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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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prices on their own 6 those and i tunes america imports from china from washing machines to steal from food to fish importers pay the tally of the costs almost always passed on to the customer. gets parts for a so carolina bike shop from china he's already added $20.00 to the cost of a new machine we don't know how he perceived that china is paying for this we're paying for it and it's been passed on to our customers one tree group says for a family of 4 they'll be paying $767.00 more a year because the increased costs kind of spring it's just frustrating because you just know that most politicians aren't familiar with what it's like to live every day you know in the middle class you had to juggle what you can afford and which you can't afford and a lot of people can't even do that donald trump says a tough negotiation brings a better deal than american manufacturing might benefit as companies turn away from high priced chinese goods. the chinese are retaliating of one sector being hit is
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u.s. farming both sides are under pressure to do a deal when the world's 2 biggest economies have a problem with each other and the potential is there for the rest of the world to feel the pain alan fischer al-jazeera washington. now joshua dong is a senior research fellow at the china institute of international studies in beijing and he says both the u.s. and china have a lot to lose if the trade war continues i guess that china will resume its. higher tariffs are u.s. products of agriculture products which are a cause for a larger part of the u.s. trade with china and a lot of u.s. farmers a church depend on china's a market and also china the chinese side may take measures against imports. in terms of its automobile. the parts that is also a big part of u.s.
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trade are with china we know all know that the chinese export to the u.s. is a much bigger now u.s. export to china in terms of the sheer trade volume and china of course cannot. match. the u.s. higher tariff chinese. goods hiver china is china is a huge market for us for united states not only in terms of goods but also goods and export of higher technology you saw also china has a growing market for you had that is a huge kind of leverage and saw a lot of the u.s. businesses are actually very much concerned with a looming to resume trade war a major trade war between the 2 sides let's get more on this we're joined by stan
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boy resident scholar with the american enterprise institute and he's institute and he's joining us live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us on al-jazeera we're hearing that the u.s. trade representative robert light high that has said that the u.s. is now preparing to raise tariffs $300000000000.00 of remaining chinese m. ports if that means tariffs on all imports i mean how much of an escalation as this is this the strongest action that the u.s. can take. well obviously you can always go beyond 25 percent to 5075101 what have you but it is a very significant escalation we we just went from denver 10 to 25 percent a little bit over a 3rd of. us as a board from china the. policy your mentioning would you know take care of them basically every single type of imported 25 percent and that would be a very drastic as collation i think
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a sign of the administration's failing strategy on this front mr boy who is going to you know pay the price if we do see tariffs and creased so much would it be the consumers in america and china businesses and what impact does it have further not just in china and the u.s. the world's 2 biggest economies but worldwide. well yes so 1st order impacts are indeed on u.s. consumers and chinese consumers to the extent that china retaliates also on a lot of american businesses a lot of the errors that were in crazed this morning affect especially intermediate goods and so there it's u.s. businesses who buy components and ingredients for their products that are more most directly affected obviously a lot of those costs are ultimately passed on the u.s. consumers as well so that's a lot of negative impact obviously some parties will benefit to
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a lesser extent than the negative impact but some sides will benefit you were into it can i interrupt you there because this is of course a lot of talk about you know who's going to moons and who doesn't benefit from what's happening here so companies in the u.s. that produce the same types of products that are subjected to terrorists. when they come in from china will benefit to some extent producers in 3rd countries as well of course that for example sell fish or computer components to to the u.s. would benefit on the chinese side producers of agricultural products that are that compete directly with us farmers would benefit as we as we've seen over the past 2 years of course as brazil for example has managed to. sell much more of it socially being jobs but that china replacing u.s.
