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a moment most people if you believe the opinion polls think that will be the lighter side all right thank you for now and your next time we speak i expect you to explain the democracy sausage to us thank you very much. well voters in sydney have been speaking and they've expressed hopes that this election will give australia as and you were saying a different leadership. i'm praying for a change of government i'm crossing my fingers for change and. i think more and i do expect i think the general mood is pretty similar. you know just hoping that we can have a salute have somebody come with a whole. government that is not going to he. shouldn't be looked down. that the u.s. has reached a deal with canada and mexico to remove its terrorists from steel and aluminum
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imports this is a move that could put the 3 countries a step closer to ratifying the deal that would replace nafta the north american free trade agreement the agreement would eliminate u.s. metal terrorists and canada's retaliatory tariffs on u.s. products including pork beef and bourbon. obviously these continued tariffs on steel and aluminum and our countermeasures i represented significant barriers to moving forward with the new nafta agreement now that we've had a full lift on these tariffs we are going to work with b.m.i. united states on timing for ratification but we're very optimistic we're going to be able to move forward move forward well in the coming weeks. to come hear it out there including the huge fishing community and beneath that struggling to hold on to its heritage. for i'd say rob and amber are not see what politicians are the final stage is the the 7 phase that really is general election where the they were
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the leaders of other big issues will tell you more later on the price of the. hollow we've got warnings in force across central parts of the u.s. for some severe weather bring up as we go on into the weekend lots of clouds showing up on the satellite picture from the appalachians moving across the plains right up into the mountain states will see some rather wet weather also feeding into the civic northwest and into b.c. the some snow the sunset over the higher ground war weather comes in behind as we go on through saturday across the pacific northwest washington state oregon northern parts of california could see some lovely showers longer spells of snow over the mountain states through the rockies possibilities some stars to just
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around central parts of canada the sable that's where the warmth is 28 celsius stepha daisey and rising meanwhile sas date does see more showers long spells of rain brewing across that eastern side of texas into oklahoma heavy downpours severe storms sunday just like a really nasty day large files a pos. we could well see some tornadoes bring up as well as the system really peps up 31 celsius the d.c. some find hot weather coming for him not so hot but into a good parts of western u.s. we could even see some snow coming in over the mountains meanwhile into the caribbean or right for the great friend to me. one of the strategies most loved make it out of the one box is under threat from an agonizing decision but one wildlife term for you know he's dedicating a lot to say. what i want to east makes the woman who spoke with 0.
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000 with every. time frist to take a look at the top stories here that just air and strike by the syrian government on it has killed several civilians and the attack happened as the u.n. aid chief was mourning that there have been realised in northwestern syria where the government and its allies are trying to retake the last rebel stronghold.
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president trump has recently with canada and mexico to remove u.s. tyrants from steel and alum in human polls the move could put the 3 countries a step closer to ratifying the new trilateral trade deal that would replace nafta the north american free trade. voting is underway in australia in elections that could deliver a 6th prime minister in as many years opinion polls suggest the conservative governing coalition will lose to the center left labor party. representatives from the u.n. the e.u. and the african union have urged sudan's military and the protest leaders to resume talks immediately both sides were expected to reach a deal earlier this week but the dialogue was suspended for 72 hours after protests is set up roadblocks across the capital khartoum in the latest round of demonstrations have been morgan has more from the sudanese capital. protesters in
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front of the army headquarters and are saying that they're waiting for the military headquarters to let them know what will happen after the 7 to 2 hour deadline expires now that deadline expires on saturday at midnight and they're waiting to know if the military council will extend an invitation to the opposition to resume talks or whether they will continue with their sit in to put pressure for a civilian independent transitional government to be formed now the 2 sides still have a lot of things to sort out including the sovereign council which effectively will be the presidential body the military council wants to be the one chairing that council as well as either equal or more presentation than civilians meanwhile the opposition are saying that it has to be an independent council with mostly civilians and military representation so that is the last hurdle they have to sort out before they can announce a transitional government is formed in the meantime protesters are saying that they will be in front of the army headquarters they will not be deterred by violence from the from the military and the rapid support forces and nothing will stop them
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and less this see an independent civilian transitional government being formed and accountability for those who have committed crimes over the past 30 years lots of demands but lots of high hopes and expectations that will be sorted out once the 72 hour deadline passes from the military council hundreds of people have protested in libya's capital tripoli against the wall literally for half the offensive on the city they want to have men to put down their weapons he's allied with the tobruk based government in the east of the country the head of that administration feeney has told us media they are prepared to negotiate with the u.n. backed government in tripoli but won't accept preconditions on retreating. the west african country of benny remains on edge after a volunteer and 2 elections and opposition parties weren't really allowed to contest as i'm a blotting reports the situation has added to the was of
