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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 13, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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it did by text on al-jazeera. sudan's ousted president omar al bashir is charged with killing protesters during the uprising against him. there on thursday bar and you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up stocks plan to sell to china fires back in its trade war with the u.s. saying it will raise tarrasch so on american imports. e.u. foreign ministers the u.s. not to escalate tensions with iran and secretary of state mike pompei it crushes
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their meeting. attacks on mosques and shops owned by muslims leads to a new nationwide curfew and social media in sri lanka. palo so we begin in sudan where former president omar al bashir has been charged with crimes relating to the killing of protesters during the un rice which led to his ousting by the military just over a month ago it comes to security forces in the capital khartoum a facing new allegations of using excessive force this time against protesters in the north of the city talks are ongoing between the opposition coalition and the minute trade the 2 sides they are deadlocked over how to proceed with the transition to civilian rule following the military takeover on april the 11th and a serious of a morgan is live for us in khartoum and hippa 1st of all tell us more about those charges against russia. well felicity this afternoon the
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state prosecutor the state's attorney and downs that the former president ahmed bashir will be charged with incitement to killing protesters who participated in the december uprising which is of course still ongoing now the sudanese doctors committee said that at least 90 people have been killed so dan's government has been insisting that that number was much lower and that only 38 people have been killed regardless of that felicity right now the state attorney is charging president former president arm of the shoe with the incitement and participation in the killing of those protesters and the charges for that out of the punishment for those charges under the sudans law act will be death if convicted so we're yet to hear from the state prosecutor what will happen when he will be presented and how he will defend himself but for the time being people seem to be feeling that some kind of justice will be achieved if he is presented to try out for a trial and if it's fair and just in the meantime just tell saw all the military
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and opposition from some sort of agreement over a transition we know they've been deadlocked for some time. yes the military council and the opposition coalition have talks this afternoon south that will be revealing tomorrow and the day after they said that they have agreed on the structure of the transitional government how it should look like they're used to agree on other issues like how long that transitional government will be the military council has always been insisting it wants a 2 year transitional period while the opposition coalition has been insisting on a 4 year transitional period there also has to agree on how much representation both sides should have so while they agrees on some stuff and there is some kind of a breakthrough there is still a lot of issues to be ironed out and we will be hearing from them more tomorrow on what they have a bit what progress they have made but meanwhile helicity the protesters in front of the army headquarters at the sit in front of the army headquarters which are the pressure cause that the opposition coalition are using against the military council
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to hand over parts of civilian rule they're not happy with the military at least a dozen protesters have been injured over the past 6 hours because of confrontation between the rapid support forces and the protest the protesters are saying that the rapid support force of the paramilitary group which has been integrated into the military after the ousting of president i'm going to show you tried to move some of their barricades and fire and fired live ammunition at them and that's something they're not happy with and they're saying that they will protect the revolution no matter what hit us with a certain color same thinking. now global markets have plunged as the trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies escalates beijing as announced it's raising tariffs on $60000000000.00 worth of american imports starting on june the 1st in response to u.s. president donald trump's decision on friday to double duties on chinese products
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worth $200000000000.00 the retaliatory measures are raising fears of a prolonged trade war we'll have more on the market reaction from gabriel as ondo in new york in a moment 1st to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett kimberly. president trump's been speaking in the last few minutes of bout china's latest types announcements what did he have to say. yeah well there's been much made about the impact on the american consumer with the sort of retaliatory tariffs that have been put in place by china in the last few hours and for the 1st time we've had reaction from the u.s. president as he sat down with hungry sleeker in the oval office in fact he's downplaying that impact saying that some retaliation by china is fine in this escalating trade dispute he also claims that tens of billions in tariffs are being taken into the coffers now there is some dispute about that in the united states
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again that the consumer could end up paying a lot of this but overall donald trump says that he loves the position the united states is in right now and says he thinks that everything is working very well now donald trump is also threatened that there could be even more tariffs placed by the united states on chinese goods that would certainly be a marked escalation in this trade war and he also is criticizing china saying that they're backtracking that they were very close to a deal between the 2 sides late last week but it was china that walked away so he's pointing the fingers even as he says he's looking forward to meeting with chinese president xi to try and resolve the issues. well the reaction is very simple china has been taking advantage of the united states for many many years i'm not just talking about doing the obama administration you can go back long before that it's been taken out 4 $15600000000000.00 a year out of the united states and we can't let that happen we're diverse strong
