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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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as teams on the ground i can only world to bring you more award winning documentary and life means. in fact both sides will pay both sides will take and these things. one of donald trump's top economic advisors admits americans will also pay the price for u.s. tariffs on chinese goods. hello i'm nick clegg this is out there in life and also coming up filipinos votes in midterm elections seen as a test for president roderigo to test his controversial policies. calling their bluff an iranian military commander accuses the united states of playing psychological warfare. and how people are dealing with the destruction left behind
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by powerful cyclons unless something. one of president donald trump's top economic advisors has admitted american businesses will suffer from tariffs on chinese goods larry kudlow those comments contradict trump's claim that it will only be china that pays united states placed a 200 $1000000000.00 tariff on chinese imports on friday and that amounts to a 25 percent tax on goods it coincided with the fadia by both sides to reach a deal in the latest round of trade talks in washington. both sides will pay and these things and of course it wouldn't be such a tariff on goods coming into the country the chinese are no but the chinese will suffer g.d.p. losses and so forth with respect to a diminishing export market and goods today may need for their own history on this
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because the president says china doesn't china it pays the terrace they may suffer consequences but it's the u.s. businesses and u.s. consumers who pay correct and yes to some extent yeah i don't disagree with that again both sides both sides will suffer on that as well meanwhile trumpet since restated his claim that it will be the united states that benefits from the new import a few hours ago he tweets we are right where we want to be with china remember they broke the deal with us and tried to renegotiate we will be taking in tens of billions of dollars interest from china products can make it themselves in the usa or buy it from known terrorist countries jim brown joins us live now from beijing and agent both china and the u.s. side say talks will resume but still no indication of what china's counter measures will be. no we were talking about this of course on saturday this is still very much nic
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a work in progress china has has vowed that it will take countermeasures but of course on the issue of tariffs its options are somewhat narrower than those of the united states because china exports far more to the u.s. and the u.s. does to china so you know i think it's going to be a sense really of china weighing up what he what it's going to do and you know i think at the moment that that the language you actually hearing from chinese leaders which is quite interesting is actually very measured and very moderate but in the chinese language media if here in china the the language is far harsher the the global times newspaper for instance carried a very sort of belligerent editorial on monday saying that the u.s. approach at the moment was in its words totally useless and that china was prepared for the worst case scenario and i think the thrust of what chinese media is saying is a century this that the china's pain threshold is far higher than that of people in
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the united states you know china is aware china's leaders know that on this issue the democrats are right behind president donald trump but they also know that the people who are hurting in the united states at the moment include farmers in some of those swing states who may not be able to endure a 2nd year of losses and may not be so supportive of president from now that we're entering the electoral cycle in the united states an age in these growing tensions is it possible to gauge how the chinese people are reacting. well you know one thing to make clear nic is that there's no panic a don't see sort of queues outside the shops near the china u.s. trade war is not a big talking point i have to say among chinese people that you speak to but the trade issue is is a symptom of of wider conflict between china and the united states right now the
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irony is that probably trade is the one area that in the past china and the united states had fairly good relations the more intractable problems remain things like you know the south china sea dispute taiwan and walk away you know but trade is is potentially the one area where they will do a deal. origen lieberman thanks very much indeed reporting from beijing. government has branded a number of social media platforms following violence in parts of the country an overnight curfew was imposed in some areas off to mosques we're talking all this comes just a month off to churches and who told we're told to do bombings on easter sunday you know fernandez's more from weekly nazi in northern sri lanka. social media networks once again under restriction by the sri lankan government i spoke to the information department director while ago and he said that one of the main reasons
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was to clamp down on tensions on incidents that have been erupting over the last $48.00 hours we did see a chill out of the northwest of the country there was an incident where someone had posted on social media 5 some comments which was seen as offensive that was a crowd that gathered outside his place of business obviously there was an exchange there was weiland and this continued later on in the evening where we saw at least 3 places in the country where there was a police imposed in the police administrative area so the government basically using this as. a measure but. basically a tactic to clamp down to dampen any tensions that might erupt now obviously a time where there are a lot of fears a lot of sort of concern regarding the whole specter of full of the attacks i mean just this morning on my phone i got at least 3 messages you know warning of
