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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 3, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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compensate the loss of iran's oil exports so it means that because there are many countries in the ward that our oil exporters there in conflicts or doing unrest like venezuela like libya lake sudan it's very difficult for iran to stop its exports of oil actually it will harm the global oil market and i'm not sure if so do you arabia or united arab emirates can compensate that loss of supply in oil market. essentially the u.s. does appear to be forcing countries forcing those who buy oil from iran to take sides it's not nearly as black and white as that is that there has to be some sort of gray area with this to what extent could this actually backfire on the united states. well as as we've seen many countries many especially neighboring countries of iran to iraq pakistan and different other countries and also india and china
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they are trying to say that we do not abide by the u.s. policies and u.s. sanctions but at the end what what we might observe or what you already observed is that there's a huge reduction in oil exports of iran so it's as you said it's a great area so if that happens and if iranian oil export drops to zero as it was also for seeing in the budget bill that was somehow legislated about a month ago or so iran can still i mean to rein in government can assume you use some money from the national development fund and this national development fund was some of the accumulation of different sales of oil through different years and as far as i saw and to date it's about ninety billion dollars as the reserves in this national development fund so if iran is stops completely selling its oil or
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somebody else stops iranian oil to be sold then iran will still have money to somehow charge its ribbon you in the budget really get to get your thoughts on this money go see thank you very much indeed few times show. the most powerful side phone for twenty years in india is battering the east coast cycling forney has killed at least two people in addition states one and a quarter million indians have left their homes to seek higher ground school hyla has more from new delhi. thing with one hundred eighty kilometer per hour winds cycling funny slammed ashore in odessa state in eastern india. twenty first made landfall friday morning near the coastal city of putting a holy place for hindus the strong so i cloud is expected to move north of throughout isa and weaken as it hits west bengal and my colleague states it will
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then head to bangladesh. a big concern is coastal storm surges and resultant flooding about a million people have been evacuated india's navy air force and disaster response force are on standby. cyclons hit the already so cost every year so we are really suffering due to this the government officers have advised as not to venture out into the sea since the access to the sea a closed boats and crowds are getting destroyed in the cycle. airports and schools were closed before the storm hit funny is the most serious cyclon for the region in twenty years in one nine hundred ninety nine a super cycle and devastated and killed ten thousand people across the state. the coast of state is prone to cycle and storm surge and tsunamis embankments and shelters have been built over the last seven years before he will be the first test of how they stand up to a powerful cycle. got harder al-jazeera new delhi just as he got on as
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a journalist based in oh they say he's joining us on the phone from there thank you very much indeed for your time just give us some indication of what is happening where you are right now. mr khurana i'm not sure if you can hear me let's just try again i was asking you if you could give us an indication of what the conditions were like there i've got a funny idea i can guess what they're going to be. here already in order to get the situation. it's about focus. and so far you know that people have died before anything. going to get but me i remember the. last two or the capital i don't. have the stomach.
