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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 20  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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wishing. for this you suck. the. mother lode aha. aha. as yugoslavia disintegrated war descended on its inhabitants. amidst the death and destruction one man created a peaceful microcosm for boys whose fathers faced each other in battle episode 3 football rebels enters the world of footballing legend. who went from coaching boys football to teaching young men who live. push each of the siege of sarajevo on al-jazeera.
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i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job. a senior iranian security official calls from the go see asians but the united states as tensions escalate in the gulf. amount of a hit in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. despite our warnings our
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worst is now coming true a grim message from the u.n. humanitarian chief as the security council discusses the syrian government's offensive in it live province. a stand off in sudan as military special forces try to remove barricades set up by protesters. talks between the u.k.'s main parties break down without a compromise. a senior iranian official has called for talks between tehran and washington after weeks of escalating tensions to the father had to share is chairman of iran's national security and foreign policy commission in a twitter post he says a rainy an american senior diplomats have rejected the war option and that there are what he describes as 3rd parties rushing to destroy
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a large parts of the world he's calling for talks to be held in iraq or qatar or iran and the u.s. can address the crisis sakit more on this from zain bus ravi joins us on the line now from tehran and zain just who is this man and how influential is he in iran. well mr foley had pca is a senior member of parliament or even elected official and the chairman as you say of the national security and foreign policy commission in parliament is significantly strong institution within the parliamentary structure limbs are one of the few bodies whose members regularly are able to and accrue to give interviews to local and foreign press or in a sense one of the forms of outreach for the establishment for the government to communicate its message to the wider public to the international community and so it is certainly
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a strong player in the in the overall establishment parliament itself is a strong body last year when the us president on from the country pulled the united states out of the nuclear deal and iran's economy started to collapse it was parliament that began proceedings for impeachment against several of president hassan rouhani cabinet members and managed to mention just a handful of them as well blaming them for parts of the economic crisis that the country was facing so parliament is a strong body within the within the country's overall governing establishment and this institution is certainly by all means a strong player within the security and foreign policy construct of the country and saying just how significant is the statements and what could he be trying to achieve. well we could be one of 2 things really this to represent what critics what so many people looking at the circumstance might see as fractures within the within the government revenue line and government approach to this
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crisis through pensions have been ratcheting up with the united states but in all reality very big country still very much taking its cues from the supreme leader out of a common answer mr. truman. had moved to improve a sort of softer approach to handling the deal at school waiting for the current stand up between the united states and iran it was most likely under the umbrella under the blessings of the supreme leader that's just how things work here in iran the governments were to try to have a grateful returning to some kind of duress collation and the current friction between the united states and iran especially with our military buildup we've soon by american forces in the past few weeks. and i thank you very much in seeds for the statement comes fall iran's foreign minister sharon sorry thing is in china he's been touring the region to gather support for iran's oil sector china is part of the 2050 nuclear agreements and the biggest buyer of iranian oil. reports.
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both china and iran are involved in worsening disputes with the united states but china the issues trade for iran it's the threat of war iranian foreign minister zarif was last here 12 months ago just after the u.s. pulled out of the iran nuclear agreement the china helped broker it was meant to curb iran's nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief china and other nations roll out to keep buying iranian oil. china is one of the most important partners of this lawmaker public of iran v.o.c. it is also a political partner or a very close economic partner and also one of the remaining. members of the nuclear deal monday during this new stage it is important to have close consultations with the chinese but earlier this month donald trump cancelled the exemptions that had permitted such purchases just before raising tariffs on 2 $100000000000.00 worth of
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chinese goods these recent developments pose a dilemma for china's leaders the relationship between china and iran has been affected a lot by the sanctions from america especially the recent escalating big nami sanctions and the military threat this cause a very big challenge and uncertainty in relations between china and the round creating added diplomatic pressure for china china's leaders are in a bind they still appear committed to the iran nuclear deal and maintaining trade ties but so far as we know china is not imported any iranian oil since the beginning of may a sign perhaps the china is reluctantly going along with the sanctions it publicly opposes so does china still have iran's back no not at this point. and there isn't is that china is really not in a position to back here on right now the only the only party that can back here on
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is the europeans and they have 60 days to decide that about they probably have done everything they could and for china it's the best strategy for china actress stay out and maybe boys some support quietly. china has already begun to pay a heavy price for its relationship with their own mom wing the c.f.o. of war way is awaiting extradition from canada to the united states on charges of conspiring to violate u.s. sanctions on iran 2 years ago another chinese telecommunications company paid the us government a fine of more than a $1000000000.00 of for admitting trading with iran. the question now is whether china's leaders will be prepared to defy trump over iran and risk further diplomatic and economic fallout given the state of that relationship though they
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may well feel they have nothing to lose adrian brown al-jazeera beijing c.i.c. nations now where the un's humanitarian affairs chief has warned of a grim humanitarian crisis in syria ziggler province local could dress the u.n. security council as a special session after the bombing of hospitals and refugee camps within syria's deescalation zone the council cold for the urgent meeting after government forces backed by russian airstrikes renewed their assault on its lead and hama provinces late last month at least 100000 people have been forced from their homes from our diplomatic editor james bays is live for us there at the united nations james just so give us a sense of what we've been hearing at that meeting. well certainly the u.n. is now deeply concerned about the situation in the liberal member it is the last one of the deescalation zones the other deescalation zones were eventually
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taken over by the syrian government after a bombardment by the syrian air force the russians many of the people from those places fled to live in the same now appears to be happening in 180000 people displaced from their homes in the last 3 weeks we have some 18 medical facilities which have been destroyed or damaged 17 schools and that is why the un also deeply concerned concern expressed in front of the security council by the undersecretary general in charge of humanitarian affairs more local the secretary general has been warning about this for months last september he stressed that it was quote absolutely essential to avoid a full scale battle in italy and quote and he warned that that would quote unleash a humanitarian nightmare unlike any we have seen in syria when i briefed
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you here in 1000 september i said a full scale military onslaught could result in the worst humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century despite our warnings our worst fears and now coming true. and james could this meeting or this die look at this change anything on the ground . certainly some members of the security council were hoping it would that's why they had a closed meeting a week ago they thought that perhaps quark pressure on the russians could stop them launching a major offensive in a deliberate offensive that it seems pretty clear is now well under way that didn't work so they moved to an open meeting to try and shame russia to change its actions the russian ambassador though made it clear that they were not doing anything wrong he and the syrian ambassador said they were military operations to target what they
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say are terrorists and i think it's worth noting the syrian ambassador said these were military operations that are going to continue so it seems that this meeting has not had the effect of averting the offensive in it live and the security council then really has very few options because the russians have shown in the past that when they're determined to do something in syria nothing is going to stop them there are a permanent member of the security council even if all the other members put forward a security council resolution as a permanent member russia could and has during the war in syria some 12 times vetoed it ok james for no thank you very much indeed that's a diplomatic gets there james base at the u.n. . at protests as a sit on a continuing demonstrations in the capital khartoum friday prayers were held in the army headquarters where a mass sits in also ongoing earlier the reference for forces tried to remove barricades put in place by protesters but eventually they gave up mohammed atta as
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the reports. under the scorching sun they got up for friday prayers and to keep their protests alive i'm on. a special prayer say too for the dead who just days before part of their movement the friday someone has political messages to and calls for the protestors took hold down there and to military. hamas what. it's compulsory honest respect the security forces including the rapid support forces there our partners in our struggle for change they protected us from the old regime when we needed their help they are from our family. that loud chants begin as soon as they're done with the prince. but right here with us they chant 5.


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