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farmers but i think you know with with trade with there are always the more. than when it is for sure the aggregate impact will undoubtedly be negative and so is there a way for the u.s. and china to walk back from the brink that they are on now. i mean there are there always is but i think it's important to keep in mind that this u.s. administration is simply a protectionist administration that that doesn't necessarily see there as a negative. you know you you just played a little clip of president trump talking about trade policy now ultimately at least part of these policies driven by a fundamental misunderstanding of what it means to run a trade deficit what it means to import goods from other countries and so you know that i think that generates a large risk that many of these policies will simply remain in place because the administration doesn't understand that they are bad policies most of all good thank
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you very much for your time and your expertise on this we do appreciate that a stand like alive and washington d.c. thank you. we're plenty more ahead on the news hour including the u.s. dispatches more warships to witness near iran as tension continues to rise. allegations of voting irregularities in south africa's election as the nation waits official results and. clued in how watches better as it trickles and dominate. the united states have imposed sanctions on 2 shipping companies involved in trade with venezuela the u.s. treasury department says the restrictions are in direct response to the arrest of a senior opposition politician the vice president of venezuela's opposition control national assembly has been put in a military prison and a court says he is suspected of supporting and edged coup attempt by opposition
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leader thought last month well zambrano is one of 12 politicians stripped of their parliamentary immunity after why does failed to topple president nicolas maduro in the last 2 days 3 others have taken refuge and foreign embassies richard blanco is an argentine us embassy in caracas while. a honest and a medical degree in the italian embassy another legislator said on social media that he's left for colombia and former national assembly vice president for the guevara also farm party has been inside the chilean embassy since november 27th teen when he was stripped of his immunity well let's get more on all of this our correspondent trays a boy is live for us in the capital caracas will start to raise and with the latest u.s. sanctions which president has responded to defiant as usual. well
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that's correct more u.s. sanctions the late as we've heard now is a warning by the united states to all sorts of companies that have any type of relationship with the security or defense sectors meeting the united states face extremely concerned about human rights abuses in venezuela right now earlier they also announced sanctions on have it to venezuela and companies and to vessels especially those vessels are the ones that are taking oil to the island of cuba a strategic venezuelan ally later on nicola moda responded to the united states saying that there's this government has no no traitors right now responding in a way to what's been happening year since april the 30th when the government says a coup was flattened by the united states and by the opposition a time when the chief of intelligence here actually was discharged and now he is in hiding he appeared on on social media saying that venezuela any better and was very very critical of the government of nicolas maduro to well mother would responded he
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called him a traitor and he also referred to 2 crucial men within his this administration the president of the supreme court and the minister of defense really needed by the now saying that they're very loyal to his administrations in the past few days we have seen mother would go along with his troops. trying to make announcements that will reform venezuela's economy in a way trying to attempt that he's in control of the country and so what's been happening here for the past week in spite of this most of the analysts we have spoken to say that the biggest problem venezuela has right now it's the economy and it's very unlikely that model will be able to take some of the measures that could improve the situation in the living conditions of people here and meanwhile while he can take those measures to raise a he and the government continues to go after all of these opposition for those who have mentioned but very careful not to go in the opposition leader one guy they'll . well that's correct the latest we've known is that
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we got a sound but i know of a vice president of the opposition controlled natural assembly apparently he's being held in a military prison we were able to talk to his daughter to his lawyer they're saying that he's not going to have a due process in this country because most institutions are controlled by the would also as you said before 2. members 2 deputies are in the italian embassy another one in the argentine embassy another one fled the country so most definitely there's lots of fears about what could happen next but the administration has been extremely current for when dealing with one while you go on the united states says it helps the government of mughal responsible for what may happen to this to him in spite of this why you are always calling for more demonstrations today so definitely it is a big question how many venezuelans will actually take to the streets this saturday because people are just tired of this ongoing price is a process where you go earlier this january told people that this transformation of
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various way led this change in the status quo or was going to be pretty fast and that's not going back not supporting happening here thank you very much for that is to raise a boy with all the latest live in caracas thank you. now the united states to send an additional warship as well as surface to air missile battery to join an aircraft carrier strike group mia iran and the statement the department of defense of the u.s. says it was part of its response to what it called the iranian threat washington has repeatedly claimed there and occasions of iranian mobilization against u.s. interests in the middle east but without providing details let's get more on this our correspondent rosalind jordan is joining us live from washington d.c. the u.s. sending more patriot missiles to the region roles just moments after the pentagon actually removed several patriot missile batteries from the middle east. well this is not an instant deployment as it were or the vessel in question was already in
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the region as part of the us is a continuous military presence in and around the middle east and so basically what has happened is that the white house has basically given this vessel which is now part of the u.s.s. abraham lincoln aircraft carrier group and it's an additional assignment and in fact it has given the u.s.s. abraham lincoln new carrier group an additional assignment which is to was be on guard for any sort of provocative behavior from the military in iran and to be prepared to respond if that is the judgment of the white house the u.s. always has an aircraft carrier strike group in and around the middle east the abraham lincoln was already scheduled to be going through the region anyway as it moved from its home port here on the u.s. east coast to san diego on the u.s.
