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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 122  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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if my gut is not valid to how this awful noise developed an app which is helping people get their names back on the electoral roll but that's little comfort for the many millions of others who fear they won't get to vote in the biggest election in history. says camille al-jazeera new delhi. and has been five hundred years since the death of the influential renaissance painter they're not adventure let's cross back to lauren taylor in london for more orange. thanks michelle the painter sculptor and architect was born in the town of bint chain fourteen fifty two but spent most of his professional life in florence and milan of inches last supper and mona lisa are among the most widely popular and influential paintings of the renaissance they even change reports when i was in france what eventually spend the last years of his life. the another division she arrived in france carrying his most famous work the mona lisa on the donkey's back. this royal chateau and on was
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on the banks of the wa is where he spent the final chapter of his extraordinary life the young french king francis the first was enthralled by his genius he called leonardo his father never alter your words force it to the french kings through the west to show you were seeking juju or an intellectual refined as a t. had previously discovered in italy and wanted to transpose to the french court you wanted to show that the french quarter was the most elegant in europe five hundred years after his death his hope the legacy of leonardo maestro of the nascence can help repair relationships between italy and france which once again have hit turbulent times. president emanuel mackerel and his the talian counterpart social matara hope to soothe the tensions between rome and paris over the hardline immigration policy of italy's populist government and its support for the yellow vest protesters in france. the president's lunched at the mansion which leo dato
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was given was close to say which contains his workshops and studio it was here one of his apprentices sketched a hasty portrait of his master now and then rival collection of leonardo's turing's held by the british queen is to be put on display for the first time at buckingham palace. the italian journalists but also europe and join us know it is becoming a universal genius a portrait hangs in the royal chateau in france is the first at the deathbed of leonardo does in fact an example of sixteenth century fake news the king was away on rolled business when the vinci drew his last breath but his spirits and his genius still haunt this land david chase to al-jazeera as franz went to matthew laundresses
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a research fellow at the history of art department at docks and invested joins us via skype from there thanks very much indeed for being with us so the sheer scale of davinci is creativity is astonishing if you had to tell a child you knew nothing about him or someone who just hadn't heard of him something about him where would you start. well i would say he was very good at multitasking and then just larry's dollar and worked a great deal of research for his own projects and was self-taught and lots of a lot to say before that would inspire you and what about him in the sketches incremental of people know about the paintings but some of his sketches are extraordinary yes in fact i brought this note up this is successfully one of his not if this is a perpetual motion. design for example and you can see the tiny handwriting now that you know he worked quite a bit with these no thoughts some six thousand pages survive now that's only a quarter of what he had done and what about the engineering side of things many fewer people remember the art but it get i mean how where would you rank him on
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this but in terms of engineering that was but that came to be a want to test primary interests even though i was very well known as a painter and he had he was quite confident in his in his work as a painter and his studio's works better had very good studio systems but as an engineer he focus a great deal of his time because he was training him so all along and could work with military engineering civil engineering architecture textile machines a musical instruments as well siyad trickle devices and stage sets and just a full range of things that he would be asked to do so the sports a court knew would continue that into other projects cartography is also part of his injured during abilities. and what about me which is similar seeing some of the pictures some of the they are not that he's well known for and some of the sketches i was hearing were some of the paintings that i was here making a very fragile time as a bit about the kind of materials he used and why they didn't assert he was lost that well. indeed well he would he would paint for example he liked paint with oil
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quite a bit so he worked with instead of fresco he would add fresco seco or dry fresco on dry plaster which it doesn't doesn't survivor well plussed well paint on top of that so the last supper for example and then paintings like the by madonna. he wanted to use and caustic so he was always experimenting with it with techniques and trying new new materials things that others haven't tried yet and he paid the price for it well i read somewhere that he was partly a great procrastinator which might be reassuring for us mere mortals is that true do you think ana well i wonder about that you know he certainly i that's true i think but he was also very busy and he was called to task called to lots of tasks especially when he was in milan his first eighteen years in one quite busy with lots of different things so good question. got to market on this like you very much indeed. and that's it from london and now back to michelle in doha thank you very
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much also ahead on. making. baseball fan had spoiled not once but twice in sports.
