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tv   28 Up South Africa 2013 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  April 23, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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this is april twenty seventh and twenty in down. you're watching al-jazeera the whole room in doha these are all top news stories a national day of mourning is being held in sri lanka for the victims of the easter sunday bomb attacks at churches and hotels mass funerals are being held for some of the three hundred twenty one people killed the u.n. says forty five of them were children from more from the capital colombo and is live for us that flow and so let's just begin with what the state minister of defense has been suggesting in terms of the connection of this attack with another last month. that's right so the defense minister of sri lanka has said but he believes that the attacks that took place were really in retaliation for what happened in christ church where there were
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attacks on muslims at mosques in new zealand now he said that the facebook postings on some of these suspected. attackers took a more radical turn in the weeks after the attacks however terrorism researchers say that to make a close link we also have to be very careful simply because this sort of attacks that took place across sri lanka they require a level of coordination and a level of sophistication and it would have taken more than five weeks for these attackers to plan now remains on very high alert now and the colombo port says it's received intelligence from the. country's intelligence services that to the polls laden with explosives may be trying to breach its premises police stations in colombo have been put on high alert as well and police have even been telling ever requested that drivers who are going to leave their
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cars parked on the roads for more than for longer hours to leave the numbers on the dashboard now elsewhere it's really easy to see just how tense this country still is the still armed so just on the streets guarding buildings religious structures just yesterday we saw an armored vehicle on the street that's still going to be a curfew later tonight although that's slowly being scaled back and also the bomb disposal unit have also been called out at least twice as we know in colombo those situations those suspicious packages tend out to be false alarms but really this just shows you how much but this country is still on edge two days after the attacks took place on easter sunday. schools join you as a situation develops thank you. now the united nations special envoy for libya has renewed his appeal for all armed groups to stop a third week of fighting around the capital tripoli at least two hundred sixty four people have been killed. earlier here with as i was the task i've been charged with
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despite its difficulty is to return to negotiations i call for a peaceful solution to stop the war for the reunification of the libyans are a unified resolution to save their country whatever the work of the international community it will need a special libyan will to stop the war. egypt is hosting two emergency meetings of african leaders to discuss fighting in libya and a political storm or unrest should i say in sudan a coalition of political parties that has suspended talks with the military council for failing to transfer power to civilian authority the voting has begun in the third largest phase of india's seven phase general election prime minister narendra modi voted in his home state of gujarat where he's aiming for a second term in office the election is seen as a referendum on his five year tenure. also myanmar's highest court has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists jailed for reporting the rigor ethnic cleansing crisis while an inch or so who have spent sixteen months in prison after
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being convicted of breaking and official in secret small. police in northern ireland over us today fifty seven year old woman in connection with the killing of a journalist last week laura ricky was shot in the head during a riot in london derry a dissident republican group called the new ira admits responsibility for the killing of the twenty nine year old award winning reporter and grand duke of luxembourg has died at the age of ninety eight he was known for his role in transforming his country into an international financial center the ground could recently been admitted to hospital suffering from a lung disease he succeeded by his older son on radio those were the headlines about good more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera we continue with twenty eight up south africa to stay with us.
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it's just. that. oh. thank you oh. she. used to do he is some way he is. the first film to see there when she was seven. she was one of a group of children from all over south africa it was nine hundred ninety two and
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they had very little in common black white rich and poor some lived in townships some white suburbs officially segregated by apartheid. it was only two years since mandela's release from prison and the racist policies of the past were just beginning to crumble. since then we have followed their lives filming them every seven years. in one thousand nine hundred four not some mandela became their president and as they grew up every south african was made by law because. this coming. now they are twenty eight we hear from them again.
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they said they were one of the creations. in their lives yes. lives in johannesburg. born in soweto his journey has been unusual. as a boy here templates and joins an elite private school at that time it was once to exclusively white and english speaking. like so much as he used to. sit but i don't really know and. you know english better. personally time. i always speak english that's why i don't you know mighty. well i wish purplish how do you feel about that all right. so john's was an hour's drive from his hometown. was
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a very weird transition very weird time for me because i was getting more and more involved and nice and joins life and my son john's friends i wasn't hanging out with my friends as much as i was when i was younger because. obviously waking up at five o'clock in the morning. and then getting the transport best already and jones and by the time i get back it's six o'clock at night and so that's part of reason why i don't see them but then when i did see them. they all started pointing out that i was stunned to talk differently because i'm down to his fancy school and all of this and i think i'm better than them and you know for me it was just. what are you talking about i have no idea what you're talking about so we're going to different schools we're still friends right it's not.