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potential attacks all in the backdrop of assurance from the government from the army command that they have got a handle on the situation but for people that taking no chances as you can see the school behind me here in one of the biggest government schools there's a heavy security presence as their reason schools throughout the country catholic schools yet to reopen after the easter sunday bombing so people not willing to take chances. the commander of iran's elite military units the revolutionary guard says the united states does not have the ability to wage war against his country he also described the deployment of extra u.s. warships and fighter aircraft in the region as psychological warfare the pens can says iranian aggression is the reason why it did so the increased u.s. military presence was discussed in the iranian parliament on sunday president hussein has a never honey. unity in the face of pressure that he calls unprecedented symbols
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robyn has more now from toronto. while it is a matter of routine for the new head of the islamic revolutionary guard corps to address iranian members of parliament and answer their questions major general hussein salamis turn comes at a time of heightened tensions with the united states the new i.r. g.c. chief assured m.p.'s that a war with the united states is unlikely because americans know the closer their military hardware comes to iranian territory the more vulnerable it becomes to iranian defenses and iranian firepower the head of the air force was also present and reinforced his boss's comments saying warplanes and warships that represented a threat in the past have since become an opportunity and potential targets since moving closer to iran shores following the briefing a senior m.p. and the head of parliament's national security and foreign policy commission said iran can hit targets up to 2000 kilometers away and estimated that american ships are at most 500 kilometers away that might put them somewhere in the arabian sea or
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perhaps in the gulf of oman so the message this day is that iranian forces are watching and waiting and are ready to respond to any perceived threats from u.s. forces at their doorstep meanwhile a former u.s. defense secretary is criticize u.s. president donald trump for tightening sanctions on iran and military deployments to the gulf robert gates said washington and tehran need to return to the negotiating table i think that. there's a conflict between the united states and iran would have tremendous unforseen consequences in the middle east i think would be very dangerous so i think that the strategy needs to be how in fact do you get the iranians back to the negotiating table and understanding that the agree that whatever agreement emerges has to be broader and has to deal with some of these other issues lawrence korb is a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense and he says even if actual conflict isn't the
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intention the latest deployments increases the chances of a possible skirmish. when you will the chariots task force plus another ship plus you know of bombers that are capable of carrying nuclear weapons into an area you take a chance on this getting out of hand the iranians themselves us say you know if you drop it we're tac us you know if you're not going to be very successful we you know we can handle it so you really do have to be careful you put a lot of forces in there and something could happen even if you don't intend it to john bolton has been talking with 20 years about attacking iran and getting rid of the car the car got a car got government trump on the other hand i think he believes that was putting these forces and you can pressure iran to come back to the table and get a better deal because he sees himself as the ultimate dealmaker liches what he for
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example as the dr with north korea for the past year very unsuccessfully i might add there's no doubt about the fact that we have crippled iran's economy by letting us sanctions on ending the waivers for companies to buy a rainy unoiled and this is what they might think is a way to get back at the united states and its allies for for doing not and then of course you could have a global international crisis and there would be demands on the united states to use its up carry a task force will reopen the u.s. ratings it's got to be up to the europeans and even the russians and the chinese to convince the united states to get back to the table as bob gates says there are a couple of technical issues here might work out without changing the essence of the deal but if you could change you this what the sanctions and iran starts nuclear rising again then you have
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a real problem as the ultimate threat in that area is to have a nuclear arms race between iran and some of the u.s. allies like saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . so had her nonzero journalists in sudan say they've never felt more free to do their jobs in a long time. and india is very much in one of the most polarized elections and. hello again what we have seen plenty of rain across parts of the southern area of the united states the system is now moving out but we had a lot of flash flooding across much of texas louisiana as well as mississippi i want to show you some video that came in from mississippi this is what the flash flooding did taking out the tracks here and the railing this train system right there this is only one of the areas that cause problems we did see
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a lot of roads washed out across the region as well the good news is over the next few days we could be seeing the rain ending that's going to be pushing over here towards the east but we are looking at the mississippi river still quite full and they are opening up the spillway is just to the north of new orleans to let out the excess water so hopefully new orleans will not be getting any floodwaters there as we go towards monday though we are going to be seeing the rain across parts of new york it could be quite cool at 9 degrees there and then as we go towards tuesday the rain begins to pull out but still quite cool across much of the northeast actually snow and some of the overnight hours there down towards atlanta it is going to be a nice day at about 22 degrees across the caribbean the things looking quite nice not a lot of rain to speak of us some afternoon showers there across much of the area for cuba and then it's going to be about 32 degrees there and as we go towards tuesday the bahamas is going to be cloudy at about $29.00 degrees for them.
