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tv   28 Up South Africa 2013 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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hold on to stay with al-jazeera the latest on the spanish elections. hello i'm. with the headlines on al-jazeera sri lanka's president is promising major changes to the country's security leadership this after the government acknowledged that intelligence agencies received multiple tip offs before the easter sunday attacks that killed three hundred and twenty one people eisel claimed responsibility more than twenty four hours after the suicide attacks on churches and hotels the government in colombo says initial investigations suggest the bombings were carried out in response to last month's shootings at two mosques in new zealand florence dewey reports. a seemingly innocent moment a man with a backpack strolls casually into the st sebastian church. he pats
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a child on the head and enters the building this security camera footage shows a suspected bomber one of several who carried out the attacks across three cities in st lanka on sunday officials have admitted there was an intelligence failure a warning given more than two weeks before the attacks happened was not shared acted on now it's also emerged that intelligence services should have had one of the suspects on their radar much earlier hilmi ahmed the vice president of the muslim council of sri lanka says he had alerted security officials about a radical preacher said to be the leader of national. the group the government blamed for carrying out sunday's attacks but three years ago we were in turn told them that there is a muslim cleric who is preaching he had been gathering young people in the guise of conducting koran classes and radicalizing them at a news conference on tuesday afternoon the prime minister didn't sidestep questions
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about whether the attacks could have been for if it was in order certainly we could have prevented many of the attacks in the churches and had more security in the heart of what is we could have prevented all the attack so at least reduce the number of attacks that were taken place but when it came to the suggestion that it was a rift between him and the president who's in charge of the police that led to the breakdown in communication he was less forthcoming we had a meeting at that we i mean we are different so medium but we did crash out and somehow look we've got to get the country out of this problem i don't think we can start working for us and she was in front of a few hours later the president in a recorded address to the nation insisted he had no prior knowledge of the attacks emma rog. specifically i would like to say that i wasn't informed by the relevant authorities. or by the responsible officers. if they had informed i could have taken actions regarding us. he said there would be changes in defense heads within
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twenty four hours the investigation is down looking at whether the suspects had links abroad as officials believe they would have required help planning and carrying out the coordinated attacks there was also a suggestion from the defense minister that the bombings were in retaliation for the shootings in new zealand but some here say there should be caution in making such links. remains on high alert fearful of the possibility of more attacks officials here say there continue to be threats to the country its institutions and businesses even the post office has now said it will no longer accept sealed packages a return to war time practice it appears no one wants to take any chances after sunday's attacks florence al-jazeera colombo thousands of sudanese protesters have joined a sit in outside the army headquarters in khartoum. they say the military leaders are taking too much time to hand over power to civilians the african union
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leaders are giving the military council three months for the check the transition egypt's national election or thora he says versions of back to major constitutional changes that could allow president c.z. to stay in power until twenty thirty the amendments also extend the military's power over politics rights groups say the referendum was neither free nor fair and scientists believe they have measured the first seismological tremor on another planet the faint rumble on mars was picked up by nasa inside the probe and has been labeled a mars quake well those are the headlines the news continues here after twenty eight up south africa.
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it's just. that. oh. thank you oh. she. used to do here is some way. it's. the first film to see that when she was seven. she was one of a group of children from all over south africa it was nine hundred ninety two and
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they had very little in common black white rich and poor some lived in townships some in white suburbs officially segregated by apartheid. it was only two years since mandela's release from prison and the racist policies of the past were just beginning to crumble. since then we have followed their lives filming them every seven years. in one thousand nine hundred four not some mandela became their president and as they grew up every south african was made equal by law because. this coming. now they are twenty eight we hear from them again.
