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tv   Chasing Asylum  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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sister was nearly killed during the day. the house collapsed and. she managed to get out just before. most people were killed in areas around the port city surrounded by hills. and. everything when a house collapsed she didn't realize how dangerous a downpour was until it was too late. to stop price costs which are so huge cheering tonight. during during the week just think it's a range. of three folks it made to be in. some here's a part of the reason for the flooding is the government's failure to regularly maintain drainage systems. plainness says he i don't think it's because of what's happened it's nature this. weakness or it's.
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heavy rain also in other parts of south africa but. it's a hardest hit province the landscape in some areas has completely changed with water. it was just a piece of land with a few homes on it but many houses were washed away by water they are a few structures that managed to survive but they're. standing. and with more heavy rain and gale force winds forecast the risk of further flooding and landslides remains. pinetown south africa a month after cycle of a state of mozambique another storm is approaching the country's northern coast canis has made landfall in the french territory of mayor at the indian ocean three people were killed. in mozambique nearly seven hundred thousand people a risk from the incoming storm which is expected to hit late on thursday. still to
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come in this half hour the french president pledges to significantly reduce income tax in africa and they get love fest protests power but normally warm and stormy weather and lead to a catastrophic breeding trailer for emperor penguins and on top. we've got so wet some windy weather pushing across west and possibly that's going to make it went to central arizona the next couple of fats and glorious sunshine age of the central pass over the last day or two temperatures into the the mid twenty's asil got to change that's because this area of rain showers just tucked in behind running into the buy a biscuit to make their way. over the next sixty seventy might be eighteen celsius there for london and paris some of the temperature to form
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a triple got the shabby ranks coming in across western parts some style unitas they were the the out. avalanche risk remains in force twenty six celsius the berlin twenty eight celsius for vienna on friday to make the most of it because come sassed i did about seventeen eighteen degrees here it turns grey wet and rather windy windy enough to have it into western pozen temperatures in london in paris well it will struggle to get to run eleven or twelve degrees celsius a really good downhill for many parts of europe over the next as i particularly towards the north that's been all parts of africa here is a fine a dry some warm sunshine nine hundred celsius in algiers getting up into the mid twenty's there for bad lots of sunshine pretty hot in care over the next day by saturday we have a high of thirty three. how have you changed since you were.
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trapped in the lives of the children of a part of a twenty one year story reflecting a dramatic social and political twenty eight south africa. a reminder of the top stories here on the death toll in sri lanka's easter sunday attacks has been revised down by of around a hundred according to health officials with the number of dead now thought to be
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about two hundred fifty three security services are on high alert amid warnings of more attacks the red cross says then sleep populated areas of the libyan capital are gradually turning into battlefields with the humanitarian situation deteriorating and pressure is mounting on sudan's military leadership with one hundred judges joining protesters in demanding as civilian government mohamed is live for us in khartoum so mohammed first of all what reaction has there been from the military to even more protesters being joined now by judges in the man being a change. barbara the reaction is probably more attention to what's going on in the streets the military have we have seen that they have been heeding what's going on in the cities they look it is happening right under their gaze and we have seen in the last couple of days people
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coming from as far as darfur on the east and south kordofan the motorist in sudan people who have been taking up arms and fighting against the government for years now seem to have realized that it is better for them to come and make their voice heard through peaceful means and it is very very powerful persuasion weapon it seems the military have been given a concession after concession over the last couple of weeks at least the last ten days we have seen that after the meeting yesterday evening between the leadership of the military council military council and the leadership of the protests they have at least come to agreement on four major things are at least they have made for major developments there by the military council of the forces of change and freedom as the sole and official legitimate representative of the of the of the protesters that's a major the money that has been you know submitted by the protesters and also the second point is that as
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a commission of some of the unwanted members of the military council those are military officers one of them has been the head of the political committee and he's described by the protest as one of the syria close aides of former president obama bashir everyone in the state has been demanding that they should be not only ousted from the council but also taken to prison and tried for their participation in the crackdown on civilians and other crimes the third thing they came to the third major development is that they agreed to form a joint committee a civilian from the protesters and military from the council to look over and supervise and discuss the. transition and how to implement measures that lead to the task for power to civilians now or so there is an understanding between the two sides that probably the supreme presidential transitional council will be both military and civilian a joint council but there is some division of opinion about the majority whether
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the majority should be military or should be civilian not something that is being discussed these are just some of the points but or so this is full of people and the number is increasing you have mentioned the judges there are all the components of the society professional and otherwise saw that is the strongest weapon the strongest tool in the hands of the protesters in the standoff with the military of so they are still expecting more results to come out of that one hundred file with the latest from khartoum one hundred thank you russian president vladimir putin and north korean leader kim jong un they have held their first ever meeting the end president that summit didn't yield many diplomatic results but it did allow put in to cast doubt on america's ability to win nuclear concessions from north korea from that they've all stuck steadfast and reports. it's almost
