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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 5, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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member of twenty seventeen when north korea launched a series of intercontinental ballistic missiles the missiles that were launched recently were short range projectiles capable of reaching south korea or american bases in that region it suggests that north korea is pessimistic about its negotiations with the u.s. but in a tweet president trump appeared persistently optimistic and he said anything in this very interesting world is possible but i believe that kim jong un fully realizes the great economic potential of north korea and will do nothing to enter fear or to end it he also knows that i am with him and does not want to make break his promise to me deal will happen this has to be enormously frustrating to the north korean leader who wants to hear action not optimism from the american president. this is we have some breaking news now out of algeria we're getting reports that the youngest brother of the former president abilities beautifully has been arrested two former intelligence chiefs have also been taken into custody and
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we'll continue to follow that story and bring you the latest as we get a tear at al-jazeera now the syrian government has stepped up airstrikes on rebel held it lit province killing at least twenty two people heavy shelling forced evacuation of the city's university on thursday schools and residential neighborhoods in the town of tennis for a while hits in what the u.n. described as the worst barack obama campaign in fifteen months did libya's designated a deescalation zone and on a cream and between russia and turkey a hike of women is the project director for iraq syria lebanon with the international crisis group he says turkey has a major refugee crisis if the situation gets worse. we've seen some of the really radical factions in the lead actually launching missiles at russian air base and maim him so it's coming from both sides it's. quite difficult to tell if this is sort of a self ignited escalation or if there's
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a larger plan behind that any major offensive on egypt would cause a huge refugee crisis for turkey in particular and that's why the turks have made it very clear to russia that it don't want that to happen in the any circumstances and they have been has been some progress in terms of having shared patrols or a coordinated patrols along the cease fire line to a bigger russian controlled but it's not enough it's clearly not enough progress i mean these missiles that have been shot recently showing now that that show it mutual provocations do happen and then the civilians of course bear the brunt of it . right time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back. why some south africans are out on the streets ahead of the election. and also reducing california take the reins of the problem involving race horses that are pushed beyond the limits more of that
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stay with us. hello welcome to another look at the international forecast of us in a rather heavy rain affecting a good part of central and southern china the my macleod descending in across so many areas into the gulf of tonkin the southwest a somewhat weather uneven cloud right never really too far away from hong kong over the next day also that weather pushes up into central pa stronger looking on the disturb side sunday going on into monday and if anything from monday that whets weather just pushing down towards the southeast winds coming in from the south easterly direction converging and causing some pretty heavy showers or longer spells of rain as a result of that was a long spells of rains of the northeast of indianapolis in up into bangladesh courtesy of trouble cycler enough on
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e bay the west of the system is now over the winds could still cause some problems could still see some of the storm surge around the eastern side of bangladesh but the heaviest rain has now gone fine fully this system did move three pretty quickly so that sunday is pitcher showers a possibility into the east impossible with that pushing up into new polo showers east as we go on into monday but that driving wind could still cause a few problems with the storm surge elsewhere is still on the hot side no prob with a high of forty two. it's all too familiar. innocent lives ended in an instant. then grief. and the debate around firearms. for survivors and families of the four then reality often changes. faultlines investigates the long
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lasting trauma inflicted on communities the aftermath mass shootings in america on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here this hour israeli airstrikes have hit gaza after palestinian fighters five rockets into israel the ministry of health in the city says two palestinians have been killed israeli military commanders say at least two hundred rockets were fired from gaza injuring two israelis. within the past few hours venezuelan president nicolas maduro has met with members of the military is currently in