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they said they were one of the creations yes i was in that little yeah. lives in johannesburg. born in soweto his journey has been unusual. as a boy here templates and joins an elite private school at that time it was once to exclusively white and english speaking. like so much as he used to. sit but i don't really know and who are. generating this special. person who time. i always speak english that's why i don't you know like me. and i wish purplish how do you feel about that all right. so john's was an hour's drive from his home in the township was
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a very weird transition very weird time for me because i was getting more and more involved and nice and joins life in mice and john's friends i wasn't hanging out with my friends as much as i was when i was younger because. obviously waking up at five o'clock in the morning. and then getting the transport best all the way to some jones and by the time i get back it's six o'clock at night and so that's part of reason why i don't see them but then when i did see them. they all started pointing out that i was stunned to talk differently because i'm going to this fancy school and dollars and i think i'm better than them and you know for me it was just . what are you talking about i have no idea what you're talking about so we've got a different schools we're still friends right it's not.
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just think of yourself as an african. why not. just south africa. you think of yourself as african yes very much so of course and. i think if you're if you're born in an african you're the african. by the time to who was fourteen the family had moved to the suburbs or made possible by cats father one of the greatest soccer stars of his generation. i really had my mind and i just think he's such a great person he's done a lot of stunna luck for for me put me in a dish school that he could. he's gone from the streets as
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a way to just playing soccer. just on the streets to all the way it is slowing. in the suburbs. and his strategist base too is a good family. no cats and his brother maps move in the most fashionable circles. do you think your community yes it's a conflict to be honest it's a conflict of trying to be part of a certain scene and trying to belong in so many different spaces obviously as humans we all just want to belong and be a part of something somewhere so. yeah it is a huge conflict of all these different aspects of my life of trying to belong in all of them and whether there's a point of trying to belong or them who knows. but trying to make them or marry
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young and work together. is something that i'd like to try and achieve. throughout the years of apartheid rugby was the flagship sport of the white community. going one hundred twenty kilos and with twenty eight caps in the national team for the mob it has become a household name. against him going to be brought in for the rest from a previous quirk me there's all kind of look forward to any coverage they look on in why does any self self the vastly alter care i feel different protocols that are closer to the culture of love. this early life was spent miles from anywhere on a farm in the north of the country you know that the people are like you are.
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but so. with all the cases but those few thank you did also the embassies take correct me they. will spill those aid so throughout christmas feel like there's no place. i didn't. i've been to give us and i can't call food last season but i plan to camp for a collector who report that. but buy fruit because i thought a turn was most. feel. venomous only eight years old when his father was killed in a car crash it was all the dossier he had a hearty meal to give him each. summer well enough. in the dry season they did he need they needed as eight hundred ninety
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five he got a dog. does not prove to come a morning or an instance of that he made little incident she said to a group of well look at it for looks me do you have only given me. the meat you know and i know she never knew from washington to make them proud. they sold the farm and moved to the city. at fourteen he was at an afrikaans speaking secondary school. because of the language barrier not many black people chose to go either. when he was seven schools had not yet been integrated. dos what continuous flow. you know sisters. was clearly a lot of flesh. school. and school they took years to oppose it so what
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does not use the bozos on next who. do it so. the market must go yes. it was only for lenny the mocking was coco notice he would lead sydney i love brothers one of those good news first time. was stupid back with me. got a little on the school and. i didn't have school as well as i'd like at least by her means i could be stupidity sure from a me. a twenty one villain was a university in johannesburg but playing rugby had already become his priority aspect for a spell but the i'm not out of what a close call there's a lot that i don't follow him for it because the hill. was. all going to a moment
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of because of the room of c.n.n. as he talked we still almost broke the vote was he who can who has always been able to vote and set over the course only. was that he bought this one i feel i please him to stop and so let it stop. i get clear of a taxi but i could have been administered myself through an air conditioned ak is the over best games of yes almost but i'm a devotedly. more. because november the first two thousand and ten when you heard the news that he had been selected in the squad to spawn on for quite a bit of the c.n.n. needed throats on most of us and was by that piece i could deal there no malice and i five's in less money for one through which was to flee straight. be honest but two in front of loan and two in front of it along to
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further d. i know from the offspring look dude sure i could later look for an old friend of if they're going to come. data may base their conservation numbers you could base the from a market. audit of what felt and as i said the woman vice that is what opus thought and eloquent full of heart and like and that's the leader. for the better or for appropriate of. bluff and said she had it all going to fully didn't miss a successful. xandra township in the north of johannesburg has been home to france his whole life.
