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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 10, 2019 8:00am-8:35am +03

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with aliments in the united states you can push back on this new conservatism that is hell bent on you know seeing this deal fail and potentially making war more possible for all of his defense ministers said that if iran breaks the deal the e.u. could impose sanctions european powers could be gambling on iran not want to risk more damage to their economy or lose strategic allies as the stakes are raised on all sides the future the twenty fifteen a court looks increasingly fragile sascha buchla al-jazeera paris. let's get more on this now joined by richard nephew he was the lead sanctions expert for the u.s. team negotiating with iran on the nuclear deal and he's joining us now live from we hope and new jersey very good to have you with us on al-jazeera we will talk more about what the latest we've heard from the iranian foreign minister shortly but first i want to ask you because you were part of the u.s. delegation which negotiated the deal can it be saved. but i think it's very
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difficult to be so you know that states is actively taking steps that are undermining the j.c.b. away at the end of the day. if you were it was fundamentally about sanctions relief from you know. with nuclear concessions from iran when it happened. as well. and so you know european countries have rejected enron's ultimatum but does the foreign minister jollied zarif have a point you know did iran have a choice like you said it's not getting the sanctions relief it was promised even though it's kept up its end of the bargain. well certainly iran has a choice it's i think a little bit of a false description by have for mr zarif to say this is what we have to do now after all the nuclear steps that they are taking or nat going to fix our economic problems or drive any more economic relief to them but i think it's absolutely the case that the united states started this fight iran is over compliance with the
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g.c. theory or at least it was and the united states is the one that a year ago decided it was wrong so i think certainly from the iranian perspective there is a need to balance the books here a little bit and if they're not getting the sanctions relief that they were promised show up restarting their nuclear program might not improve their economy but why shouldn't they when again the rest of the world hasn't kept up its end of the bogen no i think this is a very fair point new fact i've been surprised the iranians that research their program up until now and that is precisely because they made very clear that time that they were going to only exchange nuclear concessions for reciprocal sanctions really so i certainly think iran has a point the bigger question is is a rose decision going to make it more likely that we get to a diplomatic resolution or less and i think the answer's less and what about the you know listen if it is a lot of talk at the moment about the tensions leading to
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a wider conflict and possibly even war what has to be done now to deescalate those tensions does europe have a role can it do more than it has being. well i certainly think that europe has a role and it could do more than it has been the problem is that europe's governments have been unwilling to try and coerce european businesses to provide the kind of economic relief that iran is looking for because of fears of u.s. sanctions and so long as those fears remain iran is not going to get the sort of economic relief that it's looking for i think what your can do now with the rest of the do now is to courage iran that even if they feel the need to take nuclear steps to restore part of their nuclear program there are some steps that are more provocative than others keeping the high your actual inspectorate in iran is he usually constructive and useful thing to do so i would very much urge around not to
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expel those inspectors likewise i think there are a number of specific nuclear steps it just does out of iraq reactor expanding enrichment that are very provocative and again i think europe can be very helpful in encouraging iran writers must take additional nuclear steps to take a different and western if you how can you hear up do that i mean what is it going to give iran to again you know do all these things that it's being asked to do what is it going to get and the ten. well this is worth it european governments have to decide if they would like to make the kinds of investments in export credits and insurance that would encourage small and medium sized businesses to make me a business that they need to meet inside of iran to offer protection indeed potentially even if i challenge sanctions to the united states if necessary due to those companies that they will be protected if they choose to invest in iraq yes but it really does require at this point you know more confrontational stance with
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the united states which is not something that i encourage generally or think is a very good thing but i certainly think that if europe wants to g.c.t. our way simply asking is not going to do less nephew it is great to get your expertise on this we do appreciate your time that is richard nephew live and we hope can thank you. very much more still ahead for you it isn't the all out assault that many fear bob too will see how many syrians are suffering from relentless bombing and the last rebel stronghold. to russians are among several people jailed in montenegro over a plot to alst the country's government and penalty shootout drama chelsia given a scare by frankfurt and the hero to me peter will have the support. the suicide bomber in iraq has killed four people injured six others that
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a market in the fall of thirty district of baghdad the blast happened when the ball is surrounded by security forces the district as predominantly populated by shia muslims rob matheson said this update from baghdad. news of this attack coming as a shock here in baghdad not least because we're only just a few days into the beginning of the holy month of ramadan security forces here in baghdad saying that several people have been killed after a man wearing an explosive belt detonated those explosives when he was surrounded by security forces in a wholesale market in the area of saddam city souder city is to the northeast of baghdad and it was named after a prominent cleric muhammad sort of side of after the fall of saddam hussein and it's become a center for the saddest movement which is now developing into a political party led by the prominent shia cleric. the son of muhammad sadat.
