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tv   Malaysia Power And Corruption  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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well there were there at that place. with vatican to get the whole of the. members of a nonstandard family still land around the village some of the vegetables will end up feeding the super thirty but the landscape has a darker aspect social divisions here are more rigid than in the towns is especially for people from the lowest so-called backward. backwards. here out of. here he bowed to chuck i am going to make a bad road. but you have. heard. from us.
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all aplomb carter about how you feel by each other going. back and with your boy who puts god of life here and there are. the here for. you that they thought he would be and if you make. this sun set long ago on british rule in india today the old colonial buildings of patna are home to the police brother. including their deputy chief of
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a on and on monday afternoon he opens his office to anyone with a grievance it kick in place today. there are certain issues which can be resolved only at this level. but. in the mean. time i'm going to. be going to. find someone to put us on the moon i'm going to create i'm going to be. funny because he. sometimes worlds until mingle he's worked with the super thirty not as a teacher but if policeman two years ago sean right then father was murdered
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obviously one of our war on the war actually advocate. he has been shot dead by some criminals. this is and. you are almost september eleventh when just into. sean's father was a government lawyer a natural target for the putnam mafia you're prosecuting criminals. so there is a bit in. reasonable fear. there is a very concrete one that truth if it gets expressed and it is known and then maybe read take some action like providing border guards that is one preventive action a treaty maybe a testing that individual and trying to find out why history and some counter measures can be taken but if it is not expressed an interest to figure. the killer hasn't yet been caught. victims are often warned in advance but if
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sean's father did get a message he kept it to himself did say it would have come to his father and he may not have shared with his family that happens. the. five or six like a couple. of i. already sat for the once and failed this will be his second and final. if he's got his guns are good in their power to on all the beats. now it's time for the results of yesterday's test fixture for her kumar sixty two it's no surprise who's come top row knocking the rental car that. was like oh the telephone. number everyone's happy except see sheila she still waitlisted but is now unlikely to be accepted she's upset and doesn't
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want to be filmed any more than the been done movie. copy put out. their car reward but i ask you bob do this. car goes c'mon mccahill a case of. a medal haul they are all discuss psychological treatment here so the local psychological brickmaker pals call up midget play chum but his can't happen he will buy a ticket home not just that they queue. a check or. eat . like all indian cities now is growing rapidly there's work to be done much of it is dirty but preferable to
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a life of of the india today is a nation of migrants sean has his sights set on an elite university in a distant city but today he's going home to see his mother. of us all the other. me. so hard it would please. wish me not only to city to have this. talk but. to get it to show i was in my family members on the field. to believe. i was a good chance had free tuition with anon kumar for more than two years his mother works as
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a nurse but there's not much money for magic you keep posting here much of the chipotle achievement. she's made to me for him to take back to the hostel. if you can afford it we're doing a dimity literature book i hit. a wall a time when i was. the only reader. then remember. primitives. john is a non kumar's mother she's
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a vital part of the family business. and . look. i tell. her to look. back to when they got a kid and then last. but. didn't come here. you may write. much. stock.
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they have a global soul cat they know the member named by. who may have the bond. market something that i thank you. i'm going to last.
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long and. it's april harvest time in deal cali village everybody's working to bring in the wheat. after seven months living in the city some of the super thirty are losing touch with their rural background feel. in previous years and look would have been helping his family not any more. it had the old. back but i may add that the manically had to have back and i am out but i had the matter but i just deadly day.
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and i brought her you did not but as i have been a good public school your criminal told me come on later. on looks mother davey is making one of her occasional visits to her husband they're still living apart and neither sees much of their son. so that will get the happy adam you have. thank you michael i'm going to be right handed visions of. the luck that he's easy to have that be this and i'm judged ahead but i'm going to have a deal about thought that i give is made every day that. it's the day before the i am. the climax of the super effort. i am going to be. raj
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use at home doing his last minute revision. like they were the lobby. for the families keyed up for the big day. clearly. matching questions of what you know you. shawn meanwhile has moved into a hostel here it's easier for him to focus away from the distractions of home just so. i think you know but exile me about being ground. down at that because the boy is very
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performing in the hall and the whole family is in. some little sort of a for profit luncheon. after seven months of intensive preparation and noncom lot is feeling a different kind of pressure he's hoping for the perfect result. one hundred percent. fit this with a lot these by luck but it. up at the bottom of the city. i am eighty exam day is a news event all over india. and no twenty thousand young people will see it the to pay place. the soup with thirty last scattered across ten exam centers. rogers arrived early
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the teaching team already here to wish him good luck. to. everyone here which i am very glad. to hear your. ten minutes before the exam stults they can read the questions at last it's nine o'clock. in these next few odds quarter of a million students compete for a future that promises well prestige and membership of the indian elite.