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i'm living he had no i'm staying here now don't i know this yeah we did seven first interviewed if as series of ops seven ops we got it here when i was seven. do you prefer. to live. by then we were living i think we live in a fast living here i created my father my mother my sister my cousins can you know save living in a small crowded place. you know when it's hard to you know it's not it's not just an environment that's very neat is yes. but a bit. chest automan you know and so far and free you know i've tried to to place to be
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more did as much as possible. when he was fourteen his passion was soccer. who end up ok the professional people asked for financially because. from side in when young. people would see excuse to read up or look at a combustible. t.v. doing. he did get on t.v. but not as a soccer player. or it's up. to . overlay this beat which you can look at your particular. sect. for me it was exciting because i was doing something that i love and
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a spirit and it was nice because well it does challenging because you have to wake up in the morning saying. my phone call between a lot i want to. be . his soap opera has come to an end and france is out of work. i mean you couldn't but casting egypt. maybe you and i need the opportunity now to gain. a twenty one he was just as frustrated. still government is not doing enough. in formation need opportunity with no ground floor from god through.
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it. you know. i'm going to one of. the people living like that in life. doing them food to. get by planting. the twenty eight just a little doing something he never thought he would do. and for it to be fair that b.p. . all believe a lot of you need to do for you. get more money you must. do. my duty as i do you i have to be quick because of my sisters that we haven't had to say that learning how to cook for my father or if a meeting was off my fat ass or. i
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may be levi and i believe shop i was to buy this infinity assuming he sees behaves you. have to buy it. i don't believe in what you do to change or for the best. i don't believe me and i have. to fight. i guess when you're twenty eight you feel that you should achieve something there is an expectation to have either achieved a certain level in your life or to be going somewhere. with what you want to do. grew up in an affluent liberal household in johannesburg it's going to be a seat i don't know how did it end. so like you've got some.
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motion the norm on the bag she and the one dog and the one catch all much she took off with him. to take it off oh it's name's tom tom your. strong you know this you know markets just very just a pain in the neck every week by fourteen she had started to produce off works. this. is self portrait of an animal which is done and well passed almost. by twenty one she was into music and man. you know. do you have boyfriends you know. did. i think i was a very unhappy i know i was unhappy when i was a boss t.
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so it was a big escapism to go out and just behave as insane me as i could by such i think that night she was very nice and i think that's that's the sweet sad yeah that's the spider sense i think that's. what i'm sorry to say that when you have a sense of what kind of man you would be understood yeah probably somebody who's not threatened by me a lot of people are threatened by me so far as i'm concerned by your kids probably i mean your face i mean accused of being in your face very often. and when she met. sans life changed dramatically on many channels internets. it was interesting i got on some really bad blind dates some really awful ones and i wasn't like overly keen to meet him put it that way and eventually off to two
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months of emailing i decided ok whatever let's go for drinks so i went and i told him before i got there just a drink i'm not feeling so well you know and by the time i had a drink and he got a really well i was like he was like oh do you want to go somewhere else like your choice i got what you said you're sick i'm like no no i'm feeling fine i'm feeling absolutely fine i don't even met somebody who i got on with as quickly as i got on with him. it's just nice to know that no matter what happens in the day i can come home and he's here you know and the fact that for any device i can ask him the fact that if i have a terrible fight with somebody he'll back me up you know and it's clear that unconditional. efforts to teach turkish. yeah absolutely. heal our patients noisey forgiving. when it comes to teaching me turkish what's the most complicated thing you can say enter. into his day was it was what he or most
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of those easy villains in this industry really almost honest to be used to speaking and i say. that's about all you know if i don't speak english i'm pretty screwed. to see this day starts and sweater at five am. i being a fish and. then being as blakely as muslim youth rupie. yeah i get one image in there and i mean this i think the future is bright. she lives in threes. small rooms with her family. when she was a little girl her home was a shack in
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a squatter camp. and you know no planes were. dumped out and getting to the dock lines as much of a lot of them was zero risk that's where. the money tony's was and it was just. to play nice with. a twenty one she didn't have a job and helped around the house to keep busy. from school to see. i was in the mines going to see that i don't see my way so to not limited to sales i'm uncertain and an incentive to do self lieut. not embassy across town every morning to get to the office for eight o'clock.
