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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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makes you toxic crosspost any fan anywhere targeted by text on al-jazeera. talks restarted in sudan between the ruling transitional military council and the opposition. and sam is a dan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iran's foreign minister links what he calls the extremists in the white house to attacks on ships off the u.a.e. coast. sure langkow orders a nationwide curfew for a 2nd night as it tries to contain religious tensions. software developed in israel
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blamed for a hack of the whatsapp messaging service potentially affecting one and a half 1000000000 users. now talks have restarted in sudan between the ruling transitional military council and the opposition top of the agenda is the overnight violence in which at least 5 protesters and a soldier were killed protesters in sudan say shots were also fired near the sit in outside the military headquarters in the capital demonstrators are reinforcing barricades on the roads despite a warning from the military council not to do so the army denies security forces used live fire against demonstrators in the city blaming what it calls infiltrators protesters reject the claim that morgan has the latest from khartoum to. doctors and. this makeshift clinic tried to save the life of
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a young man in one of the dozens of protests his injured by who they say were members of a military unit known as the rapid support force has. said. they fired bullets at us and on protesters as we tried to protect other protesters who were bleeding so i removed my shirt to use it to help someone in the rapid support forces took the chance and attacked me. the shooting began on monday evening a protest as the members of the rapid support forces tried to remove roadblocks they set up on some of the main roads when they refused to allow that the gunshots came from. the military denies that day or the rapid support forces were behind the shooting tensions have been on the rise in funding when the military was accused of trying to disperse they said and they've been camping outside army headquarters demanding the military council which overthrew the country's 30 year president i'm going to be here to hand over power
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to a civilian government right now if i can. get it right more than 30 more than 30 and right now it might be 40 or even more so i should think it will and it must be one of the injuries are injuries from gunshots gunshot all of the injuries are gunshots. right oh protesters are demanding justice and the country state prosecutor may be able to deliver some on monday his office and mounts that the ousted president is being charged with inciting and participating in the killing of protesters since the demonstrations began in december last year but she will be tried under article $130.00 according to sudan's law if convicted he faces the death penalty the military council that ousted him says some security members also died in monday's confrontation of this the a 3rd party is behind the violence as an attempt to diminish the progress in talks with the opposition coalition in forming
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a transitional government no not seen with relief seen there were people who are infiltrating these groups they are or md and they targeted some of our military personnel we are aware of these people their elements and plans of provocation we know the means that they use they have targeted the military with armed i mean but these outlaws were using very crowded areas to target some of our soldiers but those at the sit in seem to have a. no faith in the counselor and are not convinced to modify another mother isn't it enough the people who died did there have to be more deaths today and all the forces are saying it isn't them then who was it who blood for blood no compensation was. on it was no protest to stay no force would make them break their state in which is in its 2nd month they say too many lives have been lost in the quest for an independent civilian government for them to give and tensions are at their highest since the protests began and the risks of further escalation and further violence remains the
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people morgan are just part of but it. has more now from call to. protesters looted martyrs not want to hug the reinforced the body caves around the square where their been sitting in for weeks now all they have crawled some of the avenues and streets on the central business district in cut to brutal so some protesters mocking high winds exiting the cup with poland heading to the regions of the country is something that is going to be really inconvenient for people who not only need these highways for their baby commutes to the cup at all but also for the supply of essential goods. from the cockpit all. we're seeing a situation where the protest is getting more and we are now they say
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a protest in a feast which they are calling the acts of civil disobedience have been a question for the closure of roads in some towns in other parts of the country and that is what the protesters are saying is what they intend to continue doing of course this is a setback for the talks between the opposition and the military council they have had some progress on monday which was the past this is the focus of the zoom but it would be unlikely that any talks from here on in would be happening under the same atmosphere and the would be forced to also all talk about timetable they have set for the quick achieving over evolves. saudi arabia state owned energy company aramco has stopped pumping oil through a major pipeline after a drone attack the government says 2 stations were targeted on the east west pipeline if you rebels in yemen say they launched strikes toward the kingdom to
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stop its aggression a rebel spokesman is threatening further attacks saying that he is a pro who the journalist he says the who 3 rebels are within their right to attack saudi civilian infrastructure. sometimes. forces inside i don't follow the road has conducted many at arkansas the idea without declaring attacks they waited till the saudi deny all the saudi did not release any information about it then they use this kind of statement there and i think this is a kind of a war that we are in you have to wait to see what damage you have done inside saudi arabia and i believe in the coming hour we will know all the information about the attack we've seen that they knighted nation itself has taken saudi arabia full my list for killing children twice because saudi has threatened that they will cut the money they give into the united nation so this international law i think we and yemen we are both in it now on the shelf because. we have now yemeni forces.