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kepler to give up misha. i think we've lost the line there which is hardly surprising given the conditions in the area but that was. cut on a journalist based in the dish are just giving us a very brief update on the situation there plenty more ahead on the news hour including from unknown to unrelenting we take a closer look at a younger one quite old before he led the charge to take over venezuela. and in sports welcomed back into the side to upstream is cricket stars return from their cheating bans. protesters are back out in big numbers in the streets of sudan's cities and towns as demonstrators continue to press for civilian rule protest leaders say the
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military isn't serious about handing over power to the two sides have agreed on forming a joint civilian military council to run the country but there are odds over its composition mohamed out of his life for us in khartoum what do you think it's going to take to try and break this deadlock. well and no one is brave enough to say what it would actually take to break it because they are at a deadlock they could not agree or not the formation of the joint transitional council they were supposed to or form together because both sides want a majority membership of the council eleven members have been proposed the military wants seven the protest leaders are saying no you can't have seven you cannot of us two asian where the minute expect that one is expected to hand over power to a civilian or forty and you have
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a majority of the council that's going to take the country through a transition what they want to do is get eight of us council members and give the military three something the ministry does not want to hear about but in the past few hours one of the members of the transitional military council is you know it had that they were willing to concede a fifty fifty power sharing agreement in the transitional council with the civilians of course there are two separate efforts currently going on trying to mediate both these one of them has been led by eminent sudanese personalities people who are let in much respected within the society trying to break that law on the other hand the african union has dispatched. a special envoy mohammed world has some love heart who is a former minister from more a ten year and he is here saying that he is listening to both bertie's with
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hopefully the hopes of a mediating between them mohamed thanks very much indeed. in algeria tens of thousands of demonstrators back on the streets for the eleven's week in a row despite plans to hold presidential elections in july they say they want all those associated with the old government of president of the disease beautifully to go mass protests that began in february forced longtime president does that of them as he's beautifully cut to step down earlier this month. russian foreign minister said he loved was due to discuss venezuela with the u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe next week in finland washington strongly backs the opposition who supports president maduro earlier on thursday modo appeared alongside his top generals in a show of strength days after a failed attempt to overthrow him the sound of m.p.'s whose life was on the colombia venezuela border listen to give us some indication if you count what we
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can expect from this meeting. well rob it will be an important meeting a rare face to face encounter between the two rivals that are playing right now is crucial a key role in maintaining the current the power stalemate inside the phoenix where last and it follows a very tense phone call between you and love that happened on wednesday while the temp over trowing my daughter was on their way with people with protesters clashing with venezuelan security forces in that phone call we heard. from telling glover of that russia's influence there and of a missile that was the stabilizing not only inside that country but across the region and could have serious consequences and thereby the bilateral relationship
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between the u.s. and russia in turn lover of insisted that the u.s. sanctions in vegas why. where legrand violation of international law he called this so we can expect more of this happening when the two sides meet next week and i feel and and it's also clear at this point that the international pressure the role that the u.s. and russia and other countries are playing is fundamental for something to truly happen inside the been this way a lot because the feeling now is that. opposition this challenge coming from the leader of the opposition. it's not going anywhere on its own however the leader of the opposition way though insists that they will continue protesting on the streets. but first let's see a piece that was done by our colleague john allman with some new footage beginning
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of the rise of the leader of the opposition. i images of the first space politician never seen before the from two thousand and ten when one boy was touring his hometown. hoping to be the youngest opposition congressman the year wearing the venezuelan national team just he was just as keen on talking about his politics when they were doing we only missed two points from qualifying for the world cup in january that same man seemed to come from nowhere to challenge nicholas mcdougal. i swear to assumed the powers of the national executive. to secure and then to the oh so patient and treasonous government and to have free elections. now he's been recognized by more than fifty countries led by the us has
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been as well as interim president and he's the biggest threat to the governing party's power move than a decade but few images survive with his. it's cool past now these one show him age twenty seven he's pressed then on his lack of experience yes they're not that much but he is and what i don't have the six pinson corruption what i don't have is experience in doing things badly and went to do things well and to learn more every day. but he wasn't a complete novice he already helped lead a student opposition movement and qualified as an industrial engineer his politics at that point were of conciliation one another not a whole lot of thank you i mean we compete on debate calmly with people and that's what we want for congress and the contrie to build bridges to generate solutions for the people of polarization and radicalism doesn't benefit them any. interesting lee he expresses horror over his his attempt to chua nine hundred ninety two you
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know what it's a little bit i was nine years old i remember the tense tense of a situation all of the blood spilled in the streets they killed a lot of people and after that he was typically thinking if these men kill people if you try to break constitutional tace why should they elect him as a president. is an irony there why those just launched his own military uprising against an autocratic leader who's closed down democratic options and who many countries have decried as illegitimate. two thousand and ten that was only a long way off but a woman who the younger quite though i just talked to is asked what she thinks of him and his running mate when i saw in it they're very young they look like they have the ability let's see how they do going forward let's see if they're given an opportunity. that opportunity seems to have arisen. taking it is going to be the hard part. john hoeven.
