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a. mole abbas. he added to. the passion the success and the popularity. and then he gave it all up. for the love of his homeland. football rebels delves into the realm of footballing legend rashid a clue free. to fall to the algerian national liberation front with his feet rashid makushi and the f.l.n. team on al jazeera. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. be above the bottom
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. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together world goals and an incredible journey to first hand accounts and extraordinary archive footage to the cities of palestine as they were before nine hundred forty eight and the impact the creation of israel had done to a witness the vibrant commercial and cultural lives of now
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a follow up close and a heritage that many of today's palestinians have never known lost cities of palestine on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm so rahman and you're watching the al-jazeera news our lives my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes iran says it will step up your reign of enrichment of the countries that are part of the twenty fifty nuclear deal don't stick to their promises. also south africa's the leading candidates cast their votes in an election signal is the toughest yet for the
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governing and see party. and an attack targeting a soofi shrine kills at least eight people in the pakistani city of lahore. and we'll have reaction to one of the most incredible comebacks in sport liverpool fight from three no down to beat barcelona and reach the final of the champions league. welcome to the news iran says it's stopping its sale of heavy water and rich to ukrainian and could step up production of both if world powers don't keep their promises under the twenty fifteen nuclear deal the move comes on the first anniversary of the us withdrawing from the deal and at a time of escalating tension between the countries june starts our coverage. iran will suspend some of its commitments under the landmark twenty fifteen nuclear deal president has and rouhani telling world powers his country is stopping its
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sale of enriched uranium and could restart high level production if world powers don't keep their promises under the joint comprehensive plan of action the. states wanted to pull out of the j c p o way to make iran withdraw the day after so that they could refer the case to the un security council in order to redouble pressure on iran however iran did not fall into this trap and did not play in the united states as court our friends including the european countries asked us to give them some time and we said yes because we wanted our people to know we are patient and work in a calculated way we know how important the deal is and scuttling the deal would be costly and detrimental to the region and the world some of it the move comes on the anniversary of the us withdrawing from the agreement since then tensions between washington and tehran have risen substantially. in a letter to the ambassadors of the u.k. france germany china and russia rouhani said those countries had sixty days to
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implement their promises to protect iran's oil and banking sectors from u.s. sanctions he said iran was still committed to the deal but analysts say it's a signal iran's patience is running out the iranians are saying that we cannot continue like this we've been waiting for a year since the americans have exited the agreement and we have been waiting to see what the europeans will do and now that we see there doing nothing nothing we have to take some steps iran's announcement comes as washington continues to exert what it calls its maximum pressure campaign against effort on with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or making an unannounced visit to iraq where thousands of american troops are still based american warships have also been deployed to the region in response to what the u.s. says is the threat posed by iran and the message sent to review. this week for things like this that. i think for the defense is very
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specific. attacks that are. imminent that is they were thank you very. much about the particular reaction. that disputes and all eyes now on a nuclear deal that was already in serious jeopardy more than ever the question now will it be possible to salvage it mohammed jim doom. but we have teams of correspondents covering this developing story natasha butler is standing by in paris with reaction first let's go to zain this ravi in teheran and zain what really has to look back just a few weeks to rein in the oil waivers being removed more sanctions being applied on the country to see why this is push the iranian president to act in the way that he has. absolutely the iranian government will say that what it is announced today is
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a reciprocal move to the united states placing more sanctions on iran this time at the same time that oil waivers expired earlier this month what happened was the united states placed nuclear sanctions on iran directly attacking the framework of the deal limiting iran's ability to sustain the limits on its stockpiles of nuclear materials here in the country iran was left with one of two choices either limit its nuclear production guaranteed under the j c puree or go over that stockpile limit that is what iran's government iranian president hassan rouhani has announced today they will go past the limits on their stockpile of enriched uranium and heavy water and they've also said option remains to enrich uranium beyond beyond the three point six seven percent allow those part of the nuclear deal now iran's government will say over and over again that it has been strategically patient with regards to the other signatories of this nuclear deal this move now definitely puts pressure on the remaining signatories of the deal europe and russia and china to do
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something to salvage what has been of very shaky deal since u.s. president donald trump took office in the united states of course they would have to be very clear that the iranians are not withdrawing from the g. c. a it's just peripheral parts of the agreement that they're drawing the europeans to their attention to. that's exactly correct the iranian leadership has said all along that what they are doing the moves they are making are within the framework are within the wording of the nuclear deal itself they are interpreted in the deal and through that interpretation they're making moves that now have procedures to follow the deal allows for sixty days now for some sort of negotiated settlement in the iranians have said if the signatories to the deal come to the table if they can help mitigate the u.s. oil and banking sanctions then iran is happy to return to its commitments under the deal but it says until then it has been the only partner so far in the deal that
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has been maintaining its side of the bargain the united states violated the deal by pulling out this time last year europe has had no other option it seems but to abide by u.s. sanctions against iran even a bypass a financial bypass set up in europe to help iran to continue to trade with europe hasn't really earned the confidence of european businesses and thereby hasn't really had any sort of meaningful impact on iran's financial circumstances and its struggling economy so iranian leaders will point out that this should come as no surprise to the ambassadors and to their countries that received the letters today from president hassan rouhani they've been saying that they would do something like this for over a year now before them or leave it there with you zain and cross over to natasha butler who's joining us from the french capital and. the french defense minister speaking now in reaction to what he's hearing from tehran what he's saying.