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in yemeni we have now the right to thought to get any installation in saudi arabia to damage their economy that oil field or that infrastructure support because if we don't know if we are not doing so it means that we are allowing the saudi to continue killing yemenis of course some people might see this is wrong but i think what you have done in the last more than 40 years bieber should have said should have stopped that not wait for 5 years till we respond and then they will say why you thought it in a civilian infrastructure andras krieg is an assistant professor of defense studies king's college london he says an attack like this shows the strong targets thief in society territories. the east west pipeline is very significant it's very significant for saudi arabia was also very significant for a global oil supply so a demagogue of that has already actually it's not working actually has an impact on
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the oil price and so that is very significant and it's quite questionable how they will he's able to fly 1000 kilometers into salutary jory without being detected and without being shot down and and that is actually that clearly shows that the who the capability has increased massively in recent years some of it home grown but in there is definitely something that we suggest that the iranians have helped out for or for quite a bit we know they have their drone strike capability we know that they've been using drones for in for reconnaissance and information they've used drones to also target u.s. and am sorry coalition forces on the ground but all within the parameters of yemen they've never been able to actually deeply penetrate saudi arabia there's been reports recently by the u.n. as well that suggest that this particular u.a.b. and has been developed in yemen with the help of the iranians is able to deliver.
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you know ordinance quite deeply up 215-5200 kilometers from the desk from the origin to a particular target so it is definitely possible that there were these are behind it and all kinds of kind of looks like they are targeting the oil infrastructure the united nations says the withdrawal of yemen's houthi rebels from 3 major ports is going according to plan 3 deployment of fighters as part of a u.n. brokered peace deal but the yemeni government is accused of handing over control to allied fighters move on both sides are meeting the u.n. in jordan to verify the deal. iran is accusing the u.s. of escalating the crisis in the gulf region its foreign minister zarif is in new delhi on an official visit he says to her and predicted what he called sabotage operation to escalate the situation on monday for cargo ships south of the strait of hormuz were damaged by explosions and the american military team is helping the
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investigation. as. we discussed regional issues and the policies of extremists inside the u.s. administration and in the region who are trying to impose their policies we also discussed the concerns we have about suspicious sabotage operations that are happening in the region that we had earlier predicted that they would carry out such measures. in the region. has more from tehran. following an initial assessment by a u.s. military team sent to fit your report to investigate the incident that occurred there an unnamed member of that team seemed to suggest that iran might be behind what happened in for gera now iranian leaders have been responding to that senior members of parliament have said that the information being provided as to what happened in fujairah was too unclear it was too vague and there is not enough to determine actually what went on some suggesting that 3rd parties or some other
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actors might be trying to goad the united states into a conflict in the region earlier on tuesday a senior member of parliament seemed to suggest that israel might have been behind the incident and during a diplomatic visit to india foreign minister jihad zarif himself seemed to point a finger at the united states saying that the u.s. may be trying to destabilize the region and that iran had warned about possible sabotage attacks like this being carried out by the united states iran's leaders continue to press their neighbors to try to create an atmosphere of cooperation in the region saying that the united states remains an outsider in this part of the middle east and that it is up to countries leaders in the middle east itself to focus on their own security their own stability and manage the region's security by themselves and for themselves of course the latest overtures by iran come at a time of heightened tensions with the united states iran and its neighbors have
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been sometimes friends sometimes foes but throughout it all they've been strong trading partners they've cooperated on regional issues but at the moment there seems to be no clear way forward is specially with more american military hardware in the area iran is expected to be discussed by u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o. and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov meeting at the black sea resort of sochi and say they committed to improving u.s. russia relations travel to salt you from brussels where he met with several e.u. foreign ministers and officials on monday to discuss the iran nuclear deal. so the head of al-jazeera china hits back and the markets react we'll have the latest on the escalating trade war with the u.s. those considered to be at the bottom of india's social hierarchy turn to politics to be.