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wife and the venezuelan opposition feel that they are very close. generating the change that they are looking for inside this by their recent set backs and he is insisting on maintaining pressure on the government of president to me my due to the next action will be on saturday when he called for a peaceful demonstration in front of a number of military bases and installments that in. the capital caracas and across venezuela better to try to convince more soldiers more military commanders to turn their backs on him i do know there will also be more international pressure coming later today on friday as i believe my group but these are fourteen different latin american countries who recognize where you go as the
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president of an ace when i will meet in the capital fair to discuss what happened this week and consider new actions against the government of president nicolas maduro thanks alexandra or these nine civilians including women and children have been killed by ongoing government airstrikes in rebel held northwestern syria dozens were also injured in what the un condemns as the worst bottle bombing count by the syrian government in over a year in april alone more than thirty two thousand people across a level of libyan have been displaced jews have intensified fighting. united arab emirates is being accused of using chinese made drones for missile strikes on tripoli in support of warlord khalifa haftar in the months into the fight for control of the libyan capital some military analysts say chinese drones are cheaper than american ones and easier to obtain u.n. monitors have repeatedly accused the gulf state of violating
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a weapons ban area this week the interior minister of libya's un recognized government said they have evidence that foughten planes are taking part in air strikes well just in britain he's a research fellow at the iran united services institute and he's joining us now from london thanks very much indeed for being with us what kind of evidence do you think the military analysts would have to be able to identify these drones not only as chinese but also as a originating from the u.a.e. . well so one of the key pieces of evidence is fragments of chinese made anti-tank guided missiles l.j. sevens found at several sites in tripoli over the past month those can be fired from a few platforms all chinese made including the wing loon two which is operated by the united arab emirates as well as the c.h. four b. which is operated as of recently by egypt. the u.a.e.
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also has a history of supplying wing loons to us forces and also is one of the most professional forces in the gulf which is probably one of the only ones capable of mounting a sustained day and night strike campaign with close coordination of these ground forces at range so while egypt is one possible. actor in this the u.a.e. remains the overwhelming likely suspect if it is the case that the united arab emirates have been responsible for this want to do they gain strategically by carrying out this kind of attack. well first of all they both provide battlefield tactical support to have those forces and they also by making a bet on and demonstrating that they can quietly launch quite coordinated relatively
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precise attacks at significant distance reinforce the current image as one of the most capable militaries in the gulf and certainly as we've seen in yemen the one to whom for example saudi arabia with a much larger force on the face of it will often turn to for the more complex and the more subtle strike requirements so the u.a.e. both pursuing political military objectives but also political objectives in terms of status within the g.c.c. we mentioned earlier that it's being accused of if that if it is carrying out these attacks in libya there breaking a u.n. embargo on supplying arms to the country is what's the definition of that in this case because if the u.a.e. itself is carrying out the attacks using its the drones that it owns itself does that mean it's technically not supplying arms within the country and therefore does not get it runs the legal elements of this well
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i think there's a number of definitional questions there which there is not enough hard evidence to answer what can be said for sure is that the u.a.e. has previously supplied wing loon ones to alongside huffed us forces space that al have the in benghazi. they appear to be conducting strikes was willing to. however if as you say those are continually controlled by. by crew from the u.a.e. who are bad for you a military then that wouldn't change things just some wrong results from the. the royal united services institute thank you very much for your time look. now it's time for the weather here is kevin that's right we want to update you on what is happening with the cycle and of course just because it's made landfall we still have days of very heavy rain and that's going to be a big concern as we move forward into the weekend is going to be the flooding that
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we're going to be dealing with in the countries such as bangladesh bhutan and also into parts of eastern india i want to show you what we have looking at right now the storm made landfall as a very high category four winds were up to about two hundred forty gusty even higher than that in kilometers now they dropped down to about two twelve at the latest update but of course the storm is going to be weakening but that doesn't mean the rain is going to be any less severe across the area we are going to be seeing some storm surge still continuing particular across much of that area to the east of the storm because that is where the winds are coming in from the south and in this area right here we do have a lot of river deltas where the water is being pushed into those areas that's going to cause a lot of low lying flooding in that region so the forecast map as we go here on saturday we're going to be seeing the store make its way towards the northwestern part of bangladesh bringing very heavy rain to the north as well notice how it's making its way towards the himalayas that's going to be a big concern not only in terms of snow that you see there but also as that water