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just think of yourself as an african. why not. just sound african. you think of yourself as african yes very much so of course and. i think if you're if you're born in africa you're african. by the time to who was fourteen the family had moved to the suburbs or made possible by cats father one of the greatest soccer stars of his generation. i really had my mind and i just think he's such a good person he's done a lot of stunna luck for. for me put me in a dish school because. he's gone from the streets as
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a way to just playing soccer. just on the streets to all the way just living. in the suburbs. and his stratus best to raise a good family. no cats and his brother maps move in the most fashionable circles. you think your community hears it's a conflict to be honest it's a conflict of trying to be part of a certain scene and trying to belong in so many different spaces obviously as humans we all just want to belong and be a part of something somewhere so. yeah it is a huge conflict of all these different aspects of my life of trying to belong in all of them. whether there's a point of trying to belong or them who knows. but trying to make them or marian
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and work together. is something that i'd like to try and achieve. throughout the years of apartheid rugby was the flagship sport of the white community. going one hundred twenty kilos and with twenty eight caps in the national team for the mob it has become a household name. against him carol brought in the sweater almost from a previous quickly there's all kind of like a fool but then a cover of a look on him why does any self solve the vastly i'll pick you up a few different protocols that are closer to the culture of life. his early life was spent miles from anywhere on a farm in the north of the country you know that the people are like. you are.
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but so. but they'll be he says but food's free thank you did also the embassies take correct me they. will spill those aid so through that christmas spirit you are you know there's no place. i didn't. i've been of us and i can't call food glossy and proper long forgotten for a collector who report that. but buy fruit because i thought a term was most. feel. venomous only eight years old when his father was killed in a car crash it was all the dossier he had a hearty meal to give him each. summer well enough. in the dry sunny day when he would need they needed outside hundred ninety
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five because a dog. does not prove to come a morning not an instance of that he made little incident she said and she too after that of that will look good for the next me do you have only given me. the meat you had the notion of only from botching it will make them proud. they sold the farm and moved to the city. at fourteen he was at an afrikaans speaking secondary school. because of the language barrier not many black people trust god for. when he was seven schools had not yet been integrated. starts what continuous flow. the good you know sister. was clearly a lot of flesh. school and and school they took years to oppose it so what it
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does not use the bozos on next who owes her the dirt so. i'm ok let's go east. it was only for lenny the mocking was coco notice he would meet any love brothers one of those going to his first thought. was stupid back at me. a little. did in a school is innocent look at his blasphemies i could be stupidity sure from a me. a twenty one villain was a university in johannesburg or playing rugby had already become his priority aspect for a spell but the i'm not out of her to close call there's a lot of. the hill. was. going to sell.
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off because of the dome of c.n.n. which he talked we still almost broke the vote was he who can who has always been able to vote and had over the course only look as if he bought this what i feel i please him to stop and salute it stop. i got to love a taxi but i could have you know been up for myself through an economic and then back is the over the steam sylvia's whispering book devotedly. or. it was november the first two thousand and ten when he heard the news that he had been selected for the squad to spawn on frequent television and needed throats almost us and was by that piece i could deal in no malice i mean high fives in less money for an organ through which will flee straight. be honest but two in front of lawn and two in front of it along for
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the i know from the off spring look dude so i could later look for an old friend of if they're going to kill. the to my base the conservation i was a cubase the from the from all that. audio of what felt and as i said the little guys that is what. an eloquent full of heart and like and that's the leader. for those that are. appropriate of. bluff and said i should all get a full i didn't i'm gonna say successful. xandra township in the north of johannesburg has been home to france his whole life.