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well the french defense minister florence party she spoke a little bit earlier and she said that france's position hasn't changed in so much as that france has always wanted to maintain this deal along with other european powers because the then this deal offers what they say is the best bet for the region for security peace and stability but for its party she did make it very clear that if iran was violating the accord the twenty fifteen accord in some way then european powers could have to consider really imposing sanctions on iran she said that that would be on the table is not something they want to do but it's something they would certainly have to consider so the fact that iran is suggesting that it's going to suspend some of its commitments to this deal certainly is putting european powers in a very awkward position indeed it's an awkward position but one you might say that they've had plenty of time to deal with and this is a real conundrum now for europe is it not all those that are part of the deal the u.k. germany france and russia or is that they try to find this framework and yet they
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have america pushing from across the atlantic a powerful heavyweight basically saying do as we say all there's going to be a bigger rift between the u.s. and european nations. well there's no doubt that the european powers all along this process ever since donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the accordion year ago started re-imposing u.s. sanctions on iran there's no doubt the european powers have felt caught in the middle they want to salvage this deal because they believe that it is the best bet for peace and regional security but on the other hand they know it's not easy because they are faced with these u.s. sanctions that in some way they've been trying to bypass that is why in february they launched a and eve payment mechanism called instead which allows trade for medium and small companies in europe and iran that can bypass the easier you bypass these u.s.
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sanctions because it trades not in dollars so in that way they're saying to iran look we're making an effort to try and support this deal maybe some of the big european companies are pulling out they're not going to risk u.s. penalties but at least this is one way that we're showing you with a supporting it they're also sending the message to the u.s. that they mean business they want to continue supporting this deal but it's becoming increasingly difficult of course but what european powers don't want is for this deal to collapse completely not only because it will be huge blow to their credibility because they've spent the last twelve months trying to save it but also because they say they want to avoid any sort of nuclear arms race indeed one of them will leave it there natasha mitchell but the power sources take you over to moscow these are live pictures coming from the foreign ministry where we expect the uranian foreign minister javid zarif to be speaking to sergei lavrov closed door meetings we expect them both at the podium them a short while for
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a press conference we will go live to that when it happens in moscow. but staying on message the nuclear deal was signed in twenty fifteen between iran on the five permanent members of the un security council including germany and the european union under the agreement or on severely limited its nuclear enrichment activities and allowed for more intrusive inspections and before in exchange the other parties agreed to lift nuclear related sanctions on iran but that did not include separate u.s. sanctions that were not related to the nuclear program and even before president trump pulled out of the deal last year iran has long complained that washington did not do enough to ease its banking restrictions early joe miller is a fellow the middle east and north africa program at the european council on foreign relations joins me now from london good to have you with us how close to dead is this deal now. well we're certainly
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more on the brings of that collapse then we have ever being we've now had a year since the u.s. withdrew from the agreement and officials inside iran have repeatedly sent warnings that the conditions that they have been placed into you know increasingly being cornered by the united states on the economic front is unsustainable and i this in ounce made today is.


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