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i decided to myself so go till we can school for the computer and administrate so i did that cause. seven months. and then i post that calls. just to get one on each and a note for the helps by the way. she'd been working as an office cleaner when she was offered the job as a receptionist. at that time they told me i was going by the same time was good. i didn't have any idea how to week in a day office environment getting ready to go to school for. most of the people there what degree increase what it. but
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it would be like it would be been tricky. she's been there for three years and has salaries supports the household my fist pay. lots of hundreds lots of it. and i didn't run to the woods before you begin need to bang me maims into going to. for drug users seeking to get clean one rehab option has been raising serious questions work based therapy a so-called treatment that is a what a no paying. fold lines investigates how people reeling from drug use or having exploitation added to that was who's. recovering from rehab on al-jazeera. it's
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a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every beauty's is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness but it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it really brittanys happiness is what we ensure it if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy time has done what no other country has. talked to old is there oh. you're just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the country that you go we listen to the children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter how does iraq.
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hello i missed and doha with the headlines on al-jazeera sri lanka's president is promising major changes to the country's security leadership in the coming hours this after the government acknowledged that intelligence agencies received multiple tip offs before the easter sunday attacks that killed three hundred and twenty one people eisel claimed responsibility more than twenty four hours after the attacks the government blames a local group with suspected foreign links. we have been receiving information about trainings the terrorist were having the security department has received so much information regarding their activities we did not investigate thoroughly and carry out the necessary action against these organizations in their
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members unfortunately we have experienced this incident innocent people have been killed due to the horrific incident thousands of sudanese protesters have joined a sit in outside the army headquarters in khartoum. they say the military leaders are taking too much time to hand over power to civilians the african union leaders are giving the military council three months for the transition egypt's national election authority says voters have backed major constitutional changes that could allow president abdel fattah el-sisi to stay in power until twenty thirty the amendments also extend the military's power over politics along with extending presidential term limits rights groups say the referendum was neither free nor fair north korean leader kim jong un is on his way to russia to meet president that me a person on thursday kim is traveling to the russian city of lot of our stock on a private train accompanied by a high level delegation his visit is believed to be part of pyongyang's efforts to
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build international support following the breakdown of talks with the united states and u.s. president donald trump has met twitter's c.e.o. jack dorsey just hours after he launched an attack against the social media giant saying twitter was biased against him the meeting took place behind closed doors but according to the president it went great. and scientists believe they have measured the festa seismological travel on another planet the famed rumble on mars was picked up by nasa insight probe and has been labeled a mole's quake research is home to analyze how rocky planets were formed by analyzing seismic activity on mars those are the headlines now back to twenty years up south africa.
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in the same year the film was made to spring but he got married and moved to durban with his bride nicolete tell me about it. you know possibly from. well. you know it's the type of advice more relief there are videos there were hopes last one. i get the. norco that i've given to her have yet to actually believe my second thought or say that out of the fact that there's nobody that's big to me. it's a long paper for the wall or it's off the mark for my. both of them and nickelodeon were brought up with traditional values. you.