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i'm living yet no i'm staying here now that i know this yeah we did seven first interview to fest series of ops seven ops we got it here when i was seven. do you prefer. to live. by then we were living i think we live in a fast living here i created my father my mother my sister as my cousins can you know save living in a small crowded place. you know when it's hot you know it's not just one place and environment it's very neat is. but a bit. chairs are told men you know i know so far and free you know i've tried to. place to
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mardi as much as possible. when he was fourteen his passion was soccer. who end up ok the professional people for financially because. from side in when young. people will see excuse to read up or look at a combustible column when they get some t.v. doing. he did get on t.v. but not as a soccer player. or it's up. to . overlay this beat which you can look at your particular. sect. for me it was exciting because i was doing something that. and this prevented
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night because well it does challenging because you have to wake up in the morning saying. my phone call between a lot i want to. get . his soap opera has come to an end and france is out of work. i mean you couldn't buy costing egypt. maybe your neck i need the opportunity now to gain. a twenty one he was just as frustrated. still government is not doing enough. and for may she need opportunity with you for now while ground floor moved on from
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the floor. you know. i'm going to. be. living like that in life. and going to. do and then for you to. get by i'm striving for. twenty eight just a little doing something he never thought he would do. i'm fit to be fair that b.p. . all believe a lot of the media to do for you. get more money you must. do. my duty as i do you i have to think because of my sisters that we haven't had to say that learning how to cook for my father or defame me because of my father's or.
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i may be levi and i believe. that i was told by this move from the scene you see these behaviors you. have been provided to. i don't believe in what you do to change your what it best. to continue to live. here to fight. i guess when you're twenty eight you feel that you should achieve something there is an expectation to have either achieved a certain level in your life or to be going somewhere. with what you want to do. grew up in an affluent liberal household in johannesburg it's going to be a seat i don't know how did it end. so like you've got some.
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motion the norm on the bag she and the one dog and the one catch all much to look after them yeah. i'm going to take it off oh it's name's tom tom you'll. still be the case you know what hurts just very just a pain in the neck that every week by fourteen shit starts to produce off works. this. is self portrait of an animal which is done and well passed almost. by twenty one she was into music and man. you know. do you have boyfriends now. did. i think i was a very unhappy and i was unhappy when i was a boss t.
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so it was a big escapism to go out and just behave as insane me as i could i sat that i think that i could not see us by now so i think that's not the sweet sad yeah that's that's bad that's not good that's. what i'm sorry it's the stuff that made you have a sense of what kind of man you would be understood yeah i'm probably somebody who's not threatened by me a lot of people are threatened by me so far as i'm concerned by your kids probably i mean your face i mean accused of being in your face very often. and when she met. sans life changed dramatically on many channels internets. it was interesting i got on some really bad blind dates some really awful ones and i wasn't like overly keen to meet him put it that way and eventually off to two
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months of emailing i decided ok whatever it's a drink so i went and i told him before i got this just a drink i'm not feeling so well you know and by the time i had a drink and he got a really well i was like he was like oh do you want to go somewhere else like your show is a god but you said you're sick i'm like no no i'm feeling fine i'm feeling absolutely fine i don't even met somebody who i got on with as quickly as i got on with him. it's just nice to know that no matter what happens in the day i can come home and he's here you know and the fact that for any device that can i ask him the fact that if i have a terrible fight with somebody he'll back me up you know and that's how that unconditional. teach turkish. you know. heal our patients noisey forgiving. when it comes to teaching me turkish what's the most complicated thing you can say to her. and we stand was it was it what they are
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muslim the thing is if you know it's interesting this to be all muslim is to be is do speak english. that's about all you know if i don't speak english i'm pretty screwed. to see this day starts and sweater at five am. and their lives being a feast and. then being is blakeley as muslim rupie. yeah i get one i'm going to give him a i mean this i think the future is bright. she lives in threes. small rooms with her family. when she was a little girl her home was a shack in
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a squatter camp. and you know no planes were. dumped out and you don't. let your back much of it was zero risk that's where. the money told us all from that was just. to play nice with. a twenty one she didn't have a job and helped around the house to keep busy. there's a. bomb squad you see. i was in the mines going to see that i don't see my well sorting out the message he says i'm not certain and then i'm so mean to self lieut. not embassy that crosses town every morning to get to the office for eight o'clock
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. i decided to myself so. we can school for the computer and administrate so i did that. seven months. and then i post that cause. of just so good one on each and a note for the helps i knew. she'd been working as an office cleaner when she was offered the job as a receptionist. and the time they told me i was going by the same time was good. i didn't have any idea how to weaken their office environment i didn't even go to school for. most of the people they put degree increase what it. but.
