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are real being made in courts in there with al jazeera and teams on the corners are numbered world to bring you more real good winning documentaries and life means. beating on your own bit of this was truly a fake. venezuela's president dismisses opposition leader calls for a military our pricing and made filings saw on the streets of caracas. fully back to watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters in tow also ahead sudan's military rulers warned protesters not to take the law into their own hands and call on them to remove roadblocks. u.s. president donald trump says he may declare the muslim brotherhood
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a foreign terrorist organization and a new iraq japan's new emperor naruhito takes the throne following his father's uptick aish. thank you very much for joining us venezuela's president nicolas maduro has appeared on television for the first time since opposition leader one guy don't launch what he called an uprising to have him removed also made a new appearance in a video posted online calling for more mass protests as a movement or has described as an attempted coup earlier he launched what he called the final phase of the operation to oust the president and his government are dura pete on state television a short time later saying he will prosecute those involved. on your own but if this was truly a fake a minor scuffles a simulation and. percent of the military and police who joined them in the
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beginning had left them by noon before noon actually only a little group of twenty people sit with them they've all been identified they choose the path of the trail they wish to do with their careers and sold to the far right they will soon face the consequences for what they did. and. it will be in the streets see you in the streets that is our territory venezuela there is no possibility of that today we have the opportunity for a peaceful rebellion as was today against a tyrant who locks himself between four walls for fear of facing our people. in america i. guess. they overflow the streets demanding but no one showed up he did not appear because he does not have the respect the support of the armed forces on the contrary town has risen up we've been as willing to rebuild peacefully have the opportunity to conquer our future and move towards the final
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phase of operation freedom towards this is sation a user patient to morrow or venezuela to the streets. correspondent. on the colombia venezuela border. seems even more uncertainty now in venezuela bring us up to speed for us with the situation after what's been a long intense stain. definitely folly this was no doubt bold this the effort part of the and the rest of the venezuelan opposition to try and help hold nikolaus and i did i started early on tuesday as. appeared in a video on the social network surrounded by a few dozen members military forces openly rebelling against the president nicolas maduro and then joining in protest that with the. those who are posed
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because i go on the streets of the capital caracas and in other cities across beneath square we've seen some of the most violent scenes since the beginning of the political crisis yet at the end of the day president nicolas maduro remains in power he appeared on television as you were saying in your introduction from the presidential palace to meet a lot is it also seems like most of the high ranking officials live in this way that military remain loyal to president. so what will happen next now probably will be more protests from wednesday both and why they were calling for their people to take on the streets of the capital and the question of course is will more military defect that will bring change enough for four to step down or not as you say and his sons or a bold move by one why dilla did he miscalculate the kind of support he would have
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had from the military why did he go ahead with this. thing. well this is the question on everybody's mind and there's no doubt speaking to some of the people who support as well that when they were disappointed by the end they . are saying that the overplayed this is. their idea at least originally was to take over a military base an air force base in the middle because they weren't able to do that. cynically and it creates a lot of. violence a lot of protests again in my we see that at least the top military officials remain loyal to my daughter now. in syria that instead it shows that his strategy is working but it takes time he said that this is
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a process that their ships don't fall in a day in these asking people to still believe in him to take to the streets once again to continue pushing then till they reach their final objective which is a change in government in venezuela the expectation on wednesday is that they will try to move towards the presidential palace i mean a lot is this hasn't happened yet however we can expect the supporters of president might do it up to try and block them from doing so not only the national guard but also from these paramilitary groups that have been on the by the venezuelan government in the friend president because last minute or so appear on the streets and try to stop the protestors and when they think you very much for that. reporting there live from google town the colombia venezuela border reaction from
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the united states and national security advisor john bolton says the situation in venezuela isn't a coup but a legitimate president trying to take control kimberly hawkins has more from washington. the united states continues to be somewhat secretive about its role in venice well and the events that are taking place the u.s. national security advisor would only say the country is offering venezuela humanitarian support and quote a lot of other things but he would not say what those things were when asked directly about military intervention he said that all options remain on the table but for now the united states supports a peaceful transfer of power that the us president is monitoring the situation in venezuela by the minute and he also said that he was the people in venezuela to go through what they said they would do to allow for a transition of power if this effort fails they will sink into a dictatorship from which there are very few possible alternatives it's
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a very delicate moment i want to stress again the president wants to see a peaceful transfer of power from the doro to glad that possibility still exist if enough figures depart from the regime and support the opposition there john bolton also said that he does not view what is taking place in venezuela as any sort of who and when asked about some support on the ground for president nicolas maduro someone the united states does not support he said this is really just military fear of cuban security forces mcgirr is directing his thugs to conduct his affairs he went on to caution russia for its involvement as well in venezuela saying that they view the actions of russia in venezuela to be very serious and that we expect the russians not to interfere so very clear on the u.s. position by the national security adviser john bolton that the united states still