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fly catamaran ways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. but again you're watching out 0 a reminder the top stories of one of president all trumps top economic advisers says that u.s.
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businesses will suffer from tariffs on chinese goods or it could come in $608.00 trumps claiming that it will only be china that pays the u.s. slapped a $200000000000.00 term for chinese imports on the friday. show lanka has banned in certain social media platforms it imposed overnight curfews in some areas following violence in the aftermath of last month's easter sunday bombings mosques and muslim and shops were attacked in the western town of chill just north of the capital colombo. commander of iran's revolutionary guard says the united states does not have the ability to wage war against his country he described the deployment of a stray u.s. warships into aircraft in the middle east a psychological warfare the pentagon says it's a response to iranian aggression. have begun voting in a midterm election more than $18000.00 posts up for grabs including health of the senate wins for candidates allied to the president rather he could detect say will make it easier for the president to push through his controversial policies among
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them a crackdown on illegal drugs his critics say he's using violence and intimidation to influence voters speak now talking. joins us live from manila tell us why these elections also critical. well make in particular this midterm elections usually is a determinant of just how influential effective and just how much grip in our the current administration will be able to maintain in the last half of its administration as you know president of character won the elections in 2016 he enjoys a super majority he has fielded in his preferred candidates over the last few months he has spent time using public his public time and government resources in endorsing these candidates and a lot is at stake or basically the very controversial war in drugs the policy on the west philippine sea the south china sea the approach to china and economic
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deals that continues under his administration we spent some time with members of the opposition those running for this very critical senate seats they know that this is an uphill battle but they remain optimistic. entertainment is long been a fixture cheering elections in the philippines and it may seem as though these midterm elections will be no different but many observers say there's more at stake this year president with a good attorney does political machinery has the backing of candidates from various political parties some are new to the political scene but are known allies of the terror to but most are returning politicians who have established means in government the president has devoted most of his time recently publicly backing his candidates and this election will be seen as a test of this popularity more than 18000 local provincial and municipal positions
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are being contested but none are more critical than the 12 beacon senate seats the philippine senate has long been able to keep political powers in check even those. of the president this is why it is expected to be a key battleground in this elections deterrent is pushing for a change of government to a federal form which critics say is merely an attempt of government to perpetuate itself in power there's an excessive number of endorsements of of himself as well has his family and allied political coalition really talking about an election that could deter me in the possible landscape of competition for 2022. but those in the opposition liberal party which was run by former president. remain undeterred the party's influence has been severely weakened over the past few years and it's now taking a risk lining up new candidates with one main goal to counter the growing power of
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president to go to tear to the president is so powerful that we need checks and balances we need an independent. worth of anything they want to go. through. stool violence and it's. big news in all the surveys that were conducted. some were saying there is the fear factor and the people believe the board they don't want to be. surveys that have been carried out so far suggests a win for deter to and his allies but the political winds are still blowing and the opposition remains confident it can clinch a few seats in the senate. version gets underway what's the what's the sense the mood on the ground. well you know nic it's been
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more than 4 hours since polls opened across the country we've seen were under this sweltering heat at the moment but it has not stopped people from coming into the free since but far more critical here is the previous earlier press conference by one of the commissioners of the commission election where she admit that there is rampant vote buying across the country a local politician running for a local mayor position was arrested last night for a vote by buying for bribery even here at these recent just outside we're seeing voting for for knowledge still being distributed with sample ballots of possible candidates from different sides of the parties that's actually illegal under common election rules but nothing seems to be stopping people from doing so here there are thousands of security personnel all across the country deployed to keep the peace but the bigger question is who is monitoring the vote rigging the vote buying and all of the irregularities being committed in different parts of the country nic there were also reports of bomb explosions in the southern philippines none were