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i'm like you would be been tricky. she's been there for three years and has some very supports the household my fist pay. and i didn't run to the woods before you begin need to bung me mames. i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality whether on line when you have a male chauvinism that is if you plan with in our global federation it is really hard to get a piece of that or if you join a sunset. or they're going to be help then. this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be in the street join the colobus conversation on al-jazeera. i remember
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the first time i walked into the news room and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just different places but it's what gives gives us the ability to find the. other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al jazeera. overthrown and exiled very important. say if you all call. me an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know is that the truth. and we do not think it is. the return of the president on al-jazeera.
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you're watching all of us there i'm so robin doha these are all top news stories a national day of mourning is being held in sri lanka for the victims of the easter sunday times at churches and hotels funerals are being held for some of the three hundred twenty one people killed the u.n. says forty five of them were children. the defense minister said these were reprisals and then he also alluded to the fact that for the some of these suspected suicide bombers they had their postings on social media had become a lot more radicalized since the attacks happened in christ church now however terrorism researchers say that there has to be some care when we make that sort of link simply because of the level of sophistication the level of coordination that
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was required in carrying out the attacks that took place in sri lanka across sri lanka across three different cities in sri lanka on sunday. the united nations special envoy for libya has renewed his appeal for all armed groups to stop the third week of fighting around the capital tripoli at least two hundred sixty four people have been killed. egypt is hosting two emergency meetings of african leaders to discuss fighting in libya and political unrest in sudan ok relation of political parties there has suspended talks with the military council for failing to transfer power to a civilian authority voting has begun in the third largest phase of india's seven phase general election prime minister narendra modi voted in his home state of gujarat modi is aiming for a second term in office. be a mass highest court has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists jailed for reporting the ring get ethnic cleansing crisis while and choice to spend sixteen months in prison after being convicted of breaking the social secret soon.
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police in northern ireland have arrested a fifty seven year old woman in connection with the killing of a journalist last week laura ricky was shot in the head during a riot in london derry a dissident republican group called the new ira admits responsibility for the killing of the twenty nine year old award winning. buckingham palace has confirmed that the us president will go on an official state visit to the united kingdom in june donald trump and his wife melania have both accepted an invitation from queen elizabeth the second this will be trump's first formal state visit with the queen and those were the headlines are back with the al-jazeera news our in half or so you can join us we continue with twenty eight up south africa to stay with us.
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in the same yeah that villain was made to spring but he got married and moved to durban with his bride michelinie tell me about it you know possibly find. balance it would top us a tight advice. lived there were hopes last one. i get the.
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knock a quarter that i've given to her care of yet actually believe my she can throw so that out of that does not buy date's big leaks. it's a long long way to fight the wall on it's off the mark for my. we're breaking into a shuttle program to go straight to colombo where the prime minister really a week reminiscing is addressing the nation in the aftermath of those horrendous bombings over the weekend let's listen in the blue glory in regard to anybody. because. he needed a piece and that may. be. yet. he was and you thought about. that
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i here if i. could. be and that is that it will. be really us and why you need reality. here and you can be a. united is. really easy. to do sadly too and how they work firstly i must offer my condolences to all those who work aided in these already accused of all those who work in it especially dogs not just street on going no to many of them came in to have a holiday of three or four days those were working here and they were looking forward to a good brunch. during the easter holiday is the long break
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that you had abroad and they were unfortunate caught up in the blast to get their number of sri lankans who are here we are doing our best to identify all those. non-nationals most of the national was being identified the videos took place on monday and. today there are risks we hope to complete so an editor does want to be here to take place the religious leaders the political leaders have all been asking for calm and today in fact without the differences were all the people who spoke. in the country i thought i would brief you on the situation and make what direct education do what direct advocacy and i can on the questions that you post.
