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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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is work finances the beheadings in the middle east don't sound don't that's one quick solution trafficking on al-jazeera. fighting on the streets of venezuela as opposition leader why don't calls for a military uprising against president nicolas maduro. when you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also on the program sudan's military rulers warn protesters not to take the law into their own hands and call on them to remove roadblocks more so u.s. president donald trump is considering declaring the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization plus a new era japan's emperor akihito bows out of his role and in the throne to his
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eldest son. to the program venezuelan opposition leader who has launched what he called the final phase of the operation to oust president nicolas maduro and his government but are a call that a small scale uprising it all led to violent protests on the streets the european union is calling for restraint and the u.s. says all options are on the table a warning that some viewers may find the images in this report from daniel shrine not disturbing. this one why though decided is the moment that the anger and discontent raging throughout venezuela is right to oust president nicolas maduro and his government he posted this video filmed outside like a law to air base in caracas in the early hours of the morning surrounded by troops who have joined his cause if you don't want. the call is for everyone to come out
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into the streets at this moment and to back what we've built over the years we're now here in the streets not only with the international community and not only our citizens but now with the national on forces. he was joined by another opposition leader leopoldo lopez who was released from house arrest hours earlier and later was reported to a refuge in the chilean embassy in caracas for. defend freedom out with tyranny everyone out onto the street. was fired and there were reports of shooting between pro and anti government security forces then as they marched this. a national guard vehicle driving into protesters. president nicolas maduro who is face constant opposition since he took office in two thousand and thirteen called the move a small uprising by traitorous officers backed by the united states he said he counted on the total support of the venezuelan people and the military high command
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. the cause of venezuelan people is for calm for sensitivity there is nothing that will endanger our institutions or democracy in venezuela at this moment i the world is also divided the united states along with neighboring colombia and brazil has called on the venice walen people the military to support why door russia has accused the opposition of provoking violence while spain in the united nations among others have called for both sides to exercise restraint the situation is unfolding as we speak we are also the united nations is also reaching out to the parties the secretary general urges all sides to exercise maximum restraint and he appeals to all stakeholders to avoid any violence and take immediate steps to restore calm. because my daughter support has been draining after years of rampant inflation high crime in food and medicine shortages millions of venezuelans have
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fled the country it is always defied his critics and held on this however is his biggest challenge so far. how does iraq. our correspondent in kuta which is on the colombian side of the border with venezuela just as the sun sets alessandro how do you assess the situation is that sort of the day panned out and we saw those quite horrific scenes on the streets of caracas. well we've seen very dramatic scenes are they were saying in the capital of in its way like iraq was there were also some very strong protests for roughly an hour from here in the city of sun creased although the inside the venezuela the situation here at the border is rather calm right now with the last minute wait and making their way back into their country carrying
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bags with food medicine and other basic goods that they come to find here in colombia because they have become increasingly difficult to find inside venezuela earlier. the border was completely sealed with both the legal crossings like the bridge that you see behind me but also the different paths that increasingly venezuelans are using to cross when they're not let on the bridges to cross the river into colombia and roughly two thousand a couple of thousand venezuelans who live here in the border city of a clear demonstration earlier in the day in support of the uprising that was happening inside their country among them there were roughly a couple of hundred sixty or seventy s. when our armed forces who have been living here in since february when they heed the call of one white go to defect they said that they were ready to return
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into venezuela and participate they don't have any weapons here of course so finally they just went back to their old tells the or shelters where where they're staying here will for the moment will leave it with the taliban drop here today in computer thank you. the reaction from the u.s. and the national security adviser john bolton he says the situation in venezuela isn't a coup but a legitimate president and trying to take control can be helped it has more washington d.c. . the united states continues to be somewhat secretive about its role in venice well and the events that are taking place the u.s. national security advisor would only say the country is offering venezuela humanitarian support and quote a lot of other things but he would not say what those things were when asked directly about military intervention he said that all options remain on the table but for now the united states supports
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a peaceful transfer of power that the us president is monitoring the situation in venezuela by the minute and he also said that he was the people in venezuela to go through what they said they would do to allow for a transition of power if this effort fails they will sink into a dictatorship from which there are very few possible alternatives it's a very delicate moment i want to stress again the president wants to see a peaceful transfer of power from the doro to go i don't know that possibility still exists if enough figures depart from the regime and support the opposition there john bolton also says that he does not view what is taking place in venezuela as any sort of who and when asked about some support on the ground for president nicolas maduro someone the united states does not support he said this is really just military fear of cuban security forces madeira is directing his thugs to