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position our economy's been very powerful there's has not been we've gone up a lot since our great election in 2016. if you look at the numbers they've gone down quite a bit we're dealing with them we have a very good relationship maybe something will happen we're going to be meeting as you know at the g. 20 in japan and that will be i think probably a very fruitful meeting. so that g 20 meeting set to take place in japan where the 2 leaders could try to work out some of their differences taking place next month in the midst of all of this well there is quite a bit of nervousness here in the united states about the escalating trade war there is some agreement that for many many years china has not been abiding by global trade rules at the same time given the fact that this now is escalating to the point where many consumers will feel the higher costs in terms of everyday products
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they buy everything from shampoo to conditioners there is concern that this is going to further exacerbate some of the tensions between the 2 largest economies in the world could be how could life in the white house for us thank you let's take from the white house to the new york stock exchange and speak to. him gave the markets a not happy with this idea of a prolonged trade war although. yeah they sure aren't and we really saw that on wall street today at the new york stock exchange the dow at one point on monday about midday here eastern time was down over 700 points and now it's right now it's just a little over $500.00 so certainly it's been terrible day on wall street and this could end up at the end of the trading day which is about an hour away could be the worst day since about january 3rd or so now what's striking about this is a couple things but number one is i've been saying this all day but it's worth bear
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barry pedia again is that how many sectors are being hit here apple the world's biggest technology company down 5 percent about 80 to 85 percent of apple's products are made in china so you can see why that company's taking a huge hit boeing the world's or one of the world's biggest manufacturers of airplanes aeronautics company down 4 percent and caterpillar which is one of the world's biggest makers of heavy machinery and equipment down 4 at 1.5 percent as well so you're seeing all these sectors being hit and hit hard all 30 companies on the dow. of all been in the red most of the entire day now just taking a step back here for a 2nd if you're sitting around the world saying well how is this affecting me this is probably how and this is why perhaps you should worry as one wall street trader said today on monday he said the longer this trade dispute goes on between china
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and the united states and the more severe that it becomes as it is now he says global growth simply comes down so what we're seeing now is a lot of traders saying we don't know if this is going to get resolved and it could see potentially this grow into. mark felt around the world potentially the longer this goes on this disputes been going on between china in the united states for all well over a year now you. ask yourself why are the markets really feeling it today on monday the answer is because the last few months wall street the markets have been saying we have confidence that a deal will get done i think when the end of today happens when the end of monday is finally written but the headline will probably be markets no longer have confidence that a deal could be could get done there is now real worry that what if a deal doesn't get done i think that's why you're seeing the markets doing what they are on monday all right kate in new york thank you european nations are calling for restraint from both the united states and iran as tensions continue to
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escalate over the iran nuclear deal the plea came as u.s. secretary of state mike pompei paid a surprise visit to brussels where he crashed a meeting of the foreign ministers who were discussing iran this is the giant american aircraft carrier the u.s.s. abraham lincoln steamed into the gulf supported by land based b. 52 heavy bombers adding to the tension saudi arabia says 2 supertankers showed job to take saudi oil to the u.s. have been sabotaged off the coast of the united arab emirates michael heard that very clearly today from from us not only from myself but also from the other ministers of the states that. we are living in a crucial delicate moment where. the most relevant. attitude to take the most responsible attitude to take is and legally should be and
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that of maximum maximum restraint avoiding any escalation. well under serious natasha bottlers following developments for us in brussels and natasha do we now have any idea what came out of this meeting between those e.u. foreign ministers and might pompei or that he saw robert brutally crushed. that's why i think if the u.s. secretary of state might pompei was hoping to try and persuade the e.u. leaders to drop their support for the 2015 iran nuclear deal or at least we can they're resolved to support it then he would have left disappointed because as you heard there from the e.u. foreign policy chief frederica model more green e.u. member states still feel very much that they are committed to the deal they say that it is the best deal there is out there in terms of trying to safeguard and ensure regional security in fact earlier in the day we also heard from the german
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foreign minister heiko mass who said this deal is all apparent preventing iran from having nuclear weapons more greeny also calling on both iran and the u.s. to try and deescalate tensions she called for return to calm she said look everybody has to talk more there needs to be more discussion we need to definitely calm the situation she also called on iran to continue complying with the deal that perhaps comes after last week when tehran indicated that it could suspend some of its commitments to the 2015 deal unless you leaders come up with some way of trying to shield the iranian economy from the u.s. sanctions the u.s. of course pulled out of this deal one year ago the e.u. has been battling has been fighting to try and save it might pump a 0 came as you said almost crashed this you and a meeting on iran it was an visit he had been on his way to moscow he had hoped he had come here to talk about iran and the growing threats the u.s.