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that seems to have been foreign environment they fear that some of them at traveling abroad and come back there may be more than that that's what we want to find and that's why we've asked for is the stance on this issue some countries any we have to scan conduct their own news change interesting issues because then nationals are created in this last. the. feeling. of the pictures as to what happened where they're inclined the. president and also launched an inquiry as to id information did not reach one of these. it's. really if it was no one certainly we could have prevented many of the attacks
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in the churches and had more security in the heart of what is we could have prevented all of it back so at least reduce the number of attacks that were taken please. oh please allow. us but examining certain number but i don't think it should be disclosed no. cause to my course you know liar do you mean to me not going to see designs were being taken in for questioning and not to save. the syrian the reports of the syrian like the moment start to be likened to. the attack was a response to me that if i set my cat for that business he says he made it back to test taken away this he said is so cool that they expect. it back invite is a reason for it possibly could have been because of the. crisis yet that we cannot say yet. i think but it's fun to question would say so we would be able to find out
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. exactly that that you probably didn't mean out there but they map onto what mr nation and body that you do if you sense that you have. meet people even if i couldn't be to meet that that would be enough for that i mean to leave. is to have a man who believes in. the issue that's the heart break of a group and then he stopped being that ideally should have been brief but we got to do immediately if we need to we don't direct links but you know certainly your city's new soldiers which used to use services to the suspects keep your city's new daniel are noisy so we have to keep that up if that fine and that reality. is true that descends these half these seriously
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a very serious muscle mass as they. already are being raised as this all of those five. or miles away by leaders are being but that they do anything to put these events around the carpet. movie back when i did this was it this is cycles that will run. these suspected to be one of those exact bugs they have to confront people had a fight. where. many of them had some more to that effect right maybe i didn't mean i mean if i'm not or how many want this six or seven suicide or was it so percent michael vick. did not even need the suspects assailant run or do you think he spoke a. friend that's been looking out at with through the court because the baddies
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lead to either needs. it's kinds of meetings since the town. halls people are the ones who have to cut the harness time. to save his shoes in war. where that is vitally sure that all works and now we've got an issue here it's like that limits or when you look at what you got out there is that. going on now if you're waiting for to get these are the best stay on that point of view and that the edges are probably going to start so heated in the morning that night so sometimes he states it is basic the year morning so you step it up you own. it and then did my step i meet with the branches because are so addictive but i don't not be the only here and that be by that but as you two have been battling and look at the maximum suspicion. discipline other people's funds
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he although he did do the hard and smart move she had asked why. the ends in the war i have this case or he responds. and of course this is our fault that there are many other issues among the minorities have been resolved. our reports have been to that issue i don't think it's otherwise but look at the human rights commission the force and not do it and also the people are working together to beat each other and look at when this explosion took place or did he just leaders came out and said look. you found your number there my knackers issuing this statement then certainly was leaving the scene it was me whenever i was and the meeting ministers met with the cardinal cardinal of telfair does and i must say yesterday night and saturday night
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sunday night and mandated and night and today at the funeral comments prevailed in do it because i think that that shows the type of responsibility a garment we're continuing it's a policy of having unity in the country and of having new yes. groups getting together why is cracking down on the global terrorism i must tell you that we don't we're go but there is do not belong to any faith they have no warning to predict or not what their fate is and we can't love that. but there certainly has been a big improvement in the country's relations between the different communities and different regions we just want to talk that the. people that they are. better want to come down with that decide what's what we could do but it had to be administrative and i'd have liked to have done what we had some luck to be removed from there of course that. is low
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he's. part is not an exam and so five you have made great that. i make good on the party needed at the mean. by human including foreign president mind that i departs and it doesn't mind them that their dogs go that direction much more money we're not wanted by pulp and if then that he should have said do we really. mean but even that had been at. least ten years muslims. really homework for a while i think that is it dead in the me know if you spell it but it's a good it's my not using the exact relationship and you double that relationship by shortening the last few days. it's been fabulous. for. the. earth and so yes we're. going to be right back so it may have been that depth that the seeds of it act and what it is looking
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. around the cup and the force of the entry doesn't pick these gas stations if you know. how do. you see the land. or. the snow when you need it not getting you know certain things which they don't want me to disclose. everything and i hope that the president that it took three years and we agreed i mean that that what he's got a few downforce will come out and we discussed this on monday and decided to bring the d.n.c. for certain purposes only to meet that purpose. we had a meeting at that would be i mean we have difference of opinion but that's been thrashed out and somehow look we've got to get the country out of this problem i don't think we can spot us and it is you who is in front of your seat.
