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tv   28 Up South Africa 2013 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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adroit you. remember what the other was for the idea of. their walk. with me here in the well for us what have you been to the match and do. you know to. continue to did or did you. have. as much as you can magic. through it sure. could. be. a shame or save i didn't have it could get up. here. in a way to. books
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. on our voice in ukraine. i mean the. police have to defend this song and it should show no. young lady of the moment. i did the lives near condit. he joined boxing club in two thousand and twelve and has become sort of his right hand man but. they didn't want to download these from the concert halls for the last album sheaves that's a no i need to use all slim books we'll call into the law books. can we do the
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books come chantel dalton children's reaching into the into the doors which we knew by the feel. of the wall that he was reading. the jungle machine to india about. two years younger than riddle is cmon he lives in. want to go out on his god or from the first course if you know they're going well as reading recovery of shoes he used to work in a metal furniture workshop but now he's quit his job in the hope of becoming a professional boxer. five years ago you're the one i was going to put in my eyes red over. the railing up and i think that is the other side there are rumors that. they have but i'm i'm a how do you is nineteen and training to be a hairdresser she's done martial arts before but this is her first day boxing at.
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all that we're not telling the press here to tell you a lot of detail we're like that. now there will be an hour for you. ever hear the word for. everything we should know. the. monkeys are very much geared toward a. rather. odd one for. sure you. love to learn from them. my dear. q one let's. move. on here then is that.
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the minister don't need that paternalism. scene any. more. please. if you go to the page it's going to do still. more. who are. women in bed the only issue of all. that would be her. this is. a future. to be. able to want to continue need and use in the.
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show we watch and she. voice we. should be you for the. fifteen year old model one wants to take part in the national championship. because oh. oh oh oh oh. oh. oh oh. but it's not going well it battah at home or at school now and then and corner because too many this little boy has a glow in addition. i have a thousand and. ten to be the little. boy in the level
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seeing them even. lower low on him into the anyone alan diehl a little bit. on ash loves to talk about the old days. and i'm a conspirator more to come. down dead shot no one had seed code into my that the school i don't reduce to new walks i don't know the madness of books with that of well let's. hope not i have to. is to get me. going to dinner been on different books mentally that she knows he does. mean. trying to diss wrinkle in the struggle. on should have gotten beyond that to be a mature adult to be not so it's good but i don't go around calling up saying often enough or stop name as i'm not hearing sounds like the problem a lot i mostly know mako control is no invention most. popular when
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to gently of any oil not that any democrat not to. automatically watching into did most of those posted to the deceit here read about it what it was used to do but i think it was almost a level buck going to. help him sleep good i don't. trust that much. honest achievements in the fifty's and sixty's still matter and are one of the reasons why today students use a term of respect for him that translates as uncle. you know soon your news. will. do what you. want them misbehave brothers on the left computer that the olympics in the ninety's and mohammed this top left is now captain of the moroccan national team where
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nothing is pushed out. but now. this is from folks in the able to help you to finish your stuff and finish this stuff. going on over there. in. the lead. in a lead all of them of irish nationalists son i keel was one of but has stars in a four time moroccan champion but sadly died in a car crash in two thousand and fifteen sheet of ice sheet. one of them salma walks by a switch she brings up maybe if a new needed this new d.n.a. match up a little son of style been with believe you or your way to live rich and well most of the solution and we're going to bust your one box shelf for an. old boss alan ladd i don't know that all is set. to pull.
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the lever of the ball to me ned i'm with you mean needle which each used a double shift all of. the lunch along the increased u.s. . national qualifying is just two weeks away and everyone it but how will need to be the right weight for their class. cardio out of three or four year term news they're not. going to know the owners had been going to doors and didn't resign right. now a lot on survivor. has always been so well by government in the world. eunice is a bantamweight and so needs to weigh between fifty two and fifty six kilos to fight
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in the nationals. so mostly. next on the scales a simo who's a flyweight and needs to be between forty nine and fifty two kilos. thick on ten futile. earth or there. are certain there are four new devoted. to the. show daughter and because it's their turn. to put their homes in real focal for real tragedy. for the world to wonder what had gone through their. probably. because. the. code could preserve them. a profession we have. heard cement under probable next his mother one who is preparing for his first ever bouts but needs to be over forty four kilos to fight as
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a pain to wait. something. from the public for. his own it's all. the way. i had to write what i did since i show up. at forty one kilos my don't want is too light for the nationals which are now only a week away. means that that's all right. if they want. to. avoid it. as a new. beginning. so he
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says. me or speak to you was. lost. in the music or teach bill saw in q. one. so there is in this bill. which. is always a. shovel no. one shall always want to sell a lot. of. the horse before the horse. would know. what he was doing to them that. you see.