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conduct his affairs he went on to caution russia for its involvement as well in venezuela saying that they view the actions of russia in venezuela to be very serious and that we expect the russians not to interfere so very clear on the u.s. position by the national security adviser john bolton that the united states still continues to push for a peaceful transfer of power to the interim leader one. but as it is about to the to the united nations some real long taught us the violence in caracas is a military coup created by the u.s. . apple yellow put it over there was a very dangerous incident that was supported by the u.s. government they knew what was happening like in chile in the seventy's or as in any other country in latin america this demonstrates that the u.s. government considers venezuela part of its property and through war they want to destabilize using domestic agents. but said to african sudar ruling
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military council has asked protesters not to take the law into their own hands the military said it hopes to narrow differences with protest leaders who are still on the streets calling for a civilian government has more from khartoum. sudan stopped generals warned their patience has limits they want the protesters on the streets of the capital khartoum to remove roadblocks checkpoints and allow trains to bring food supplies across the country where they were we are responsible and we have to take responsibility as a military council as a transitional military council we have to protect the citizens and protect the law we will not accept any chaos or attack on civilians and their properties and properties of the state and we will deal with this firmly and in accordance with the law this is what we wanted to clarify to the sudanese people we did not want to add insult to injury. the army's warning comes after talks with the opposition hit a snag the two sides have agreed to form
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a new body to run the country until the next elections the army wants a majority in the transitional body. and so far it has avoided an escalation that might lead to an armed confrontation and. we have made many concessions for the sake of protecting our nation and preventing scenarios similar to what happened in neighboring countries we want to talk to end quickly so that the tension deescalate . but the young activists behind the mass protest movement that toppled president omar al bashir worry the military is buying time to prevent a civilian takeover. they say they want the army's role as a stick to it and its influence contained during the transitional period. in a press conference on tuesday so that it's professional association denounced the military saying they have no desire to give up power to civilians here and let me
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say that. the military council is not serious about transferring power to civilians it is clear they want to keep power and retain it for themselves this is unacceptable the revolution did not take place in order to stop a unilateral military regime into another unilateral military regime therefore this will not be accepted and is not acceptable but strong statements that sent ultimatums have replaced the soft and optimistic language of the last few days casting doubts over the prospects of the talks that are now stalled until further notice. i just kept on well protesters have refused to comply with the military's request to remove the roadblocks and barricades remain in place throughout the country khartoum from the moment it has this update. the transitional military council and the forces for freedom and change which is basically made up of civil society activists and sudan's creates
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a position this will be organizing the poultice getting up hard by the day that talks between them have not had any breakthrough they are at loggerheads on a gui on the for mission of the transitional administration that they had agreed to form between them the opposition negotiators are now accusing the transitional military council of not being ready to share power and also setting themselves up at the presidential palace saying that they have not started this revolution just to hunt over power to another unit a lot of military administration and say this is unacceptable and that they are not short of options already they are called for a million man march on thursday and they say that they also have another wild card which is a general strike which they say could have the potential of shutting down the entire country polls still had all of turkey holds its largest annual defend show
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but disputes over rush made weapons are overshadowing the event and the changing face of israel's politics sans a new parliament is sworn in those stories on the other side of the break. hello get welcome back to international weather forecast well here across china things are looking much better here as we go towards the mid week a lot of that rain that we had earlier is beginning to push off the coast but not for taiwan you can be seeing the heavy rain continue here on wednesday with the tempter there across taipei about twenty four degrees hong kong things get better
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for you with a temperature of twenty nine but by the time we get to thursday we're going to start to see more rain to the north but a lot of the coastal areas will continue to remain dry in terms of rain but we may see some more clouds appear to share high with attempt a few of twenty four degrees well across parts of western indonesia things are looking much better we did have some rain here over the last few days but on the forecast map by the time we start the middle of the week things get a little bit better here a lot of drawing starts to happen the clouds continue but by the time we get towards thursday notice the rain showers disappear as well as a lot of the clouds begin to dissipate as well for singapore maybe a shower for you at thirty three degrees and call them pour at about thirty four degrees for you well here across the bamberg all the course we are watching what is happening with our tropical cyclone funny and that is speaking its way towards the north we do expect to see a live fall in system by the time we get to friday and more rain across much of the coastal areas there. the weather sponsored by catherine.