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the premise is you all know. that because this issue has read any of it by some of the priest dns and identify one of them you stop the stand if adding void why you were nineteen for so i guess that i said we have to look at that database breakdown of security that separates it and at that point ed. then we also said that includes and the mini study included me not being informed but i said up crowd b.s. by being banged up priorities to get pretty endorphins. and ensure that this group is caught and it doesn't spread to top priorities did it have been enough and said . what do we have neither discussed among ourselves and thought it of that sort. because he was going to say that. this is a it's so here's my space in syria and the truth is if he didn't have a comeback with a capital found it will mean that the stock market of the last time and we don't i
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mean could it don't have been falling i suspect and it's half better good thing but i do what they might be enough and there have been out there like the guardian that are in that lease deal so you. have lots of this with whole. group of events you know that the water you have that you have and so i think i. think if i thought going to try that that was something that i think we went through this exercise and did the good we do want to take another chance this is certainly the last six months or to be taken i don't know maybe some teams that i mean i saw on stage that they are on a reserve has receded at me b.c. you know. a lot of i was. so it leads us to appreciate that of the view that there are fourteen beings and somehow we don't point to that so you've made that i your say yes calamity we'll be
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following up on this claim that was suspicion that there would be big day you say. it was the scientists here. in new york. is that all i know being shot in ninety yes we do not two countries you've got to give it's a. pretty good give them some. lads in syria. group. that's all that we can receive that would be that those are some music issues that nobody i know of on the side of the group and was. like is that question spam as you do know that. he said the homeland by just my words. hey how many of you could
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see the. whole. meal being built it's not an ideal group but still if you haven't it's not a logical basic. design and that when you find a bug and that the ones work that will be several. offices. and probably asset classes in your classes an assistance program so they're retained they were given here to spend their biggish citizens who work you so that the risk of an l.b.o. . it's a specific case how this is actually happening in terms of the easier cooperation is that there conversely you hear me really but they're being cooperative that they give us a very specific intelligence and you have as you know president trump at us offered to head down here to there that are some of the deals that have been was more security not our. hands that. was in our
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security and shirzad and. this is about reacting to give us i mean you had that was a man there i mean that the police were active and the security was there. and the reason for why it's the russians very. reason why he saluted him. was very. very media be surpassed that and then to respect that and this is going to work with. responsibility tax happen a lot of this is that. they are. these i mean we have a can we could use it you can do that then i think would be giving to bark like a who was responsible and let's. get a divorce and. we should. buy a whole new season of the mystery she says and that i feel people on the run time
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on the run to leave but they've been there. dextro if that's any people on the roads of human emotion and no i don't. see that seat any issues also have happened since last year's eve of this battle scenes in the sun feet so this is not going on here at least she says english being that dad we've been checked by dad not been any violent so we've got no internet security guards down an effective when we did call the action they did that death would. be appreciated oh and. all and all three babysitters very pretty normal way to fast but you take a bit of time and to be making progress that so i could do and i started the group by my side that first week was fine i'm instead the countries which are at the very first to getting the whole issue of. the modern ending see the best i will do with
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respect to the. broken mandated effects we had out of korea damage to each other can you say. this is going to die i say the boss may go to the muslims. and did this and that as anybody has seen the news that the enemy that's who i step. in new hampshire. also we're going to close more than that with the information we had. here's. the how was this plan that's what we're going to look at you. you know most of the full force howls it's fine with me maybe fail yes that's the information for type thing and that's why the man should solve the whole we should so i mean their prospects of people got me here. and. yet these are certain to have heard this i feel so let it be because i'm going to write sentences that should. be ok i think in the big
3:53 pm
question but if we need to do is to get it and that's the person who knew who. said fuck indeed it was one. of them would have been quite ill go to the set and we are going after them use our flaws he. thought it was if you could see. sharks i was shopping out a body first. he did. lose leaders who. was no where and we have we have anything that eight bodies that he was supposed to have a dead group that don't need one of the whole picture i think the police is working on that to the dog is that something. your child is there and the sri lankan prime minister already a week from a single taking questions from assemble press corps even