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a year since russian president vladimir putin invited the north korean leader kim jong un to russia now they finally met face to face for the first time thanks while russia and north korea and neighbors their ties have become more distant since the collapse of the soviet union both leaders say they want to change that. i am proposing a toast to happiness and the beautiful future of our two countries people as well as the health of our comrades and friends here. denuclearization dominated the two leaders nearly two hour long private meeting with and sad the united states and russia have mutual interests and that is a north korea without nuclear weapons or will you look we're going to lose a sense of what is denuclearization it is to a certain extent disarmament of north korea of course i have spoken about it all the time and can confirm once again the north korea side speaks about it as well
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democratic people's republic of korea needs guarantee of its safety and sovereignty even though no concrete results were announced came and put in both used this summit to send a message to the united states two months after denuclearization talks with donald trump and failed they praised each other extensively clearly showing the world that their very first meeting was a success it's a third foreign trip this year for kim jong who is staying here at the university campus his long and what he described as candid discussions would fly to me a put and not only show that he has world data to turn to but also that he has options before considering signing a denuclearization deal with the united states. put in said kim jong un has asked him to convey north korea's position to the u.s. government the russian president will also meet chinese president xi jinping in the next few days while russia has not been included in talks about the korean peninsula for some time this summit might have brought putin's involvement
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a little closer step fastens al-jazeera. russia. the former u.s. vice president joe biden has officially entered the race for the white house it's the third time he's run for the democratic nomination in his lengthy political career but the first in which he enters as a frontrunner but the spy biden's decades of political experiences candidacy is not without its challenges our white house correspondent kimberly health reports so glad to be here with you today never before have the candidates to become the u.s. democratic presidential nominee been more diverse of the twenty running many are candidates of color and female joe biden is neither. for this nation that might be one reason biden chose the issue of race in his announcement video to be a candidate for u.s. president america is an idea i didn't strongly bigger. more powerful
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than a dictator a tyrant he's confronting his vulnerability and selling it as a strength. he says with u.s. president donald trump blamed the deadly twenty seventeen white supremacist rally in charlottesville on both sides are new threats against. any are never seen in my lifetime biden argues that despite looking a lot like his views are starkly different or touch with the issues progressive and younger voters care about biden's decades of experience as a vice president and senator also present challenges will be scrutinized for past traditional views he says have changed over time on issues of or. race and women's rights last month he defended himself against accusations of inappropriate touching of women. changed. that. given five and shifting positions many younger
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a progressive voters continue to support senator bernie sanders candidacy. they see bided as the old guard in washington fail to stop trump any progressive see sanders as a consistent challenger of the democratic party's establishment wing joe biden has a wealth of experience decades of experience the problem is joe biden's record is all over the map but perhaps one of the best measures of biden's vulnerability comes from his former running mate president barack obama america's first black president obama's spokesperson so far has praised biden's candidacy but stopped short of endorsing biden were the words you. remember joe biden will have to convince the diverse and useful members of the democratic party that is seventy six year old white man is the only candidate that can defeat president donald trump it's a paradox that biden will have to work to overcome kimberley help get al jazeera
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the white house. the french president has been addressing the nation in the attempt to end months of anti-government demonstrations emmanuelle mccrone says he wants to significantly cut income tax and end the jobs for life for civil servants a spot of reforms to quote transform france speaking in response to months of yellow bus protests against him he also said he'd make it easier to hold referenda on national issues his address came after three months of town hall style meetings across france though the great debate. public order must return an essential. but i don't want the actions of some people to eclipse but just. the start of this movement and broadly supported. that sent us this update from paris where the french president said that the yellow vest
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protests had certainly highlighted the fact that many people in france feel that there are simply too much social inequality and they feel that the political system doesn't represent them so what i meant all my call did was come up with a raft of new policies that he says will address those grievances things like tax cuts for the middle classes reducing the number of politicians the number of m.p.'s there are also making it more easier more of a meritocracy in france easier to get into some of france's top schools that are seen by many as being are symbols of elitism and mental michael said it was time to invest more in education more in young people and more in small towns and villages and not focus so much on the big cities this was a change of form and style for the french president he was more informal more approachable critics in the past have often said he's to our current and aloof his policies were based on the findings of the grand debate an initiative he launched
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in january in order to people to give people a platform to air their grievances and concerns are whether or not though these policies in the speech will be enough to end the yellow vest protests which we've seen across france the past five months is unclear but what a man will want to do is to try to appeal to as many people as possible he knows he can't please everyone but his main concern will be to show people that he has listened and he's trying to act. and eleven day campaign of climate protests designed to cause major disruption to london has now come to an end extinction rebellion demonstrators targeted the city's financial district on their final day whether three hundred people glued themselves the walls of the london stock exchange and blocked roads around the bank of england and goldman sachs protesters have been urging the u.k. government to player a climate emergency and take a radical action on climate change speaking of which a catastrophic breeding failure has taken place after thousands of emperor penguin
