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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 11, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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normally people power takes over but here you've got countries very close by in the region who are supportive of the military and therefore may not want the military to sort of lose complete power straight away this is a problem actually that's why you know some you know disperse for power you know they have you know to play the broad because now the military council you know they said that actually these 2 by the civilians are not going to want to hand over port a civilian or some similar but also have to sit in a certain poll is indeed a good they don't want actually for their own you know very narrow national interest or something maybe the war in yemen or some sort of that you know you know saudi arabia united arab emirates actually have to support the military because they you know so that they can possibly get more support for their military operations actually them an answer to that but actually people of sudan they are right now because they want this city to achieve their national. others national board or something like that so that's why you know the the international community that they meet actually way or another should have to have
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a leg. otherwise because newsgroups are not going to you know give give you know there won't actually they want to want to submit to the military and that can lead you know some sort of just pretty poor kid which is very deep in society for the 1st time people are united behind having you know civilian and democratic kind of transition and with that with that there would be confrontation actually between the groups and the military council let's hope not but we'll see what happens in the coming days the move and went from the university of london thank you so much for joining us mr and. let's return to our top story on yemen's who the rebels redeploying from 3 main polls i can almost moreas editor of the yemen post joins me now from via skype good to have you with us it seems that the service are abiding by part of the u.n. back to greenland so why would the government of yemen not be happy with this move . because it's only
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a partial loss it's not the complete. also the demand of the government are that these were through up on the security council to have all neutral forces so it's a very big deal and i don't consider this as a success for the u.n. yes it's a step forward but i really feel that after 4 and a half months of delay from the stockholm deal that it's time to change the scenario the tactics that for peace right now and right now most likely even better or direct talks. having the u.n. mediate. between us mommy that is that that is the reality that we have at the moment that the u.n. is seen involved in this and if the u.n. now take control of those strategic pulls the vital for the arrival of aden to the country how much real control will the u.n. have told on the real question is how will they then still get aid out to the rest
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of the country a chance basically it's demarcated to between the who sees and the government still says. when they put it clearly there are reports phases for the day that peace deal what happened today is only half of the 1st state so. it's very slow and it's not a major success this is only something that the u.n. could use. and then a security council meeting to show that there is progress but as long as you can the 1st phase or the 1st 2 things i got that on the ground and even in the government side has completely refused to step because. of the. so this is a very great. and i don't consider this and anyway as a success even though the moving as long as i have not able i'm one 1st phase of the initial phase. that this is. what we need you're talking phases
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and for our international viewers you know part 2 or half of the agreement has been implemented is quite confusing at the end of the day is it not a case that you need to have a force in control of the ports that allows vital aid and supplies into the country and can try and get it distributed and that is the u.n. so by moving out of the way they are giving the the u.n. that breathing space to negotiate with both sides to get aid to both sides let me clear it even if you look at the port even if the u.n. does control the port how would you get that aid outside the port around you are there is clashes and war happening so it's not about only controlling the port because the control of the port is a very small phase of this it does not help to control them or and you can take. outside support because the track is everywhere around you so that's why i think that this is not a couple of success even the poor yet is
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a good thing but as long as that this cannot go out of the court then it's useless for the moment we'll leave it. in sanaa thanks for joining us. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour in a show of force the u.s. sends another warship and planes to the gulf region we also speak to the families of those involved in planning and carrying out trying because easter sunday attacks and it's fair little holes a clay court master class in madrid joe will have the details in spain. doing its completed in south africa's general election and it's expected the ruling african national congress party has what the parliamentary vote let's get straight over for those results from the national results and pretoria we were expecting the
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a.n.c. to win but they've got to lick their wounds really haven't they and do a little bit of soul searching. depends what you need to all of the previous general elections this is the lowest vote share that they've ever had a lot of people attribute that to the series of corruption scandals over the last 10 years especially under the rule of former president jacob zuma and also ongoing protests over poor delivery of public services which have been going on since the early 2000 but on the other hand in the last municipal elections which are in 2016 they did even worse than they've done so they did worse than they did than they've done in this general election so that suggests possibly a bit of a turnaround something which they will oppose or may be credited with he took over from jacob zuma just over a year ago and so with this majority of just over 57 percent of the vote definitely some people are going to be saying that he's least managed to hold the decline of
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the party certainly the opposition will be emboldened by the you know tiny successes in this election but they're certainly going to be and continue to be a thorn in the side of the gulf. when parliament reconvene parliament reconvenes. definitely and the largest opposition party the democratic alliance has pretty much the same or very slightly lower vote share than last time last time out about 23 percent this time was just over 20 percent of the vote of the economic freedom fire fighters that's the party that's in 3rd place they were only founded 6 years ago by some politicians who were pushed out of the a.n.c. they've consistently attacked the a.n.c. on corruption on delivery of public services and their vote share has gone up from school about 6 percent in the last election to just over 10 percent in this election and they used their handful of seats in the last parliament to disrupt proceedings to attack again see how much higher the a.n.c.