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now we now know that eisel is claiming responsibility for this attack but it's also interesting to note that at the end of april i will back it all but daddy the leader of isolate said to have appeared in a video for the first time in five years claiming revenge for the land lost by i saw in both syria and iraq. the cia has warned friends and colleagues of murdered journalists that their potential targets of saudi arabia's government the report by time magazine says three people have been given security briefings in recent weeks it's thought they may be targeted for their criticism of crown prince mohammed bin sandman and vulcan efforts to continue kushal g.'s human rights work let's get more on this we're joined by ali alack mentees the director of the gulf affairs institute and a former saudi political prisoner he's joining us live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us on al-jazeera what do you make of this report the
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warning to saudi critics especially in light of the backlash against saudi against crown friends muhammad bin some on after mr kushal murder. well the tells you. how violent he is of a person maybe a little bit about his. stable personality also it exposes the fact that the pressure after the murder of mr how shocked was not in the fall great enough to stop. such blows of harming people but about you who is not even a saudi he just tweeted about the country a few times so really this is proof that the united states and the u.k. government sent messages over sure as to be as that he will be held accountable too
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for the murder of jamal her structure. and you know mr murder really put the spotlight on saudi arabia's crackdown not just on dissent but even criticism is that something that's become worse under this crown prince. indeed the this is my long experience covering the country and this particular human right i can tell you this has been the worst government record or saudi government record in viewing dissent and treating this with the mass executions a few weeks ago of people who were peacefully protesting has never happened in the country's history this is just another example of that the violence nature the violent nature of the leadership in saudi arabia and this debility of the leadership. that is projected through. violence and plans of violence i go
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even the line and what do you put that down to mr when you say that you know this is the worst it's been why is that how much of it has to do with this clown prince and has his behavior been emboldened by his very close relationship with the current us administration. indeed his close relationship with mr trump and with the u.k. government has emboldened him. made him. feel that he can do anything without. punishment or precautions and we've seen that happen in the past months where he was met by secretary of state. cushion or with three seven so this if this was another leader that would not have happened the the war in yemen continues with with many war crimes with support from
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these two countries so he feels emboldened indeed. the nature. of his plans and acts either killing cultural or must executions and the other many other human rights abuses including jailing and torturing women he feels he will never pay a price for it that's why he would he continues to do it in addition to that i have to say. since he was a child has a and a stable and violent personality that is reflected in these actions in the kidnappings and killing and murder of journalists mr atman thank you very much for your time on this video appreciate it that is man live in washington d.c. thank you. for us as it seized a north korean cargo ship that's violated international sanctions justice department officials say the ship one of north korea's largest was trying to
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transport coal it was detained in indonesia a year ago and it's now being taken to american summer. the un security council has held to an informal mason on the continuing growth of illegal israeli settlements various member states reiterated that building of palestinian land violates un resolutions and international law palestinian foreign minister diaz and maliki says g.o.'s policies aren't helping the stalled peace process we cannot afford not to engage with any peace effort but the us administration if it's can not be corrected ised nor can one define as peace accords unfortunately all indicates this far that this is not a peace plan but rather conditions for surrender and there is no amount of money
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that can make it acceptable. now that u.s. special envoy says he thinks that the soon to be released u.s. peace plan for the region will be achievable. we share the view here today of actually bringing about peace the vision for peace that we will see will be a realistic and implementable but it will require compromises from both sides. to look at these issues with a fresh perspective we have recognized the current. remains possible it is a serious. conflict. that everyone will be able to imagine. and. capture. and. another to.