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in january twenty seventh teen the sport's governing body set up the national championships with the winners making the moroccan team solid and preparing for the regional heats next week. generally medically come up i thought. i'm going to get up. i don't. want to tell you. there are sob but certainly won't resnick on what had shot a lot. of wimpy had zillions he had the same seemed to embody no no veteran should today is the general weigh in on not far from that of out of. every young aspiring boxer from the whole of the casa blanca region is here to register for regional qualifying. the regional winners then go on to the national championships to try and get into the amateur national team
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player said play. such a play to. play. club if it really slow you won't. lose and lose no one knows your moves and you could just do the looking good and the just one movie you believe it was the was clearly one of the little boy was. lucky to see sixty percent of.
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the my money to be under sixty nine kilos to qualify as a walter weights oh she doesn't want to fight much heavier girls than herself. what a good berlo oh what is fair let seventy one point six is bad news oh at fifty eight point four five i did bang on for a lightweight place remember my one needs to be over forty four kilos otherwise he'll simply be to like to take part. place but he's still not happy and i. love coming up in part two will he be able to add the extra. few grams he needs to fight. and can be when his first competitive it's. going to
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have the focal of corn the did it cost him to have done in the house flush was playing going on let us hope not but tonight i'm going to hit us on the head when you. look innocent lives on. the my mom has she has the opposite problem was she lose kilos in order to fight as a welterweight then when she had a way head which has a bedsit in the skin which can. smooth the strain. i'm so sane and again to both sides of the pleasure from sustaining good kinda thing indeed if it's reduced. and one of my must be good enough to get beyond the qualifying stages of the national championships. only days away. from the french. i believe as you look at redemption groups you could see if he was.
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playing on one of the ten believes i love it i'm going to have a photo with a lot of lobotomy a little bit of that will boggle a bit of a little one. on americans and struggling to pay their rent the problem isn't just limited to pleasure cities. a former governor of the good social back has cost the country. we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that match at. al-jazeera. and world of illegal trade
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what you have here is not just archaeological object you're talking about a political dimension where the spoils of war are smuggled and sold to walk in houses and private collectors are selling an artifact is worth finances to be headaches in the middle east. that's one quick solution trafficking on al-jazeera. with a look at the headlines here on al-jazeera police in sri lanka say they're looking for seventy people suspected of having links with the number killed in the east the sunday suicide attacks has been revised down to around two hundred sixty that's
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about one hundred fewer than previously thought the prime minister is admitting confusion over fatality numbers as well as intelligence failures. a number of people have been taken in am sorry i cannot be ignored the number but yes some are on the run and the third found them remains for the first is to round up those people we have to admit their failure in intelligence the breakdown in the floor of information. and that one of the matter that are being investigated. even in regard to the numbers of dead while the police have told it is three hundred fifty the health ministry said it's more about two hundred sixty so i was going to verify their numbers and let me know and i did to their shock i mean if not for the lapse many of them would be alive today judges in sudan have for the first time joined the three week mass sit in that military headquarters to demand civilian rule tens
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of thousands of people demonstrated overnight in the capital khartoum following the overthrow of president ahmad of the sheer military leaders say they're willing to hand over top government positions to civilians but they're insisting on staying in control of the transitional process china's president says he'll cut and competitive subsidies to chinese firms it's a contentious issue in the trade war between the united states and china she opened the summit in beijing on the belton road initiative the u.s. criticizes what it calls china's diplomacy residential areas of tripoli are turning into battlefields that's the warning from the red cross after three weeks of fighting for libya's capital forces loyal to ward cleaver haftorah fighting against the un recognized government of tripoli an eleven day campaign of climate protests designed to cause major disruption in london has now
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come to an end extinction rebellion demonstrators targeted the city's financial district on the final day of demonstrations. as the headlines the news continues all to al-jazeera world stay with us. for. now but how boxing club is in a rundown part of casa blanca. it's run by a former moroccan featherweight champion saga her man who invests his time and money developing young fighting talents. their regional qualifying stages of the national championships are only days away and tension is building among some of the young fighters. weights is as important for a boxer as for a jockey in horse racing they're either too lights or too heavy one thousand year old my my how she wants to fight as
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a welterweight but is several kilos too heavy. whereas fifteen year old model ones it was still too light for his first competitive bout as a junior pin wing. nut but. that. if. it was just. this. was a deal with it it was one. of the specific. was. if it was such that it. was a slope. to comply with what was on the phone which is something we should if anything if you. think one of