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sport with peter rachelle thank you very much caster semenya will run what could be her last eight hundred metres race in doha on friday after losing her appeal against new testosterone rules the future for the south africa is unclear and the
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world athletics chief sebastian coe is keen to move on and the richardson has more . south africa's caster semenya has been outpacing her rivals for years but her progress hasn't been to everyone's liking is there for you if i was in school so i asked the double olympic champion is set to run in the eight hundred metres at the season opening diamond league event in doha on friday after a ruling by sports highest court it could be her last competition before she has to start taking medication to lower her to start to run levels so many a poster tweets on thursday hinting at retirement knowing when to walk away is wisdom being able to see who is courage the head of world athletics governing body is about to lend a sympathetic ear this is pretty straightforward and it's very straightforward for any international federation in sport athletics has to classifications it has age it has gender we are fiercely protective about both and i'm really grateful that
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the court of arbitration has up held that principle says they'll be no delay in implementing the policy and it will kick in next week but it means if so many wants to return to their heart in september to defend her eight hundred metre title at the world championships you have to start taking medication almost immediately. other options according to the audible yes for her to run in the longer distance are vents or to compete against men. south africa's athletic sports say the ruling will justify discrimination against athletes with differences of sexual development the art of an a.f. claim one is like so many with relatively high levels of naturally occurring to stalls their own have an unfair advantage even scientists to some distance away from reaching a consensus. i think that i don't know if there is strong conceptual spirit ical arguments but i evidently was not strong enough to support a policy that has differing fairly far reaching consequences. others are more
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forgiving of a rule that world outlet excel is designed to keep sport fair and isn't about defining gender through no fault of her own suitors happens to her best condition. but at the end of the day they are the boy it has to make a decision or you know the line of strong between the female races and the men. in the categories so many claim she's been targeted by the i.w. for a decade her race for what she considers justice is unlikely to end here and the richardson al-jazeera. england's one day cricket captain owen morgan has revealed it was the players who asked for trouble batsman alex hales to be left out of a world cup squad morgan said the breakdown in trust occurred after hale's was banned for according to positive tests for the use of recreational drugs the caps and believes such actions showed complete disregard for the values and standards of
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the team. this is created. a lack of trust between alex and the team. together on saturday we got together as a group of senior players to discuss the effect but the news coming out would have on the team in the culture and all agreed that the best decision for the team and culture was frolics to be distracted doctors that porter say it's too early to know whether it will play for the club again the spanish goalkeeper is recovering in hospital after suffering a heart attack during a training session on wednesday the thirty seven year old only recently signed a new contract with the club but his future is now in the house. it depends on many things it will depend on the medication he will need to take also we need to wait for further tests not only in normal conditions but submitted to the high stress of top level competitive sport as well as his desire to continue his career
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the world's best player will not be at the upcoming women's fifa world cup of the norway left out of their squad the ballon d'or winner has refused to play for her national side for the last two years in protest at a lack of respect for female players in norway no reconciliation has been forthcoming so he will sit out the tournament in france which starts on the seventh of june. as a manager doing your homework on the opposition is essential but west ham manager emmanuel pellegrini appears to be struggling as a side prepared to face southampton in the english premier league this weekend. that's a game you know as you know probably easy enough to leave him. sort of crude around . seven times. to the n.b.a. playoffs with the portland trail blazers are back in business they've squared this
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series against the denver nuggets c.j. mccollum school twenty point says the blazers won ninety seven at nineteen the series now shifts to portland for game three on friday the portland now to a great goal in the n.h.l. playoffs for the carolina panthers bay player justin for who is sitting the penalty on the bench but jumped out at the perfect time. i very nice and stephanie with another look the panthers went on to win five two and go three up in the series overall just one win away now from a place in the eastern conference for. will finish with one of the most unlucky sports fans we've ever seen this is the major league baseball game between the l.a. dodgers on the san francisco giants a dodgers supporter tries to catch the ball fails and b.s. chips in every way and then. another ball heads into the stands
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the same failures as the catcher fails again and this time he loses he spits we love it but not sure the woman sitting in the front of him was to impress. it is funnier than a dress yes i think better right war news on the other side of the break. when your fiancee lives behind bars. the engagement also becomes a life sentence. zero world hears