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west coast and it basically was going to be circum navigating the globe so all of this is basically the u.s. military vessels in the middle east getting an additional assignment and certainly one of a symbolic show of force to basically remind the leadership in tehran that the u.s. government is not pleased with its political and military engagements around the middle east and as we mentioned last the u.s. had said officials have said that they have detected troubling indications that iran could be preparing a military response but again not a lot of details about that. i know u.s. military officials are being very very circumspect about what it is they are detecting the stance of belief who go to u.s. intelligence methods that are gathering this sort of information but they are
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indicating that they are not pleased with what they are learning about iran's of heritage behavior of course the iranian government will argue that it is not doing anything that could be construed as an offensive military option that it would if it's doing anything it is simply making certain that its defenses against threats from other countries are in good shape and our approach are in order in case there were to be some sort of. engagement from another country let's use that word but this is the kind of situation where you have political observers here in the united states very worried that there might be some sort of a rush to war with iran because there are those persons in the u.s. government including the national security adviser john bolton who do not like the current government in iran and who are said to be quote spoiling for
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a fight there is also reporting that the u.s. president donald trump is not happy about all of this that while he wants to see a change in iran's behavior he has also said that he does not want to get into new military conflicts with other countries and so there's a question about whether or not he is trying to curb some of the impulses of his national security adviser again this according to a number of published reports thank you very much for that as roslyn joined in with the latest live and washington d.c. and as roles touched on donald trump says new sanctions on iran while on a need to encourage dialogue on a potential new nuclear deal that iran's leaders continue to reject that idea and insist that they will be no talks between the 2 science saying best. ports from pat on. or a friday sermon and a chance for people to catch up on the latest developments in what has been a busy week for iran more u.s.
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sanctions a growing diplomatic divide with europe and an announcement by president hassan rouhani to start scaling back iran's cooperation with a 2015 nuclear deal the cleric speaking for iran's supreme leader said president rouhani should not have waited so long to do it as again at the moment we support and appreciate the appropriate. action and we are sure it will be successful united nations international community and european union to face a big test as iranians took to the streets to protest against u.s. aggression a fleet of american warships that it crossed the swiss canal a day earlier sailed closer to iranian waters protesters say the so-called pressure campaign by the united states is going too far this is my 1st time taking part in such a war chief actually. just because. because of what the president trying to did going to fix the end america's not patient enough if they could achieve something militarily they won't go for economic psychological and mediocre fear but
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if america could do something it would have done it by now or is impossible we've been to a protests like these before it's all fairly standard people walk out of the prayer hall about a city block to the next square and chant death slogans to iran's enemies along the way at the end they burn a few american flags but right now iranians have a few more reasons to be angry are a few more reasons to be a little more worried some are audience find there's no better way to express their anger towards the united states than setting a flag on fire was just it's become a ritual that seems mostly for the benefit of the cameras. nearly 2 years of what they see a psychological and economic abuse by the trumpet. destruction has made iranians more angry than afraid. to speak no. because no because it's not good. while u.s.