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a political tussle with opposition leader one weibo is offering amnesty to soldiers who recognize him as venezuela's president. and weapons experts are trying to confirm the latest suspected rocket launches from north korea south korea's defense ministry says they weren't ballistic missile that's after the break down of the new translation talks between north korea and the u.s. . and the u.s. has tightened restrictions on iran's nuclear program by failing to renew two key sanctions waivers in response iran's president is accusing the u.s. . trying to sow division among the people you know you already know your general g.-d. as the united states is violating international laws and pressuring companies to prevent them cooperating with iran and seeking to weaken our currency and the independence of our country there are huge conspiracies against our country and the american administration is waging a political and psychological war against us a decision to change the regime in iran washington aims to spread division in the country and the iranians must unite to face this war. at least twelve people have
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been killed in bangladesh. early on saturday more than two million people are being moved to higher ground the storm has now weakened it blew in from india where at least sixteen people were killed. thanks. in the. winds of around two hundred kilometers per hour have devastated odisha state cycling phony ripped apart homes toppled power lines and left up to the trees on the streets. walkway to one quarter i was really afraid when the storm hit us we were lucky that we were all downstairs if my children were up stairs they wouldn't have survived all our belongings our money everything is gone. the storm has weakened since making landfall on friday but now neighboring bangladesh is bracing itself nearly two million people have been moved to shelters. we have
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ninety nine cyclon shelters in this area each one can accommodate about five hundred people which means we can give shelter to about fifty thousand people the government is doing everything it can to help. the extent of the flooding in the city of puri is clear with damage crops and infrastructure india's navy air force and disaster response teams are on standby. but there are teams go to each and every site we get reports from we've been working since morning hour. teams have been out there since the cycle and calm down. despite the destruction and told the indian government says the situation could have been worse about one million people were evacuated in additional state airports and schools were closed before the storm. a different outcome from one thousand nine hundred ninety nine when a super cycling killed more than ten thousand people across the state. now emergency crews are trying to clear the wreckage but many roads are blocked in some
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villages completely closed off. the coast of additional state is vulnerable to cycles and tsunamis over the years embankments and shelters were built but for now the focus is on how it will recover from the storm katia locusts that are young now it is here the king of thailand has been crowned the coronation ceremony full of buddhist and hindu traditions he succeeds his father who died in twenty sixteen after winning for seventy years playing hail reports from bangkok. after more than two years on the throne which you are long gone was crowned king of thailand by wearing the great crown of victory the sixty six year old formally became the tenth king in the czech read in a city. where you do i shall continue preserve and build upon the royal legacy and shall reign with righteousness for the benefit of the happiness of the people forever. he was crowned at the start of
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a three day ceremony steeped in buddhist and hindu rituals. became king in two thousand and sixteen after the death of his father king a do new day he reigned for seventy years meaning this was the first royal coronation most thais have known large screens were wrecked around the city but few showed up to watch the ceremony which was held inside the grand palace no official reason was given for the two year wait for the coronation but during that time the new king has been consolidating his position before this coronation the king began to make his mark he took full control of the palace fortune making him one of the richest monarchs in the world and to give them greater power he changed a military drafted constitution after it had passed a public referendum. but there are strict laws designed to protect the monarchy and its reputation and breaking them can lead to a long jail sentence many critics have fled thailand particularly since
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a two thousand and fourteen coup by the military which is charged with protecting the palace among them was syria chuy's said dan an opponent of the monarchy who disappeared from neighboring laos his wife believes he's dead. my has been wanted to see grew ethar democracy because everyone would get their share of resources and go through and far too met with their fair share is who are in power to get out a benefit and ignore people suffering. during the coronation thailand's new queen also received her royal title queen. the palace had only announced two days earlier that the king had married the former flight attendant and deputy head of his body guard unit his fourth marriage on sunday march which you are long gone will be paraded around the old part of the capital giving thais their first chance to see