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reaches the the mountains it's going to start flash flooding as well as the possibility of mudslides as landslides and landslides accuse me and we could be seeing anywhere between two hundred fifty to five hundred millimeters of rain. still ahead on al-jazeera after the election without authorization parties violent protests in bahrain even calling for the president's resignation. a career cut short we'll tell you how a plan to sideline long distance races is affecting aspects in kenya that's coming up a poll in sport. i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality whether on line when you have a male chauvinist and that is in plans with in our global federation it is really hard to get a piece of that pilot or if you join us on saturday if. they come to be help their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us and i live you to chat and you too can be in history join the
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global conversation on now to zero. examining the headlines a collapsed economy means that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have looked away i don't think you can look that way anymore sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the media's motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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you're watching our visitor a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. sanctions were able to meet major buyers of a very annoying has expired that includes china india and turkey will now face the prospect of u.s. sanctions. if they continue to buy crude oil from. the most powerful cycling for twenty years in india is battering the east coast cycle folly has killed at least two people in addition state. protesters are back out big numbers on the streets of sudan cities and towns as demonstrators continue to press for civilian rule protest leaders say the military isn't serious about handing over power. the president of afghanistan has accepted several recommendations for peace talks with the taliban on final day of the loya jirga assembly of regional elders. approved seeking an immediate cease fire and the withdrawal of u.s. troops is ordered the release of one hundred seventy five taliban prisoners security forces in burnie have opened fire to disperse protesters infuriated by
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sunday's election result two parties loyal to president. now control parliament after the opposition was banned from the vote is yama in the reports. security forces face off against crowds of protesters on the streets of course knew . the government response to hundreds of people rallying against the results of sunday's elections. two parties loyal to president patrice taleban one complete control of parliament after a recent change in electoral law so the opposition disqualified opposition supporters see the new bills as a move by the president to consolidate power and stifle dissent you've got to visit a family i'm fuming because he's divided us he's going to play the highest price quote of doing so. that. what is at stake today goes beyond what's
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happening all of the people have risen today we have risen to save our democracy has done that. there was a record low turnout for the elections with just under twenty three percent of the population casting votes. their internet was cut on the day of the poll amnesty international has criticized the crackdown on peaceful protests and the rest of political activist and journalist. social unrest is rare in this more west african nation of eleven million people seen by democracy watchdogs as an example of stability in the region as anger grows over what protests to see as an erosion of their democracy is uncertain if these scenes of violence will become more common . al jazeera. is a consulting fellow on the africa program of the british think tank chatham house is joining us now from london thank you very much indeed for being with us find
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a standard i mean it has been comparatively democratically peaceful for about three decades why is this become a tipping point. well what's made these events a tipping point is the fact that the opposition have been shut out of the election as your reporter explained by a change in the rules and that it goes completely against the spirit of been you know a democracy been in was the country that led the triggered the wave of democratization that swept across french speaking africa at the beginning of the ninety's and it has totemic status as a model democracy a country where there is plural free speech a range of political parties and where incumbent government of frequently lost elections and step down accepting the result and so. been in sense of itself as a democracy attempts to control the number of parties participating rule changes
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designed to shut out the opposition are our betrayal if you like of the countries near thirty year democratic history so a huge amount is at stake and it is this also matters for west africa as a whole because of any means to tell me role in establishment of democracy in the region and patrice tello has been the leader of the country since about twenty sixteen and yet obviously in the last three years things have been comparatively good under his his management. why do you think he felt the need to suddenly change the political scene so radically. well he came into office having been elected as it were on his track record as a businessman and he is probably the most powerful business tycoon in beni dominating the cotton sector and several other areas of activity and his sort of