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from three palestinian women whose lives have been dictated by their relationships with men in prison. wedding on hold on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera just look at. also border to the border of course supported the taliban who is now interfering in libya who is now interfering in this with up just look at the realities on the ground is it iraq the iranian foreign minister mohammad javid zarif talks to al-jazeera. becoming
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a living legend to the young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch it's a political clout the piece to the ivory coast. hosted by eric. robbins begins with a look at the life of. the foot seated politician. venezuela's president defiant nicolas maduro marches through the streets of the capital caracas before calling on the armed forces to oppose any attempt at what he termed a coup. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up india accelerates efforts to evacuate
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more than a million people lining the path of funny. the u.n. says schools and hospitals have been hit during the worst airstrikes in rebel held syria for more than a year. joining us out supporters of the wiki leaks founder rally outside a london court as he fights extradition to the united states. we begin in venezuela where president nicolas maduro has urged the armed forces to fight any so-called traitors plotting against him in a show of military support but drew took to the streets of the capital caracas surrounded by thousands of soldiers his actions follow a failed attempt on. tuesday to unseat him by rebel forces loyal to opposition
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leader won going door recognized by more than fifty countries as venezuela's interim president a failed military uprising spot large scale protests against the government which made left four people dead and hundreds injured. in america edge an issue newman joins us live on the line from caracas so you see it this time as much maduro parading through the streets and he pays to still have a minute show on his side. you know a lot and well certainly that was the message but it was a very odd. time it was aired on national television all channels are were obliged to carry it but it was filmed clearly the night before very very late because it was broadcast when it was already dawn about seven o'clock in the morning but the idea was to tell the venezuelan people that the military are firmly behind him that the sixpence minister by the you know llopis whom the white house had indicated was about to turn on mother is also still by his side as the is
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the commander of one of the largest regiments here in this way so there it is but whether or not he's as secure as he really sounds is another question but that was the message that was being broadcast to the people this quite a while nobody has seen any members of the top ranking members anyway of the opposition especially one where paul what about the whereabouts are not clear at this hour and we have heard that the supreme court has issued a warrant for lipo lopez has you know that a little i'm sorry where i'm not sure you can still hear me to see if you can the supreme court today issued a warrant for the rest of leopoldo lopez you mentioning the state of the opposition was significant is that move. i think it was just a formality obvious he broke the conditions of his arrest he was obviously
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includes some members of the intelligence forces that were in charge of training it under house arrest he showed up in front of the the military base and now he is and he wanted to hiding and then he went into the spanish embassy where he is a guest of the spanish in basad or at his residence i felt for him to say that that happened because he is a wanted man and if they ever find him they would send him back to prison not back . listen human thank you very much and apologies for the quality of the line that runs in human. prison donald trump says the u.s. is ready to help when is when his opposition in what he called its right just struggle for freedom the brutal repression of the venezuelan people must and must end soon people are starving they have no food they have no water and this was once one of the wealthiest countries in the world so we wish them well we'll be there to help and we are there to help thank you. david smolinski is
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a spokesman for opposition leader one going to or he joins me live from washington d.c. at thanks for being with us so the attempt. by gordo to try to kind of nationwide uprising didn't really take off or what was going wrong for him. well thank you very much for inviting me i think it has taken off. the only piece of the also was missing to formalize a transition p.c.r. forces progressively then why each of the soldiers of venezuela are is supporting it one way though more importantly i recognize in him us it's a commander in chief a that is something that started the three months ago almost to the point where your two venezuelans are supporting you know you say i knew the only piece of the puzzle was missing this but it's a pretty major piece isn't it the support of the military and at the moment you say that quite a few defections of what was the evidence for this large scale defections of the military. all the evidence is what has been going on the