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those was was and it was let off this museum crowd and that's just something you have to see. oh. i would really recommend should give it was not avoid a very low budget where there's an impulse kill you could do that make you scream go to sleep whether you hear this you know that are going to live i don't go to bed it will be the owner of the clinic or the cigarette with your well being. that i. felt that. i say. i. wish he would and i was like no no i do want my kids and only you can give them all i know because i think that
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i was alone a little bit because it's still nice to. sit around. us out two hundred fifty of them a little less a good symbol. and it was not only was i noticed it. was because of you one thousand years and even the most of. the book made was listening to soup kitchen still going to deliver there's going to have more. than a good bit of a good business because you see very little good for you. now that all the boxers weights are known the tournament organizers have to place all the contestants in the correct classes. the money plenty to make me a seven let's please he had said i didn't have money and if it's him that doesn't
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play you sit him if you want to keep him one would you keep. it open in this light . trauma she may fight more but it's. over and done. with the national championships in a few days. who wants to turn professional chats to his brother about the fight coming up. into law. something similar because by your own more accomplished. and she can. cause you're the russian make no question of you know could be. an injury we don't mention any. flynn lin and how will mama bunch. know closely followed
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lawson goes hello michel hello or you can sit. in to. watch a lot of. men. and. look at you like not one of them didn't last and you know what'll only reason and some for me isn't so and cheney. saturday and cmos fight day has arrived. the regional heats of the national championships are held over several days in different venues around casablanca. simo is still amateur and until two thousand and thirteen they would have had to wear protective headgear. but this has now been changed in the elite men's categories club simos in the blue corner. was.
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such. a bad play. round one has gone well but his coach once emoji was quick combinations of punches yeah but what if played dead but it wasn't above ground to. cut cut cut he was above love one round three the last job. cut above. and that's it seema has done well but has to wait
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for the referee to announce the results. oh thanks simo has done and is through to the next round of qualifying the time you love to out. the coronation casa blanca overlooks the atlanta. ocean some of the boxers come here to train in the open air including on my mom. and her weight problem there may be unsure where her harvard grads. plage just need to steam. vent and they get. a look less. gifts are. a little of the main male for your husband's directly will unlock
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a left so distant his can was indeed excel. there but the best arbiter from isn't. quite in a bottle. or two were the only reason. i don't grab and go oh well. oh my must problem is that she's trained and had all her practice fights at welterweight class. and their love of. course said that means an mfi among puzzling to any. meaning. but at the last way and she was more than two kilos overweight she doesn't want to
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fight at middleweight the next level up in case she's out of her depth. most i thought either. this was. the toughest day. or something because there's a referendum in the. lot a crowd of people a. minute. and . then. if you just. make sure you're making. them and remember them didn't in. other. human beings she could see. this in the believe in. a way of
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hope it doesn't look now as though she'll be able to compete in her boxing friends are disappointed for her. as a coach but also one of buck has best female boxers she's registered for the championships at my weight she didn't progress as far as she wanted last time in wants to do better this year. she's also disappointed for in my mom. and talks today about her weight situation. because i had a near miss had man and. just shot at like a dentist months ago because i'm a took a couple from. the best political and. just as not office we can reason a lot of that of the food levels i would leave the shop still a few million muslims. look as he said.
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that before. what is called the friend. of the ruffles the. head of the admin evokes. the music dial ups. the set of. the have. walks with. a swat officer we then added dust which is his attention to my man whose fight is the bout after next to the kids just. as the big meal was a colonial one of the which made an exhibit exhibit holds on the potential she was looking. at some of those were going to be true thank goodness you could see the chill he will be laid on much of it and feed it. to the how delicious oh no my lord. wanted to live then and there i will dog. you did
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you what i miss you are going to sell those i did not for the cup i will be the first one of all my men to his possible opponents is in the ring legally eat sleep sleep. so they go and check her out. in the blue. was very soon yes was no. this was you know i. was going to break. down but she gets a nose injury in the first round yet. was . done. and the
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referee stops the fight declaring her opponent in the red corner the winner. of a helmet by a so was a little less match for them but the hole in. the head the best shot i know combative and i am. just a little lunch and the kill out of a lot. the problem is made worse as she watches all my money get ready for her fight. and i take optician attention. your life only nathaniel has their own mind. but then and how can your soul i mean that in a secluded you know. this is it for a moment it's what her months of training have been all about. she's in the blue corner. round one that's
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probably what's the bottom my mind knows that her opponent might make up to fifty punches per round so no matter how good her on attack is forcing her defense must be astral. and the ball at. the back. as we are the big. round one has gone well for a my mom and she looked to be all over her opponents. what the but she carries on in round two where she left off and lindsey series a powerful punch is. the referee steps in and starts counting.
