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tv   Casablanca Fight Club  Al Jazeera  April 30, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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charting the lives of the children of the part of the twenty one yes each story reflecting a history as dramatic social and political. twenty eight. zero . zero again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera rituals leading up to the abdication of japan's emperor akihito have began at the imperial palace in tokyo he'll formally give up the throne later on tuesday the first time this has happened in two hundred years the rituals will take six hours to complete the act of abdication itself will just take ten minutes these are live pictures right now from near the palace in tokyo where people are gathering to witness a ceremony. in other news sudan's main protest group is accusing the military rulers of trying to break up a sit in outside the army headquarters as hours after the two sides held talks to
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form a joint council that will run the country until an election is held the military has been under siege under under pressure either increasing pressure to give up power up to civilians. saddam's tension at the city an outside the sudanese defense ministry demonstrators worried about an imminent attempt by the army to remove the barricades and disperse the protest the army had to nost it had agreed with the protest leaders to clear the roadblocks and allow traffic to resume on several roads near the city but the opposition denied an agreement had been reached. it came shortly after the third round of talks that concluded on monday the two sides agreed on writing a constitutional declaration to organize the work of three transitional government structures a joint civilian military sovereign council
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a cabinet of technocrats and the transition of power meant. but all the details are still being discussed including the number of seats in the sovereign council how many members from each side and how long the transition should last before a general election can be held. very close to reaching an overall solution that will make everybody happy. to get the country out of this crisis we're still in negotiations to define powers in specialized roles so they can act as a base for us to define the different levels of representation in the government. that. the proposal will be submitted within the next twenty four hours which will identify the power and relation between the transitional bodies and the different transitional institutions our sit in will continue to allow goals of the revolution for a civil transitional authority with all its executive powers is executed nothing will discard. peaceful resistance will continue. more than two weeks since the
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fall of the regime of model bashir the crowd at the sittin in front of the army headquarters only. their commanding a speedy and full transfer of power to a civilian government. the city has turned into an open exposition ground for labor unions social movements come to groups professional and of to stick associations young painters artwork on a colossal mural that's intended to gain a place on the guinness book of records and figure in rained on a lot how. we wanted to create a list of one million signatures of protesters and then we decided to decorate it with paintings that represent in fela break the revolution we will be three thousand meters long and will go around the army headquarters as that's the space occupied by the sit in that equation with which these artists work is matched only by the unabated vigor of this crowd that's been braving the summer heat for weeks refusing to go home until a real change is achieved. the u.s.
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insists it will defeat a soul and hunt down its leader on the cod baghdadi hours after the group released a video which it says is of baghdadi in what would be his first appearance in five years in a video by daddy talks about the battle of bugaboos in syria which ended in march with the defeat of fighters libya's un recognized government is sending reinforcements in southern tripoli to stop the advance of forces loyal to warlord highly for half satu the capital. the sri lankan government has lifted a ban on social media which was put in place after the isa's sunday bombings platforms were brought swiftly after the attacks with the government calling it a move to fight against misinformation. those are the headlines on al-jazeera the news will continue after al-jazeera world to stay with us.
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casa blanca morocco's biggest city. its economic capital and one of the busiest financial centers on the african continent leading moroccan and international companies have their headquarters and industrial facilities here so costa blanca has an affluent middle class. but its three point six million population doesn't
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all live in smart areas like this. this is that because i live in a modest neighborhood right in the center of the city life here is about survival rather than wealth. and young people have the same preoccupations as they do anywhere in the world. but one thing you need to know about moroccan youth culture is there. are huge. martial arts kickboxing and boxing. bruce lee and john claude van damme are folk heroes a dutch moroccan kickboxer called by that heidi is a big star and muhammad r.b.a. is revered for winning world super welterweight gold in doha and olympic bronze in
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rio. this is salah had a man by day a parking attendant but after hours he has another life. on the war from the sun a is a former moroccan national featherweight champion and in the evenings he runs his own boxing club for kids in that. so i just ran a system of identities about how an addict and so for get out and then hit in the feel. the rhythm of physically in months and then somehow that should go to the moon shot it to jubal but you couldn't tell when it will go on the skin a little gash danish can by just kind of a lot of six months about where to lay so you know it and it ended in my flat in short i'm sure i did. club is called by tom.