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comes under in parliament in the years ahead it's going to depend a lot on who said will run a pose a keep seein who's in the cabinet who actually comes to be sworn in to parliament and if you seem to be really cleaning the house then that might take the pressure off from the opposition somewhat but if it's a lot of the old players who've been implicated in some of those corruption scandals that we just talked about then we could expect to see a lot more fire from the opposition in the national assembly in the 5 years ahead i'll leave it there for the moment malcolm thank you. know a u.s. warship designed to learn the u.s. marines is on its way to reinforce naval forces in the goals iran is dismissing the deployment of psychological warfare and intimidation the arlington is joining the abraham lincoln craft carrier strike group which sailed through the suez canal on thursday commanders say the deployments are a response to possible operations by iran against u.s.
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forces in the region jordan has more from washington d.c. . earlier this week the trumpet ministration ordered the commander of the abraham lincoln and its kompany and vessels to basically be on standby for any sort of provocative actions by the iranian military now on friday the u.s.s. arlington has been ordered to join the abraham lincoln and the other ships is part of its convoy as well as the deployment of a patriot missile battery in order to make certain that if there were any sort of attack on the lincoln carrier strike group that the military would be able to defend itself what this is according to u.s. officials is a show of force to tear on that the u.s. is very closely watching its military and economic and diplomatic activities around the middle east and that the u.s.
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military is there essentially to safeguard the u.s. as national security interests as well as those of the u.s. as partners and allies in the region but this is raising concern particularly here in the united states that the u.s. may be engaged in a game of chicken that it may be actually adding to tensions rather than trying to find a way to discuss with terror on its concerns about terror hons policies and trying to figure out a way to ultimately negotiate a deal that would address iran's nuclear and other security issues. these actors to provence to a significant u.s. military presence in the gulf the other data base in qatar is the forward headquarters of the u.s. central command is the largest u.s. military base in the middle east but not the only one the u.s. navy's 5th fleet has its headquarters in bahrain and has been the american military presence in quezon in the 1991 gulf war and u.s.
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forces that regularly use facilities in oman and the united arab emirates for more than 15 years there's been no formal u.s. military presence in saudi arabia the u.s. operations at the air base just south of riyadh ended in 2003 the ties between the 2 countries militaries are strong and the kingdom has been a major buyer of u.s. weapons america's support for the saudi campaign in yemen has also become a significant political issue in the u.s. rodger shanahan is a research fellow at the lowy institute for international policy and a form australian army officer he says the narrative surrounding the u.s. deployment of warships is more dangerous than the deployment itself. i think we have to separate the actual deployments in terms of the carry better program to probe planned and perhaps the patriot missile batteries something that is new york separate those from the language says emanating from washington so the narrative in
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washington is only hardening of the approach to iran and its use in ney's normally sequenced military deployments to back that up so i don't think we should be overly concerned at the moment the possibility of a poll or decision makers making the wrong decision based on that is fighting so i think the language surrounding these deployments is probably more dangerous than deployments and so in the u.s. is certainly sitting there talking about ramping up the pressure and it's not only . the military pressure from announcing these deployments fame something more than they probably are but the thing that has been ramped up has brain the economic purchase so we've seen not only coming out of the j.c. but also more recently. the waiving of all others say shouldn't the way it is for iranian oil exports through now sensation of the entire the iranian revolutionary
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guard corps and very recently who say no sanctions against the iranians still now remain images she so. i think people probably paid too much attention to this military aspect and not not attention to the economic aspect which is probably where the where the herd is being kill nice taney. for you so much breaking news coming out of a buck a stop on the phone attack on a luxury hotel in the southern province of but look just. the port city of. haifa has our correspondent in the capital islamabad with more on this what more do you know kemal. lisa marie we're hearing that the attack did preliminary to the attack. much in guns and grenades. into the hotel complex. which you're situated on
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the farm it is a highly secure so it is going to be important to see how good they were able to get inside we are heading for the bulk of fighting being. security forces have responded to call the end of the hotel from the outside and we still don't know what they're happening inside that hotel where the fighting seems to have continued for the boss to kids that incident took place or indeed everybody watching to see what happens but the security forces have surrounded the hotel. as to exactly how many people are going to do that because there are some reports that jesting that they may be up to 5 attack was. the result in the southern coast of pockets on it's very close to the iranian border insulza strategically very important not just to pakistan but to china.
