from washington to stop purchasing iranian crude oil now what this is likely to do is further strain the relationship between washington and beijing and that's not a good thing because these two countries are currently locked in intensive discussions trying to end trade tensions trying to end a tit for tat escalation entire of search began since last year and these any tensions could also endanger any cooperation when it comes to denuclearize ation on
1:00 am
the korean peninsula beijing is pyongyang's main ally and beijing support of any talks between the u.s. and north korea when it comes to really ending the development of nuclear weapons is crucial sudan's military council has ruled protest is not to block roads and asked them to let police do their job the warning came after protests was suspended talks with the council a coalition of opposition parties is demanding an immediate end to military rule and the establishment of a civilian government mohammed vall has more from the capital khartoum several hours after that announcement by the leadership of the protesters to stop dealing with the public.


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