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how have you changed since you were seven. charting the lives of the children of a part of a twenty one years story reflecting a history of dramatic social and political change twenty eight south africa to al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera be so romney reminder of our top stories venezuelan opposition leader. has launched what he calls the final phase of the
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operation to oust the president security forces fired tear gas and drove a vehicle it to protest as president nicolas maduro called the move makes small scale uprising also sudan's ruling military council has asked protesters not to take the law into their own hands but sudan's opposition is accusing the army of clinging to power as protesters continue to call for civilian government. now the white house says it's planning to designate the muslim brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization but this could bring sanctions against the group as well as companies and individuals who interact with it egypt's president of the center and sisi reportedly urged president donald trump to make the designation in a meeting earlier this month mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . an implacable enemy of the muslim brotherhood receives the warmest of welcomes at the white house egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi has long been pressing president trump to take action against the organization which along with the
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liberal opposition has been the target of a massive crackdown by cc's forces in egypt. this after the muslim brotherhood won egypt's first democratic election in two thousand and twelve. before being ousted in a military takeover the following year. the white house choosing to support the autocrat rather than the democratically elected whistlin brotherhood he deposed the president has consulted with his national security team and leaders in the region who share his concern says the press secretary in an e-mail and this designation is working its way through the internal process among those in the region clearly not consulted president earlier one in turkey who's a strong backer of the muslim brotherhood. all countries like to near zero and morocco where the organization is an integral part of the democratic process in
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both tunisia and in morocco. muslim brotherhood affiliated parties are represented in the parliaments and their major players and. to the extent that they fall under this designation it would be common possible for the us government to have diplomatic relations with them it would be hard for them to have contact with them allies that are likely to have been consulted include israel and saudi arabia that cites cutter's support for the muslim brotherhood as a reason for the ongoing blockade of that country. but the apparent peace mint of countries like saudi arabia may be only one reason for the trumpet ministrations deliberations another is domestic the decision to outlaw the brotherhood would play well to president trump's political base which is deeply distrustful of any movement that reaches the word muslim. my kind of al-jazeera washington.
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forces allied to libya's you'll recognize government to retake control of a strategic military come close to the capital it's trying to turn several times since troops loyal to ward cleaver have to launched an operation to take over tripoli last month mahmud of the war had a small. this is a. military camp this is one of of the biggest military camps on the highway linking the two police city center to the international airport in active international airport here their forces loyal to the u.n. are good news the government say that they have recaptured biss camp camp after have their forces briefly took control of this is this whole area. this whole area is a is a battlefield. here also. the government forces
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here say that. have those warplanes target their locations with advantage rockets and guided missiles and in many cases grad missiles land and is it. that way killing innocent civilians including women and children the government forces here say. that those are the volcano of wrath operation forces the volcano of wrath operation led by forces loyal to the euro and their kidneys government here they say that the out of the plan meant not only to push have to his forces back beyond the southern parts of tripoli but also to chase them to the city of and the city of the hohner at least two people are being killed and four injured in a shooting at the university of north carolina in the u.s. those aspiring to is said to be a student university is now in custody please please no one else was involved in the shooting. turkey's largest annual defend show has become
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a political balancing act with the us unhappy about the country's purchase of russian weapons present recipe the one says the ongoing war in syria means he needs to take all available measures to ensure the security of his nation said in consumer reports from istanbul. this military show is not just about making sales but for turkey's present trajectory for i've done it is about facing questions on the defense challenges he faces with longtime allies in the west. coast the u.s. has made it clear it's not pleased with his decision to buy the russian book mistah list four hundred defense system in april it suspended deliveries of parts for the stealth of f. thirty five fighter aircraft saying it had security concerns but the turkish presence says' with the ongoing conflict in syria discount with security comes first today which we located in a region where political crisis in conflicts are widely saying this makes it
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necessary of us to be on full alert and to empower you during much of the syrian conflict turkey relied on u.s. made papeete surface to air missile systems to protect its cities in the south of the country but then there were withdrawn by turkey's made to l. eyes leaving it feeling exposed it then turned to russia in the first gulf war in the second gulf war now in the sorting crisis we know that the path through its systems is always a big problem in between turkey and the nato countries where you have some discussions pro sample with the netherlands netherlands may withdraw the patry it systems from turkey with turkish president has predicted that the f. thirty five fighter project will collapse without his country's input making matters more complex is the fact that turkey was step to supply some of the components for the fire step to be the most expensive weapon ever built turkey.