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continues to push for a peaceful transfer of power to the interim leader juan why don't you. to sudan now where the ruling military council has asked protesters not to take the law into their hands and military said it still holds still narrow differences with protest leaders who are still on the streets calling for a civilian government. for some khartoum. sudan to stop generals warn their patience has limits they want the protesters on the streets of the capital khartoum to remove roadblocks checkpoints and allow trains to bring food supplies across the country where they were there we are responsible and we have to take responsibility as a military council as a transitional gnutella consul we have to protect the citizens and protect the law we will not accept any chaos or attack on civilians and their properties and properties of the state and we will deal with this firmly and in accordance with the law this is what we wanted to clarify to the sudanese people we did not want to
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add insult to injury. the army's warning comes after talks with the opposition hit a snag the two sides have agreed to form a new body to run the country until the next elections the army wants a majority in the transitional body. and so far it has avoided an escalation that might lead to an armed confrontation. over the we have made many concessions for the sake of protecting our nation and preventing scenarios similar to what happened in neighboring countries we want to talk to end quickly so that the tension deescalate. but the young activists behind the mass protest movement that toppled president omar al bashir worry the military is buying time to prevent a civilian takeover. they say they want the army's role restricted and its influence contained during the transitional period. in a press conference on tuesday so that it's professional association denounced the
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military saying they have no desire to give up power to civilians here a limited. the military council is not serious about transferring power to civilians it is clear they want to keep power and retain it for themselves this is unacceptable the revolution did not take place in order to stop a unilateral military regime and another unilateral military regime therefore this will not be accepted and is not acceptable but strong statements that sent ultimatums have replaced the soft and optimistic language of the last few days casting doubts over the prospects of the talks that are now stalled until further notice. just khartoum. the white house says it's planning to designate the muslim brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization this could lead to sanctions against a group as well as companies and individuals who interact with it egypt's president . reportedly urged president donald trump to make the designation in
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a meeting last month mike hanna has more from washington an implacable enemy of the muslim brotherhood receives the warmest of welcomes at the white house egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi has long been pressing president trump to take action against the organization which along with the liberal opposition has been the target of a massive crackdown by cc's forces in egypt. the softer the muslim brotherhood won egypt's first democratic election in two thousand and twelve. before being ousted in a military takeover the following year. the white house choosing to support the autocrat rather than the democratically elected would slim brotherhood he deposed. the president has consulted with his national security team and leaders in the region who share his concern says the press secretary in an e-mail and this designation is working its way through the internal process among those in the region clearly not
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consulted president earlier one in turkey who's a strong backer of the muslim brotherhood. all countries like to near zero and morocco where the organization is an integral part of the democratic process. in both tunisia and in morocco. the muslim brotherhood affiliated parties are represented in the parliaments and their major players and. to the extent that they fall under this designation it would be common possible for the us government to have diplomatic relations with them it would be hard for them to have contact with them allies that are likely to have been consulted include israel and saudi arabia that sites cut support for the muslim brotherhood as a reason for the ongoing blockade of that country. but the apparent appeasement of countries like saudi arabia may be only one reason for the trumpet ministrations
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deliberations another is domestic the decision to outlaw the brotherhood would play well to president trump's political base which is deeply distrustful of any movement that preaches the word muslim. mike hanna al-jazeera washington. still ahead on al-jazeera turkey holds its largest defense show but disputes over russian made weapons are overshadowing the event plus the changing face to face rails politics as a new parliament says twenty. hello again this hour do want to start here across united states where it is severe weather season and that's exactly what we're going to be seeing over the next few days particular here across the central plains and then making its way up here
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towards the midwest now all these clouds that you see right here are our next storm and not just severe weather we do expect to see hail damaging winds as well as the possibility of tornadoes but also the possibility of flooding across much of this area to the north though it is going to be snow still the temperatures are going to be cool enough in the overnight hours that we are going to get below freezing the snow is going to be pushing across much of the katyn provinces and we are going to be seeing temperatures into the low single digits in the overnight hours making their way to the los double digits by the time we get to the afternoon washington d.c. though thirty one degrees is going to be high as we go towards thursday well plenty rain here across much of the caribbean of the next few days and that's going to be the trend for the bahamas the rain is going to be quite intense down here towards parts of sentimental as well on thursday we may see a break down towards the south but the rain for nasa is still going to be a big problem and then across parts of one is that is what we are looking at some fairly nice conditions here on wednesday with the temps there of about nineteen
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degrees but by the time we get towards thursday more cloud in the forecast and temperature coming up to twenty three. al-jazeera documenting ground breaking. preparing some of india's poorest children and toughest universities. and to see how the students and the scheme helping change the face of india.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories venezuela's opposition leader won by dole is calling for more protests on wednesday he says president nicolas maduro doesn't have the support of the armed forces or do i mean one has appeared on television saying he will prosecute those involved in what he described as an attempted coup. sudan's ruling military council has asks protesters not to take the law into their own hands but the opposition is accusing the army of clinging to power as protesters continue to call for a civilian government and the white house says it's planning to designate the muslim brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization this could bring sanctions against a group which says it will continue to work in line with its moderates and peaceful thinking. now naruhito has given his first address as the new emperor of