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a unique fishing village that over the years has become an alluring tourist destination for. what they say about gun view is that life is peaceful. for more than 250 years people have been living on the water and what's thought to be africa's largest lake community it's grown to around 35000 people. to go our guide is 23 year old herman sources he grew up here but is now studying on the mainland he shows us around the fish farms the main source of income for most families. we meet gerard when you're he explains that business is tough because they have to invest so much in it for so little return. to go around the world when we castanets and don't catch any fish it breaks our hearts we have no choice but to come back to fishing because we have nothing else to do if we can get some help to move away from this work it would be good what we really need is help. the water reaches up to 2 meters and so
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a boat is the only way to move. them and tells us that each family has at least 3. the community is divided into what they call villages the chief of this one is no new he tells us they need help with basic facilities. we have no electricity or clean water because of the way the population is growing the clean water we have is not sufficient if the government could help us with this we would be happy. for 25 and sells food for a living she has plans to open up a store she is the exception among her age group and i want all of my friends are gone they've gone to the mainland to look for money i'm the only one left congo is a fully functioning community with schools churches a hospital and even a cemetery one of the challenges for people here is how to preserve their way of life without being left behind by the rest of society. a man tells
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a story of how his ancestors found sanctuary when they were escaping a war between pennines ancient kingdoms now there's no escaping the fact that many like him though proud of their heritage are looking for a different future i'm a blessing al-jazeera. venezuela's president nicolas maduro says talks in no way involving his government and the opposition explored what he called a peaceful agenda the discussions of now ended with representatives of the opposition leader. having left the country there had been hope that the meetings could help end the months long power struggle between. and president to do it a latin america editor lucien human has more from the venezuelan capital caracas. there is a tremendous amount of secrecy surrounding attempts to bring about some kind of
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a negotiated settlement to this ongoing conflict we do know that conversations that took place with representatives of both the government of president nicolas maduro and of opposition leaders in oslo norway have ended their representatives have returned here to the capital we don't know whether those talks were stalled were ended or they were going to be resumed no nothing has been said about that all we know is that the foreign minister has thanked norway for its efforts to mediate or rather to was about a dialogue while. there is no dialogue only mediation he's very very careful not to make it sound as though he is negotiating with the government and this is because he is under tremendous pressure from some sectors more hardline sectors of the opposition who say the time for talking is over that the only way to dislodge president nicolas maduro at this stage would be to have some kind of international foreign military intervention. the u.s. house of representatives has taken its battle over donald trump orderable to
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federal court the house and others a judge to stop billions of dollars being transferred to the walls construction. to britain where. striking some sort of compromise on teresa mayes deal have failed labor leader jeremy corbin says the discussions of going as far as they can and the 2 sides have tried for weeks to agree on terms for the country's exit from the european union britain was due to leave a month to $29.00 but that has been delayed now until the end of october. india's 7 week long election is drawing to a close with the final phase of voting on sunday the governing b j p's campaign is focused on prime minister narendra modi he's seeking a 2nd term their position accuses him of stirring up hindu nationalism so whole raman reports now from veteran assy the prime minister is considering.
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it's loud it's passionate and it's drawing crowds to the city about an hour saying they've come to see priyanka gandhi for the indian national congress party drum up support her party wants to unseat the incumbent m.p. that's prime minister narendra modi for the moment it's more about political celebrity and less about politics. but analysts say a resurgence of the opposition is countering modi's record his personality and hyper nationalism what has happened is that modi has projected himself as a personal figure who represents india india's national interests but as everyone else has seemed to be coming short of what might be nationalism in this country as a result the campaign is incredibly vitriolic incredibly personalized the on the other side of our nazi supporters of 2 other major regional parties a somali and behavior and so march parties have joined forces to take on voting
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locations likely the in the final stages of the election. crisscrossing stakes and constituents in the trying to win the every single vote. general election has been described as the rest of. the most polarized if indeed history. of the use of members of the public agree with. friends becoming enemies within families that have been divisions and talks of talks on religion in the muslim and these things have never happened in the past we're doing together real. party leaders like says the government's failure to deliver on its promises of not be dressed in favor of nationalist fervor they're not talking about extras when they're not talking about blood and they're not talking about the by nation advantages they're not talking about how d.s.t. has worsened the business of local businesspeople so they're not talking about the