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chicks drowned the british antarctic survey says the emperor chicks died after the sea ice that they were being raised on was destroyed by a big normally warm and stormy weather back in two thousand and sixteen since then researchers have found that virtually nothing is hatched that halle berry a the second biggest emperor penguin breeding ground in and talk to well pill trafton is a penguin ecologist at the british and party of a he explains why how the bay was considered a safe breeding ground despite the global warming. the colony is between a fourteen thousand and twenty four thousand breeding pairs so it's a big colony it's equivalent to about eight or nine percent of the global population so it's a significant colony however we've seen in the past that sometimes you get
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a complete failure some colonies we know that column use move so that's not what is interesting about this observation what is unique about this is that this colony is deep in the world will say it's an america where we expect to stay colder as the world warms so it is an area which we can think of as a refuge for and preparing winds so if in the refuges very are also vulnerable to severe storm of events and that means those safe places onto safe as we had previously thought. then after reminder of the top stories on al jazeera the death toll in sri lanka's easter sunday attacks has been revised down by around one hundred because of the difficulty in a dent defying the remains health officials say the number of dead is now thought
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to be about two hundred and fifty three security services remain on high alert and the u.s. and the u.k. a warning about the possibility of more attacks speaking to al jazeera the prime minister says some suspects are still at large. we have to admit the fear. the breakdown in the flow of information. and that's one of the matter that are being investigated. even in regard to the number of dead. police have ordered the three hundred fifty the head we need to see it it's more about two hundred sixty five off the new eighty five the number and they mean no no you do the shock i mean if not for the lapse many of them would be alive today then sleep populated areas of tripoli are gradually turning into battlefields that's according to the international committee of the red cross which says the humanitarian situation in libya is deteriorating at least seven fighters were killed by an airstrike south of
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tripoli on wednesday libya's un recognized government has asked the security council to appoint a fact finding mission to investigate alleged violations by the forces attacking the capital. pressure is mounting on sudan's military leadership with one hundred judges joining protests there isn't demanding a civilian government demonstrating for the first time the judges marched from the supreme court to the sit in outside army headquarters they were among hundreds of thousands of protesters in the capital khartoum shortly after the march of sudan's transitional military council announced it would hand over executive power to civilians but retain sulpher an authority. and almost seventy people have been killed and more than a thousand of fled their homes after heavy rains calls flooding and mudslides in south africa it's once again raise concerns about poor government infrastructure those other top stories are going to have more news for you in half an hour up next
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of racism in football in the street. a string of racist incidents at high profile football matches has left players and fans wondering how to tackle behavior many thought was in the sport's past and for me ok i really could be racism be kicked out of football and join today's conversation through twitter an you tube. monkey chants from spectators at racial abuse from other players and even
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a source near the training ground the apiece faced by ethnic and religious minorities in football has left clubs and governing bodies scrambling to find effective ways to combat it in late march black england international players face races chanting from fans of opposing side montenegro in the euro two thousand and twenty qualifier the european governing body is investigating racism is not just confined to one league of one country through eventers players including goalscorer most. was subject to racist abuse from opposing fans throughout a match earlier this month that came just days after europe's governing body ordered a club shut down esc and that c.e.o. to close parts of their stadium because of racist behavior among their fans players are finding new ways to highlight the scale of the problem and call for action danny rose and raheem sterling two players who were abused throughout that england match in montenegro were among several professionals who joined a twenty four hour social media boycott on friday but with
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a reported cases of racism in football on the increase what more needs to be done we're joined by paul multiverse he's a former english premier league footballer who's now active with anti racism group show racism the red card he's in london calling king is author of offside racism playing the white man he is also head coach of the black and asian coaches association he joins us from. london also in london is p.r. a power executive director at football against racism in europe and completing our lineup any wellings is in london he's now the c.e.o. a sport correspondent he was reporting widely on while football hello chad it's good to have enhanced sorry about the subject matter i want to play this to you because this is a game between last year and ac milan paul i'm just wondering what this does to you when you watch this have a have a look has a have a listen oh. you know. who
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was you know. the was this banana is fake you prove this this is twenty nineteen what is going on. it doesn't surprise me it's happening so much now that it's all moment when all malloy's you know to the three of the three other gentlemen will will tell you that this is something that is being experienced far too often and for me i look at it i just think you know what i'm not surprised if it's only it's prevalent that i have a huge problem with it's not to say that we don't you england played italy they have a huge problem with your boys a kid was was racially abused of his own manager claimed that he was partly to blame he was a victim he's partly to grab so if they are side things like that i'm not surprised about what. is no surprise to me it's all me asking you not in that.