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their newly crowned king wayne hay al-jazeera bangkok and japanese crowds are greeted then you emperor on his public debut. he succeeded his father on wednesday after eighty five year old became the first emperor in two hundred years to advocate for health reasons. south africans will vote on wednesday in the general election six time they head to the polls as the end of apartheid in one thousand nine hundred four the african national congress has won every vote but its popularity has declined and where reports from johannesburg. twenty five years after south africa became a democracy these people are tired of having no jobs no land and poor housing these kinds of protests happen every week even more say with an election coming. this one last month in a township in johannesburg. has lived there in
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a shack for thirteen years politicians have always promised better housing but she says they don't even organize trash collection. we don't have enough space we need . i'm not going to avoid up until they took two waves. not the same for everyone south africa's the most on equal country in the world since apartheid most white people remain relatively wealthy economically things improved to some black people. but not in the shanty towns each one of these toilets is shared by dozens of families they smell bad they're only emptied about once a week across south africa there are millions of people living in similar conditions in informal settlements and the only way to get out is to find a job that pays enough to be able to afford to live in a better area more than a quarter of workers are on employed and there's been economic stagnation for about
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a decade. president cyril ramaphosa is promising change his party the african national congress has been in power ever since he was credited with ending white minority rule he's expected to win again but with a smaller majority than ever before. some economists think poses leadership good for economic growth good in. that alone won't fix a broken model is long as they are not imagining economy models which are broadly inclusive and exploring new. economy to make sure that the broader increasing population. at least can transition from the students to the middle class then there is. potential full serious conflict in the future that is based on lack of opportunity. victory is certain is the continuation
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of protests this one was in pretoria two weeks ago. many people want to change this elections only likely to bring it malcolm webb al-jazeera johannesburg south africa calm has been restored to the largest city in between following two days of riots spawn by election results at least two people were killed in court a new police force supporters of opposition parties which were barred from last sunday's election. now in and caring u.s. marines as crash landed into a river in florida the boeing seven three seven charter flight slid off the runway as that in jacksonville one hundred forty three passengers and crew managed to scramble to safety from the shallow water about two dozen suffered minor injuries. though it's kentucky derby day in the united states that means horse racing fans are getting ready for one of the biggest events in the sport but a spike in horse deaths is overshadowed this season as rob reynolds reports from
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los angeles the high fatality rate is causing will make has to take the reins. on the eve of the kentucky derby the biggest race day of the year the u.s. horseracing industry is in a crisis there is a public outcry over the deaths of twenty three horses since late december at santa anita racetrack near los angeles are continuing to die at such a high rate and i there is a problem with horse racing in the future nobody wants to go to a horse racing and think about horses dropping like flies you know every every few days i believe that if there isn't serious change is and death stopped that this will be the beginning of the end of the horse racing industry in california no one has determined exactly what caused the fatal injuries but animal rights advocates point to overmedication of horses including the use of
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a powerful anti bleeding drug called lasix those drugs are highly restricted for resources in the rest of the world there you. to mask the injuries and so that's what you see with these horses breaking down on the tracks is that they match them for pain and a inflammatory somewhat not and they still race the los angeles county prosecutor has launched an investigation into the deaths well the controversy over resource deaths wages here in california some members of congress in washington d.c. want to see stricter rules imposed nationwide legislation to clean up the sport has bipartisan support in congress it went back and same day twenty six so we would be in compliance with the standards of the rest of the world it would. how a federal course racing board that with. the drugs that are administered
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and to make a determination as to whether there should be restrictions on those as well california animal welfare activists want to put the issue of the future of horse racing to the voters in a ballot measure we did some polling and what the polling shows is two thirds of californians either want to shut down a ban or raise the standards horse racing is a multibillion dollar sport but the animals too often pay the ultimate price robert zero los angeles. part time for a quick reminder the top stories here first you have some breaking news out of algeria we're getting reports that the youngest brother of the former president of the disease but a freak has been arrested to have but if he because former intelligence chiefs have also been taken into custody weeks of protests forced a meeting the longtime president to resign the attempt to run for
