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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 4, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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eat. sleep. till we can make. something to fit. on the sunday you can see it all make you money are now. twenty eight he works a twelve hour shift from six am. you know what i would. now go over there when the first thing a kid sound like you feel. great if it is normal cause sometimes things happen go
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go go. go by me was said into the shop while the want to be about is my my son you. see. it as it's good to get in touch with the type you give the village i'm told you want to type it i could out the one on the top right a coke. chipper has lived all his life in an area called white city. well suited to the woods in places. where ever you. review it was all but one see it white city was a with. one on one the one on the last little one on his place since that's a lot better but what about i was sick so most the six hundred thirty. i would and i would get away. i want food in front of us so it's the way it's
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integrated maybe around. but fourteen school had become more of a battleground than a place of learning. machine when my quote was school. day one the peace. corps. i do trust in school never really i mean they could see. i know who they are really discussing one hundred. forty years that. i had to get proper off kilter going to. require us to like looking for the two thousand and three saw i had during our study when i had to circle i. created. a.
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model sometimes the only number it did if i was. older maybe i would not. put it on and they. are not twenty two are more now in. their new shorty did. you see in the stuff some with the save all the times. because an awful time student i decided to move back home. it's kind of funny that i'm still living at home but brutally honest. i've been quite lucky in that my father is happy for me to live at home and when need be doesn't mind supporting nutrition hours i'm going to the end of the course and i don't know how much my.
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patrick grew up with his consistent. his father a leading lawyer who advocates showed an early interest in patrick's korea. my dad for their shame pierre and the kids but. even. he went to the best school in cape town although when he was seventy he wasn't the academic time did you bring your project book that doesn't. at age seven i was a bit of a law my one teacher said am i going to prison one day and that nothing controversial happened i was actually a very good student by the end of it thanks to those teachers. at twenty eight he's gone back to university to study for a master's degree. the point about this is
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that course any particular consequence of the voyage is in general a consequence all range of contributing factors such as. even a twenty eight's i'm so not really sure what the farm's me as a person i was a. chapters of my life a very sporty authentic person like i can just do that stuff actually but now it's kind of fun and really play sports any more as you get older you karnow of searching for it also you could act. law it's not comes easily to me what i realize is that it is a so hard work is not like natural ability in north actually is hard work at the end if you don't know where you should hopefully be or are patrick's decided to go into maritime law. interesting area of law my father said there's quite
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a lot of maritime law. he already knew at fourteen but he had had a good start in life i live in a nice house very nice cool good french just relaxing and our family. interested in the film like the people in there in this corner camps you know it's interesting to see what their lives are like and how they're different from our look at what we've got around us we were having houses for money. they live in shacks winter they call. it and i feel it just like the basic necessities is not always there for. fourteen years later the gap between rich and poor seems as wide as ever. so if i was kind of on the other side of the fence from where i am i'd be very frustrated what's going on so i can understand. what's happening in south africa where people's demands are
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coming from. see a card and completely identify the position and i've never been in a position like that. but joe thinks it's pretty peyton the things have to change. on the other side of table mountain not much has changed beyond his life. at the end of each month there's a heavy demand on his pay packets. and enjoy but. you know it's seven years of. something like sixteen. you can't buy even this is the. bane of his. unfairly. so he's still single young to have
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a son before he was twenty one. his name. is the legal name it's. some time before that it had a daughter. this one will tonight and this one is my baby. and my sins and then sunday and that woman the. son and the one delicious onions and chop it will charge if he doesn't that because e.m.i. issued a. mine and i was in charge because it was only you know i was had one month to call and. since then he's had another daughter with another woman but still he was single. yeah. but at least some of these kids got a little. a thing going i promise i don't know when it
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was and i didn't dining. but i will send them all over your loans and i why. he spent much of his life in cape town. his family came to this hostel for migrant workers when he was a boy. like earlier and it. looks like that this is the whole place this is where i used to stay i used to play a saw got out here when i was seven years old i was playing a sort of a year with my friends. the township of google it too has always been a dangerous place to live. and so they do things on.
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you my. god. how much for the fan service you. sold. to. his friend on this when i lived with her family in the next door room of the same hostel unlike younger she went to school. with. you. know one. zero. zero. zero zero zero.
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you. and president of existing and doing business. to. this book. the young both come from villages hundreds of kilometers from cape town and at fourteen they were back there living a time. i had given time he wanted to take classes in oakland amanda mother in law changed his skin that's the iraqis time for bolos in making yourself you know you can diminish my goodness. i actually think i want it is just not about money no money.