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yeah i think what we say. in football grounds what's happened over the last month. i think you know why there's one element. that might just be a good thing i think the chaps will know what i mean by. high profile. people talking about it the having the conversation where wife and what i'd like to see and that's proper action from fee for a new wife but these things happen all the time away from high level football that's something we need to make a distinction here this is top leagues throughout europe where mainly talking happens week in week out across grassroots football where people are having to walk away from the guy because of racism and the fact that someone like it's brilliant to see rheims come out and talk about this particularly because it means that people are putting a spotlight on what has been there and it's still there it's not that much worse now than it has been for the past few years in the past few decades so i'm picked
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up on what you said lee as i think the line was what has been there and what what is still there because we got this tweet from nestle on who tweets the show often dedicated stream viewer and she writes the racism is making a comeback globally and the world of football isn't any different it's that idea of making a comeback and i'm hoping you can pick up on holland because you know you've been in this industry now for a while do you think this is something that has gotten worse or has it always been there kind of simmering under the surface. so i think quite good question but i think it's always been there that disease is in there being the diagnosis of the disease is changed quite a bit of the cli from the seventy's where we actually accepted which of the two football morally is no longer acceptable or so with no look at it from a punitive only view but if you look at it deeply transfer some of these thought were standing firm with the scientific beliefs about black people that translate from outside star to the rise of the popular right wing movement within the stadium
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and i think we need to take this really quite seriously it was happening in post more to solve it in football in their relationship and it's it needs to be a collective strategic approach to challenging these issues of color as a young player here at sports extreme racism that put you off that and wanting to play football so you moved on to a more cultural can you tell us about that story that made you realize how weston's football can bowl. well unlike poorly when you had that fortune of kind of professional dancers quite a few black players in the seventy's who were actually with demonised and abused by white coated in the structure of the game i was called the n word which was for quite dramatic i ended up inception under the mental health facts and i think that's a lot of things that those experiences of but what i think caused post traumatic issues facing black players now and in the game the structures i think it's
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particularly difficult is that you can't locate racism superfan culture that's what i call the the kind of like overt thought that there are sort of interest to tional so out of issues that we need to look at that relationship. i thought i'd come in is quite right i mean for me as a kid i experience racism where i live television and suppose i'm a london boy so i kind of lived around there was i had to navigate my way from school house and back again through areas that i knew i could go through because i was a black guy so when it came to focal. was i ready for it yet did i experience a yes but a different life that was the other stuff where it was told to my face but there were also things like i had physiotherapist people who are in positions of authority tell him a few things like well you know you don't need to do this for me today because i know black guys don't like to sweat i had people science i'm
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a cutout you sides of me you know what you're not going to be great over the next few months because the weather is getting cold you know it was it was things like that as well as you know stuff it was the subtle stuff where people you know because of my characteristics i see you think i'm angry i'm always angry for example i've had spells of i've disagreed with someone and they say you have to agree your lot are of the agri aren't you so people start to look at that and identify that we've made because of my characteristics so it's not just the overt stuff that's in your face it's the susser stuff that people don't see that people are quite sure about. they are why frank one of the reasons that people haven't always say it is the media of course not not reporting it sort of coming but. i'm guilty of this as much as anybody else in the i as a young reporter reported on charlton crystal palace much as the pope died but we
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spoke about and he vices and then i think partly overshadowed by some of the hogan ism that was happening but people just weren't talking about rights issue when it was happening it was happening supplies it was happening quite quite famously john bones and over decades these things are still have not been talked about and over the last few weeks particularly and in english football i mean obviously with the same kinds of months and i go as well but within the premier league there have been these high profile case and there have been more. have said and of course the question is is this partly to do with the political climate in the country at the moment is it to do with the tension around breaks it actually some of it's voting into the into the stadiums i'm quite sure what the chaps think about. crowds i would say yeah i would definitely say yes because i did work with organisers recently when the referendum decision came out there was a spike in behavior where people literally it was probably more of