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eight nine ten it's a technical knockout. and to my most a he gets her first win of the competition. i. happen to have seen how. the skull but let's run a love letter that she's loyal a lot. mazatlan they will expire like i said book so they go up there with the luck was all but. as must go well enough whatever some other place that we are and they say well i'm lending rates because gina just walk the line. now it's fifteen year old man who wants turn this is his first time in a competitive fight. visionary walks the exact moment for
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a live look at her car and the will of. general plan shannon. clearly his hero is a man pick a bronze medalist mohammed or b. if he walks alone how can a home live on a warns someone of a terrorist one challenge only not on the most heart of it. it looks like he's put on enough weight to qualify as a pin weight. i guess the midst of what i told her then when you're you know. this warm but my one is in experience shows. all the. holes. those. are a lot of i know too much and. one
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doesn't want. hunger one moment to me was. my one gets his kid he'll be in the red corner. or. i don't know. it's solving i think. the law of motion the action if there were no other than. the. laws. and i believe good occurred here you're getting both both good and well from the one of your. you know what's in the screen good but haven't covered it would you like to look at would. be really. i think why you need. to look at. this. last.
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year to you. i meant for us of the trail. they. got a lot. sooner if you didn't say yeah yeah of course i may go oh. yes i thought i'd echo what i thought it was however. the thought of looking over here. if i didn't think. i should or would be made to my fake china would be void who's more and i mean from one where they're getting through through a group of critical words and you have. the referee brings marwan and his opponent together around one of three off was.
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so full of holy spirit because he had to have. been in the house flash mobs for. not. going to hit. the helen easy. i love listening to all the songs of. the. end up looking up. i think it. was when i was not. what the us was but i got my one is holding his own so i'm not looking at the one note well oh. he's the one is in contention that was good when he got round to.
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that i got a nice write up. what i wrote but i didn't believe in blow up. but my one lands are a really good punch but. throughout. the day. you are the leader but his coach is not impressed. should. i say the coldest place logo on the moon and no was the. one round should go can my one do it. i've never. done i have put you on the third round is tense and tight
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why don't you mark. that's the end of the hike through that middle made. the decision goes my one's way and he's won his first competitive bout so it's a lot. like the water. i had no luck with that long no no. it was a war. of sorts much it some thought. you know about going to something. so don't know. about a bad you know about. i don't think that book
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club can did you imagine me do you know was saying that connecticut jim ideal medieval and a medical man no one else and then the mobile. frontier one of the little known for the vault sale once you know that women didn't you know miss divestitures to choose which girl that was happy to snatch a son how my i'd been in medicine we just said cured which had identical like helium and as soon as she. had no one was killed you would have been here. much was i when you come to the end no one knows me as well as the law was and i was and have have. when the regional stage of the national championships is over santa goes back to his day job and has time to reflect on a successful tournament for him and the backpack club. and sat night happened and would have committed not had him another of us why
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didn't the one close in the louis. had son of god in the top colombians to do your bidding to have caused a lot of credit for both or not who are good at that have nothing call for not so good to know as much as your brother kind of kind of showed to deal able to learn nabs units to come to the yeah newton. of to her body that. when her fiance lives behind bars. the engagement also becomes a life sentence. zero world hears from three palestinian women whose lives have been dictated by their relationships with men in prison. wedding on hold on al-jazeera.
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the place where decision makers opinion leaders and journalists come together every year. for honest conversations on global affairs and the future of the arab region . the thirty al-jazeera for. in a region full of contradictory agendas and deepening decides. with an arms race in the slate. where is the gulf headed with the reigning in influence on the rise saudi. lou it's on the decline. and the crucial g. crisis. to go from crisis to decline of strategic influence this april twenty seventh and twenty eighth in down.