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he's always on the lookout for talented boxers from outside but his core membership is local from database i live and thereby areas have said. that. he's very much the boss but he does get help from other adult coaches. who work there. but. some of the. sauna and his coaches give up a lot of their free time to run the club and mentor young talents. to share i know it's a horse and i still love them along. with an open microphone. so i. left. and just a few weeks the regional stages of the moroccan amateur youth boxing championships take place and saw the history preparing his young fighters for this major event to
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actually tell the tell the truth i'm sure time. now to have the school year open will never be an issue we're going to follow five students. and it does in red is twenty six a former u.s. champion and wants to turn professional muhammad an emo is a promising twenty four year old. fifteen year old model ones that who's never had a competitive fight and two young women called my mom. one more experienced than the other. not because what i did connect david. but how i was actually the first club in cost of blanca to admit female boxers. who spoke on the net as consented to english as a to be neutral on the whole there's probably a diverse number by rebel. prime it's very simple and easy.
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and then. come. to whatever and rebel. tend. to tend to. differ so beautiful. i took a lot of the see if you look. closely. or if you were. right and the shop i still. like. it costs two euros to join but. saga has almost two hundred young members played as part of a government used association scheme he doesn't have to pay rent or electricity. but he does have to maintain the club's equipment from his own income as
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a parking attendant. of. the oh. good thing. right. we should go that route. he was very good you know not ok not really consider him a good idea what little concorde don't got. mad. jim i mean it's you know how i get the stuff on the computer to do the deed to them and i've. committed but the idea of. remember what there was for the idea of i'm. here walk. in with me here on the wall first what have you and the match and do. you know to.
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complete the dinner and did you. design it. is magic magic. sure sure. shame or say why didn't these kids get up. here. in a way to. sesame. books. that said hold near them turn our voice in ok. she did. know.
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we don't live near. he joined by the boxing club in two thousand and twelve and has become sort of his right hand man but. a little bit more that there will be some new console calls for them out of the last i have achieved so it's an old lady's own slam bookstore clued into the law books. will do the same channel will change when she changed the key to the door she knew the deal. about a while back he was ready to be the general machine and about. two years younger than riddle is cmon he lives in. want to go.
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on this god of foreign affairs course you know they're going well as red river shoes he used to work in a metal furniture workshop but now he's quit his job in the hope of becoming a professional boxer. five years ago there the one i was going to put in my ways read move every. muscle building up and i've invented the idea of rumors that. have a my my how do you is nineteen and training to be a hairdresser she's done martial arts before but this is her first day boxing at. all that's the arena and the key phrase here will tell you a lot of detail we're like that. now there will be an hour for you to tell him to read and hear the words of wisdom to tell you everything she may not know. but the concern from what concerns the mccain or the how close i don't put him on
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his ability to tell brother goodbye did other jilted. what. should we i do you. love her let's forget. the words margaret. they've won. by q one let's. move. on then is there. was the minister dominique that materialism. scene and.
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if you. want to do. this for me how you going to vote on who or. woman bed the only issue. would be. nice to. see. a future. to really. want to continue need and use in the. show we should do in which we're not. so much with. the.