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hold onto. the love of my view is what i was here. and bob knight i should float it's sort. of clear it is. a huge bomb foam. and i. and i nor can we look at my. yeah. i remember you were a virgin or twenty one ya got on that i think at that i thought that i didn't think . of thought the other party are not twenty one so i think the seller clever one i could slip into that had one walk to come all crushed ice i mean somebody solid done to self the done consul flocking to knock me seen around the lever. and i was. near say is the.
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best. rock be on the stand that is living a sense she would rather you did something safer i think almost all for the electrons for i was in a file a fanatic rest then say funded by the book. and get a lot more by i need it to him off the my to kike and that's all that's i can do. the i. mean. it's all about. the world.
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and its many. fronts a seven month old daughter sally mina lives with a mother not far from him and alex. often to see each other. two weeks on left and two weeks how do you manage times finance the i.q. sometimes especially in terms of. napier you know. when there's no near peace. but my sister tried to help me. we've made peace on. someone. it's nice. to. last for no it's not about. he said diving. care not i care now he is
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a pre-treating i will say that i will be poured for the show series and so it's going to be no choice for five what if you mean you know hoards you know you go and buy booze out of this one. day and. then you're going to pieces. one. was so. close. to twenty one fronts and never had a job. situation i warned them that. that's obviously the one food to talk about and to do something i want to get i can spot which one needs to asking. and i'm some fusty. guy like nick what about. a moment you feel a sin if it's a license in the last the last week. now france has a new girlfriend to the who works for the n c and every now and then she likes to
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eat out. how boy was. if you need to spot an awning. you sought my genius like most c.t.'s northwick you know. and you would know any savings to give you seriously to think you bite you you know when last year comes to. us and. says it. this. way. you want to produce you don't want it looks nice and. then you know that he has a child. i know it has a child he told me. but so far it doesn't affect i want to see if you
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like her to. get up. but. maybe after. school. or why do you why do you walk up and then your place. and grade the info. you create there when god not. using my new pool party. was going out to fast by me. and i think you have to he went. in chaperoned. by where i. live calls on. i think i'm even making dust part of growing up. so that's
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a new job that's coming up and then there's also. new data for macros so you can see there were two six of them are that i can do at the age of twenty eight katter's got his career on track as a job as a market analyst. is days it's not about just fine i've gotten a whole lot more focused. store need to be more focused on a lot that i need to get done and still need to. push harder. he discovered snowboarding at twenty one and became hooked which did not amuse his father. he's always kind of medically sacrificed quite a bit for me to go to school good school not just any school so he's always kind of i like to sort of remind me about it you know it's now and then when i step out of line is like hey remember i did this for you in a circle and at least return the favor and some sort of way. no he works full
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time but still squeezes him quite a lot of fun my friends are living alone we get together every monday we go each other's flats cook and drink rum and have a merry good time tonight it's cats turn to cook he's preparing the food but the flat he shares with his friend nick makes a point out that you were cooking on the gas was all but there was no flame are you kidding me. so whenever and when we're standing in a room full of gas that's totally. i just you know a lot of cigarette up here you can have friends when ever you want by being just what you are don't but the brother bugs you just love him and. when he started it's in john's tattoos cut loose from his upbringing and sweater.