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wants to be partners in. getting systems not just buying them but being a partner in production and development phase of those systems as well but fortunately us bart nurse or european companies are not fully committed to sharing technology or navi in all these programs the u.s. insists turkey must choose between russia a four hundred missile defense system and the american f. thirty five fighter jets it can't have bullets on her essays that's blackmail and the deal is already been done but the us as threatening sanctions against nato ally so can a compromise be reached turkey face it needs immediate solution to what it feels that threat to its national security team ampicillin of al-jazeera stumble. israel's new parliament has been sworn in three weeks after the general election the knesset is made up of one hundred and twenty members who will be holding their seats for the first time prime minister benjamin netanyahu is now leading negotiations with coalition partners to form the next government more from harry
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full set in west jerusalem. with ceremonials began with the arrival of the israeli president reagan rivlin he inspected an honor guard outside the knesset building before coming into the hall to preside over the swearing in of one hundred twenty members of this twenty first israeli knesset now all of this serving as the backdrop to the real political business at hand which remains the finalizing of benjamin it knows new coalition government he and his likud party along with its coalition partners have a majority sixty five to fifty five within the knesset but one of his prospective partners the israel bit a new party which is a secularist right wing party led by the former defense minister avigdor lieberman it is concerned about too much being ceded to the ultra orthodox and religious nationalist parties which themselves are very important partners for benjamin netanyahu in any coalition he manages to build and they say that they will pull out if two men. if their demands are exceeded to which would be
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a major stumbling block to having a functioning majority within the knesset of course this knesset also has to deal with any issues arising from the fact that a sitting prime minister is facing pending indictment there are hearings scheduled to take place in the next few weeks on three corruption cases there is talk about a potential war giving the prime minister immunity from prosecution talks about potentially reviving a previous arrangement where encasement of the knesset had automatic immunity from prosecution unless there is a vote inside the parliament itself as well as that of course there is also the issue of benjamin netanyahu own pledge given just before the election to start an exceeding illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank and all this coming just weeks ahead of what we're expecting to be the publication of the trump peace plan so a lot on the agenda as this new knesset gets under way. they'd agencies say they're struggling to deliver aid to mozambique because of heavy rain which is causing flooding and mudslides at least forty one people are being confirmed dead after
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last week's cycling kenneth the tour again because. tina shoot and her family salvage what they can from their flooded home like thousands of houses in the cool city of pemba it was badly damaged by cycling kenny for the some of them before everything inside the house is wet t.v.'s mattresses beds freezers fridges everything that was on the ground weather experts say cyclon kenneth was the strongest ever recorded in or the mozambique it was the second storm in six weeks to hit the eastern coast of southern africa mozambique's government says two hundred thousand people are at risk they urgently need shelter and water purification but aid agencies say bad weather is hampering the efforts to reach survivors this applies that were trying to come in couldn't land because of the rains and this is something that's going to be a challenge in this operation for. days ahead because the forecast is that we will
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continue to have rains for at least the coming days cycling kenneth ripped through beaks northern province of cabbage with wind surges of up to two hundred eighty kilometers an hour in some areas entire villages were flattened in pemba roads have been washed away and roofs ripped off houses out of the bed as the cost to rebuild this home who will have to demolish it and start again with a new house aid agencies say they desperately need money to respond to what they describe as an incredibly difficult situation in mozambique victoria gate and be al jazeera. the formal assertion of japan's new no hue to begins in the coming hours it follows the observation of his father the first in japan for more than two hundred years and with a key to stood down from the throne on choose day in a brief ceremony in the imperial palace in tokyo from where wade hay reports.