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fifteen year old model one wants to take part in the national championship. because i want them. well. they're going to have the physical. but it's not going well at battah at home or at school at all and then in the corner because too many this little girl has a glow in addition. i've had the time and the. gym to be the little. level seeing them even said the. name again in a lower lower low on him into the anyone elendil a little bit. on ash loves to talk about the old days. mckinstry and more to come. down dead shot no one had seed code into more that the
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older school and it's reduced to new and walks i don't know the madness of books with that of a left. behind not i have to. get me. going to double the number of books you mentally that's seen o.c.d. . and a half mean it sort of just wrinkle in the struggle. and should have gotten beyond that immature to do the not so it's good but i don't go around trying to up but i know i say not. as i'm not there when challenged by the pov of the most well marco acknowledges no imbecile most of. the popular wouldn't take. any oil not that in the semiconductor industry do you have a concept of what am i going to do watching an idiot most still posted to the detailed about what it was used to do and i think it was mr lovell bucking to. help
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him sleep good i don't. trust that much. honest achievements in the fifty's and sixty's still matter and are one of the reasons why today's students use a term of respect for him that translates as uncle. and me. unsoiled going to courts. and it will seem. to me your son will run by the home of you watching other women a lot of. them misbehave brothers on the left computer that the olympics in the ninety's and mohammed this top left is now captain of the moroccan national team where nothing is washed out. but now. thought here there's a simple something about how from banerjea they've been there to your stuff or your business yet there's nothing. going on or that. chance in. life but the needles novels and in the scene
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a lot of that kind of scenario a lot of the irish nationalists son i was one of but has stars and a four time moroccan champion but sadly died in a car crash in two thousand and fifteen she took a sheet of ice is m m song for walks place which she brings up maybe a fitness news you need in this new deal more cylons have been with the leave you where you are to live rich and well more peaceful for a new movie but you know what box you have for fashion and. all will saletan let alone know that all is said. but i want her to know that i'm with you mean need religion to choose. one side to she have the lunch alone no one when she had a. national
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falsifying is just two weeks away and everyone it but how will need to be the right weight for the class. cardio out of her we're going to hear news. and that's very very grim no other films had been in there were new doors and didn't get mad. cow a lot on the job. as always it's all about government in the world. eunice is a bantamweight and so needs to weigh between fifty two and fifty six kilos to fight in the nationals. mostly. next on the scales a simo who's a flyweight and needs to be between forty nine and fifty two kilos. thick on their futile but i have a. perfectly good. for certain rights when they're going to.
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be a. child daughter and because it's their turn kiddo to put their homes in the mud the focal for real tragedies. all of that though and wonder why i don't seem to want to talk about it and i've been using. the term ok until the. poem thumbprint says the president of poland will double across us and then we have seen and heard cement on the probable next his mother one who is preparing for his first ever bouts but needs to be over forty four kilos to fight as a pin weight. did anything to live. on the public from. the sun it's all. good luck in the end why don't they i love my job since i show love.
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at forty one kilos my one is too light for the nationals which are now on the a week away. from. just music that's all right and. they want. to. avoid it but. has a new little sick. as a bikini. so he says. the minute or two new exhibit leibovitz above called the myth that you sell belvin lost. in the music or teach deal saw in q. with all of them i admit you. have no bookstore and. as you know this is.
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the only other. woman. who shall always want to sell the last home. before. we go. through. the secret. in january twenty seventh teen the sport's governing body set up the national championships with the winners making the moroccan team saga and preparing for their regional heats next week. generally. i thought.
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i'm going to get up. i don't. want to tell you. that our sob a little messy cornwall had shot a lot of men and then my lad when m.p.'s see him is here the same seemed to embody no no veteran said. today is the general way in but not far from that of a kind of. every young aspiring boxer from the whole of the casa blanca region is here to register for regional qualifying. the regional winners then go on to the national championships to try and get into the amateur national team players that play.
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such a play to. play. love that it really is the won't. lose and lose no one knows your mood and you could just be the looking good man and they'll just one movie you believe it was and that was clearly one of the little boy was i think i love to see sixty percent of. the my money to be under sixty nine kilos to qualify as a walter weights oh she doesn't want to fight much heavier girls than herself. like the berlo male oh but his fellow male to
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love seventy one point six is bad news oh at fifty eight point four five i did is bang on for a lightweight player remember my one needs to be over forty four kilos otherwise he'll simply be too like to take part. player but he's still not happy and i. love coming up in part two will he be able to add the extra. few grams he needs to fight. and can be when his first competitive pounds. going to have local of cola did it cost him to have a mustang in the house flush was playing going on let us hope not but at night i'm going to hit us on the head when you. look innocent in all the sun.