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a they could tell people to. to go out to leave now to think about you know you'd leave your job at range sterling and what happens in chelsea where he walks over to the side of the pitch to pick up the ball was racially abused from a that set me because twenty five thirty years ago the exact same thing happened to me i was a guy played one of my teammates before the guy said to me listen there's a certain section of the crowd's ok with the poor guy was out there do not go there and you know as a young lad i'm so it blows and said now i don't want to hear you so good rubbish well the bull went out there and i went out with the abuse i got the heat of the high treats the experience when i saw her he. said yeah play me put me just play that so many but let me just play that moment we knew you're not going to hear what people are same people who were that assange. it was racist and can you imagine that being your pace and having to go to work like that. just mentioned
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a very famous incident which was john barnes playing in an f.a. cup game and he was kicking butt nonis off the pitch there's a banana there that was in the nine hundred eighty s. well let me show you something that was just a little while ago and again here recent game. on the pitch i want to take us next you mentioned the media and that is actually something that we heard in our community as well and so i want to share an example of just one of the examples this is from raheem sterling sexual instagram page perfume and we mentioned his name a little bit earlier and he showcases two headlines really ripped from the headlines one about himself young manchester city footballer twenty on twenty five thousand a week flashes out on a mansion on market for two point two five million despite having never started a premier league match and then he shares another headline about a similar player who also bought
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a home for his mother and the headline is quite different manchester city's starlet phil gordon buys a new two million home for his mom so you can see the difference there but it's that idea that is making headlines itself so this is one from someone we actually got a video comment from this is from e.s.p.n. the undefeated and here is what the author of this piece told the story. research dating back nearly a century shows a strong link between races media messages and people's negative attitudes towards people who code. athletes in particular is so fish here again and even beastly that's why and arenas across here you see people making monkey noises. at after the woman that is on the pitch and even using racial slurs i'm going to caesarean starting with manchester city. media company to me out outlets are influential in
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how people view race and racism if bridgehead was in particular don't change the way they present black athletes or we defer harassment. so paul i'll give that one over to you do you think that this is something that is being looked at as is instituting. well hugely you know. that's the kind of the kind of faded of of of racist language that i'm talking about i mean you know the way the media represents black and minority players is you know unintelligent it's about their physical abilities not their mental agility you know that's how that's how they view big black and strong and could rather know never anything to do with their intelligence and if they if they're successful i look at paul pogba people like that for example he's treat this white because he's a successful black man ok who actually is just being himself now you
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have the kinds of people that they never get the kind of negative press that someone like poor pop i mean. you know flew out of budget airline he was too cheap you know splashes out on a house he's to flash. not really see what play is being represented in that why and it's not such a lot so it was very very how trading changed it so obvious in that you were thinking we just taken at it is to say hey we're not going to use this language anymore let's start let's move on. well the problem that you have is is there's an underwear percentage of black a definite minority journalists you see out there is there's this program that comes on our local t.v. supplement thing where all the journalists were the jury that journalists are why you know you have this situation where for white men outspoken about racism you know until there is
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a proper representation of black enough that models of people within the media within the rich and vocal press nothing will change because you need to be able to challenge those editors their understanding of racism you look at them and you look at possibly house i grew up the people that they grew up with how they've been saw so few black and ethnic minority people often they've never seen them in positions of power in fact the only probably out a ship or power they see black that minority people is is that the asian person the corner shop that's about it that's not seen people like you know me in positions of authority so why would i give up some of their power to someone with those characteristics p.r. i want to bring you into the conversation here because paul makes a radical point it's who are the gatekeepers who are making decisions and how comfortable are they with making decisions let me just play you a little clip this is cast southgate here is the manager of england's national team
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and he's been asked a question about racism what to support the language what's his comfort level i think i try to protect my players as much as a possibly can. i'm not. i'm not the also received on the subject. i'm a middle aged white guy speaking about racism it's it's not something i really have . you know i just finding a really difficult subject to broach because. i want my players to to enjoy playing football and not be scarred by the experiences and if people feel i should have done more than then i can only apologize to our whole mess feels like he wants the ground to swallow me he doesn't want to talk about racism of can possibly help it but talking about the governing bodies that were at salons of of