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it's been a very core group of friends the past couple years hasn't changed much shane is the lead singer from day one hundred thirty craig who shane's brother also in the band with them. knickers and a straight a designer so if it works and event management. say it stars and he has experience in the ad industry. tonight the dinner is being held after hours at angie's cafe around the corner from where they all have. or i'm pretty bummed about this actually. again let's have a look at all the chicken pieces on top are perfect and read to be eaten but every layer of chicken out on the bottom is completely wrong still. that's up thirteen percent up the temperature and we're just going to eat the millers only for now we'll see how the chicken is in an hour. at least for now we got that and we got so this was going to work that. wow
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the whole bottom layer of the chickens roll sorry guys so in this for when you all get drunk later you can have chicken. liver here is the worst thing that i could think of. who doesn't know. what you think the difference is between black and white. and i kept the same skin. you. could see going to cape town two years ago a whole bunch of friends and i we were trying to go into a place and even asses laden but i was allowed in because it reached a quota of nonwhite people and the club. which i find quite
4:44 am
a weird. voice at the store to live in south africa everyone must possess some sort of piece of racism in them and that's sort of how we all function you know. that's going to take a long time for that to go away. i mean racism an old friend stephanie years and. in south africa. but also served a little. more. thoughtful look at me that's all being self when we. were four hundred or going to be at the black the mark. of. most of the problems that we do to help you because i do provide. yourself people know that we keep being if people like they are preaching the soci we then.
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i think you can be a target. not much i guess i'm i feel like his vision. with his life is kind of fading into oblivion unfortunately people have taken over a majority forgotten about what he stood for. i've been here almost ten years. please know that change is no different if we have to wait we have to jump the water. we don't have street. lights. with could come tell us what those for those come for us after they go to the suburbs you mean the huge one he doesn't bring up all those people who voted for him so they're voting and i'm sorry i can't.
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even my temper senior was fourteen she was unhappy about the condition. aims and something i am tanned it's not. the name forgotten about me it's one of the women that i'm going to learn. the most about. now from soli talking. but she still lives in the same place. you know with her son in trouble. while i don't then i think. that i will find. it is not your problem alone that i would like. we don't do anything. that involves we live and. i don't care. what. your. business.
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but. i don't know. things don't. always tell me that much more than most but i have a little. before . this nation would say you've been in camp. and i didn't. owning my company. and. i don't like friends i don't need friends in my life.
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this is my real real friend. whatever. but then i can when the. door. right and didn't. i'm just going to. read some off one of these drama brief. about new stuff. between the macaws dream vision. both know that end up in the smoking say the retire the smoking all those things. to me that i don't quite have so much on the end about i did the same time he'll call for. that's what
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i believe my being. a lover of art to good use she got a diploma and became a lecturer in graphic design all right so now we're going to get on to the sphere right we're going to paint a sphere and try blended sort of looks around. why be afraid of your painting your brushes get them dirty look at them so you all need water ok i enjoy teaching and i enjoy young people because i can identify with where they're coming from i can you know it's not long ago that i was exactly where they are a lot of people forget that we knew that age things a little bit different you know and. you got to your make some leeway for that. seeing them go from like being a just passing student to like getting you know really good marks or winning
4:50 am
something. is really great i like to see them succeed i get what i want to do take a big flat brush the blending brush i just started doing the fish and what i started doing was trying to get the three dimensionality. you guys have more time than i have i promise you. why do you have no time tell me. multiple times are you going to go into industry with a them on things and deadlines like this is the time now advice to you to practice that technique because when you're not there you don't have time to practice you kind of have to deliver i want to get back into the arts and i want to get back into that really seriously i hope to not work full time as a lecturer like i'm doing now and eventually work part time as a doctor and do marts as well there's nothing better than starting a project and finishing the project and having that sense of achievement i'm quite sure which way they go in are but this is what i like when it's finished. yeah
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that's right. yeah and they're solar really so i guess that's a good thing that's success right now. unfortunately my mom. mother has long been a patron of the. chinese not mine. tonight she is preparing for friday night supper. time to. tell the world. what sort of religion i you know i will cherish how secure. i can what things you have to do if you're jewish you have to do every man is a man. every year you have. you know i am taps
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from the west. i thought i would drift she's off to show you know i suspect a lot as a clerical a boy. once and he knew i was jewish that away i knew he was muslim straightaway i mean i'm actually an atheist and i theist you but that's not what i am and he is a very secular muslim. i think that's one of the reasons we adopt to be honest it wasn't because he wanted to upset people it was just easier i think my mum takes it as a personal affront that we never told her but it wasn't about her at all it was just easier at the time we were young. like. that brought a sign as a moment's. notice and i remember when i heard someone say to me very look over i'm not surprised i married was i'm surprised i'm married. if that wasn't my intention ever. in another unexpected twist. my having to
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leave the country. very much involved in southwest africa as you know. my husband being foreign really struggled to get a visa for him to stay in this country but i mean really really struggled took us literally ten months. of constant fighting i ventured to be got a visa which allows him to be in the country basically do nothing you can't work you can't open a bank account blah blah blah blah blah here's a guy with degrees he wants to invest in the country he wants to make business what can you do you can't do anything has to go to namibia and do it there. the. we always reach we can't change duty to getting past unfortunately it's what time
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at the beach now you can change the mistakes to be in seeing past you know you only score for what you will release. me and then we four do best you know i. love my son. and i will. take counsel from the for by you will not get out of that a. bullshitter then you're never to be out in the dark as wife and walk look. over at the water than any right off. the fog but put on the shelf. from the off from the can i don't get a key. because of oil by a clear nice wide open window.
