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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 138  Al Jazeera  May 19, 2019 10:32am-11:00am +03

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it is bizarre that. for us to do this but the mayor of moore. was a shim you got about. double but up to sort of the beginning you were just pushed pushed is again yeah i should come up with the world cup daughter but that's just but it's it would say about well when you. really want to share this little bastard hiroshima some jail it. could support. and be a constant. way to educate me but am i going to see which side to rest on the. job which is also probably just on the porch of the stock market but a good job so again a war for. prosecutors from the c.s. counterterrorism division have continued to charge alexander. on
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a resident vulture off to the russian nationals with the following offenses conspiracy to murder said guy scriptural attempted murder of circ i scribble use contraception of not to choke country to the chemical weapons act and causing grievous bodily harm with intent to use critical i'm nick bailey. resumed almost threw up on the pacific but across the world saw the birth. certificate is true or. is there. any of us aboard. a bit if war on the i mean you're going to go up on the moon you. either believe there are some here.
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it's not just in the west that this story isn't believed but also by some in russia and. the difficulty that most of this mission or you have nobody me i'm not just yet just work out of the challenge you know is that our screen you're still my yes but i'm not. at stoplights from the study just come sit in now and you stumble 1st almost which is the most that any human doing bones in you might say you don't do it and what. i came to spits at peter out same it doesn't use the muscles tense and you shouldn't. say live with us to get new correct you got that we should have missed out on the in the 1st i groom that post i see when did that. i was still just i see apostleship. void in his i need a list i like. to keep the oversights busy and usually pretty just people who need to have we should have leisure needs of must be happy what by they have to fight xenia the whole the from the silly here. which in most of the
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more. native basically what it should. be fine grandma gave me by sunni against me you might be able bring to me by sami me my. life in the electronic band i speak have millions of views for the music on you tube because they have captured the mood in the country. thank goodness it's an obsession and that this is. an excuse to get right here with it as she just the worst of people probably reach a dozen you're going to see just a teenager shouldn't we do but one of the hoarding as leader difficult to predict when you're the. one. i still think. it's.
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funny that you. and. i speak were harassed and arrested you were there to rough russia and there was intimidation of the venue's where they were to plea but this is just us and you show up trying to take a strong interest in us to put you got. to think you took one is no longer national . story book when states you but why did you do the markets are slow so you know us trying to catch the listeners in the video game yeah ok the worst news possible. for you from us on the view. when you if the question is bush has the worst of the concert cut i don't know what we know. about it and serious enough social took a bush should use one of us here to push for a day when i speak before him at a demonstration against new legislation which they feel will restrict internet
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freedoms absoluteness to national playing have done a really good nationalist as to your notion of what your notion of version notions here is almost any good is going to get the ball would look forward to the day to do this it's going to smash much of the person. out of touch with some of the priests just for the story of those 3 me i'm. more than calling him sometime there . wouldn't consider the western influence on russia's young people. is too strong and destructive and needs to be stopped. then what does it usually would you put a bit of yes i mean some of us. but the woman is unused to that could happen. was the day we. will be. getting this did you get sympathy nor was appreciated yes when you said less than us and if we do it could
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go to much of the bush should have now returned to the non pushed us to put us. into promised. to be sure the original edition has a mission of ghosts of. evil empire as it appears in the us to court of national over a go if you would it's. got a new. song going to mean yeah. voice and starting its own chimney and the previous. all 79 elegance agencies reported publicly that russia was engaged in malicious cyber activity to erode public confidence in our democracy i.