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hurt so far but there are big reports that electoral machines are not functioning in many areas in fact the former vice president president was also on able to vote because his machine bogged down so now more than just tick security the major issue really here is the credibility of this elections. where the things we were doing reporting there. the united arab emirates has confirmed attack on 4 cargo ships off its eastern coast the government says a commercial ships were in its words subject to sabotage early on sunday it happened close to the port of future her there had been reports of explosions on 7 ships in the port on sunday morning which officials denied at the time authorities say no one died in the attack the regional bloc of gulf states g.c.c. has condemned the incident. more than a dozen u.n. dealings aid groups have suspended their operations in syria's rebel controlled province several hospitals and buildings belonging to aid agencies have come under
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attack in recent days more than a 1000000 displaced people have believed to be sheltering in the last major opposition stronghold united nations says since late april the syrian government offensive in the area has forced 180000 people from their homes. at least 6 people including a priest have been killed in an attack on a catholic church in bikini faster in west africa about 20 gunmen and to the church near the town of the north east of the capital what to do witnesses say the attackers a lot of people inside and set fire to the building. thousands of people are struggling to rebuild their lives after a cycle and kenneth hit northern mozambique last month storm was the 2nd to hit the country in 6 weeks has more from one of the worst affected places people island. this is the 1st time doug combat evil island since it hit last month his family
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home is gone so to have all his belongings. before. now the rain has eased aid workers a sturdy managing to reach more remote areas and small islands in some places the damage is extensive patients had to be evacuated from this hospital when the storm hit thousands are now homeless. in schools and community holes even in this old fort. the 16th century building survived the people who lost their homes say they feel safe leaving because it's so strong but conditions are families drinking water
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clothes blankets and food. aid has started to arrive by road but many people are still waiting for help. many crops in northern missouri. we are grateful for the help. but we need more it's not just food people also need medicines clinics and hospitals were destroyed. mozambique was still struggling to deal with. when the 2nd one struck this is already considered one of the poorest countries in the world and the building will cost a lot of money and people how do. it while and mozambique. security forces in pakistan have cleared a hotel of government in the port city call it a day after an attack that left 5 people dead separatists from the southwestern province of baluchistan have claimed responsibility for the raid a security guard 3 hotel staff members and a special forces soldier was killed. there's been violence in the 2nd to last phase
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of parliamentary elections in india candidates of the ruling party b j p was targeted in the opposition ruled states of west bengal over 60 seats were up for grabs on sunday including that is in the capital new delhi more than 100000000 people across 7 states were eligible to vote over 6 week period the last round is on may the 19th county will take place on the 23rd prime minister nuri and her modi is hoping for a 2nd term. to see there is a journalist and author he says there's been a massive rise in in do nationally ever since may he came to power and divided a position may help him win again. i think he's always kept 2 fires going at the same time on one hand he sort of speaks from both sides of his mouth to the world he's the great reformer he's going to make india south korea and then quietly in india he keeps this his sort of hindu nationalist background going alongside the same time and when things are not looking good for him in that tour lee when he
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seems not to have delivered it can all make clear when this kind of pushback against him then he starts to like charge up this other atmosphere and it seems to be very much it from his playbook throughout his career as a politician you often find that even more than muslims especially upper caste muslims. that know him the more these vote bank is if full of hatred for the lower castes and so there's been a whole spate of violence against the lower caste and well more you can afford to perhaps use the muslim vote you can lose the muslim book and the lower cost vote and then hope to be prime minister so this is someone of the kind of unintended consequences of creating an atmosphere where people are allowed to act in this way i think it's terrible i mean they've had 5 years to recuperate to think of what more these crushing victory meant electorally and they've come back 5 years later with exactly the same candidate who are reduced them to $44.00 seats in