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oh my my how she has the opposite problem was she lose kilos in order to fight as a welterweight then when she had a way head and she has a bedsit in the skin which can. swing to sustain. themselves to the end and again to both sides of the pleasure from sustaining good kinda like it's long been good food to see. and one of my must be good enough to get beyond the qualifying stages of the national championships. only days away. on the french open sleeve i didn't play much in the for the us you could see that if you please the label muttonhead it please i'd love to come with a hell of a photo of a lot of people about only one would get at that i will boggle a bit unless it is a one. time
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the bamboo harvest is navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart through the time we finished our scares to the fishermen and dicing with death. from afraid of foliage i'm afraid of dying breed if i don't go for coffee my family needs the money to go to the extreme just to make a living but not you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise and certainly risking it all vietnam on al-jazeera. this is up to the to understand in a very different way where there. is a we don't leave. as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to determine if this investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly environmental and health costs we think ok will send mary waste to china but we
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have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. hello i'm dennis in doha with the latest stories here at al-jazeera rituals leading up to the abdication of japan's emperor akihito have begun at the imperial palace in tokyo will formally give up the throne later on tuesday the first time this is happened in two hundred years the eighty five year old will be succeeded by his eldest son not who will be crowned or who will ascend to the throne on wednesday this is the scene live a very close to the palace in tokyo as you can see people are gathering to witness
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this historic ceremony even though it's pouring with rain. sudan's main protest group is accusing the military rulers of trying to break up a city and outside army headquarters that's hours after the two sides held talks to form a joint council that will run the country until elections are held the military's been under increasing pressure to give up power to civilians the military toppled long time president bush air three weeks ago al-jazeera to morgan has more from khartoum after process organizers said that the military tried to break the sit in and remove the barricades that guard the way to decide to and we went and spoke to some of the protesters and they said that what happened was a military truck with soldiers came and tried to move some of the steel roads that make up the barricades they said that they stood their ground and that therefore is the military to route to return those tailback and they said that they enhance their barricades now those barricades are very significant people are saying that
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it is what stops security forces from trying to break the sit in that is now in its fourth week the u.s. has insisted it will defeat eisel and hunt down its leader abu bakr al baghdadi just hours after the armed group released a video it says is all of baghdad he himself what would be his first appearance in five years in the video baghdad he talks about the battle of bar guus in syria which ended in march with the defeat of eisel libya's u.n. recognize government is sending reinforcements to soften tripoli to stop the advance of forces loyal to the warlord holly for half the have to fight is it taking control of areas near the international airport the sharon government has lifted the ban on social media which was put in place after the easter sunday bombings right you're up to date those are the latest headlines i'll be back in about half an hour.
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her. but how boxing club is in a rundown part of casa blanca. it's run by a former moroccan featherweight champion thought her a man who invests his time and money developing young fighting talents. the regional qualifying stages of the national championships are only days away and tension is building among some of the young fighters. weights is as important for a boxer as for a jockey in horse racing they're either too lights or too heavy one thousand year old my mom has she wants to fight as a while to her weight but is several kilos too heavy. whereas fifteen year old model ones it was still too light for his first competitive bout as a junior pin weight. with the. oh
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if. it was just. this. was a deal with it it was one. of the specific. it was. if it oh shut it. was a slow boat. to complete it was on the phone which is something we should if anything new if you. think one of those was and it was a little fish museum crowd and that's just something i did yeah that's safe oh ok. wasn't. i really mccrimmon should have it was not a voter very low budget where you should impose you don't you could do that make you
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scream go to sleep whether you're here bishop flunder because i do it i don't go to bed it will hurt i don't know where to look so good with your well being. so i. thought it was i so. i said. i. wish you. was like i don't know anyone of my needs and only you can do it on my own oh no oh yes i did that the since i was alone a little bit because it felt like. i said. not south two hundred fifty i am a little less a good shot of it. and it was not only
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was i noticed it was. i was a few. years old and even the most of the. guys look at me he was looking just concerned still going to go over his good to him was a good good because it is if we don't know who they are. now that all the boxers weights are known the tournament organizers have to place all the contestants in the correct classes. but the money lead you to make me a seven let's please he had said i didn't have money and they contend with that as you may use an image you want to keep someone to keep you can get help and this must. be a chill machine and a funny money it. oh
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and. with the national championships in a few days cmon who wants to turn professional chats to his brother about the fight coming up. into law. something similar because more. and she can. hear the russian. with enough to know. that it's an injury we don't. need any. flynn live in how will modern bands. last the last time goes hello michel hello or you can zoom. in to. watch a lot of. my. friends. look identical bit of loss and glow of the news in the poor little sun in linux.