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hello the weather's lossie dry across much of the middle east as it should be now some places say it's. much better than has been recently into parts of iraq into iran of its wars of kind of stomach had some lively shall still a few showers in the forecast as we go through friday but they are pulling away twenty one celsius feel compelled to get up to around sixteen and twenty nine in baghdad temperatures starting to nudge up and just around the globe at getting up to the mid twenty's for beirut out also for jerusalem over the next kit kats wanted to shot by saturday to central parts of turkey elsewhere much of iraq iran is dry find it's sunny twenty two celsius a couple we've got thirty six in karachi we're getting into the thirty's to now quite widely across the way but instead behave we do have some base of cloud into central areas of saudi arabia over towards the red sea and we see the cloud could always catch a special two of right so that includes us here because i was a go on through the weekend to biologics settle and it is
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a sunny but i wanted to southern africa but all eyes on mozambique now here we have a tropical cyclone that's kenneth making landfall now pushing inland lots of really heavy rain flooding rains coming in some parts seeing as much as hotham a sort of frightful over the next couple of days. there is great in of a short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and to find out very quickly we know britney's through some nations prison. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be sure and that we can be the best international news and most trusted source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. for drug users seeking to get clean one rehab option has been raising serious questions work based
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therapy a so-called treatment that is all work and no play faultlines investigates how people reeling from drug use are having exploitation added to their was. recovering from rehab on al-jazeera. tight security outside mosques ahead of friday prayers in sharia law as police continue to hunt seventy suspects following sunday's bomb attacks.
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i'm richelle carey this is out there live from doha also coming up. protests continue in sudan demanding civilian government but the ruling military council says it's keeping control. our vice president joe biden becomes democratic candidate number twenty four the next u.s. presidential race. i meet some of the eighty people in a jordanian refugee camp facing an uncertain future after fleeing the war in syria . there's tight security i'm sure outside mosques ahead of friday prayers police say they're also hunting seventy people suspected of having links with eisel following sunday's wave of bombings the death toll from the easter sunday suicide attacks has been revised to around two hundred sixty that's about one hundred fewer than before the country does remain on high alert with further bomb warnings being made as well
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from colombo. patrols random searches the increased security can be seen everywhere on the streets of colombo as the hunt goes on for anyone involved in sunday's attacks it's not just the police and the army but the navy an air force all mobilized to. the prime minister rudd. told al-jazeera that the extra security measures are necessary and people have been taken in i'm sorry i cannot be you know the number but some are on the run and the third following them remain for the first is to round up people intelligence services and the government has been criticized for not acting on warnings about possible attacks defense secretary hemisphere if a non was asked for his resignation by president maître palace or a center has agreed to stand down a limited state of emergency has been enforced since tuesday giving security forces
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greater powers to detain and interrogate further details of those emergency powers are emerging among them a censorship of the media and internet and limiting the right of assembly the wider powers given to authorities are reminiscent of what happened during twenty six years of civil war the fighting ended ten years ago and sri lanka is once again on edge more arrests have been made and police have released the names and photos of suspects in the capital bomb scares cost a temporary lockdown at the central bank while the road to the airport was briefly closed a minor explosion was reported in the town of pagoda forty kilometers from colombo the blast was unlike the controlled detonations by bomb disposal squads in the last few days catholic churches in colombo want to hold a sunday mosque this weekend because of security threats and c.c.t.v. video has been released of another suspected suicide bomber captured at the cinnamon grand hotel although police have not named the bomb as they have said they
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came from well off families some of them multi-millionaires some lived in this suburb in colombo the neighbors are in shock and got their man married. me that muslims who are my neighbors have done this it puts a black spot on all of us muslim. because police and security services are under pressure to arrest everyone involved in the easter sunday bombings prevent further attacks and clamp down on religious extremism lawrence louis. colombo. prime minister has also told al-jazeera thorough investigation will be held into why warnings about imminent attacks weren't shared we have to admit the fear. the breakdown in the floor of information. and that's one of the matter that are being investigated. even in regard to the numbers of dead by police after all of
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these three hundred fifty the health ministry said it's more about two hundred sixty so i was going to verify their numbers and they mean no no you need to the truck i mean if not for the lapse many of them would be alive would be. well fernandez joins me live now from colombo so now the president held a meeting earlier today and off camera meeting what came out of that. which of the president meeting with representatives of the media did go into detail about some aspects of the investigation of water it happened so far he did say one hundred thirty to one hundred forty of those ices linked sort of operatives if you like were involved with this whole exercise just over seventy of them have been brought in and obviously as we heard from the prime minister as well the rest are on the run the security apparatus has launched an all out campaign to try and