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think we want to make america great again for. i we believe based on the scope insensitivity of these efforts that only russia's senior most officials could have authorized these activities. because now you know if there's a there's a little doll. for us you. daughter . would you know look pretty soon you would be mostly no idea that norm. that was at the will does until it's one for well it's still your vision of what. your thoughts. and what i mean because of the show democrats have done what i she knew which to my question they're going to why should you when you still teach. in a committed said instrumental cut each. other some gentle blood into the new coke
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loving it. in. the digits to the street and they knew was that i was new cool at the. special star. and you're just going to go out to vietnam go. to. chest buy for once the baikonur blow up. so it seems russia has no grand plan and the west tends to exaggerate the russian threat to the annexation of crimea the intervention in the dawn mass the darling of image 17 the cyberattacks the concealing of chemical weapons in syria chemical weapons attacks in syria. backing the bundestag interference in elections. there are not too many countries
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who have felt the disruptive and malign behavior of the russian state russia has reasserted itself aggressively invading and occupying ukraine threatening europe and doing nothing to aid in the destruction and defeat of isis so i have a very simple message for russia we know what you are doing and you will not succeed russian officials remain adamant in their denial of the west's accusations . but i see a doctor in the. shut up of the mosul emotional post zealots so far you stand yeah. to somebody. there's much in but it is. the reason she saw no known results at national news. shows to moviedom eve and we should. system a solution. absolutely. easy absolute no.
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business using the. offensive some lesions suspect you sure belong there with him when your business just the prize you'll. provide you might bubble to. the stock or a diploma from you it's we have a. beach but it was written him oh. yeah but there was no need to produce go to shows worst you could do was leave a key in you we knew. we knew what the group it's there we're in useful plume. to tell us the most up nothing else up on the matching a little something yeah. yeah stupid if for. some wins you'll
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still not moved it and i was glad they didn't slip because it's usually what they supports a couple to use what i see. they said. commute and that on the outside of the. deal with so i come back. you come with. us and by the actually july it could easily come on that long you bet i've been scammed out. the easiest option was to receive most importantly receive orders and would feel no option. because to short charming because ideas toward tradition use here. gentlemen to clean the truth. and talk to. you tell me what. the horses don't talk a good. for some the generation that you just saw. legible to put
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in has restored russia's standing in the world for others he's taking the country backwards along the path to isolation. from the peers any of us that is it nothing to a new study for those who are gone call it was when you look it's a political machine yet i see at the start when you've been used to what it is that when the snow is not on the foot always because it in your going you can use sun to seduce district because he genuinely feel just the way you only will boost you. sure sure. but there is but you sure it. would only do that when. snitch is detected and see you in new windows. despite what his rhetoric russia isn't as big a threat to the west as they think. but the resulting isolation could become
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a tragedy for russians themselves. again or here across united states we are dealing with a severe weather event right now as we begin the week the region has been quite active with thunderstorms making tornadoes across parts of texas oklahoma as well as into kansas we're also talking about flooding. across much of this area on sunday the storm system makes its way across
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a horrible valley and then down across the mississippi river valley up towards the north though anywhere from ontario up here towards come back it is going to be cooler and plenty of rain in the forecast but it's really as we go towards monday we're watching another system developing out of the rockies and into texas and it's right here we expect to see an extreme weather day with plenty of tornadoes coming out of this area and we will be watching this very carefully as well as flooding damaging winds and hail well here across parts of the bahamas we're looking at plenty of rain in the forecast for you not a lot of sun for nasa or freeport vanna you'll be picking up that rain as well with temperatures hovering into the low thirty's kingston a mostly cloudy day there in center domingo clouds in your forecast with a temperature of 31 and then down here across parts of what is that is not looking too bad as we end the weekend with 17 degrees but we do expect to see much more rain coming into play by the time we start the week here across borders that is in ascension more rain for you there and a temperature of 27 degrees. anything
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you say tight brows can be held against. full lines investigates how governments using israeli software to turn critics cell phones into the ultimate tools of surveillance just exposure your personal world doesn't just stop you right it extends out to the people you care about trusted you and it makes you toxic cross food and any fan in any land targeted by text on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and. in a 2 part series. observes the lives of 2 child. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shaped