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and cheney. saturday and cmos fight day has arrived the regional heats of the national championships are held over several days in different venues around casablanca. simo is still amateur and until two thousand and thirteen it would have had to wear protective headgear. but this has now been changed in the elite men's categories. simos in the blue corner. was. such. a bad. cut round one has gone well but his coach once emoji was quick combinations of punches head to head but it was not until
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it was. around to. cut cut. cut cut cut cut. cut. cut cut cut around three the last straw was. how our baghdad. oh. that's it simo has done well but has to wait for the referee to announce the results. later. thank you. simo has done and is through to the next round of qualifying.
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the cornishman casa blanca overlooks the atlantic ocean some of the boxers come here to train in the open air including on my mom. and her weight problem there may be an shehata where head and charge regret. plagued some tissue. then and again. and i look less. gifts through just. then male female husbands to make me well i'm lucky i left so distant his skin wasn't needed except. a bit of. a bottle. o. to wonder what i don't know. i don't grab and go oh well.
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oh my must problem is that she's trained and had all her practice fights at welterweight class. and. best then said that means an mfi among. meaning. but at the last way and she was more than two kilos overweight she doesn't want to fight at middleweight the next level up in case she's out of her depth. let me finish your. thought that i that. this was. the toughest day of your life something. a.
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lot of proud of. and it is a. feeling. that changes are making. them in her memory and didn't it. i think. she could see. this in the believe in. it doesn't look now as though she'll be able to compete in her boxing friends are disappointed for her. as a coach but also one of buck has best female boxers she's registered for the championships at my weight she didn't progress this far she wanted last time in
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months to do better this year. she's also disappointed for him i'm. in talks today about her weight situation. because helen is. interesting because in the. political that. we have. a lot of the. levels i would leave the shop. to me the most. look at. me. when i was close with friends again. the head. sadly evokes. in the music dial ups. the set of felt that has a. lot of fans at the have a bowl at all costs or has walks with. a swat officer we have
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then added the switches his attention to my man whose fight is the bout after next it's just is done lizzie because the big meal was a colony of the good while the rich and the kids made an exhibit. of the world's one of the ten jail she was looking. at some of those were going to say thank goodness you could see the chili of what they were laying on much of it and feed it he loved it and i'm with you how delicious only a lot. of them live that are there that will dog. a little chihuahua with some history are going to sell those items up out of the gulf i will be the first one of all my milk or his possible opponents is in the ring. any. legally
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thank. you he. so they go and check are out in the blue you know he. was delighted that he was there during the break. but she gets a nose injury in the first round you. know he . was here last. and the referee stops the fight declaring her opponent in the red corner the winner. unfair help if so was the let's let's go. ahead the best shot oh no combat. this is the launch of the kill out of law.
9:46 am
the problem is made worse as she watches a hill get ready for her fight. and chill out broccoli and i take our position to teach in. your life only an attorney has their own. but then if you're cornered how can your soul i don't use a clear view of. this is it for a moment it's what her months of training have been all about. she's in the blue corner. round one the same room. yeah but. my mom knows that her opponent might make up to fifty punches per round so no matter how good her on attack is because in her defense must be astral. not.
9:47 am
what. we are now but. round one has gone well for a my mom and she looked to be all over her opponents. but. she carries on in round two where she left off and lindsey series a powerful punch is. the referee steps in and starts counting. eight nine ten it's a technical knockout. and to my master he gets her first win of the competition. i. happen to have see how.
9:48 am
this combat let's rock a love letter that she's a loyal ally. in the cell and they will explore. that with the luck was off. as a nice guy was the one that was a place that c.r. and they said well amanda meade said as she you know she's bought a lot. louder because she. now it's fifteen year old man who wants to turn this is his first time in a competitive fight. visionary books books are going to really look at school. but will you. join a plan. to live his hero is a man pick a bronze medalist mohammad. walks mown helm live on a one on one of the. one challenge only not on.
9:49 am
it looks like he's put on enough weight to qualify as a pin weight. then you know my story when i heard your you know. about my wants and experience shows. all of. those. a lot of i noticed him. how does a man. hug a woman jimmy who was. the model one gets his kids he'll be in the red corner. or. i don't know. it's solving.