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and. i'm full. and overeasy all the piss. is leaving the fence and i. wonder all the time that. one used you know the time when you saw. them toil i'm told. most of the time in the kind of thing little when i was like that. some things never change. it's exactly the same. way that i remember when i left the out people just walking the streets getting drunk with cyber very long way to go. and not anyone i've been close to it we should be. there is so much more study should be done that needs to be improved do you feel a need to be part of the process i'd like to be are that person.
4:56 am
even if it's tiny small bit i mean i think everyone can be part of the process but what do you think the overall. first on a. proper so it's a. very idea just like a whole nother world. how we can apply this how even if i that this is where everything happens on a sunday on see myself in someone's dad and happy about where i am now when i see we are going. how have you changed since you were severed. charging the lives of the children of a part of
4:57 am
a twenty one years story reflecting a history as dramatic social and political twenty eight south africa part two. zero. hello again it's good to have you back we're crossing ited states it is going to be a rainy day and the thunderstorms are going to continue across much of the south here's the system that we are watching and it's a slow moving system that's going to be the big problem there because with the slow moving system the potential of flooding is going to be on the increase and we're talking about areas such as dallas over here towards new orleans as well we're
4:58 am
going to be seeing the rain continuing and in the center storms we could be seeing some hail as well as some some damaging winds as those storms continue up towards the north though not looking too bad for minneapolis twenty degrees for you there new york is going to be a little bit cooler with a temperature of eighteen degrees well across the caribbean things are quite calm at the moment we're not seeing too much in terms of rain maybe some showers down here across much of the south we talked about panama over here towards costa rica but up to its kingston the rain has stopped for what we see earlier in the week with the terms of there of about thirty degrees and unfortunately going to be seeing some more rain here across the northern part of argentina as well as into paraguay the rain has been quite substantial of the last couple of days we have seen flooding there over the last couple of days as well rio is going to see a partly cloudy day with thirty degrees there and as we go towards thursday rain is going to continue across montevideo but for one as odd as it is going to be a cool day in winds with a temperature of one thousand. sweat
4:59 am
tears and sometimes blood but for them it's what their dreams are made on. al jazeera world tells a story of a young moroccan boxes from humble backgrounds for training for the rights of their lives. under former champion who gives his all that six casablanca by cop on how to zero. mining six continents across the. series corresponding bringing the stories they told me on a few of the other no. not the letters that. were out the version of the origin account for palestinian refugee children syria. news
5:00 am
. this is zero. hello i missed and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a failure to act on intelligence as president thouse to restructure security services after suicide bombers killed more than three hundred and twenty people. and saddam and thousands more protesters arrive in the capital to join demonstrations against the country's military rulers. u.s. president donald trump needs twitter hours after launching accusations against the social media company.


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