3:54 pm
rope these people in and the president actually saying that the government would not sort of shirk away from responsibility he did talk once again about those intelligence warnings which he said came back as far back as the fourth of april he did cite. intelligence agency for a friendly country which he said had given a great deal of information about the sort of impending attacks he always thought made an interesting point to show where he said those who had essentially undermined the intelligence arms those who had been critical of the intelligence arms seen some of them taken before the law must also look at this issue basically hinting at the point that the intelligence agencies in recent years had been undermined now these are all aspects with the president put on the table and
3:55 pm
essentially promising to really hold the entire defense establishment we're already seeing the resignation of the defense secretary. and essentially hearing about the police chief as well but basically a lot of changes to come in the coming days to show ok and in the meantime security is still very much on high alert and colombo referenced some of this in her reporting what can you tell us about the latest on the ground. that's correct we are seeing security being beefed up and we did it for guests today to a number of cordon and search operations a very powerful heightened state of alert today we had a lot of stop and searches there were reports of a potential warning of further attacks. and today obviously that continues
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the three armed forces the army navy air force supported by police commandos special task force units they're all on the roads ensuring that they try and bring in and drop in those people at large now today obviously is friday. prayer that has security been security beefed up in mosques around the country essentially to ensure that we don't have any more untoward incident particularly with that name prayer session which is expected in the afternoon show fernandes with the latest. on all thank you. for the first time judges in sudan have joined the three week mass sit in at military headquarters to demand civilian rule tens of thousands demonstrated overnight in the capital khartoum on the overthrow of president omar al bashir military leaders say they're willing to hand over top government
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positions to civilians but they're insisting on retaining control of the transition process. comfort. because. it's a yes. i think we're not. quite. and this means that. agreement. agreed between the military. and ourselves. to face any kind of course he would call. it a morgan is live now from khartoum so him by the way opposition is saying there is some sort of deal but it's possible that the military council is maintaining that it wants sovereign authority is a deal actually possible. well rachele the opposition coalition
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has formed a committee together with the military council to try to iron out their differences they've pointed out the fact that members of the transitional military council include remnants of the former government and they're demanding their resignation the members have headed there is ignition but then the main issue the main sticking point between the transitional military council and the opposition coalition was the fact that the transitional government should be independent now that's something the opposition coalition wants which is not what the military wants the military saying that it wants to retain sovereign authority and by definition that means it has the ultimate power to decide what happens in the country so that the opposition coalition feels that they will be there basically just figures and figureheads including the prime minister position that's not what they want they want to be able to decide how to lay down the constitution they want to be able to decide how long the transition period should be and will with all of this happening they're saying that the only way they can pressure the military council to to bow to their demands is by using protestors to continue protesting in front of the army
3:59 pm
headquarters. from almost every corner of the country they've travelled to the capital to make their voices heard these protesters from the southern state of white nile joined the sit in at the army headquarters in atlanta in a parade as the million people march their demand the military hand over power to. you that we've come here to join our brothers in the city and i'll be here until we get a civilian government that. demands you go home with the new year i came here for a civilian government that represents all of saddam with political consensus a government that represents all races with arab or african without any discrimination of a government of the people of pseudo. protests started several months ago with thousands of people initially demanding that then president bashir step down from power that's happened on the eleventh of april with a ten member council appointed to run the country until a transitional government was formed. but there's concern amongst the protesters
4:00 pm
especially from those outside the capital that the military may be reluctant to transfer power a learner's that if there's been discrimination from the government for the past thirty years the sudanese people have been treated unfairly and we've come here to take our rights this regime will go and until we see a civilian government. demand echoed by judges who've joined the protests for the first time they're joining farmers doctors and people of other professions and from other states at the protests this gathering in fifteen should fit in coming together as one people coming from faith mission wife to go to phoenix visit and army headquarters there adding to the force of protesters will have been here since before president almost here with the poles and they say they won't return home until the military council hands over power. after suspending talks with the military council last sunday the opposition coalition on wednesday amounts that they would resume negotiations on forming a transitional government three members of the military council submitted their resignations after the coalition accused them of being remnants of the former
4:01 pm
government negotiations for a transitional government continue but the council says it will retain sovereign authority while civilians will hold the post of prime minister and head all governor.


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