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japan he has formally ascended the throne after a symbolic ceremony at the imperial palace in tokyo he says he will rule in accordance with the constitution and work towards peace in japan and in the world is replacing his father the emperor akihito who on tuesday became the first to abdicate the japanese stolen in two hundred. or you'll get your civil. your goal here is to the throne i will carry on in the footsteps of improve and improve and also the previous improves that of rind and promise to think about the people of japan under the provisions of the constitution and show perform my duties as the symbol of the japanese people and i sincerely wish for peace to prevail in the world and in japan. when he joins us now live from tokyo wayne of the first address there from the new emperor we've seen a very symbolic but simple ceremony area in tokyo any early indications as to what sort of emperor well. will i
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think most japanese who are listening very carefully to those first remarks from as the new emperor of japan to try to pick up any clues any ideas from those comments as to what sort of rain we may see from the one hundred twenty sixth and for all of japan as you say it was a very brief ceremony a very brief speech from him he did say in that that he would follow in the footsteps of his father and mother so i think that's what we can expect so i don't think we can expect any radical departure from what we saw during the reign of emperor akihito which came to an end officially just over twelve hours ago midnight local time when the era of emperor akihito ended and the new era began he was very popular according to our polling that is conducted very regularly in japan and he was someone who sought to modernize the royal the imperial family to make it
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more relevant to bring something of the common touch to it and i think that's what we can expect from now though he is well he's only fifty nine years of age the first emperor to have been educated overseas spending two years at oxford university in the united kingdom so perhaps bringing a unique international global perspective to the. role but overall i think we can expect him to continue in the footsteps of his father emperor akihito thank you for that wayne here live for us in tokyo while japan's new emperor was groomed for the role from a young age emperor naruhito is the oldest of three children born to emperor emeritus i.q. two and his wife me chico he graduated in one thousand nine hundred eighty two from the department of history. city in tokyo it's a school favored by the japanese imperial family event studied for two years as wayne said at oxford university emperor naruhito was married former diplomat masako
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in one nine hundred ninety three and they have one child the seventeen year old princess eichel who is barred by law from the throne because she is a female. ito's life has been largely free of scandal let's speak some more about this not michael penn who's the president of the shin gets to a news agency is live from tokyo with us thank you so much michael for being with us on al-jazeera so a new chapter in japan's imperial history we've heard from the new emperor what do you expect from him continuity as he says or change at some point during his rule. i would very much expect continuity you know the previous and for akihito was an extremely successful emperor in terms of you know gathering the affections of the japanese people and in terms of reigning over this country for thirty years without any whiff of scandal or any problems so you know with his father is such
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a strong and successful role model and by all accounts naruhito being sort of a chip off the old block very much in line with the values and the ideas of his father i think that all signs point to far more common continuity that any major changes and the form i am for devoted much of his career to making amends for the second world war and being closer to the people and as he said what role do you think the new emperor will see what issues will he focus on. well in terms of the two that you mentioned you know in terms of the way that he consoles the people in times of national tragedy and in terms of you know emphasizing that you know that japan needs to maintain the the early post-war
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culture of peace and pacifism i think that you're going to see that the narrow hito very much carries on the tradition of his father in this way if we are going to see a change of emphasis i think we may see that narrow veto has a stronger personal interest in environmental issues so we may see the emperor speak out possibly on issues of climate change and matters of this sort which we haven't seen so much of in the previous in the previous emperor so on that issue environmental issues we may see this being a little bit more active on that side what about the new emperor is a relationship with japan's political class how well do you think he will end to great with the ruling class at a time when it seems japan is wanting to head into a new direction perhaps under prime minister. yes that's right i think that if we see any the political controversies break out
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during the in the new railway era era of naruhito it may be exactly along this line that the that the government especially if japan's government continues upon the sort of conservative remilitarization line you know the semper or maybe a little bit more willing than his father to make clear that he's displeased with that direction so where the abbaye government wants to take the nation and where are narrow hito stands on these issues clearly quite different naruhito believes in post-war pacifism doesn't and that's we may see some tensions develop in that site although it's the role of the emperor to be a symbol of the state not a policy maker so he's not going to be too outspoken but his attitude of pacifism and and maintaining peace should be clear thank you so much for your insights michael penn from the news agency joining us there from tokyo thank you for your time israel's new parliament has been sown in three weeks after the general
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election the knesset is made up of one hundred twenty members a third of whom we holding their seats for the first time prime minister benjamin netanyahu is now needing those seasons with coalition partners to form the next governments in libya forces allied to the un recognized government have retaken control of a strategic military camp close to the capital is traded hands several times since troops loyal to warlord highly for have time launch an operation to take over tripoli last month from what i've done one hundred has more. this is a little more military come this is one of of the biggest military camps on the highway linking to because it isn't thought through the international airport it would be in active international level. here the forces loyal to the u.n. who could not as the government say that they have recaptured bis camp camp after have to his forces briefly took control of this is. this little area.