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president donald trump continues to tell his own people that sanctions are designed to get iranian leaders to start a dialogue with him that he does not want to hurt any iranian experience of trump's time in office suggests otherwise zain. still ahead on the news and new hospital offers hard to palestinians have long been the israeli crackdown in gaza. saying on their stock market debut the explain why investors want to play and a day to get behind the wheel and come back to banish palm pre. we still have flooding concerns in the deep south of the united states at the
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moment the loss of clout showing up here is the same in houston texas where we have seen some really heavy rain for the past few days and they'll be the next that you could still still see further spells of rain so the high waters that'll take some time for these to recede away still plenty of cloud around across the deep south anywhere from around texas louisiana mississippi pushing right into the eastern seaboard another really wet day coming through right up into the mid atlantic states by the northeast back biting celsius in new york and 14 the for some more dry weather pleasant weather up there was pacific northwest. seattle running around 10 degrees above average in around 28 celsius on saturday afternoon a little colder here was a go on into sunday but it does stay dry hopefully by sunday turning a little. you much of texas used and should be out of the worst of it by that state but showers there into louisiana pushing up across kentucky tennessee running right up towards the eastern seaboard by that stage some rain to making its way into
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parts of the caribbean over the next couple days mainly affecting the greater ranted he's. becoming a living legend of a young age was simply not enough. he transformed his influence on the pitch it's a political clout the piece to the ivory coast. hosted by eric. robbins begins with a look at the life of didier drogba the football he succeeded with politicians who are not. in the auditorium. on opposite. blue virgins. abductions killings and unanswered questions we don't know what happened so we can't he told faultlines investigates why native
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american women are vanishing in disproportionate numbers in the us the search. for missing and murdered indigenous women. on al-jazeera you're still searching the city. to look is. going to happen but the al-jazeera news out these are our top stories the u.n. says the rebels in yemen have agreed to withdraw their forces from 300 ports over the next 4 days but the yemeni government says the offer was misleading and inaccurate president donald trump has escalated america's trade war with china with the imposition of new tabs and washington now says that it's prepared to raise
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tariffs on an additional $300000000000.00 worth of chinese imports. and the united states has sent an additional. surface to air missile batteries to join an aircraft carrier strike group mia iran in a statement the department of defense said the u.s.s. arlington as part of its response to what it calls the threat. now south africa's ruling african national congress is on course to stay in power but with a smaller majority than ever before they've also been allegations of voting irregularities in wednesday's general election malcolm webb reports from the national results center in pretoria. since the 1st results were displayed the ruling african national congress has had more than 50 percent of the vote it's one every election since apartheid ended and democracy began in 1904 but this time has
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a smaller majority than ever before. we hit. this is. the data we now have good. ideas that are participating in these elections the a.n.c. is declining popularity followed a series of corruption scandals especially under former president jacob zuma an ongoing protests over poor delivery of public services president say will run a poser who's been credited with halting the party's decline since he took over just over a year ago he's been promising to tackle corruption the largest opposition party the democratic alliance has just over a 5th of the vote as it did in the last election it's one of a number of opposition parties who have complained to the electoral commission that some people voted more than once the parties and the electoral commission of agreed to all the result before they were officially announced do not is the extent of the
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problem and we're hoping that all that will show the extent of the problem if we have a nationwide phenomenon or whether it's just localized in 3rd. place is the economic freedom fighters whose leaders promise radical economic reforms exposure has increased to about 10 percent it's also complained about double voting but observers say it's not on a scale that could affect the national election result agents from all of the political parties been sitting here at desks monitoring the results as they've come in they're waiting for the official results to be announced and on this side of the room officials from the electoral commission to be in processing some of the data one of the most interesting things that they've reported is a lower voter turnout than ever before the amount 2 thirds of registered voters voted in wednesday's poll about a quarter of eligible voters didn't even register for i think there's a general present with them about the political system or about political parties.