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absolutely. them out of the straits of hormuz. just as appalled. by china. to connect china and foggers so they're trying to project on economic order to all we have some reports that there may be some chinese. market at the moment but indeed a very strategic thought. very close to the straits of hormuz very close to iran and obviously a key place at. the very one road initiated of course baluchistan is a restive state itself kemal it's had its own internal problems recently the pakistani prime minister was visiting his neighbors in iran to try and talk about how they secure all the border area which will be very close to go out there at the moment and in april we saw what 14 passengers on the bus were killed as well so
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it's it's a difficult place to police a the best of times. absolutely it's a tricky border $900.00. 40. iran had been accusing progress on doing enough to stop their 10 groups from a cat getting across the border august and also lawyers approach here are saying that some of that today very. good on the mark run coastal highway that you just mentioned that the attack came from iran the pakistani prime minister was had said that progress on winning or become a part of any alliance against iran he'd made that they appeared. to do remain high whenever they did an attack against each other by several groups who are operating from the gate a very strategic area so-called progress on saying that they will not become
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a part of any line against iran but tensions between iran and pakistan a. dominate me as far as they're called to reach an extent trade indeed will for the moment we will leave it there and we'll come back to see more information about that incident was on the southern baucus on the coastline for the moment to come all thank you. well it's time for the weather has covered and again we're talking about flooding across parts of 9 states in this time it is widespread affecting several major cities down here towards the south you can see the clouds right here we have been having back to back storms crossing into the southern part of that states and i want to show you what has been coming out particularly down here towards texas and in the city of euston this is what they're dealing with right now widespread flooding across the area now are used in is very susceptible to flooding and just in the last several days in used in they have had well over 100 millimeters of rain but it has been so widespread it's actually collected in this part of the area on top of that the storms brought the rain have also brought
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widespread health damage in that area we've had hundreds of reports of damage as well as wind damage because of the severe weather across the region the rain is going to continue unfortunately that's all dealing with not the strongest of fronts this is the stationary boundary it's slowly making its way towards the east but right now we're talking about $20000000.00 people anywhere from texas louisiana mississippi and arkansas are under flash flood warnings and this is going to continue for the next couple of days as this system pushes through the boundary continues to lay out in place and as long as it does that more rain is going to be passing across much of this area now it is not until we get to the beginning of the week that is finally dry out across much of the south for also looking at that storm bringing some very cold air with the york only getting to turn to greece. thanks very much kevin while still ahead here on the news hour we're in india where small political parties are making significant changes in delhi's education system . threatens time so all chinese impulses trade talks between the u.s.
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and china and put out to deal. with this for russia's president who sees a scoring machine on the ice but proves he's well you know and he wouldn't victory . people have to weigh your own record on this trouble in fact a few years ago there was place only for one state on the land of israel i do not believe in a 2 state solution the official story is unfair and i'm sure we will show you i don't care about the official story if you were a little visit today you would say what has the media been telling you now the world isn't black and white there's lots of grains in here join me mad the hot sun on the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories on the big issues here on al-jazeera.