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a parliament of $543.00 and so it would i say in the piece it would be ridiculous it would be like literally if if we were to deal with trump by putting forward hillary again would perhaps like the added enticement of chelsea and so this is the congress is so steeped in a kind of dynastic principle that they haven't really understood the message of 2014 and haven't responded as a vital opposition should. the opposition coalition in sudan says it will work to resolve differences with military rulers by choose day the 2 sides remain deadlocked over how to proceed with the transition following a military coup last month since then journalists have enjoyed a new freedom as mohammed today reports now from the capital cost to. run television the news coast is preparing to did the evening news the past few weeks ushered in a new era for journalists here with censorship and media harassment gone with the diplo street. topic limits anymore the fear of retaliation journalists
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say. at least. for a long time we fester controls and injustices from this day but something that made our jobs almost all necessary before the revolution and there was no media to speak off and sudan and. sudan is ranked 174 out of 180 countries in reporters without borders 2018 world press freedom index the biggest crackdown on the media came last december when up to government protests began across the country. according to reporters without borders list 80 journalist was arrested therefore it is also confiscated copies of a list 16 newspapers between december. the people's confidence in both public and private newspapers television and radio stations is slowly returning that. we need to be
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a more responsible media now more than ever before we need bodies to gavin us in laws necessary to guide us we have a runaway media who can't hear progress and so. but there are growing concerns about abuse of the newly found freedom of expression by some media organizations accused of censorship and even spreading fake news the minnesota officials that began. in the past the state security apparatus used to dictate what journalists could write or not we're seeing a steady change the media is freer than ever. a lot of sacrifices have been made by journalists throughout the past 30 years in sudan recent progress towards a more free and open media has given them hope for greater freedom to report the news sudanese journalists understand too well but a change of leadership in their country does not necessarily mean an end to their struggle for media freedom all redeem has been replaced by
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a military council which they say could take them hostage once again but now but they have tasted freedom they say going back is not an option for them. how tom sudan. or let's a recap the headlines here on al-jazeera and one of president donald trump's top economic advisers says that u.s. businesses will suffer from tariffs on chinese goods there regardless cummins contradicts trump's claim that it will only be china that pays united states placed a $200000000000.00 tariff on chinese imports on friday. both sides will pay and these things and of course it wouldn't be such a tariff on goods coming into the country the chinese are no but the chinese will suffer g.d.p. losses and so forth with respect to
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a diminishing export market and goods today may need for their own history on this but the president says china doesn't china it pays the terrace they may suffer consequences but it's us businesses and us consumers who pay correct and yes to some extent yeah i don't disagree with that again both sides both sides will suffer on this struggle i think it has been some media platforms that imposed david not curfews in some areas following violence in the aftermath of last month's easter sunday bombings mosques and muslim shops were attacked in the western town of channel just north of the capital colombo. filipinos have begun voting in a midterm election more than $18000.00 posts are up for grabs including half of the senate wins for candidates allied to the president roderigo to say would make it easier for the president to push through his controversial policies among them a crackdown on illegal drugs his critics say he's using violence and intimidation to influence voters. the commander of iran's revolutionary guard says the united
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states does not have the ability to wage war against his country he described the deployment of extra u.s. warships in the middle east as psychological warfare skin says it's in response to radio aggression iran's president hassan rouhani unity in the face of pressure that he calls president. more than a dozen u.n. linked aid groups have suspended their operation operations in syria's rebel controlled italy province several hospitals and buildings belonging to aid agencies have come under attack by government forces and their russian allies in recent days . all right you're up to date we had lines here on the observer we've got small news software risking it all. as u.s. sanctions are levied against iran we want and like this one on iraq's relations with its key trading partner will not be part of 3. hours against.
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iraq's deputy prime minister and the oil minister. says there are.


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