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the sport how much does that change and i know that some of the you are wet and really hot to at impact but how much is a child well i think you can use very interesting idea of power we will power in school. in society that we live in and that is directly related to some of the you know the picture a should not racist ideas everyone you know whether it's an individual a young guy who's on social media and just throws a racial slur or whether it's someone who goes you know why is a bag of bananas to deliberate it's like. a conception of these powerful who is not . well and how they're impatient with that i was being played out the limits and i think the lack of. diverse leadership whether it's in the media newsrooms the media hierarchy whether it's important governance or whether it's you know the macro coaches and managers we have and it's control it's
4:39 am
a very stark issue and i think it's one of those things that does and i'm questioning the to the some of the conceptual conceptualization that we have of other people in this country the way in which all this is to grant to wait and see as a player when he was playing the way to collingwood so you can wait you seen as a coach one of those things or about power and they are about the inability of people who are in power at the moment to share to recognise other people have a contribution to make to recognise through diversity we could do better and not going back to addressing is what about go south i was surprised actually that he felt so on can't we i think like most people i took his so the plea he's is me a couple if you like but he didn't do more. at face value but i was surprised to see somebody who's played with players since he was
4:40 am
a child you know there at that he's known many many like him as a player probably socially as well so surprising feels still feels uncomfortable talking about race and particularly as players it will be i'm not going to feign care of southgate verify para i'm going to i'm going to jump in to defame cuts are no you're not attacking him i want to actually make a distinction for very passionately about this the gulf southgate there are members that well remember his attitude demeanor about what's happening with his players and i think the thing about golf southgate is he speaking very honestly and openly you can see the honesty dripping from him and you can see his taking on a sense of or my shame about how we deal with these issues and i think there's a big difference between how gaffe southgate has dealt with it and what paul was talking about a moment ago with the kind. program that has four grumpy white male middle aged journalists who have to change to psion that program in the u.k. you know or who want to talk about this you know we're just where you know boy are
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there for what made on this program or guess what it is you you want there so what are you going to do about it are you doing anything to change you trying to actually change a culture of more opportunities for young journalists to bring more young journalists who happen to be black for we actually doing something to help or you know get yourself look better all that i have done on social media by you know sort of making the self look like i understand and i'm telling you know i'm going to suffocate but i do think that the fact that it's not going through some uncomfortable. in that environment after what has been attacked it's. shows actually the all the at first how we planned a situation like this sort of scenario would continue for a long time going for the french the lucian the scandinavian the portuguese will folks is going on time to come because we have the most players of african heritage the most diverse players playing in these teams in other countries we're going
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there's often a culture clash is a particular circumstance and times during matches so that the leniency will see this in the future and i think you know we are living in twenty nine c. the coach of the national should by now been trained to do this should by now know that you're going to face this and this is the mechanisms that we trigger you know to do with the. play and then absolutely one that's not to criticise something as good as not quite right and n.p.r. i i think that's interesting what you're saying because of course it's a it's a higher level and so on the the grassroots on the ground what to do about it is what our audience is talking about the little things that each person can do so one person is watching on you tube says i think football association should charge have seen finds to the clubs or respective associations that inflict a pain on the club but another person writes in on twitter this is a stopper he says it's common practice in mexican football matches for the crowd to
4:43 am
taunt the opposing goalie as he or she takes a goal kick to restart the game the crowd chants a homophobic word mexican football has already paid at least a dozen fine stiff for this but the chant won't stop so if this won't stop at collin then what is the answer. i think it's a kind of it's a difficult question to look at the clear glass beads and a big fines. seem to be to see this a slap on the wrist for clubs that are not court the players it doesn't really hurt them and then you want to put bigger fines they want to ban them i think you could look at was the relationship between a criminal acts in the stadium compared to outside and why are we using some of those those punitive criminal justice systems to actually deal with what i call racialize motivated and believe violated black players and we do send them to more commodities work with modern slavery and i think we should be activating sunders legislation so they're taking more much more seriously often think that accounting
4:44 am
structures from the why they haven't got a little computer the sensitivity or understanding a wall racism actually years as an experience and as a violation and were poorly represented in those is the clinically russell and lots of black people have a. lot of attitude or investment because when they report it it's almost like they've been attacked violated and so those structures need to be changed and one thing that gets me about this post is with a black market in the field of play they can't walk or they have to wear a referee manager there is be less coming and i just tell people the lockers were you know we were color we were just in the last many of the shows i want to show people what you are actively doing to change the culture of the game i want to show this from the black associate and asian culture is a sensation that you had up here and now you are bringing new coaches into the gang from the cross roots level to change the complexion of for poor cross the u.k.