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english. talk about the watching al-jazeera news are with me so rob never mind top stories they're all rip. thoughts of a gun battle in pakistan's province it happened at a luxury hotel in the port city of other local reports say at least 3 attackers are inside the hotel security officers have surrounded the location. the rebels in
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yemen have begun redeploying forces from 3 besieged ports of daters to be fed never asked for their vital for bringing in food fuel and aid imports yemeni government leaders are unhappy that the heathy redeployment under the u.n. is without their agreement and vote counting is complete in south africa's general election as expected the ruling african national congress party has won the parliamentary vote. in syria rebel groups are fighting to retake territory lost to government forces this week in the country's northwest fighters launched a counter offensive to reclaim car for. its capture helped the government troops advance to the east and take control of. the dick more than 100 people have been killed in the last week and about 150000 displaced some u.n. security council members are concerned that a full scale military operation in the province may lead to a humanitarian crisis catastrophe james bays has more from the united nations.
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there have long been fears of a final offensive in need it is one of the last strongholds of the opposition to assad aid workers have been concerned about an all out attack the population of the province has swelled to more than 3000000 people after many fled here from other parts of syria. russia is strongly suspected of carrying out some of the recent bombing the targets of included medical facilities attacks that some experts believe could amount to war crimes as the security council gathered european ambassadors expressed deep alarm we are extremely concerned about the vial. into escalation in the region a new poll must at all cost be prevented in need lip there is
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only a political solution and the military solution that apparently has been sought now is not a it's not a viable one the meeting didn't take place in the main chamber of the council where open sessions are held but instead in the smaller room near it where meetings are conducted away from the cameras there was deep division and it was on display at the end of the meeting when 11 of the 15 members made a joint statement 4 countries south africa indonesia china and russia did not sign up to these words we express deep concern. of a potential humanitarian catastrophe in the event of a full scale military operation in italy so on the statement did not mention the assad government or russia can you be clear which countries are carrying out the bombing thank you for now even some of russia's harshest critics on syria were not
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prepared to condemn the country in public medical facilities have been attacked in libya who do you think is responsible. will make medical facilities appear to have been targeted from the air. there aren't very many options for who can target out from the air in this part of syria many security council members want to stop the bombardment but they're also aware of russia's record of intransigents on syria it's used its veto 12 times in the security council that's why they're doing things behind closed doors at the moment their next step of course is likely to be an open meeting calling russia out in public jamesburg out his era of the united nations bill maher wired as a communications officer at the world food program she says syrians are facing a new enemy and his property. after 8 years of crisis in syria the
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needs are strike staggeringly high is specifically an invalid because of the latest escalation we know that there is from 150-002-1800 extension 00 people who have been displaced from north and. southern parts of it live to the northern camps where we've been receiving them and providing food assistance and humanitarian aid however more needs to be done since a $2014.00 world food program and the entire u.n. body has been able to reach the north west of syria through our cross border operations via turkey. alone is able to reach just a bit over half a 1000000 people on a routinely and regular basis however we have had to stop some of our assistance to parts in southern italy due to the fighting we've spoken through our partners to some of these families they happened to be the families who were unable to provide transportation for themselves it's
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a long road from the southern parts of it led to the northern camps and so they've ended up being stranded we're doing our best to reach them and in fact our partners tell us that as of last evening we've managed to reach all of them with food assistance and shelter it's also important to recognize that after 8 years of crisis all lot of people are tired it's not just the folks in it live who are now under fire but also the 75 percent of syrians who are living in areas that have been settled but they are facing a new enemy that of poverty but how to solve asia now westerling can court has given permission for d.n.a. tests to be carried out one of the suicide bombers in the easter sunday attacks to confirm that he was the suspected mastermind mohammed's around in the town of. middle for the some of the families of those involved in planning and carrying out the attacks which killed more than $250.00 people. moment who is and his mother
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mother struggled to explain what happened. on easter sunday. horded emotions actually i don't have words because. things go on my sister lives things go on she's pregnant and she has to keep. his sister who's in custody was married to ahmed led. police killed me as well he was defending people involved in the attacks in this safe house 5 days after the easter sunday bombings twin craters formed by some of the explosions ripped through this house inside the matter in cullman in there were 15 people including 6 children who were killed here authorities say that if the safe house hadn't been found there's no telling as to the damage the people here could have caused yes his family paint a different picture of the man. here is really kind everybody knows. everybody