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and the road to story on al-jazeera. the subject of more than half a dozen investigation. billions of dollar stone from asia so going well. one on one east investigate how the nation's coffers rule on al-jazeera. the european union warns iran that it won't respond to automate ims but criticizes the u.s. to. slow this is al jazeera live from doha. also ahead but i did get last night a very beautiful letter from president xi let's work together let's see if we can
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get something to us present donald trump says a new deal with china on trade is possible this week as the two sides meet for another round of talks. the votes are being counted in south africa's national election that's been seen as a major test for the governing a.n.c. party and pope francis issues new rules designed to crack down on sexual abuse within the roman catholic church. thank you for joining us european union leaders have rejected iran sixty day ultimatum to protect it from u.s. sanctions and save the twenty fifty nuclear deal from collapse say they are fully committed to the agreement and have cautioned the u.s. against taking any action that would harm their efforts in the past president donald trump has said he wants iran to reach out for a deal on wednesday washington impose new sanctions on iran this time targeting its
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metals industry the second biggest source of export revenue after oil and gas. and a u.s. aircraft carrier battle group has passed through the suez canal and is on its way to the gulf the white house says it deployed the carrier and a bomb a task force to counter what it calls a credible threat from iran that reports from paris. european leaders say that they have been doing and will continue to do everything they can to try and save this deal but there's no doubt there's a growing sense of frustration that they are caught in the middle if you like between the u.s. on one side and iran on the other and you could sense that frustration in a joint statement which was put out earlier today by the e.u. foreign policy chief's office and the foreign offices of person from germany in that statement said we reject any ultimatums more they were referring to was the fact that on wednesday tehran and the said european powers have sixty days to come
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up with some new panel solution to try and shield the iranian a quantum me from u.s. sanctions now of course european officials and leaders have been trying to do that already serve cause as a sense of frustration that they are being dictated to if you like and at the moment e.u. leaders are and remain yet they are at a summit where iran wasn't supposed to be on the table but it is now leaders forced to discuss the issues it really continues into something of a crisis and leaves the whole deal looking increasingly fragile with a french president emanuel my call said that the u.s. in the first place by pulling out one year ago has in a way caused the situation and from tehran he is in bed ravi on iran's response to the new u.s. sanctions in a strongly worded statement iran's foreign ministry condemned the latest u.s. sanctions this time targeting iran's metals industry iranian foreign ministry
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spokesman abbas mousavi said the u.s. moved once again violated america's international committee he threatened legal action and said the united states would be held responsible for damages resulting from these latest sanctions but experts say existing sanctions have already made things so bad that more sanctions are unlikely to make things much worse. i think what america is doing now is just repeating their position banking sanctions have already made many problems for a rainy and trade missile and other sanctions might make any difference i think it's a big agreement for his next election and as there has not been any result with north korea the u.s. is trying to increase pressure on iran the latest u.s. sanctions hit iran as europe rejected what it called iran's ultimatum of non-cooperation with the nuclear deal and in a sign of growing mistrust with european partners iranian m.p.'s from the national security and foreign policy commission of iran's parliament accuse the e.u.
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of working with the us against iran playing good cop in doing nothing as a way of stalling iran while america wages economic war really. iran is disappointed with europe europeans rejecting the automated mistry to cover up their own weakness i think europe's behavior will push iran to pull its russia and china to establish a financial channel in the framework of cooperation with russia and china instead of europe the twenty fifteen nuclear deal has by design been a vehicle to help build trust between tehran and european capitals but since the u.s. left the deal a year ago iran has blamed european countries for not doing enough to resist american pressure and help iran deal with the economic fallout of american sanctions and the bridges that were built over the last two years the working relationship between iranian leaders and their european allies there are signs now that that trust is beginning to erode. u.s.