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after more than thirty years on the throne emperor akihito made a slow final walk into the serum only room in the imperial palace as was so often the case throughout his reign he was accompanied and supported by his wife improves michiko he told then spoke for the last time as emperor of japan much it is fortunate that i have been able to perform my duty as imperator we perform trust and respect for the japanese people for thirty years since my ascension to the tram to the people who accepted and supported me as a symbol i express my art felt thanks and. there was little fanfare all fuss surrounding the ceremony which lasted around ten minutes that low key nature of it was perhaps fitting for an emperor who sought to change the perception of the role one of akihito as legacies is that he modernized the imperial family by attempting to make it relevant and because of that there is still widespread public support
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for it according to polling and there was also overwhelming support for this abdication. in a surprise speech three years ago he said he felt his health and age would prevent him performing his duties but he had to stop short of saying he wanted to retire because there was no law allowing for abdication but the message from the palace and the support for his wishes from the public meant the government had little choice but to pass a one off law allowing for the abdication. kind of to morrow with the day of publication and we deflect up on the long years or with the emperor has shared the happiness and sadness of the people of libya once again the feeling of the prospect and banks among those at the ceremony the oldest son of akihito crown prince no he told you on wednesday will become the one hundred twenty sixth emperor of japan that will be his day this one belonged to emperor akihito after
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a few minutes the abdication was complete the eighty five year old offered a bow and a moment's reflection before leaving the room heading for a quieter life wayne hay al-jazeera tokyo. the watching of as their homes the whole roman these are all top news stories venezuelan opposition leader. is what he calls the final phase of the operation to oust the president security forces fired tear gas and drove a vehicle into protesters president arroyo called the move a small scale uprising on asunder grumpier has more. on the colombian border near venezuela. couple of housing benefit and who live here in the border city of. their most ration earlier in the day in support of the uprising that were happening in the country among them there were roughly a couple of hundred. worth you know have been living here
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in in february when they. go to the fair so there's a ruling military council is asked protesters not to take the law into their own hands but sudan's opposition is accusing the army of clinging to power as protesters continue to call for civilian government protesters have refused to comply with the military's request to remove the roadblocks and barricades remain in place throughout the capital the wind. the muslim brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization and this could bring sanctions against the group as well as companies and individuals interact with it in a statement the groups will continue to work in line with its moderate and peaceful thinking egypt's president of the sisi reportedly urged president trying to make the designation in a meeting earlier this month egypt banned the muslim brotherhood after a military coup in twenty thirty. two people have been killed and four injured in
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a shooting at the university of north carolina in the u.s. the two said to be a student at the university is now in custody police believe no one was involved it was involved in the shooting. israel has reduced the distance that fishermen from gaza can operate their vessels the military says it will cut to six nautical miles down to fifteen in response to rocket fire from the palestinian authority it accuses islamic jihad of carrying out the attack denies the allegation israeli government increase the fishings. on april the first its passage of a deal with hamas. those were the headlines more news of course on our website. dot com back with more news and hoffa on the inside story to stay with us.
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mozambique is hit by two powerful cyclons in just six weeks and has a struggling to help millions of people they say not enough money is being pledged so is the world ignoring another does also in africa all have done is lost interest in helping this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on iran come on mozambique is reeling from two of the strongest storms ever to hit the country. already stretched off the cycle in march which killed more than six hundred.


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