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sales pitch was to say that he was an efficient business person who knew how to get things done and somehow he's allowed that wish to be decisive a deficient to topple over into eroding the democrat democratic constraints the things that call to account that pose questions that can get in the way of instant government decisions because precisely because you have a parliament or media who are posing questions and are holding the country to account and that seems to be what he's uncomfortable with but he may have gone a step too far because in in the actions of the last few weeks. allowing the parliament to be elected on the basis where the opposition have no say it all is a complete complete contrast to the history of the last three decades and it could well be the thing that consolidates opposition to him and places him in a politically vulnerable position for the long term but in the short term it means that been in history been in activity is is blocked if you like and confidence in
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the country is going to be very badly shaken just very briefly is or it's a country that used to be a dictatorship forgive me for interrupting you but the but you raise a couple of important points but i just want to ask you briefly what do you think it's going to take to calm the situation down. well in the very short obviously the presence of the security forces in a country when normally their presence is very light touch but they've got the army on the streets in code to do now and that probably make calm things down for a few days for a few weeks but the only real way out of the situation is to come to a new political resolution perhaps when the constitutional court the high court reviews the election result it can find an excuse for ordering a rerun perhaps tallow himself will back down perhaps pressure from echo as the west african bloc will persuade him to compromise because it's only going to be in
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restoring. democratic institutions that a peaceful resolution will be secure that we appreciate your time sir thank you very much indeed. in uganda bobby wine is back home after three nights in prison the pop star turned politician was granted a bail out after arrest for incitement and winds accused of encouraging an attack on the president's motorcade to jury in protest against new taxes last year as supporters say the charges are trumped up to stop and criticizing the government speaking of al-jazeera uganda's bali wine says he will continue his campaign for change despite what he calls desperate attempts to silence him by presidency ready most of any government. we have gone through every legal avenue trying to get. caught we have. all the resolutions. have been disrespected the terms of our cases have been hard and we have resorted
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to another constitutional means of airing our voices of dissatisfaction and that is protest because it is provided for in our. twenty nine so whatever we are doing is within the law and even our protest against injustice against police brutality. is justified as a waiver the police and old security organs are continued to break the law and to crack down brutally on the peaceful citizens voters in the united kingdom of send a message to politicians over brags that both conservative and labor parties have lost big elections independent councillors and the liberal democrat party have made substantial gains the result may be a glimpse into what's ahead over the coming weeks and counting of votes is underway in northern ireland as well vote comes amid uncertainty over the border in the aftermath of bragg's it at
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a two year long power sharing dispute that's left the region with the government is joining us now live from. is this just about brags it or other wider issues in northern ireland as well. as a massive brics it backlash going on in england but here not so it's a complicated picture explain with the help of my guest but in terms of the issues there is the brics issue the prospect of a hard border with the irish republican all of that. with checkpoints with a whole range of other security issues which puts a spotlight on security you won't see. again something of the past about all of this according to republicans in particular are nationalists concerned about that possibility add to all of this the fact that the two main parties here sometimes it's termed as tribal politics are actually in crisis in terms of the government
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they have basically had so many disputes two years ago that there is no power sharing executive in place right now that is a major factor absent that film's opens well this isn't republicans actually shooting dead a young journalist recently that's caused a backlash from the public and indeed from a catholic priest at the young woman's funeral who called on the politicians who all the leaders were present agreeing the u.k. prime minister and the irish to shook. basically calling them to account why were they together why did they have to come together on a project occasion such as the the girls funeral this was the key young journalist shot dead but with me right now to assess all of this is some mcbride who's the political editor of the belfast telegraph first of all the results what are we
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seeing so far all that any prominent trend it's really this is a good election it would seem thus far for the d.p. inch in fear of the two dominant parties in northern ireland to me in parties of unionism and of not.


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