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lives it and the rapidly changing world. 20 years of me continues with good morning growth in india on al-jazeera. i know and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from our headquarters in doha with me it is a product coming up in the next 60 minutes saudi arabia says it doesn't want war with iran but it's ready to respond with strength. austria's
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a government falls less than a week away from european parliament elections brought down by a hidden camera sting. the 7th and final phase of the general election is underway with the prime minister in that interim ordeal the candidates. 2 years after somalia was pushed to the brink of famine another severe drought leaves millions hungry and showdown activists claim victory in their battle against russia's powerful orthodox church. some theory b. as a minister of state for foreign affairs other bits of the kingdom doesn't want a war in the region but it will respond the iranian regime chooses war king solomon has called for to emergency summits involve and gulf and arab leaders in mecca to discuss escalating tensions in the gulf the u.s. has deployed an aircraft carrier and bombers to the region over alleged threats
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from iran for commercial ships was sabotaged off the coast of the u.a.e. last week and an oil installation west of the saudi capital was attacked by yemen's rebels. saudi arabia does not want war in the region and is not seeking it and will do its bit. to evade it but at the same time if the other party chooses war then we will respond with all strength and determination and will defend itself and its interests the kingdom hopes others to be wise and the iranian regime and its agents to stay away from recklessness and stupid acts and spare the region instability saudi arabia ask the international community to take responsibility to stop that regime from destabilizing the world let's get more on this. is joining us live from washington d.c. so the saudi. minister patty that just the latest in the standoff between the ally the u.s.
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and iran to say they don't want war in the region. exactly and we're hearing the same sort of sentiments from u.s. president donald trump the question is are his top aides listening we are hearing reports out of saudi arabia that the u.s. secretary of state might pale had a phone call with the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin psalm on that's coming from the saudi side from this side the state department even though it's a saturday night they did they will will not say if the call happened much less what was actually discussed on it but we do know that it has been making the rounds he's been talking to about iran to other heads of state other foreign leaders trying to gauge their response and so far the response has been not interested in another conflict in the middle east pretty much across the board so we don't know what this conversation entailed or the state department actually going to confirm it but we do know in the past the more pivotal conversations that happened between the crown prince and jared cush there the president's advisor and son in law we
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know that they're often in direct communication so the question is what are they saying to each other going to be looking for that in the coming days but even though the president reportedly told his acting secretary of defense he has no interest in going to war in iran we are seeing signs of escalation the state department took the unprecedented step of pulling out personnel out of the embassy in baghdad we've now seen warnings to commercial airliners that they might want to avoid the gulf for fear of being misidentified we've seen those military moves so we have seen signs that the u.s. is trying to escalate the situation all of this comes as next week the u.s. congress wants to hear exactly what intelligence there is that is pushing the u.s. to take these steps their response could be pivotal in the way forward and told us among the on going of reports that there are divisions and the administration serious divisions in the administration on iran like you said the u.s. president one of the voices saying he doesn't want to war and evasion. unlike some
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of those and his administration especially the national security adviser. john bolton he is came into office well he was in the george w. bush administration he's been vocal he thinks there should be regime change in iran like pale another arabian hawk but we're also starting to see reports that the president is growing tired of bolton now he gave a speech he said it's all fake news that's not true he said that before and then we've squiggly seen people that he's defended with a tweet but there are growing reports of the president's becoming disillusioned he is looking in most things now as a u.s. politician does about this time of the year through a political lens and this is a president who has calculated that if he's going to win a 2nd term he needs to keep his base happy his base voted for him in large part because he said the iraq war was a huge mistake troops need to come home that money needs to be spent in the united states so he campaigned on this isolationist approach if you was to launch