4:45 am
we did speak to think that they sent us some information here they talked about introducing an anti discrimination monitoring system also about applying cost sanctions for any such kind of behavior both are talking about racism that and that . also from your wife that she talking about bans of at least ten matches for racist behavior let me just go back to coalesce starting with you paul i want to end we're here in ten years' time poll we still going to talk about racism in the gang. yes yes we are because what you have to recognize is this is a problem everybody everyone in the stadium comes out into the community which wakes up makes up society it's not football's responsibility to secure society right well people i would at this stage what was responsibility to educate them sanctioned if they partly should punish them but deal with the issue in the best way possible i can paul thank you very much to live. and also to call in as well
4:46 am
and thank you for taking part in the pride and little houses down on line i will end with this from white he says racism can be fully exonerated from football it is possible that i will say on line out and i'll stand thanks for watching everybody. join is a problem has become famous for its large number of elderly many age one hundred years or older one i want to investigate see if the raging home the secrets to a long and healthy life on al-jazeera made on al-jazeera.
4:47 am
the world's biggest democracy goes to the polls we focus on the economic challenges facing india and the rise of ultra next a new series if you want a winning environmental which meets some of the people striving to. twenty five years after coming to power in the a.n.c. now. change it's political drama in south africa and a massive documentary series on lives of two young. kenya and up in brazil over the past twenty years and we've read it still living and populism on the rise across europe will these elections become a referendum. may on al-jazeera. one
4:48 am
of the richest philanthropists in the world renowned financing endeavors to eradicate some of the world's diseases bill gates talks to al-jazeera about his foundation's goals and on says those who are critical of his work. on al-jazeera. hello barbara siren london these are the top stories on al-jazeera that the death toll in sri lanka has easter sunday attacks has been revised down by a around one hundred to two hundred fifty three health officials blamed the difficulty in identifying body parts of the bomb seen for the inaccurate number the sri lankan defense secretary has resigned over the attacks and security services in sri lanka remain on high alert and made fears of more bombings police have carried
4:49 am
out more raids seizing several hand grenades and swords from one property at least seventy nine people have now been arrested following slew eve reports from colombo . armed patrols random searches the increased security can be seen everywhere on the streets of colombo as the hunt goes on for anyone involved in sunday's attacks it's not just the police and the army but the navy an air force are mobilized to. the prime minister running. told al-jazeera that the extra security measures are necessary and people have been taken in i'm sorry i cannot be you know the number but some are on the run and the third following them remain or the first is to round up people intelligence services and the government has been criticized for not acting on warnings about possible attacks defense secretary hemisphere if anon was asked for his resignation by president maître palace or
4:50 am
a center has agreed to stand down a limited state of emergency has been enforced since tuesday giving security forces greater powers to detain and interrogate further details of those emergency powers are emerging among them is censorship of the media and internet and limiting the right of assembly the wider powers given to authorities are reminiscent of what happened during twenty six years of civil war the fighting ended ten years ago in sri lanka is once again on edge more arrests have been made and police have released the names and photos of suspects in the capital bomb scares cost a temporary lockdown at the central bank while the road to the airport was briefly closed a minor explosion was reported in the town of pagoda forty kilometers from colombo the blast was unlike the controlled detonations by bomb disposal squads in the last few days catholic churches in colombo want told the sunday mosque this weekend because of security threats and c.c.t.v.