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hello there it really is looking quite wet over parts of china over the next day or say for a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud here is it's pulling itself together as it works its way towards the east so shanghai seeing some wet weather already and there's plenty more still to come in fact the rain just to the west is looking even heavier through the end we province through parts of who bay and head now and that's where we're expecting some of the west of the weather the whole system is just drifting a bit further south which as we head through the day so more cloud more rain is expected here with some showers even over parts of hong kong towards the west we've seen a fair amount of cloud just drift its way over policy of northern india including new delhi we've seen the odd shower here we've also seen more cloud out towards the east as well and this region is generally looking a little bit more unsettled a bit more cloud at times maybe the old shower further south that's where it's just
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incredibly hot so not poor for 42 and hyderabad of 40 for the southern politic area i think that we have it more clouds here the chance of a few showers and also a force in sri lanka this just the chance of one or 2 showers but i think even him most of us should get away with a drier day here in doha is just rather hot now for a temperature of around 40 degrees is a dry heat with the winds coming from the northwest so at least it's not too she meant. meet maria driven by poverty into prostitution and drugs as an early age now as a mother she's turning her life around with the help of a theatre troupe a group of colombian women fighting the challenges they face. was compelling series which showcases fresh filmmaking talent around the globe viewfinder latin america presents acting lessons on al-jazeera.
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talk about you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines talks of restarted in sudan between the ruling military council and opposition coalition top of the agenda is the overnight violence in which a least 5 protestors on the soldiers were killed. so. company stopped through a major pipeline after a drone attack the rebels in yemen say they launched the strikes to warn the king does stop its aggression iran's foreign minister is accusing the us of escalating the crisis in the gulf region he says to her on predicted what he called
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a sabotage operation on monday 4 cargo ships off the u.s. east coast with damage by explosions. sri lanka's government has ordered a nationwide curfew for a 2nd night security forces say they want to prevent attacks against muslims so far one person has died in the rising the u.n. is worried the unrest could spiral andrew symonds reports. security forces say the violence is a direct result of the easter sunday bombings muslim businesses have been either set on fire or vandalized here a factory attacked by what police describe as mobs. police say they've used tough counter measures and the violence is now under control sri lanka's prime minister gave this warning in his speech to the nation happy i am to have the anetta i have given all necessary powers to the security forces to take stern action against
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those breaching a peace by violating the curfew and emergency law security forces will take all steps to take action against those breaching the law therefore i request the fullest cooperation to the military and police to safeguard peace i police say in the 3 worst affected districts north of the capital colombo young people grouped together in what appeared to be planned actions. among the targets were muslim own shops mosques were also attacked. this small group must stop the dangerous game they play against the lives and property of innocent people i must state that we want to allow the country to be led to anarchy by those who show their strength on unarmed innocent civilians sri lanka's muslims make up less than 10 percent of the country's $22000000.00 population political leaders here are warning that violence will not only increased tension but also hinder the investigation into these 2 bombings in which more than 250 people died andrew
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symonds. has got the latest from the now found this is in colombo it's nightfall there has the situation calmed down. with the curfew there's been little choice in the sense that the island wide curfew was lifted in the early hours of this morning for the rest of the country but in that northwestern province where most of those violent plant flashpoints was seen the curfew remained right through to a few hours ago when there was just a 2 hour window where the curfew was lifted and it was reimposed once again the police the armed forces and the authorities not taking any chances they do realize that tensions are quite high so not leaving anything to chance bringing in that curfew now we're also having the curfew extended island wide in all parts of the country obviously trying to use
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a heavy hand basically to ensure that any violence targeted against the muslim community and any other potential flashpoint are avoided so i mean. the number of arrests were very revealing about suggestions that this may have been orchestrated 1st here. that's right we're hearing of a number of arrests in minong go to one of the worst worst affected areas we did hear that 9 people had been arrested earlier in the deed they had been produced before a magistrate and reminded also several other address being carried out throughout that region where the violence sort of occurred over the last 48 hours there are a number of people eyewitness accounts as well as community leaders who have suggested that this was not just an outpouring of anger and frustration it wasn't