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seven years later both and this right and we had moved back to the hostel. with indian you know when i got a. lovely woman joining nigel my. mother . up on the board. when i was on time when i. see little. you know again i. guess i got cooler than a woman singeing and. by the age of twenty one and this one i had been married and divorced you know going about trying to one woman and saying commune in my. mind then another man doesn't end up on a punch and then how we end this. because of the net isn't a thing it's almost
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a full meal but the film is limited it is. the be. is it the hero to so many people. come when you should be abandoned by one i mean. when i say my kind seeing them go when does eventually you know. news for no one i think abandoned down. by apple billy no good talent john deere. march about how much. money people. became pregnant with another man. but she left her when their child was born. by the will my grandma knew i'd sleep over being alone was the main news. in the.
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process of seeing them. and their after going against a good deal of the care they offered me a guess i can barely have a heel in their hand i understand why nobody. but they've been global going where what. i want to understand. this is their. code was. the. man in the way the will be the uh. uh oh in the out of the the
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there's an ego ok. ok i'm an implant on this one as. i came to get my here woman and i'm glad they are there and i know i. don't down with. the cia and they got down way. and aside. the tech is bound. to make a way that even thinking about the long haul job and timing and singing tonight from the minister of assistance in a kind of mike. like you should be closed to. the oh i. see in the in the. lid the
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evolution. of the not the something that then is it true that i'm buying. there's this for. of the i need to. know less is has to give back. the only mind that she has. and i will told. the op was. radicalism is on the rise across the globe and we're told it's everywhere asked we're told we're supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody and everything but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization in fact pushing youngsters
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to the fringes of society and the impact is huge typing on the net there's only so much they can take before you say ok that's me rethinking radicalization part of the radicalized huge series on al-jazeera. made on al-jazeera. as the world's biggest democracy goes to the polls we focus on the economic challenges facing india and the rise of cultural nationalism a new series if you would winning environmental shows that meet some of the people striving to protect the planet a key deadline for south sudan's peace deal is looming but many are worried their rivals will yet again fail to put the plan to action an exclusive exploration of the goals and motivations behind russia's foreign policy told by those who can deal with the premise and with rex it still looming and populism on the rise across europe will these elections become a referendum on you self made on al-jazeera. free
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education for all was the promise the reality provoked a generation. to drugs enough blood to want things are not how a protest over education feeds. morphed into a national results but that is done yet this time it's got. everything must fold. a witness documentary on al-jazeera. plans. you're watching of zero zero robin in doha these are all top news stories the most powerful cycling to hit india in twenty years as destroyed homes along the eastern coastline uprooting trees and plunging large areas into darkness at least eight people have been killed after cyclon forney made landfall on friday near the city of gori in the state of edition the storm is now
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heading towards bangladesh south korea's military says north korea has carried out a missile test south korea's joint chiefs of staff say multiple rounds of an identified short range missiles were fired from north korea's eastern coastal city of wants on the south korean military is analyzing details of the launch a day after tightening sanctions on iranian oil exports the u.s. government is giving iran's civilian nuclear program some breathing room. china france and russia won't face any repercussions if they continue to work with iran the countries are involved with its civilian nuclear program three facilities but as well as opposition leader is vowing to fight on to win the support of the military against president nicolas maduro and why do is a genius of borders to march to army bases on saturday to our soldiers to break ground on the diplomatic front de lima group of mostly latin american countries met in the peruvian capital to help end then as well as political standoff. four
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palestinians have been killed in two separate incidents in garza an israeli airstrike on a position in central gaza left two people dead and injured one israeli soldiers also opened fire on protesters taking part in weekly demonstrations at the border fence killing two people. pakistan's government has removed two of its top financial officials as the country's economic troubles continue the central bank governor and the head of the tax collection body have been removed just weeks after the finance minister was asked to step down. the president of afghanistan has accepted several recommendations for peace talks with the taliban on the final day of the loya jirga assembly of regional elders of garnier approve seeking the withdrawal of u.s. troops as well as an immediate cease fire figure thailand will be crowned in the coming hours two and a half years after sending the throne. a long cord or ten paid homage to his ancestors as part of the preparations for the elaborate ceremony those were the
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headlines and back with the news hour and half an hour do stay with us here on al-jazeera. you'll. resources at the hospital work for your works are stretched. recently her colleagues mounted a silent protest. it's a lot of people who are suffering in the world and i think everybody knows that but it's. to see itself of italy. most intense will tell you that especially at three o'clock in the morning when you're walking it on bet that's definitely. set then wonder to yourself if you made that i thought this is it. was.
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impossible in the morning i'll be there for the day and for the night and then the next morning you'll see the new patients that you've admitted with a consulting doctor and then you'll see old bisons again after that so the call they can be extremely long. because as jaska calls and because of the amount of patients we see it is not always time to explain what's happened to them and what's wrong with him but your teeth when he's going to be to take that you feel you should. turn toward museum yourself you know. i need to learn. that i'm not made of bricks or rock.