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this whole area is a is a battlefield. here also. the government forces here say that. have to as warplanes target their locations with advantage rockets and guided missiles and in many cases grad missiles land it is essential areas that way killing innocent civilians including women and children the government forces here say that those are the volcano of wrath operation forces the volcano of wrath operation led by forces loyal to the you and the recognize the government here they say that they are determined not only to push have to his forces back beyond the circle in the course of tripoli but also to chase them to the city of what he and the city of the who know at least twenty five people have
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been killed in an attack on a village in northeast and one geriatric tim's relatives in khuda kaiya believe that boko haram is behind the attack there's been no immediate claim of responsibility but the armed group is known for attacking villages in the area. at least two people have been killed and four injured in a shooting at the university of north carolina in the united states a suspect who is said to be a student at the university is now in custody police believe no one else was involved in the shooting. turkey's largest annual defense show has become a political balancing act with the u.s. unhappy about the country's fresh purchase of russian weapons at present russia type bedouin says the ongoing war in syria means he needs to take all available measures to ensure the security of his nation sin and cos it will has more from istanbul. this is not just about making sounds but for turkey's
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present trajectory for it is about facing questions on the defense challenges he faces with longtime allies in the west. the us has made it clear it's not pleased with his decision to buy the russian book missed almost four hundred defense system in april it suspended deliveries of parts for the start of thirty five fighter aircraft saying it had security concerns but the turkish presence there is with the ongoing conflict in syria this country's security comes first today which we located in a region where political crisis and conflicts are widely saying this makes it necessary of us to be on full alert and to empower during much of the syrian conflict turkey lardo u.s. made paprika surface to air missile systems to protect its titties in the south of the country but then were withdrawn by turkey's made to allies leaving it feeling exposed it then turned to russia in the first gulf war in the second gulf war now
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in the syrian crisis rinaldi the path through its systems is always a big problem in between turkey and the nato countries around you have some discussions pro sampled with never runs may withdraw the past three it says. from turkey with turkish president has predicted that the f. thirty four fighter project will collapse without his country's input making matters more complex is the fact that turkey was stuck to supply some of the components for the fighter stuff to be the most expensive weapon ever built jerk you want to be partners in the middle of getting systems not just buying them but being a partner in production and development for those systems as well but fortunately partners or european companies are not fully committed to sharing technology or not all in all these programs the u.s. insists turkey must choose between russia a four hundred missile defense system and the american after it
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a five fighter jets it's going to vote on caresses that's blackmail and the deal is already been done but the u.s. is threatening sanctions against its nato ally so can a compromise be reached turkey say if it needs immediate solution to what it sees us threats to its national security team and pistol of al-jazeera a stumble. well again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera venezuela's opposition leader who is calling for more protests on wednesday he says president nicolas maduro doesn't have the support of the armed forces a door meanwhile has appeared on television saying he will prosecute those involved in what he described as an attempted coup. you know what this was truly a fake coup a minor scuffles a simulation and that's why eighty percent of the military and police who joined them in the beginning had left them by a new before noon actually only
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a little group of twenty people sit with the media and they've all been identified they choose the path of the trail they wish to do with their careers and sold their souls to the far right they will soon place the consequences for what they did. so don's ruling military council has asked protesters not to take the law into their own hands of the opposition is accusing the army of clinging to power and protesters continue to call for a civilian government they refused to comply with the military's request to remove their old bronx and barricades the white house says it's planning to designate the muslim brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization is going to lead to sanctions against the group as well as companies and individuals who interact with it in a statement the group said it will continue to work in line with its moderate and peaceful thinking egypt's president. reportedly urged president trying to make the designation in a meeting last month japan's new emperor naruhito has addressed the nation for the
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first time as the axes to the throne he says he will rule in accordance with the constitution and work towards peace in japan and in the world is replacing his father emeritus.


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