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a spontaneous sort of a leader option of violence of christians against muslims or muslim retaliations against such attacks against christians but that there was an orchestrated organized campaign to create this violence. that is backed up by the fact that if you look at even the curfew that was in place in the northwestern province to did their eye witness reports that there were groups who were traveling around the region you know hitting places which were left unguarded obviously the police and the armed forces it's literally a logistical issue decline on the street at every junction but as as much as there was a little bit of a love law or no presence there was cases not widespread but their work here says that despite the police view that there was 5 incidents of violence so very targeted very organized as well as people from those local villages also telling
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our jazeera that a number of cases all this violence that it wasn't people in the particular villages this is there were outsiders who came and did it we were not responsible there were groups that seemed to have come into our village so these are some of the sort of lines going around but also hearing of arrests of 2 particular individuals in the past associated with anti muslim violence one particularly during the anti muslim riots in kandy last year he has been taken into custody so all of these giving us an indication that there might have been sort of another hand at play here now obviously this has to be investigated this has not been confirmed but certainly many people tending to subscribe to that school of thought so i mean. the numbers there from colombo. an israeli cyber firm is accused of developing software used to hack mobile phones through whatsapp the financial times
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newspaper says the group's pegasus program targeted an unknown number of people using the app or sap says the spyware was used to penetrate phones through mr voice calls the firm has urged its 1500000000 users to update their applications now israel classifies n.s.a. technology as a weapon the company must obtain approval from the ministry of defense to sell it to foreign governments ferment tains it software is only sold to fight crime and terrorism but a number of lawsuits accuse the n.s.a. probably helping governments of mexico busy the u.a.e. and saudi arabia to spy on journalists and activists and the murder of jamal last year put the firm under a new scrutiny a friend of the journalist ahmed abdul aziz filed a lawsuit saying his phone was monitored by the saudi government shortly before her child g.'s death rafael sutter is an investigative journalist at the associated
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press has been covering the n.s.o. group extensively he explains where the company must be held responsible for how its technology is used. it's one that dog the n.s.o. group for years in fact because on the one hand they say that they they sell a product and what their customers do with that product is between the customers and their own national authority on the other hand and as a group has also said that they investigate allegations of wrongdoing and they suspend customers who behave badly we don't yet fully understand just how much of an insight n.s.o. has into its own customer's behavior and that's a question i hope will see answered sometimes i think that in the n.s.o. group's defense i would be very surprised if it least some of their products weren't being used to genuinely go after criminals and terrorists and and others of that is that being said if you sell to countries like saudi arabia or
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other authoritarian governments then i would hope that a company in that position would ask themselves some very serious questions about how their products are really going to be used and also monitor how their products are going to be used that's not so difficult in the cyprus in cyberspace china's foreign ministry is again warning the united states not to underestimate its determination to protect its interests asian stock markets took a hit on opening after an escalation in the trade dispute between washington and beijing but they weren't as badly affected as the u.s. which suffered its worst losses in 4 months on monday china has retaliated against america's new tariffs fine posing duties of its own on u.s. imports adrian brown reports from beijing. well both the stock markets here in china were down slightly on tuesday but the falls not as great as you might have expected in hong kong though the fall was almost 2 percent that is
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a measure of the nervousness among investors in hong kong worried about where this trade war is now heading meanwhile the propaganda war has begun on the main bulletin on state t.v. last night the anchor read out a very strident commentary in which he essentially said china didn't want a trade war but it was now quite prepared to fight when he quoted president xi jinping saying that the chinese economy is not a pond but a sea a rainstorm can destroy a pond but not a sea we've also been hearing from the editor of the nationalist global times newspaper and he's saying that essentially it may be time for china to start selling the debt it holds in the united states in the form of u.s. treasury bonds and perhaps for china to start reducing its orders from aircraft makers like boeing now the 2 sides still have