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a fifth. israeli air strikes have hit gaza after palestinian fighters fahd rockets into israel the ministry of health in gaza says at least two palestinians have been killed including a fourteen month old baby israeli military commanders say at least two hundred rockets were fired from gaza injuring two israelis. in the past few hours venezuelan president nicolas maduro has met with members of the military he's currently in a political tussle with the opposition leader. who is offering amnesty to soldiers who recognize him as venezuela's president so he's about as i'm following a rally in caracas in support of and sent this report. we're here in what it's known as washington plasterwork a small group of venezuelans have arrived today to protest against the government of any mother but also responding to the call made by a leader. asking them and asking venezuelans in general that this saturday they
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should go peacefully to military installations to the headquarters of the forty five before you fire a national guard among others and ask members of the military of the police to join in what they feel called this the fight for freedom in venezuela. for turkish soldiers have been killed during fighting in syria and iraq one of the soldiers died in an attack by u.s. backed kurdish y.p. g. forces in tal rafah to turkey had launched an operation in the area earlier three turkish soldiers were killed in northern iraq. weapons experts are trying to confirm the latest suspected rocket launches from north korea south korea's defense minister says they wouldn't and the sickness iles tranq as president says he believes eisen is behind the easter sunday bombings which left more than two hundred fifty people dead catholics sunday church services have been cancelled again amid threats of further attacks those are the headlines the news
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continues here on al jazeera off the fault lines of not so much about that. the truth is that an active shooter attack on campus is what we do the most frightening experience of your life the more we care the more christian you are. the more. the. mass shootings have become a grim part of american life. there were more than three hundred in two thousand
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and eighteen alone all of which have four more victims who were killed or injured. to highlight the reality that when it comes to gun violence no place is sacred malls movie theaters places of worship even schools. but these shootings continue to happen this is where i carry curse every day with me. little baby earth. and that's why i carry him with me all the time. in the is as crazy as it sounds this really does give me peace doesn't it does that i have him with me all the time. even though he's in there a little piece of him in sit in there it makes me feel good that i still carry my son with me. in this episode of faultlines we explore the long lasting trauma of mass shootings on a generation of survivors and victims' families. and the new normal that day and
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the country continues to reconcile. two thousand and eighteen was the worst year on record for gun violence in us schools. and the majority were killed in two mass shootings. one of those was in a small city south of houston texas called santa fe. the worst thing you have to worry about missing a fake is literally get run over by cow i said that. and here i am rushing to school because most got shut. out i had bought a credit. card to not only without anyone i was. going. to start a roman in the n.f.c. like cobbs running. but i don't really remember much.
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heart that aren't going to go under fire are. often. seen moms cry in seeing people reunited with their kids and. it was just waiting for chris. who we met work. tracking new developments a plane has crashed last year it's santa fe high school in texas. i'm eighteen two thousand and eighteen this became the side of the twenty ninth mass shooting that year. say the suspect carried out the attack with a shotgun and handgun both taken from his father after planting explosives inside the high school. the seventeen year old gunman a student at the school killed ten people. among them was his football team a chris rosie stone son. he was interested in the middle kid. he was
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not shot a cry. he was a mama's boy one hundred percent mama's boy. we met rosie and chris is older sisters angelica mercedes at her brother's home about a five minute drive from santa fe high school. when i took him to prom his junior prom the saturday before most kids don't want their mom and dad there. he wanted me there. but that's just who chris was i i taught my. for christmas sisters reliving happy memories help them cope in the months after. the three amigos. he was only one who committed so goofy face. but the trauma of losing chris changed their lives in ways they're still coming to terms with. your good days where you don't cry as much.