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says that it is facing in the region against his interests and his soldiers in brussels thank you. well as we just mentioned the u.a.e. government has confirmed that 4 commercial cargo ships have been subject to acts of sabotage it did not describe the nature of the attack which happened there for joy reports of the iraqi coast the ports is $140.00 kilometers south of the strait of hormuz about a 3rd of oil all exported by sea passes through that strait yemen's warring parties are taking part in a new u.n. sponsored talks in jordan it comes 2 days after he the rebels began withdrawing from her daters 3 ports and handing them over to un supervised local forces it was agreed under a pact with the saudi backed government last december but stalled for months monday's talks will focus on sharing out the ports revenues to help relieve yemen's urgent humanitarian crisis. still ahead so on the program the voters left
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frustrated in the philippines as president to say aims to consolidate his power base in elections and a month after he was dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy in london sweden resurrects a 9 year old great investigation of judean assault which. again it will come back to international weather forecast or still he had some very very messy weather here across much of south central europe notice a satellite with a swirling mass of clouds that's unnerve low pressure it's very stationary right now and we're seeing a lot of rain in the same place we're talking anywhere from croatia all the way down here towards parts of albania as well flooding is a big concern over the next few days and the wind has been quite high in some
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locations we have seen over 90 kilometers per hour winds and we've seen downed trees as well as power lines now as we go towards tuesday the rain is slowly going to be making its way up here towards much of the east and we're going to be seeing some snow in the higher elevations temperatures overnight are going to be dropping look at vienna here only getting to 8 so the overnight hours are going to be very very close to freezing in some locations so more rain down here towards the south but new rain is going to be the big problem as we go towards wednesday well here across the northern part of africa that same storm system hasn't brought the rain but it has brought the cooler air in place and you can see here on tuesday we're still dealing with temperatures into the high teens with tunas at 900 tripoli at about 19 as well the big change here is as we go towards wednesday as the storm pushes north those temperatures come up with tunis at about 24 degrees for you.
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into. part series. 0 observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of me starts with blood and land to build a story on al-jazeera. well again undermines are the top stories. former president omar al bashir has been charged with crimes related to the killing of protesters during the arrest which
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led to his ousting. global markets have plunged as the trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies steps up even further with china announcing retire your trade tariffs or u.s. goods. european nations are urging restraint from both the u.s. and iran as tensions escalate between the 2 nations. compare crushes. the situation. there all reports a muslim man has been killed in riots in sri lanka where a nationwide curfew is in place off to several attacks. attacks on several mosques and muslim owned businesses the government says it's also blocked social media apps to prevent the spread of false information tensions a fly between the majority buddhists in a police muslim minority since the easter sunday attacks last month more than $250.00 people killed in the bombing of hotels and christian churches as has more
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from the northeast of the capital colombo. the island wide police curfew has been brought into place to create down on tensions that have been erupting in waiting as part of the country now the police obviously trying to get a handle on the situation over the last 48 hours we heard that 7 is yes had flashpoint obviously given the tensions we've seen a number of muslim business of a cause be set up on the last day being particularly sort of violent and tense now there were several areas where there were localized police curfews that had been imposed but now. we are seeing as of 9 o'clock local time that the curfew has kicked in and we'll continue to the early hours of tomorrow now the police trying desperately with the military and the armed forces to ensure that they
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contain the situation from spreading. mid-term elections are being held in the philippines and early results suggest president to turn his allies will take most of the 12 senate seats available the poll seen us a crucial referendum on real. leadership including his drugs crackdown which has cost thousands of lives and increased majority could allow him to push through more controversial policies but as jamal onondaga reports from the capital manila the vote was mobbed by technical issues and allegations of vote buying. as people turn up early to vote there is a strong sense of exultant but as the hours dragged by that's changed to frustration. they have been lining up for more than 4 hours because they said our machine broke down so hard when a cluster of both there's a lane to be accommodated by one machine thousands still we would like the boat because it only happens every 3 years michael carey news says he doesn't mind
