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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 120  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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military coups in twenty thirty. two people have been killed and four injured in a shooting at the university of north carolina in the u.s. the suspect who said to be a student at the university is now in custody police believe no one was involved else was involved in the shooting. israel has reduced the distance that fisherman from gaza can operate their vessels the military says it will cut to six nautical miles down to fifteen in response to rocket fire from the palestinian authority it accuses islamic jihad of carrying out the attack though the armed group denies the allegation israeli government increased the fishings. on april first its passage of a deal with hamas those were the headlines more news of course on our web site at al-jazeera dot com and back with more news in half an hour next it's inside story do stay with us.
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mozambique is hit by two powerful cyclons in just six weeks and has a struggling to help millions of people they say not enough money is being pledged is the world ignoring another does also in africa poll have done is lost interest in helping this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on iran come on mozambique is reeling from two of the strongest storms ever to hit the country. already stretched off the cycle in march which killed more than six hundred people and then cycling kenneth made
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landfall killing another thirty eight and the full cost is for more heavy rain which will worsen the flooding over the next few days the u.n. says around two million people gently need drinking water food and medicine but international donors have been slow to respond if a tool one senior u.n. official says if this happened anywhere else in the world the response would be very different. we are in an incredibly difficult situation right now so the response to cycling and i was just over twenty five percent funded when tropical cyclone kind of hit so already we had maxed out everything that we could do with the funding that we had available for tropical cyclone dyke then we have a new site plan and let's be clear this is not something that is a small addition to an existing crisis this is a new crisis if this had appeared anywhere else in the world it would be a whole new response and that's how we're treating it here it needs new funding and we need that desperately we need it now.
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let's bring in our guests nicholas finn is on skype from pemba one of the worst hit areas is save the children's response team leader in mozambique in johannesburg david not seen it on the stand to nationals research for southern africa and on skype from florence. more specialist on peace and security law and governance in africa welcome to you all i want to begin with you nicholas finney and pemba clearly two psych loans in six weeks has meant that all of the idea organizations not just yours very stretch what are your immediate needs right now. yeah well thanks thanks for that yeah this is a really tricky situation our immediate needs right now are to respond as quickly as we can with emergency relief materials to those who have been impacted by cycling kenneth struck on thursday we have to do that without bringing capacity out
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of the cycle and die response which is underway in central mozambique this cyclon that landed here on thursday a really bulldozed coastline of north mozambique in a place where they're not used cyclons people weren't so the pad for this including the humanitarian community we've been really stretched response so far first priority get some emergency shelter meet materials on the ground second priority get some food on the ground third priority try to create a safe and clean environment for people but it's taking time the logistical hurdles are a massive at the moment we've got bad rain we've had flooding following the cycloid roads have been blocked helicopters couldn't fly. i could give you a long list maybe i stopped there. to hear some discussion is you
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do you have enough money. it's not a problem for absolutely not we didn't even have enough money. the un appealed for that cycler stands at twenty eight percent of its target currently this in comparison of the disasters on a similar scale means that mozambique has been hard done by by the international community is getting less than it deserves and it's a country that needs a lot of help in this situation so the site when it dies appeal was already in a bad condition and we were very worried about meeting the basic needs that what now needs to happen is whilst that problem is solved in laos more money comes in in central mozambique starting up a new operation in response to cycle in kenya there is no appeal target set by the united nations yet that's still being developed and the floods are still unfolding
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so this situation in the north of mozambique in cabo delgado and nonpoor province is is evolving by the day. it is up to the international community to raise all of this to you make the point that the pledging levels haven't been discussed yet those targets haven't been signed yet i want to bring in. in florence mozambique his eys perhaps unique in all of the countries in africa like a guest from florence said in that they're not used to this type of disaster hitting that country however this is much more than just the type of disaster this at the country there is some sort of don't know fatigue that's going on right now a lot of people simply overwhelmed by the amount of crises happening in africa over the amounts of years i mean we're talking since the one nine hundred fifty s. the international community has been sending aid to africa and they've getting very frustrated that a there are issues of corruption in various countries of nepotism of aid not reaching the right people how much of this is donor fatigue and how much of it is
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simply the fact that there isn't money out that to give to a disaster like this well. i think clearly. not from. our side not. all our troops but. ultimately hard to. do on this government. if this committee and senator zero point is that this is a governance fair i've lost. and then it must be going to the government and other governments it's our government our feet are. allwhere aware of that these are us that matter runs out.