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go there. was it's been almost two weeks of. fifty opposition controlled villages have been targeted in northern. and southern provinces. we want to see these people running away from. these. people. rebels have lost what opposition activists call the first line of defense. syrian government forces have taken ground. of the towns of. rebel supply lines. and the international highway linking government controlled
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cities as a few kilometers east the government wants to revive trade and help the economy and aleppo syria's commercial. capital remains cut off from most of the countryside and poorly connected to the rest of syria russia which is backing the campaign says its military is implementing the sochi deal that was agreed with turkey in september foreign minister sergei lavrov said that memorandum is not about protecting what he called terrorists and yet another verbal attack against turkey for not creating a demilitarized zone around. love rugs statements indicate the scope of the military operation implementing the sochi deal does not mean a full scale assault to retake the entire province of idlib moscow knows that would threaten its alliance with turkey which wants to prevent a humanitarian crisis along its border and prevent a new wave of refugees crossing into its territory turkey which has military
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positions around it live under its agreement with russia has not responded to the latest escalation but it too has criticized russia for failing to remove the syrian kurdish group the white p.g. from tel rafah in northern aleppo turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist organization. trying to find a trade of if russia will give them more. money but. which is on the table to russian turkey on it lou i think also part of the trying to test the limits of each other to see how far we can go. but serious power brokers are unlikely to push far enough to break in alliance they both benefit from neither side wants a large scale assault on but even a limited operation is enough to destroy the lives of many so. beirut. coming up in the second half of the news our results are still coming in from south
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africa's election will hear from our of course in the main counting center and in sport can now that joe be the master of madrid for the third time will have the details. hello flooding might become quite an issue this spring certainly in the midwest is pretty wet on the ground this is oklahoma though and you do expect that in oklahoma sara lee expect storm damage but certain amount of rain already solved and right is the picture at the moment is halfway between oklahoma city and amarillo in texas so doesn't matter where you are that's what you tend to end up with now it may well be a repeated function because of that massive closes as gone all that sent all the way up to the canadian border the next challenge already forming it's quite likely i think with the feed in the most for the moment we'll see texas and then moving
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east was through louisiana mississippi alabama that will be the risk for significant rain and potential tornadoes with areas to the north including oklahoma looking dry for a day or so and the temperatures well in the opposite eighty now winnipeg and thirteen snow is now a forgotten thing except in the northeast of canada and the pacific coast quiet moment occasional showers still possible in the mountains in science but on the coast it's quite quiet but it cloudy picture increasingly wet and surprised me throughout the caribbean was jamaica cuba and haiti and the bahamas all like to be frequented by showers that's also true in guatemala and el salvador. amidst destruction and despair a group of friends resist. rescuing books from the rubble they build
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a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they endeavor to rewrite their story and that of their country. to witness. a library under bombs on al-jazeera the climate is changing and time is running out i have never seen our like. in a new series earthrise meet some of the people driving the struggle to save the environment scientists are telling us that we have just twelve years to make a president any changes to transform every part of our economy and our society. coming soon on al-jazeera.
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is going to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories china has rejected accusations of backtracking on trade commitments with the u.s. ahead of new planned tower of sonnets goods president obama trump said earlier that a trade deal with china was still possible. time magazine said the cia is warned friends of murdered journalists. that they could be targeted by saudi arabia's government the report says three people have been given security briefings and recent weeks and. iran's foreign minister says the european jews should uphold. the twenty fifth nuclear deal and that includes normalizing economic ties with tehran it comes after rejected iran's sixty day all to made him to protect it from u.s. sanctions now the u.s. and iran
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a both important strategic partners for iraq it's finding itself and increasingly tough position as charles trafford reports from baghdad iraq's foreign minister mohammad al hakim met u.s. diplomats in baghdad on wednesday night for the foreign ministry said which talks about promoting bilateral ties resolving regional crises and tackling terrorism but no one in iraq is under any illusion about what that means the increasing pressure by the u.s. on iraq's neighbor and big east regional ally iran. iraq's politics economy military and majority shia population share deep geo political and religious ties with iran. the more pressure that mounts on the iranian government the more difficult it becomes for u.s. ally in iraq. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei a came to iraq on an unscheduled visit on choose day because of what he said was specific threats to americans in iraq the statement was directed towards what the
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u.s. calls iran's proxy forces officially there are around sixty thousand iraqi fighters with pro iran armed groups in iraq known as a popular mobilization forces ohashi the xabi they were highly effective in the battle against eisel in iraq and syria and were formally incorporated into iraq's military and security apparatus in two thousand and sixteen on wednesday evening one how should a shabby commander in diyala province said any attack by the u.s. on iran would be met with attacks on u.s. interests in iraq. to walk on and why should i think all the has to shabby is considered part of the military establishment and there are still armed groups that are difficult to control and the government suffers because these groups have so many weapons that there are around five thousand two hundred u.s. service men and women in iraq president trump said in february u.s.