4:51 am
video has been released of another suspected suicide bomber captured at the cinnamon grand hotel although police have not named the bomb as they have said they came from well off families some of them multi-millionaires some lived in this suburb in colombo the neighbors are in shock and got their man to work it saddens me that most of my neighbors have done this it puts a black spot on all of us muslim sri lanka's police and security services are under pressure to arrest everyone involved in the easter sunday bombings prevent further attacks and clamp down on religious extremism florence al jazeera colombo. then sleep populated areas of tripoli are gradually turning into battlefields that's according to the international committee of the red cross which says the humanitarian situation in libya is the teary orating at least seven fighters were killed by an airstrike south of tripoli on wednesday forces loyal to the warlord
4:52 am
highly for have to control of the city of various south of tripoli last months are now fighting against the government for control of the capital. pressure is mounting on sudan's military leadership as one hundred judges joined protesters in demanding a civilian government demonstrating for the first time the judges march from the supreme court to the sit in outside army headquarters they were among hundreds of thousands of protesters in the capital khartoum shortly after the march sudan's transitional military council announced it would hand over executive power to civilians retain sovereign authority. almost seventy people have been killed and more than a thousand have fled their homes after heavy rains caused flooding and mudslides in south africa it's once again raise concerns about poor government infrastructure well those were the top stories stay with us twenty eight south africa is coming up next i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour thanks for watching but i
4:53 am
. the do is first results day the most special moment is and she was given over to me . and i couldn't hold myself i cried. she's crying and you. couldn't yes i'm going to catch c. and of course as this office keys in the church the pasta did not say you make the
4:54 am
bride he did miss. he's a limousine you know literally just know that there was charities so we had to respect it and in a going to the park testing me doing ok i'm. the first phone call with you when she was seven. she was one of a group of children from all over south africa. it was nine hundred ninety two and they had very little in common black white rich and poor some lived in townships some in white suburbs officially segregated by a party. that was only two years since mandela's release from prison and the racist policies of the past were just beginning to crumble. since then we have followed their lives filming them every seven yes.
4:55 am
in one thousand nine hundred four. on monday alive became their president and as they grew up every south african was made equal by little regardless of color. now they are twenty eight we hear from them again. when she was seven oh wait who was very proud of her baby brother. new that it can about how we now can be. rionda is really all we can. continue to need to conduct and classic and now we know much. who. we know what. doesn't. who raise
4:56 am
a transco. and the down. to twenty eight she has two children of her own. i plucked off reed to paint i want. made house packed and in more and more house told you how many pages are seven pages already you tell me you can't read that fast moonie. how in two thousand and seven i gave birth to my first daughter who me she was the joy of my life for the first time i had this one person that i thought ok i have this chance to make it right with you . and of course later on in two thousand and twelve i gave birth to my second daughter no talk. all i think she looks like me i think she is like me me me me me
4:57 am
the character everything and pranced is the second born i'm also a second one and i love them both but throughout the ages of thing married to. being a stay at home mom and i feel like i want to something for myself and something that i love something that i know that's will bring out only to. talk to major town in the eastern cape. which it has always craved city life. one to one to yes my cheek one to one to one to and to ok at fourteen she was taking an active part in the world around her oh yeah oh yeah with a new generation you're begging to be free so we're kind to be and know places that don't go places the by point a face in a global space want to edit. even if a lot of bush in. a twenty eight she's moved to
4:58 am
a rural area but has found her voice there good afternoon and welcome in t.c. our air and one thousand eight points to a fan that is ordered to fill the air all six and of course i'm not alone i've got my two beautiful people their crew that makes this show perfect or miss kate movie or hi guys oh oh oh oh oh you were. right it's always. before we go to the lineup of the day let's tell about by the us when i pick up his four now and. make up a facebook i suggest that you get your pen and paper talking big issues today but. as i was. hope you enjoyed the. bad guy for making it. they like to play with fire.
4:59 am
the remote community where she lives now is very poor and all we have to see is plenty of room for improvement. it's five years since she moved here with her husband really. great is my has been hometown he was born here he was raised here i love it for that effect my children always be from here it's a rural area it's got so much potential anything you do people go for it because there's nothing going on. she have recently started up a media college in town. college and in the media companies here and here in france is their main died of starvation. as of this media get this. god not in
5:00 am
thailand. and. was easy. going and the. is our simulator. main man this is his face that's shop and this is part of subjects' media this here we are setting up our internet cafe it's still under way and we are hoping that in the next three months or so if you put in more computers more computers available to running in there will be a bit of bad happening around here is my favorite car and says my dream car my dream car is citation ten you know. is the jet that's my dream transport. but this is one of the cars that love.


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