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knows incomparably is a very kind of a loving. peace of mind and he has a very good connection with his family. i don't know what was his mind i think actually he has. been brainwashed. so some people. think a number of those involved in the attacks related and lived in this part i'm pretty all within a few 100 meters of each other we also met the mother in law of one of the easter sunday bombers in a twist of fate her daughter was killed in the sign the better to read a sister in law of another bomber also spoke to us they both said they did not know of the plot. mohammad zahir and seen here just before he detonated his bomb at the
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shangri-la hotel was the leader of a local group linked to i still police told al-jazeera that his wife who survived the sign the model to read is being questioned by investigators with advice from doctors who are treating her. she has admitted to being among this group of 3 women buying clothing at this department still a few weeks before the attack members of the muslim community here say the killers have no place among them. they are not muslims those involved are not muslims we have proved that we didn't accept their bodies there's no connection between islam and suicide and i'm going forward the relatives of the killers say they did not know of their intentions not everyone here believes them but lankans will now have to find a way to move forward without waiting for the division and then there's.
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least in sri lanka. india's long election continues on sunday when voting takes place in the gun battle delhi the aam aadmi party is highlighting education reforms that unveiled after taking control of the capital city 4 years ago and is now hoping to replicate its regional success in parliamentary elections. like many homes across india among not all are current is helping his children with their reading writing and arithmetic mahomedan are sent to horror wants taught in a private school their parents believe that state schools were not up to the job until now their father is a local politician for the aam aadmi party which has promised to improve state education in india's capital region but many. when i ask my children about the change they say government school teachers are teaching us better than the private schools private school teachers are very qualified they are paid less our teachers are more qualified and i get to know this from the children many. many government run schools in other states look like this badly in need of repair very little
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furniture and no support materials it's not easy to get a good education in conditions like these. few parents in delhi would send their children to state schools for the same reason but a major investment in schools has seen the modern classrooms emerge. new equipment and sporting facilities that have attracted more parents back to the state system order to develop nuclear power situation was pathetic we never wanted to step inside now the building is amazing their 1st reaction is great the number of teachers in the school is also increasing that's why we are getting our children admitted to the government schools here set up the system by tracking the end i can be. credited with turning delhi schools around she was brought in as a senior advisor to the state's ruling party she's now contesting a parliamentary seat in delhi and hopes the party's education policy will get her votes and people are now beginning to talk about the fact that in just 40 years of
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such a transformation can happen then why did it not happen in 20 years before that and this is the fast time this question is that i think and they elected its mind that yes government schools can be involved yes government hospitals can be improved and therefore we need the parties who believe in the level of this not to have fallen from the last 5 years but the project foundation which is a non-governmental agency says the focus needs to be on those who educate the children who are they having number of buildings and the quality of environment and infrastructure but that one school only the quality of education. and the quality of education is more important as compared to other aspects but it's interesting because educational reforms are being debated across the country but the need for reform and change is because of progress here is associated with smaller parties seen as more responsive when the voters are asking what have the long established parties done in their state of course the final election results will be announced
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on the 23rd of may and al-jazeera will be fair. in hong kong politicians have come to blows over the government's bid to allow extradition to mainland china probe aging politicians and the legislative council scuffled with rivals who want more democracy amending the extradition law would allow suspected criminals to face invade national security charges in china opponents say it's another erosion of hong kong's independence. the u.s. and china have agreed to continue trade talks even after president trump threatened to impose tariffs on all chinese imports that is round of negotiations ended in washington with no breakthrough adrian brown has the latest from beijing well the question now of course is the proportionality of china's response china has warned of counter measures without specifying exactly what those measures would be blew her who's been leading the chinese nigga.


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