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of africa in the fall off. in eastern. africa and. pre-publication to the east in terms of predicting preventing responding and even as they are doubting to the situation all these kind of these us that would have. this similar disaster has happened ten years ago. and suddenly in two thousand and one listens to take out of army prepare in terms of responding to this the stakes ask for the sense that government is out to be honest also look for the least these are steps you need to crisis a human security crisis where is and displacement have become in this it the second of course in that you didn't come out from solidarity they don't know how many gases get that out situations when african countries including me would not be
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able to respond to it effectively even if you did have predicted and trying to prevent the disasters and even days then be could be your enemies cost in the african union and how the. united nations the human and international community has rose only unfortunately this lever the little story directly at this last. past indicates. why talk to me because you know more. more more is. going to change. my daughters i'm sure you know you're going to see the european union on the us which it is it is all you know not current they are most interested in continuing migration any cost. on migration or i would.
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live. for. us all these crimes. let me just take it from johannesburg david you've been listening to both august that a number of years ago i was speaking to somebody from the department for international development the british organization that helps foreign countries and there was an enormous amount of frustration that a lot of the money that they were giving seemingly was disappearing and there was a number of cases of corruption being brought against many places in africa has had an impact on donors giving aid is there a frustration that actually the aid money will be getting to the people that need it most that it might just be disappearing into the coffers of the very rich. and italy the behavior of the muslim become government has not necessarily inspired confidence in the international community among donner's in particular it
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also has not inspired confidence in mozambique among its own citizens. we can recall recently the former minister of finance in mozambique. was arrested in south africa with the merest warrant by the united states in the wake of the two point two billion scandal of secret debts illegal debts that were contracted without the permission of the parliament which is what the constitution requires so unfortunately the government has not inspired confidence and if you're familiar with the media in mozambique the recent a single day that passes without stories of misappropriation of funds from donors also from the taxpayers and without you know those stories you know
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coming into the surface so unfortunately that is the reality. that's what's going on in mozambique the other thing that i would like to hear in this conversation at the preexisting conditions prior to the arrival of these natural disasters if we take a look at a cup delgado cup delgado is the province with the highest rate of might have mud houses and other structures built on precarious material we also have large portions of the population isolated in villages that are not easy to reach. it's very difficult to cover you know with the areas in rural areas because there's not infrastructures in the roads are poor their communication systems are poor and you also have to keep in mind that the epicenter
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of this disaster god is exactly in the areas where you know of the extremist talks of been taking place where the government has been prohibiting the media and journalists from reaching out and report on what's going on so the information is trickling in but i can guarantee you that there is a lot of destruction a lot of death probably injury that has taken place that we still don't know because the government hasn't been allowing the media and journalists to good at this areas to report on what's going on your list of any and perhaps about let me just bring you in here nicholas this we've heard a lot of you know there is the government restricting and there are african governments that perhaps aren't doing themselves any favors by restricting the media by not putting attention on it and by not dealing with this nepotism and this
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corruption that seems to plague any natural disaster that happens and that's a real issue but i just want to ask you this question where are we when it comes to international donors clearly there is money if you take a look at the case of notre dame in france when up and down within days billions of dollars were raised through the private sector for that particular disaster yet here we are in africa another disaster people for sore it could have been managed much more better yet the money isn't. absolutely and i want to just so so come back to one of the points that the second speaker made you know clearly mozambique's been affected by. it and cited disasters in the past and there is some level of preparedness there but let's just be clear on what's just happened in the last two months six weeks ago mozambique was hit in hit by the strongest cyclists ever to hit a country in the southern hemisphere in terms of
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a story corps records last thursday they were hit again by well it's now leap frogging the last one as the strongest cycler ever to hit a country in the southern hemisphere so we're talking about super litigious we're not talking about a regular occurrence that you know should be run of the mill for a government to prepare and respond to whatever the state of. the government service is generally we're talking about an unprecedented disaster which is not been seen on recent historical record before and we've got to ask ourselves is this climate change in action the climate scientists would say well one of the predictions would be that they might not be more cyclons but they might be stronger and they might strike out of the normal season. and they might also strike in different places that's exactly what's happened here in capital garda and i hope
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the scientific community can control a conclusion on this very soon what marinette intolerance and let me bring you in let me bring you in have more influence we've heard that there are a number of reasons why this is taking place and why it's unprecedented both climate change and the fact that the government has actually failed but it's a bit more than that though isn't it there is a frustration on behalf of the donors to give money to african countries because they feel that they are corrupt and the money isn't getting there that there is an issue here isn't. yes i think that is in my own opinion lists in terms of never saw a sponsor that is not austrian then the issue of continuity of government bows in terms of access to media into the software to how bad our com to believe do we know from history beat extreme weather drop's that calls into the hundreds of columns if in some cases of the media hints of people affected
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in different cost where do you how accountable government at least if use the problems the difficulties out i'm not is it and also the international economy he takes care of not in terms of. putting on at least the patient. on the crisis and that is us now in this case we don't have that kind of even prepared. us and without that kind of media coverage and the government even now seeing these adult time immediate often this crisis happens then then you have a problem now. that being say the international community is not the common media in the sense that we had some years ago in this nation of so the. two countries beat on climate change based so you don't get out and we have