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a middle east war you could see a big part of his base pull away all but guaranteeing that he wouldn't be reelected so if he's doing the political calculus that's got to be weighed on this body thank you very much for that for now that's putting out hand the netas live and washington d.c. thank you we're going to move on to other news now and ahead a new camera exposé in austria has brought down the far right chancellor and what the him the government just days before european parliament elections in which the far right is striving to gain ground austria's chance with sebastian score to snap a neck shot off to his deputy was secretly filmed about me offering government contracts to an on line russian woman and exchange for political support sania diago has more. of a political down to humiliating and to political office austria's vice chancellor hines christian strong have faced the cameras to handing in his resignation but he was adamant that he was the victim in this scandal and took it off duty criminal
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offense that is present here is the secret service to. up with a legal work or doing this where someone waited 2 years and then set it off and yes that was a targeted political assassination. i think it's a scandal that's proved to turbulent for the survival of austria's coalition government just hours after accepting stratas resignation the chancellor sebastian cuts announced snap elections if you are with us this i believe that a new coalition is currently not possible with the freedom party cannot if the social democrats do not share the substance of my approach and the small parties are too small to really be able to support. this is the video that led to his demise recorded secretly at a villa on the spanish island of a.b.c. just months before the 2017 actions in it struck another senior member of the freedom party and a woman posing as a russian oligarchs nice wanting to make
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a $280000000.00 investment that led to talk of funneling funds from the russian national to the freedom party turned an offer of lucrative austrian government contracts. for their donors for the election now for the election campaign yes yes. tell me. then you have to translate these are some very wealthy people they paid between 500008 1000000 and a half to 2000000. for the current election. yes however they do not pay to the party but when nonprofit association you have to explain not to an association. that this is not going to the court of order to. the freedom party issued a statement denying it had accepted any funds but a straw has stood down anger erupted outside chancellor kurtz's office many here
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blaming going into coalition with the far right freedom party in the past sunday diagonal al-jazeera. german chancellor angela merkel is also on the campaign trail ahead of european parliament elections pushing back against the rising tide of the far right speaking in the croatian capital merkel called on europeans to stand up to what she described as politicians to say referring to the hidden camera sting which has brought down the faraj austrian vice chancellor but germany has of course been no exception to the growing influence of far right populists with a party now the 3rd largest in parliament levant. highs our common values mean we are all proud of our native countries but at the same time we want to build up europe petri a tism in the european union are not in opposition to each other nationalism is the enemy of the european project and this is what we have to make clear in these final
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days before the european election. the 7th and final phase of india's general election is underway hundreds of millions of people have been casting their votes over the past 6 weeks the main contenders a prime minister that india modi of the b j p and the congress party is the several regional leaders are also hoping to play key roles in a potential coalition government results will be announced on thursday. well among those contesting today is prime minister mori and that is joining us now from more days a constituency the final day of voting in the world's biggest election so talk us through how many seats we're talking about in phase 7. indeed i think the indian public are breathing a sigh of relief that this mammoth 7 phase election which started on april 11th and
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will conclude in the may 19th which is today. is over nearly the voting started just a short time ago and will end at $1230.00 g.m.t. i mean foreigner see the seat that the incumbent prime minister the vendor modi holds us as you mention and you can see behind me there are people from all ages and backgrounds are now lining up to get verified go into the polling stations and cast their votes it's a public holiday here in the areas where the voting is ongoing and there are in this final 7th phase 59 constituencies across 7 states and one union territory now the reason we have a phased vote for the viewers who don't really know how the indian election works is that there are nearly 900000000 people that need to vote in this general election and you can't do it all on one day so a state for example like. environ arcee has 80 members of parliament going
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to the locks up the parliament they basically grade the time that these constituencies can vote hence we have certain phases in this final ses in. order pradesh there are 13 parliamentary seats you got to pradesh here you've got punjab over in the west they've got 13 seats you've got states of bihar pradesh that's in the center of the country where bhopal is you've also got west bengal it's been a contentious state in the past few days it's been violence that was adopted they actually stopped campaigning 24 hours earlier the election commission so a great deal of excitement certainly for this final say and i think people here generally as we've been speaking to them as they are coming in relieved it's their turn and a great deal of excitement where you've been. nothing as well.


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