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present donald trump says he believes he can reach a deal with china this week as negotiators from two sides from the two sides prepared to meet for trade talks in the coming hours the world's two biggest economies have been locked in a trade war for the past year mr increased u.t.s. from ten to twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods accusing beijing. backtracking on a trade deal but tiny says it kept its promises and has vowed to retaliate with similar missions i have no idea what's going to happen i did get last night a very beautiful letter from president xi let's work together let's see if we can get something done but they renegotiated the deal i mean they took whether it's intellectual property theft they took many many parts of that deal and they renegotiated you can't do that. and i'm different than a lot of people i happen to think that tariffs for a country. very powerful you know where the piggy bank that everybody steals from
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including china as a town fisher in washington d.c. now alan just twenty four hours ago at a rally the president was talking tough accusing china of breaking the nine says an agreement is possible. welcome to washington in the time of donald trump. that's what happens we don't know how close they are certainly we know that a couple of weeks ago they were very close to a deal what we're told has happened in the interim is that the chinese sent back the draft agreement and a number of things they said they couldn't do because it would break chinese law and they weren't prepared to break the law to do that particularly over issues like intellectual property you had donald trump talking about that during his very brief news conference that is just held in the white house at the moment and so that renegotiation has started again though the two sides are going to get together. in
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a boat four hours time from now here in washington d.c. there's some suggestion that the chinese think they can do a better deal for a number of reasons first of all because donald trump believes is this very close relationship with the chinese president and the two of them can what coat some sort of deal and also donald trump politically is desperate for a deal because he said so often that they need to renegotiate the tabs but what's important to note here he said it again during the event at the white house he said during his rally in florida on wednesday night donald trump doesn't quite understand what he talks about how they're bringing money in from china because they've imposed these tariffs that's not the case the reality is that just one example washing machines in the united states are now around one hundred dollars more expensive than they were before the tide of sort introduced why does that happen well it's because it costs more money. to bring in the steel of course more
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money to bring in the parts and that's not money that the chinese are appearing that's money that is passed on to the u.s. consumer and that this hit your chinese imports into the united states the no the lowest level in twenty fourteen but both sides very keen to get a deal because they realize the impact it could have on global market and i was going to ask each estat what impact is all of this and the rhetoric that the president has had in the past few hours what impact is it having on the markets. or certainly what we've seen in the fire east is that the chinese of said look we're going to do what we need to do to protect your economy send out a message to the markets there that a deal wasn't likely to happen that there could be some problems and that the markets here in the united states tight is a bit strong it made the markets drop here in the united states well there was perhaps a bit more let's wait and see this could still all walk out when donald trump announced that he had had a letter from president xi the markets actually went up slightly there was
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a recovery but people here are very worried that there isn't a deal as you said before between the world's two biggest economies it's not just a problem for them it's a problem everywhere else and that really could the markets thank you for that allan fish live in washington d.c. . south africa's governing african national congress is on course to win the general election but with its lowest share of the votes since the end of apartheid twenty five years ago and early results suggest the a.n.c. has won fifty six percent of the votes counted so far it's a huge setback for president cyril ramaphosa who replaced jacob zuma after a series of corruption scandal stretton to erode support for his point the main opposition democratic alliance currently has twenty five percent of the vote official results are expected on saturday malcolm webb as the latest from a counting center in pretoria. was in the day to come in on these big screens up here in the blue panels we can see the results of the provincial elections people
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voted provincial governments at the same time in the sense that we see the results of the national results so that tells us when it's finished that will dictate which party gets how many seats in parliament and any party with a majority its leader will be the president there are officials from the electoral commission here processing some of the data so far just over half of all of the votes are being counted so that means that things could in the hours ahead could change quite a lot still fifty percent of the votes yet to be counted but the results that we're seeing so far are pretty much exactly what was expected what the opinion polls showed. you said we have the ruling african national congress keeping its majority but so far with a smaller margin levels for the moment it's nearly fifty seven percent and the a.n.c. and all the other parties have their desks and their agents here they're monitoring the results as they come in the democratic alliance which is the largest opposition
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party at the moment is about twenty three or nearly twenty three percent of the votes counted and the fast economic freedom fighters as agents are sitting just over here nearly ten percent vote share and the other ten percent of the votes have gone to the other smaller parties of which there are about forty but. in other world news libya's u.n. recognized government says it will give foreign companies forty of them three months to rectify their legal status early economy and industry economy and industry ministry had issued a decree suspending them for enjoy a company to a town in germany where among those firms that were going to be affected the decision comes a day after libyan prime minister. visited paris to discuss the recent fighting for control of the capital still ahead on al-jazeera bombings in airstrikes in northern syria as government forces continue their pushy.


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