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a lot of them who are fission. and all of this notion is about human security affected by climate change and this is an example where the national economy the most likely face and the compromises you make with a different kind of made it has to suck or a different. challenge is that i mean engine one case of migration you may be another down. and how american companies reacted to this you don't know how that is a level of down that is short so they've done enough and tore out and the damage done on he also the east underscore is not working to a large extent but i don't mean it made me say this or there might be even more that got this was sounding that your mozambique's government put and not the moon
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be kind of government have done this then wouldn't have been this kind of. home because this is a on the wrong kind of government not the recent how do you want it and let me bring in david mack says let me bring in david let's say and ahead is this then a combination of racism towards african countries and frustration with african governments. it's it's difficult it's difficult to tell you know whether you know we're talking about the problem of racism but let us consider a few other factors here there's been a merit to off africa rising. and in that in that narrative they the story of africa that is rich in mineral resources africa is that is attracting international direct investment and in the case of mozambique we clearly see that story being played out every day god with their god is
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rich in minerals resources this is lots of multinational corporations investing a lot of money in that area and yet the end result isn't people local people who actually own the resources benefiting from this so there's been a big narrative all over the world of africa now being able to. ensure that you know it can develop itself economically and socially by using its natural resources i personally think you know that could be factored into. you know the donor fatigue the other thing is this a race among some of african governments to declare themselves as middle income countries when in fact when you look at the reality on the ground those countries do not qualify to be declared as middle income countries. it's
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a status symbol to be a middle income country and when governments do this the up they actually contributing to the denial of rights of their own people because the international community gets a wrong impression that everything is going well when actually on the ground things are not going well when journalists are not allowed to do their work inform the international community to inform the world on the donors about what's really happening on the ground so here we clearly have the rule of african governments in . this particular. muslim become government that is contributing in my view. actually i do what's going on in that when denying people the opportunity to get their rights to complain or from protected not owned by the government but also by the international community with liz mccartney clearly would you agree with that i
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would you agree that the bows and the government isn't helping in this actually enduring your efforts. you've gone for a macro level picture of what's going on let me tell you the reality of what's happening here right now the government the united nations humanitarian organizations like save the children local private sector international private sector are working together to save lives. these considerations are very much at the back of our thoughts right now we need support to put emergency materials on the ground to prevent loss of life delgado has a number of issues one of them is the cholera it's endemic another is that malaria it's endemic if we can mobilize the right kind of response to this cycle. where international cooperation is happening then what is it all about you know i'd like
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to inject some humanity into the debate here i don't i don't really you know deny or argue with the points that been made but what's happening right now is that we were together across government international community and business and we're trying to get a job done and we need more help there's an impassioned plea there from nicholas finney in pember the situation is dire and they do need money but i do come back to the original point i want to bring in here from florence. this just the tone of fatigue this frustration this anger there is corruption in african governments all of that feeds into what nicholas when he was saying yes we do need money right now this is a big problem but there off structural problems that that have been caused by the decade chile i completely agree. the poor mouth in terms of her is a haven for and response before his has to be to serialize possible i mean at
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all to see. and i say it's of the communities of prostitutes and salt this is created i think in the for. the focus and well lighted off the source of how towards human then if if you meant for us and obvious something that we should support and david and i found community have been called up all ended have to be formed effectively talese why do we not want without undermining if you don't have this form that is required to get out of synagogue problems from happening in the near future. the government doesn't have a guy who could be in the other house they have to hold they have to be out and that's where that is the response it was from the african government side. admittedly disasters because did is where the the root is how.
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significantly affected and these outlets on the city's economy government of condoms. you don't see this now no good when you let it happen it's you know the spirit there isn't even that is a response to responsible government that had accountable it's not called out my ass the african countries and we do not understand that countries that have significant because of the out in droves responsibly. i'm afraid we are out now i would like to just thank you all for joining us thanks to our guest nicholas finney david knott sina and maher and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website i was there a dull call for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com
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forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at age eight inside story for me and the whole team head by saddam.
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in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our lives in taking the details let's gather saving lives is a dangerous job a vaccine to work on a good twenty four hours there are patients waiting for his mother to must be in pain lives are at risk it was
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a week ago one of the gang stops some vehicles on the road that they can deal with weapons risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera. you're watching i was there i'm so rob and these are all top news stories venezuelan opposition leader. president maduro no longer has the support of the armed forces his columns come after a day of violent protests following the launch of what he calls the final phase of the operation to oust the president nicolas maduro called the move a small scale uprising but as well as ambassador to the united nations some well among the violence in caracas is a military coup created by the u.s. apple yella put it over there was a very dangerous incident that was supported by the u.s. government they knew what was happening like in chile.


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