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waiting for long as he starts long and hard about who to vote for but i will only put those who are really done something for us now. in campaign season. here at this polling station in downtown manila it's hot and clams and the situation is similar around the country but people here tell us they don't mind the heat and the queues as they are determined to make their voices heard in this elections but there are widespread allegations of vote buying and electoral registration machines not working properly leading many to question how credible the results may be. some of those machines broke down completely leaving officials to count votes by hand or try and find their own ways to make them operate. according to the commission and elections these machines were only being piloted for possible use in the 20. 22
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presidential elections and there are bigger concerns one election commissioner says there's been bribery and corruption and confirmed allegations some votes have been bought the police say they've arrested more than 300 people for vote buying something officials say they're looking out for this midterm elections is seen as a test of president 30 go to tear does popularity a lot is at stake critics say if he is able to gain full control of the senate he'll be able to expand his controversial policies like his so-called war on drugs that's left more than $5000.00 filipinos dead and is growing ties with china which are seen by many here as a threat to the country's sovereignty to terror to has been widely criticized for his hardline policies but this spite all these worries and some bitter election campaigning many here say they still feel cautiously optimistic and they're
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determined to protect their democracy. dogon al-jazeera manilla venezuela's opposition leader who has officially requested the support of the u.s. southern command quite as representative in washington for a missing to discuss the teacher and operational planning to quote alleviate venezuela's suffering and restore democracy claims the venezuelan president nicolas maduro the country's own going economic crisis that has led to widespread fear and power shortages. u.s. president donald trump has praised the immigration policy of hungary and prime minister viktor all banned during his visits to the white house it was the right wing nationalist leaders 1st meeting with a u.s. president since 1998 former president barack obama refused to meet or ban during his previous stint as prime minister at the white house says the business is part of the nephites to reengage with central european countries as china and russia's
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influence grows in the region non-serious mike hanna joins us live now from washington d.c. so mike as far as we know how did that meeting go well it's a 1st time viktor orban has met with the u.s. president a formal meeting since 1908 when he met bill clinton he was then a young reformer guiding hungry into a new democracy in the post soviet era however since then he's driven his politics sharply to the right subsequent presidents to george w. bush or barack obama have refused to have any formal meeting with him whatsoever because of his right wing politics not so president trump president trump held this meeting with him it welcoming him to the white house viktor orban the saying that he and the u.s. president shares similar positions on immigration he's pointed out that both the u.s. and hungry are monk the handful of nations that refused to sign the u.n. by gratian treaty for example this is what president trump to say it's
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a great honor to have with us the prime minister of hungary and viktor orban has done a tremendous job in so many different ways highly respected respected all over europe . probably like me a little bit controversial but that's ok that's ok you've done a good job and you've kept your country safe. well a number in congress disagree with the president democratic senator dick durban saying that president trump has betrayed american values by meeting with a man perceived as an extreme right white right winger and even among republicans his deep in needs this mainly because of the band's relationship with russia the sierra for example he refused to route to send to convicted arms spangler's back to the united states for trial preferring then send them back to their home country of russia so even among republicans says at the bar to the meeting between president
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trump and of the to urban but certainly president trump himself seeing very much a like mind like in washington. antigovernment protesters in albania heard hold fire bombs and flares at riot police in the capital tehran or hours after u.s. and e.u. leaders called for restraint they we can't similar process turned violent with the opposition calling on demonstrators to keep up pressure on prime minister any rama to stand down he's accused of corruption and fraud. swedish prosecutors have reopened a 9 year old investigation into a rape allegation against the wiki leaks founder julian assange and will seek his extradition from burson swedish authorities hold of the investigation in 2017 when assaults took refuge at the ecuadorian embassy in london but with the u.s. also keen to extradite him it's going to be up to the british government to decide