3:54 pm
a short address to the country to discuss an update of what happened on the easter sunday bombings talking about a coordinated attack that is now as far as he is concerned getting international help on paid his respects to the families of sri lankans and foreigners all caught up in that destruction and also said that in parliament today there was a call for religious and political leaders across the political spectrum to call for calm listening into that was our correspondent florence louie he certainly didn't shy away from any of the questions that were asked of him but the real question is about the failure of both the prime minister's office and the president's office to actually be able to stop this attack and who is at fault. that's why i know you have the admissions already that there are intelligence services and some people in government had received prior warning as early as more
3:55 pm
than two months before the attack actually took place within the intelligence services the agencies failed to share the information and failed to act on that supply the prime minister was asked about that daryn he said he admitted at some point that yes perhaps there could have been more security put in for tells in churches and the third perhaps they could have prevented some of those attacks but he didn't think that they would have been able to prevent the attacks from taking place now he also talked to play down the rift between the between himself and its president as you know the president is in charge of security forces and many people have pointed to this rift as being part as being the main reason for the breakdown in communication and sharing this information now the prime minister said he's working together working closely with the president suggesting that there are bigger issues that sri lanka has to try. all right now and apart from looking at this intelligence failure obviously the biggest tof the sri lanka right now is to
3:56 pm
find out and apprehend those who were responsible for being down the prime minister was also asked about whether or not when you think it's true that. attacks attacks on muslims five weeks ago and the bomb attacks on easter sunday and you said they were looking at this that's like the investigating it but you also said what many terrorism researchers have been saying that the attacks took place within five weeks and i can see long but something that would have taken a long time to flag down he was also asked about what about the fact that i think the claims responsibility he said but that's a longer intelligence services are looking into that bearing in mind of course that many people have also said that i think has a has a history of making such claims but not providing evidence for it but we do know however that intelligence officers have said that they believe that there has been
3:57 pm
foreign help for the local organization for the bomb that's yet to be attacked they did think that the local organization could have done the attack on their own for the moment or florence we will leave and of course join you in a few moments time in the news hour for more of an update you are watching al-jazeera is the sri lankan prime minister real quick time a citizen taking questions from the assembled press corps talking about the easter sunday bombings and has admitted himself that there was a failure in intelligence gathering d'sevyn ation there is an ongoing investigation into that he is also telling us that there is no confirmed number of those that have been arrested that there may be a link to i saw the government at the moment is not confirming this we will have more on this in the al jazeera news hour to stay with us we'll be back in a few moments.
3:58 pm
we got some really heavy rain across parts of bolivia pushing down into power you see the author on the head just erupting here there's another one there as you can see some break down polls and in and around this region some of the showers to stretch their way down towards riyadh would be surprised to catch some heavy rain here from time to time over the next couple of days but the west weather as i said will be into northern fringes of power while pushing up into bolivia usual russia
3:59 pm
showers iraq across the amazon basin is a pos approved a quick go pushing up into a columbia seeing some heavy showers is fun to drive down towards of a plate seventeen celsius for want to satirise with the temps picking up to around twenty degrees away to stay might sketch want to sit on the other side of the andes there for a santiago up to ninety degrees but the showers continue further north where hope for a little dry a little brighter by what is a temp just around thirty degrees celsius and we have temperatures hovering around the thirty degree mouth eight to the caribbean last the set there want to see shallows just around hispaniola i think into the dominican republic for example you might see some rather heavy rain from time to time kingston should be dry this choose days bitch go on into what wet and stay more in the way of sunshine coming through but you find and try for that's entities. with a sponsor find count on anyone. else this is an opportunity to understand
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in a very different way where there is nothing happens and we don't leave. this is al jazeera. blogs the whole roman you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a national day of mourning in sri lanka the president plays his respects to the victims of the easter sunday bomb blasts. also sri lankan media release video they say shows one of the suspects the prime minister says may have been foreign involvement plus. time fares camille in india the sam think we're almost four million people could lose the right to vote after this general election. also miramar supreme court.


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