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a window for negotiation because the new tariffs the china has announced won't take effect really for at least another 2 weeks and of course the terrorists that president trump raised on chinese goods last week well those tariffs were to fly applied to goods that left china for the united states after midday last friday so there is still a glimmer of hope but the time for those talks to happen is rapidly beginning to run out. ancient class divisions among indians hindus are still a source of hardship for millions of people as the country votes in its general election and news from what's considered the lowest cost and once again turning to politics to be heard 1st reports from south on poor districts in the state of utter pradesh. it's been a life of labor for thoughtful things mainly working in farmer's fields to support his family. but it's also been a life dictated by caste hierarchy. thing in this family or low caste hindus known
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as delegates. he says the government ignores the violence and discrimination they face at the hands of upper caste hindus. want to. treat us with disgust from childhood i've seen this. if you want to drink what they stop us and don't allow us to know what it. was because of that he only trust delicate political parties that have grown in size since india's independence. the most famous. who wrote india's constitution and advocated for dulux rights that's the reason his statue is found throughout this region his legacy led to the creation of political parties to fight for rights and here is inspired a grassroots movement. they call themselves that but there's nothing military about them i just want to dismiss they set up the school teaching children about the culture and history something organizers say they don't learn in the
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government schools they go to earlier in the day. against in particular. mindset. by the constitution that is relentless against the law. some kilometers away is where many upper caste hindus live and they also complain of discrimination want to. hear the men say reservations for adults in schools and government jobs puts them at a disadvantage. they are lower than us but we are this part off of our culture from the beginning we have always been on the run going to be there have been more incidents recently of dulux being lynched by so-called cow vigilantes hindus who take their own actions over accusations of smuggling or illegal cow slaughter would be going if this basic idea is a family by and large
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a political ideology i think it can come to the soft. undo all the old world that has happened in. the back of things home he doesn't believe it's possible to break the centuries old mindset of upper caste people in the area but he's hoping delegate lead political parties can help him and provide encourage meant for the next generation of delegates. meal al-jazeera district british india. and let's take you through some of the headlines here in al-jazeera now talks have restarted in sudan between the ruling military council and the opposition coalition top of the agenda is the overnight violence in which at least 5 protesters and a soldier were killed. saudi arabia's state owned energy company aramco is stopped pumping oil through a major pipeline after a drone attack the government says 2 stations were targeted on the east west
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pipeline the rebels in yemen say they launched the strikes to warn the kingdom to stop its aggression this not rebutted arcanum which they are 7 drones belonging to the air force of yemen attacked pumping stations related to the strategic pipeline that carries oil from east to west in saudi arabia it was a successful operation we found assistance from people living in saudi arabia and we had excellent intelligence in the attack is seriously damaged the economy of the enemy. iran is accusing the us of escalating the crisis in the gulf region its foreign minister zarif says to her on predicted what he called a sabotage operation on monday for cargo ships south of the strait of hormuz were damaged by explosions and american military team is helping the investigation. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei is meeting russian foreign minister sergei lavrov
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inside she both sides say they're committed to improving u.s. russia relations travel to saab to from brussels he met with several e.u. foreign ministers and officials on monday to discuss the iran nuclear deal sure lanka's government has ordered a nationwide curfew for a 2nd night security forces say they want to prevent violence between communities the violence is happening just north of the camps for colombo where mosques and muslim owned businesses have been targeted or. is one and a half 1000000000 users to are their applications after a major cyber attack reports say the hack involve the software developed by an israeli firm. talked to al jazeera. you're just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the country that you go we listen that children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global
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newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter how does iraq. raising children isn't easy and it can sometimes seem the war is a never ending but ship digital screens be added to the list of things the fia or should they simply be embraced as part of parenting today that question is causing the bait both in families and in academia after a series of studies have come up with controversial guidelines i feel me ok in your industry so you've probably thought about the impact of screen time on the mind of a youngster is this is a member of our community calm austin have a listen when the world health organization issues are poor like this that says that children should play more and set us where they're trying to do is just put an idea in our minds is up to every individual parent decide.


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