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forces should stay in iraq to keep an eye on iran iraq a prime minister under lobdell mehdi says iraq will continue a balanced policy that builds bridges of cooperation and friendship with all neighbors including iran. iraq a mom of iraq is facing a dangerous situation it is under both u.s. and iranian pressure but iraq could play a negotiating role between the u.s. and iran and between saudi arabia and iran i believe there is an acceptance for that role to be played iraqi politicians and influential religious leaders who have repeatedly said they will lot smaller rate any threat to iraq's sovereignty by any nation including iran after decades of conflict and political instability here the u.s. iran crisis is presenting the baghdad government with a delicate diplomatic challenge where any mistake by washington tehran or indeed pro iran armed groups here could mean the iraqi people being the victims of
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violence again charles strafford al jazeera baghdad a venezuelan opposition politician has sought refuge in argentina's embassy and caracas richard blanco was one of several opposition for the stripped of their parliamentary immunity last week another was arrested on wednesday supporters of edgar's a brother who's a vice president of the national assembly chased foley's car out five party headquarters as he wants to taint. the tissues are broken and there's no one to glue them together to give the impression they're strong to appear to have the control they no longer have to use the only tool they've used for years persecution terror state terrorism they kidnap no less than the vice president of the national assembly the only globally recognized institution in venezuela they have to make themselves to be seen as strong and in control but they've already lost and don't have control so they lash
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out. let's get more on this our correspondent sean supposed joining us live from moscow so the crackdown on opposition politicians continuing in venezuela troy is the talk us through what happened with the vice president of the national assembly and other opposition politicians. well april thirtieth when pricing involving one way go into others happened here in venezuela we've been hearing lots of talk from the government that many opposition lawmakers would be detained we saw that on television involving venezuelan officials among others and then on tuesday this supreme court initiated a criminal investigation at that time six lawmakers saying that they were involved in treason and rebellion and then later on the constituent assembly which is a legislative body that was created by an equal of my would in a way to replace the opposition controlled national assembly well that body voted to strip of immunity to seven lawmakers opposition lawmakers what we saw is that on
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wednesday evening we got somebody i don't know was leaving the headquarters of his party he was inside his car and he was surrounded by intelligence officers he did not want to leave that car and that's why intelligence officers brought a total truck basically took him inside the car it's still not clear where he's being held we've been talking to his daughter to his lawyers people have been trying to find out where he's being held at this point but there is no information about where he is and this is something that happens quite often to those who are detained especially by intelligence services the other thing that has been ongoing is that the other lawmakers who were stripped of immunity many of them ended up either two of them in the taliban embassy another one in the argentinean embassy and some of them are in hiding of this point and that's why why the law has been demanding their release saying that beer that they belong to the only legal in a way a legitimate body that was elected by the people in for. we have fair elections
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back in two thousand and fifteen which is that natural f.m. really and also human rights groups here in the country and abroad have to be manning that these lawmakers are released what are the chances of that and the chances of any political dialogue with both sides continuing to target each other the way they have been. well we'll we'll have to see how long this people will be detained i mean we've been talking to some n.g.o.s here in the country that says the at the amount there's around eight hundred political prisoners in venezuela right now most of them haven't had a due process because they came that institutions in the country the judiciary basically control by. government and the possibilities of negotiation at this point seem known existent even though the government has said repeatedly that they're opening up for dialogue with the opposition in the past they have never been
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willing in a way to give in to any concessions and that's why the opposition are saying that they're not ready for any go see a show and they're saying that in the past back in two thousand and seventeen when the real negotiation happened the government of unequal amo to try to take advantage of the situation try to win time and that it didn't end up in. a good situation then elections happened in this country and that's why there could be opposition here is saying that they were field with fraud which has brought into the situation where we are right now where the opposition is not recognizing the government of me mother will and in a way negotiation is crucial in a way to get out of the current situation we know that the united nations is saying and demanding that the government and the opposition in a way begin a process of dialogue and that's why they've been also demanding that this lawmakers are released because they say that detaining opposition figures in a way prevents any type of dialogue from happening here any time soon thank you
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very much for that so now that is to me is a bow with the latest line and caucus thank you. to yemen now with the u.n. recognize governments accusing the united arab emirates of sending separatist fighters to the island off the court they u.a.e. which is fighting the whole table is along with saudi arabia has denied accusations that is trying to say so-called try as hard a un reports. so cartwright is known for his clear waters and serene environment bud his strategic location is creating tensions between nations that up to now have been allies yemen's un recognized government has accused the united arab emirates of sending around one hundred separatist troops to sue cartwright critics say it's an attempt to undermine the local government and ultimately an expat yemeni island . we yemenis usually speak about how the united arab and they want to have bad and transform it into another dubai you know they kind of had this.