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this week all the soldiers that supported the president why go or a few days i will all the soldiers that one to two call on me on february twenty third and all the soldiers that are in contact with the interim president is why the law they want to change they are suffering from the same problems and even as one shortage of food shortage of man is in the audience and they want something different i'm also a long way always i mean the support of the bottom of your. venezuelans on the fifty four countries are when i see my head of state of open as well as i think we're very close to to see the end of my little to see the end of the dictatorship that is not only affecting but it's one of these it has become a threat to the region tell me about the support from the people because there weren't that many people turning out on the streets for him in the last couple days what what is that because people are afraid what's what's been happening to them. well what i've seen with mass millions of people in different cities protesting
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supporting one way or supporting their freedom operation. and just desperate to for a change because they're suffering from a humanitarian crisis they're suffering from migration and refugee crisis almost four million as well as of fled the country in the last four years five families are completely separated and i have to say all the humans rights violations are happening my country every day the red you must guilt for young a is students that were just for protesting in the nonviolent way hundreds have been a injure and others are illegally detained are trying to get your poll up as are going to military jail tell us a bit about this the support of international players you mean you russia on one side supporting we have the us supporting. in the end how significant do you think those powers are in keeping the situation as it is in them
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and. will deport them thing here is to understand the fifty fifty four countries are going to sway the interim president of venezuela when i say fifty four countries east in my years of the countries of america canada the us and i had a country of europe and even countries very far from it as well as such us or australia so the democracies of the world are with one way though of the times of the world are when the collapse mode on the cause model no one wants to call them a little to remain in power i mean it is the policy because he has used the arms he has used some loyal generals the he still has and he has used international actors such as the russian federation and the cubans to empower but were facing a criminal state this is not a conventional dictatorship thus why i said earlier that is not only affecting the next one of this is a threat to the region but as i said i mean you are going to see more and more soldiers recognizing where you lost its founder in chief on the dictators he is. house there are there it stays counted there is one spokesman enough for one border
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thank you very much indeed for joining us knowledge there. thank you for having me . on a million people in india have been ordered to leave areas along the east coast ahead of a severe storm struck and funny has been upgraded to the highest category level with winds gusting up to two hundred fifty kilometers per hour it's expected to make landfall on friday karl leg reports. these families aren't taking any chances believing their towns and villages as cycler funny approaches india's east coast odisha state has deployed teams of emergency workers to set up shelters in schools and government buildings we have one of us trying to record the pregnant. with the world people and people and that's the whole system because they're. just
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trying to lessen the human casualties so that we can. just as in for i mean obviously people there i don't think for all the millions or whatever of things they need in the habitations and at the railway station in the town of putting tourists are queuing to leave extra trains and buses are running to take them somewhere safer. we were in hungary where the previous cycle hit back then we stayed in the hotel we wanted to stay this time with the government wouldn't let us the hotel owners also want to just leave school being forced to go. funny these two with a low lying bangladesh threatening hundreds of thousands of refugees from me in ma who are living in camps. but first the sightlines expected to strike in the east coast putting hundreds of thousands in harms way. zero.
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united nations has condemned what it calls the worst barrel bomb attacks in northwest syria for fifteen months government helicopters and warplanes supported by russian jets attacked a deescalation or safe sones in rebel held areas at least four people have been killed including children sorry kyra to report. oh ok this baby girl survived strikes on one of the towns in the southern countryside of it live province off another one of the all the. work but this child didn't like that but the book. and then this during the day a little. white helmets volunteers watched as barrel bombs dropped on to the village of. the syrian civil defense force know there's no time to waste. so entering a home looking for a family was the last of the our fellow quickly quickly quickly they shout was that
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they all make it out and i. was the united nations is condemning the latest round of syrian government and russian air strikes on the deescalation or safe zones in the northwest and rebel held areas of it live and hama. school health centers and residential areas have all been hit in the northwest of syria the u.n. say they are the most intensive barrel bomb attacks in fifteen months their strikes follow the killing of at least sixty syrian soldiers and their allies during opposition attacks in the last couple of weeks. to assure that there is a proportionality backed national row and. protected. nearly one hundred and forty thousand syrians have fled the latest bombardment of the war within the last three months. many of them have managed to travel close.


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