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or robert nature of corruption and so it cuts and really saying we haven't heard a message this is the electorate speak it's a rabbit out of message that convinces us to go out and vote south africans are waiting for the official announcement of results expected on saturday so far there are no great surprises but signs of a steadily shifting political landscape malcolm webb al-jazeera pretoria south africa. at least $65.00 refugees and migrants have drowned after their boat capsized off the coast of to nazir the boat sank off the turn as ian city of facts after sailing from libya it is one of the deadly a ship wrecks involving refugees and migrants trying to reach europe this year. now tens of thousands of algerians have returned to the streets for yet another day of protests against what they call the ruling elite they want k. figures collected to alstott president after disease beautifully to see how presidential elections are expected in july the protesters say they want to
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complete regime change pressure from demonstrators and the military forced to flee or to step down last month protesters in sudan braving scorching. whether to continue their 5 weeks at headquarters and to protest leaders are threatening a civil disobedience campaign as they grow increasingly frustrated with the treatment delays and handing over power military rulers say elections will be held in 6 months if an agreement with the opposition to move that has the latest from. here in front of the army headquarters protesters are saying that they will continue with their sit in until their demands are fulfilled now the temperature is $45.00 degrees celsius is the holy month of ramadan and many of the people here are fasting but they're saying that that is not going to stop them from demanding that the military council hand over power to an independent civilian transitional government there saying that they know they are the only pressure hard that the opposition coalition which negotiating with the military council has to try to
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force that military council to handle the parser they're saying that no matter how high the temperature is in no matter what will be here if the military council is not installed then they are not going to move many of them have come from different states around the country and they've been here this is the 2nd month that they've been protesting in front of the army headquarters and the protests obviously started in december last year and now people are saying that if the military council does not show any sign of wanting to hand over power to civilian government then they will escalate and turn it into civil disobedience and strikes from work so they're going to try to force them into account in every way they can the opposition coalition led by the sudanese professional association which has been spearheading calls for protests say that more people should be arriving today and in the coming days to join the sit in to join the people here in the demand to have the military council hand over power to an independent transitional government and people are saying that if that government is not formed if it is not independent if the military is in charge then they will not move from this place in front of the
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army headquarters and had some. israeli forces have killed one palestinian and at least 30 weekly protests and gaza. demonstrations hundreds of palestinians have been killed and many more left from life. reports from the gaza strip some who have lost limbs now have new hope. jaime's food you is what you might call a wounded veteran of the march of return protests in gaza on a friday last august he was shot in the left leg he came one of the growing number of protest amputees. i'm not disabled being disabled is a state of mind i believe if my mind is disabled i'm disabled but if i lose a part of my body i'm not disabled and i'm at the. food you is one of 20 people who will soon be fitted for a state of the art prosthetic leg at the newly opened how mad hospital for
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rehabilitation and artificial limbs there are already 40 people on the waiting list the executive director of the hospital says there are 6800 amputees living in gaza since the march of return protests began last year 136 people mostly young men have lost their limbs. patients can now get free treatment at the qatari funded hospital it's the 1st public rehabilitation facility in the gaza strip. the aim is to provide more advanced prosthetics and treatment programs that are currently available but given the land sea and air blockade it posed by israel and egypt since 2007 there are many obstacles to overcome. the fuchsia names sometimes also
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a bit to 2 to include goes the 3 because of for some but it's a good on some security issues that's why it'll take time for the 100 bed hospital to be fully operational. but who is hoping by the one year anniversary of his amputation he'll have a 2nd leg again. well. my life will change after i get a prosthetic leg and i can walk up and down the stairs to my 4th floor apartment drive a car ride a motorcycle and go outside without crutches. losing his leg hasn't deterred food from attending the protests each friday he goes he says all palestinians must make sacrifices in their fight for a return to the land they once called home and for a life better than the one they have now under siege natasha going a $0.00 the gaza strip. now nearly $200.00 countries have reached
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a deal that ng's to manage plastic waste better the agreement targets plastic pollution by limiting exports to countries that are unable to dispose of it and this is why it matters and bar mentalist say only 9 percent of plastic waste sent from industrialized countries to emerging economies is actually recycled and the biggest offender is the united states is not in the treaty where last year the u.s. shipped 400 $29.00 containers of plastic waste per day to asian countries the u.n. says the u.s. germany and japan each exported more than a 1000000000 kilograms of plastic waste last year and much of that ends up in the sea there's already an estimated $100000000.00 tons of the world's oceans with $8000000.00 more added every year a rolf hired his executive secretary of the basel rotterdam and stockholm conventions of the u.n.
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environment program and he says the deal has substantially increased global awareness about plastic pollution. all has been agreed here is actually quite historic in march that there are negotiations because one no we submitted the proposal to our men the convention and also to set up a partnership on on plastic waste and that was in september last year and i think with the with the amount of interest both from the government and also from civil society and consumers to really deal with the problem of plastics which as you know was causing a lot of environmental issues around the world with buzz ingesting plastics of animals in the recent research that we've seen that plastics is not found in our foods and is entering into our bodies i think countries where really this week committed so close to 2 to give you know the decisions for them to to address the issue of plastics not on me at the country level most other global level because as you can see the.


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