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i didn't realize that it would be so challenging on or levels physically mentally emotionally. i didn't realize i would get to a point where i just felt exhausted and chained. i think recently i've just had that any affinia of sorts we have realised that if you keep on holding stuff inside it's. ok fake that eventually it gets to the point we if anything comes bursting out. and then learning that i'm a bit more fragile and a bit mohan tipple in a way would acknowledge. and that it's ok. patrick
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has also suffered a shock to the system. i timed it badly the way. my mother now we were involved in the hijacking. i had quite a party the night before so it was kind of mid morning ten thirty eleven i was standing in the window my parents bought from the can down and i saw my mum driving and kind of waited for hanging out the window and she drove in the gate started closing suddenly like a car like stopped in front of the gate and two guys jumped off. the block the gate and then they ran to my mom. i didn't know at the time that the head guy and. probably something i should have taken into account but i was kind of while the school my mom was screaming i was sprinting from upstairs and as you come
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out our front door and i'm almost parked on the right there was a guy on the one side with a gun in the face and then the guy standing on the other side pot to get into the car. and then the guy kind of went from having the gun in my mom smiles just turned to me so i kind of ran into him and then lock i was like whoa anything can happen now actually just ran he had a handbag and they were kind of struggling for it and grabbed pulled it in front of me ran back inside to actually open the gate and then i think the guys as he jumped in the car and got out of the way. they called the one guy and then there was an identity parade. and identified the one guy we would stay with this is they're off this it went on for about five years a quarter frustrating process. everybody talks about to that fear being a very violent country it is indeed but this was my first kind of experience of it
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at the time it is that pent up anger and then you sit in the courtroom and they stand in front of you and it was you walk in with their hand cuffs and you'd like stared to god you changes from like that animosity to actually awful sorry for the guys at the end because i realize it was just maybe they had no choice. on the other side of the mountain where younger lives violence is ever present. new kinds are sitting inside their homes is totally. oppose and i see them with using the pointed feast. and ending with us and. he. was.
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very little has moved on since he was seven you lived in the same place and he faces the same problems. will be. taking on the most. how kind of the. other gangs around the hostel out of control. and the fact that all is in z. but abundance is they just get themselves. feeling it all but the olympic goes into an as poor as big and. when i sing i think. he was filled with the amount of new swing in the. minds of.
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the as mine and i team do in the end. you know well as we'll know what we mean i think we can and if you know it. was months. before the lizard. was shocked. there was a journey. which. would lead me to the. syrians and. the new the. load. but sir paul whose faith has helped him through the hard times. it. was compelling with think he says he immediately had five or came out because they
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needed done that one trades order that took him out to. los to keep discovering the second i desisted is what that book i keep. a people who go to. that's a supportive they can buy tickets a school can queda and they knew about it i might not do it i change it but i have i'm twenty eight i am. the. no. no he's become father himself. he needed to be to live good now if you're showing. us to win the game by its own daughter sure now the signature was all right yeah look at the movie jewish . with. that's why i don't
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think that's ok i'm playing at the hour. and then. it's a. bit. to pause early family life was all too often marked by bereavement and hardships. four years ago his troubles became too much for him. and it would really feel about. sometimes going under medical give me a good cause can honestly has make you suspect some side you have got a one sheet they can suspect diets and you know it's a lot of the injured that live on the physical you come to shop and all of us
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a good measure of the mistaken belief to be abuses got sick to say six eighteen to them with one that the street saw in the water got no clue what i would not. to live it up and over then it got to know it's great i'm ok don't keep it that i'm a type i will defer to number of my type whatever that's a good move can you move on which would sing out of soon. i was unlucky because to me. because spirit lisa nicky they can take you only when p. diddy believes it is this our correspondent is torn so by the time we getting close to making tweener call a tourist less history has a catch em up side chamakh ask a whore now it's hard to buy two seeing heikki ikea's you know him no verse to no coffee scene. welcoming notice to use a little inside polluted it's a comedy gulf in a completely custom is a silly see if. i could see the water we had signed it with
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a theme can now quickly concede a point it was truly a truly a would do. it was very painful but you won't make it people want to get a difference is the. key you know we do it no more there there are all the only paid people one about the nine eleven bus supported. him in the ark if a video of a sidewalk. gov were live of a million votes were added or a moment ago a bus ride in london targeting soreness or the sort of went through hard times so-called power to disturb an implicit inches over a period of one hundred years they did it. with a second child on the way ingrid has moved back to her parents' house nearby giving support to fend for himself.
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the. i am. personal intimate relationships. don't know how to do that. and they're not interesting people. difficult for me to be comfortable in an intimate relationship with somebody i don't know how to open up enough to want to get married when you know if you know and. if you want to. meet. a man you don't. want to get. your new relationship no. talk about. i was over.


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