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development issue they're only about national issues that is only because they're talking about terrorism. the state of west bank goals all campaign related violence or choose to ignite injuring several people the election commission and did campaigning there on thursday evening but not before the prime minister spoke. you have all seen what's been happening in west bengal the criminals of the ruling t.m.c. have made the state into a living hell the type of war that has spread across this region is a stain on democracy. as the campaigning for india's weeks long general election ads many are now looking forward to the final phase of voting but some here wonder if democracy is reputation has already been damaged so he'll rob an al-jazeera or a nazi. it's a big year for brazilian cinema this year's cannes film festival with 7 movies on the show the 1st screening in cannes coincided with mass demonstrations back in
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brazil against education cuts by president. government cuts that are hitting the arts sector particularly hard from cannes charlie angelo reports on the political message that brazil's films ascending. to the cost of brazilian film background this is their moment to enjoy they say it's also their moment to protest. extreme times call for extreme cinema. just conceived 10 years ago angry tale of oppression fails like a bang up to date critique of brazil's current political climate. here an isolated impoverished but it is forced to defend itself when threatened with being wiped off the map it's a film that shows the power of the community under fire and under fire is how the directors now feel as brazil's president. cracks down on what he calls cultural
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marxism with the rise of the extreme right for some reason they have. they despise artists and culture and it's all very sinister and the way it seems to function. so. they have some of federal funding for. culture there's. another distinctly brazilian film is sick sick sick a feverish story about 1st love that becomes dangerously infected. it's a poetic 1st film from director alice potato who shows brazil's youth liberal and. in some way reflects the kind of nightmarish 6 states of residence of science. and i think that the ending of the film is like. trying to. get the intensity back
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trying to get the. i don't know the love back maybe because we were in a society of haters. it's unclear what help films like this will get from the government going forward president both scenario has recently merged the ministry of culture with a ministry of citizenship brazil has brought 7 films to catalyse it's a record for the country and something to be celebrated but for the filmmakers here there is concern back in brazil the crowds gathering and their future artistic freedom could be under threat challenger al jazeera. time to take a look at the top stories here of an airstrike by the syrian government on provinces killed several civilians the attack was carried out just as the u.n. aid chief was warning at the u.n.
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security council that their worst fears are being realized in northwestern syria the government and its allies are trying to retake the last rebel stronghold. explosions have been heard in the syrian capital damascus state media reporting that quote luminous objects were coming from the direction of israel and that they've been shot down israel hasn't commented but in the past its forces have attacked sites in syria that it says are connected to iran and the lebanese group hezbollah voting is underway in australia for elections that could deliver a 6th prime minister in as many years the opinion polls are suggesting the conservative governing coalition will lose to the center left labor party i was initially the bill shorten has committed to more ambitious targets to reduce australia's greenhouse gas emissions we'll be ready to hit the ground from tomorrow will be ready to start straight away and we'll start straight away my 1st cabinet meeting the 1st order of business. submission to the independent umpire to get the
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why age is moving again for millions of our fellow australians my 1st legislation will reverse the cuts to penalty rights we will convene the parliament as soon as possible to start action on climate change the rest of the world's fighting climate change a straw years been missing this is not the aussie way to go missing in the big fights the world will know that if labor gets elected astray is back in the fight against climate change their representatives from the un the e.u. and the african union of dan's military and the protest leaders to resume talks immediately both sides are expected to reach a deal earlier this week but dialogue was suspended after protesters extended their roadblocks in khartoum the capital in the latest round of demonstrations all right up to date those are the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera i'll be back in half an hour or so with more news that coming up next it's 101 east.
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on counting the cost as the u.s. ratchets up the pressure on iran we look at the straits of hormuz the most valuable waterway in the world $3.00 lanka's tourism industry takes a hit off to the east the sunday attacks and flying cars as the future just iraq counting the cost. of. war back one of us trial is beloved must see feel. they're under threat from one of the most painful diseases in the natural womb don't be on the critically endangered list for the twenty's. in my mind. what i want to make so bold about warry his unique sanctuary could hold the key to this survival.
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her brain is a survivor when she was hit by a car many of her bones were broken during. the local vet wanted to put her down but donna stepan doesn't give up on a woman. she's building a sanctuary dedicated to saving one by. its own sleepy bar and the life here is anything but sleep in one word but would you describe your daily schedule of. insight because that's what everybody tells me i am.
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every year more than 301 back to me to help brought here to her property sound while. most of the one bets are off and after they bother us we keep our calm. to donna and her husband built their own individual net bag that is most generally cats can all this is casual. and this is eminem's kitchen frankly and i'm sure it. got. quiet. now they are. the youngest one bats live in 3 rooms of the house and so to make themselves at home. solicitous positive.