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a lot of. action if there were no other. well the. last. and i believe you're getting most both a good one on the one hundred one direction of us history and good that i haven't thought about it would you like to know one person who was good in the derby doing . my thing. but still going to look at the for me. with. this. last. supper a look at. you to give me your love. i meant for you was a joke trill. got a lot. sooner if you didn't see it.
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but i know you go oh. i thought i thought it. was a. lot never. i didn't think. and said to would be much it would be needed voice was more and i really was one for the. group where you got. the referee brings my won and his opponent together around one of three off. have. caused him to have. been in the house less modest for us has now no kind of nationhood. hell even. sunrise or. any drop. off.
9:52 am
i think. but. i love what i know. what i love love love love i got mad one is holding his arm so i'm not looking out the window well oh. he's the one is in contention. when i got round to. how was it how you got but that's nice and up. but i know but what was. held up. below but my one lands are a really good punch but
9:53 am
a lotta love. for. the room that was not home video. up rather than the. good but his coach is not impressed are the below. should know although i said the coldest place was up on the long ago was the well. in the end because i had. one round should know can my one do it. well you know i've never looked. up how good you are the third round is tense and tight why don't you mark right that's the end of the hikes throughout the middle where the loop. the decision goes modern ones way and he's won his first competitive bouts so and
9:54 am
so on. no. sense of what much of some feel good you know. some. sort of. a bad you know about thought about. crime. and then i would say neglect. and then. i did not. want to say i want to do this. to choose which told i took a shot. which i think you like
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t.v. and when you. had i would. have . when the regional stage of the national championships is over santa goes back to his day job and has time to reflect on a successful tournament for him and the back half club. and sad not having more to cover given up had him another of us why didn't one close and no louis. adds another cog in the top gladius to do your bidding to have got a lot of credit for both or not who were good at the nothing call for not certain as much as your brother is going to go to deal able to learn. to come to the yeah
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newton of to her believe that. when her fiance lives behind bars. the engagement also becomes a life sentence. zero world hears from three palestinian women whose lives have been dictated by their relationships with men in prison. wedding on hold on al-jazeera. when the news breaks. when keeping need to be heard and the story needs to be told to ourselves all right up with exclusive interview see dangerous for journalists to editors publishers all around the world and in-depth reports are real be made
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important here without jazeera as teams on the ground are not my world to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news. hello again and welcome back well across china we are looking at some very rainy conditions over the next few days particularly across the east and also into the south well things are going to get better by wednesday but until then we're going to be seeing quite a bit of active weather and that could lead to some localized flooding so for rainy conditions there thunderstorms also a potential hong kong the rain is going to continue not only for tuesday but also into wednesday the north does get better in cooler temperatures we do expect for shanghai with winds coming out of the north at twenty four degrees well across the mater we did see some very heavy flooding that led to deadly conditions across much of the area the conditions are now improving you can see some dry and that's going
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on over the next few days the forecast map does look like this clearing across much of the region a little bit wetter up here towards singapore as well as kuala lumpur tempter there of thirty two degrees in the ring rainy few days will be quite cloudy with a temperature cold poor rising to about thirty four degrees and here in the bay mcgaugh we are going to be watching a cycle of developing and that cycling is making its way towards the northwest we are seeing clouds already for sri lanka in the clouds will also develop as we go towards tuesday and into wednesday along the coastal areas of india up towards the north though it is going to be quite warm for net per attempt to there of forty four with a temper of thirty six. to .
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the first century. that's. the nature of news as it breaks. down. with. the reigns of the president tails covering politics out of the sofa from the coffee pot odds the members if they so good of them both docile davis from around the last few days and that is where the water is once more rushing down the river it's an unwelcome rippin the city that had fairly begun filling up. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated the destroy the perspectives dominated american media coverage what part of this came you get through your thick head as hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want to
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see and if you don't say it we're not to let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. the end of an era for the first time in two hundred years japan's emperor abdicates from the throne. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm asking dan it's also coming up. tension is high in sudan as protesters and the military try to find a way toward civilian rule. hope for some of pakistan's refugees
10:01 am
who've been living without.


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