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you don't want to just stay at home all day. and then you have your really bad days where you just want to talk to them. even when it's. chris would have wanted. me not to put my life on the field. and i haven't. but every day i think about him. got a phone call i think about it constantly make one phone call changed my life forever like that second and every moment while chris is being killed. will she never have to think of their kid or their brother or their sister like that. it's been particularly hard for rosie. she told us she hasn't been able to sleep for
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more than three hours at a time since her son was killed. there is not a place in my home. and that's what makes it hard. so what i do is a spin couple of hours every single day at my house. i haven't tried to stay the night there yet. eight months on and you haven't spent the night back in that house you know i can't. i really can't. just a lot of memories so it's hard for her to. do it. like little things from taking up the trash like chris took out the trash chris about the dogs like it's just hard. to see instead finds peace in an unlikely place. where the shooting happened. right here see that door. that's the art room where my son was and is going to ministration is planning to tear down
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the part of the building where people were killed the rosie has been fighting to keep it i literally go in there and i sit. in chris's spot. and i'll sit there for me about thirty forty five minutes nobody talks to me or not then i don't say nothing i just sit there. and when i leave i feel a little better because. that's when chris took his last breath. you know i was there when he took his first one and i wanted to be where he took his last one of. those he is haunted by how chris is death could have been avoided. and like many others in santa fe which sits in the heart of texas gun country her focus has been on improving school safety measures not gun control . i don't blame the gun. it wasn't a gun that walked in there by itself and killed my son parents need to be held
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responsible gun owners need to be held responsible rosie supports expanding background checks for people buying firearms ever and she also believes that guns can keep her and her family safe in fact after christmas death rosie and her daughters got licenses to carry concealed hangups i do feel like it's a safe tool i don't like that now our students feel that way i don't like that that our kids feel like they have to have some kind of weapon in order to make it in this world but that's the reality that we live in. that reality means that as parents in their kids to school they're now thinking of ways to keep them safe there. and there's a growing industry to help them. lockdown drill right now if this was your classroom this is the only door in and out where would your teacher have you go and go there now. don't just go. this is
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a class for kids as young as eight years old called school say. it's one hundred eighty eight tactical a private company in omaha nebraska. it's meant to supplement the lockdown drills which are now conducted in nine out of tempo schools across the country what it is representing to us six desks we have a full scale what is. teacher tell you do stay close until the thank god we. only right now what if the gun shooter comes in your classroom. if somebody came in that door right now and pointed a gun in this direction do we know that desk is going to help out. no so what would we what would we do if someone pointed a gun in this direction over the course of two and a half hours. the kids were different self-defense strategies based on the run hide fight model we're going to run away from the bad guys are you guys ready to go to
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the way for. the instructors retired police sergeant and believes the kids need more perforation to evade and even fight off an attacker when they're currently getting in most schools go go go go go go run. run. scarem we're not trying to turn them into swat commanders or anything like that is just to give them some information and give them some strategies so if something were to happen in their little part of the world they would have an idea of what to do. i'm just going to come in with my hands open like this like a catcher and i'm going to come in and grab this here. and hang on tight right somebody's coming in here what does that say about our effort to educate our children that they are in their minds preparing to potentially be killed in their own school i mean as unlikely as it is it doesn't feel that way to are kids we
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don't know how that's going to affect an entire generation we john cox is a reporter for the washington post who's investigated the impact of gun violence on children including the psychological toll of lockdown drills at schools someone has to get the gun i'm shooting people right now school shootings are no more common now than they were in the one nine hundred ninety s. and the likelihood of a child dying. one remains low. but after each mass shooting the demand for schools and kids to be prepared goes up hill so we know that lock downs can be incredibly frightening but should we not have the kid do the drill and then the day comes and they have no idea what to do that's probably not a trade that parents or teachers would make go. to. bed is the reality until we as a country make some really significant changes for the shootings from occurring in the first place or your belt i know i know we've talked about running i mean
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fighting we haven't talked about giving aid all right this is just a brief little thing about pleading control and it will work on kids your age and it will tie one not whom but the pencils in their. mouths watching your presentation i thought this was curious enough to talk to kids about a woman get shot in the medium bleeding on the mall what do you think about that he took his talk but i did do it i believe our kids know about this kind of stuff all right and i don't believe in a lot of respects that we give our kids credit for being able to handle what it is that needs to be talked about and because of that that's where we were very blunt or just very straightforward it's going to hurt you more the way about see that than anything in that presentation was as it was a. really. kind filing cared for how the.


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