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octagon brought which won. many cheering. in the 9 and on and on and on and. on get into trouble. playing she's not that. it might not seem like it here but wombats. solitary territorial animal has done his job is to prepare the food it's easy for eventual release into the pool. so the 1st one that it's better to around 6 am. come back to cloth one around 11 pm so since all of this is . an old a job and frankly i don't think i'm cut out for a while whoa whoa whoa but.
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when they're not close ignite him the young woman sleep in boxes and bags set up to replicate a borrowed or a mother's pouch this used to pay a living room and as you can see now. it has. completely the idea was never to have them in the house it was to keep it secret but the centuries just point now that it's not it's not possible. we were at 200 percent capacity. so if this is. the youngest. who survived after a car killed her mother if she was. just 50 grams when she emerged from the pound ammons quite literally a handful of. what i do is i tend to boil them before me. so that
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when i feed her she's come to thank. you she's already gone to the day. and this is her 4th week so she's she's. always nestled under donors should abba requires feeding every 2 hours. she's making good progress. 65 grams. of fiber and. i am happy. every cheerios with. another one. is. playing with the family dog. but domestication problem. does appear in the c.c.
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and he was fed dog food and only type out saw it on car trips. one but it's normally about. before they're ready for release into the wild but former pets like eddie. we hear of people who have the mill eagerly all the time you go to remember some of these one but have never been outside. he didn't know what day it is this is beautiful and that i can interact with him i can be with him but at the same time it makes me angry because it's not how he should be. but we'll fix. it was a callous one way to use a guard that sit on the path deciding. she sorich hour of you run over warm about rising by the roadside then drive away. they probably didn't
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even know about them but it was probably just a night of fun. there was no thought to what would happen afterwards to the animal how long it would take to die the fact that they drove off laughing. i promised it to that animal that i would make a difference. i knew i could create something good with it so. sorry. what has come out if that as horrible as it was is something i harp is more powerful in the long run for one bets. since then donna has built sleepy borrows. the pens around the sanctuary prepare them for last doc in the wad this is one but primary school in each of these compartments there is a bar which the young juveniles will go into i will bring them in and then only for
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short periods of time but that's to replicate what would be happening with their mothers and through that they will gain just that slight bit of confidence being on their own and they move it got back into the studio. by the time this would get longer and longer and longer when they get to a point where they actually don't want to come inside with me that's when we actually move them up into one that high school it's a long drawn out prices like rising a toddler multiple toddlers sitting. on the outer edges of the century place he's caught by working with a lodger wombats as they become ready for a relationship we go to so good why pretty quick he'll still start running. smooth running with the. big bags was just a bag but. now this briggs keeps feel on his toys how do you determine
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when it's time to release. a big one but how do you know it's time for the sanctuary. for us to go hand in any type of office a little. you know if i can dig your big received i'm. not just a couple i'm like gold in the bar they're all pretty good songs that the older one is. one of the food one bats released into the wild has come back to be that sleepy barros. daughter calls big vege their teacher she. it's significant in that because of the bond that i have with or the trust that i have with. i was able to get close to the boat. so i could watch monitor and then bring that information back and we based our we built their environment it around what feds told us. brits and ours don't have
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discovered is a shocking development she has it start in the frontier all over here just head loss. big this house saw coptic my age and she said she got it quite severely on her belly. so clearly it's at the sanctuary. not happy to see her after a few months of. suck up to is a vice who can tie just 2 things when left on trees and the results are reduced to mange is a parasite in the last decade it has escalated to every single year the amount of areas with mange one that's just continuing creases 10 years ago i could have given you mange 3 areas that we look to release in i could not do that now from you going by our daily would we believe around 70 percent of the wall population in new
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south wales is directly affected by mange. but the worst recorded outbreaks the night which can be found on the southern island of tasmania and around to prove national park is ground 0 for the disease. the woman population in this national park declined by non to 4 percent in just 6 years because of mine which. now locals for you to venture. other wombat populations who go the same wire we've seen them disappear in the hundreds just in this area admittedly this is the worst area probably but it's not us alighted into this area see has made things at a caravan park nearby the main you showing me a graphic example of the problem. to wombats with badly advanced marriage looking
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for water and grosse that's one that we've been training now on and off for a year because we can't find his bar he doesn't seem to be responding to treatment really well. to try and save the local one population the works with a community action group. in a la stitch efforts by swap one of the one bats backs with side deck to a chemical used to treat sheep last. how do you feel when you see one bats like that to me it's quite confronting to say he's in tears and if we say one that's died and we often do that it's just heartbreaking. the mites which cause mange can thrive in a borrowed for up to 3 weeks. ringback getting up to be another volunteer lauren for.


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