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where he goes next there is poor brain and reports from london. when julian assigns was dragged from the ecuadorian embassy in london last month it ended a 7 year siege of the building by british police within hours of assizes arrest u.s. prosecutors unsealed their indictment seeking his extradition for publishing hundreds of thousands of classified documents on his wiki leaks website and with our size now in custody swedish prosecutors are now resuming the rape investigation which was halted 2 years ago. vocal and of death the decision taken by marianne lee to discontinue the investigation on the 19th of may 27th jane was not motivated by difficulties related to evidence. after reviewing the policeman or a investigation in its current state my assessment is that there is still probable cause to suspect that mr astonished me to rape. wiki leaks made julian assange both famous and notorious transparency campaign
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a celebrated his work governments and intelligence agencies denounced him. but it was an encounter in 2010 during a lecture to a sweden which brought his downfall and allegation of rape was made against him a song has always denied the claim but he fled to britain. the lawyer for the alleged victim says she is pleased that the case is now being resumed. the prosecutor's decision is clear it signals something important and that is that if we want as a quote before the war nobody stands above the law even if your name is julian assange but his supporters say the case has faced political pressure throughout. it is always ready is really closer to distance united states to face. letter prison or death sentence for his work. let's look before julian assange is currently in a british jail serving
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a 58 week sentence for skipping bail in 2012 but when the sentence is served it's not clear what his next destination will be it will be for the home secretary a government minister based here to decide whether the u.s. or the swedish expedition should take priority the relative seriousness of each of the allegations will be a factor and the chronology of the applications will also be considered on that basis legal commentators here in the u.k. believe currently the swedish extradition bid should probably take precedence but political factors may well influence the ultimate outcome. al-jazeera london. the american actress singer and activist doris day has died at the age of 97. you will be. day was one of the last surviving stars of hollywood's golden age she began her acting career as
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a young girl and rose to fame in the fifty's and sixty's featuring dozens of films including pillow talk and calamity jane she also released 29 studio albums and life was known for her animal rights activists. you can find much more about many of the stories we're covering by going to our website al-jazeera dot com out of her. undermind of the top stories making the news here on al-jazeera former president omar al bashir has been charged with crimes relating to the killing of protesters during the unrest which led to his ousting by the military it comes to security forces in khartoum a facing new allegations of using excessive force him organised in the capital. right now the state attorney is charging president former president are going to be here with the incitement and participation in the killing of those protesters and
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the charges for that out of the punishment for those charges under the sudan's law act will be death if convicted so we're yet to hear from the prosecutor what will happen when he will be presented and how he will defend himself global markets have been plunging as the trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies steps up china has announced tariffs on $60000000000.00 worth of imports from the united states starting on june the 1st it's in retaliation to new u.s. tariffs or its goods u.s. secretary of state might compare has crashed a meeting of the foreign ministers discussing the escalating tensions between his nation and iran it comes as european nations have called for calm from both sides as the u.s. aircraft carrier steen to the gulf there are reports a muslim man has been killed in sri lanka in attacks on mosques and muslim owned businesses the government's imposed a curfew block social media to prevent the spread of false information tensions
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have flared since the east sunday or tykes in which will the 250 people were killed . yemen's warring parties are taking part in new united nations sponsored talks in jordan it comes as heathy rebels are withdrawing from her daters 3 ports and handing them over to un supervised forces the talks focus on sharing out the ports revenues to help ease yemen's urgent humanitarian crisis mid-term elections are being held in the philippines in early results suggest president deter our life's will take most of the 12 senate seats available policy as a referendum on the very good the thirty's leadership. and most latest headlines here on al-jazeera there's more news for you in 25 minutes but do stay with us the stream is coming next thanks for watching.
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raising children isn't easy and it can sometimes seem the worry is a never ending bus ship digital screens be added to the list of things to fia or should they simply be embraced as part of parenting today that question is causing debate both in families and in academia after a series of studies have come up with controversial guidelines. in your industry so you've probably thought about the impact of screen time on the mind of a youngster is this is a member fact community calm ostend have a listen when the world health organization issues are poor like this that says that children should play more in circus where they're trying to do is just
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