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really served their own economy and so cultural life close to the northeastern coast of africa and yemen's mainland a key intersection of global shipping routes the island which is a world heritage site also has a military airbase. reports of separatist troops arriving on the island were met with criticism yemen's interior minister said the u.a.e. should concentrate on the joint fight against the rebels not on sharing administrative powers of the island this is not the first time there's been tension over so contra last year the u.a.e. central and military equipment to the island but it denies accusations that it was part of a broader plan to take over the territory. yemen is bogged down in a four year war between the internationally recognized government led by president
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operable months from hardy and with the rebels who've taken over the capital sana. the u.a.e. is part of the saudi led coalition that's backing the government in its fight against who these now with new tension between allies yemenis living on so contra are hoping the island doesn't become a new battleground cards. al-jazeera. the hundreds of protesters in france have gathered to try and stop the transfer of french weapons to saudi arabia the demonstrations were organized by several rights groups in response to an investigation claiming that french weapons have been used by saudis against civilians and the war in yemen president back on is facing increasing pressure to review sales to the kingdom as a humanitarian crisis worsens now thirteen people including two russian secret service agents have been jailed for twenty sixteen plot to overthrow montenegro's government the coup attempt was a bid to stop montenegro joining nato the russian spies were sentenced in absentia
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to more than ten years in prison two serbian opposition politicians received five year sentences but let somebody never chose more from montenegro as capital podhoretz or. service agents. in the middle of are sentenced to fifteen and twelve years of prison for creating criminal organization and attempt of terrorism in montenegro in two thousand and sixteen from a montenegrin prosecutor they pointed out as main organizers and finance service of a group of serbia and montenegro citizens two of them leaders of opposition democratic front strongest opposition in montenegro parliament which mainly represents ethnic serbs in this country according to a very they were planning to arctic montenegrin parliament in denial of elections with weapons take to building capture and kill prime minister immunological kind of each and. and until nato leadership in order to prevent point and aggro from
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joining nato even though these were strong accusations against russia moscow denied any involvement in these events. pope francis has issued a decree making it compulsory to report cases all cover ups of sex abuse priests and nuns will be required to speak up to this a period but not to civilian authorities. reports. as head of the catholic church pope francis is a guide for one point two billion people and institutions that governs among many things morality but how to lead in an age where the moral compass of the church appears to have been broken by the torrent of sex abuse scandals perpetrated by clerics in positions of power it has caused a devastating shadow over the papacy and with the church in deep crisis the latest lord to create by francis shined more light on how clerics should deal with cases
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of sexual abuse but the vatican's top sexual crimes investigator gave little indication on the penalties that could be faced. universal law has to factoring diversity of cultures. you know give to strict because otherwise it will be inoperative you need something. flexible enough to work they're all one million priests and nuns in the roman catholic church all of the must now report any cases of sexual abuse to church to paris and any cover ups even in countries where the law does not oblige them to do so it follows this year's summit on the issue as well as several high profile scandals such as the conviction of george pell the straight years highest ranking catholic now serving a six year sentence for sexually abusing two choir boys in a melbourne cathedral with a chilling cardinals accused and discreet as they covered up reports of child
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sexual abuse going back decades to victims of abuse.


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